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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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while you was awarded the >> local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. michelle: i am jazmin walker. michelle: i am michelle imperato . they have push back donald trump' s appearance because of the crowds.
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you can bet he will have plenty to say after taking fire from opponents. the talk of the campaign trail. >> this month was unprecedented. >> he referred to by small hands. if they are small, something else must be small. i can guarantee you, there is no problem. >> donald trump, below the belt and under fire. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. >> when they are done with yeldon, can i answer a question. >> trump was targeted even before he took the stage by former republican nominee, mitt romney. >> his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> i will do everything from within the normal political bounds to make sure we do not nominate donald trump.
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romney is insisting he would not consider stepping in if it came down to a contested convention, but he is in closing the door. >> there no circumstances which i can for see where that what happened. >> the stop trump movement extending to the debate stage with ted cruz and marco rubio taking aim. >> he is trying to con people into giving them his mode, like them their money. in the general election? kasich looking to stay above the fray. even after all of the fighting. >> don' t worry about it, little marco.
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>> i would if he was the nominee. jazmin: big crowds are expected a growing number of ucf students that disagree are planning to the arrival of the leading presidential candidate has the are underway. organizing, while others are exciting. >> a peaceful protest. everyone who is serious about coming, they know that it is peaceful. nothing rude or profanity. >> as long as you will have the political process, you need to hear all sides. whether it is personally offensive to you is a matter that is only for you to decide. jazmin: the organizer says they are gathering in designated areas from across the arena. marco rubio is also campaigning in jacksonville. >> a team of reporters preparing
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day on the wesh 2 mobile app . orlando police have identified the man shot in an orlando apartment complex last night. 22-year-old carlton wilson was found at the cypress pointe apartments in rosemont after 8:00. no suspect information has been released. 2 people are recovering from a crash caused by will malfunction . the marion county fire rescue sent this picture of a pickup truck on its side in the ditch. it was on i-75 when the rear wheel failed. it crossed lanes of traffic and hit a tree. the passenger got out, but it took 10 minutes for the rescue team to free the driver. orlando police are investigating a crash. a man ran into the road and was hit by two cars on east colonial
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the westbound side of colonial was shut down for hours. opd says the victim was first hit by a pickup truck and the driver could not avoid him. then the man was hit by second card. he was pronounced dead. he is 20 years old. i daytona beach man is accused of raping and beating a woman he had then in a relationship with months ago. 31-year-old travis walker is facing kidnapping and sexual battery charges. he was out with the victim yesterday and followed her home because she had an drinking. when inside, walker attacked and raped her. now your forecast. you could not ask for a better way to head into the weekend. >> we have had a nice string of days. amy: it is nice in winter park. i cannot say that about everywhere. it is a lot colder. we have not even hit 60 degrees
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it is 59 there. we have had all of these clouds in our northern areas that have been building in in the last couple of hours. the middle 70' s or 80 degrees in look at the wind, they are picking up. the wind is out of the north and northwest and will do so as the cool air is filtering and behind the cold front that brought us rain and storms this morning. look at how the clouds have been hanging out in marion county. . sunshine, temperatures are climbing. we will keep going a couple more degrees in orlando. i will take you county-by-county and we will look at your weekend forecast when we come back inside. >> beginning the year-long closure as part of the ultimate
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has been closed since 9:30. the drainage and bridge work is expect it to take 14 months. the detour is orange avenue or magnolia. jazmin: you hear a lot about cities pushing back against uber. one city in central florida is teaming up with the ridesharing app. altamonte springs has announced a pilot project to see how it could be easier for residents to get around. >> altamonte springs will be the first fully integrated uber city in the united states. that deserves applause. [applause] jazmin: with the announcement, altamonte springs turns to uber transportation problems. our
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inks to perform was at the heart of it. when flux bus died, we looked for other opportunities. jazmin: the partnership is money. the airport only allows uber black to think of customers. others can' t because they do not need the standards for background checks and safety. in michigan, and uber driver went on a random shooting spree while driving, killing six. >> the background checks won' t protect everyone. uber has agreed to do background checks as part of their contract and to have substantial insurance. we are exactly where we need to be. >> officials say the pilot program will make it more convenient and cheaper to catch the sunrail and other places in
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you can open your uber app, type in altamonte come and you will see your discount. it is 25% if you start or end at the sunrail system. >> it is a cost-effective local solution. a demonstration project to get people to sunrail. >> and brother and sister are accused of stealing money from a girl scout. 20-year-old nicholas delbrugge, and his sister, ashley winters , turn themselves in. ashley winters grabbed a 12-year-old girl scout' s cashbox. they were wrecking nasdaq tracked down on facebook. they worked together to pull off the crime. a sheriff' s canine wounded in the line of duty has been busy getting back on the streets.
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purple heart and medal of valor, he captured a suspect that fled through 2 counties. yesterday, he tracked 21-year-old sherman atkins daytona beach. he allegedly sold rags to undercover officers and fled when they moved in to make an arrest. endo pulled atkins from a porch. atkins briefly penned th -- pinned the canine, but gave up. >> yesterday, council members passed an ordinance giving law enforcement flexibility to fine people caught with 20 grams of weight or left. -- or less. if you' re caught, you could get a citation instead of arrested. it will go into effect on april 1, but only in unincorporated full he sure county and the beach. you could see a launch. space-x will make up at the 10
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technical problems and weather has led to several delays. it will carry a navigational satellite for asia into orbit. you can watch it live on the wesh 2 mobile app. just in, orlando' s next soccer star made it to town. >> antonio torino flew into italy. he comes from ac milan. he is not expected to start in the season opener. they our last check a few thousand feet away from filling the bowl for the game. >> sports authority, the effect the bankruptcy will have on central florida. the six stores that will be
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or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. >> you are watching wesh 2. jazmin: the sports authority bankruptcy will impact central florida. michelle: wheeler 6 stores will close, causing lots of people to lose jobs. sports authority declared bankruptcy and will close 140 stores.
