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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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you will notice there is a difference in today and yesterday. some people have wet pavement and look at the lens, it looks foggy. amy sweezey is joining us now. how is it looking? amy: the big rain is pretty much going to be gone. we will have a few leftover sprinkles. some misting going on. a lot of low cloudiness as well. that will continue right through sunrise which happens around 7:00. from there, we will stay mostly cloudy and get if you breaks here and there. and then start to see the rain we fire up in a take away in the afternoon and evening. even if you thunderstorms possible this afternoon, although i expect more rain today and tomorrow is when we have the bigger storms. look at these temperatures. look at how hot it is. we are in the low to mid 60' s. the key to an orlando. 64 in melbourne. there is a light little shower still left off to the north in marion and flagler county.
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a lot of cloud cover and the humidity and moisture that is in the air. we will keep a lot of clouds around today with the on an off showers. it want to a total washout. some of you won' t get rain at all. temperatures upper 70' s, lower 80' s for highs. breezy south wind bringing that warm air. 82 orlando in winter park. along the coast, we will also climb into the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. we will take a look at futurecast and talk about the timing of the rain coming up in a few minutes. right now it is 5:01, time for traffic. ted: driving on the 408 westbound through downtown orlando, heads up. i-4 to obt, you will lose a lane. eastbound drive through downtown orlando is perfect. this is from the church street camera. i-4 has wrapped up in that area.
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look virtually over 436. things moving along great. jason: new from overnight, three people around the run after a shooting during a home invasion. michelle: detectives say the victim was hurt at the pineview apartments at -- off north pine hills road. alex morales live at the scene. doing a lead up to this -- alex villareal is live at the scene. do we know what led up to this? alex: we know the victim reported that three males knocked on his door and he says they told him to give it up. then they fired a bullet into his stomach. it is unclear what it referred to, maybe money or something else. though the 22-year-old man who a shot says he didn' t know who the three guys were. orlando police say he was taken to ormc. at last report he is said to be in serious/stable condition.
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the suspect took off running before -- after one of them opened fire. we know the victim was conscious at the time the police arrived. the last report from police said it was unknown if any and taken from the apartment. they say information about what happened is limited. we will continue to follow this investigation and as soon as we get more details from detectives were police, we will bring this to you as soon as we have them. michelle: thank you. this morning, neighbors and longwood want to know why the swat team forced their way into a home using a tank. this video is of the aftermath of that situation. the dramatic scene played out last night. brett connolly joins us in studio. police say this stems from an armed robbery. brett: you can understand how surprise these neighbors were in this longwood neighborhood watch as a tank rolled in.
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and 434 at a home on orange avenue where longwood police any seminole county sheriff' s office served a warrant in connection with a armed robbery. here is that debris left behind from that search. a wooden fence splintered across the yard. a door was knocked down and plywood left in its place. spoke with a neighbor who did not want to go on camera but describe the situation as it was unfolding. >> i just saw a bunch of lights. there was a tank outside, a swat team. i have never seen a tank outside somebody' s house. i' m a little bit scared considering is my neighborhood. i' ve owes had a weird feeling, but not this crazy. i never expected anything this. brett: investigators have said not -- what if anything has been seized from the house. they did not provide details on how this was connected to the
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we do know there were no arrests made from the search. jason: thank you, brett. we now know to -- we now know two people have died from a motorcycle crash. the man driving the bike dotted the scene. a woman riding was rushed to the hospital. overnight, deputies now she died. police have not said whether the driver of the truck will be charged. michelle: a marion county tenet convicted a second time of murdering her ex-boyfriend will be sent -- will be sentenced. amber wright was -- was convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend set jackson. her initial conviction was thrown out because she was not read her miranda rights. jason: the lake county teacher accused of having sex with a student is out of a job. he resigned on monday afternoon
