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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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details. dan: they found this out from another inmate. usua deputies go in and out of that walkway, but very taylor, he is going out the back in handcuffs . after the inmates told supervisor bits about what was going on, the sheriff' s office acted quickly. he works at the jail, he is accused of sexual misconduct with a female inmates. it happened on two occasions. the sheriff says that taylor admitted to the alleged misconduct and has been fired. he was arrested and booked into the very jail he works in and is now finding out what it is like on the other side of the bars. >> i can' t tell you how much it angers me. as you know, the men and women of this agency work hard to protect our professionalism, protect our citizens, and something like this starts to
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>> this is an individual that dismissed his oath and pledged to do the right thing, and quite friendly has embarrassed himself and everything he ever stood for. dan: now, for taylor' s own protection, he was initially booked into this a jail, but he is being taken to the seminole county jail to be held there for whatever amount until he posts bail. that is for his own protection against the inmates here at the jail who would know who he was. taylor' s facebook page indicates he is a brand-new father. we are live in brevard county, dan billow, wesh 2 news. angela: wesh 2 was there as two women were charged and taken to jail. orange county deputies say the victim knew the women and willingly let one of them in to his mobile home early this morning in south apopka when she said she was locked out. wesh 2' s bob kealing spoke to the suspects. >> they to get the cameras out
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bob: within the last 90 minutes, only wesh 2 was there as detectives took to jail two women charged with beating and robbing their neighbor, 74-year-old ronald holingsworth, of his prescripton medication. tosha did you rob and beat your ed hollingsworth: they went in and hit him with a cutting board, tried to gouge his eyes out and stole his medications. john hollingsworth: he grabbed the cutting board during the altercation, and it was just, they tried to kill him they , really did. bob: the victim and a neighbor identified the suspects as residents who live in the same mobile home complex off of clarcona road. within hours, detectives tracked the women to a nearby business and arrested 29-year-old tosha mullins and 27-year-old britney telegdy. were you trying to steal drugs from him? do you have anything to say? what followed were profanities which did not answer our questions.
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they recovered hollingsworth' s medication, hypodermic needles , and other drugs in the suspects' car. his family told investigators hollingsworth befriended the women recently and bought milk for one' s children. they want other seniors like him to be careful. >> don' t open your doors to people especially if you' re elderly and you can' t defend yourself. bob: bob kealing, wesh 2 news. meredith: hollingsworth suffered nonlife threatening injuries and declined our request for an interview. jim: a car that was possibly involved in a hit and run slams hard into a house in orange county this afternoon. the car ended up completely inside the bedroom of the home at rio grande and 19th street. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel was first on scene and looks at how tragedy was avoided. dave: the car hit with so much force, it sounded like an explosion, the mom of a two-year-old too rattled to
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>> we just heard a crash through the wall and we walked outside , and seen it was a car inside the room. dave: the car so completely inside, this young mom said her bed, vanished. is the car sitting where your bed would be? teresa: yes, you can' t even see my bed. dave: she had left the room a couple minutes before. teresa: that' s the room me and my daughter sleeps in. dave: and you were just in there before? >> we were in there just five minutes before the car went through the wall. investigating a hit and run at colonial and i-4 and a patrol unit was behind this car. fhp says the driver lost control heading south on rio grande, crossed the road and slammed into the house. joe kinsey: she called me and she was really upset, that' s how i knew she was telling the truth. dave: this father and grandfather says despite the damage, he was lucky. joe kinsey: i' m thanking god that nothing really devastating happened. dave: nobody hurt, the driver in s all sorted out. county building officials posted
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repairs can be made despite all this. teresa' s giving thanks as well. jim: the family will have to find another place to live until repairs can be made. they plan to stay with other family members. meredith: now to your first alert forecast another very cold , night on tap in central florida. once again there are frost and freeze advisories. let' s turn things over to first alert chief meteorologist tony mainolfi outside the wesh 2 studios. tony: we have freeze warnings up north, daytona beach to palm coast, ocala, probably the coldest night of the season for many of us. you are not under a freeze warning, it is an advisory. cover your plants. the wind will slacken off, temperatures already in the upper 40' s at 6:00, north and west. hour-by-hour right through 11:00, in orlando falling to 43 degrees.
