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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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all about your >> the overnight shooting in orange county sending two people to the hospital including an innocent bystander . >> this doesn't need to happen. okay? >> strong words from the mayor. >> and the democratic debate. >> i am very proud to be
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does not have a super pac. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders one on one. you're waking up to wesh sunrise. it is friday. >> if the rest of this week has been a little too warm for you, you're going to love today. we are definitely cooler starting off. this is daytona beach over vo lieu -- volus i a county. >> chilly this morning. even though air temperatures are back to normal it is not extra cold, not freezing but it is so windy that it feels a lot colder than it actually is. all this cold air is pouring in behind our cold front that brought us the rain yesterday. we will eventually get sunshine as our morning clouds clear out. temperatures are only going to top out in the upper 50's near 60 in a lot of the area. right now we have dropped to 43 in ocala, 45 in the villages. orlando at 48.
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melbourne is at 51. look at these winds coming out of the north, hour. these are sustained winds. these are not wind gusts. it is breezy out this and that means we've got wind chills in the lower. it feels like 39 in daytona beach, 41 in orlando and 36 is our wind chill in ocala. the cold front of yesterday we still have a little cloud cover we're dealing with this morning but that cloud cover will continue as we head through the day. lots of sunshine for your friday. breezy north winds and highs only in the upper 50's and lower 60's. more about your weekend forecast in a few minutes. michelle: 6:02. ted: we have a crash on oak ridge road at john young parkway. consider using conway road as your backup plan. good looking drive on the 408. through downtown orlando with ease. no delays yet especially if you're
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conway toll plaza to i-4, the dean road area. westbound i-4 at seminole county, westbound on the right, nice and quiet. 11 minutes from lake mary to lee. jason: 6:02. an orange county restaurant became a crime scene. michelle: two people were hit in the parking lot on orange blossom trail. alex, detectives are calling this an ambush. alex: deputies say it started with an argument inside the el fogon del valle restaurant on south o.b.t. and then escalated into that ambush and deputies say it appears the other victim, the second victim was actually not part of this argument and was just an innocent bystander. you can see deputies are still out here over four hours after this happened. it was just before 2 this morning when an orange county
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was driving past the restaurant and heard the shots ring out. and this restaurant does turn into a little bit of a party location, a bar at night. he saw several vehicles speeding away. deputies then found a 27-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his thigh and a second victim, a 21-year-old man, was later dropped off at ormc with a gunshot wound to his buttocks. deputies say both victims' wounds are non-life threatening. according to deputies it was the 27-year-old who got into a verbal altercation with two other men inside the restaurant earlier yesterday evening. and as he left the restaurant, they ambushed him in the parking lot and began shooting at him. that is when the other guy was hit by a bullet too but he is not believed to have had anything to do with that fight. deputies do say the investigation is ongoing. we are seeing it ongoing out here. as for the shooters, they remain on the loose. deputies have not released their identities. we will be following this for you. as soon as we get new
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that along to you. jason: while you were sleeping hundreds of people in pompey were in a debate about human rights. it is a controversial ordinance. >> the palm bay city council rejected a proposal that proponents say would have protected individual rights regardless of sexual orientation. the mayor rejected it. listen to the mayor. >> i don't feel comfortable in moving on something i didn't have time to do especially when i know at the state level and federal level they're still working on these issues. >> the basis of this bill was to make sure people were not fired or evicted because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. about 500 people showed up for a heated discussion that went until about 1:30 in the morning. the mayor says he was not
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proposal was written and more time is needed. >> this similar to marriage went to the supreme court and the supreme court, it took how long before they voted on something like this? and then you put this on my city to make a decision like today? no, i cannot accept that. >> you have the main points argued by -- one of the main points argued by opponents allowing transgender men to using women's restrooms. they say that could open the door to sexual predators. the lone vote was by the council woman that brought the proposal to the group. >> an apopka man accused of killing his boyfriend will be in court. they say he shot and killed sean davis in november in the apartment where they lived. nef claimed he was only defending himself but officers say they found evidence this was not a self-defense shooting. they also say
