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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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middle school, where the teens are students, and bob, this incident actually caused a great deal of concern? bob: the school sent out a message to all parents to remind their kids about stranger danger. as the story started to change throughout the afternoon, police tell us she is deciding on a possible punishment for the two students involved. i think that' s horrible. bob: robin dunnings and other parents were upset to hear the story from two stonewall jackson middle schoolers, who told police while walking to school near the intersection of 436 and la costa, a homeless man attacked them while trying to steal a student' s phone. the boy claimed that while trying to defend himself he suffered a bite wound from the man who got away. the school district sent out this message to all jackson middle school parents. "
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investigate this matter, parents please remember to tell your kids about stranger danger." bob: early afternoon, we were getting a different story about what happened at this busy intersection. after doing some more investigating, police said it was the students themselves who were the aggressors against the transient man, not the other way around. since they' ve not been able to find the man, initially police said they had no plans to charge the students with making a false report, but their investigation is continuing. as for parents who were angry and upset to hear about what had happened to two of their children' s classmates, now they' re upset at the students themselves. >> punish them. bob: punish them? >> yes. bob: in light of these new developments, a spokeswoman for orange county schools says they will wait to see if the matter falls under their jurisdiction. they will follow the student code of conduct for disciplinary
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meredith: the red cross is helping a volusia county family after a fire consumed their mobile home this morning. investigators say three people were in the home on dover lane near deland, when they heard some kind of popping sound. they were able to get out safely, but a dog died in the blaze. the home was fully involved when firefighters arrived. the case has been turned over to the state fire marshal. summer: new information, melbourne police have identified the killer in yesterday' s shooting of a local teacher and her husband. police say it was the husband who killed her, and then killed wesh 2' call and an outpouring of love from her students. teacher who didn' t just teach, but mentored her students, visited them at home, helped them with bus fare and with life in general. >> she was a second mom to them. she made them promise that they would graduate. dan: the teacher of the year finalist has left a permanent
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she had 150 students, affected a lot of lives, but yesterday, she just didn' >> that' s just not like her. dan: a school employee called ms. cook' s sister, who went to check on her. the sister had found ms. cook in her bed, and her husband, ricky, lying nearby. >> oh, oh. this is not happening. oh, my god. dan: police today ruled it a murder-suicide, saying ricky cook pulled the trigger. their marriage was breaking up. divorce papers say he had previously threatened her with a crowbar. >> i told some of the kids, her strength was her weakness. she always wanted to help that' s what took her down with the person she was with. dan: and now at rockledge high, they must replace the irreplaceable. dan billow, wesh-2 news. meredith: police say he broke
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he had previously threatened her. detectives in seminole county are still searching for the person responsible in the shooting death of a 15-year-old boy. this shooting happened in broad daylight, and so far no hints have lead to an arrest. wesh 2' s stewart moore joins us now. stewart, we just got the 911 calls from people who saw this happen? stewart: that' s right, and the several people who called for help described hearing the gunshots and seeing the young man fighting for his life. tamar harris was riding in a car friday afternoon just east of altamonte springs when witnesses say a man in the street opened fire on the car. it crashed a short distance later, and everyone in the car ran off. the teen was found next to the car and could not be saved. >> how many shots did you hear? >> about eight or nine. oh jesus. >> ok, we got a car coming. stewart: detectives say tips have been coming in, but they still need much more information as they work to solve this murder. if you have any information in this case, you could be eligible
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please call crime line. summer: a seminole county sheriff' s helicopter was hovering above recording, when a man was arrested, accused of shooting at a police officer. deputies found 27-year-old roshad smith, friday night, armed with a gun, in an apartment complex not far from the intersection of airport boulevard and 17-92 in sanford. when an officer arrived, smith' s accused of shooting at the officer who then fired back. a bystander was hit in the crossfire, but it has not been determined whose bullet hit him. he' s expected make a full recovery. meredith: two men face more than 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to the carjacking of a u.s. customs officer in orlando. the u.s. attorney says dante askins and gregory mcdonald, both 18-years-old, made their pleas today. the pair along with two other teens were arrested last august, after police say they carjacked, bound and pistol whipped the federal officer at a hotel in the tourist district. the victim was held for more than two hours. summer: the trial for a former orlando police officer charged with battery for using excessive force will begin march 1.
