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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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information and let you know when the lanes open back up. westbound i-4 near altamonte this accident. jim: had he not resigned, he would have been fired. strong words tonight from the police chief in lady lake about i' m jim payne. angela: i' m angela taylor. tonight, wesh 2 has learned that late last year, officer kevin thompson resigned after scandalous photos of him in his uniform surfaced. jim: wesh 2' paschall-brown reports the chief s behavior "disgusting and infuriating." gail: this is a cropped picture of former lady lake police officer kevin thompson. it' s one of several pictures in evidence of him in his patrol car and uniform allegedly pleasuring himself. the 49-year-old admitted to investigators of having an extramartial affair with a 39-year-old leesburg woman he met on craigslist. she told a sheriff' s investigator she thought thompson was leaving his wife, as he claimed the marriage was not working out. >> i went by his house one time to see if he was lying.
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investigators she was going to show intimate pictures of the two of them to his wife. >> he was saying that i ruined his life, i better watch out. i' ll get my kids taken from me, that y' all are going to take them from me, and he can get me for stalking. gail: she tried to get a restraining order against the officer. sheriff' s investigators saying, "thompson admitted he did not make any threats to her life, he just wanted her to go away." the woman claims she saw him in uniform pleasuring himself with with one of her undergarments. lady lake police chief chris mckinstry says i' m disgusted by his behavior. it is not tolerated at this agency. had he not resigned, he would have been fired. there is no doubt about it, and what infuriates me the most is the level of disrespect he displayed to the men and women of this agency and the taxpayers and residents of the town of lady lake. there' s no excuse for it. >> i agree definitely, it' s poor business and bad representation. >> he' s in the wrong, what else can i say? gail: officer thompson resigned this past december. the state attorney' s office declined to file charges against him. in lady lake, gail
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jim: investigators did not find probable cause that thompson committed any crime. we contacted the alleged victim today but she did not want to , talk to us. officer kevin thompson' s personnel file shows no disciplinary action taken against him since he' s been at the lady lake police department. two more cases of the zika virus have been diagnosed have been disgnosed here in florida. -- diagnosed here in florida. those cases were identified in south florida. this is a map of all the counties where cases of zika are now confirmed. osceola county is the only place in central florida. today' s announcement brings the total number of cases in florida to 18. each one is said to be travel-related. the highest number of cases is in miami-dade county with seven. angela: we are following some late breaking news in orange county. a house on lake minoso street went up in flames this afternoon. the fire ripped through a good portion of the house and killed a pet. wesh 2' s chris hush just got to the scene. he joins us live with more on what emergency responders are saying.
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chris: what they are telling us in the last 30 minutes, this is actually an accidental fire. they think that a possible honest on the stove caused all of this damage. -- pot left on the stove caused all of this damage. we also know that portland of firefighters had a hard time getting the fire out. from chopper 2 you can see the smoke. as they arrived, it could be seen from miles away. the flames were very intense and they faced structural problems, collapse. cap perished. -- cat perished. >> there was so much heat. the added danger was bars on the window and safety bars. it can become very, a death trap for firefighters. that' s why we get very you'
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ll start cutting bars down. in this case, we didn' t have to cut the bars down. we knocked it down real good from outside and were able to get in. chris: back here to the scene, thankfully there were no human injuries. definitely a big cleanup as crews are keeping an eye out for hotspots. the family did not want to go on camera, but they are thankful everyone is all right. angela: we hate to hear that about our neighbors. a local pediatrician' he' s accused of being under the influence while treating patients. two weeks ago, dr. norbet falasco issued the emergency suspension. documents show that last fall, a complaint against dr. falasco was filed, claiming he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs while at work. falasco told wesh 2 news over the phone he believes the complaints against him came from a disgruntled ex-employee and he plans to appeal the suspension
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s license was suspended when he was arrested for attempted drug trafficking. jim: south daytona police say a hit and run driver crashed his rental car into the river golf townhome complex on south palmetto avenue. this happened last night. police say the driver blew through a stop sign, hit the complex' wound up in the unit' s kitchen. the driver got out of his car and sped, actually, limped away. police are hoping blood found at the scene will help identify him. a prostitution bust lands a local grandmother and her daughter behind bars. investigators say the women turned tricks while three young children were locked in a nearby room. wesh 2' s bob kealing has more on what else investigators say they found that causes them concern. bob: a selah county investigators say this alleged mother-daughter prosecution team worked at this home in an upscale poinciana community.