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deputies say he spoke with a 17-year-old online and then have sex with her in his classroom in clermont. michelle: nevada republicans will make their presidential picks. nbc tracy potts show the rallies that ended a few hours ago. >> the men and women in this room have a national bully pulpit. >> the final name -- late-night push to win nevada. the latest poll shows donald trump with a 16 point lead over ted cruz. >> the establishment of their publican party is waking up to the fact that within a couple weeks, donald trump could be unstoppable. >> not all voters are convinced. >> i think he turned his whole thing into a circus. >> marco rubio is hoping to score here. >> we can' t win if we nominate someone that half of the republican party hates. >> i don' t know what makes anyone believe that donald trump are going to peel off of him and
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>> john kasich is seeing put protests after signing off to fund -- defund planned parenthood in ohio. >> i found his comments to be offensive. >> those attacks help me is that somebody is listening out there. >> he and ben carson round of the five republicans left in this race. >> those caucuses get a later start in the evening out in nevada. so it could be a while before we start to get results here. as for turnout, four years ago they only had about 33,000 able across the state. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. jason: a major player in the technology world has sided with the fbi in its fight with apple. in an interview released by financial times, bill gates said apple should unlock the iphone used by the san bernardino shooter. gates says he feels it' s a
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way to unlock phones. google, facebook, and other tech companies have backed apple' s physician to the fire judge order. michelle: a cease-fire in syria could go into effect as early as this weekend. the white house says president obama called russian president vladimir putin to discuss it yesterday. they talked about establishing a cease-fire between the syrian regime and the armed opposition. terror groups like isis have not agreed to any cease-fire. jason: new details this morning. a teenager has died days after this terrifying helicopter crash in hawaii. you are seeing some footage. the pilot crashed in pearl harbor near the u.s. as arizona memorial. the teen was visiting from canada. two people are still recovering in the hospital. it is still unclear what caused this traffic to go down.
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that slammed into cj -- from the storm the stand and that slammed into fiji is going up. crews are still cleaning up the damage. michelle: some in ocala are being told to boil their water before they use it. a water main ruptured on southeast 17th street. you can see hole that was left behind in the road after all that water. crews hope to open the avenue for the water main have that road repaired sometime today. jason: we saw some overnight rain, is that going to stick around for us through the whole tuesday? michelle: i don' t know that the whole day. but amy: amy, we will need our umbrella. amy:-- amy: some of you won' t get a drop of rain at all. it will be pretty scattered. this morning, things are fairly quiet. we are rain in the overnight hours. temperatures are still going to be warm today.
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we are headed up -- we are awfully warmer. we have a few still lingering showers to the north from the overnight rain. flagler marion still sing a pocket or rain. a lot of us are seeing clouds and moisture in the air. it is very muggy and human in the clouds are low so it will start off a little bit ray and gloomy. by noon today, we will see the rain developed. it is scattered and lifts off to the north. it to the evening commute. most of the rain is overall the east coast by five or 6:00 tonight. into the late night after we get past sunset, the rain will die down. more showers and storms are on the way tomorrow. some of the storms could reach severe levels. we will talk about that in a few minutes. right now, let' s get over to ted noah for traffic. ted: looking at i-4 in seminole county eastbound.
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from 436 -- just from maitland to 436 to read will lose a right lane. at the best of times you will not see a major impact. 408 westbound on the left side, you have a left lane blocked if you' re going over i-4. no major delays and even with that left lane it taken out. conway toll plaza to i-4 is four minutes. jason: new information on the death of a father and daughter in brevard county. michelle: investigators continue search for answers in this case. jason: new details about the el
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go paperless, don't stress, girl that you need safe driver accident-free
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. michelle: three criminals are on the run after shooting a man during an orlando home and asian. it happened at the pine view apartments on north pine hill road. the victim is in serious condition. the motive is not clear the time. jason: we are working to figure out why tank was used to execute a search warrant.