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on video tape, 30-year-old peter delio is accused of kneeing robert liese in a holding cell in august of 2014. liese suffered a ruptured spleen in the incident. delio was later fired from the force after an internal investigation showed he mistreated liese. meredith: an early morning accident halts traffic in marion county. two cars collided at the intersection of southeast babb road and southeast 100th street in belleview. both drivers are ok. these pictures from marion county fire rescue, show the cars were pretty crunched up. belleview police are investigating the crash, but so far no charges have been filed. summer: two alerts within the last two days, and here they are. gail paschall-brown joins us. reporter: we are right here and there is increased security.
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the principal to make to automated phone calls to parents. on friday, maitland middle school principal dr. stefanie shames sent an automated message to parents. " parents, i want you to know that we do have some groups of students who are not acting appropriately on campus. as a preventative measure, we have asked maitland pd to send some more officers, just so we can increase our supervision on campus." reporter: the call was followed up by another one on monday. " over the weekend, i was made aware of threats on social media. reporter: maitaland middle had increased security monday and tuesday. nothing happened at school, however maitland police say the calls were sparked by two separate incidents detectives are investigating. >> there was a possible threat of violence at the school. it was unsubstantiated. we didn' t have confirmed information. it was basically he said she said. reporter: the second incident involved a fight at maitland middle on friday involving several students. >> just two rival teams on campus came involved in a
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based on that, the school has made adminstrative moves some students have been suspended, again nothing criminal on our end. reporter: the principal in the second automated call, talked about dress code. >> no hats, caps, bandanas, headbands or hoodies are allowed on campus. reporter: which concerned some parents about possible gangs. >> that' s what is about. it' s a gang called 5k. reporter: dana layman started to keep her daughter home from school. >> the kids talk about it, as if it' s a gang and there are three, yeah, and they were going to be ganging up on each other. >> we do not have information or anything that leads us to believe it was gang related. reporter: tonight at 6:00, that there will be a meeting at 7:00. they will be representatives from the police department to answer any questions. coming up at 5:00, we spoke to one mother who said her son was
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students during the altercation on friday. she says it was gang related. meredith: comedian bill cosby was back in a pennsylvania courtroom today, hoping to get sexual assault charges against him dropped. prosecutors say he drugged and assaulted a woman at his home back in 2004. today, a judge ruled that cosby must appear for another half-day deposition, even if he objects to questions he' s asked by the lawyers for the woman. in 2005, cosby gave a deposition in a civil case in which he admitted obtaining quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with. summer: before all of the results of the iowa caucuses were announced last night, two candidates dropped out of the race for president and the others moved on to new hampshire. it was a close race for the democrats in iowa, with hillary clinton edging out bernie sanders. with the gop it was senator ted cruz with a commanding lead over donald trump. nbc's steve handelsman continues our commitment 2016 coverage from new hampshire. [applause] reporter: she rushed to the hampshire, hillary clinton
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last night, when a few coin tosses decided the final delegates. it was that close. [applause] reporter: clinton did not lose iowa like she did in 2008. >> new hampshire will have to decide who can go toe to toe with the republicans to make sure they do not wreck us up again. reporter: bernie sanders came home to new england. >> i just got in from iowa where we astounded the world. an 18 point lead in new hampshire polls with the primary one week away. clinton is looking to south carolina, where she has a 30 point lead. republican ted cruz, the only candidate with a convincing win, came to new hampshire. we set notice across this country, that the selection is
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reporter: marco rubio is in new hampshire with more mainstream gop backing him after his strong third-place in iowa. donald trump heading to the hampshire, and uncharacteristic tweet. donald trump still leads in new hampshire and south carolina in republican polling. the primary is one week from today and there is serious campaigning ahead. there are debates for both the republicans and democrats soon. summer: tonight at 5:00, we' re looking at marco rubio' s rise after his third place finish in iowa last night and how that positions him to be the gop front-runner. meredith: a robert holds a clerk -- a robber holds a clerk at gunpoint. the olympic games, and the concerns of the zika virus. summer: still ahead, an update
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on child abuse charges. what action was just taken today. tony: warmer weather is on the way tomorrow, and then we have some changes that will be