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waited to call 911. >> new this morning a volusia county woman bonded out of jail after allegedly driving drunk with a child in the back seat. she was arrested last night after she crashed into a fence and light post. witnesses told police she was driving recklessly along east graves avenue. they say the woman nearly hit a person before the wreck. police say she then kept going after the crash and was eventually pulled over. her charges include d.u.i. chienld neglect. >> in commitment 2016 democrats are continuing their campaigning today after their first one on one debate last night. hillary clinton is way behind in the polls and she swinging. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. >> hillary clinton pushing she can't be tough on wall street because she's taken so much money from them. >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a any
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received. >> what we need to do is to stand up to the big money interests. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, who is not -- >> they debated free college. >> i do not accept or believe that the united states can't do that. >> the numbers don't add up from what senator sanders has been proposing. >> on foreign policy the democrats disagreed on how quickly to normalize relations with iran. >> you don't just rush in, open the door and say here i am, let's talk and make a deal. >> those are exactly the people you have to talk to and negotiate with. >> united in principle but not on decisions on how to get things done. the next democratic debate happens thursday in wisconsin. >> the "today" show will have continuing coverage all morning with hallie jackson and andrew mitchell
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analysis here starting at 7 a.m. >> happening today, a local effort to help the people of flint, michigan. the sunshine for flint drive is an effort to gather relief items and financial contributions. the people in flint haven't been able to use their taps because of lead contamination in the water. donations can be dropped off at washington shore church of christ on orange center boulevard near south john young parkway. >> 6:09. let's turn to the weather. grab the jacket. you're going to need it this morning. >> we've been warning you about this all week. a change in our pattern. amy sweezey is here to tell us all about it. amy: it is going to be a much cooler day today. it is colder this morning. we are going to only be in the upper 50's and lower 60's this afternoon. after of course skyrocketing into the mid 80's earlier this week, being well above average. now we're going to be well below average for your friday. the sunshine will return, although when you head out now there's
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cold front from yesterday. but the clouds will be clearing out and our temperatures are continuing to drop as that cold air filters in. we're now down to 43 in ocala and the villages. orlando and kissimmee dropped to 48. daytona beach is 46 and melbourne at 51. when you take the winds, 10, 20 miles per hour, the chilly winds, it feels much colder. we will have wind chills all the way through 10 a.m. until we get a little warmer than 50 degrees. but it feels like 36 right now in ocala. the clouds are clearing out hours here. and then eventually we will get more sunshine. the drier air not that far away, just off to our all of our rain from our off to our south. temperatures will climb. we'll be in the mid 50's by noon and most of us will top out in the upper 50's to around 60 degrees. time for traffic now. here's ted. ted: the chopper is up and a crash is blocking eastbound oak ridge road at john young parkway. use conway road
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plan as eastbound lanes are blocked. i'll have the aerial view in a few minutes. eastbound on the right side of the screen. no delays on the 408. westbound i-4 lake mary to lee 11 minutes. eastbound i-4, the stretch from john young to colonial is 5 minutes. michelle: next on sunrise, all eyes will be on the super bowl this weekend. jason: but not all of them will be on the game. >> the bad guys have to get lucky once. >> the law enforcement blitz and how they're securing the city for the
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only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. jason: two people shot
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call an ambush at a restaurant. no shooters have been caught. michelle: an elderly couple were robbed -- crashed in their houseboat last night at the eau gallie causeway. both suffered minor injuries. >> 53,000 people impacted by a massive data breach. police say the security numbers of the victims may be at risk. credit card information wasn't part of the breach. michelle: it is one of the biggest sporting events of the year and now the super bowl is also one of the largest security operations. jason: a look at how dozens of law enforcement agencies are deering up -- gearing up for the big