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the door of a home on orange avenue. michelle: the 15-year-old accused of ramming ishares deputy with a stolen car last week is now under arrest. giancarlo ortiz turn himself in yesterday. the car he used in the incident was abandoned on saturday. a families and france are in the death of a teenage girl. michelle: the 30-year-old is -- jason: the 13-year-old was found dead with her father. how the girl that is still in history. jazmin walker is here with new information. jazmin: friends and family are heartbroken. some fought back tears trying to tell us more about the days leading up the father and daugther' s deaths. we will get you some video and show you this. this is one of the text messages that one of the coworkers got. the last time that they spoke with 42-year-old sittichai boonkeian the text messages asking his
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his shift at thai fuji in rockledge. the father was a chef there. he called off last monday, then again on wednesday. friday, he was a no-show. >> he didn' t even show up. no text, no call. that is unlike him. not like him at all. >> sometimes you work too much. jazmin: while the investigators believe the father committed suicide, many don' t understand why. coworkers say he was not hurting for cash. the victim sister who you just heard from said she wanted her brother to get out more and make more friends. there is still no search for a killer and investigators will not say the father is a suspect in his daughter' s death. jason: we now know the el faro cargo ship was on a list of vessels with the most potential for risk. a u.s. coast guard captain
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faro was among 10% of ships on that list. he said staff members were preparing to release information when they found the el faro had disappeared. >> it was difficult. just really recalling what could' ve been a series of events at the time , really having a feeling for what our loved ones could' ve experienced. jason: the 40 euros ship sank after being caught in hurricane joaquin. michelle: jury selection is underway in the lawsuit followed by aaron andrew. -- erin andrews. the former espn -- she is suing a -- members of a hotel for recording videos. the trial is connected to take two weeks. jason: investigators are
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maryland. those birds were discovered bird. police believe the animals were t know if it was poised -- intentional or not. new this morning, two florida cities made the list of happiest and healthiest in the nation. michelle: the state of america well-being put naples, florida on the top. three. report measures how residents feel about their physical health , social ties, financial security, community and sense of purpose. jason: we have been feeling happy about the weather the last couple of days. or just weekend. now we are starting to see rain creep in. amy: the grass still needs to grow. we will get out of here and get the sunshine back for the weekend. timing works out pretty good. we have a couple of showers and even a few thunderstorms. this morning though, as you get
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to send them with an umbrella even though it is not going to be all day rain. there is a couple spotty showers this morning and we will have a return chance for a few showers and storms later this afternoon. after 3:00 when the kids are headed home. this morning, they probably don' t even need jackets for the cold. look at these temperatures. we are in the 60' s this morning compared to a normal low temperatures which is where you are yesterday, upper 40' s and lower 50' s. a lot warmer to start off. 63 palm coast. 62 in kissimmee right now. a couple of little showers here in there mainly to the north. marion county seen the light rain. flagler and putnam up through alachua. most central florida not seeing any rain. a lot of rain and moisture' s. . the rain is damp from the overnight hours -- the ground is damp from the overnight hours. we will get a few scattered
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bring in the warm air. here is futurecast. we start to see a couple of showers double up. notice they are very widely scattered. not all of us will get rain today. there will be a few places that get some downpours. isolated thunderstorm not out of the question. i think today will be rain and tomorrow we have a better chance for thunderstorms. late night tonight after dark, the rain goes away. temperature still climate to the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. we will make it 82 in longwood in winter park. 82 in ocoee and kissimmee. along the coast, upper 70' s and lower 80' s. 82 in palm bay. futurecast for tomorrow, by late morning, we are seeing the stout -- showers and storms rolling ahead of our cold front. north and west of the i-4
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into the early afternoon, showers and storms pushed to the south and by 5:00, the showers and storms will push off the coast. there is a chance that some of the storms could reach severe levels. all up and down these coast we are dealing with thunderstorms. north florida including the northern part of central florida is under the slight risk for severe storms. it' s that means the wind gusts that 58 miles per hour or greater and even a very low possible of isolated tomatoes. so stay tuned tomorrow. meanwhile, behind those storms comes much cooler and drier air. we' ll have plenty of sunshine beginning thursday and continuing into the weekend. time for traffic, here is ted. ted: most of it is pretty quiet out there. the worst to find is the 408 roadwork westbound that hasn' t wrapped up over i-4. if you' re traveling to downtown orlando may be through obt, you will see that roadwork.
