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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> the people of new hampshire have sent a profound message. >> i am going to be the greatest jobs president got ever created. michelle: donald trump and bernie sanders are a riding high today -- writing high today. amy: another blast of cold air.
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like freezing. jason: deja vu. we are live . thank you for joining us on a wednesday. michelle: let' s get you ready to head outside. we are talking about freezing temperatures this morning. this is a quick look at downtown orlando. amy sweezey is tracking everything you need to know. amy: most of us will barely hit we have a lot of sunshine today but we will stay cool if that cold air keeps pouring in. that wind stays on the breezy top out in the mid s. freeze warning in effect for through 9:00 a.m.. ocala.
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there are some spots in inland volusia that have dropped to colder than that. 44 in melbourne. warmer to the south because we have a bit of cloud cover off to the north -- cloud cover. off to the north, the skies are clear. around five miles per hour, we have a little bit of a wind chill that not as significant as yesterday. it feels colder at orlando, 40 degrees. our temperatures will climb to the mid-upper 50' s. we will talk more about how long this cool snap will last. jazmin walker is in for ted. jazmin: we are starting off with a crash on the turnpike southbound between the i-4 exit and u.s. 441. you may have to slow down
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we want to give you a live look at i-4, at least road. these drivers are passing the fairbanks exit. just stay to your left as you are heading eastbound. it doesn' t look like there are any delays between the 408 and maitland boulevard should take you a the next. jason: this morning, republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders are celebrating huge victories in the new hampshire primary. michelle: on the democratic side, bernie sanders one with 60%. hillary clinton got 39%. donald trump with a convincing win at 39% as john kasich follows up. ted cruz is ahead of jeb bush. adrian whitsett is in new hampshire with the highlights. >> we are wrapping up our
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nation primary right here in manchester, new hampshire. we heard from every candidate after their so-called victory rallies on tuesday night. the winners, donald trump for the republicans and bernie sanders for the democrats. >> we are going to do it the old-fashioned way. we are going to beat china, japan, mexico. we are going to beat all of these countries that are taking so much of our money. >> we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. adrian: it looks like no one is dropping out despite how little they may have gotten info in new hampshire. their next step, the south carolina primary and the nevada caucus. we will see how many folks are still in this.
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michelle: the today show will break down the results and what it means for the rest of the race. we will have more reaction from the candidates. that begins here at 7:00. as the candidates look for the south carolina primary and the nevada caucus, count on wesh 2 news to bring coverage. jason: water is gushing into the streets of a central florida town months after a similar problem left people without water for weeks. alex villareal is live in eatonville. alex: we have not seen any cruise out here at this point, but we did see a councilman out here and he said workers will arrive by 6:30. if you look at the road here, kennedy boulevard, you can see the half of it. it is still flowing right now.
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infrastructure. it is not known yet if this crake is linked to the one in july. part of the system was replaced here then, but this could be the case of one type going and now another one. neighbors were forced to boil their water for three weeks when that first break happened. councilman cole wants to see this issue rise to the top of the town' s agenda. >> we need to look at our infrastructure and i think this administration is aggressively looking at ways to get our infrastructure fixed. at this time, we have another water break. our water has not been interrupted at all. we are hoping to get this behind us. alex: councilman cole was out here this morning to assess the situation and that does beat to the importance of this issue for
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official out here so early in the morning to try to a this and get this fixed quickly. no word yet on how long this process is going to take. the council hopes to get it fixed as soon as possible. michelle: thank you so much. covering orange county, a community will remember a 13-year-old killed and an accidental shooting. investigators still trying to figure out how it happened. brett connolly is here with what the football coach had to say. brett: just devastated, hearing about this loss. lavardo fisher was shot in the back of the head by accident by his older cousin. he told deputies he was playing around with a gun on a hoverboard. fisher' s football coach remembers him as a talented teenager with lots of ambition.
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what they are going to be when they grow up. ricardo said engineer. -- lavardo said engineer. >> a man has been arrested by a -- possession of a firearm. the homicide unit will conduct a death investigation to see if any charges should be filed. jason: a cruise ship tossed around by a huge ship -- storm. the ship was on its way to port canaveral when it turned around. it gave passengers quite a scare when it was hit by 115 mile-per-hour wind. the cruise line says it was worse than expected. florida senator bill nelson is calling for an investigation. michelle: at mercedes-benz to the list of auto recalls.
