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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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news at noon a west local, live, late-breaking. -- >> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. jason: scary moments for a skydiver this morning, when he was left dangling from power lines. good afternoon. i' m jason guy. michelle: and i' m michelle imperato. wesh 2' s claire metz joins us
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claire: the parachutist came down a little short of the drop some should take a look at some of these pictures. they were shot by a witness, who saw the parachutist dangling. we know the parachutist is in the army. 33-year-old carlos esparza. esparza was following behind his squad, when he took it into a power pole. at florida highway patrol troopers spotted the victim, and initially called for help. power was shut down, and firefighters from the city of deland and volusia county, safely rescued esparza. >> he was lucky. he missed the things right there. his parachute was hung up where those trees are going across. he was all wrapped up there. he was hanging up there. very dangerous. claire:
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of this high wire rescue. the parachutist dangling from the power lines. firefighters had to use a ladder truck to get to esperanza and move him down safely. others in his army unit watch from down below. we understand, the army man was not injured or did not eat any kind of hospitalization. folks with duke energy are on scene, documenting this event. again, they cut off the power. a major rescue. they are out here just doing some extra documentation. all' s well that ends well. claire metz, wes two news -- wesh 2 news. jason: we have incredible video showing the 30 foot waves that slammed a cruise ship yesterday. passengers onboard the anthem of the seas faced winds over a hundred-miles-per-hour. wesh 2' s dan billow joins us
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dan, any word on when the ship will be docking? dan at the moment, the ship is : due at 7:00 tomorrow morning, according to harbor pilots here. the royal caribbean anthem of the seas hit a huge storm off the carolinas last night while on its way here. one passenger posted video on social media of towering waves up to 36-feet high. the coast guard tells us the wind speeds hit 115-miles an hour. and the ship took some punishment. passenger photos show furniture tumbled all about, and broken pottery. passengers were confined to their rooms while the captain steered through the unexpectedly strong storm. one passenger posted on facebook, i' m not being over dramatic by saying it was the scariest moments of my life , having no control in hurricane like winds for hours on end with baby on board. another wrote, we' re all ok. can' t lie though, the rocking and shuddering of the ship was
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all new respect for the work of the captain in keeping a ship this size upright. royal caribbean says the storm s seaworthiness and did no major damage. the cruise line is reporting no injuries. we are hoping to hear more stories from those passengers, arrive. live in poor canaveral, then billow, -- port canaveral, dan billow, wesh 2 news. michelle: we have new details about the victims involved in a double homicide in metrowest late saturday night. officers say they found two men dead at the stone bridge reserve. this morning, they told us one of those victims is 34-year-old antonio jones. police say they got a call around 7:15 last night. it' s not clear what led up to shooting. detectives are still searching for more evidence. the search is on for a group of armed robbers in orange county.
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-- four suspects stormed the a neighborhood food mart in taft just after 11:00 last night and shot the clerk. three employees inside the store on 4th street and 2nd avenue when it happened. the clerk who was shot was we don' t have any specific police are not releasing the surveillance video at this time. eric burris has stepped outside. eric, how warm will we get today? now. you do have a bit of a chill, when you factor in a bit of the wind downtown. it is 63 degrees in ocala. ocala, you have had quite a climb over the course of this morning. you are at about 30 degrees this morning. very chilly. the sunlight issuing mostly clear skies over the peninsula. overall, over the gulf -- over the gulf of mexico, we see some clouds moving in. those will bring us some showers
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the forecast for orlando, our average high is on the right. 73. -- 74. we will talk about what happens after this next cold front when i see you guys inside, in just a few minutes. orange county deputies believe that a 13-year-old boy was shot and injured by accident. morame, the gun' s owner. the teen was shot while visiting relatives on spottswood drive, sunday. that' s in the conway acres subdivision. deputies say the child and two 18-year-olds were playing with a gun when it went off. morame was not home at the time. he was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. morame is currently out on bond. right now orlando police are , reviewing surveillance footage, taken at a local nightclub, during a deadly weekend shooting. investigators say they' re hoping , it will help them figure out what happened. here' s what we know. early sunday morning, shots were
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lounge on universal boulevard. two people died, and nine others so far no suspects have been s no word on any motive. michelle: we have new information about the shooting at an apartment complex last week. orlando police just released a sketch of the shooter they think left one person dead, and another injured. the shooting happened last week at the serrano apartments, 19-year-old jacob almond was killed. this morning, officers released this composite sketch of one of the people involved. suspects' vehicle. it' s a late model silver dodge caravan. new at noon, governor rick scott says he' s taking action to prevent the zika virus from spreading in florida. on the sidelines of a jobs event today, he called all sixteen of florida' s zika cases travel-related, saying none were contracted in state. and none of the victims are pregnant women. but the governor said addressing zika is like getting ready for a hurricane, you have to prepare for the worst.
