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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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central florida counties are doing about the threat of zika, but we start with chris hush with the new details in osceola county. chris: within the last 35 minutes, we got an update from health services in osceola county about this case. one person is recovering from the zika virus after traveling out of state. this is the first confirmed case in central florida. we know this person is not a pregnant woman. and out of all 14 cases in the entire state, the health department says none of the patients acquired the virus locally. all were a result from traveling. we asked the department of health if anyone else in the county should be concerned but officials declined offer on any other specifics about this confirmed case. can you tell us where this person traveled to? where they contracted it from? belinda johnson cornett: we cannot at this time.
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child? elderly? belinda johnson cornett: nothing at this time. chris: do you think this is an isolated incident in osceola county? belinda johnson cornett: well, people travel back and forth and it' s where people travel and travel to other countries and coming back. obviously there' s a potential there could be other cases. chris: we know as a result, the county is stepping up efforts to contain the virus. they have been spraying a lot. we were told by officials they are spraying like they would in the summertime. it is only february at this time. if you suspect you may have the virus, the says please get medical attention right away. go to an emergency room. virus. chris hush, wesh 2 news. meredith: trapping and numbers of mosquitoes around central florida is a high priority, especially with the increased emphasis on zika, and wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel checked
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experts to see how the effort to control populations has increased. he joins us live in seminole county with what he uncovered. dave: certainly, zika is becoming a larger part of the conversation, particularly for mosquito experts. what helps with matters, we are in an el nio year. we are collecting water. this is an example of how much extra rainfall we have had and with the exception of the last couple of days, it has been much warmer. so there are many more mosquitoes. this case has been the most recent confirmed. they are expanding most ghetto control. they are putting out species specific traps to track the populations, two types of mosquitoes carrying zika. when the five populations that need to be treated, they do so immediately. it puts a dent in the budget, but they have got to do it for
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calling it a flash report. it is keeping mosquito control and health providers in the health of zika. -- the conversation. i put a species specific traps so they can see what areas need special treatment. alan harris: trying to identify the specific mosquitoes that carry this virus, and doing control measures for those as well. dave: orange county says it basically takes this very similarly throughout the year, but zika obviously is changing they are looking for more containing in containers. -- plant containers. you can do a big effort for everybody, dump that out so you do not have mosquitoes around your own house. live in seminole county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. jim: global health leaders have
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defects in thousands of babies. they say the illness could infect up to 4 million people. the race is on to develop a zika vaccine. the effort to find one is actually happening right now in florida. at the scripps research institute in jupiter, the zika virus has actually been part of ongoing research for some time. researchers are trying to learn more about how the virus gets into cells then how it replicates. they do say a vaccine and treatment for the virus are still a few years away. we are following breaking news out of seminole county. a fire on hunt club boulevard right along west mciver -- wekiva springs trail. it has dissipated quite a bit. smoke and flames were burning through the roof. firefighters attacking this from the back of the house. no word what caused the fire or if anyone was inside when the fire started. a local man who says he was fired for bringing his gun onto theme park property is suing universal orlando. meredith: and tonight he' s talking exlusively to wesh 2
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jim: greg fox explains, the man feels victimized twice. first, when his gun was stolen from a universal garage, and a second time when he was let go. >> and when i showed them the florida statute, it didn' t even phase them. greg: dean kumanchik is fighting one of the world' s largest entertainment companies. he was a top technician, responsible for ride safety and operation at universal studios, when he was fired over the revelation that he brought a gun on property. dean kumanchik: i was very upset. and i thought after giving them employee elected tell me in my reviews, they just dump you. greg: kumanchik says on december 16th, he parked his vehicle in one of the garages, used for workers and visitors. mr. kumanchik says to the best of his knowledge he left his gun as usual secured between the console like this, and then got out like he normally does, and think he locked the doors. but the door was ajar when he
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the police report shows that his 380 caliber handgun was stolen. after 23 years maintaining popular rides, kumanchik was fired by universal for violating policy banning firearms on property a property universal argues, begins at the garage. >> my interpretation of that would be that if i take my id badge and go through the security gate and they swipe it, now i consider myself on company property. greg: and you never did that with your firearm? >> no. not once. greg: in his lawsuit, kumanchik says he was illegally terminated because he' s a licensed concealed weapons holder. his attorney says, this is a fight that we are willing to take up as a fundamental issue for people who legally possess firearms. florida law allows schools to ban guns and since universal has an education component on property, it may argue no one has the legal right to bring firearms onto its premises. greg fox, wesh 2 news. jim: we requested a copy of the universal orlando workplace