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recall from 2005 to 2014. the parent company says no one has been hurt in any of their vehicles because of the airbags. takata airbag' s can inflate with too much force and spew metal fragments. it has already led to the largest recall in the history of the auto industry. an unruly passenger force an alaska airline to diverge. the passenger was apparently so bad the captain landed the boston to san diego flight in denver to get him off the plane. passengers cheered when the man was taken off and got back on their way to san diego. jason: a local power company has a warning as the temperature drops. the power grid could be strained. kissimmee utility sent out a series of tips to consume energy -- conserve energy.
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recommends reversing your ceiling fans to better distribute heat and don' t turn on the exhaust hand -- fan. heat from your shower could warm your home. bundle up. you are going to need that coat because we are dealing with 40' s, even 30' s right now. where are we seeing freezing temps? amy: we are going to warm up, but not very much. these temperatures close to where we were yesterday. near 60. yesterday, we had a lot of clouds early in the day. there is with the freeze is. especially north in marion county. silver springs and dunnellon have dropped to 30. belleview and salt springs are at 33. it is a cold start.
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wind . apopka is at 34, getting close to freezing. it is warmer farther south, lower 40' s, mid 40' s. we have got more cloud cover there. 32 in palm coast and 38 in port orange. we have got wind chill going on not as significant as yesterday. we will talk more about high for later this afternoon. jazmin: a look at i-95, too much traffic on the northbound side as you are heading towards the i-4 ramp here. from state road 44, you have eight 12 minute commute. eastbound to john young parkway, we have overnight construction blocking two lanes. we want you to be aware of that crash on the turnpike.
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jason: zika fears could be spreading into the sports world. michelle: what men -- one member
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jason: >> don' t forget your coat this morning. look at the temperatures across central florida. we dip into the 30' s again. amy sweezey will tell us where we are headed michelle:. michelle:this is happening right now. for the second time in just a few months, water flowing into the streets of eatonville. crews are starting to repair the worst on the water main right now on kennedy boulevard. last summer a similar break shut off water for weeks. jason: donald trump and bernie sanders are the big winners after the first in the nation primaries. the results were apparent as soon as the polls closed.
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concerns over the zika virus have some olympic athletes questioning whether they will skip the summer games in rio. michelle: hope solo said that if she had to make a decision today, she would not go. brazil is ground zero for the virus, which could cause birth. workers across the country are with focusing on zika during their annual conference. they are also ordering auto stores in the florida panhandle to toss out old tires, which can become breeding grounds. no mosquitoes in the united states have spread zika. we know you have questions and we are going to try to answer them today. this afternoon at 4:00, we are talking to medical experts about exactly how you could be affected. we will be answering your questions live. jason: students and teachers at
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sick day. st. paul' s catholic school was closed so the building could be disinfected. parents were told monday. many students and staff members came down with flulike symptoms like fever, cough, and suggestion. the school board approved the revamped policy last night which includes genes. the policy will be advertised with a final vote. if approved, students will return to classes in uniform next school year. japan says it will impose new sanctions on north korea after a rocket launch that much of the world believes was really a missile test. a cabinet official announced the new sanctions on wednesday, still having to go through the nation parliament. north korea claims they were
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the cdc says guns and car crashes are the reason americans don' t live as long as people in many other countries. jason: people in other high income countries like germany and italy live two years longer than americans. men, especially are more likely to die from firearms and car crashes. michelle: we have a few different things going on with the weather. clouds, clear spaces, cold weather up north. cold but not so cold to the west. amy: the clouds are a blanket, keep us warmer. where we have cleared out, those temperatures have dropped. that is why we have a freeze warning for florida. it is awfully cold. 30 degrees in ocala, lots of layers on the kids as they head to the bus stop. a couple clouds in our southern areas of temperatures are in the lower 40' s in those spots.
