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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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jim: right now at 6:00, the latest on breaking news on i-4. meredith: this crash you see right behind me caused absolute mess on i-4 in seminole county. jim: traffic is moving, but the westbound lanes were shut down for more than an hour. meredith: let' s check in with dan mccarthy. how does it look right now? dan: the backup is terrible. westbound backed up all the way to lee road. you can see at the accident scene itself, traffic is moving nicely. no rubberneckers anymore, but residual backups. westbound, lake mary all the way to 436. eastbound about lee road. very slow going. if you know someone stuck in traffic, let them know they will break through this. hopefully we will not have any more under vendors on i-4 this
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-- fender benders on i-4 this evening. it is just residual backup at this point. back to you. meredith: tonight, an orlando pediatrician, whose license was suspended, denies allegations that he was treating children while under the influence. jim: wesh 2' he' s the victim of a disgruntled former employee. norbert falasco' s office say he is not seeing patients. two weeks ago, the state ordered an emergency restriction of his medical license. according to documents, last fall, the department of health received complaints that falasco was drinking and taking drugs while treating children. falasco' s office manager told me she never saw evidence the doctor was impaired. did you ever notice any evidence that he was under the influence. ? >> no. amanda: you didn' t? >> no. amanda: so do you believe the claims that he was treating patients under the influence, do
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>> no. amanda: according to the state, back in november, falasco was evaluated by an addiction specialist and said he only drinks a glass of wine twice a week and takes ambien as needed, but a screening reportedly found he consumes a greater amount of alcohol than disclosed. in the documents, the state also pointed out that falasco was arrested on attempted drug trafficking charges in 2003. at that time, his license was suspended. falasco told wesh 2 news over the phone today and said he' s heartbroken over losing his practice. he then refered us to his attorney who provided this statement. dr. falasco adamantly denies that he is impaired, and we are not aware of any patient or parent complaints in this regard and believe the allegations were made by a former disgruntled employee. dr. falasco has 30 days to appeal the emergency suspension of his license and both he and his attorney say they plan to do so. in orlando, amanda ober, wesh 2 news.
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s license was suspended in 2003, he completed a rehabilitation program and eventually got his medical license reinstated. jim: a pet cat is killed today when a house burns in orange county. chopper 2 was overhead just after the fire was put out around 2:00 this afternoon on minoso street. investigators say it appears to be an accident when someone left a pot on the stove, and it set the house ablaze. about half of the house is destroyed. two dogs in the home were saved. no one was hurt. all new at 6:00, two teens are now under arrest accused of shoplifting at an orlando walmart. police say these two people you see in this surveillance video are 15 and 16-years-old. last month at the store on south kirkman road security workers watched the crooks shoving merchandise into their purses. workers closed several exits to corner the teens, but when they were confronted, one pulled out a knife, jabbed the knife toward workers and got away. ,meredith: an osceola county mother and her adult daughter are in jail.
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prostitution sting overnight. detectives arrested tracy and leslie mowatt after the pair allegedly offered to sell them sex in their poinciana home. this all went down as three young children under 10 years old were locked in a bedroom nearby. investigators say there was crack cocaine and drug paraphenalia out in the open. both women are charged with prostitution and child neglect. leslie is also facing drug charges. felix polanco: it' s sad, it' s it completely sad. they did not have a choice with their parents. meredith: the children were placed in the care of relatives and detectives notified the department of children and families. jim: text messages an , extramarital affair and a uniformed police officer caught in scandalous photos in his patrol car. tonight wesh 2' s gail paschall-brown has the story from lady lake which resulted in an officer resigning late last year. gail: this is a cropped picture. former lady lake police officer kevin thompson is seen here in
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evidence of him in his patrol car and uniform allegedly pleasuring himself. >> you took that picture? >> he doesn' t care it' s almost like a game to him. gail: the officer met this 39-year-old woman on craigslist. thompson admitted to investigators of having an extramartial affair. she went for help seeking a restraining order against thompson after she says he threatened her. but she admitted she threatened to tell his wife about their relationship. >> he was saying that i ruined his life i better watch out. , i' ll get my kids taken from me, that you all are going to take them from me and he can get me for stalking. gail: thompson admitted he did not make any threats to life he just wanted her to go away. the woman also told an investigator thompson showed up , at her job in lady lake while on duty. he was in his marked patrol car and in uniform. she claims she saw him pleasuring himself with with one of her undergarments and she took pictures of him.