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surprised. >> i need something was weird, but i did not think it was that weird. it' s gross, disgusting. i can' t believe it. bob: during an undercover sting osceola county investigators say , they answered an online sex ad overnight and went to the poinciana home of mother and daughter tracy and leslie mowatt. investigators say the women were willing to give them sex for $120, with three children under ten locked in a bedroom nearby. and what appeared to be crack cocaine and smoking pipes out in the open. twis: the fact that they would have small children in the home with the drugs around and inviting strange individuals in the home, it is very alarming. >> it is completely sad . these kids did not have a choice in these parents. bob: the children were placed with relatives. the two women appeared before a judge today on prostitution and child neglect charges. leslie is also facing drug charges. there was no answer at the women' s home today. their neighbor says he' s glad
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coming around. t know what type of here. when i get home from work, they try to mug me. you never know. jim: the children are in care of relatives, and investigators have notified the department of case. angela: a major traffic backup on i-4 westbound just west of the 434 exit in altamonte springs. this is actually at central parkway at the famous unfinished building. authorities have the entire bit blocked. you can see vehicles, including that one on that roof. this is from the west to camera in winter park. it is a couple of miles. we will continue to watch this for you. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
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westbound heading toward altamonte springs, you may need to find a different route. a new view -- video showing the sheriff' s copter. it is following a speeding chevy impala as it makes its way around sanford earlier this week. we' re told the driver, 23-year-old demitrice sippio, took off after deputies tried to pull him over. sippio was eventually caught. deputies say they found cocaine, marijuana, and pills in his car. he' s charged with drug possession and eluding police. angela: maryland investigators say the man who killed two sheriff' s deputies outside of baltimore yesterday had ties to central florida. david evans was gunned down in harford county, after authorities say he fatally shot two deputies at a panera restaurant. wesh 2' s greg fox reports, he had a run-in with maitland police last spring. louis grindle: what happened yesterday was just a tragedy, not just for our department but for all of law enforcement. greg: lieutenant louis grindle says the deadly shootings in
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the lives of two deputies, remind every officer wearing the badge that there are no routine encounters with people who might want to harm them. the shooter, who was killed by other officers, is 68-year-old david brian evans, formerly of altamonte springs. last april, maitland police encountered evans in the parking lot of this pembrook drive office complex early one morning. louis grindle: we don' t know if he had the weapon on him at that time, and again our officers come in contact with people that have weapons in their cars or on their person. greg: an officer says evans was sleeping in his vehicle and when they woke him up, he made false statements. as you is the officer started asking evidence about what he was doing in the parking lot, he decided to end the conversation, putting the car in gear, and taking off. officers say he drove the wrong way on maitland boulevard. they broke off the chase at rose avenue. louis grindle: due to his evasive behavior and his erratic driving we, per our policy, the officer just discontinued any
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greg: officers filed with the courts six total citations against evans who had no arrests in florida. a criminal charge of reckless driving was filed and his failure to stop for police resulted in an arrest warrant, that was still active, when maryland deputies had their fatal encounter with evans wednesday morning. greg fox, wesh 2 news. in 1997, evans was suspected of shooting his ex-wife in maryland. that was the same area as yesterday' s murders or it we continue to follow breaking news on i-4. jim: that is this is rain stateroom 434 and state road 436. multiple vehicles involved. dan mccarthy is above the scene. dan: good afternoon. we are holding i-4. this accident just happened in front of the glass building of
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traffic westbound not moving. westbound i-4 is backed up all the way to lake mary boulevard, very slow going eastbound i-4, back to the wesley tower in colonial. fire rescue is on scene. at one person was transported to a local hospital, but it will be at least an hour before they clean this up. back to you. jim: that will be a mess for a long time. coming up, a major discovery from the far reaches of the universe. angela: scientists can hear space. something i theorized 100 years ago. we will you what it means for the future. jim: and also seminole county where work is being done to stop
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tony: it was a frosty start out there this morning, but a gorgeous afternoon right now. readings in the upper 60' s.