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america, look at the unbelievable amount of zika they have there. look at the children that have the birth defects. you want to be prepared. and that is what we are doing. we' re going to prepare for the worst, and let' s hope for the best. michelle: so far, a public health emergency has been declared in seven counties that have zika cases, including osceola. governor scott says the state is buying kits to test for the 4000 virus. jason: presidential candidate ben carson is in central florida this noon. he is hosting a fundraising luncheon at the country club of ocala that got underway just a few minutes ago. polls after being neck and neck with donald trump when the campaign began. michelle: in committment 2016, this is the last full day of campaigning before tomorrow' s new hampshire primary. jason: for the democrats, polls show bernie sanders with a commanding lead over hillary clinton, and donald trump is way ahead in the republican race. michelle: tracie potts says the real drama is in the race for the gop runner-up. donald trump: you have to go out
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tracie: donald trump is taking questions this morning, and sparking another feud with jeb bush. don from i want you to step jeb bush. he is like a spoiled child. tracie: ted cruz and marco rubio and 10 case it -- and john kasich are all fighting for a possible second-place finish. this morning, marco rubio says -- m chris christie made a minute visit to manufacturers this morning. your vote. tracie: and manchester, they like to cedar candidates up close. body language. they are saying it.
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tracie: nearly one in 10 republicans here are undecided. that is why they are out here today, trying to get those last minute due -- votes. jason: look for continuing coverage with live reports from wesh 2' s adrian whitsett from new hampshire tomorrow. you can also get candidate information any time, anywhere on the wesh 2 mobile app or inside happening today, orlando leaders will consider a $75 million plan for ucf to open a new campus downtown. ucf has had a downtown presence in orlando for nearly a decade, but the school wants to expand, along with valencia college, to build a campus for roughly 7500 students. it would include ucf class space on the south side of livingston street between hughey and , parramore, and valencia space closer to the old arena site in the planned creative village. michelle: right now, volusia county leaders are meeting to do with the homeless problem growing in daytona beach. the city has been dealing with a growing number of homeless
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county administration building. county leaders started a meeting right at noon at the daytona beach international airport. public comments will be accepted. jason: coming up next at noon, some of the highlights from last night' s super bowl. while some were celebrating,
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>> you are watching wesh 2. jason: it was a night of celebration in denver after the broncos beat the carolina panthers to win super bowl 50. after the final gun sounded, thousands of fans poured into the streets. police had to use tear gas at one point, but they say only a handful of people were arrested for minor offenses. last night' s telecast was, once again, one of the most watched shows of the year. michelle: and as always, reid binion reports that super bowl 50 was much more than just a football game. >> the denver broncos had defeated the carolina panthers. reid: super bowl 50 was a close game to nearly the end. serving up a historic victory for the broncos. and a bitter defeat for the panthers. >> i hope you' re happy, that is what i have to say. reid: four peyton manning, the big game may have delivered a perfect ending.
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go broncos. reid: peyton manning about his future. take it one step at a time. reid: if this was his last game, better. the game was more than just touchdowns and tackles. blowout. coldplay and beyonce. another super bowl halftime veteran, bruno mars. and ending with highlights from 50 years worth of highest -- of halftime shows. there also the commercials. >> eating the readers -- doritos at my ultrasound? reid: that was the big doritos contest winner.
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michelle: after wowing fans at the super bowl halftime show, beyonce announced that she is joining a new effort to help residents of flint, michigan during its water crisis. the superstar singer will partner with local united way to get water filtration equipment and water to affected residents. a portion of the effort aims to help flint children with long term needs caused by the contaminated water. meanwhile the governor of michigan has declined an invitation to testify before congress about the water crisis. rick snyder was asked to come to washington this wednesday, but he says he' ll be presenting his fiscal year budget to his state legislature instead. jason: two people are dead after shooting erupts after a mardi gras parade in mississippi, four -- mississippi. four others were also injured when the shooting broke out as people were leaving the parade in pass christian near gulfport. no suspects have been named. police believe a fight may have led to the shooting, pass christian' s mardi gras parade is among the largest on the mississippi gulf coast and an estimated 50,000 people were still in the area at the time of
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right now, every chipotle restaurant in the country is -- 3:00. the company says they are using , the shutdown to update employees on food safety procedures and go over new changes. it comes in the wake of the e-coli outbreak at the restaurant chain sickened 500 people. michelle: new at noon, federal officials blame electronic gear shifters for more than 100 crashes in certain fiat chrysler vehicles. and officials say 30 people have been hurt. the national highway traffic safety administration says the gear shifters are so confusing that drivers have gotten out of , the car, while in gear. the agency is looking into more than 856 thousand cars including 2014 and 2015 jeep grand cherokees, as well as 2012 through 2014 dodge charger and chrysler-300 sedans. officials have stopped short of calling for a recall. boston schools will be closed today as new england braces for more severe weather. forecasters say the area could
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snowstorm that' s heading towards the eastcoast. parts of massachusetts could see up to 18-inches of snowfall by this evening. other areas of new england could see anywhere between four to eight inches. jason: we are getting a little blast of winter weather here in central florida. it is chilly, waking up today. michelle: i do not think we can compare with them though. eric: already blizzard conditions in some parts of new england. here, it is sunny. the water looks so beautiful there at daytona. if only we could get the sky so clear in the summer. well, it is not summer, and it certainly doesn' t feel that way. the winds are little gusty around town. 62 degrees the temperature in sanford. 60 in orlando. 61 in leesburg.
