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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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s a quick glance at downtown orlando. amy sweezey is tracking everything you need to know for the day ahead. amy: upper 60' s, lower 70' s. we have a lot of clouds, no rain yet. there is rain on the way today. it will not be a washout for everyone today. those who live farther south, you won' t see the rain until much later in the afternoon and evening. you have half a day to get yourself -- to get stuff accomplished and beyond and -- out and about before the rain hits. about half of us, more than half of us will be getting those heavy showers and also a few thunderstorms. our temperatures today still in the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. one more warm day before this cool air arrives. there is are rain associated with the cold front and notice all of the rain at this point is moving to the north and east. the cold front is not really getting much of a push to the south quite yet. as we had through the day, eventually that front will push the south and we will see that
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central florida. most of the rain stays north until the afternoon. upper 60' s to around 70 is another warm start. 68 in orlando. we will climb today before the rain arrives cooler spots are ones that get rain earlier. we waited to the mid 80' s farther south where the rain is late to arrive. but it over to ted noah. ted: trouble right now in the orlando area just before goldenrod. a crash on bates road where a car actually struck a poll. there are some power outages in the area. if you are driving in the track the lights are flashing, treated as a for waste. bates is blocked off. you stratford boulevard. northbound lane on goldenrod' s block. use forsythe or cimmaron as your ultimate. i-4 in the princeton street area. wrapping up i-4 ultimate. a right-leaning still blocked. on the 408, we are faced to the east.
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that is a left lane blocked by obt. jason: latebreaking in marion county, a deputy is recovering after a shootout outside a gas station. michelle: detective say a suspect had two guns when they respond to the marathon kangaroo gas station on baseline and cherry road. the man had one gun to his head and refused to drop either weapon. they opened fire when he started shooting at them. the suspect was hit, along with a deputy. a witness who is nearby and is not want to be identified, he says he watch the whole thing unfold. >> he walked around. we see him pointing it at his head. then, the officers were telling him to put the gun down. don' t do this. they were begging him for 10 or 15 minutes. michelle: the injured deputy is sergeant daniel trammell. his injury is to his leg. sheriff chris blair released a statement, saying sergeant tramel is an outstanding member
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community to send him their prayers and healing thoughts as he recovers. the suspect condition -- jason: the zika virus is triggering a public health emergency in four florida counties. jazmin walker' s here with how state officials are responding in the day ahead. this is really concerning a lot of folks right now. jazmin: it is. governor rick scott said -- signed that order for the counties yesterday. he will give an update on the state' s effort to stay ahead of the virus. there are nine cases of zika in florida, all travel related it which means people were bitten by mosquitoes outside the country. state officials say they will pay special attention to mosquito spray here. experts say a rash of -- a rash and fever are symptoms. >> we are looking more the complications of this happening while a woman is pregnant. >> they say the other major
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preparing for a crisis. but, that is nothing compared to what is happening in brazil. jazmin: brazil is where we are seeing the majority of birth defect as a result of zika. mosquito bite is the main motive infection. it can also be spread by having sex with an infected person. we will have an update on governor scott' s plan on wesh 2 first at 4. michelle: deputies in brevard county are trying to figure out what led to a shooting that led to three people injured at a tax office. two people were shot inside the tax services office off clearlake road in cocoa yesterday. a third person was injured when a bullet tore through the wall of a nearby business. a cousin of the man caught in the crossfire says he had to wrestle a gun out of a shooter' s hand. >> why would you come at me and should my cousin? i do hold it down like this.
