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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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in fact, the health department says out of all the cases in the state, none were contracted within florida. again, all travel-related. we also know the osceola county patient is not a pregnant women. -- woman. because of the concern for zika virus, we know osceola county has already stepped up the efforts spraying for , mosquitos where necessary. we' re told the county is spraying like they normally would in the summer. one case, central portal -- the first in central florida. we are reaching out to the health department in osceola county and the state, trying to find out more about the patient and the state. we' ve not received any e-mails or phone calls. we are going to continue to find out more information. we will update you on wesh 2 . chris hush, wesh 2 news. angela: ok, thank you. cases of the virus have been popping up over florida for the past few days. take a look. besides osceola county, six
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they' re santa rosa, lee, miami-dade, hillsborough, broward, and st. john' s counties. governor rick scott has already declared health emergencies in certain areas, which makes state money and resources more readily available to fight the spread. jim: confirmation of zika virus cases in florida prompted local counties to start taking action to prevent the spread. this work was going on, even before the news broke that a case had been diagnosed in osceola county. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel joins us live from seminole county. dave, you looked into some of the preventative measures being taken. dave: that is right. mosquito control agencies are doing extra this time of year to make sure the mosquito population is controlled and zika is just part of it. part of this is el nio, warmer weather. it has been cooler today, but wetter and warmer weather creates more areas for mosquitoes to breed. osceola county where this was announced, they told me they are trapping more, monitoring the populations of mosquitoes.
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they are going out and treating those areas, trying to put down the mosquito population. we can help a great deal. the type of mosquitoes that spreads breeze well in contained water, meaning potted plants for rainwater, dump those out. do not bring mosquitoes into your house. even before a zika case was confirmed in osceola -- alan harris: we expect there will be a case come into the county at some point. dave: seminole county declared it' s doing all it can. alan harris: this type of mosquito that carries this virus is very prevalent in florida. dave: this flash report is to make sure mosquito control, the health department and health providers are considering zika if people show up with flu like symptoms. emergency management is coordinating the county wide effort to make sure zika is part of the conversation. osceola county, where a travel related case is now confirmed, is trapping and tracking mosquito populations with greater emphasis.
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wetter el nino winter, makes it mandatory. it could complicate the budget for mosquito control later this year, but it' s all about being safe now. kelly deutsch: when in doubt, dump it out. dave: these types of mosquitoes which carry zika, breed exclusively in containers like potted plants so look around if . if the rains lately have filled them up, consider it a mosquito townhouse and tip em over. the search is on. kelly deutsch: see the pupa here, bouncing around. dave: mosquito control workers are searching for any and all spots where mosquitoes can breed, and putting a stop to it. we have to change the way we have been can onditioned to think about mosquitoes. these particular type of mosquitoes that carry zika our day biters, with means they can come out anytime of the day. we need to get the population knocked down to be safe.
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jim: we have to be careful when we are outside. wesh 2 news is the place to turn to follow the fight against the zika virus here in florida. our crews will work throughout the evening to bring you the latest on today' s breaking developments. wesh 2 is also working on future reports, including a talk with the centers for disease control, and local doctors. the man charged in connection to the disappearance of lonzie barton was sentenced today. william ebron jr. will spend the next 20 years in prison. he was charged with aggravated manslaughter. ebron claims that lonzie drowned while left in a bathtub. and that he and lonzie' s mother decided to hide the body . investigators say there is no way to confirm that story is the truth because the boy' s body was so badly decomposed. he was reported kidnapped after his death. tonight a seminole county woman is facing charges. police say she hit her young child several times, in a local laundromat. angela: this woman is accused of abusing that little boy in front of the laundromat employees and customers. wesh 2' s michelle meredith explains.
