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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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random acts of violence. this resident who asked not to be identified, says no one told her as she moved n this week, that a man was shot and killed in front of her new home saturday. >> it freaks me out. i didn' t know anything about this at all, period. like nothing about it. ,bob: another resident, juan morrero, says information barely coming out in dribs and drabs this week has added to his morrero: absolutely it' scary. i get home at night, it is not the same feeling now. i am just looking around and weird people around. bob: meanwhile loved ones have tribute to the victim jose m. gomez. today his lawyer tells wesh 2 jose was a loving father and he was a good friend to those who knew him. he will be missed greatly. i pray that the person who did this will be brought to justice. for now, carter is being held in
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also has a court date in seminole on a probation violation. he has not been charged in connection with the homicide. he does have a significant arrest history, but nothing approaching the level of violence that this homicide shows on saturday. meredith: thank you. a nasty crash in ovideo put one person in the hospital. it happened on lockwood boulevard, between county road 419 and evans street. police say a sedan and a large fuel truck collided. the person in the car was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. so far no word on what caused the crash. a local man and his sister appeared in court today, on charges of robbing a 12-year-old girl scout. detectives say last sunday, nicholas delbrugge and ashley winters spotted the scout selling cookies outside a deltona wal-mart. they say delbrugge swiped the girl' s cash-box, and then jumped into a car, driven by winters. deputies say the two made a brief trip to north carolina, but turned themselves in when they got back. >> i understand why it' s such a big deal. it'
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american icon. meredith: donations have replaced the stolen cash. jim: orlando police say this man , 22-year-old carlton wilson, was murdered last night in an apartment shot to death in the rosemont neighborhood. police say wilson was shot at the cypress pointe apartments just after 8:00. so far no suspects have been named, and no motive has been revealed. a trio of suspected thieves get more than they bargain for when they tried to rob two women who fought back. it' s a story you' ll see only on wesh 2. it happened in deltona ending in a crash on howland boulevard. moments before this, a man with a gun jumped into an suv at the winn dixie plaza, and demanded jewelry from the women inside. they fought back, and the man ran. he jumped into a nearby truck, which took off. the would-be victims didn' t stop there. they chased the pick-up. it eventually crashed, and the robbers took off running. they were arrested a short time later. meredith: to say the republican debate last night got a bit testy at times would be an understatement. the final four candidates
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the sparks flew early and often especially between donald trump , and marco rubio. wallace: i have a policy question for you, sir. marco rubio: let' s see if he answers it. donald trump: i will. don' t worry about it, marco. [applause] don' t worry about it. don' t worry about it little marco, i will. marco rubio: all right, well, let' s hear it big donald. donald trump: don' t worry about it, little marco. wallace, gentlemen, gentlemen. wallace: you have got to do better than this. donald trump: this guy has a number 1 -- the number one absentee record in the united states. wallace: mr. trump, i would like to ask you a policy question. wallace: your proposed tax cut. donald trump: that' s why the people in florida do not like him. meredith: this was the last debate before the next string of primaries and caucuses. jim: donald trump stuck around in michigan on this day after the debate, holding a rally in warren, just north of detroit. tomorrow, he' ll bring his campaign to central florida. holding a rally at ucf. wesh 2' s michelle meredith joins us live with more on the preparations that are now underway.