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my cousin got grazed here. so he is already bleeding all over the place. it had no clip in it. i would' ve let loose on this guy to. michelle: deputies are not looking for any suspect. jason: seminole county' s so-called junk man is out on bond after his second arrest. alan davis was taken into custody during a traffic stop misdemeanor nuisance. this was after deputies cleaned his altamonte springs yard. davis had been told several times to clean up the mess. he was arrested on several -- on similar charges in 2014. michelle: we told you about a shooting yesterday. police say 19-year-old jacob on that was shot killed on tuesday night at the serrano apartments conroy and kirkman road another man was hurt. the two victims are sitting in a parked car when they were shot. >> boom boom
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>> the people who did it, you style. michelle: if you have any information, call crime line. jason: the debate is on between the democrats in new hampshire tonight. bernie sanders committed wednesday to show up at tonight' s msnbc debate. the republican race remains hot this morning. tracie potts of the latest from the campaign trail. >> tonight and beasts -- msnbc debate is hillary clinton' s last chance to take on bernie sanders face to face before new hampshire votes on tuesday. >> if it is about our record, i will win by a landslide on tuesday. >> sanders has a double-digit lead here. he is hammering clinton honors six figures each as. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pack and takes $15 million from wall street. that is does not progressive. >> i don'
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>> donald trump is claiming he could have won iowa it ted cruz hadn' t sent out question will mailers and spread false rumors that ben carson was dropping out. >> these politicians are brutal. they are brutal. they are a bunch of dishonest cookies. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted. because he is losing it. >> marco rubio is going after ted cruz. rubio was a close number three here. >> it goes back to what i said before. the willingness to say or do anything. >> rick santorum just dropped out and endorse rubio. rand paul is also dropping out with no endorsement. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. jason: presidential candidate donald trump is not just in the running for president, but also for the nobel peace prize. an anonymous person nominated trump for his strong commitment
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other nominees include national security agent weaker edward snowden. the winner of the 2016 nobel peace prize will be announced in october. michelle: the massive recall of cars equipped with takata airbags is continuing. more recent airbags are also at risk of exploding. that includes models made after 2008. the defect has led to the biggest recall in the history of the auto industry. been affected. health officials in flint, michigan are trying to determine what the talks is water crisis -- toxic water crisis is related to skin rashes. the board of health wants to make sure the these cases are not related to the lead wastewater. they are planning to interview residents report skin rashes and test the water at their homes. jason: the weather system that will bring a summary in the day ahead tomorrow causing more
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check out this video in north carolina, several the -- several homes were destroyed. the national weather service will be in the area. it appears most of it was caused by wind of it were up to 50 miles per hour at the time. michelle: 5:08 and we have another warm morning on her hand . we get to enjoy the warmth for one more day. jason: we do have some rain activity coming into the central florida region. amy: we have a couple things going on here in the next few days as we head into the weekend. it will be one of those stretches where you want to check back often for all of the changes in timing. we have rain today, most of it will happen in the afternoon and evening. our temperatures will again be warm in the spots that get rainy little later. those of you will be a little cooler. we are kind of divided in half. we are in the upper 60' s and lower 70' s. we have some clouds to the north. to the south, we have clear skies.
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this rain to the north will eventually start working in. for now, it is all rolling off to the north. there is a cold front that will be making its way through central florida. it is not getting a strong push until later today. for now, we will have some showers mainly north and west of the i-4 corridor through noon. once we get into the afternoon though, there' s 3:00, we see the rain push a little farther south southern brevard county doesn' t see a lot of rain until this evening. depending on where you live, that will make a big difference on your timing of rain today. once we get to the late-night hours, the rain will start to wind down. there will be a few showers until overnight where we finally clear things out. temperatures in orlando, we will still climb into the upper 70' s, around 80 degrees. i will take you county by county in a few minutes. ted: take a look at your screen right now. this is video coming in. we are live on scene of a bad
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a vehicle actually struck a power pole. it brought some of those lines down onto the intersection of bates road and goldenrod. bates is blocked off and a northbrook -- northbound lane of goldenrod shut down as well. they are cleaning the scene up and fixing those powerlines. stratford will be your alternate for bates and head over to forsythe or samurai on boulevard backup for goldenrod. if you encounter any traffic lights better flashing, treat those as a four-way stop. more trouble on i-4 westbound on the left side of your screen. a right lane blocked in downtown orlando a little bit past colonial. traffic is starting to get pity -- busier. no delays at this point. from altamonte to winter park on i-4 westbound, only six minutes. jason: pushing for more action
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michelle: what the city is requesting from the county as
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jason: february is huge for us.
