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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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this is wesh 2 news at 11:00 in high definition. meredith: first at 11:00, police are back on the scene of an orlando nightclub, nearly a week after a deadly mass shooting. good evening, i' m redith mcdonough. jim: i' m jim payne. two people were killed at glitz ultra lounge and 10 others were wounded. and tonight, we' ve learned police have made an arrest in the aftermath of the shooting. meredith: wesh 2' s chris hush is there live with all the details. chris: we are told investigators are simply doing a follow-up investigation, but it is unclear if it was a tip or something else that led them back to the nightclub. this hours after they released crucial information about the glitz nightclub shooting. wesh 2 was the first to see crime scene investigators back at glitz nightclub, almost a week after a fatal shooting inside killed two people and injured 10 others. sources tell wesh 2 investigators are following up on the case sweeping both inside the club and as we saw, outside
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john mina: obviously guns were let in to the club. chris: just hours earlier on friday, orlando police chief john mina announced the arrest of jose lopez, who faces felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon into the club and tampering with evidence after police say he threw the gun on the roof of a shed. john mina: it' s unfortunate he was let out of jail. chris: police also confirm this altercation was between two groups of people. no one has been charged in the shooting deaths of jonathan rojas and joseph villalobos. chief mina has since scrutinized the club' s lack of security measures that may have prevented the shooting. john mina: either those measures had lapses or the security staff was not properly trained. chris: our repeated attempts to get in touch with the club' s owner have failed. >> your call has been forwarded to an automated voice message system. chris: an advertisement on the nightclub' s website still promotes a valentine' s day party
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but police say the owner told them he had no plans to reopen the club anytime soon. a call to the number listed on this ad may be hint. >> the person you are calling cannot accept calls at this time. chris: tonight, the club does remained close right now. they don' t know how long the investigation will last, that we know, because we have been here, they have been here for a few hours. they are still doing their jobs on scene. it is still very much an active investigation. today, police told us there could be more arrest in this case. meredith: missing for nearly a month, and now finally found. we broke this story today. an inmate who escaped from a volusia county work camp has been found with his girlfriend and her three-year-old son in kentucky. and tonight, we' re hearing from that child' s grandfather. summer knowles has the story you
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>> it is like, a 500 pound back. summer: the release frank carr feels after knowing his grandson is state -- safe is staggering. >> hallelujah. summer: the three-year-old disappeared with his mother and her boyfriend, and escaped inmate, who was on work release daytona beach shores at the time. found his ankle bracelet. the disappearance was troubling to carr, who feared the worst after three weeks had come and gone without a word from the couple. >> it is so great. all of these scenarios out of my mind now. it is safe, everyone is safe . pat: the news came from a stranger. first. summer: but it was not. the u.s. marshall took the
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little xander is now with child protection officials. his paternal grandmother who lives in pennsylvania is on her way to pick him up, while his maternal granddad is anxious to see him again. >> i can' t wait. you don' t appreciate certain things that are taken away from you. it is funny how you take things for granted, and all of a sudden, you have it back, and i tell you. i always appreciated xander in my daughter, but it is a different level right now. summer: summer knowles, wesh 2, the news hour at 10:00. jim: to commitment 2016, and donald trump makes a stop in the sunshine state tonight talking serious smack about a democratic challenger. wesh 2' s angela taylor is live here in the studio with highlights from trump' s rally in tampa. angela: the rally was held at the university of south florida and comes just days after the new hampshire primary where trump gained 35% of the vote and snagged 10 delegates. and tonight, he wasted little
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trump: i never thought we would see the day in our country when a communist, because that is really if you think about it, because a communist is the leading democrat. we have a communist against an entrepreneur. i like the entrepreneur. [laughter] [applause] angela: in the meantime, john kasich says he has momentum in south carolina after his second place finish in the new hampshire republican primary. today, we heard from him, and former florida governor jeb bush who says he' s hoping to get some help from above. jeb bush: i believe in the holy spirit. i am looking for the holy spirit to come over here the next week. kasich: i' m glad i am the second choice now. a few weeks ago they would not know how to say my name. angela: bush will campaign with his brother, former president george w. bush in the charleston area on monday. and look for more personality clashes saturday night as the slimmed-down republican field meets for its latest debate in greenville, south carolina.