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michelle: this area has been the center of a lot of activity today. there are a few barricades. the university of central florida is gearing up for the arrival of donald trump. some parking spots outside the arena have been blocked off. inside the cfe arena, the crew in charge of sound and lighting is setting up. donald trump: we are going to make america great again. michelle: most the ucf students we talked to today are more concerned with mid term exams then donald trump. what do you think? >> i' m not really taking him seriously i guess. michelle: how do you see the world as president? >> i think america' s stature in the world would be greatly undermined by a trump presidency . michelle: we also found a group of students, concerned about the prospect of a trump presidency. so they' re planning a protest outside the arena, say they could be anywhere from 600 to
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>> particularly these outrageous statements he is making with respect to every single issue, every single demographic. we are uniting in the proposition of respect. michelle: traffic congestion on the ucf campus has been a problem during big events. that' s just one reason trump' s campaign changed tomorrow' s rally to 2:00, instead of noon. but folks we talked to in nearby neighborhoods do not anticipate a problem. >> there will be plenty of parking available to them. they have the enclosed lots, they have parking by the stadium. michelle: you think you' re going to get off the hook? >> oh, i think so. michelle: the doors here will open tomorrow morning at 11:00. jim: wesh 2 will be there for the donald trump campaign stop. you can catch coverage on air and online. we' ll tell you what trump has to say, and alert you to any traffic concerns in the area. meantime a seasoned politician right here in central florida says because of donald trump, the republican party is heading
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former u.s. senator and orange county chairman mel martinez is throwing his support behind marco rubio. he tells wesh 2 his party has been fractured by trump, who he believes will not get enough delegates before the convention. mel martinez: i' m for letting the process go as far as it needs to for us to end up with a true republican who is going to represent what our party stands for, and has stood for. and i think marco rubio would be the logical compromise candidate the guy to get behind so that we , can elect a republican. offices in jacksonville, orlando, and tampa. meredith: big news out of california. a knife discovered at the property once owned by oj simpson is now being analyzed by investigators. the lapd says the knife is believed to have been left there around the time of the nicole brown-simpson and ron goldman murders. they say a construction worker found the blade some time ago, and gave it to an off-duty police officer. >> double jeopardy would be in
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charge mr. simpson with the s already been s been acquitted. meredith: there are reports that the officer kept the knife for years. so far, no word why it was never turned over to police. jim: polk county sheriff' s deputies say they' ve arrested the fourth and final suspect in a triple murder in lakeland. tavares mack was arrested in he' s charged along with andrew joseph, jonathan alcegaire, and jamaal smith. deputies say on january 6, the group killed three people inside a home on east magnolia street. at the time, investigators said it was a known drug house. two women and a man were killed. a fourth victim was shot in the face but survived. so far, no word on what motivated the killings. meredith: the volusia county man who threatened to kill president obama will now spend the next seven years in prison. jeremy addison pleaded guilty back in october. he was sentenced on tuesday. prosecutors say he sent a threatening letter to the president in 2014. he also threatened a secret service agent who tried to interview him. ormond beach police have charged
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neglect. the boy was hurt earlier this week when he was left unattended in an suv. the gear shift moved to somehow. the car rolled, and the child fell out. it happened on west granada boulevard. 29-year-old ashley wilson is now charged. the boy was air-lifted to the hospital. he is expected to be ok. jim: right now a man charged with child neglect in sanford, is out of jail. erik williams bonded out last night. police say his 6-year-old niece found his gun, and it accidentally went off, and killed her. detectives say williams is a convicted felon, and isn' t allowed to possess a weapon. williams will appear in court on april 5. his mother tells wesh 2, the gun wasn' t his. right now three local teens are recovering after their truck ran off a dirt road and over-turned in a brevard county canal yesterday. it happened along quarno road in sharpes. deputies say the teens were riding some soft sand. they lost control and flipped the truck onto its roof. there wasn' t much water in the canal, and rescuers were able to
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the 14, 18 and 19-year-olds in the truck suffered only minor injuries. grab your best leather jacket, your pals, and hit the open road. bike week is here once again, if you' re in daytona beach this weekend, you' re sure to hear the sound of thunder just about everywhere you go. thousands of bikers are rolling into central florida right now. meredith: that means plenty of business for local bars, restaurants, and retailers. wesh 2' s claire metz joins us live with more. claire, it looks a good time. claire: big time. just like nascars origins, motorcyclists raced on the beach just down the street decades ago , and there are races out on the speedway. this event has really turned into a spectator' s port on main street see and be seen. ,>> you just want to come down here and people watch and look at motorcycles. >> we enjoy coming down look at the bikes. claire: the iron horses and their riders have come in strong on day one of the event leather and chrome as far as the eye can
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, ride themselves but want to be part of the parade. and it' s a real shot in the arm for local businesses. bikers will put $75 million into this economy during the next day 10 days. >> $1200 on the room, we' ve got $1000 spending cash. will probably use the card on $500 other stuff. claire: local hotelier dev bhakta thinks the 75th anniversary has boosted attendance. his staff taking calls constantly from those still looking for rooms area. he' s already full both weekends. >> like the saturdays both saturdays, friday, saturday next week we got a few on the week , days, but as long as the weather holds up, i don' t see us not selling out. claire: boomer bikers have been the events mainstay but promoters are starting to see a young crowd roll, in and women are becoming a big part of the culture. >> you see the guys riding, you want to get on there and ride your own. it' s a lot of fun.