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jim: we are saying on top of breaking news, made her trouble in seminole county on i-4. angela: summer knowles is on her way. she is seeing the traffic backed up. summer: i am right outside the studio. it is rush hour. you can see traffic backed up quite a ways. you are looking at the eastbound lanes of i-4. this is all rubber neck traffic because they are seeing the accident in the westbound lane. we are going to pan back so you can see how far this goes. we are near near exit 80a, but the other was in the westbound lane. we have chopper 2 over the scene. let' s look at the crash site. it is a rollover crash involving
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one person has been taken to the hospital. no word on the extent of their injuries right now. they are still trying to figure out what caused this crash. it happened at mile marker 93 on i-4 westbound near altamonte springs. multiple vehicle crash, one of the cars rolled over, one person taken to the hospital. jim: we lost her live picture. i-4 near seminole county, state road 434, that is where the trouble spot is. seminole county deputies are keeping a watchful eye on what they' re calling aggressive panhandling. angela: just this month, we' ve seen an increases in arrests of people accused of violating the county' s ordinance that prohibits aggressive soliciting. dave? dave: a citizens group recently started speaking out loudly, saying that at any intersection they are seeing far too many
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roadside donations and walking into traffic. they felt it was not safe. seminole county deputies were listening. daniel zenrick: if someone' s willing to give us a dollar to help us, it' s not their business. dave: a man who says he' s having a tough time finding work has turned to panhandling. daniel zenrick: this is what i do to try to survive, eat, shelter. kim cannaday: we do recognize that panhandling and homelessness is a symptom of other issues. dave: the sheriff' s office is sympathetic, but has recently stepped up enforcement of the county panhandling ordinance. people looking for a financial boost along the roadway cannot tap on windows or block traffic. a local citizens group, taking seminole county back, recently went public, saying the ordinance wasn' t working. annette sims: the panhandlers are coming up to windows, tapping on the windows, walking in front of traffic, sometimes two and three lanes. dave: the sheriff' s office was listening. from september until the end of january, six people were arrested county-wide for violating the ordinance. in the last ten days, four have received a trip to jail. kim cannaday: in those cases, deputies actually witnessed
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flow of traffic, stepping into traffic of the vehicles. dave: zenrick was arrested a month ago, accused of blocking traffic while panhandling. he denies it. daniel zenrick: some people do run into oncoming traffic which is bad, but others of us don' t do that. dave: the sheriff' s office suggests people who want to help the homeless and hungry might consider cash donations to social service agencies, rather than handing cash out the window. the sheriff' s office tells me they are basically targeting specific intersections where they are getting the largest number of complaints. they also stress they are doing their best to get information in the hands of people who are in need so they can make a long-term solution. they also say if this is violated, they will arrest. live in seminole county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. jim: a chilly start to do they
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central florida. angela: i love it. tony: let' s begin with a look at the morning temperatures. 28 in ocala, 35 in orlando, 36 daytona beach. we look at the records, the coldest so far this winter season just above, in ocala, just above in orlando, and melbourne. white not? -- why did we not get there? we had the wind. 60 degrees in port canaveral, a good deal of sunshine. let' s wins, southwesterly wind. the overnight temperatures will not be as dramatic. we will see changes really kicking in overnight. orlando is nine degrees warmer than this time yesterday. that is because of the change in
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hour-by-hour, flowing 253. palm coast following at 51. 46 in melbourne , palm bay, gran valkaria, close to 45 to about 50 degrees. friday afternoon, southwest winds, returning to the 70' s. wildwood 74, leesburg 74, poinciana to the attractions 74, orange city to greenland , 75. and at the coast, make it beach friday, why not? temperatures in low 50' s and 60' s. a front arrives on saturday, they keep just comfortable. on sunday, it is a few degrees cooler. the overall trend is going down, but nothing as cold as the last few days.