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today compared to yesterday. windchill is not as big a concern but there is a little bit where you get a breeze. since midnight and over the last several hours, temperatures have slowly dropped and now, we are beginning to drop and that will continue to have an as we had through sunset -- happen as we had through sunrise. there is that 30 degrees in ocala, 42 leesburg, melbourne and kissimmee have dropped to 44 and in daytona beach it is 37. marion county under this freeze warning until 9:00 a.m.. 32 in -- 30 in silver springs, and flagler county is under the freeze warning too. one part of palm coast reporting
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other parts 36, 37. 33 in murder island -- myrtle island. clouds much thicker across southern brevard county and high, thin clouds across the metro area. the winds are lighter compared to yesterday. most of us around five miles per hour, if not calm. not as significant as yesterday. 43 feels like 40 degrees thanks to that five mile per hour breeze but check out the dew point. it is only in the 20' s. as that dry air continues to pour in, we will have full sunshine and gusty winds will draw in that cool air. we will only make it back up to 56. 57 in eustis and claremont, 58 and longwood and oviedo, 59
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mid to upper 50' s, a couple of 60' s, not very many though. more freezing temperatures overnight tonight and tomorrow morning will be our last cold morning for a while. flagler and marion included as well as sumter. during the day we will recover slightly from these chilly temperatures. we will be in the lower 60' s on thursday. by friday we are back to 70 degrees and on sunday, another blast of cool air in time for valentine' s day. jazmin: we don' t have too many travel spots this morning for turnpike southbound. beyond i-4 we have a crash not blocking any lanes. if you are traveling south, should take you about eight minutes. a live view of the 408 at cimmaron boulevard. here are your travel speeds. 63 miles per hour as far as i goes.
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jason: bill cosby has celebrity support this morning. michelle: why this crook says he attacked a flea market with a sword. jason: we want to check in on the magic. the san antonio spurs come to town tonight.
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>> you are feeling the chill in central florida. ocala is below freezing at 30 degrees. as you move south and to the east, closer to the coast, it is warmer there. amy is back with a forecast that involves cool air for all of us straight ahead. caught on camera, a terrifying sort of attack at a south florida' s flea market. michelle: you can see a man swinging a sword wildly at an employee. he makes contact several times but the victim was not seriously hurt. the man had attacked another person with a poll minutes earlier. he later told police he was
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he is charged with attempted murder. accused rapist bill cosby has a high profile backer. jason: rapper kanye west posted bill cosby innocent, with all those! ' s. -- all those exclam ation points. some are calling this a publicity stunt. next, the spin was on as you were sleeping as the candidates reacted to last night' s new hampshire results. michelle: which storyline is the biggest and where the campaign goes from here. alex: a water main is broken in eatonville for the second time in over seven months. coming up, what a town councilman says needs to happen now.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: water gushing into an eatonville street. a scene that took weeks to clean up last time, but one councilman says the latest news. jason: bernie sanders and donald trump captured momentum in new hampshire. we are asking the experts live. thanks for waking up with the west two news sunrise team. -- wesh 2 news sunrise team. michelle: temperatures have fallen this morning. amy: you will have to wait until about friday, when we will get back to the 70' s and normal temperatures. today, another cold start and a cool afternoon. we are going to top out in the mid-upper 50' s today.
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to -- breeze is going to kick up too. freeze warning is in effect for our northern areas until 9:00 a.m.. flagler, marion, and points northward. temperature in ocala has dropped to 33 degrees. the rest of us are warmer because we have some cloud cover in those places. the places with the clear skies, those temperatures have dropped significantly. the clouds are going to clear out, so we will have full sunshine today, but despite the sun it is going to be on the cool side. not 73, which is normal. 58 in apopka. 59 in maitland and waterford lake. 58 in sanford and deltona. 60 is where we are headed in melbourne.
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jazmin: we are getting a live view for i-4. in seminole county, starting to build as you head to downtown orlando. we have construction. i-4 eastbound into winter park, the project has two right lanes blocked. here are your travel times. 11 minutes lake mary boulevard to lee road. jason: and all-too-familiar scene. water rushing onto a local road after a water main break. michelle: it is already having an impact on drivers. it cause big problems for people who lived around that area. are there any changes out there this morning? alex: the water is still gushing on kennedy boulevard and there is not one worker insights at this point. we did talk to a councilman who was out here and he said there would be workers by 6:00 or
6:29 am
but we still have not seen anyone out here yet. you can see, it is entirely flooded and that water is moving asked. councilman eddie cole says old infrastructure is the reason for this. he hopes they can get it fixed quickly. it is not known yet if this break is connected to the one that happened in july. neighbors had to boil their water for three weeks when that one happens. councilman cole could not give an estimate of when this current break will be resolved. no residents have had their water shut off. town administrators are looking for ways to fix eatonville' s infrastructure. >> i hope we set our priorities that this is going to be the main priority. we are going to get a museum and some of those things we want to put around, but infrastructure
6:30 am
alex: councilman cole was out here around 4:30 this morning to assess the situation. that does speak to the importance of this issue for the town when you have an official who comes out in the middle of the night to look at what is going on and try to get this fixed quickly. that is exactly what he says they want to do. we will be following this for you and bring you updates on live in eatonville, alex villareal. jason: turning to commitment 2016, disappointment for some, momentum for others after the first primary in the nation. michelle: for the democrats, a huge win for bernie sanders. the antiestablishment candidate also one on the republican side jason:. donald trump leading a big pack. nikole killion is in washington
6:31 am
>> most candidates are headed south to the next contest in south carolina. >> we are going to south carolina. we are going to win in south carolina. >> now it is on to nevada, south carolina, and beyond. >> bernie sanders touted his huge victory over hillary clinton while donald trump handily defeated his gop rivals, coming in second, a catapulting john kasich. ted cruz appeared to take third with jeb bush and marco rubio not far behind. chris christie trailed the pack and plans to head home. kristi says he is going to wait for the final results before making a decision about the future of his campaign. >> you have less than a week to register to vote if you want to cast a ballot in the primary election.