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new motorcycles, rather than buying used motorcycles or riding on the back so those are all good trends for the industry. claire: something no one wants to see trend motorcycle mayhem. we watched a few reckless moves as bikers cruised through town and their have already been several accidents. law enforcement is warning riders and motorists to be alert, aware of each other. as a matter of fact, we heard of another couple of accidents this afternoon. one had a pretty serious injury involves. police want bikers to come here and have a good time, but they want everyone to safely get home again. meredith: looks like she had a fan behind her. coming up, uber teams up with altamonte springs. jim: it' s a story we first brought you last night. now, we' re learning more about the multi million dollar partnership, and how it will work. meredith: plus, sick at sea. what we' ve learned about 100 people who have fallen ill with the norovirus, while on board a cruise ship bound for florida. jim: and we' ll tell you how some big changes at sports authority stores nationwide will affect
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tony: we are closely monitoring upper-level winds.
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the falcon nine roon announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. jim: sports authority is filing for bankruptcy, and central florida will feel the impact. the company will be closing six local stores as part of its reorganization, costing dozens of jobs. the list includes the stores on in altamonte springs, daytona beach, melbourne, ocala, and two stores in orlando. so far, no word when those stores will close. meredith: carnival cruise says more than 100 people on board a recent voyage fell sick. the diagnosis? the norovirus. the ship sunshine will return to port canaveral tomorrow. carnival says right now the crew has been working to clean and disinfect the ship. this is the fourth cruise ship this week to report the bug, including royal caribbean' s anthem of the seas, which was forced to return to port in new jersey. we' re learning new information tonight about a new partnership between uber and a central florida city. jim: we first told you yesterday that altamonte springs has teamed up with the ride-sharing
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s alex villareal shows us what this means for people who live there. mayor pat bates: altamonte springs will become the first fully-integrated uber city in the united states. that deserves applause. [applause] reporter: with today' s announcement, altamonte springs turns to uber to help solve its transportation problems. giving people an easy way to get to sunrail is still a priority for the city, after a failed effort to offer on-demand buses to the train station through lynx. >> our inability to get lynx to perform kind of laid at the heart of it. so when flexbus died, we looked for other opportunities. reporter: the new partnership, funded through the old flexbus money and private donations, comes as many cities are still wary of uber. the orlando airport only allows uber' s luxury service, uber black, to pick up passengers. uberx drivers can' t, because city officials say they don' t meet orlando' s standards for
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in michigan last month, an uber driver, who the company says passed a background check, went on a random shooting spree while driving, killing six people. frank: background checks in and of themselves are not going to protect everyone, as you saw. uber has agreed to do background checks as part of their contract. they' ve also agreed to have very so we' re exactly where we need to be. reporter: officials say the pilot program is going to make it a lot more convenient and cheaper to get to sunrail and other places in and around altamonte springs. starting march 21, you just open up your uber app, type in promo code altamonte, and you' ll see your discount. 20% off for trips that both start and end in altamonte springs. but that bumps up to 25% if you start or end at the city' s sunrail station. john mica: this is a cost effective local solution. it' s a demonstration project to get people to sunrail. reporter: in altamonte springs, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news.