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will talk about the chance summer: a robber finds out the hard way what he' s up against. a convenience store clerk fights back against a man with a gun. the would-be thief is still running now. meredith: wesh 2' s jazmin walker shows us the take down video. reporter: take a look at this video. the robber pulls out a gun and demand the clerk hand over some cash, but he realizes he has messed with the wrong guy. surveillance footage shows the clerk playing along, even has his hands up as the shooter forces him over to the township. the clerk, a military veteran, plays it smart. as the suspect it' s into the register drawer, the clerk
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he knocks on most everything off the counter, and the clerk gives them a couple right jabs and the guy is begging to be let go. eventually, the clerk chases the man out of the store. the suspect lost the gun and the hat he was wearing when he first walked down, and both of those were taken in for dna testing. it has been one week since this happened, and he is still on the run. if you know who he is, called the shares office. -- sheriff' s office. meredith: deputies say the suspect got into a maroon, four-door car, possibly a lincoln town car, with a white top. he was the passenger. there' s no information about the driver. tonight at 5:00, you' ll hear from people who know the clerk. summer: covering volusia county, an 11-year-old boy escapes injury after going on a joy ride and crashing his parents' pick-up truck. edgewater police say the boy took the truck yesterday. a driver saw him driving erratically, called 911 and followed the truck. the boy drove all the way to new
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police say he hit a car, then crashed into a fence. we' ll have much more on this story on wesh 2 news at 5:00. meredith: a florida death row inmate wants his execution delayed, until the state figures out how to apply a u.s. supreme court ruling that florida' s death penalty system is unconstitutional. michael lambrix scheduled to die february 11, but his attorney argued today that last month' s ruling should apply to lambrix' s and all decided death penalty cases. the attorney general' s office argues that those cases should go ahead as scheduled. summer: the family and former teammates of a florida state university football player, who died during practice nearly 15 years ago, gathered at the capitol today, to ask lawmakers to approve a bill that would pay his family nearly $2 million. devaughn darling was a freshman for the seminoles in 2001, when he collapsed during a training session. years later, darling' s family agreed to a wrongful death settlement with fsu over his death. however, in florida the state legislature must sign off on amounts higher than $200,000.
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$1.8 million isn' t worth devaughn' s life, but like everyone has said, it is just the closure that we are looking for. we have to relive this every year. summer: legislation to pay the darling family has yet to be heard by any legislative committee. summer' have not seen evidence of people cancelling their travel plans the committee' s head doctor says they are not concerned to a august' s games, but the brazilian government is recommending pregnant women stay away because the virus has been linked to birth defects in thousands of new borns in brazil. summer: an atlas five rocket is due to lift off from the cape on friday. the united launch alliance rocket will be carrying a navigation system satellite for the u.s. air force. the launch was delayed in january, but right now it' s on track to lift off from kennedy space center at 8:47, friday morning. meredith: today, marks nine years since a deadly tornado
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21 people died when tornadoes tore through the area back in 2007. they hit in the middle of the night when most people were sleeping. damage spanned more than 70 miles. eight people were killed in lady lake. thirteen died in lake mack. damage was estimated at more than $200 million. summer: turning to the forced alert forecast, and the heat is back and it is day two. tony: we do have some changes by the time we get to friday. we will have to watch a severe weather maker to our north. it way -- it may arise on thursday. we are in great shape when we check outside right now. the wind is out of the east at 70 miles per hour. it felt good out there -- 17 miles per hour. it felt good out there. there are several tornado watches in the south and over
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this storm system will be weaker when it arrives on thursday, but it will bring us the chance for thunderstorms. i' d ahead of that tomorrow, we will be warm after the morning fog begins to list. we will put the chances at 10% in the evening. the big story are the big temperatures. this is near silver springs. 83, clermont. 81, east side of orlando. upper 70' s to 80, west side of orange county. 76, palm coast. melbourne beach, 74. as we plan your evening through 11:00, there could be some fog developing, and we will have to watch the wind. that will be the big story. if it does, down, we could have
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i do not know if we will see light win tonight, so the depth of the fog is in question. i will have an update for you at 10:00. 67, orlando tonight. the front is off toward our request, and the highs are off to the east. lake a showers will be arriving in a farther northwestern locations. one more day of summer will get here, 84 in orlando. 84, villages. south went at 20 miles per hour. the only city that has a chance of typing a record is orlando, but that may be a stretch. it is a good day to hit the beach with afternoon highs at the 80 degree mark. watch the onshore flow, becoming more southerly. the rip current risk will be on the moderate side tomorrow. downtown orlando, looking good.