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olympics, near aquatica, 55. lucas oil 200 taking off at 4:15, 80 laps, you' jackets at sunset. s day. we will highlight that in the next half hour. the next shot of rain monday night and tuesday more at 548. angela: we want to take you back outside to i-4. this accident in the westbound lanes of i-4 between 430 four and 430 six in seminole county. you can see a car on its roof. another car was also involved. the big story, traffic is completely stopped in the westbound lane. traffic a little bit backed up on the eastbound lane because of people stopping and looking.
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on jim: we are staying on top of the major affect traffic -- traffic accident in i-4. angela: this is between 434 and four majesty building at central parkway.
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car on its roof, another was involved. a person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the big story is the traffic backup. jim: dan mccarthy has been over the scene monitoring the situation. dan: from a traffic a traffic standpoint, it is ugly. i-4 westbound not moving from basically lake mary boulevard all the way down to 436. eastbound traffic extremely slow from the road up to 436 -- lee road up to 436. secondary roads are also backing up. crews are trying to roll this car back onto it for tires and get it out of the way. right now i fort near third basic -- i-4 near 436 very slow going. chopper dan mccarthy. jim: the person in that car was
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this is about three miles away from the accidents. this is traffic heading by the wreck on the other side. these are rubberneckers backups. if you are coming in from the volusia county side, it is best to get off at lake mary boulevard, or if you can make it all the way to state road of 434, tom dowd douglas avenue and get around it that way or use why more road as a way -- wymore as a way to get around it. traffic has been stopped for about 30 minutes. it is classic afternoon backups right now. angela: also with the construction taking place this evening, we are in for a mess. wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. jim: stewart moore joins us. stewart: we looked human eye on the traffic trouble. bless, a traffic accident that leaves one man dead. this despite witnesses that did everything they could to save the victim. if you throw on a few extra
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local zoosos announcer: you are watching wesh 2.
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we continue to follow breaking news that i-4 at the orange-seminole county line. an absolute mess for the evening drive. stewart: we are worth of backups. let' s talk to dan mccarthy who is above the grass. you have been over this for more than 30 minutes. have you seen any improvements? dan: they have rolled the car back onto its tires. hopefully they can pull it out of the way and crews out of the -- crews on the ground can open one lane up. i-4 westbound closed all the way back to lake mary boulevard. eastbound i-4 very slow going from the wesh 2 tower at lee road. once you get past 436, it starts to open up. very slow moving in this area. people are going to secondary roads, those are also backing up. give yourself plenty of time to drive through this area.
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stewart: let' s talk about traffic on the other side. summer knowles continues team coverage. this is on i-4 eastbound, which is also a mess because of this crash. how can folks going home get around this? summer: the easy answer , if you are in downtown heading on i-4 east, get off at lee road. traffic is really slow. we are right outside the wesh 2 news studio. you can see i for backing up, coming to a standstill at some points. this is all rubberneckers traffic. the accident happened in the westbound lanes. you can imagine that this is going to be around for as long as the crashes dean, the crash site is being cleared. we will show you how far this traffic goes back. these are the eastbound lanes on i-4.
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are going to be heading this way, you are going to want to get off on i-4 before the lee road exit. if not, you will be stuck in this. it could take an hour for them to get the crash scene completely cleared up. that means rubbernecking traffic will last about that long. if you are on i-4, get off before the lee road exit. stewart: people looking, they might get into accidents on their own. you can also get traffic updates on the wesh 2 mobile app. miller police say a mystery man may hold the key to solving the death of a second man, found bleeding in a parking lot. angela: police originally thought the had identified the dead man, but changed their minds. wesh 2' s dan billow looks into why the medical examiner says this death was no accident. dan: it' s just a coincidence, but the sign at a melbourne cafe tells of a murder mystery.