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t talk to us on camera but says in part, i' m disgusted by his behavior. it is not tolerated at this agency. had he not resigned he would have been fired, . >> i agree definitley, it' s poor -- i agree definitely. it' s poor business and bad business representation. gail: this case was forwarded to the state attorney' s office but last week it declined to file any charges against officer thompson. saying that the sheriff' s office didn' t find any evicence and the alleged victim says she did not want to prosecute because she in fear of the suspect. jim: officer kevin thompson resigned december 30th 2015. he was hired in march of 2011. meredith: seminole county deputies have stepped up the enforcement on aggressive roadside panhandling. four arrests in just the past 10 days at intersections where they' re getting the largest number of citizen complaints. the sheriff' s office says they have beefed up enforcement because reports of people going into the street during green lights creates a hazard. a man recently arrested denies he did anything wrong and he says many people play by the
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re not walking into traffic on a green light, they shouldn' t mess with us. meredith: county leaders say when they arrest people they , also let them know the agencies which can provide longer term solutions. jim: a huge mess in south daytona after a driver slams his car into an apartment complex. it crashed right through a concrete wall, and into the kitchen wall of a unit where a father and daughter were sleeping. it all started when the driver of a rental car ran a stop sign and slammed right into the apartment. the impact knocked the stove clear across the kitchen. the driver ran away but the father and daughter got a glimpse of him. >> we hear the bang we come down, soon as we come down we see the car and everything in here, and so we open the front door, and we hear, and he was going through the parking lot like he was hurt. saying don' t call the police. jim: but they did call the police. now officers are trying to get
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driver. new information tonight about the man arrested and charged after crashing his car into an orange county home. orlando police say clarence mcclendon was wanted in connection to a hit and hun. they spotted his car driving southbound on rio grande avenue yesterday then mcclendon lost , control of his car and crashed into a home that is now deemed unsafe. the family who lived there is now staying in a hotel. meredith: new details tonight in the case of a local man getting beat up for his prescription medication. the two suspects were scheduled to make their first court appearance today, but only tosha mullins saw the judge this morning. police tell wesh 2 the victim was repeatedly slapped across the face with a cutting board and had 100 pain pills taken from him. the victim said the women knew he had just filled a prescription. a judge set bond for both mullins and britney telegdy at $60,000. their charges include battery and armed robbery. jim: melbourne police have images of a person who could help them solve the case of a man found dying in a parking lot, bleeding from head wounds. the medical examiner' s office says 53-year-old kent wilbanks
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from blows on both sides of his head, his forehead, and his mouth. it happened monday morning and while wilbanks lay dying, surveillance cameras picked up the image of a man who was standing nearby on the sidewalk, police believe he' s a witness, not a suspect. sanders: we believe that somebody had to have seen him or talked to him and know something about what happened. jim: the man' s answers may be key to finding whether this suspicious death really is a murder mystery. meredith: the future of an orlando nightclub is a lingering mystery tonight. two people were killed and 10 others were hurt when three gunman shot up the glitz ultra lounge early sunday morning. a notice on the door tuesday evening indicated the club owners are more than $80,000 behind in rent and demanded the debt be paid in three days, or move out. our calls to club management and property managers have not been returned to see when the club may reopen. the website indicates a special valentine' s day concert this saturday night starting at 10:30. we'
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the musical acts to see if the show will go on and we' re , awaiting a response. a volusia county man is accused of choking a teenager and threatening to kill him with a knife. 52-year-old james kiminecz is charged with aggravated assault and battery. the 18-year-old victim says he went to a home on riverside drive near ormond beach last night to visit a friend who is a paraplegic. faith in says the man was sleeping in a recliner in the room when he suddenly woke up started hollering at the teen. , shoved him then pushed, kicked and choked him before chasing him with a knife. jim: one more day before a water problem is cleared up in eatonville. it was close to another water main break seven months ago. water has been turned back on but because it' s still being , tested people who live here are under a boil water notice. public works crews have repaired the break. now they have to fill the hole. kennedy boulevard is now expected to reopen tomorrow afternoon. meredith: a major change for