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5:00, 80 degrees. as we take a look at the updated seven-day forecast, we have some gorgeous weather on friday behind the front, and ray chances will be quite high on thursday. today is groundhog day, and we' ll be talking about the secondary system that will be arriving with colder temperatures. meredith: following some breaking news in orange county. this is a live look along west oak ridge road. to the right of your screen in the trees, we believe that is a sheriff' s deputy cruiser and their deputies near the sidewalk , but just to the right of them, we see a car that is pretty banged up. no word on the injuries, but we are looking into that. you can see traffic is trying to move around this accident. we believe it to be a deputy involved crash, involving at
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we will get more details and bring them to you.
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any way you want it the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. meredith: a tampa man is in federal custody after agents say, they found eight pipe bombs
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self-proclaimed member of an anti-government militia. atf agents raided michael ramos' house monday after a tip. they say in addition to the pipe bombs, they found bomb-making materials, an a.k. 47, a pistol and ammunition. >> if one of these devices had gone off, he lived in a duplex, so if one of them had gone off, anybody within a 50 foot radius would have been seriously injured or killed. so, yeah, we' re very, very grateful we got them off the street. summer: while ramos wouldn' t say what he planned to do with all the materials, he did admit to having them. meredith: if you are looking to save on some items this month, it could be the best time to buy. it is the best time to buy indoor furniture, mattress sales , winter racks will be glowing -- going on sale soon, and of course around the super bowl, it
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a daycare director still in jail. summer: we just learned new information about the status of her daycare. meredith: new information added
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. summer: new information tonight about that lake county day care, where employee abuse allegations lead to the director' s arrest. meredith: kimberly reid is still in custody, after that shocking video surfaced, of her allegedly hitting and dropping a child in her care. wesh 2' s michelle meredith uncovered more today about the center, and its future. michelle: today, we learned the owner of this clermont daycare center, whose director is now the subject of a police investigation, has surrendered their license according to dcf, the owner surrendered the license friday, the very day police arrested the director of the daycare center for child abuse. police say this is video of the kimberly reid hitting a four-year-old boy with her hands, stuffed animals and
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air and dropping him on his cot. it was shot by a concerned employee. for now, reid remains in the lake county jail with no bond. >> i was confused as to what has happening. michelle: katie phillips says her two-year-old son went to the children' s palace daycare center. >> he would actually come home with unexplained bruises, at one point he had a busted lip. another point it was a bruise on his head. the daycare never documented anything. michelle: katie has told her story to clermont police, hopes to get some answers, came forward when she saw the video on tv. >> when i saw that video, i want someone to do that to her. i want her to feel what she put that little baby through. michelle: the reason kimberly reid has no bond is because is because she' s on probation for food stamp fraud conviction out of orange county. how was she allowed to be employed at a daycare much less be the director? according to dcf, they do background checks on owners, but it'
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their employees. dcf is investigating to see if the documents in kimberly reid' s file were valid. but because the owner has surrendered their license, that' s about all dcf can do. lake county, michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. meredith: we are following breaking news. a deputy is involved in an orange county crash. jim payne has the latest. jim: we are following this from chopper 2. there is a car in the middle of the intersection right there, and also there is another vehicle, a sheriff' s department vehicle that is just off to the side of the road. here is the situation. orange blossom trail. the share' s office vehicle up damage.