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26, coldest of the season. 35 orlando, 31 daytona beach. just above freezing in melbourne. in a couple minutes we are talking about freeze duration and how long they will stick around. jim: thank you. seminole county detectives say they' ve arrested a pest control specialist and charged him with stealing from a client. his suspected victim talked exclusively to wesh 2. she says more than $10,000 worth of gold and diamonds was stolen from her jewelry box. matthew blake of massey services is charged with the theft. investigators say he sold the loot at a local pawnshop. >> when the seminole county sheriff' s department showed me pictures, i was appalled. i could not believe that so much was gone. the sentimental value, the emotional value was priceless. he is the lowest of the low life. i don' t even have words to describe him. jim: the sheriff' s department
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ve noticed things missing, give them a call. meredith: all new at 6:00, investigators have arrested another member of a suspected fraud ring accused of selling school district property for his own profit. dale gunther is charged with grand theft and fraud. he worked at the brevard county school district' s maintenance yard where taxpayer-owned vehicles are maintained and repaired. investigators say gunther and edward strobush ordered truck and maintenance parts for the school district, then sold them online and kept the money. strobush was arrested last month. jim: new information tonight. we now know the names of the two victims killed in an orlando nightclub shooting over the weekend. the medical examiner says 22-year-old joseph villalobos and 33-year-old jonathan avila rojas died. the glitz ultra lounge now has an eviction notice posted on its doors. it turns out glitz ultra lounge may have to move out because of missed payments. several gunmen opened fire on sunday. ten other people were injured. an ormond beach man is accused
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and police say it' s not the , first time they' ve investigated the suspect for indecency. 28-year-old brandon smith was arrested last week and has since bonded out of jail. the woman told police she was jogging in the trails subdivision early in the morning february 1st when she saw a naked man standing on this bridge, smiling at her and touching himself. smith got probation for a similar charge in 2014 and police say he was a suspect in an exposure case in 2012. meredith: a local man plead not guilty to two counts of first degree murder after a deadly club shooting in daytona beach. 30-year-old anthony dawson entered the plea at an arraignment this morning. the victims were shot and killed outside the biarritz nightclub on pearl street new years eve. prosecutors say there was a fight outside the club and that dawson and another man, 40-year-old andre mayo, opened fire killing two men. , mayo has not been located and the reward for information leading to his arrest has
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jim: a driver is now cited in connection with a big accident involving an orlando fire truck. three people suffered minor injuries when the truck collided with the role vehicles on curry ford road less thursday evening. orlando police say a honda cut in front of the truck as it was heading to a call. the fire engine hit the honda, then ran into a second car, which then hit a third vehicle. that driver received a ticket for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, and for driving on a learner' s permit without a passenger over 21. meredith: new at 6:00 a volusia , county man is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl. 28-year-old steven lozado of deltona is charged with lewd and lascivious battery. the victim told investigators she was visiting with a friend during the thanksgiving weekend and was watching television when lozado started touching her, then had sex with her. investigators say at the time, lozado was a roommate of the we' man who' s been stealing scratch-off lottery tickets from local convenience stores. this surveillance video, taken january 28 at an orlando 7-11, shows the suspect ask a cashier for some tickets. as soon as the cashier gets them
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off. is believed he is responsible for as many as eight robberies in orlando, winter garden and orange county. if you recognize him, call crimeline. jim: the dea announces a major heroin bust at house in east orange county called operation deals on wheels. agents say they took down a heroin operation that was moving 4.5 pounds of heroin a month and bringing in about $300,000 a month. this was almost a year-long investigation. ten people were arrested including a 74-year-old woman in a wheelchair. a smoke detector is being credited for saving the lives of a marion county family and keeping damage to a minimum after fire hit their ocala home. marion county fire rescue says the alarm went off just after nine yesterday morning in the home on u.s.-27. the family living here fled the home safely and called 911. firefighters were here within minutes and confined the damage to the area around the fireplace. meredith: commitment 2016
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the upcoming florida primary. voting machines are being tested and voter registration forms are pouring into elections offices across the state. the presidential preference primary is march 15th, but the deadline to register to vote is next tuesday. >> you can get the voter registration form online from your local supervisor of elections website and print it, fill it out and mail it to them. you do not have to come to our office to register to vote or change your party affiliation. meredith: while all voters can cast ballots in local races and on local referendums, only republicans and democrats will be able to vote in the presidential races, because florida is a closed primary state. jim: we' re beginning to see the first of what could be many zika cases right here in central florida. meredith: and tonight, we' re trying to address your concerns about this dangerous virus. >> the people need to be aware of mosquitoes. there is a hotline. meredith: we' ll take you to atlanta where infectious disease experts tell us why florida will be a key battleground in the fight to keep the virus out of
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doctor is here to answer your zika questions. jim: and new water woes for a local town. why a boil alert has been issued here for the second time in
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jim: with one zika virus case confirmed in central florida, a lot of you have questions about what you should be doing to stop its spread. meredith: so we traveled to the centers for disease control in atlanta to get answers just as the agency releases a new set of guidelines for women who are pregnant. >> these are where all the travel associated cases have been identified so far. reporter: we' re inside the nerve center at the centers for disease control in atlanta, where health officials are closely monitoring the spread of the zika virus. confirmed cases are mapped on a large video screen at the center of the room. rows of computers track the virus the latest case confirmed , last week in central florida, bringing our state' s total to 14 in seven counties. dr. lyle peterson with the cdc