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accused of hitting her young child in this laundromat faced a judge this afternoon. >> ma' am, you are here on charges of child abuse. michelle: shaleerah encar-nacion is facing charges of child abuse, accused of hitting and pushing her child whom police say is only one or two-years-old. >> i do find probable cause for your arrest. michelle: according to police records encar-nacion was folding clothes at the laundromat and got angry because her child was crying, wanted to be picked up. witnesses say encar-nacion told her child to "shut the -- up." witnesses say the child fell on the floor, at which point the mother said, "get your -- up before i -- you up." witnesses say then encar-nacion proceeded to hit her child "with a closed fist on the back, leg, mouth, and chest while cursing at him." >> and no contact with your minor child. michelle: at her first appearance, the mother was given an $8,000 bond and ordered to
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the mother was also not to contact the child she is accused of abusing. in seminole county, michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. angela: right now, orlando police are looking for a a gun man. a group of men was arguing in a bar around 2:00 on orange blossom trail. a 27-year-old victim walked out wide and was ambushed. he was shot in the leg. a deputy driving by heard the gunshots and saw cars leaving the scheme. -- scene. no one has been arrested yet. jim: the brevard county teen accused of beating his baby sister to death, will be charged as an adult. investigators say 15-year-old noah walls was home with the 21-month-old last month, babysitting her. he called 911 saying he found her lying unconscious, but the medical examiner determined she had been hit in the head so severely, she died. investigators say walls would later admit he became frustrated with the toddler because she was walking in front of him. he' s charged with second degree
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and elderly couple is homeless tonight. the house boat where they lived was destroyed last night, when strong winds tossed it against some rocks, and it smashed into pieces. wesh 2' s dan billow looks at the narrow escape the couple had to pull off to survive. dan: smashed and battered to fragments, there' s not enough here to even resemble a boat. yet this is all that remains of the home and possessions of an elderly couple helped into a hotel today after their narrow escape. >> there' s a boat about to capsize with somebody on it, get down there to help him. it' s an elderly patient. looks like he' s hurt. dan: early this morning, a passerby on the eau gallie causeway in melbourne found the boat after high winds had blown it up against the causeway' s sea wall. the man is 81. his wife is 76 and an alzheimer' s patient. they had run out of gas on a dark, stormy night on which expert boaters say no one had any business being on the water. steve cordell: and he threw out an anchor last night, and apparently, they drug anchor,
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em against the causeway and broke the boat up. dan: it took five police officers to break through a window and carry the couple off the boat. hours later, the pounding waves driven by the strong north winds had reduced the boat to kindling. friends were going to send a diverse year to recover whatever could be recovered. but says there is literally nothing a left, they gave of that plan. friend: they' re just shaken up. they' re trying to figure out what their next step is. i said, you need a house. he said, i need a boat. >> looks like they lost everything, too, i mean there' s no clothes to get off there, their prescriptions, their money, their id' s, everything. dan: a relative told us the couple now has nowhere to live, and no money to start over. in melbourne, dan billow, wesh 2 news. angela: what a tough situation. we have new information on a data breach at ucf.
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63,000 students and they -- staff. a hacker' s names, social security numbers, and ucf issued employee id numbers. they have set up a hotline for anyone has questions. students are taking advantage of free one year reddit monitoring and other services monitored by the university. jim: strangers have since come forward to help the couple out in a big way. a juvenile we are not naming were arrested last night near 441. someone that lived in the areas called them and spotted someone sitting in their neighbor' s car. a team of deputies rushed to the car and dispatched a k-9 unit. soon the trio were caught. together, they are facing 115 charges. right now the orange county sheriff' s department is saying one man is responsible
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claire metz is on the story. claire: sunglass huts in the -- police say there are two sunglass huts in the city, one in the volusia mall which has been targeted repeatedly and officers think the same guy just hit the sunglass hut on the beachside at ocean walk shoppes. >> you know gucci, prada. claire: police say this man, seen on surveillance video at both stores, has very particular, very expensive tastes. he likes the high-end, name-brand sunglasses out of reach for most, pairs costing $200 to $400 each. but well within his reach, say officers, because the suspect is pocketing them and slipping away. >> they' re thinking that maybe he only had one or two pair but when they view the video, they' re noticing that he got them for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 pair of sunglasses. claire: the suspect has been in the two stores nearly half a dozen times that police know of. he blends in and browses, trying on sunglasses, putting them back, then when he thinks the clerks aren' t paying attention, he grabs several pairs and saunters out. with $10,000 in stock stolen so
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making a small fortune re-selling the glasses maybe at flea markets or on the internet. >> he could have a supplier somewhere else he' s shipping them to. they' re selling them, you know, outside the area. claire: needless to say all sunglass hut employees have been alerted, warned to be on the lookout out for the prolific pilferer. police are certain this guy won' t stop until someone stops him. they want to expose him, shine the light on him before he gets anymore shades. in daytona beach, volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. jim: coming up, a florida convenience store, held up a gunpoint. it' s a story you may have heard before. angela: yeah, but this time there' s a bit of a twist. , the gunman, an 8-year-old boy. we' re taking a closer look at the bizarre crime. plus, new information about a nasty crash involving an orlando fire truck. jim: and a deadly accident on a new york city construction site. what investigators think caused a massive crane to come crashing down on a street. tony? tony: it is going to be a breezy and cool friday evening.