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the f.b.i. is using 60 agencies in the air and sea. it is a national security event. they have sharpshooters on rooftops, cameras, high tech sensors and video feeds recording just about everyone on any given street. >> this is by far the most significant security presence we've had at any event in the area for sure. >> the stadium is 45 miles from san francisco so that city is also included in the security sweep. there's also a no-nigh zone over the region on game day. there will be more than a million people in the bay area this weekend for the game. their phones, tablets and computers will be closely tracked. the sensors i mentioned a minute ago can spot cyber threats in real time. michelle: new this morning, no charges will be filed against johnny manzell after claims he attacked
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it is claimed the cleveland browns quarterback hit her several times but thursday night dallas police say no criminal complaint was filed in this case and it is considered closed. >> if you used your credit or debit card to gas up at a 7-eleven in kissimmee you may want to keep your statements. skimmers were placed at four 7-eleven gas stations in the city. they were found on bronson memorial highway and champion state boulevard. no reports of credit card fraud. jason: a bill that would outlaw traffic cameras passed in a 4-3 vote. some say those cameras are used for local government as a source of revenue while others believe they make intersections safer. red light cameras became legal in florida in 2010. >> 6:17. it is a friday morning. that means we are leading into
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amy, everyone wants to get their plans in. also we're looking at a watch today. amy: we are. i think the wind is a little chilly for us and a little rough for the rocket too. we'll have to wait and see. it's only a 30% go. jason: not looking good right now. amy: exactly. winds and clouds a concern. the wind is a concern for getting the kids to school this morning as well. a little chilly out this. actual temperatures are right around normal. really not that cold but when you factor in the wind it feels a lot colder. jackets, sweaters, a couple of layers probably not a bad idea. sunrise happens in about an hour but we still have a lot of clouds behind our front. those clouds will be working their way out and we will eventually get some of this drier air that's in north florida. you can see the rain south of us. that's from the front yesterday. now we still have some clouds that we're working out. the thickest clouds are south of orlando. still a layer across the metro area. look at northern marion county. as those skies clear and that cold air keeps dropping in here our
6:18 am
keep heading down. we've already dropped to 41 in ocala. 43 in the villages, 46 daytona beach. orlando at 48. of course it is windy. northwest 15, 20, even 25 mile-an-hour sustained winds. these are not the gusts. these are sustained winds. that breeze is quite chilly and makes it feel much colder. wind chills getting close to freezing even in marion county. feels like 38 in leesburg, 39 daytona beach, around 40 degrees across the metro area. now. as you look at the wind chill forecast you can see we are going to stay feeling quite cold with almost until noon. we will still be dealing with the wind chill today temperatures will be that slow to climb. the ground? we'll have to wait and see.
6:19 am
there will still be clouds in the area and wind are breezy too. right now weather-wise a 70% no-go, 30% go. cold air will keep coming in today. windy through the afternoon but we will eventually get sunshine. look at our highs. near 60. 58 in ocala. we will climb to 59 in long wood. 60 in orlando and winter park. along the coast mid to upper 50's, lower 60's. that's it. tomorrow as we get into saturday there is a storm system to our south that may bring us just a few brief showers on saturday. i don't expect very much rain but i expect a lot of clouds. today will be sunny. tomorrow cloudy and then the sun returns on sunday along with some cooler air. we'll have another blast of cool air on tuesday of next week. time for traffic. ted: oak ridge road at john young parkway, a nasp try crash. -- a nasty crash with the
6:20 am
looks lick this -- looks like this car might have hit a tree. we have a live picture. westbound main shot, airport toll plaza, trouble not there. most of our delay sports looking quiet. the drive from seminole to orange is 7 minutes from lake mary to lee. michelle: gator land opens today with the ability to serve visitors in
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>> look at those things. look at that! that is crazy. i've never been this close to a shark. michelle: i'm sure he doesn't want to be that close again. a fisherman and his son captured this close encounter with a great white shark in central florida. the two are from long wood. they originally spot add group of dolphins and then things got interesting when they say a shark started swimming their way.