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finally the night it gets to launch a falcon nine rocket from cape canaveral. the window for this latest attempt opens at 6:35. four previous attempts have already been scrubbed because of weather and technical problems. the falcon nine will carry a communications satellite into position over asia. meredith: 20 middle three is joining us now. you think this would get off the ground code or tony: you look at the weather, it is beautiful. what you don' t see is at 37,000 feet, wind is nearly 100 miles per hour. we hope this will subside prior to launch window. you can see a gorgeous shot at the cape. current temperature is 66. it wind on the surface at north northeast. this is never good when you want to launch a rocket to have wind like that. you would rather take a sledgehammer than the wind. we will see what they decide to
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wind at the service and occasional gusts -- at the surface, occasional gusts at 30. the fronts now to the south. in its wake, we had a beautiful breeze working in, and that is beginning to cool off osceola and orange county. look at that are. it reflects the marine influence. very well pronounced. it works inland, and it begins to cool temperatures off. look at the chains from this time yesterday. 10 to 15 degrees cooler. it has been cool all day up north. if you' re going to the central florida fair, you will be that -- need the jacket. it will fall into the middle and upper 50' s after 11:00.
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kenansville, kissimmee, 40' s . windemere, ocoee, altamonte springs, heathrow, longwood, upper 50' s. the beaches of warmer. all weekend long, look at the high pressure. the wind is north of jacksonville. that sets us up splendidly, and on sunday we get a reinforcing shower of dry air right up front there. i temperature on saturday around 79. norman will high is 77 -- normal high is 77. strawberry festival, mid-70' s. a lot of risk with the onshore flow, but with spring breakers, they are hearty if they are jumping in with that water temperature. midday
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let' s look at the updated seven-day forecast. upper 70' s all weekend long. we will touch upon that orlando city soccer forecast in the next half hour, and talk more about why we' re climbing up into the mid-80' s. we have not hit 90, not seeing we will hit their, but it will be the warmest so far this year. meredith: thank you. coming up, big news for the us economy, and jobs. jim: plus, a nasty case of road rage is caught on camera. you' ll see how it all started. meredith: from street fighting, to courtroom brawl. what led up to this melee in north carolina. you'
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5:00. meredith: right now make sure you' re looking up. two people are caught on camera exchanging blows at a california intersection. the driver of an suv got out of his vehicle and began fighting with a man in the passenger seat of the truck in front of him. it' s not clear what prompted the physical exchange which the female driver joined. two men broke up the fight and then both drivers jumped into their vehicles and drove off. jim: people, people, people. this is also must-see video. police in south carolina say the man you see running just stole $40 worth of meat.
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walmart, he faced plants right into the side of the suv. he gets up looking a little dazed and confused, but he manages to get away. he can use the meat to treat the swelling. encouraging news tonight in the job market. meredith: a new report credits retailers, restaurants and heath care providers for adding 242,000 jobs in february. the labor department says the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9%. the pickup in job gains shows that the u.s. economy has largely weathered a broader global slowdown without suffering much blowback. workers that paid -- pay slipped last month after accelerating in january. but more americans who had been sitting on the sidelines began searching for jobs and found them. jim: the top human rights official at the u.n. is warning today that u.s. leaders risked opening a pandora' s box in the case against apple. the fbi obtained a court order last month requiring the company to write new software to access an iphone used by one of the shooters in the san bernardino mass killings. apple pushed back, arguing that
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dangerous precedent and threaten customer security, and asked that the order be vacated. the u.n. official echoed these sentiments in his statement, wary of a ruling in favor of the u.s. government. meredith: spanish authorities say they have seized 20,000 military style uniforms being sent to fighters from isis and al-qaeda. the interior ministry says the uniforms were seized in a counterrorism operation last month in several port cities. they were found in three shipping containers along with other military accessories. seven people were arrested on suspicion of providing logistical and financial support to isis and a branch of al qaeda in syria. jim: check this out an all-out brawl erupts inside a courthouse in nebraska. high tension between a murder suspect' s family and the loved ones of two shooting victims spilled out into the hallways. police say about 30 people were involved in the melee. at least four of them were arrested. as a result of the fight, the judge for the murder case has sequestered the jury. angry looking people.