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news in osceola county. diagnosed there. it is the 14th case in the state. six other counties are dealing with this, santa rosa, lee, miami dade, st. john, broward. certain areas. we have a crew on the scene the spread. accident in new york city left one man dead. a crane collapsed this morning killing a pedestrian and injuring three others. this video shows the collapse. several cars and nearby buildings were also damaged. look at that, unbelievable. the collapse caused a massive emergency response. several gas leaks were reported in the area as a result of the accident. crews say they' ll be on scene all weekend cleaning up. right now investigators say strong winds caused the collapse. jim: we' re learning new information about a crash, involving a orlando fire truck. chopper 2 was over the scene along curry ford road minutes after it happened last night,
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hour. the orlando fire department tonight confirms it has launched an internal investigation in to the crash. angela: the truck collided with at least one car. three people were taken to local hospital. wesh 2' s bob kealing tells us locals are critical of the intersection where this crash happened. >> this always happens here. there' s always bad accidents here. bob: gladys gonzalez is among witnesses horrified to see an orlando fire truck involved in an injury accident while responding to a call. amount of traffic in the area right now. bob: chopper 2 was over the scene minutes after it happened avenue. investigating who caused the accident. regardless of who is found to be a dangerous intersection. in between where cars are stopping on curry ford going east and west, there are also cars pulling out in either
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>> they gotta do something with this area, curry ford. there' s always accidents here, too many. bob: crossing guard russell smith explains why. russell smith: it is a very complicated intersection. bob: he says motorists often disregard no turn on red signs. smith believes the island along curry ford road at bahia where the accident happened should be converted in to a clearly-defined turn lane. >> they could change that island in the middle and make it into a natural turn lane and put paint out there where there is an actual turn lane. bob: gonzalez says she was frightened there might be children in the car that collided with tower truck eleven. smith says he is one of two crossing guards that work this intersection to make sure school kids as well as motorists navigate this stretch safely. now, i just checked with orlando police, and they tell me they
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report on monday. the orlando fire department has not given a timeline on their crash. bob kealing, wesh 2 news. jim: angela and i were at the working on reports you will see. it was windy. angela: i feel like my face is when burned. tony: it is still windy. the wind will take her off after sunset. this weekend, of little bit of showers. let' s go outside. angela: beautiful. tony: yeah. you don' t see that too often. on a cold day, beautiful sky comes out. we of 57 right now, high temperature in daytona beach, only 56. 61 the villages, 60 orlando. 61 officially now in orlando. let me show you the highs
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normal high in orlando is 73. we are up to 70 in melbourne. you were at 63. everyone good 10 degrees lower. it is windy and breezy at times this afternoon. that will slacken on off overnight. the radar is free of rain, unlike yesterday when we were tracking all of the rain. palm coast 54, sanford 55. coco 60. the attractions around 60. the majority of folks i-4 south and east anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. ocala falling from 54 down to 45. on the water at palm bay, look at the difference. the water in the atlantic and the indian river, banana river, upper 60' s. and you get the unsure
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41 in ocala overnight. 50 a daytona beach. we of the unsure -- we have the unsure flow. we will see showers breakout of a bit. the heaviest rain will be south and east of brevard county. the overall rainfall right through sunday morning is going to be a little bit more aggressive on the coast, a quarter of an inch. inland areas, west of i-4, you are looking to pick up 0.01 inches of rain. it will not wash you out. sunday will be sunnier but cooler. saturday. 69 in town, also at the coast. we will watch the marine divisions -- commissions. in effect.