6:32 am
license office or post office by february 16. florida' s first ballots will be captured -- cast on march 15. jason: buddy dyer is in tallahassee to fight for funding. one of his pushes book -- will be to get ucf the $20 million needed to expand the downtown campus. other efforts to address homelessness and economic development. >> the orlando nightclub where two people were killed and others were shot soon be forced to close its doors. we found an eviction notice. the notice does not appear to be related to this shooting. brett: after a deadly weekend, a vote -- notice to vacate the property says the club does $82,000 in rent. it was posted outside glitz ultra lounge near i-drive.
6:33 am
three people were killed and 10 others were hurt. one of the attorney says his client, who was pregnant, had secured -- concerns about security. >> the first thing they do is investigate , try to resolve things without filing a lawsuit. given what we learned today, that the club is closed down and has an eviction notice, we may need to file the lawsuit sooner. brett: three off-duty police officers were working inside the club at the time of the shooting. police will only say this was not a random act. they have suspects but so far are not naming them. michelle: covering orange county, we are ours from finding out about a harrison -- heroine bust.
6:34 am
today, walgreens is about to overdoses available for over-the-counter to millions of americans. the company will sell the locks own -- noloxone. of drug overdoses. jason: new information about the man whose body was found attached to a crab trap. he had a heart attack, fell off his houseboat, and drowned. the 72-year-old man was homeless. police have not located the man' s next of kin so they are not releasing his name. driving through orange county, pay extra close attention to those crosswalks. deputies are going undercover to stop drivers who do not stop for pedestrians. it will cost you one hundred $64,000 and three points on your
6:35 am
jason: a tourist district bus could be a big break for an investigator. michelle: look at what is coming up on today. >> we told you when the country is in new hampshire, what a message do they send? from an sanders shot across the bows of political leadership of both parties. the political elites are now shaking, trying to figure out how to handle what is a political earth. hillary clinton has got to figure out how to recover. the problem for her campaign in new hampshire are not things that are going to stay in new hampshire. it is going to be a rough february as she goes forward. donald trump recovers from iowa, that much we know, but who is going to be the establishment alternative?
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jason: 6:42. it is chilly. you need to bundle up. michelle: take your note from amy sweezey. she has got her jacket. amy: i could use some mittens to. it is 43 in orlando but we have enough of a breeze that it does feel colder. we have just now dropped to 28 degrees in ocala. these are actual air temperatures, not wind chills. 36 right now in the villages and when you take the wind, they are fairly light. we have brees at 5-10 miles per hour. -- breez e at 5-10 miles per hour. 40 in orlando. the windchill in melbourne is
6:38 am
off to the north, where we have clear skies, that has allowed temperatures to drop into the freezing zones. that is why it is colder there. you can see the clouds this morning are going to go away. cool, dry air is going to filter in. temperatures will be in the mid-upper 50' s. i will show you those temperatures in just a few minutes. let' s send it back inside to jazmin walker. jazmin: a live view of the 408. this is normal as you are heading into downtown orlando. onto i-4, it is slow here. i-4 eastbound, looks like we have a chopper over the scene of this i-4 traffic heading into downtown. we want to talk about that crash. this one is in osceola county .