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. jason: a marion county deputy is recovering right now after issue. near a local gas station. investigators say he and another officer found a man holding two guns. deputies opened fire after he shot at them. michelle: deputies are trying to figure out -- people are shot in a tax ochocinco yesterday. a third person was injured when a bullet push through the wall of a nearby business. jason: hillary clinton and bernie sanders will square up in new hampshire tonight as voters make their wild decision. sanders currently holds a double-digit lead in that state over clinton in the polls. the new have your primary is tuesday. michelle: daytona beach is making problem that progress on the city' s homeless problem.
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long-term solution. read conley is here. brett: a county counts he -- a county council session will be tonight. they are desperately trying to find a solution that is currently costing taxpayers around $6,000 a week. more than 100 homeless people camped out in a downtown building over a month. city and county leaders argued over how to handle it, the business community stepped in and raised $100,000 to meet the needs of the growing problem. that will be used for food, shelter, and transportation. the homeless are now sheltered at the salvation army. as disturbing is the very public display of homeless was for the city, some say could finally push leaders to act. >> it ignited everything now. people are working together and talking. a meeting and hopefully we will stop pointing fingers and will
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brett: an additional $10,000 was raised by the lodging and hospitality association. in volusia county -- volusia county has committed $4 million to build safe harbor. that will be a temporary housing for homeless. city leaders say a more permanent solution is needed. jason: congress wants to talk to the drug executive who raise the price of hiv and cancer medication by 5000%. the house oversight committee . he made national headlines as he increased the price of dara prim up to $750. should rally is s fifth. jason: babies cratered from three different -- the dna of
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however, they say the fda should carefully monitor those experiments. michelle: new video this morning of a bizarre scene in california. a car landed on a roof of this two story home. investigators say the driver suffered a medical problem all driving yesterday. he lost control and struck a parked car. the force of the crash somehow launched him onto the roof of this home. his injuries were not serious. that is a miracle. want him straight into the air. 5:18, let' s to inter our weather forecast. amy, we have been talking about when the rain will show up. amy: we have one more warm a morning. tomorrow, you will definitely want some layers. we will have huge layers in store -- you change -- huge changes in store. the kids this morning probably don'
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the rain will be moving in today. even though it is not raining at the bus stop at the moment, we will see some showers developing over the next several hours. s is where we are now. 69 daytona beach in sanford. 68 orlando, palm coast and ocala. we have a cold front off to our north. all of his reign is out ahead of it. the area of low pressure that is kind of attached to this is off north. instead of the rain pushing south now, it is rolling up in the same spot over and over again. later today, this cold front will get a stronger push to the south. want to does, all the rain that is north of us will start rolling it is central florida. it is not going to happen until a couple of hours from now. on futurecast, you will see the timing. all the showers we see before noon will be north and west and they will just be scattered.
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you will see some showers before lunchtime. the rest of us, clouds will be increasing. if you work outside today, don' t where he about the rain. if you live farther south, you won' t get rain until late this afternoon into the evening. look at futurecast here between 3:00 and 5:00. the showers start to roll through. there will be thunderstorms in a few downpours. they unfortunately will be with us for the evening commute. plan on that if you have to be out and about driving. if your kids at practice after school today. through the late night hours after dark, we will see some lingering rain. the big showers will be off the coast. there will be a few scattered showers until the tri-rail start working in and that is not going to happen until overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. temperatures today, warm, we will be cooler in the spots that get the rain first. marion county, mid to upper 70' s for you. farther south where the rain is
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our temperatures will be warmer. we will make it tech 82 in kenansville. a little cooler to the north. tomorrow, once the rain ends, we will get some sunshine and be cool. our temperatures will drop throughout the day. highs and lows will happen it kind of strange times. for the most part, we will be in the 60' s after midnight tonight and i temperatures will drop even into the upper 50' s by tomorrow afternoon. it is 5:21, here is ted. ted: breaking news right now, picture of goldenrod road at bates road. this crash involved a vehicle that struck a power pole. area. try and powerful that was damaged. road are open. for a while.