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meredith: thank you. one of two people who died in palm coast last night when a dump truck driver backed over them was a young woman eight months pregnant. the highway patrol says 29-year-old kevin walsh got his pickup truck stuck in soft dirt at a construction site on forest grove drive. 22-year-old jessica darby and her fiance tried to help, and t free the pickup, they asked the driver of a dump truck to pull them out. and as he was backing up to , leave, he drove over walsh and were standing behind the dump walsh' s uncle spoke with wesh 2 news. >> he was a very, very good guy. very loving, very caring, just don' t understand it. meredith: the dump truck driver was stopped by troopers down the road. he was taken to the hospital with chest pains after learning what happened. jim: a rape suspect who' s been on the run for 20 years using the identity of a dead man is the subject of an intensified manhunt. palm bay police have released
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1996. the other as he appeared in 2004, when he assumed the identity of the deceased robert woolley. the victim of an alleged 1984 rape is pushing for a renewed effort to find adams. she' s still haunted by what happened decades ago. a resident of the neighborhood where the alleged rape occurred says she believes she' s seen adams lately. police say adams has gone as far as mexico in his flight from justice. tonight we' re learning more about the shooting in orlando that claimed the lives of two people in the metrowest neighborhood. the two victims were apparently on their way to a super bowl it. they were gunned down in the parking lot at the stoneridge now we' ve learned one of the victims is 16-year-old christian jones, pictured here with his 32-year-old brother antonio, who was also killed. the older jones was due to stand trial for importing and trafficking cocaine, and was almost immediately identified as one of the victims when the shooting happened. ve got new video of volusia county firefighters trying to put out a
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last week. >> [indiscernible] meredith: the fire appears to have started in the garage of the home before spreading into the house. a man, who lives in the house on culverhouse drive, just outside daytona beach was able to escape. but two dogs inside died. the flames were so intense, they burned several trees in the back before firefighters contained the fire. right now, daytona beach police are looking for the man who robbed a woman at gunpoint in her own driveway. take a look at this just -released released composite sketch. the victim helped police put this picture together. the woman says she had just pulled up to her grandview avenue home when the man tapped on her window. she said a second man appeared and showed a gun and together she wasn' t hurt, but they made off with $50. jim: central florida congressman alan grayson is flat-out rejecting calls to drop out of the race for a u.s. senate seat in our state. senate minority leader harry reid says grayson should end his bid to replace senator marco
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grayson says reid is relying on false and misleading news stories to pressure him out of the race. the new york times is reporting that grayson promoted his international travels, some with congressional delegations, to solicit business for his hedge fund. grayson is running against two-term democratic congressman patrick murphy of south florida. right now, one of the busiest roads in central florida is causing a traffic meltdown for thousands of commuters. we' re talking about 17-92 between maitland and winter park. road crews shut down the southbound lanes late last night, between monroe and park avenues, for a big project at the railroad bridge. today wesh 2 learned that traffic troubles resulted because there haven' t been enough police to direct drivers. the department of transportation and its contractors arrange off-duty patrols to help, but maitland police say they weren' t contacted with enough time. this is a four-day project to lower the surface of 17-92 to provide more clearance for big trucks that travel under the railroad bridge.