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police are doing their best to regulate traffic, that it is a mess. it involves a shares office vehicle, this crash and we will bring you information when we can. meredith: kissimmee police have released a sketch of a man they say tried to rape a woman. take a look. police say he threatened to stab a woman with a screwdriver unless she had sex with him. it happened on vine street near bible baptist church saturday. the woman was able to escape. call crimeline, if you know who this man is. summer: an appeals court says a local man sent to prison for murder, should be resentenced on a reduced charge. the case surrounds a stabbing death outside an orlando bar in 2011, where two brothers got into it with a bouncer, and the bouncer was killed. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel looks at why the case is heading back to court. dave: the defense attorney at trial argued the death was not a murder, that at best, under the law, it was manslaughter. the appellate court in this
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craig sandhaus was convicted of second degree murder and sent to prison for 45 years. at trial, jurors saw surveillance video that showed the fight behind the bar. sandhaus said his brother was being roughed up by a bouncer and that he stabbed milton the jury didn' t believe his claim and he was convicted of 2nd degree murder. at trial, the attorney for sandhaus said there was no indication of ill will or hatred, an element required for murder. in the appellate decision, the judges agreed this was spontaneous, the impulsive actions of a man over-reacting the court said in it' " the evidence supports a conviction for manslaughter, but second degree murder." and it changed the conviction to an amended judgement of guilt as to manslaughter with a weapon, and for appropriate resentencing. the new maximum for sandhaus is now 30 years, instead of the 45 when he was originally sentenced. even though the case was prosecuted by the orange county state attorney'
4:31 pm
appeal is being handled by the attorney general. that office is reviewing the ruling and has not said if it will appeal. in orange county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. meredith: a marion county man, captured, shortly after deputies say he stole a purse from a 71-year-old woman. deputies say 26-year-old mathew tharin stole the woman' s purse yesterday, while she was opening her car door to leave the parking lot of the dollar general store on southwest 56th street. witnesses saw the man leave on a green bicycle. police and k 9' s tracked tharin until they found him hiding in a camper behind a residence not far from the crime scene. summer: a woman is accused of driving drunk, and sending a parked car flying into a cocoa beach yard. take a look at this video from early this morning. police say hillary brown was drunk, when she hit a parked car, and pushed it through a wall outside a home. the collision woke the family that lives inside. brown had two passengers, but no one was hurt. she made her first appearance at the brevard county jail this afternoon and is now out of
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meredith: police say the homeless camp in downtown daytona beach they broke up friday night, wasn' t completely exactly what it appeared to be. wesh 2 news has learned the police embedded two undercover officers in the mix for several days and nights and wesh 2' s claire metz reports the chief says some of what his officers saw is not rooted in homeless problems. claire: more than 100 were camped out here for over a month. the chief of police says about 1/3 were chronic homeless. another 1/3, folks with mental health and substance abuse issues. the last third says the chief, those who were here just to take advantage. >> you heard about prostitution, you heard about drug dealing, you heard about beat downs, you heard about shake downs. claire: police chief mike chitwood says it was all going on on beach street before police moved in, ready to arrest anyone for violating a camping ordinance if they refused to leave or take a dedicated bed offered by the salvation army. off camera, we interviewed under cover officers who lived in the population for three days and two nights. in one instance, they witnessed
4:33 pm
and surreptitiously called for help, but the chief says the informal government set up within the camp persuaded the victim not to press charges. >> the camp goons wandered coming, don' t anybody talk, hide your beer, hide your drugs and don' t cooperate. claire: the undercovers told us they saw a lot of money floating around the camp, people buying and selling drugs, prostitutes setting up shop there. the chief says a lot of homeless security and make cash panhandling, easy targets. >> you have people that are not homeless that went out there purporting to be homeless and they made a buck out of it. claire: police say when they moved in, a lot of people in the camp scattered, leaving behind the truly down and out, and those people are now getting help. according to officials with the salvation army, they are moving the homeless population through the system, beds for all in need, the goal to find them permanent housing, jobs self sufficiency. in daytona beach, volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2
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meredith: city leaders are still working on long-term solutions for homelessness. support for a safe harbor project is not entirely in place yet. some delays in and out of orlando international airport this morning with fog getting the blame. poor visibility caused lots of problems on local roadways as well. accidents led to big backups for people heading to work. it burned off before noon today. summer: first alert meteorologist eric burris is in -- tony mainolfi is in the outdoor weather center now. tony: it will be a little more difficult for the fog to be as dense tomorrow morning with the wind. pretty quiet here across central florida, and the first shower has popped up as we zoom in , northwest at 10 miles per hour. you can see the temperatures along the coast, 70' s.