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i-4 eastbound on the right as animate this between the turnpike and j y p. no delays. a nice-looking drive you' re heading out and taking that they drive from the turnpike to colonial, eight minutes. jason: a violent scene caught in a camera at a restaurant that is normally family-friendly. michelle: what might have led to this brawl at a chuck e. cheese.
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jason: things get ugly at a chuck e. cheese. this is in connecticut. police say at least a dozen people were involved in what was an all-out brawl. officers think it may have started after two women bus -- bumped into each other. a child was knocked down and others had injuries. they were minor. no one was seriously hurt. the fight broke up before officers got to the scene. no one has been arrested so far. the houston astros begin spring training workouts for the final time in osceola county. michelle: they reported to kissimmee. next year, they are reporting --
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the braves also trained in our area and they report to disney tomorrow. new on sunrise, the nfl is being forced to pay back millions of dollars that it cap from players. that is a going to a report in the wall street journal. it says over the last three years, the league is held $120 million in ticket revenue. an nfl spokesperson called it a technical accounting issue. jason: we will watch amazon stock to see how investors respond to the latest move. amazon is hiked up the free shipping minimum for nonmembers. now you' ll have to spend $49 to get shipping for free instead of 35. there is no minimum for prime members. next at 5:30, a teenager accused of hitting in orange county deputy with a car has surrendered. michelle: what we are learning as he prepares for court. now we had to alex villareal. alex: a man is in the hospital after police say he was shot at an apartment complex.
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about this. about this. ted: overnight roadwork and a couple spots. amy: a little bit of spotty rain we are dealing with mainly in marion and flagler county. we will see more rain as we have through the day. i' ve got your timing when we return. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, a community on edge after an overnight home invasion and' s in a shooting area we are live as detectives search for the suspects involved. amy: rain in the forecast. when where you will see showers. jason: republicans turn to nevada. the voters had to the polls in the caucuses today. thank you for waking up with us. i' m jason guy. michelle: i' m michelle imperato. let' s start off with a quick look out wide. we have some rain drops of a lens does it overnight rain. amy sweezey is joining us now. is that rain not around anymore? amy: we have it in a couple places.
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looking at spotty showers for the rest of the morning and this afternoon we will have more areas of rain once we start to heat up a bit. it is definitely going to heat up despite the fact that we have clouds and rain today. we are still headed into the low 80' s. it will be a warm afternoon. a warm start as well. we started in the low to mid 60' s since last night. compared to yesterday when we were in the upper 40' s and if these. it' s a whole lot warmer than now. -- it is a whole lot warmer now. a couple of spotty showers flatware punt them back to marion county. lifting up to the north. the rest of us are just seen a whole lot of cloud cover. low clouds recent visibility. it is a gray in gloomy and seems i get about a rain even though it may not actually have
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temperatures this afternoon will be warm. we are headed to the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. i will show you futurecast and we will talk about the timing of our showers later coming up in just a few minutes. right now it is 5:31. ted: good-looking drive on i-4 in seminole county. traffic buzzing bye, no delays. roadwork on 408 westbound. a left lane block crest -- crossing over i-4. that wraps up at obt. the stretch from the con my toll plaza to i-4 is short despite that construction. they stress from state road 46 to the fairbanks avenue curb, 16 minutes no delays. jason: orlando officer spent hours look for gunman who burst into an apartment complex. michelle: one man was shot just before midnight at the pine hills apartment. alex villareal is life there this morning. we understand there are three
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three males who this victim says knocked on his door here at pineview apartments and told him to give it up. then fired a bullet into the stomach. it is unclear what it referred to, the last report from police said it was unknown if the apartment. who was shot was conscious when they got here before midnight. he told them the three guys took off running from the apartment after one of them opened fire. he said he did not know who they were. orlando police say the victim was taken to ormc and at last report was in serious/stable condition. police say information about what happened in this case is limited.