5:22 am
is a chance lanes could be blocked. forsythe or semoran. we' ve a crash on i-4 westbound. we a right lane blocked tear colonial drive. traffic is not severely impacted just yet, keeping a close eye on that. we have i-4 eastbound, a little patch of i-4 ultimate new -- blocking near princeton. through downtown orlando, despite the crash westbound, eastbound john young to colonial is five minutes. jason: local faces will beginning national attention the sunday. really adorable faces. introducing you to some of the players in' s this year' s puppy ball.
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jason: caught on camera, heart stopping crash in the middle of a busy highway. this was in england. a car skidding on its roof across several lanes. we will show you that again in slow motion. it slams into another car and then hit the median.
5:25 am
no word on the other driver in the blue car. on super bowl sunday, central florida will be well represented. michelle: we found out a dozen local players will take the field in the puppy bowl. these puppies were all rescued from our area. they are from florida little dog rescue, which has more players on the roster than any other group in the country. all of these dogs will be available for adoption after the big game. jason: the florida state fair opens today in tampa at 10:00 this morning. concerts, animal shows, gun shows through february 15. check out this year' s winner of the people' s choice award for fair food. that is the they can bomb explosion burger. the beef has bacon crumbles and it before is wrapped in bacon and topped with' s a slices of bacon. it beat out the redneck burger, the french toast burger, in the
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i will try all four. a chaotic scene on cocoa beach after a shooting leaves three people with injuries at a tax office.
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relative ore announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, a frightening scene at a local gas station as a deputy and suspect or injured in a shootout. we are live with what detectives say led to the situation. amy: showers and storms on the way. i have the timing in your forecast. jason: democratic candidates are preparing to go head-to-head. republican -- the republican -- we have the campaign trail today on sunrise. for -- i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. let' s show you what it looks like out this morning. this is melbourne over brevard county. amy, no jacket necessary, but the reindeer is a must. amy: you will want it if you are out and about during the day. showers and storms roll in from
5:28 am
a lot of us will see rain was beginning to the afternoon and evening. only a few of us will see rain before noon. the shower cover to a builder the day. cloud cover will build and temperatures will still top out in the upper 70' s, near 80. it will be a warm day. it is a warm start in the upper 60' s to around 70. you don' t need the jackets. it is one last warm morning before the cold air comes in. all of that cold air tonight is back. notice all the rain right now is heading north and east because the front is not really getting pushed to the south yet. we will eventually get that front push through here. through the day today, all of this rain will start to drift south and we will eventually see showers and dorms along the i-4 corridor. if you are south of i-4, you won' t see rain until much later in the afternoon and even evening. i will show you on futurecast in a few minutes. mid to upper 70' s is where you headed for highs in the spot that get clouds and rain first
5:29 am
south, we will talk about temperatures and the cold air on the way in two minutes. ted: covering breaking news right now. goldenrod road at bates road, that is the scene you are looking at. a car struck a power pole. this area is experiencing a power outage. just south of the goldenrod area. there are some areas where traffic lights could be flashing. treated as a four-way stop. bates and goldenrod are open at the moment. -- there is a chance they could block some lanes. alternate for goldenrod. you can use stratford for bates. a right lane blocked by colonial drive on i-4 westbound. backups of the moment. we are watching it closely. i-4 eastbound on the left, i-4 ultimate has wrapped up. 408 eastbound on the right in the obt area, that construction has wrapped up. michelle: a
5:30 am
after a shootout at this gas station in ocala. jason: detectives are on the scene. they tell us it happened after they encountered a man holding two handguns. this map shows you where we are talking about. the marathon kangaroo station at baseline and cherry roads. alex villareal is live this morning. the suspect is also hurt. alex: the suspect was hurt as well and that happened when deputies fired back at him here at the gas station. he was also taken to the hospital. in the report we got from deputies, he was in critical condition while the deputy shot, daniel tramel was stable after being shot in the leg. this all started around 7:00 west night when deputies got a 911 call about the armed man. when they got to the gas station, deputy say the man had getting out of the car. he raised one of the guns to his head before to find their down.