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9 feet. the mount dora art festival, a slight chance for an afternoon shower. super bowl sunday looking better , breezy and cool. kickoff temperature coming at 55 degrees. let' s look at the updated seven-day forecast. we have a long spell of unseasonably cool temperatures and central florida. it has to do with the jet stream , i will whip up a graphic and check it out at 5:40. jim: investigation in to the coming up, a new twist in the hillary clinton email scandal. a look at the new report that angela: names the republican politicians who used their personal devices for government documents. plus, a daring mountain rescue caught on tape. jim: and a nasty bus crash ends
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re watching wesh 2 ng jim: a new report finds hillary clinton is not the only former secretary of state who used a personal e-mail account. the state department says colin powell and staffers for condoleezza rice also got classified data from personal e-mail accounts. for the past year, clinton has been blasted by republicans for using a personal e-mail server while leading the state department.
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confidential or secret at the time they were sent. the gas leak that' s forced thousands in california out of their homes could be capped by the end of next week. so-cal-gas has been providing everyone affected with a place to stay. officials were only going to give them 48 to move back after the leak is capped. but now that company has backed off those plans. los angeles county leaders want people to have up to 30 days to move back into their own homes. angela: during a raid of a connecticut home, police discovered human bones. investigators say its all connected to a caribbean religion. police were tipped off that heroin and prescription pills were being dealt out of the house. officers found two skulls and a few other bones in the basement. >> the stench emanating from the basement area was overwhelming. angela: the suspect calls himself a high priest in the religion known as santeria. there was also an arrest warrant out for him in massachusetts in
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mausoleum. take a look at this video of a fiery bus crash. no one was hurt when a car and a wake forest university shuttle bus collided. police are now investigating what caused the crash. jim: tonight a man is recovering from a dangerous rescue on an washington mountain. in this video, you can see crews balancing on the side of a helicopter hovering hundreds of feet above the ground. the rescuer is hoisted down the side of the steep dam to the stranded man below. first heard screams from the man on sunday. t get a 911 call until yesterday morning. the man suffered only minor injuries. angela: that is scary. wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. jim: stewart moore joins us now with a look what' s coming up in our next half hour. stewart: jim, angela, we are learning new information about a the zika virus.
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rash of car dealership burglaries in winter park. we' ll show you the just-released security videos catching the crooks in action. plus, new information on a story we first brought you as breaking news last night. an 8-year-old was hit by a car. what the driver who hit him did right after. vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy.
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announcer: you are watching wesh 2. stewart: we continue to follow breaking news. the zika virus has crept into central florida. angela: the virus is now in seven florida counties, including osceola county. meredith is in the breaking news center. meredith: a case of the zika virus was found in osceola county today. the local case makes 14 total cases in the state of florida in seven counties. governor rick scott declared a health emergency in five of those counties. all of the cases are travel related, meaning it was not contracted here. none of them have been transmissions between people. officials are urging you to dump or cover anything that holds water. >> be educated , protect yourself
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ourselves, and beat village lent -- be vigilant about your surroundings. meredith: florida' s warm climates, at your run mosquitoes and international travelers make it that much more vulnerable. we are working to find out what safety measures health officials are planning. angela: wesh 2 is the place to turn for the fight against zika virus. our crews will work throughout the evening to bring you the most latebreaking developments. we' ll have a set -- a talking with the centers for disease control. stewart: car dealership break-in. angela: what turned up on surveillance video. gail: this is surveilance video show two burglars breaking the front door of liedca auto sales in witner park. on 2250 west fairbanks january
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they get in the used car dealership but once they' re out, the duo is greeted by winter park police. police order the men to stop running and told them to lie down. lennard jones and carlos reed were arrested for burglary that saturday night. jewel chowdhury owns a dealership next door. >> i came to my dealership and i found my cars were ok. i looked at my neighbor, i saw the door was broken, the pieces of the glass and everything. i was wondering what is going on. gail: he is worried because on january 6, there was another used car dealership hit on west fairbanks, at allstate auto . police say a security safe with vehicle titles and 26 smark keys were stole. while patrol units units were here, more police officers to dispatched to another location just down the street at the minivan store for yet another burglarly. then on wednesday three high-end vehicles were taken from world transsport on clay avenue. winter park police are trying to see if all of these burglaries
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s no doubt in this dealer' s mind. jewel chowdhury: i think they come as customers. with adults, accompanied. they try to see where we keep our keys, how the operation is going on. the best is, i don' t leave my keys. i take them home. gail: if you have any information, contact with her public -- winter park release or crimeline. stewart: winter park police are also trying to see if there is a possible connection across seminole and orange county. you can call 1-800-423-tips. the apopka man who was arrested and charged with killing his roommate 3 months ago, may appear in court as early as tomorrow. police say paul neff was arrested yesterday. they say he shot and killed sean davis back in november in the apartment where they lived. neff actually called 911 afterward saying he had opened fire in self defense.