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10 or 15 miles per hour, it feels a little bit colder. look at these morning temperatures. he made it down to 38 degrees in orlando. 30 flat in ocala. it was a chilly start. we have rebounded nicely. a big component of that are these mainly clear skies. all of that sunshine has helped with a win shift. first alert doppler radar is rain free. cold blast of air. this storm system way off the coast of the northeastern united states. it is bringing blizzard conditions through portions of new england. it is also dragging in a rather chilly northwest win. look at these wave heights in the open atlantic. up to 36 feet according to our modeling data. that is incredible. we are monitoring that crew ship that is moving back to port tomorrow morning. here, we will have a high of 66 degrees in orlando. quite a rebound in ocala from
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it will be cooler as we look ahead to tuesday and wednesday. just a week ago, they were in the middle 80' s. we have started this trend of a front after front moving into town. today, we are tracking a new one coming in from the northwest. that will bring showers overnight tonight. mostly cloudy skies, but we do -- will stay nice and dry in the evening. however, around will start to see the showers begin to move in. around midnight, they will work their way through the metro area. tomorrow morning. tonight is a milder reading. if you showers around central florida. here is 4:00 -- a few showers around central florida. morning tomorrow. around them. here is florida'
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it will be chilly on wednesday morning. a reading in the 30' s. staying cool through thursday and friday. approaching 70 on writing afternoon into saturday. jason: thank you eric. jason: the orlando magic are hoping for a repeat performance tonight as they head to atlanta to face the hawks for a second time. the home-court advantage worked in their favor last night. the magic started out leading the game. they almost lost it when atlanta came back towards the end and tied the game at 94. but nikola vucevic secured the magic' s victory with a buzzer-beater. the magic will and the hawks -- the magic will face the hawks tonight at 8:00. michelle: an amazing story from taiwan, more than 60 hours after a powerful earthquake hit the country. rescuers found, then pulled a little girl from the rubble of an apartment. the 8-year-old was conscious and was taken to the hospital. just 20 minutes later a woman, who' s believed to be the girl' s aunt was also rescued. the official death toll from saturday' s quake has now risen
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still missing that' s still missing. the international community is once again condemning north korea for testing a long range rocket. jason: but north koreans are celebrating the controversial launch with an elaborate parade and fireworks display. state run tv showed video of thousands in pyongyang attending the rally in the capital. north korea called the launch a satellite, but south korea, neighboring nations and washington, d.c. denounced the , launch as a missile test.
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s jason: today at 4:00, it' s been a nightmare cruise for some passengers. michelle: the anthem of the seas ship faced winds over 100 miles-per-hour. this is video taken from on the ll monitor the ship' s progress, as it makes its way to and we' re working to talk to they' jason: right now, work is underway to help a whale and a calf out in the indian river lagooon. we' ll monitor the progress and
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first at 4:00. you may have heard stories of teachers coming out of pocket to cover classroom costs. michelle: this morning, one lucky teacher in orange county got a loadful of supplies for her class for free. the generous donation was from a gift for teaching. the organization has provided free pencils, notebooks, markers and glue to needy students in orange, osceola and seminole counties since today, they gave 1998. away their 10 millionth pencil to carly kay. she teaches kindergarten at lakeville elementary in apopka. >> it is like christmas. back with a lot of goods. when i bring out the new stuff, re always like wow. new pencils, new crayons. so it' s definitely a good time for them to get new stuff for the classroom. michelle: a gift for teaching serves more than 300 schools in s , families live at or below the poverty line. jason: that is great. cool.
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not quite part the weather, but central florida' s version of that. just member, our friends in boston are dealing with lizard -- lizardlike weather. -- blizzar d-like weather. it should be warmer tomorrow morning, and cooler tomorrow afternoon. jackets may be needed. michelle: eric, think you so much. [captioning performed by the
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