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commuters. starting at 7:00 tonight, all southbound lanes of 17-92 between winter park and maitland will be closed for construction. the road will reopen at six 6:00 monday morning. dot says the road will then close again next weekend. the crews will be focused on fixing the road under the railroad bridge. a wesh 2 news exclusive bad drivers behind the wheel of orange county vehicles. jim: and their collisions and unsafe driving practices are all caught on camera. >> the goal behind the program is to make them better drivers. meredith: tonight we' re looking at drivecams and how they are saving taxpayers millions of dollars. jim: and theme park price hike. wesh 2 news digs into why it will now cost you $105 to get into universal orlando. tony. tony: after a cold and frosty start, i nice turnaround in temperatures today.
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meredith: drivers falling asleep at the wheel? hot-rodding with government
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re seeing crash after crash after crash. these and other bizarre incidents are caught on camera. jim: in a wesh 2 news exclusive, greg fox shows us video after video and explains why the biggest county in central florida is putting more eyes on the road. greg: it can happen just like that. let' s see it again. collisions and unsafe driving practices by orange county employees, like talking on phones or radios. another worker a taxpayer-funded utility truck for some off-roading fun, all captured in real time on video, thanks to this device, a drivecam. john petrelli: the goal behind the program itself is to make them better drivers. greg: john petrelli is head of orange county risk management. he showed us videos of bad driver behavior and carelessness that can be dangerous, like one worker who left his vehicle in
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>> this was a vehicle that was moving with a parking lot, and had no driver? >> correct. greg: and remember the worker who decided to go mudding with his county vehicle? >> yeah, you can hear him. he' s having a great time. until he spins out and ends up in the bushes. greg: the purpose of the cameras is to make sure workers are following county rules that prohibit texting, cell phone talking, eating and drinking behind the wheel. violators are re-trained, some disciplined or fired. richard bergstein is a county worker. s s going on around you, and you' ve got the camera on in case there is an incident to prove that you did or did not do something. greg: right now the county has vehicles in the county. they face back to the driver and the passenger, one lens in the front is so you can catch every
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the county is adding 50 more cameras this year. the cameras are placed in vehicles used for fire and rescue animal services, , utilities and other departments. and workers are told collisions turn the cameras on. they know this is here, and yet they make bad decisions. how do you figure that? >> ultimately what happens is they become so used to it, almost becomes a back drop within the vehicle. greg: most drivers do get it. crashes involving county vehicles are down 50% and watch this. the cameras prove when county drivers are not at fault. and when other drivers threaten to sue -- >> we will just email them the video and say this is our defense. typically at that point, they withdraw. greg: drivecams have already saved county taxpayers $2 million. jim: an idea of whose time has come. the city of orlando has 360
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more this year. this is always the time of the year that theme parks increase ticket prices right after christmas and right before spring break. meredith: this week universal orlando raised the price of a one day pass to $105. that is a $3-increase. why $105? theme park experts tell us that is what one day at disney' s magic kingdom cost, which used to be the most expensive theme park in town. experts tell us a three dollar increase won' t stop people from seeing harry potter. >> because we flew all the way from new haven, connecticut. we don' t care if it is three dollars or not. >> a day of the theme park is still a better value than most sporting events or concerts. meredith: universal orlando says the price of their tickets reflects the value of the entertainment experience. theme park gates or even daytona speedway, or the beach, though the beach may still be called. tony: it is 50'