6:23 am
>> we are six month away from the start of the summer olympic games in rio. jason: on the today show the women's gymnastics team discusses what they are doing to get ready for the games. >> how do you explain the experience, especially to simone, maddy as well, what is it like going through the process, getting past the trials and knowing you're on the team. >> i think making the team is harder than being on the team. when you're on the team you go out there and represent u.s.a. the best you can. the process is definitely tough but it's an amazing journey and amazing ride. jason: you can catch that full report this morning on wesh 2 at 7:00. michelle: gator land is
6:24 am
making it wheelchair accessible. it is florida outdoors association day. it will allow people in wheelchairs to travel 350 feet down a zip line. it goes over the park and the lake of alligators. jason: this year many of us will be spending more on our valentine according to national retail federation. americans will shell out an average of more than 146 bucks on gifts, about $4.50 more than last year. the gift that people will be spending the most on is candy. think we all enjoy a little chocolate for valentine's day. in our next half-hour on sunrise, this fallout from the u.c.f. data breach. michelle: thousands of students and employees' social security numbers are stolen. what the university is doing today. >> two men are in the hospital after a shooting
6:25 am
i'll tell what you deputies say led up to it. >> it is breezy in central florida this morning. that means it feels a whole lot colder than it actually is. cold air pouring in dropping us into the 40's right now. we'll talk more about your
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michelle: right now on sunrise an overnight ambush. we are live at the orange county restaurant where bullets went flying. a data breach affecting ten of thousands. michelle: new pictures of a houseboat rescue overnight. jason: good friday morning. you may notice a lot of red today. people will be wearing that including the sunrise team. representing. michelle: national wear red day bringing awareness to stroke and heart disease. heart disease being the number one killer of americans, particularly women, claiming the lives
6:29 am
those numbers are crazy. jason: we're going to speak with someone from the american heart association in our 8:00 hour. we'll be watching and everyone looking great this morning. michelle: thank you. right now we are talking about your forecast. it is a cool morning out there. amy, is it going to be windy all day long? amy: it is going to be windy all day long and cool all day long too. the one thing that will change is we've got a lot of clouds. those are going to go away and the sunrise is going to make a big come-back for friday. sunrise happens about 45 minutes or so. we will see some sun. in fact, we're breaking apart clouds off to the north right now so they will be working their way out. look at the numbers. yesterday morning we were in the 50's. it is a lot colder this morning. most of us have dropped into the 40's which is pretty close to our normal low temperatures but it's not so much the actual air temperatures that are so cold.
6:30 am
41 ocala, 51 melbourne. look at these winds, 15, 20 mile per hour sustained winds. that means it feels so much colder than it actually s. wind chills this morning getting close to freezing in marion county. feels like 34 in ocala, 38 in leesburg along the i-4 corridor. seminole county, orange county feels like 40 degrees in most spots. there goes the clouds and here comes the drier air so we are starting to clear out the clouds right now. we will end up with lots of sunshine later today. winds out of the north will keep our highs in the upper 50's near 60. more about your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. michelle: right now it is 6:32. ted: the chopper arrived on orange avenue at zell drive. be traveling along orange avenue give yourself a few extra minutes or use obt.