5:29 pm
on the scene and collected evidence and over the past few , weeks say that evidence does not support neff' s story. they say there appeared to be some time in between the moment neff shot davis and when he actually called 911. they also say in the days leading up to davis' s death, neff sent him text messages telling him he' d kill him. angela: we have new information on a story we first brought you as breaking news last night at 5:00. the 8-year-old in titusville who was hit by a car is now recovering from his injuries. the boy was hit near a gas station yesterday at 5:00 on north carpenter road. the driver of the truck did remain on scene, and is cooperating with investigators. the little boy has injuries to his head and arm and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. there' s no word on why the child was in the street or whether the driver faces any charges. right now a deltona woman is out of jail. she bonded out last night after her arrest for driving drunk with a 3-year-old in the car. take a look at 29-year-old teresa knudson. she was busted wednesday night
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crashed into a fence and light post. it happened on east graves avenue. witnesses told police knudson nearly hit a person before crashing. she allegedly admitted to being drunk and going on a joyride. no one, including the child, was hurt. stewart: the family and friends of a altamonte springs teen, who was gunned down in broad daylight a week ago, is asking the public to come forward and help catches killer. >> it has been hard because i keep telling myself my baby is coming back. he is coming home. but he is not. and it' s so hard to accept that. stewart: a vigil was held for tamar harris last night. friends gathered at central street, where he was killed last week while he rode by in a car. police say the gunman fired from the street as the car tamar was in passed by. investigators do not believe it this was random. we are learning new information today about a particularly wild story. an 8-year-old in west palm beach has been arrested for allegedly trying to rob a store at
5:31 pm
ted white explains. ted: facing charges of attempted five armed robbery, this boy was in juvenile court friday afternoon. he is so small, he was barely able to see the judge from his chair to read his trouble began wednesday night. >> i grabbed my purse, it was so light. then i realized my gun was missing. ted: the mother spoke with wpb i' ve -- wpbg news. he rode his bicycle to the store. a surveillance camera showed him entering the store with a bike helmet and baggy clothes. what you do not see is the loaded handgun he is concealing. minutes later, he walks to the checkout counter and approaches. >> i see the boy a second ago, and he says give me the money. my concern, i did not want him
5:32 pm
i wanted you take the gun away from him as and as i could. ted: he reacted quickly. >> i twisted his wrist and took the gun away. ted: the child struggle to the employee as he tries to take into the office. taken into custody. the gun in a safer place. >> he is a good boy, on the honor roll. ted: the boy must take part in a divergent program. all of this without the child saying a word. he is released from home detention and must stay away from the grocery store. when asked if the mother faces charges, police said it is still under investigation. stewart: i want to give it some breaking news happening right now on bumby avenue. a trailer came unhinged from a semi that was hauling it.