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sheriff is trying to clean up crime by holding a gun buy back. they' re trying to get unwanted guns off the street, and gave people who turned guns in today a $50 gift card. deputies say last year 293 guns were stolen out of cars, and in 79% of those cases the vehicle s were unlocked. as of this afternoon, 92 guns have been surrendered. and among the guns recovered, deputies say they were given a gun reported stolen in orlando back in 1983. jim: it is report card to a central florida schools and districts. the news overall is impressive. seminole and brevard counties scored straight a' s, and the rest of the local districts, orange, volusia, lake, osceola, marion and flagler all got b' s. in orange county, 80 of the district schools got a-ratings, but eight got f ratings. to our charter schools and are six elementary schools. aspire academy and pinecrest creek academy charters. orlo vista, rolling hills, ivey lane, eccleston, washington shores, and pine hills elementaries. meredith: it'
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s raised at the theme parks. but now one of those parks is returning the favor to its employees with a raise of their own. sea world announced today that starting in july, their minimum wage will go up $.50 to $10 an hour. sea world will also increase wages for nearly 100 job titles which include both existing positions and new hires. still ahead, new cases of the zika virus. jim: tonight we' ll tell you where they are in florida, and what health leaders have created to make sure you stay informed. plus, lost and found. meredith: see how a social media campaign helped reunite a local man in the hospital with his missing dog. jim: and now you see it, now you don' t. a woman finds a unique way to steal some expensive liquor, and s caught on camera. tony? tony: we continue to watch a cold front, this will slip south. behind the front, temperatures
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jim: there are now 20 cases of the zika virus in florida, and each one is said to be travel-related. meredith: take a look at this map of all the counties where
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the two new cases were in broward and alachua county. osceola county is the only one in central florida. jim: and to keep you informed about the virus, the florida department of health has opened a zika hotline. wesh 2' s matt lupoli has the details. matt: florida' s number of confirmed zika cases continues a slow climb. state health officials say 20 people have been infected by the virus in recent weeks. so far, all of florida' s cases are travel-related, meaning patients were bitten by infected mosquitoes outside of the country. but with the growing number of cases comes growing concern for locals and visitors to the sunshine state. that' s why governor rick scott' s office says it' s opening the lines of communication for anyone with questions about zika through a new hotline. officials promise it will help people protect themselves and their homes. governor scott says "with over , 20 million residents and 100 million tourists, we have made it a priority to stay ahead of
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virus in florida, and we will continue to do all we can to keep our families safe." with a new link to birth defects and continued surge in cases in south america, national health officials remain cautious as well. >> we' re cautious, we' re not presumptuous. you never say never, and you never say always. but it is highly unlikely due to the conditions in the united states compared to south america, particularly brazil and the caribbean, it is unlikely that we' ll see that, but we' ll be at least prepared for it in anticipation of it. matt: right now most of the cases are to the house -- south of us. one case is in central florida , and that is in osceola county. no one who has been diagnosed in florida is pregnant. if you are concerned and have questions, take note of the hotline on your screen right now. we will also post it on
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jim: now to a heartwarming reunion between a man and man' s best friend. and the man in new smyrna beach, who is disabled, really needs him. the dog disappeared while the owner, a quadriplegic, underwent surgery last month. >> aww. my big boy. here' s my big boy. jim: kevin young had a friend in holly hill care for his cocker spaniel-poodle mix named poupee while he recovered from surgery. but the dog ran away trying to find young. that' s when holly hill began a -- police began a search and rescue mission. poupee was missing for almost a month, and then yesterday a city employee spotted him. >> i could not be happier, because he' s the closest thing to to a child you know that i' ve , got. >> this is why i got in to law enforcement, helping someone like this. >> my big boy. jim: young was overwhelmed with gratitude and told the officers they went above and beyond their call of duty.
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it was a real treat for homeless people who were moved out of a camp site in downtown daytona beach and into shelters two weeks ago. staff from international academy in south daytona volunteered their time to give complimentary haircuts to the homeless over several hours today. an academy barber instructor brought students to the homeless coalition and gave them a fresh new cut. jim: a lot of good works are done in central florida right about now. take a weather day of the week, clearly today. i think tomorrow, that it may not be as warm as today. tony: mid-sixties not bad, but we have been in a cold stretch. let me show you what is going outside. we have far -- fair skies. we had a much warmer evening across the florida peninsula. afternoon temperatures climbed into the mid-70' s. we are still at 11:00 running in the upper 50' s out there right now.