5:31 am
we talked to a witness last night who said the man was taunting deputies and it seemed like he was ready to die. >> the whole thing was at least about 20 minutes. they tried everything to talk them out of it. he shot first rounds. after that, they were shooting. alex: one deputy was hit as well as the suspect being hit by the return fire. chris blair says our hearts. when we heard that one of our own had been shot while on duty. he is asking for the unity' s prayers and healing thoughts. this will be investigated as it is standard procedure anytime and officer fires a weapon. the sheriff' s office has not yet identified the suspect. as soon as we learn his name and
5:32 am
happened, we will bring those straight to you. live in marion county, alex villareal, wesh 2 news. jason: we are waiting to find out what led up to the chaos at a brevard county tax office. three people were hurt when bullets went flying. jazmin walker joins us here in studio. investigators say they are not looking for any suspects. jazmin: there is no shooter on the run in this case. deputies have not said what this is all about. the details we are getting is from a man who says his cousin was one of the three people shot. this is james and esther. you will see him in just a moment. his cousin runs the tax services office. he was sitting outside the business, he says he wrestled with the shooter after hearing six gunshots. >> i wrestled the gun out of the guys hand and my cousin is trying to hold, he already gotten grazed here. he was already bleeding all over the place. it had no clip in it.
5:33 am
jazmin: debbie said another person was found shot in a leg about a block away. this is the car the shubert -- shooter drove off and. investigator is saving who the shooter actually was. he says his cousin was shot multiple times. two other people were airlifted to hospital' s as trauma alerts. it is unclear how they are doing. michelle: thank you. a judge will soon decide if a man charged in a deputy involved shooting outside of a wwe training center is competent to stand trial. armando el chapo is charged with aggravated assault and a confrontation caught on camera last year. montalvo lunged at deputies after harassing a female wrestler and threatening others. one of the deputies opened fire, injuring him. his defense filed a motion asking for a competency hearing. a date has not been set. jason: closing margins will
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ticket. howard brunning says his ex-girlfriend -- howard browning says his ex-girlfriend canceled their deal after winning a lottery ticket. turning to commitment 2016, hillary clinton and bernie s tonight. they are facing off in their primary on tuesday. jennifer davis has the latest on this race for the white house. >> for the first time since the democratic field was pared down to two, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate head-to-head tonight. we' ve got a preview of their showdown at a wednesday night town hall. heading into the new hampshire primary, the democratic candidates are debating their progressive credentials. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pack and extent -- takes $15 million from wall street.
5:35 am
>> i was amused today that sanders' s set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. i know where i stand. >> sanders, from vermont, has a commanding lead heading into the new hampshire primary. clinton narrowly won monday' s iowa caucus. she is ahead in polls in nevada and south carolina. the race remains tight. >> clinton, a centrally tying a celtic word socialist senator from the mont has got to make her nervous. >> the gop field is thinning. kentucky republican rand paul has bowed out to focus on his senate reelection campaign. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum ended his run and endorsed florida senator marco rubio. >> he is a tremendously gifted young man and he is a leader. >> a former first lady is getting involved in your public
5:36 am
barbara bush is set to hit the campaign trail for her son jeb today and tomorrow. in washington, jennifer davis, wesh 2 news. michelle: president obama is urging americans to not stand for anti-muslim bias. he made that comments during his visit to an american mosque. he says more americans need to speak out against discrimination and threats against muslim americans. >> we are one american family and when any part of our family starts to feel separate or second class or targeted, it tears at the very fabric of our nation. michelle: the increasing muslim discrimination has developed in central florida. a man with a machete vandalized the islamic center in titusville last month. mosques in palm beach county and miami have also been vandalized area jason: new on sunrise, record tourism is leading to record tax collection for orange county. hotel taxes were just a little more than $20 million.