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details on the search for the suspects who will bring the information to you on air and online. 11 orlando, alex villareal. michelle: the teen accused of slamming his car to an orange county deputy will face a judge. ortiz faces a deputy days after the deputy was injured. brett connolly joins us with the details. brett: the three-day search for the teen comes to an end. ortiz called deputies from his mother' s home and turned himself in. on friday he slammed into marcy peterson as she was attended to rearrest him on burglary charges near stay road 436 at colonial drive. she was sent flying to the ground and suffered head, back, wrist and foot industry -- injuries. deputies are now trying to
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>> we' ve not been able to interview him. he did not make statements to us. so he will peace all of that together as the investigation moves forward. where he has been since friday. brett: sergeant pierce was treated and released on the hospital. ortiz is being held in a juvenile assessment center and' s or fusing to talk with investigators without an attorney being present. jason: police say speed may have been the lead to a deadly wreck an apopka. brian potter junior was killed. witnesses tell us he was speeding when he careened off the road into a tree. this video shows you some of the investigators on the scene and the mangled mess left behind. potter was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. the suspect facing dui manslaughter charges for a deadly multicar wreck will go before a judge. we brought to this crash on orange blossom trail is a breaking news 24 hours ago.
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-- sis sis slant his car. the driver does not have a drivers license. michelle: the woman charged with robbing in orlando cap he will also face a judge from jail. divine love it was locked up monday afternoon. police say she is the woman in the surveillance video. the driver was robbed of $70 and a cell phone. jason: turning to commitment 2016, donald trump is looking for his third straight win today. aixa diaz looking ahead to nevada' s republican caucus. >> donald trump looks to solidify his position as the gop front-runner as ted cruz and marco rubio look to break through and come out on top. opened her the jackpot, the top three republican presidential and of its go to nevada looking for a win in the second caucus of these campaign season. after wins in new hampshire and
5:37 am
seeks more momentum ahead of super tuesday next week. >> georgia, tennessee, we have so many great ones. i think we will do very well in texas. >> texas senator ted cruz who won the iowa caucuses earlier this month is making changes to his campaign staff. he is asked for the resignation of his communications director after he tweeted a story that falsely alleged marco rubio insulted the bible. >> i have made it clear that we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. that has been how we have been conducting it from day one. >> rubio says cruises staffer was exiting a culture that exists in the campaign. >> every single day, some been comes up with the ted cruz campaign about something untrue. >> pulls out a nevada show trump with a commanding lead. in washington, aixa diaz. jason: house minority leader nancy pelosi will hit the
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congressional candidate fell -- val dem ings. she is gunning for republican dan webster' s seat. michelle: uber now admits there were complaints about the driver accused in the deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. the company' s security chief says until saturday there had never been a problem with jason dalton. hours before the shooting spree, a customer called support about erratic driving. dalton is charged with murdering six people. north carolina governor could soon take action over one cities nondiscrimination ordinance. jason: lawmakers approved measures in charlotte would prevent businesses from discriminating based on sexual orientation and gender identity. it also allows transgender people to choose which of the bathroom to going based on their gender identity. north carolina' s governor says the new restroom policy could wreak major public safety
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michelle: let' s turn to your weather. we finally have some weather to talk about it. jason: amy is in in tracking the weather. amy: good morning. just a little bit of spotty ranger this morning. most of it is listed to the north and most of us are not in the rain. however, later today we will start to see more rain developed as we get -- we are headed to the lower 80' s this afternoon. breezy south wind bringing in the north -- one air. look at how warm it is right now. lower 60' s in most of the area. 62 orlando, it is 64 in daytona beach and albert. there is those couple of showers. flagler and marion county seen light rain to the north. the rest of us are dealing with a lot of clouds. low clouds in some instances. visibility is down.