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meredith: coming up, the family of an orange county deputy, killed in the line of duty, is speaking out. why the family of scott pine says they aren' t getting any money from his pension, and why some say a change needs to come from state-lawmakers. jim: plus, what happened in the moments before a man was killed, after being hit by not one but two cars. and days after her boyfriend was killed by palm bay police during a stand-off, a woman talks to wesh 2. wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. oil and garlic on our flatbread. then we add cheese; but what really makes this dish special are the florida bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes. when the cheese is melted and bubbly it's done. just cut and serve. and that's how easily florida flatbread with tomato and sweet bell peppers can become a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger.
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quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. jim: it has been more than two years since orange county deputy scott pine was killed in the line of duty. he left behind three children, and a wife. and tonight, his widow is making an impassioned plea. meredith: wesh 2' s greg fox talked with bridget pine and a former judge who are fighting for changes to benefit those who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. >> i' m fighting this for these kids. this is their future. they deserve it. greg: bridget pine lost more than a husband and the father to their three children, when deputies got pine was fatally shot two years ago. she lost financial security.
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plan was just 2.5 years invested. >> it is very hard , it is scary to not know what your future holds. greg: former chief circuit judge belvin perry is fighting for a change in the state retirement system to provide income for the pines. >> the bare minimum that we can do is to help provide for his family as if he was still here. greg: the changes outlined in a senate bill would provide new death benefits to survivors of those killed in the line of duty. since it would be retroactive, to july 2013, bridget pine would receive the proposed increase to 100% of the monthly survivor benefit. it would also allow survivors to opt in to the retirement system after a loved one' s death, and it would be funded by public safety agencies. but a lawmaker feud threatens to kill the bill. the senate has passed it, but the house wants changes, and state senator darren soto warns, time is running out. >> this is a call to action for all of your viewers to call their statehouse member and tell them, let'
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with our families of fallen first responders and pass this bill. greg: lawmakers have just one week left to resolve the differences in these two bills. jim: if it passes, the death benefit survivors bill would become law this july. right now a daytona beach man is facing rape charges. police say he assaulted a woman he used to date. take a look at 31-year-old travis walker. police say he went out with his victim yesterday, and then followed her home. she had apparently been drinking. he helped her inside her house and once inside, police say he assaulted her. meredith: right now two people are recovering after an accident in marion county. they were in a truck, which crashed and wound up on its side in a ditch along i-75. investigators say they think a rear wheel failed, and the driver lost control. it crossed lanes of traffic and then hit a tree. the two people inside were able to be rescued. no word how severe their injuries are. meanwhile in orlando, police say a man was hit and killed by two
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it happened on east colonial drive at bennett road just after midnight. police tell wesh 2 the man was first hit by a pick-up truck, that couldn' t avoid hitting him. moments later, a second car him -- also hit him. he was rushed to ormc where he was pronounced dead. his name has not been released. jim: right now at 5:30, the girlfriend of a man killed this week by palm bay police is speaking out. officers say they were forced to open fire on a man, who was angry and making threats. meredith: wesh 2' s dan billow found out, the girlfriend has a different version of what happened. dan: jennifer tindall has been in tears and desperation since tuesday. >> why was he not just wounded? why was he killed? dan: police say they had to shoot dimitri corcino because he made a threatening move with a handgun, after threatening to shoot neighbors and police. >> he keeps hollering that he' s gonna get his gun and shoot all of us. >> that is it her door >> call the cops, he says. call the cops. call the cops. i don' t care. i' ll shoot them, too.