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the store on state route 434 in altamonte springs. in daytona beach. evans road in melbourne. southwest 43rd street. and north alafaya trail in orlando. jazmin: there are no closing dates in the court filings. we are working to find out when they will close and how many central floridian will lose their jobs. canaveral. the carnival sunshine has reported a norovirus outbreak. it is on a 13 day crews. 118 guests are sick. the cdc will have a follow-up investigation. it is the fourth cruiseship to report the bug. it is the reason that anthem of the seas had to cut its trip short this week. >> new information about scott kelly' s mission. nasa and scott kelly will hold a news conference to discuss his
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gravity had on his body. it can be seen at you can ask kelly questions on twitter by using the #asknasa at 1:00. >> the authorities have seized uniforms being sent to fighters from isis and al qaeda. they were taken in a counterterrorism operation last month in several port cities. they were found in other -- they were found with other military items. a branch of al qaeda in syria and isis. 2 drivers going at it in the middle of the california intersection. look at what happened in fontana. a driver got out of his cv and started fighting. that is a passenger in the truck ahead of him.
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2 men finally stopped it. everyone got into their vehicles and drove off. >> bikers will write in daytona beach this weekend for bike week kerry at several counties are hosting events, but mainstream -- main street daytona is the heart of ike week. -- bike week. local law enforcement wants bikers to enjoy themselves and they urge everyone to pay extra attention on i-95 and i-4. it stars today and goes through march 13. >> it will be a beautiful weekend, but they might find it a little cool right now. amy: it is a breezy, and the clouds have been going far enough south that daytona beach is dealing with cloud cover. it will feel a little cooler. i' m not talking freezing temperatures, just colder in daytona then to the south where there is more sunshine. it will be a nice weekend.
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breezy wind that will lighten up for saturday. more sunshine in daytona beach for the weekend. tomorrow, lower 70' s. then a reinforcing cold front will call us down to 70 degrees. look at the satellite picture. marion county has clouds and then it is creeping down into parts of volusia. the rest of us, blue skies and sunshine with quickly climbing temperatures. up in the atmosphere, this is the water vapor, in the middle of the atmosphere. the orange is dry air. that will break apart the cloud cover and keep humidity low. right now, the clouds are impacting the temperatures. 50 nine in palm coast. 65 at daytona beach. 75 in orlando. 77 in winter haven.
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looking into the distance from winter park, we are looking to the north at some of the clouds to the north. there are the clouds. notice the blue sky and sunshine . orlando, 75 with low humidity. the wind will be between 10 and 15. it will be breezy for the remainder of your friday in. we will climb some. we need more sunshine in palm coast to break apart the cloud cover. the rest of us will go up a few more degrees with quite a bit of sunshine. when the window opens for the falcon 9 launch, it will only be a problem for 10%. a 90% go for the weather for the launch of the rocket. tomorrow, high pressure will build in with the wind coming out of the northeast. tomorrow will be beautiful,
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on sunday, another front will roll through from north to south. i do not expect rain like early this morning, but it will reinforce the cold air behind the cold front. when we get to the orlando city soccer game on sunday at her noon, it will be beautiful with sun and clouds. i know that many of you are going to the citrus bowl for the 2:00 game. if you' re going to the central florida fair, like week, the strawberry festival, it will be very nice. temperatures will climb into the middle 80' s by the end of next week. >> the owners of el faro have reached a settlement with the families of war crewmembers that were lost when the ship went down. maritime will pay $500,000 for pain and suffering, and an undisclosed amount for economic losses. the ship was going to puerto
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disappeared in the storm. all the people on board died. the family says that while no amount of money will replace their son, they felt the offer was fair. the families of 12 more passengers on flight mh370 are suing with days to go before the deadline for legal action expires. the airplane disappeared on march 8, 2014 with 349 people on the negligence suit has been filed from passengers from ukraine, russia, and others have already been filed from u.s. and australia. in africa, they found what appears to be a piece of the jet. >> a north korean cargo vessel has been said that doc ked in manila. it was inspected on a warmer
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it was coming from indonesia. inspectors found nothing suspicious. >> we arty have systems in cars that help us park, but what about a chair that helps you move? intelligent parking assist technology in chairs and cars. it detects the position and a computer moves them that to their original location. >> that is weird to me, but the main part for this technology is still for cars. they aim to have self driving cars transport athletes in the 20 20th olympics. olympic organizers are scrambling after they made an oversight. they forgot to set aside a place for the cauldron for the olympic flame. the design was approved last december, but no one decided where to put it. putting it in the stadium could create seats with a bad view.
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you can bet border control has stories of people sneaking into the u.s. >> and undocumented brazilian man was found hiding in a gas tank at the california border. they didn' t know he was there until the car was put in an imaging machine. he was arrested along with the driver. this guy wrote the book on how
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>> a brother and sister who are accused of stealing money from a girl scout are expected in court in an hour. >> they work together to pull off the theft. we will let you know what comes of the court appearance. >> gop front-runner . what ucs is doing to make sure the event goes off without issue. >> a stumbling shoplifter did not think he would be going viral. >> he is hauling it out of a walmart with $40 worth of meat when he trips into a passing car here you can see him try to play it off and keep running in south carolina.
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face first. pretty bad. we will watch it again. >> look for the guy that is limping, and they will probably find him. amy: class of the north are keeping us cooler. we have sunshine to the south. there is no rain in the seven days. we will be in the upper 70' s for saturday and sunday. >> thank you for watching. you can get more news inside the wesh 2 mobile app. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> thank you for choosing wesh 2
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