5:40 am
you may need your wipers this morning, even though there are no big downpours. we may get a few downpours embedded in the scattered showers, especially in the afternoon and evening. once we get past dark tonight, all of that rain will come to an end. our temperatures will be warm. we are headed to estuarine we are we' ll talk with the rain and storms -- we will talk with the rain and storms coming up. ted: work slowly wrapping up on the 408 over i-4. hopefully this should be cleared up soon. they are picking up some of the barricades rid a crash on 436 northbound at old cheney highway. goldenrod road is a backup plan. not causing a big delay. i-4 eastbound to downtown orlando, looking over downtown. john young to colonial is five minutes. mixed in with weather at the
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jason: reinforcing safety around local railroads or it michelle: the new campaign authorities are launching to help prevent tragedy. jason: coming up this afternoon --
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. jason: good morning, tuesday is here and so is the rain. a live look at lake eola. 62. you can see the drops on the lens. we had some overnight rain. amy will detail at all. she is back with your first alert forecast in minutes on sunrise. safety ranch rain tracks will be a high priority in seminole county. michelle: law enforcement will be going after people who do things like this. this is a new campaign called don' t take the gate.
5:45 am
s here with what sparked the operation. jazmin: the trains have been involved in more than 11 accidents. today, seminole counties traffic safety will be out trying to remind drivers to stop behind the bar. you will find officers at various crossings in seminole county weather infrequent train versus vehicle crashes. less than a month ago, a sunrail train hit a car parked on the tracks in sanford. the train was empty and the car was not hurt , you may river this one where sunrail train clipped a dump truck that parked too close. it the first-time passengers were hurt. since then, fdot has urged drivers to stay safe distance from railroad crossings in the tracks. if you' re driving in seminole county, you will find debbie' s at railroad crossings are at the county. pay extra attention to crossing along ronald reagan boulevard
5:46 am
boulevard in lake mary. those are some of the places they plan to target. jason, back to you. jason: new information from the panhandle about the teenager charge with murdering his 10-year-old sister. the state attorney' s office is looking to charge him as an adult. deputies say the 15 euros keeps changing his story about how his sister were shot. the girls' s body was found outside their home on sunday. deputies called the teen a hard-core kid who lied and curse. michelle: a man convicted of killing two people with a samurai sword will be in a brevard county courtroom. he was ordered to be resentenced after a judge dismissed a woman during the selection process. -- jury selection. covering osceola county, debbie' s want to take a good look at two robbers who hit up a busy poinciana publix. this is really cypress parkway store on sunday. they are handing you know to a
5:47 am
if you know who these guys are, call rime line. jason: six dogs found abandoned in a south florida dog dumping ground are now in the care of that marion' s in central florida. we were there is those pups arrived at the hospital. they are rescued from an area south of miami where hundreds of abandoned dogs roam. some of the ducks have tumors and ear infections. rescuers are concerned with the dogs left behind. >> it is a race for us to save them because people are learning about the dogs being dumped their and they practice santeria there. so they try to catch the dogs to do that. they are catching them for bait. it is a big issue. jason: poodle and rescue is hoping to bring hundreds of these dogs to central florida. preparations underway for tamara spacex rocket launch at cape canaveral. the window opens in the morning at its: 46 -- tomorrow night at 6:46. the rocket will be carrying a
5:48 am
it has been a most five years in captivated the country. michelle: we are taking a look players. last night we heard from how prosecutors have changed. with the defense. recognized z. that aside 6:00 on wesh 2 jason: . 5:47 now. we are talking about rain. it has just stop this morning. everything was soaked. amy: we had rain in the overnight. it is still raining in him places. a couple of locations and we will get more rain later today. so i would take the him bellow with you depending on what her plans are. even though we have rain today and quite a bit of cloud cover, it will still be warm. today and tomorrow, despite the dorms we are going to be warm and partly the heat is helping to fuel the rain and storms today and tomorrow.