5:34 pm
their tactics and methods. >> they told me they felt they were justified in taking him out with a head shot. dan: tindall says her boyfriend, a military veteran, was wrestling with worsening emotional problems, including paranoia. he believed people were out to kill him, and always carried a gun. during tuesday' s standoff, she says police called her twice. she asked to help talk corcino out of the house peacefully, but says she was never patched through. finally, corcino called her, but only briefly. >> he was calm. he was scared. his comment to me was please come home, i' m scared. there' s people outside with guns and they' re going to kill me. ,dan: he was dead before she could get there. >> he hung up the phone and he went to the door, and that' s when they shot him. dan: after the bullet hits coursing out, it came here and traveled inside the house and hit the wall here. the trajectory suggests that he had barely gotten out of the
5:35 pm
>> the blood was not outside the door, it was all inside the house. dan: and now permanently fixed , in her memory. in palm bay, dan billow, wesh 2 news. jim: we are following some breaking news out of seminole county. this is a major traffic situation, that white van in the middle of the screen needs to move. there is been accident involving an suv at tuskawilla and red bug. it is upside down, it looks to be a pickup truck or an suv, and it has pieces of shrubbery sticking out of the bottom. so it might have tumbled before it wound up in the middle of the road. we don' t know how many people are inside or how they are very. -- how they are faring. this is a busy intersection, not too many sidestreets to get around this, so be warned. a jacksonville mother who was convicted of child neglect that led to her 21 month old son'
5:36 pm
death has been sentenced to five years in prison. the sentence follows a january plea deal, in which lonna barton agreed to testify against her boyfriend, ruben ebron. her son lonzie was left alone in a bathtub and died while his mother and ebron were having sex. they then made up a story that he was kidnapped. ebron faces 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated manslaughter. a settlement is now reached between the owners of the cargo ship el faro and the families of four crew members who died when the ship went down in hurricane joaquin. tote maritime will pay $500,000 for pain and suffering and an undisclosed amount for economic losses. the ship was headed to puerto october when it disappeared. all 33 people on board died. meredith: the price you pay if you' re caught with marijuana is going down in parts of volusia county. county council has voted to decriminalize pot for people caught with 20 grams or less of marijuana. that' s a little less than an ounce. when the law goes into effect april 1, officers will have the discretion to ticket people, who
5:37 pm
instead of jail time. the measure only applies to un-incorporated volusia county and the beaches, which are under county control. a new state law, legalizing full-strength marijuana for terminally ill patients, is one step away from passing the florida legislature. the senate is set to for a final vote on the measure monday. the house approved it yesterday. the votes come nearly two years after lawmakers passed a law to allow limited types of medical , bogged down in legal challenges. >> this bill will make sure that we finally deliver on the promise that we made in 2014, and that probably is the most important thing that the bill does. meredith: the marijuana approved in the 2014 bill still hasn' t reached patients because of legal fights involving nurseries and the florida department of health. jim: a new roster is set to go. a new stadium is under construction, and tens of thousands of fans have tickets to the season opener. orlando city is heading into its second mls season with a lot of momentum. wesh 2' s matt grant reports,
5:38 pm
t be happier. matt: orlando city soccer is hoping to fill the bowl again, drawing more than 60,000 fans to the citrus bowl sunday when they play their home opener against salt lake. the celebrating started early though, as crowds greeted orlando city' s newest star antonio nocerino. , the italian soccer player signed autographs at oia just after landing. more proof the team' s popularity keep growing. and so do the benefits local businesses say they see on game day. >> it definitely helps our sales increase. it has brought a great crowded downtown. >> we get a really huge increase. it is insane. matt: while orlando is not tracking the impact orlando city , soccer points to more than a half million fans attending citrus bowl matches last year fans from all 50 states and more than 50 countries with an average attendance of nearly 33,000 fans, 6500 are from out
5:39 pm
the downtown development board says hotel stays are up to 6% due in part, to soccer. ,>> soccer has had a midas touch on downtown orlando. matt: the success of orlando city soccer paved the way for other events, like this weekend' s pub crawl along with women' s soccer the orlando pride will begin playing in april and this summer the citrus bowl will host several international tournament matches. on wall street plaza, where many games are broadcast, revenue is up 20%, 25%. >> a lot more people out on the weekend, for the game before hand. not just money but also energy to the city. matt: in orlando, matt grant, wesh 2 news. jim: city officials will soon begin collecting data on this by polling downtown bars and restaurants after soccer matches to try and quantify the increase local businesses are seeing. to melbourne, where it turns out you can fight city hall. rick hester says the city' s architectural review board wanted him to paint over a mural on his eau gallie furniture store. hester' s 14-year-old daughter painted it.