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s a real mystery involving a dead man just a few steps he was found in the parking lot. police initially thought kent wilbanks was dying of a medical problem. but they' ve changed their minds. heath sanders: the medical examiner has conducted an initial investigation saying that he does not believe the injuries are medical-related, s office says wilbanks had serious trauma, possibly from blows on both sides of his head. his ears, his forehead, and his lips were also badly injured. the maxilla bone, basically the whole front of the skull, shown in green was broken. while wilbanks was dying, security cameras captured an image of a man standing right about here on the sidewalk looking toward the parking lot. , the image of the man is hard to recognize, but police today have found this man. they' re not saying what he may know. they believe he' s a witness, not a suspect, and they' re hoping to find more. >> we believe that somebody had to have seen him or talked to him and know something about
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dan: but few people were around at 2:30 monday morning on new haven avenue. the mystery man' s answers may be key to finding whether this suspicious death really is a murder mystery. in melbourne, dan billow, wesh 2 news. angela: we have more information about the man arrested, charged after crashing his car into an orange county home. take a look at clarence mcclendon. police say yesterday just after 2:00, an officer spotted his car driving southbound on rio grande avenue. mcclendon was wanted in connection to a hit and run. officers say they tried to pull him over but took off. they say he lost control of his car and crashed into a home on at rio grande and 19th street. check that out. all of that damage. mcclendon was arrested, and the family who lived there, is staying in a hotel. the home has been deemed unsafe. stewart: new information tonight on an accident that left one man dead in groveland last night. florida highway patrol says an elderly man, whose name has not yet been released, crashed his car into a pond near austin merritt road. that' s not far from the florida
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wesh 2 has learned several witnesses who saw the crash, jumped into the water to save him. they managed to get him to shore, but he died. so far, no word what caused the crash. a former brevard county deputy has bonded out of jail. he was charged with having a sexual relationship with an inmate. sheriff wayne ivey tells wesh 2 deputy barre taylor had sex at least twice at the jail. he was fired yesterday, and allegedly confessed to the charges. taylor is the same man who was named corrections officer of the year back in 2013. angela: wesh 2 is talking exclusively to a former nursing assistant, accused of punching a patient with dementia. martha alonzeau says she was trying to protect the patient from leaving the facility where he lived. martha alonzeau: i was trying to trick him with the towel. to see if he would let go of the door and hold onto the towel, but he did not. he kept hanging on to the door. angela: the towel that alonzeau mentioned waving is the one she says others mistook for her fist.
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the volusia county sheriff didn' t believe her story. they say she punched the patient eight times. stewart: for the second day in a row, shots were fired near a miami elementary school. tucker elementary was put on lockdown this morning. the school says it looks like a stray bullets actually went into a portable classroom. no one was hurt. to say the temperatures dropped low last night might be a bit of an understatement. it was cold. angela: but it wasn' t just the people of central florida who were impacted. wesh 2' s alex villareal shows us how keepers at the zoo in sanford took extra steps to keep those animals safe. david tetzlaff: we have over 400 animals here at the central florida zoo, and each one has a cold weather protocol. reporter: david tetzlaff, central florida zoo director, took us behind the gates this morning to show us how the zoo handles low temperatures like the ones we felt overnight. david tetzlaff: we like to be overly cautious with our animals so on a night like this when , we' re in close to freezing low
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in. reporter: the giraffes have heat inside and thick beds of hay when they' the zoo' s cats, like the cheetahs and cougar we saw today, also get hay beds. heat lamps are for the birds, too in the winter, so they can stay warm. but cold-sensitive tropical birds are brought inside. and then we have the herpitarium or reptile house, which is always climate-controlled. so no matter what it feels like outside, the snakes are always comfortable around 80 degrees. also feeling the heat today, this toasty tortoise, who chose so what' s it like to visit the zoo on a cold day? >> you don' s no bugs, so it' s actually a great time to see the zoo. and a lot of times the animals days. look for the animals in the s where they' re going to be because they want to warm up, , stay in the sun just like we do. reporter: zoo director tetzlaff tells me even though some of these animals are used to mostly
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temperatures still dip, the goal at the zoo is animal welfare. david tetzlaff: it' s our job to protect these animals as much as possible, so if you want to say we baby them, i' m guilty. reporter: in sanford, alex villareal, wesh 2 news. angela: we sure enjoy that. a major change. all southbound lanes between maitland and winter park on 17-92 will be closed. the dot says the road will close again next weekend. the crews will be focused on fixing the road under the railroad bridge. stewart: eatonville residents are waiting to learn when a boil water notice will be lifted. a water main broke on kennedy boulevard close to where a water main broke just seven months ago. residents say they were without water for weeks and are worried it may happen again. public works crews have repaired the break. now they have to fill the hole.