5:49 am
happened as we get into the weekend. our temperatures head back down. on friday, even the lower 60' s blows back into the 40' s. today' s eyes are well above average. we are headed to 82 in orlando, 80 daytona beach and 80 two in melbourne -- 82 in melbourne. it is 62 in orlando right now. daytona -- there is the rain we are dealing with. flagler county and marion for the most art, the only spot there in the area north of pearson and appeared putnam and alachua county' s. like, little showers living to the north and the rest of us have clouds. a little bit of rain that is so light is not picked up. so it is that misting where you might need your wipers for a little bit. but it is not huge downpour that we are dealing with early today. later this afternoon, we will get some heavier rain and even if you isolated storms is are not the western.
5:50 am
that warm air and moisture. about lunchtime we start to see rain redevelop. not all of us will get rain today, but there' ll be some areas that lived up to the north as we get into the evening commute. once we get past our tonight, the rain comes to an end. we are quiet overnight tonight although the and will be breezy. then we will see a return of showers and storms tomorrow as a cold front makes its approach. upper 70' s, lower 80' s where we are headed. 82 in clermont. 82 are high and kissimmee. we will hit 81 in deltona. 78 flagler beach and 80 degrees new smyrna beach. 81 tide is a, 82 palm bay. 81 cape canaveral. tomorrow, here is the rain and storms making their approach on the west side of the state by late morning. even the end of the morning commute we may see some showers
5:51 am
will make their way to the high for corridor through noon and continue to push off the coast of the afternoon and evening. basically it is a during the day of event tomorrow with the showers and storms and it is possible that some of the storms could reach severe levels. a couple of tornadoes are possible. wind gusts at 58 miles per hour greater. we will keep you posted. make sure you have batteries in your weather radio. if you' re out and about, you want to make sure you have it -- you have downloaded a first alert weather at. that getting traffic update and it over to ted. ted: the tuesday drive leaving so far right now is quiet. looking at seminole county i-4 westbound on the right that the screen. from lake mary to lee, it is at 11 minutes. good news for the 408 drive through downtown orlando, not only is it quiet, but he wrapped up the road work here over i-4. crash on 436 at old cheney
5:52 am
it is not blocking. they moved to to the side. could use goldenrod if you don' t want to deal with that. conley toll plaza to i-4. jason: dozens of big-name music acts will make their way through self order. michelle: a look at this year' s lineup for the sun fast. jason: what taylor swift is doing to help -- help a fellow
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jason: happy tuesday to you. a here is lake eola and orange county. make sure you grab the umbrella last that out or go to the bus up with the kids. amy has federal on tee times times out to dinner first alert weather. 5:50 five, ke$ha is gaining legal support in her battle against her producer. michelle: taylor swift is donated to an $50,000 to the popstar. ke$ha is trying to get out of her contract with dr. luke after she says he drugged and raped
5:56 am
bj showed go more in depth on this case at 7:00. a re--- the today show will go more in depth at 7:00. the release of a sea turtle is happening. steve has been recovering since november after he was found with fishhooks in his flippers. he will be released at 2:00 at coconut point park in melbourne beach. good news for music fans. the lineup for this year' s sun fast and self order has been announced. jason: we know more than 50 bands will be attending. some of the acts include durand durand, meghan trainor, alabama shakes and jason tarullo. the weeklong music festival begins in west palm beach. tickets are on sale now. coming up at 6:00, and overnight home invasion ends in a shooting at a local apartment complex area michelle: alex villareal is live with what we are on for six it locked. alex: a man is in the hospital as a result of a shooting.
5:57 am
brett: the swat team armed with a tank rolls through a quiet seminole county neighborhood. my neighbors were shocked to see law enforcement bust into the home. ted: let' s take a peek at i-4 in seminole county and anything else that might impact your. amy: a few small spotty showers left over from the overnight rain. this will come to an end but then more rain will be developing as we head to the afternoon. i will have the timing internet hour. jason: you can track all that rain using our first alert weather out.
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from the apple itunele >> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. michelle: targeted at home. the overnight shooting and how the attack. jason: bill gates takes sides, his surprising support just announced in the apple-fbi showdown. amy: spotty showers this tomorrow. forecast. michelle: and this fence was no match for a tank, the investigation into why the swat


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