6:31 am
parkway, a chopper was over that, still eastbound. traffic not severely impacted but conway road is a good alternate. live look at the 528 where westbound is the main shot at the airport toll plaza. michelle: the search is on for the shooters who an orange county restaurant. jason: we're talking to deputies who tell us two people were hit with gunfire in the parking lot on south orange blossom trail. alex, authorities believe one person was just an innocent bystander. alex: that's what deputies say it looks like. they say that he was shot in the backside when this other victim was ambushed here in the parking lot at the el fogon del valle restaurant on south obt. you can see deputies conducting an investigation. you can see other people inside the restaurant over
6:32 am
we know that deputies were interviewing some people who were here at the restaurant when the shooting took place. deposits say it started with -- deputies say it started with an argument inside. the 27-year-old who was shot got into a verbal altercation with two other men earlier in the evening. the only thing we know about those men, about the suspects is their ages. 25 and the other said to be in his late 40's. according to deputies, as the victim left the restaurant they ambushed him in the restaurant and began shooting at him hitting him in the leg. that's when the other guy was hit too, a 21-year-old man, also with a gunshot wound and both men are expected to survive. it was just before 2 this morning when an orange county sherrif's detective was driving past the restaurant and he heard those gunshots. he saw several vehicles speeding away. no word at this point on the status of the search for the suspects. deputies do say that the investigation is ongoing and it is something that we
6:33 am
here at the restaurant. as soon as we get new details on the investigation and any more information on the men the deputies are now looking for, we will bring that information straight to you. michelle: the university of central florida still dealing with the fallout of a massive data breach as employees and students wake up wondering if their personal information was leaked. we're told the social security numbers of 63,000 students and staff were compromised. today u.c.f. plans to notify everyone affected by the hack by mail. if you're contacted by the school experts say you should go to the social security website, and open an account. >> if you don't open your account now, one day one of the hackers will and they can take advantage of your social security, medicaid and medicare. >> if someone has your name and social security they can pretend to be you and get credit in your name.
6:34 am
account, experts say contact all three credit bureaus: experion, transunion and equifax and tell them you've been a victim of fraud and ask for considered as read freeze. michelle: an elderly people has cops and a few good samaritans to thank after a rescue. melbourne police sent these pictures of a boat after it crashed into a sea wall. it happened near the eau gallie causeway. it took five officers and three other people to tie up the boat and stabilize it. one officer was able to break a window and pull an 81-year-old man and 76-year-old woman to safety. both suffered only minor injuries. jason: we're following an ongoing investigation of a shooting at a condo complex in orange county where at least one man was shot. here's a look at that location. this is at the south brook condos. police say it started as a parking lot argument around 8:30 last night. a witness tells us he ran in to help the victim after
6:35 am
>> pop! pop, pop, pop! a man laying on the floor. when i was talking to 911, they informed me they were on the phone with the exact same people. was he hit or anything like that? i was like i don't know. i needed to get an apartment number to send them to. i happened to walk over there to inform them what they needed and i waited until the cops showed up. jason: the witness telling us the man was in his 40's that was shot, was conscious and talking. he also says he saw several men get into a red car and speed off. it is unclear if the shooter was caught or if he's still on the run along with the others that showed up. jason: the local day care worker arrested for abuse earlier this week is due back in court. this shocking video has had people talking all week. investigators say it shows kimberly reid striking a four-year-old at the children's palace day care in clermont and dropping him. she was the director of that center.
6:36 am
at 8 this morning in lake county. she's also facing charges for violating her probation in orange county. >> an eight-year-old recovering after he was hit by a car. titusville say he was struck by a gas company vehicle yesterday afternoon. the driver of the truck remained on the scene and is cooperating with investigators. the little boy has injuries to his head and arm and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. there is no word on why the child was in the street or whether the driver faces any charges. michelle: the man accused of killing jacksonville toddler could take a plea deal today. ruben ebron is set to appear in court this morning. police say he led them to skeletal remains just last month. the plea deal would be for aggravated manslaughter and would send him to prison for 15 to 20 years. jason: a man already behind bars in orlando is now charged in an unsolved rape case of an ohio state student. police say the 33-year-old broke into a 22-year-old's
6:37 am
then raped her. that happened in june of 2011. last november the man was arrested for breaking into an orlando business. his blood from that scene was entered in the d.n.a. data base in columbus, ohio police say it matched their unsolved rape. it is not clear if the man will be extradited to ohio. michelle: the united nations says wikileaks founder julian assange should be freed and compensated. the u.n. human rights panel says assange has been unfairly detained by britain and sweden since december of 2010. swedish prosecutors want to question assange in connection to a rape. he has sought refuge in ecuadorean refuge in london where he lived since 2012. he denied the rape allegation. >> a new poll shows bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by almost 30% in new hampshire. a poll from wmur and cnn shows sanders with 61% of support from likely democrat voters.