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reopen today, or was supposed to. so far it has not. the florida house of representatives has voted in favor of a nearly $1 billion tax cut. democrats objected to the plan. taxes for commercial leases will be reduced, and a manufacturing machinery tax has been completed eliminated. the house plan also would create a one-year sales-tax exemption on college textbooks and a 10-day sales tax holiday on back-school items. >> we' ve made the decision that we can grow the economy, and meet the needs of our state, and care for the vulnerable. not by having more taxes and higher taxes, but by having more taxpayers. stewart: the senate will now have to vote on the plan. angela: we want to take you back outside and show you the traffic trouble on i-4 between state road 434 and 436. this is new. listening to haul away that car that was actually on its roof earlier. there were two cars involved. the first person suffered minor injuries.
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stewart: it is terrible. here are the road ranger vehicle trying to move it this car off the roadway. chopper dan mccarthy is high above the scene. your seeing this accident start to clear, but traffic not moving. dan: yeah, they are trying to pull this car, drag it, whatever they are doing, down the side of the highway. i think i for westbound is going to slowly reopen. at this point, you can see the fire truck right behind it. there is one flatbread pulling one of the other cars -- flat bed pulling one of the other cars. i for westbound still closed, but at least one lane will reopen in the next 10, 15 minutes. eastbound traffic extremely slow going, and whenever people see flashing lights, they wanted take a look at this and let everyone know they are stuck in
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we know that i for west, backed up to -- eastbound backup delete road. -- backed up to lee road. as long as dot and fhp say it is good, this road will reopen and traffic will slowly get rolling again in the next two or three hours. chopper dan mccarthy, high definition chopper, back to you. angela: probably still want to avoid that place. stewart: a rough ups delivery sparked outrage. angela: hearing from passengers on a cruise ship hit by a powerful storm while out at sea. >> it was 12 hours. stewart: at 6:00, at wesh 2 news exclusive. loney that cameras installed
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dan: this is chopper dan mccarthy. we are holding right now over four, near 436. i for westbound has reopened, traffic starting to move. expect heavy delays throughout the afternoon because of this vehicle rollover. chopper dan mccarthy, back to you. stewart: you can see a backed up for several miles. also, the eastbound lanes have been affected from people looking at the accident. if you can avoid i-4, do so. it was a welcomed sight for caribbean' land. , the ship, which was rocked by a powerful storm while in the middle of its voyage, returned back to new jersey last night. storm. it was hit by waves taller than 30 feet, and hurricane force winds. angela: as wesh 2' s jazmin
5:45 pm
passengers were back on land they didn' t hold back sharing , their experiences. >> free at last. free at last. jazmin: one passenger channeled his inner martin luther king junior exiting the tattered anthem of the seas. many were too exhausted for words. >> i don' about it. jazmin: cameras spotted others cheering from their balconies. they set sail in similar fashion saturday only to run into powerful winds and waves as high as 30 feet. the ship was tossed around damaging some of the public , areas and staterooms. >> it was like a roller coaster you can' t get off of and you' re , not strapped in. >> i got less than two hours, it was 12 hours of sheer torture. jazmin: four passengers had minor injuries. but not everyone is telling a horror story. >> it was scary but the crew and captain were great. the ship never made its planned stop at port canaveral. instead, the anthem of the seas was turned around and sent back
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in a statement, the cruise line said the event exceptional as it , was, identified gaps in our planning system that we are though that system has performed well through many instances of severe weather around the world, what happened this week showed that we need to do better. florida senator bill nelson is asking the national transportation safety board to investigate the decision to sail into that storm. as for anthem of the seas, it sets sail again next week. jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. angela: a surveillance camera packages over a person' s gate, causing everything to spill out. take a look at this. it all went down in miami. what was supposed to be a delivery turned into a cleanup for the couple that lives at the home. who does that? driver doesn' t even try to open the gate, and ends up walking away without looking back. the homeowner says the packages contained small arms ammunition. which is what you see spill out.