5:37 am
history for that month. it is 12% higher than the same time last year. the tourist taxes are charged mostly to hotel rooms. michelle: we are turning to your forecast today and what you really need to be aware of is our rain for the day ahead. jason: get the umbrella ready. you don' t need a jacket this morning. let' s get to amy. amy: don' t change of plans, especially if you live farther south the rain will come through today north to south. of i-4 will see a little rain by noon. i-4, the metro area into southern brevard county, we won' t see the rain until the afternoon or evening. it will be a mild start, we have upper 60' s. the rain is not that far away. instead of all this rain pushing down now, it is going to take some time for that to happen. once it does, we will start
5:38 am
by noon, there will be a couple pockets of rain north and west of i-4. we will wait until about 3:00 or 5:00 before we fire up more of our rain. if you embedded thunderstorms will be possible. we will get downpours as well that will push through the evening hours. once we get after dark tonight after sunset, there will still be a few lingering showers after midnight. the drier air won' t start working until overnight tonight into tomorrow. tomorrow would be a whole lot cooler and drier. today, we are still headed to 80 degrees. we will talk more about temperatures and the rain on the way. let' s get a traffic update with ted noah standing by. ted: covering breaking news right now, the picture you are seeing is off of goldenrod road and bates road where a vehicle struck a power pole. there is a power outage there in between 50 and the area of university boulevard. you might encounter some flashing traffic light.
5:39 am
we know crews are on scene to get the power back up. goldenrod and bates, neither of them are blocked at the moment. your backup for goldenrod would be semoran boulevard. i-4 westbound near downtown orlando at colonial drive, a right-wing block from a crash. traffic is not really blocked. if you -- we will keep a close eye on that. i-95, can' t really see it northbound on the right side at mile marker 251. half a mile of a left lane blocked for overnight roadwork is not wrapped up yet. 408 westbound, from the dean road toll plaza to i-4, only nine minutes getting through downtown orlando if you left now. altamonte to seminole, six minutes on i-4 westbound. michelle: a florida bill that is making national headlines is heading to the state house committee. jason: what it allows preach --
5:40 am
michelle: information could' ve been stolen.
5:41 am
jason: a villain in disguised robin in orlando gas station. michelle: this guy dressed as batman. orange county deputy' s want to nap the dark knight in a string of crimes. brett connolly joins us with the latest. brett: interesting choice for a robbery. the costume and the mask does the job of blocking this guy' s identity. i will show you a surveillance video from 8:00 tuesday night at the $123 store at north stem -- cimmaron boulevard. at one point he sets the gun down on the floor to gather more money. he casually walks out the front door. a barbershop owner next door has a message for the imposter. >> i would tell him to turn himself in and get help.
5:42 am
brett: the clerk inside the store complied with the man' s and was not hurt. police say this man is also robbery about 90 minutes later miles down the road. police are not release that surveillance video. michelle: thank you so much. wesh 2 investigates the murder of a local lottery winner. >> did you kill abraham shakespeare? >> absolutely not. god knows i' m incident. -- innocent. it is like a nightmare you can' t wake up from. jason: what she says her life is been like after that crime. it gained national attention in 2012. what she claimed happened to shakespeare. michelle meredith will report that tonight at 6:00. a florida house committee will
5:43 am
this would allow clergy members to refuse performing same-sex marriage ceremonies if it is against their beliefs. it was proposed by a long time republican in response to the supreme court decision. the bill passed the first senate committee last week. two controversial bill are heading to the florida senate. the house passed proposal' s that would allow licensed gun owners to openly carry their weapons and take them on to state college campuses. two other bills are heading to governor scott' s best -- desk. the other would give judges flexibility when sentencing for guns and crimes involving guns. michelle: local restaurant customers -- customers may have additional charges on accounts -- accounts. landri' s inc. announced criminal hackers reached private information of credit card customers in 2014 and 2015. some of the local affected restaurants include yak and yeti'
5:44 am
chart has in daytona beach and you can find a complete list of the affected restaurants at jason: good news that you can use today, we will talk about needing an umbrella and some cooler temperatures. i do know if i' m ready for it. i am loving the weather we have had. amy: it will be like this the next couple of days. we have different rounds of rain coming through. we are warm and then cold and then we are warm again. the next five days will be, you want to check back often because there are so many different things happening each day with all of these little disturbances coming through. let' s focus on today first. it is our last warm one. maybe for a little while at least. we are headed to the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. melbourne will get close to the record. the farther south you are, the warmer you will be because the rain will not arrive to you until later in the day.