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northwest winds becomes southwest today and goes right back to northwest behind this cold front during the early morning hours tomorrow. 59 palm coast, 61 sanford, 61 kissimmee. clouds with the front coming through. by 7:00 it is still warm, clouds beginning to fan out. as we get to 9:00, 10:00 we are going back to the 50' s and low 60' s. it is a slow climb during the afternoon tomorrow. 46 ocala, 52 titusville. there is your front. by the afternoon across south florida at near lake okeechobee. northwest wind over the peninsula. coming from the continental united states, we will stay cooler, but not terribly cold. they are in the teens and single digits in the northeast, struggling to get into the teens and 20' s. we will be in the mid 60' s as we get into saturday and sunday. let' s look at the numbers,
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ocala 62. cooler near daytona beach and palm coast, upper 50' s to low 60' s. plenty of events this weekend. lake eola, paws at the park. don' t forget the sunshine. jim payne hosting this one, the polar plunge at aquatica, helping out the special olympics children, and we will have 11:00 temperatures there at 62. sunglasses at 12:30, and the speedway gets rocking in the early afternoon, 200 miles. after sunset temperatures will drop. valentine' s day, not bad at all. cool in the morning, 63 for lunchtime. if you were taking your loved one out in the evening, 61. here comes a fast-moving cold front monday night to tuesday. we get some rain. wednesday behind this, fairly
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let me show you the breakdown over the next couple of days. 60' s there in there is the first cold front monday into tuesday. morning. 71 briefly, and thursday and friday back to the mid-70' s. over to you. meredith: it was a story about the little blue pill in the bluegrass state. a female kentucky legislator has introduced a bill that would require men who want to use drugs like viagra to get a note from their wife first. then they would have to make two visits to a doctor and provide a sworn statement to only take the pills before sex with a spouse. the sponsor of the bill says it' s in reaction to a number of anti-abortion measures that the legislature has recently passed. jim: caught on camera, a woman in texas sticks a huge bottle of high-priced booze into her underwear and walks out of the store. we had to really pixelate this bad boy. you can see the woman pick up the bottle of booze, pull up her dress, then stick the bottle in her drawers. the store owner believes the man behind her was helping her with
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so far police have not made an arrest. they think she will play the fifth. -- plead the fifth. meredith: a former magic star takes one step closer to the basketball hall of fame. jim: and the engines are once again revvin' , and drivers are ready to go racing in daytona, patrick. pat: i didn' t hear anything you just said. with the beautiful backdrop of the completed daytona writing project going on. buggies on the track in advance of tomorrow night sprint unlimited. one of those belonged to defending daytona 500 champ joey
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(vo) making the most out of every mile.
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pat: the green flag awaits on a new season of sprint cup racing, and even though the sprint unlimited tomorrow night is not a points event, it' s still racing, and drivers want to win races, no matter the stakes. that includes joey logano, the defending champion of the daytona 500, who had short of winning the sprint cup title a spectacular 2015, six race wins and a whopping 16 top-five finishes. on the track friday in daytona with the other 24 buggies that qualified for the unlimited. >> we are motivated, man.
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have been career years for me. we had to championship seasons without a trophy, so we have a lot of confidence. we know what it takes to win this whole thing. we are on edge. arguably, most wins last year, we should have been there. pat: by the way jimmie johnson , will start from the pole in the sprint unlimired saturday night. luck of the draw for a guy who wrecked in this event last year. lot of two-by-two practice laps this afternoon and then into friday evening at this gorgeous speedway stadium. speedway stadium. nba all-star weekend is here, and while the magic have no one participating in the actual game sunday, that doesn' t mean there is no orlando presence in toronto. aaron gordon part of the slam dunk activities on saturday night. elfrid payton and mario hezonia part of the rising stars challenge tonight elfrid playing , on the u.s. team, hezonia on the world squad game for first and second year players. and some shine for super mario.
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points, a nice block shot as well. they would win 157-154. elfird is the only player that did not score a single point. and former nba great shaquille o' neal, who spent his early playing years cutting his nba teeth here in orlando, named a basketrball hall of fame finalist today as part of the all-star weekend activities. shaq led the magic to the nba finals, you will recall in 1995, , has four championships in his 19 playing years, a 15-time nba all-star, and slam-dunk sure-bet to be voted in. having some fun during the announcement today. >> first of all, i would like to thank all of these guys on stage. you guys have inspired me so much, expect -- except rick barry. he wanted me to shoot three follows underhanded. i can' t do it. i would rather shoot 0%. can' t do it. too cool for that. pat: indeed he was and is. solar bears laying at home and
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churches across the country that hosted a night to shine. it' s an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs age 16 and up. meredith: they' re called vip' s, and each vip is paired with a volunteer buddy. hundreds of volunteers served a catered meal, and there was plenty of dancing. night to shine is a project of the tim tebow foundation. jim: dance fort looks mighty full. meredith: having a good time. tony: let' s look at the wake-up weather forecast. a couple of clouds, 54. close to part by 9:00. sunny skies return. in case you missed it, let' s get the valentine' s day forecast one more time. 44 in the morning , 67 by the afternoon. a quick shot of rain monday into tuesday. . jim: set your alarm to wake up with wesh. our weekend sunrise crew starts at 5:00 a.m. you can get wesh 2 news whenever you want at or the wesh 2 mobile app. meredith: thanks so much for watching. have a great weekend. we' ll see you right back here
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