5:40 pm
were not up to our standards, amateurish, looks like something that should be hanging on a refrigerator. jim: last night, the city' s planning and zoning board agreed with rick, and overruled the architectural review board. so the mural stays. meredith: it wouldn' t be a stretch to call him super-pup, but the volusia county sheriff' s department know him as endo. the k-9 officer, who was shot in the line of duty last year, has had a busy 2016. last month endo, on the same day he was awarded a purple heart, endo helped catch a man who led police on a chase through two counties. s being credited with taking down this man, 21-year-old sherman atkins. endo found atkins under a porch in daytona beach. deputies say he was hiding from them, after selling drugs to an undercover officer. he' s the man everyone wants to hear from this week. astronaut scott kelly, who just returned from nearly a year in space. jim: part of his mission was to study the long-term impact of space on the human body. s diane roberts heard from both kelly and the
5:41 pm
matt: kelly says after his nearly year-long stay at the international space station, he is glad to be back on earth as part of a mission that could have a larger impact. >> i think space is important, it helps the economy grow, improve technology. i think there are things we are going to discover about our experiences in space and they station -- space station we don' t even know now. reporter: over 450 missions and s year in body compares to his twin brother back here on earth. they look at data for any future human missions to mars. scott and mark will go through nine months to a year of tests. after returning to earth, his muscles and joints ached, and his skin is so sensitive it hurts when he sits or walks. jim: coming up, a major, year-long road closure to tell
5:42 pm
we' brought up last night, that' s causing some controversy in you' re watching wesh 2 news at
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jim: major traffic trouble in seminole county. you can see a vehicle on its at top, not a good situation. this is that tuskawilla road and red bug lake road. the driver was transported to the central florida regional hospital where they have a trauma center and was badly injured. the vehicle, a piece of shrubbery sticking out of the front wheel. it was a violent accident. we will stay on top of this and let you know when this clears out. we are following the latest from the i-4 ultimate work it and there is a street closure you need to know about.
5:46 pm
has been closed since this afternoon. drainage will take 14 months. the recommended detour is magnolia or orange avenue. meredith: dr. ben carson has officially dropped out of the race for president. he said earlier this week he did not see a path forward to the nomination and did not appear in last night' s debate. >> this campaign for the last year donald trump has basically , mocked everybody with personal attacks. ted cruz our campaign is the : only campaign that over and over again has beaten donald trump to date. donald trump: i keep hearing that he is the only one that can beat me but he is getting beaten , very, very badly. jim: sparks were flying at last night' s republican debate. donald trump fending off attacks from both ted cruz and marco rubio. defense is something the real estate mogul has gotten used to playing. meredith: he had to be particularly sharp when deflecting attacks about how he used a law to hire workers here in florida. it'
5:47 pm
imperato looked into today. michelle: hidden among all the bickering. there was some talk of the issues during the debate. one that hits close to orlando. front runner donald trump said he' s softening his stance on the h-1b program . donald trump: i' m taking it, and i am altering the position, because we need talented people in this country. michelle: the program allows companies to temporarily hire foreign workers for skilled positions. this week, a fired disney worker testified to congress that he was forced to train his foreign replacement because of that program. overnight, trump sent us a statement clarifying that he remains committed to ending rampant widespread h-1b abuse, and "ending outrageous practices such as those that occurred at disney in florida when americans were forced to train their foreign replacements." rubio called the law a loophole that needs to be fixed. cruz says if elected, he would immediately suspend the h-1b program for 180 days so it can be audited.