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i will take you for a spin. back outside, we are keeping an eye on the traffic. it is slow going, temperatures are falling nicely here at sunset. as we look at some of the numbers out there, afternoon highs in the 60' s, down to 62. notice the wind direction. that little shiver make a big difference. 28 ocala, 30 in palm coast. we saw a couple of upper 20' s in rural sections are brevard county, and melbourne , we thought you would be cooler than that. a cold and frosty morning. today we had a lot of sunshine. that is good news. 64 in the villages, 64 in orlando, 57 at palm coast. hour-by-hour by 11:00, we are following
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-- from 56. you can see of slope fall with temperatures in the mid-west with the southeasterly airflow. ocala 43. we might to the lies on the windshields. -- ice on the windshields. temperatures to the south, we get the southwesterly flow across the entire peninsula. that will warm us up, especially with the moderating water temperatures running in the 70' s in parts of the gulf of mexico. 74 for the afternoon in ocala, get out there and enjoy it. you will need sunglasses. 76 in saint cloud, 76 back to holopaw, harmony, altamonte springs, but no -- n.l.. more of the same for palm bay,
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the front comes through saturday, down to south florida by the afternoon. the wind direction will change , and temperatures will be in the 70' s saturday and hold 60' s on sunday. a lot of events this weekend. we have winter park, the traffic shack there. temperatures in the speedway, lucas oil 200, 60' s back to the 50' s. we are drive. and valentines day, breakfast in bed 45, romantic lunch, 60, dinner and a movie around 62. let' s look at the updated seven-day forecast. 70, 65, back to 72. a shot of rain monday night into tuesday. it is not a big deal right now. meredith: we are living in agonizing defeat from the magic. and the record performance from one of central florida' s own.
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the orlando pride and what she
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stewart: heartbreak can be a s day.
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lingering sting. it has unfortunately become a recurring theme in close games for the magic. >> three quarters of the court. stewart: that was the latest dagger that buried that magic. last night spurs forward kawhi leonard drilled a clutch jumper that put the game away. this was the last ditch effort, but the magic miss the game. they go into overtime. orlando gets to rest until next week, after the all-star break. from orlando to l.a., to houston, to who knows. trade rumors are swirling around the nba that the rockets are looking to unload dwight howard. there are several league reports that houston is shopping d-12 around for a possible trade. league executives say the rockets are working with howard' s agent on possible destinations. the orlando pride' s new star had a record setting performance. striker alex morgan scored the fastest goal in team usa history last night. you saw it there, we could have shown the whole thing.
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into an olympic qualifying match against costa rica. this game was in texas. the u.s. won 5-0. they will now play mexico on saturday. the two finalists in the tournament will clinch spots in the rio olympics. daytona state college women' s basketball is soaring this year , and the police department recognized the female phenoms today during the weekly police briefing. the head coach and several players talked about the lady falcons' success on the court with a 24-1 record to date. the team is number one in conference play right now and ranked 3rd in the nation in the
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association. meredith: it' s bad enough to find mold in the food you bring home from the grocery store. jim: but if you happen to be on the internatioal space station, astronauts can' t exactly return it for a refund. for the first time ever, nasa put a stop to a space station delivery that would have included black mold on some cargo bags. nasa had to put a stop to the march 10 launch, and now tons of cargo are getting a thorough cleanup job and inspection. launch of that cargo is now set for march 22. new tonight, bernie battles hillary in another democratic debate. we' ll have the highlights. meredith: plus, coyote concerns. residents in brevard county meet with wildlife officials to discuss the animals invading
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jim: and a woman is caught on camera stealing a package in broad daylight. tonight, we hear from the homeowner, upset about what she took that he needed for his sick son. meredith: we' ll have the latest at 10:00 p.m. on cw-18 and on wesh 2 news at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] tonight, dramatic surrender after a 40-day siege, anti-government protesters in custody. it's getting perm. clinton and sanders battle for the black vote as the civil rights icon slams sanders. and a republican brawl takes shape in the south. the polar vortex, tens of millions bracing for the coldest air of the season. al roker is here warning of a dangerous freeze.


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