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transmit the virus is found in the southern u.s., including florida, where we had 100 million tourists last year. >> florida sees many, many visitors from affected areas , and importation of this case is inevitable. reporter: the cdc warns about a heightened risk for women who are pregnant. dr. peterson tells me he' s increasingly convinced zika is linked to the birth defect microcephaly, a condition in which a baby' s head is significantly smaller than expected. because the virus can also be transmitted sexually, the cdc is urging women who are pregnant, and whose partners have been to areas known to have the virus, to use condoms or abstain from sex, and to avoid travel to those areas. >> we don' t know what the risk actually is. because of that, we are recommending that women take precaution. reporter: with a vaccine months or even years away, dr. peterson says floridians should wear repelant with deet. >> florida has got actually now,
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coming in, west nile is there. people need to be aware of the mosquito. reporter: governor rick scott says the state can only test less than 500 people for the zika virus. he is calling on the cdc to provide an additional 1000 gets to test women who are pregnant. matt grant, wesh 2 news. meredith: the cdc did not comment on wether they would provide florida with test kits. doctors say the number one priority is the safety of the blood supply. there are new precautions in place if any donors have traveled to zika zones. people are being asked to wait 28 days before donating blood after they return from mexico, the caribbean, and central or south america. right now, we are taking your questions about zika. a doctor from winnie palmer hospital is in the newsroom right now, answering your concerns about zika. you can send us your question right now the link is at the top of the wesh 2 app on your smart phone. or head to to ask your question there. jim: everyone in the town of
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their water until further notice. it should not last long until now that the broken water main is last night there was water six. main break, very close to the one seven months but a different break. water ran down kennedy boulevard between college avenue and johnson street. public works crews have repaired the break, now they have to fill the hole. town officials say the system is old. roger dixon: it' s old piping we have infrastructure challenges that we have, such as a lot of older cities, we just have to move forward to get it done. jim: kennedy boulevard should open sometime tomorrow. meredith: tony mainolfi is here. we are gearing up for potentially the coldest night of the year. tony: it will be within a degree of it either way. bring in your pets and cover the plants. we have a two or lined up for everybody at home.
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s go from daytona beach back to the interior. a good-looking shot down the coast, down to orlando. you can see the airport. i-4 traffic , looking pretty good. northbound traffic, southbound, no issues with any rain. that is always good. let' s look at the latest advisories and warnings. freeze warnings for marion, lake, northern half of lake, sumter, flagler, even volusia county. will watch as portions of seminole county, the northwestern tip of orange county could be at or below freezing. as a be a close call for the folks in western seminole and western orange county. carrie a wide, this is a night you want to cover up the tropical plants. -- areawide, this is a night you want to curry up -- cover up the tropical plants. windy weather, we have had it.
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temperatures already in the upper 40' s at 6:00. 52, orlando, 56 in melbourne. you factor in the wind, we have windshield. the story will be colder temperatures later on and temperatures the -- declining. we are in the 30' s tomorrow morning. 40 daytona beach, and look at ocala, in the 30' s by 11:00 heading into the 20' s. let' s look at the overnight lows. bellevue, 29, dunnellon 27. ocala at 26. lady lake 30, wildwood 30. celebration 33, 34, orlando to zellwood 34. zellwood to mount plymouth, a cold area. mims is at 33.
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bushnell, ocala 79. the interior looking at three to six hours of freeze duration. the villages three to six, bushnell one to three hours. high pressure builds in, we get a hold of a cold northerly flow. look at the overnight , it gets better friday with the west wind. the outdoor activities, we will be in good let' s look at the updated seven-day forecast. 76, 73 friday and saturday. some rain monday into tuesday. jim: a big day for city soccer fans. streak. stewart: the magic has forgotten what that was, but tonight could jog their memories. it will not be easy.
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ll tell you who stewart: the word momentum has been foreign the magic as of late, but tonight, that could change. after a weeks-long slump, they notched back-to-back wins against a quality atlanta hawks team. tonight, the powerhouse spurs come to town boasting the second
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a win would give scott skiles and the boys a three-game boost heading into the all-star break. and a huge boost of confidence for the second half of the season. tip time is 7:00. the magic could get some much needed help in the backcourt. coach skiles says backup point guard cj watson could suit up tonight. the veteran missed 43 straight games with a calf injury. forward tobias harris is questionable for tonight after missing two games with an ankle sprain. orlando city soccer fans flooding the box office today as single-game tickets went on sale. this is ahead of season two for the franchise, excitement among the free and tries -- the fans and the team. >> it is been a good day. we' ve trained really hard this morning as well. we are very much aware. we are not to standing aware in fear of injuries. it is been a good evening. stewart: the lion start the 2016
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they will open regular season play march 6 at home against salt lake city. a health scare for the nation' s most legendary college basketball coach. he collapsed during the second half of last night' s game during boston college. he was talking to an official. he appeared to become lightheaded and then collapses in front of the tar heels bench. a medical staff looked at him,
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jim: if there is someone in the crosswalk and you failed to yield, you could be slapped with three points on your license. meredith: an undiscovered -- undercover officer repeatedly walked back and forth in baldwin park. those who field to yield were pulled over by motorcycle officers. >> vehicles have to yield to a pedestrian and not impede their safety of the street. meredith: operation best foot forward claims that metro orlando is the most dangerous
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