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instead, a spokesman provided this statement, we do not allow people to carry weapons into our theme parks or work areas. meredith: a local woman has been arrested for child abuse after police were called to a sanford laundromat. 22-year-old shaleerah is accused of hitting a little boy. witnesses say this happened in front of workers and customers at the laundromat on french avenue. according to police records, the woman was folding clothes at the laundromat and got angry because the toddler was crying and wanted to be picked up. witnesses say she hit the child several times before throwing him to the ground. in court today, don was set at $8,000. bond was set at $8000. she cannot have contact with the child or any of the witnesses. jim: a brevard county teen suspected of beating his baby sister to death will face justice as an adult. 15-year-old noah walls was home babysitting his 21-month old sister last month, while her father was at work. the medical examiner ruled she had been killed by blows to the head. walls told an investigator he became frustrated with the toddler because she kept walking in front of him. he'
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murder and was denied bond. meredith: a jacksonville man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges in connection with the death of lonzie barton. as part of a plea deal, william ruben ebron pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter, child neglect, lying to police and tampering with evidence. at today' s hearing, the prosecutor said barton was found dead in a tub of water at an apartment after he was left alone. the state also says preliminary results of an autopsy show the remains found in a wooded area last month belong to the toddler. lonzie' s mother lonna pled guilty to child neglect and lying to police last month. jim: orlando fire officials are launching an investigation -- launching an internal investigation into an accident yesterday involving a fire truck where people were hurt. witnesses say tower truck eleven collided with at least one car on curry ford road during rush hour while responding to a call. three people suffered minor injuries. today residents say the intersection at curry ford and bahia avenue where the crash
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confusing. as a result, accidents are common. >> they gotta do something with this area, curry ford. there' s always accidents here. too many accidents. jim: orlando police say they hope to complete their traffic crash report by monday. meredith: right now orlando police are looking for a gunman. two people were shot outside a restaurant, one of them an innocent bystander. a group of men were arguing inside a bar around 2:00 on south orange blossom trail. police say the 27-year-old victim walked outside, and was ambushed. he was shot in the leg. a bystander was also hit. a deputy driving by at the time heard the gunshots and saw cars leaving the scene. no suspects have been identified. jim: new information tonight on a data breach at ucf, affecting more than students and staff. 60,000 the breach was identified january 15th. a hacker stole names, social security numbers, and ucf-issued employee i.d. numbers. the university set up a call center for anyone who has questions about the hack, but some students say the wait is
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>> when i called oh the wait time is one minute, one minute , one minute, and 30 to 40 minutes later it' s obviously not one minute. jim: ucf is encouraging students to take advantage of free one-year credit monitoring and identity protection services. we now have more details about the pursuit of a car that started in orlando and ended in sanford. an incident you saw first here on wesh 2. this is a helicopter view of the chase. orlando police say it all started yesterday when their officers attempted to stop a car for having windows the officers felt were darker than the legal limit of tint. but the driver took off. wesh 2 had the only crew on the scene when the pursuit which began on orange blossom trail, ended at an apartment in sanford. four people were detained but only one man was arrested. jim: a local couple makes a narrow escape as their house is boat is torn apart. meredith: they cannot stand up
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>> there is no close to be able to get out. money, id, everything. jim: the help being offered to the couple now that there home has been reduced to driftwood. meredith: a man on the run accused of targeting sunglasses stores. what investigators are saying about him. tony: a breezy and cool afternoon. we do have weekend to changes on
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we of the dated 2. take a look at this it is all that is left of an elderly couples house boat. jim: it was smashed to pieces when ways smashed into a seawall. meredith: friends and total to help them. >> on shaky legs, a 70 husband are held to the only
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this was their home less than 24 hours ago. the pounding waves that cast of spray, slammed relentlessly into the seawall, better their house within hours. >> they are shaken out. they are trying to find it with her next step is. dan: a passerby called 911 after he had a friend tried to help a couple on the struggling boat. >> can you get them off? joey, get them off, now. dan: the boat had run out of winds. police had to get the couple to safety. fraser going to send a couple of divers to try to recover what could be recovered, bit because there is literally nothing left, they have given up that plan. their money, their clothing, their ids, their prescriptions,
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>> no place to live. there is no money. >> we are taking up a collection to get them into a hotel locally to get them up for a couple of days at least. dan: family members say they live in misery and moved here. -- from missouri and moved here. meredith: daytona beach police are looking for a shoplifting suspect who pulled out a handgun at a local walmart. these are surveillance videos of the man walking around at 5:00 last night. he wore -- store employees say he stole the sweatshirt he was wearing earlier, then returned and took a four-pack of beer. loss prevention officers say when they stopped him and got the merchandise back, he displayed a gun in his waist band and left. new video about person who has been stealing identities so he can clone credit cards and use them throughout central florida.