6:38 am
34% before the iowa caucuses. on the republican side donald trump is leading the field with 29% followed by florida senator marco rubio with 18%, ted cruz has 13%, john kasich has 12% and jeb bush has 10%. >> wesh 2 will be in new hampshire for the primary election on tuesday. look for live reports throughout the night as the results come in. you can find the latest information inside jason: in hours a rocket is set to blast off from cape canaveral but the weather could put a halt to those plans. you're seeing photos of the atlas 5 rocket being rolled out to the launch pad. the window for this launch opens at 8:38 this morning. the rocket is carrying a navigation system satellite for the u.s. air force into orbit. officials say there is at least a 70% chance that weather will scrub this launch. >> after the break more on your forecast including the chilly start to the morning. jason: legal action
6:39 am
why a former worker says he was illegally fired for something he had in his car. michelle: armed and dangerous and way under age.
6:40 am
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>> when you step outside temperatures. that breeze almost knocks you down. michelle: take a look at amy. she's wearing her jacket. how does it feel? amy: really cold. the actual air temperature is not bad, 40's, 50's, normal for this time of that cuts you. so much colder because of wind. as we head through the day winds will be breezy. we are dealing with a morning but clouds will continue working their way out and we will end up with sunshine and cool air. look at the numbers. we have dropped into 39 in ocala, 43 in the villages. orlando at 48 and daytona beach is 46. temperatures have been dropping in the last several hours behind our cold front and of course with the wind you've got wind chills that feel even colder.
6:43 am
across northern marion county. feels like the mid to upper 30's and lower 40's in which of marion, sumter and lake. clouds are working their way out. dry air not that far away and that means sunshine. but look at these tempts. only in the upper 50's near 60 in most spots later today. more about the weekend forecast and when we'll get another round of cold air in a few minutes. right now a traffic update and get back to ted. ted: the chopper is up. look at this beautiful sunrise. they are on their way to check out orange avenue at zell drive. oak ridge road an active investigation has the right lane blocked. might be a little bit slow though traffic not severely impacted. westbound on the left side. this is i-4 before the saint johns river area. if you're going to be westbound from volusia into seminole things are looking
6:44 am
528 moving nicely near the airport. no delays on 417 near colonial drive. i-4 into downtown orlando has a nice looking commute from the turnpike to colonial. jason: universal orlando is facing a lawsuit from one of its former employees. michelle: a look at the claim. >> the man suing worked for universal for 22 years as a ride technician and claims he was illegally fired for having a gun in his car. he says he regularly kept a gun in his car at work and was only fired after someone broke into his car and stole the gun. the universal officials claimed he violated workplace policies, but it is unclear what the company's gun policies actually say. florida law says employees have the right to keep arms in their car at work with the exception of schools and prisons. in the past theme parks argued they're exempt since they run programs for schoolchildren. a spokesperson for
6:45 am
comment because the lawsuit is pending. the man suing is asking for damages of more than $15,000. that includes lost wages and his attorney's fees. jason: 6:46. officials in florida are preparing our state to handle the zika virus. governor scott compared it to getting ready for a hurricane. he declared a health emergency for five counties and asked the c.d.c. for testing kits. so far 12 cases of the mosquito-borne virus have been reported in the state. each victim traveled out of the country. the virus causes birth defects and the majority of those cases are in the caribbean and south america. michelle: an eight-year-old with a gun held up a grocery store in west palm beach. investigators say the kid walked to the register and pointed a gun at employees and demanded money. another employee managed to take the gun away from him which he says was loaded. the child tried to run away but employees held him down
6:46 am
the child's mother says the gun belonged to her and her son must have taken it from her purse. the boy has not been charged. >> sunrise is coming right back with a story you need to know about today, plus your weather and traffic. jason: here's a look at your weekend events. orlando magic two home games tonight and sunday. michelle: people will be jogging around downtown in their knickers. it will be a little cold. jason: the orlando chilly -- chili cookoff at park. >> here on today, a storm dumping heavy snow on millions of people from washington to maine. hillary clinton hitting back hard against bernie sanders while over on the republican side marco rubio surges in our new poll. could he pull off a