4:35 pm
degrees right now. 10% chance for showers as we watch what is going on down south. look at how warm these two pitchers are going to be through 11:00 tonight, only falling as below to 70. we will talk about the potential for fog and the record heat for one more day, and we are tracking to storm systems that will have a genetic impact, coming up. summer: thank you. summer: a silver alert has been issued for a winter park man. 76-year-old charles smallwood was reported missing last night. he' s 5'1" and 145-pounds with a thin mustache. he was last seen wearing a blue long sleeve t-shirt, jeans, blue sneakers and a tan fishing hat with the sides buttoned up. he may be driving a silver toyota camry with the tag g-4-2-9-d-p. if you spot him, call police. meredith: you may have seen this story trending on facebook. ocoee police are now giving more information about a missing 17-year-old girl. detectives now say kaylee posey
4:36 pm
24. they had thought she went to school on monday, but she never got on the bus. ocoee police say they are following up on some leads. anyone with information on kaylee' s whereabouts, is asked to contact your local law enforcement agency. summer: abortion clinic bill causing controversy. this would deal with the sale of fetal tissue. the sponsor said it would safeguard women' s health. >> this particular procedure has an emotional component that many others do not. it is a medical procedure, and deserves the same consideration regarding the health of the patient that other procedures get here in the state of florida. summer: a dozen young women address the committee, urging them to not pass the bill, but
4:37 pm
meredith: an emergency landing in the water. how the people inside the plane are doing tonight. summer: the groundhog says spring is coming soon, but how
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i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home. meredith: a small plane makes an emergency landing along a it landed in the shallow water we' re hearing the two people they' re expected to be ok. no word on what caused the plane to go down yet. the i-4 ultimate work is bringing a couple of road closures in orlando. summer: work is being done on minnesota avenue under i-4 formosa avenue. the work is going on from 10:00
4:39 pm
each day until friday. the westbound i-4 entrance ramp from gore street will also be closed each night through february 12. meredith: a jury is hearing testimony on a million dollar question in seminole county. a seminole county man named howard browning says his ex-girlfriend broke their agreement to split the earnings if he ever won the lottery they did in 2007. now lynne anne poirier says she does not have to share the $1 million. each claim to have purchased the ticket. browning says poirier split after the ticket hit, ending their 16-year relationship. the trial is expected to last five days. summer: it' s video that' s not easy to watch, but medical experts say it' s important to see. this video was released by children' s healthcare of atlanta, showing a teen collapsing at a high school volleyball game. school officials jumped into action, giving her cpr and using an automatic external defibrillator to revive her. doctors credit the aed for saving her life. the girl is doing well. meredith: prince harry has been
4:40 pm
trials, as athletes are competing for one of 100 spots in the invictus games. while visiting, one of the competitors was knocked down by a gust of wind and fell out of her wheelchair. prince harry rushed over to help her. prince harry will be at the espn wide world of sports complex in orlando on may 8 when the games begin. 400 wounded servicemen and women from around the world will compete in the event. summer: many that believe in the weather predictions of a groundhog are celebrating today. meredith: punxustawney phil failed to see his shadow, meaning spring is right around the corner, or is it? wesh2' s brett connolly on phil' s shaky predictions. >> ladies and gentlemen, punxssutawney phil. brett: each year, they pull phil out of his temporary home in gobbler' s knob to make a prediction. men in top hats surrounded by many standing in freezing temperatures, await this rodent soothsayer. >> punxsutawney phil, the seerer of seers, the prognosticator of prognosticators. brett: the only discrepancy with
4:41 pm
t much of a prognosticator. one weather almanac says he' s accurate just 39% of the time. but try telling that to people desperately seeking the sun. they want to hear this -- >> there is no shadow to be cast, an early spring is in the forecast. [applause] >> early spring, take your jackets off. you're not gonna need them. get out the bermuda shorts. brett: might want to hold off on the bermuda shorts. the last time he called for an early spring was in 2013, when a brutally cold winter handcuffed much of the east coast. things got so bad for phil, an ohio attorney sought the death penalty against him for misrepresentation of an early spring." for his own safety, let' s hope he' s better at predictions. i'
4:42 pm
meredith: many folks here are already wearing their bermuda shorts. tony: i tell you what, it was gorgeous out there. it is going to be warm again tomorrow, but the me have some chances for rain as we head into the weekend. it is amazing where science is gone from the old farmer' s almanac. let' s take a look at daytona beach, where we have some sunshine, and temperatures at 76 degrees. the wind is 10 miles per hour with a lot of humidity. there is a lot of moisture a head of this developing storm system. the first one arrives on thursday and it may arrive with a bit of a bang. be severe, because the track of this particular storm system will be to the north of us. that means beget a lot of thunderstorms coming off of the
4:43 pm
that would give severe weather. there will be a slight chance for a isolated shower near the turnpike and i-4, with temperatures running in the 80' s. in the east, we are running in the 70' s. daytona beach, holding steady at 69 degrees at 9:00. a nice, comfortable, mild springlike night. average temperatures should fall into the lower 50' s, but we will be in the upper 60' s areawide. i will show you what futurecast is doing in the morning, with not too much fog predicted. i do believe by the time it gets to 7:00 tomorrow morning, we will have coastal showers and wind in the afternoon, seabreeze showers popping up in the interior.