5:33 pm
fuel leak from the side of the tank of that truck. this is on north bumby avenue. no injuries reported, no damage. quite a traffic issue right now if you are headed in that direction. angela: we now know when the university of central florida will make it' s pitch for a downtown orlando campus to the florida board of governors. the school says the meeting will be held march 2nd in orlando. no word yet on where. at that time, ucf leaders will lay out its plans to build a new academic building for programs related to orlando industries. next monday, orlando city council will vote on a proposal to donate $75 million to that effort. >> and we have lift off of the united launch alliance atlas v rocket carrying 12 gps satellite for the united states air force. the global positioning system rights worldwide -- angela: yet another spectacular lift-off from cape canaveral this morning. the united launch alliance sent
5:34 pm
it' s carrying a gps satellite, which will be used by the u.s. airforce. this is the last of 8 satellites sent up, designed to help modernize navigation and timing information around the world. this was the first of as many as 30 rockets that could launch from the cape this year. right now hillary clinton and bernie sanders are back on the campaign trail. this, after what was at times, a testy debate between the democrats running for president. stewart: both are hitting voters hard, but republican front runner donald trump is also stepping up his efforts. wesh 2' s aixa diaz looked into big push for votes, just days away from the new hampshire primary. aixa: the candidates from both sides are reporting voters in new hampshire four days before the primary. after the msnbc debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders returned to the campaign trail. clinton: i am not going to stop fighting for new hampshire. i will keep fighting until the
5:35 pm
sanders: we received over the last month $20 million. you know how much came into our super pack? $0. [applause] aixa: that is the first time he has out raised clinton. something her finance director calls a very loud wake-up call. >> she is now combating sanders and trying to convince voters that he may have wonderful ideas , but i' m the person that can get elected and get things done. aixa: donald trump canceled an event because of snow. jeb bush jumped at the chance, treating that even his 90-year-old mother, former first lady, made it out to campaign. it shows him lagging behind donald trump by more than 40 points. >> for jeb bush, john kasich, if they do not do well in new
5:36 pm
aixa: the gop has a debate tomorrow night. seven candidates are invited, carly fiorina is not one of them. aixa diaz, west two news. stewart: adrian whitsett will be on the ground next week. he will be covering the last push for votes from both sides. we will be on wesh 2 news with the results. angela: a proposed human rights ordinance, which sparked controversy in palm bay was rejected by city leaders. the bill was designed to make sure lgbt workers couldn' t be fired or evicted based on their orientation. the mayor and three council members voted against the measure. the mayor said he was not satisfied with how the proposal was written, and needed more time to look it over. stewart: state lawmakers are considering a bill that would make public the locations of florida' s archaeological digs. it goes a step further and would allow artifact collectors and dealers to go there, dig on their own, and keep what they find. they say this prevents people
5:37 pm
-- arrowheads. riddick say they need to be preserved. the weather story you with your today. angela: we will take you to the panhandle involving a shootout with the police and a couple. two alligators caught on tape. you do not want to be on this.
5:38 pm
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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angela: a case of the zika virus county. states. six other counties are dealing with cases. santa rosa, lee, hillsboro,
5:40 pm
we have a crew in osceola county learning more about what leaders plan to do to prevent it from spreading. [gunfire] stewart: it was a wild shoot-out that ended with the death of a man, and the wounding of a woman. both were fugitives, who' d been on the run following a nationwide crime spree. it all ended in florida' s panhandle. if you' re thinking this sounds like bonnie and clyde, you aren' t the only ones drawing that comparison. angela: today police briefed the press on their crimes and their capture. wesh 2' s brett connolly explains. [gunfire] brett: it' s a deadly end in the manhunt for the couple from missouri accused in a string of robberies and kidnappings. the escambia county sheriff says this shootout erupted after the couple broke into a home just before 1:00 this morning. blake fitzgerald was killed and brittany harper was injured in the leg and ankle. it' s unclear how or why the couple ended in the panhandle, but the sheriff'
5:41 pm