6:47 am
hampshire? then the summer olympics exactly six months away. we're catching up with u.s. women's gymnastics team on the road to rio. i'll go one on one with sir elton john and get the music legend to reveal the greatest decision he ever
6:48 am
rt >> good morning. it is 6:51 on friday. i'm amy sweezey. cold air coming in behind our cold front. earlier this week we were in the mid 80's for highs and now we are going to be well below our average which is lower 70's. we'll only top out in the upper 50's and lower 60's. it's been a cooler start because that cold air has been pouring in behind our cold front that brought rain yesterday. we have dropped to 39 in ocala, even cooler than our averages although most of us are around average and a little bit below. the actual air temperatures themselves aren't all that cold. it's really more about the wind and wind chills. we're at 47 in sanford, we're at 43 in the villages, 46 leesburg, 48 winter haven and 53 cocoa beach. but with winds at
6:49 am
miles per hour -- sustained winds, not gusts -- it feels colder. wind chills around freezing in parts of marion county. feels like 32 in ocala, 38 in leesburg, 39 in daytona beach and the villages. right around 40 is how cold it feels across the metro area. our cold front from yesterday is off to our south. rain is moving out. we still have cloud cover we're dealing with this morning but that's moving out as well. once we clear out all these clouds we are going to end up with plenty of sunshine through the day today. even though we have lots of sun, the cold air will keep pulling in which means it will be windy and our highs will only recover into the upper 50's and lower 60's. we'll hit 58 in ocala, 57 salt springs and 59 in eustis. 60 today in kissimmee and saint cloud, 58 deltona, 59 altamonte springs and 60 in orlando, lower 60's along the coast in brevard county. it is the
6:50 am
saturday a lot more clouds and even showers. i don't expect many but there may be a couple brief showers on saturday because a storm system is going to be moving by in south florida and that may bring a little more rain tomorrow. however, once we get to sunday, one that storm system goes away we will have lots of sunshine and cooler air once again and then we have another blast of cold air next week which will arrive early on tuesday. ted: it is 6:54. we have a crash on orange avenue blocking northbound lanes. choppers over this one, causing a backup. you might consider obt as a backup plan. westbound in long wood coming out of the seminole. delays aren't too bad. jason: these are your stories topping the headlines. beginning with an overnight ambush. it happened in orlando. michelle: two people were shot outside of an orange county restaurant. one was involved in a
6:51 am
the other was an innocent bystander outside of the el fogon del valle on south orange blossom trail. both victims expected to survive. no shooters have been caught. jason: one person has been hurt after an overnight apartment complex shooting. it happened around 8:30 last night at the south brook condos. it is unclear if the shooter was caught or if he's still on the run this morning. michelle: u.c.f. will mail out letters to 63,000 people impacted by a massive data breach. the school says the social security numbers of current and former students and employees may be at risk. officials say medical and credit card information were not part of the data breach. jason: an elderly couple is safe after getting rescued from their houseboat. melbourne police sent photos after it crashed into a sea wall near the eau gallie causeway. michelle: a rocket is set to launch from cape canaveral in hours but the weather could put those plans on hold. the launch window opens at 8:38 this
6:52 am
officials say there is at least a 70% chance that the weather will scrub the launch.
6:53 am
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway. cold air pouring in to central
6:55 am
dropped to 39 in ocala, 46 in orlando. 44 in daytona beach. when you factor in the winds, 10, 20 mile-per-hour sustained winds it feels colder. the wind chills are what you notice. cloud cover is left over. the clouds are working their way out. we'll end up with sunshine. highs will only recover in the upper 60s and lower 50s. a lot colder today than it has been the rest of the week. coolish over the weekend. tomorrow, a lot more clouds. a few showers. sunday, lots of sunshine. another blast of cold air. ted? toip westbound on the left starting to get busy in downtown orlando on i-4. active investigation right now as the right lane is blocked. and that's slowing things down. >> the today show is next on
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