4:44 pm
ahead to thursday morning, around 7:30. there is the line of showers and thunderstorms coming off of the gulf of mexico. this line it may get a little bit stronger, that most of the energy is well to the north. a couple of strong thunderstorms withs win win atd 40 miles per hour. with the slower nature of the storm system, this could allow for several inches of rain to fall along i-4, especially until 5:00. generally speaking, we are looking at your typical severe. we will keep you posted on that, should anything change. 82, lady lake tomorrow afternoon. 84, deer park. seminole county, low 80' s.
4:45 pm
81, fortuna beach -- 14 a beach. bumpy on thursday and gorgeous on friday.
4:46 pm
stormor i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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meredith: adrianne haslet lost a leg in the boston marathon bombing. summer: now, she' s ready to reclaim the finish line. haslet will be the first of the boston marathon bombing survivor amputees to run the boston marathon. she says her motivation is to run for those who can' t. >> this is a way for me to give back, not only to physically run the marathon to say a giant " thank you" to everybody, but also to remember those who are sitting on the couch, who don' t have legs because of insurance coverage, who are on the waiting list for limbs for life. summer: haslet will be raising money for that organization, which provides prosthetics for a lifetime to amputees who can' t afford them. she says she' s hoping to have enough oxygen to cry and run at the same time when she makes the final turn. the 2016 boston marathon will take place on april 18. meredith: good for her. it' s a story you may have seen on social media, a retired ohio police officer receives a lot of support to keep his k-9 partner, he couldn' t technically keep
4:48 pm
considered city property. the community rallied together to raise more than $60,000 to help the former officer keep the dog. the retired officer was appointed an auxiliary officer allowing him to keep ajax. remaining money will go to charities and organizations working with police dogs. summer: that is awesome. the dog looks very happy about that. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. meredith: angela taylor joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. angela: coming up next at 5:00, a big night for florida senator marco rubio. the republican finished third in the caucuses, but many think he' s the candidate with all the momentum heading into new hampshire. we' ll explain why. plus, police say they' ve caught a pair of orange county students in a lie. how they found out the two were not assaulted by a homeless person even though they say otherwise. and a car swerving all over the road prompts calls to 911. it crashes, and then police find a child behind the wheel. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is next. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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outside your front door. it' s in iowa where a massive blizzard is blanketing the state in snow, just hours after the end of last night' s presidential caucus. good evening. i' m angela taylor. m jim payne. settling amongst the snowflakes, the dust from what wound up being a pair of dramatic victories. iowa republicans picked ted cruz and the democrats went with hillary clinton, but just by a margin fared angela: also celebrating a victory tonight, florida senator marco rubio. as wesh 2' s political reporter greg fox explains, despite a third place finish, many think rubio has all the momentum. greg: though finishing third in the caucuses, it sure sounded like a marco rubio was delivering a victory speech monday night in iowa. mr. rubio: we will unite our party, we will grow it and we will defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whoever they nominate. greg: with new hampshire next on the election menu, rubio was dishing promises at this diner. mr. rubio: i can take our message to people that have not voted for us before and it brings them on and into the
4:52 pm
means we win the election and we
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