6:39 am
3-5-minute delay. jason: orlando police are hoping arrest of a dangerous duo. michelle: brett connolly is with a look with their -- at their arrest. brett: the pair could be responsible for four other robberies. including, one uber driver who says he was pistol whipped and robbed at gunpoint after dropping someone off at a hotel near i-drive. he did not want to show his face. 10 minutes away from that scene, authorities say a tourist was not to the ground -- knocked to the ground. >> these were people who approached strangers on the streets, through them to the
6:40 am
>> investigators are looking into a carjacking that occurred on the same day. nathaniel woods and powell led police on a chase until they crashed a car. woods and powell are facing a number of charges including robbery with firearm and assault and battery. jason: turning back to commitment 2016 and the political earthquake in new hampshire. michelle: a pair of antiestablishment candidates are the big winners, so what does that in for the rest of the race? jason: donald trump and bernie sanders and their victories. we turn to mark. tell us how the political world is reacting. >> the establishment is trembling. there are few things in washington that scare republicans more than the notion of donald trump at the head of their ticket. likewise, democrats and bernie
6:41 am
what is this uber capitalist and democratic socialist have in common? they both rail against political establishment. they both complain that regular people get shut out because of money in politics. they both talked to borders -- voters in a very different way. michelle: what would it take to stop trump and sanders from winning? >> it is a good question and it is important to remember how early this is in the process. last night, they were fighting on the democratic side over 24 delegate. when florida votes in march, there will be from -- 214 in state. hillary clinton is hoping -- this is a white voter electorate
6:42 am
times as many african-american voters in orlando than there are in the entire state of new hampshire. clinton is counting on diversity to change the vote. if you are a republican, if you add of these establishment candidates, case it, bush, and rubio, combined get more young votes than donald trump. perhaps it gets narrow down to trump versus somebody else. jason: live from washington dc, great analysis. michelle: wesh 2 is your source for up-to-the-minute 2016 coverage. you can find the latest information inside the mobile app.
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wednesday mornings locrn >> you are looking at a beautiful sunrise. a little bit of cloud cover in cape canaveral and high clouds in downtown orlando but that will clear and we have sunshine on the way for your wednesday. we are only going to be in the upper 50' s nears steve -- near 60 again today. well below average as cold air
6:44 am
today and tomorrow, well below average. we get a warm up for friday and saturday and another little blast of cool air, not as significant but we will cool down on sunday back to temperatures warmer than average. 28 in ocala, this is not the windchill. colder to the north when the skies have cleared. 37 daytona beach, 36 in the villages, cloud cover to the south has us in the low 40' s from the metro area south. you can see clouds over downtown orlando keeping us from dropping more. tonight, it will be. tomorrow will be colder, even in the 30' s. a breeze, all we need to get the windchill. the winds are much lighter than
6:45 am
enough that we are dealing with some windchill. 39 is how cold it feels in leesburg. 37 daytona beach and 41 in winter haven. the thickest clouds are in southern brevard county. these are those hazy clouds you saw from our camera. those will be clearing out as that dry air keeps settling in today. it is going to be windy again. especially in the afternoon. though it is not windy white now -- right now, it will be later in the day. that is why we won' t climb out of the 50' s. 56 in dunnellon and salt springs, 57 in claremont. 59 in kissimmee today. 57 this afternoon in daytona beach. bay.
6:46 am
temperatures expected. the orlando effort -- area is going to drop even colder. some frost. tomorrow afternoon, we are warmer and we climb more for sunday and saturday. here is jazmin. jazmin: we are dealing with a crash on i-4 eastbound just before the 429. near osceola and polk county, the left lane is block. you can see red vehicles on the map. 3-5-minute delay if you are heading eastbound. we have backups on the 408. it was slow going on the 408 westbound towards i-4. right now, it is slow going. 24 minutes from the rest area to colonial. just seven from j y p to the turnpike. jason: beginning with a big mess in a local town michelle:.
6:47 am
crews will be heading out there to repair a water main on kennedy boulevard and college avenue. we have seen no work. a similar break shut off water for weeks and as far as we know no one lost water. jason: the united launch alliance carried out this successful blastoff from the delta for rockets. it lifted off 6:40 from vandenberg air force base in california. tonight, a community will remember a 13-year-old who was killed in an accidental shooting in orange county. lavardo fisher' s cousin was playing with a gun well he was writing a hoverboard. -- writing a hoverboard. -- riding a hoverboard. deputies and officers are going undercover to bus drivers who do
6:48 am
if you are caught, it will cost you $164 and three points on
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michelle: we are cold this morning. amy: we dropped into the 20' s. we have got a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m.. in flagler and marion county, those are the places that have dropped into the 20' s. a little bit of northern volusia and northern lake have dropped down to those freezing zones. the rest of us are warmer because we have clouds but not by much. we will climb into the mid-upper 50' s today. yesterday, we had more clouds. we will slowly climb back to 70 by friday. jason: here are the trouble spots for you this morning as you are heading along i-4. this is on maitland boulevard just as you are right there near i-4. in seminole county at 4:36, we have major slowdowns.
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