a potential theory. david morgan: we have heard a statement uncorroborated that they were gonna go to panama city to get married. that was their eventual goal. brett: the couple was wanted for a number of armed robberies in the past week across the southeast, accused of robbing a hotel and kidnapping the clerk, and doing the same at a convenience store, plus carjacking the manager of a mcdonald' s. harper had reportedly posted on facebook about the alleged escapades while police and the u.s. marshals office continued the hunt. after a late night dealing with the couple, it' s clear the sheriff doesn' t think too highly of the ' bonnie and clyde' moniker. david morgan: if i had my way, i' d wipe their existence from all social media and everything else and we would not do any glamorization of this because people. but is also remember that bonnie and clyde were a couple of
5:42 pm
brett: harper remains in the hospital with armed guards at her room. she faces a number of charges including home invasion, armed robbery, and grand theft auto. stewart: not unlike humans, animals in the wild have their a recent spat between two alligators in clearwater, florida, was caught on camera. footage. while we can only speculate what sparked the brawl, what we can say for sure, we would not jump into break this one up. the two reptiles battled for a while, before one lands a final shot, throwing both of them into the water. the person who shot the video says they aren' t sure who won the fight -- they are going at it. they' re just happy the feuding gators are no longer on land. angela: take it to the water. we don' t need that up here. tony mainolfi is here with us. happy national weatherpersons day. tony: i have a gift for you. angela: sunny skies? tony: a treat. don'
5:43 pm
tony: we have some spectacular weather. it is a little brisk. a 59 degrees, wind out of the north at 15, 25 miles an hour. the wind will simmer down late tonight. if you have friday night evening plans, maybe going to get the party elements for super bowl sunday, you will definitely want a jacket. things are very quiet. temperatures are at 54 daytona beach, 55 at the villages. 77 orlando. when you factor in the northwest wind at 17 and upwards of 25, it is still cold. now we are getting closer to sunsets, it will drop off from 54 to 45 at ocala. a slower drop off, meant the relatively warmer atlantic waters. that will keep temperatures steady.
5:44 pm
41 orlando. we are clearing early. clouds will increase after midnight in response to this developing area of low pressure. we will find the periphery tomorrow, and early sunday morning before it finally pulls on away from central florida. in the wake, we will have cooler temperatures. enjoy the relatively doesn' t numbers as we get through the afternoon. tomorrow, mount dora if you will be there for the art festival, temperatures mid to upper 60' s. 70 new the attractions. i-4, altamonte springs, mid to upper 60' s. coco down to melbourne, palm bay. super bowl sunday, forecast for central florida, pregame 2:30, 60 so.
5:45 pm
pressure and relatively dry, cold fronts coming in, reinforcing the cold air across the eastern third of the united states. when he' s in the upcoming seven-day forecast and are wondering why, why we are staying soquel for so long, it is because of this. it is unusual. it is usually up max situation of three or four days. in this case it is a week. will be in the 50' s with lows in the 30' s. stewart: seminole county, with private trail at home club boulevard in the longwood-wekiva area, this home was on fire. white smoke is coming out of the top and the backside. crews are on the scene right now, battling that blaze. we are not sure if anyone was
5:46 pm
will stay on top of angela: we went to give you a better look at the breaking news in seminole county. a house fire in the
5:47 pm
stewart: we were able to seize -- see some flames. this is on west wekiva springs trail on hunt club boulevard. crews are going in and out trying to battle the flames. angela: we do have a crew headed to the scene. we will continue to update you on this breaking news situation. we don' t know if anybody was inside. when we get that, we will bring it to you on wesh 2 news at 6:00. stewart: and that is straight ahead. angela: meredith mcdonough joins us. meredith: we continue to follow breaking news, the first case of the zika virus in central florida has been diagnosed in osceola county. we are live with new information from the health department, learning what other local counties are doing about this illness. a local man is suing universal orlando after he says he was fired from the themepark for something he says is his legal right. he speaks exclusively with wesh
5:48 pm
vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated
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>> they can have a gun in their car while they visit the park, why cannot i have it in mind? jim: why he was fired from universal orlando not long after his gun was stolen from the parking garage. we have reaction from the themepark. meredith: child abuse arrests. a woman was seen a beating a child at a laundromat. when the child was doing beef or this woman lost her temper. -- before this woman lost her temper. jim: waves smash a houseboat. meredith: how one couple is now receiving after they were left with almost nothing. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. jim: first, breaking news out of osceola county. meredith: a case of the zika virus has just been confirmed. good evening, i' m meredith mcdonough. jim: i' m jim payne. this now means there are fourteen cases of the zika virus in seven florida counties. but none have been transmitted in florida. meredith: we have live team coverage. tonight wesh 2' s dave
5:51 pm
central florida counties are
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