5:45 am
upper 60' s and lower 70' s is where we are now. what is happening today is we have a cold front on its way. it is off to our north. notice all of the rain is heading off to the north right now. the north and east riding along that front, instead of pushing through. over the next few hours, that front will start getting a push. a slow push to the south. as it does, it will eventually bring those rains down into central florida. it will take several hours. i don' t expect much rain, except for north and west of i-4 through noon today. i think most of our rain will be the afternoon and evening. if you work outside, don' t change or jobs for today. if you have errands to run, especially if you live from i-4 south, you will have most of the day that will be drive. the showers will start to roll in. about -- by about 3:00, we start
5:46 am
pockets of heavy rain and a few thunderstorms embedded. i am not expecting severe weather today. there will be a few thunderstorms which of course could kick up some stronger wind. once we get into the evening hour after dark, the rain is off to the north. a few scattered showers hanging around. he drier air will finally start to fill in overnight which will clear out the clouds and the rain and bring us a whole lot cooler air for tomorrow. 76 ocala and the villages, 77 eustis and 79 clermont. the farther north you are , the cooler you will be. farther south will easily make it into the lower 80' s today. 80 orlando longwood. 76 are high in flagler beach. 83 titusville and 84 in palm bay. once that front is through, that cool and dry air comes in and our temperatures will drop.
5:47 am
chance for rain, i really think all of the daytime hours on saturday will stay dry. any rain and storms we get will be later in the day overnight into early sunday. even though there is rain for the weekend, i don' t think it will be a total washout. a lot of it will happen late and early. look at the cool blast that comes in next week. we might even be in the 30' s again by the middle of next week. let' s get a traffic update and get over to ted. ted: breaking news, what you are looking at is a live picture of the intersection of goldenrod and bates road. a car struck a power pole and brought some power lines down. emergency crews working on this mess. there is a power outage in the area. if you' re not familiar with where that is, it is basically in between the area of 50 and university boulevard. it is not blocking any lanes on goldenrod or dates. if you have to travel on goldenrod through this area and encountered traffic lights
5:48 am
westbound on the right side of the screen, the crash blocking on i-4 getting into downtown orlando has cleared. we' re moving nicely. we are also looking at construction blocking a lane on i-95 in volusia county. it is near mile marker 250. . i-4 at princeton street, no delays. john young to colonial, that will only cost you five minutes. jason: the orlando magic try to finish their trip on the road on a high note. michelle: orlando is one of the best cities for tying the knot. how highly ranked next. february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. jason: a heartbreaker on the road for the orlando magic. michelle: kevin durant knocks down a game-winner with less than a second left. the 27 foot three pointer ended the game 117-114 win for the oklahoma city thunder. tomorrow, the magic face the clippers at home at 7:00 at the amway. you don' t need a destination wedding if you live here in orlando.
5:51 am
get married according to walle the high volume of florists, caterers and vendors believe the cost of a wedding, and the cost of hotels and attractions led to the win. jason: ahead of next hour sunrise, a local deputy and suspect hurt after a shootout. michelle: alex villareal the live at the scene at 6:00.
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