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id to open multiple credit card accounts, and charge more than $17,000 at local stores, including walmart, best buy, kohl' s, and target. polk county deputies believe the same man did the same thing to one of their residents. if you recognize this guy, call crimeline. jim: still no sign of its shady guy who police say has small it -- stolen a small fortune in high and sunglasses. he hit two sunglasses stores in daytona beach nearly a half a dozen times in january alone. police say he blends in with other customers, trying on sunglasses, then pocketing several pairs each trip gucci, product, ray ban selling for $200 to $400 a pair. police say the suspect has made off with nearly $10,000 in shades so far. police figure he' s re-selling the sunglasses, possibly at flea markets or on the internet. >> he could have a supplier somewhere else he' s shipping them to, they' re selling them you know outside the area. jim: employees at the local
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police right away. right now state lawmakers are considering a bill that would make public the locations of s archeological digs. the bill goes a step further. it would then allow artifact collectors and dealers to go there, dig on their own, and keep what they find. supporters say this prevents people who find arrowheads on riverbanks from getting in trouble. critics say some of the state artifacts are priceless, and need to be preserved. permits to date would cost $100 annually. -- dig would cost $100 annually. >> we have lift off of the atlas v rocket carrying two gps satellites. meredith: a spectacular scene on the space coast this morning, as an atlas five rocket blasted off into a perfeclty blue sky from cape canaveral. the united launch alliance rocket is carrying a gps satellite, the last of a group of eight for the airforce that will modernize navigation and timing information around the world. this was the first of as many as
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from the cape this year. chief meteorologist is here. there was no cloud in the sky. tony: i really thought there would be wind, but i am surprised they got it off. it will be a good year for them, and a busy evening for the super bowl party people. here' s the hd cam looking at downtown orlando. a different vantage point as we continue to grow and expand the network of hd cameras on this weatherpersons day. we of the sunset later and later, 6:07. temperatures are dropping, but they will level off later on tonight with clouds advancing northward from the south. 52 palm coast, 59 in melbourne, 57 in kissimmee. we are running 20 to 25 degrees
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afternoon as the cold air has worked in behind that front. we of some gusts on the order of 20 to 25 in the southern regions of the viewing area. after sunset, holding in the low 50' s until 10:00. more of the same near daytona beach. one last destination. warmer because of the ocean temperatures. water temperature is 68. s. 48 in sanford, 52 in melbourne, 49 into sammy. there is low-pressure taking shape. with the onshore flow, that will tap into the atlantic moisture. by sunday, that is moving away. we will have to watch the melbourne marathon. a few rain shots in the morning, but not bad. 59 ocala, 71 in melbourne. idea clouds.
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after 10:00 a.m. on the coast, and maybe around 1:00 around i-4. outdoor arts festival, gates open at 10:00. high temperature at peaking at 67. don' t cancel any plans. a great weekend too had out. -- to head out. by 2:30, kickoff temperature around 55. the big story is this stretch of cool afternoons and cold mornings. we have a big a trough of low pressure that is shifting. we will deal with that for the next five to seven days. if you look at the updated seven-day forecast, the afternoon highs, 50' s and 60' s. it is not until friday we get near normal with overnight lows in the 30' s and 40' s. that is unusual by our standards in central florida. jim: yeah. the nba gives the magic an our
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and we' ll preview the 50th edition of the super bowl. stewart: it is the biggest game, on the biggest stage in american sports. william the young stars take on the trophy, or will veterans
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stewart: the magic limp into a friday night matchup with the clippers fresh off yet another tough loss. a big win over one of the best in the west would be just what the doctor ordered. meanwhile doc rivers and his , squad roll into town tonight. tip time is 7:00 p.m., the magic are 2-14 since the start of january, but they have been competitive in just about all of them, losing 10 of 11, with three of those defeats in overtime, and three others by seven points or fewer. back to that tough loss earlier this week, you probably have seen the kevin durant blasted all over the highlight reels. turns out it should not have happened. the nba says that this should have been a foul call against the thunder. according to a league review, oklahoma city' s steven adams should have been whistled for an offensive foul 1.9 seconds before westbrook made an uncontested driving layup.
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super bowl weekend is here, all eyes are on the bay area. icon peyton manning. to be playing in this game like i mentioned, d playing -- to be playing in super bowl 50. if you have any appreciation for the history of the game -- get prepared for this game. offensively, we know what they are doing pretty much. they have long-range guys that are capable of creating turnovers. stewart: kickoff is at 6:30. the broncos have two super bowl
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meredith: it' s not something we always see, but animals in the wild have their fair share of jim: disagreements. jim: a recent spat between two alligators in clearwater was caught on camera. the two reptiles battled for a while before one lands a final shot, and they both end up tumbling to the water' s edge. the person who shot the video says they aren' t sure who won the fight, they' re just happy the feuding gators are no longer
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it is that time of year, mating season.
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