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unlocked the entire time. he' s contacted ups but hasn' t heard back. a public relations manager for ups says they are investigating the incident. boy does that make me angry. stewart: it is coldhearted. angela: i would make the best post man ever, but that is on ups. just saying, it makes me angry. tony: you spend a lot of money, you wanted to get there in one piece. stewart: it was cold in florida. tony: it is gorgeous out there right now. let me take you outside. the sun is setting. we have temperatures in the 60' s out there right now. your got to love that. temperatures running in the mid to upper 60' s, upper 50' s. these temperatures will drop fairly quickly, but they will level off more quickly than they did last night compliments of an onshore flow off the gulf of mexico.
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temperatures as opposed to the moderate temperature. -- temperature from last night. melbourne in the low 50' s, so a good jacket. back toward clermont, lake county, 51 by 11:00. on into friday, there is a big dome of high-pressure down south. it is clockwise, and you can see that we have an onshore southwesterly flow, and that tends to heat us up. 70 47 -- 74 tomorrow in the villages. legoland, the attractions 74. these at orlando -- east orlando, bunnell 74. marineland low 70' s. ponce inlet low 70' s.
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here is the front on saturday coming through quickly and quietly. a few clouds, a breeze, and overnight sprinkle. by the time we wake up, this is hauling off to the south. sunday will be breezy. that will keep things on the cold. we have the park event in lake eola. that begins at 9:00. bring your sunglasses along at 11:00. a higher sun angle mid-march. osceola county fair kicking off this weekend, sunny skies, 73 at noon. have a jacket at 10:00. for you and your loved one, breakfast in bed, sunup, how about a romantic lunch? dinner and a movie, sunset is that 6:14. temperature of 62, have already jacket.
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we turn it around and room up -- warm up to room temperature on monday. we have a risk for isolated thunder showers monday night into tuesday. we will keep you posted. stewart: let' s go outside and look at the updated traffic situation. i-4 westbound has since reopened after the overturned vehicle crashed. this is at four and 436 in seminole county. people were staring at this accident on the eastbound side. it is slow going on i for this afternoon.
5:51 pm
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are big drivers of the change. congressman steve: want to put a stop to sneezing passengers on planes. he wants to argue how close seats can be. while some argue more seats help to lower fares, cohen says it' s safer with less seats. stewart: columbia has proven to be the second biggest flower exporter in the world. and with valentines day quickly approaching, flower producers are making sure they are well prepared. this year the colombian association of flower exporters estimate they will supply the world with 500 million stems for valentine' s day. the rose has been known as a long-time symbol of love and most popular on this special day. the flowers are picked, sorted, and packed into boxes for shipment around the world. angela: very cool. wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. stewart: meredith mcdonough joins us now with what' s coming up next half hour. meredith: breaking tonight news
5:55 pm
a crash that set one person to the hospital and caused major backups on i-4 westbound in altamonte springs. opportunities on the scene coming up. a local doctor' s license is suspended. the pediatrician while under
5:56 pm
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fl announcer: you are watching wesh 2. jim: doctor in trouble. now a local pediatrician' s license has been suspended and he' s not seeing doctors. -- patients. tonight the doctor' s office manager responds to allegations that the doctor treated children while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. meredith: bizarre behavior. a local police officer resigns. why his chief said if he didn' t he would have been fired. ,jim: wesh 2 news exclusive. talking on phones, going off-roading, and being careless. all in orange county vehicles. each crash caught on camera. >> they know this is here and yet they make bad decisions. how do you figure that? jim: tonight, wesh 2 news shows you how the drivecam works. see how this camera has actually led to fewer crashes and fewer claims against the county all , while saving you millions. announcer: local, live, late-breaking.
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jim: right now at 6:00, the latest on breaking news on i-4. meredith: this crash you see right behind me caused absolute mess on i-4 in seminole county. jim: traffic is moving, but the westbound lanes were shut down for more than an hour. meredith: let' s check in with dan mccarthy. how does it look right now? dan: the backup is terrible. westbound backed up all the way to lee road. you can see at the accident scene itself, traffic is moving nicely. no rubberneckers anymore, but residual backups. westbound, lake mary all the way to 436. eastbound about lee road. very slow going. if you know someone stuck in traffic, let them know they will break through this. hopefully we will not have any more under vendors on i-4 this


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