5:48 pm
that garnered cheers from the audience. donald trump: he referred to my hands, if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem. michelle: political analyst marc sandalow says last night' s debate was probably more entertaining to middle schoolers than actual voters. mark standalone there' s still : some people who think that there' s a dignity to being commander in chief, that was not a dignified moment. jim: be sure to stay with wesh 2 news on air and online for complete commitment 2016 coverage, and the race for the white house. we' ll break down the issues, and let you know where the candidates stand. meredith: a big weekend throughout central florida, and one of the big events is bike week. tony: you could not ask for better weather. we will take you back outside and the coast. this is a live look at melbourne right now. folks up and on i-95, daytona,
5:49 pm
the point i want to make, we have bikers from all over the country. be respectful, careful, keep an eye on them. we don' t want to many injuries. we have had bad years and good years. 63 degrees in melbourne. we look at bike week, forecast around 7:00 easy and 60. the weekend, comfortably cool, room temperature on saturday. a bit colder on sunday. we have a northerly flow for the wind up toward the north and east of central florida. we have an easterly flow at the surface from orlando on south. look at temperatures. safety to salt springs, 62 go -- okahumpka. we have had the east coast brees
5:50 pm
through the center of orange and seminal and osceola counties, the flower and garden festival tonight, we will be in great shape. have a jacket ready to go as temperatures fall back into the 50' s. at epcot. lynn is a 46, leesburg on the lake around 50 degrees. 51 poinciana, deer park 53. winter springs a little cooler. floridana beach, low 60' s. just over the bridge, rabbit people, melbourne -- vue iera, melbourne 60' s. we watch the raptor in on -- rip currents on sunday. we have a little changed, but this drive front will keep temperatures on the comfortable and cold aside.
5:51 pm
orlando -- winter haven. the boys and summer are in town. mi, 1:05 start. the pirates are in town. let' s look at the supercross forecast. afternoon high temperatures low-to-mid 70' s, and for orlando city soccer, 2:00 temperature 74. tailgaters in the 70 degree mark, 5:00 at 75. weekend set up as high-pressure gives away to the southeasterly flow. we will begin to warm up. in fact, we are warming up into the mid-80' s. let me show you the extended a seven-day forecast. if you like warm weather, we haven' t for spring breakers next week. 85 thursday.
5:52 pm
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jim: if you' re planning to hit the beach in south florida this weekend you need to keep your , eyes open. hundreds of sharks have been spotted off the coast. spinner sharks were seen migrating off the coast of palm
5:55 pm
officials say the sharks come down each winter from as far away as north carolina. meredith: scientists at nasa just released this photo, taken from the new horizons space craft, showing a chain of snowcapped mountains that stretch across a dark section of pluto. this photo was taken on july 14 last year as the spacecraft passed about 21,000 miles from pluto. pluto' s atmosphere that has condensed as ice. we are working on new stories are wesh two news at 6:00. jim: a video showing investigators on the scene after a body is found in the art, -- ocala national forest. meredith: the owner of a king cobra that escape last year appeared in court. his attorney asked the judge
5:56 pm
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announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. meredith: it' s going to be huge. this weekend donald trump brings his campaign to central florida. where he' ll appear, when, and how it could affect traffic. jim: murder investigation. a man is killed at an orange county apartment complex and now others who live there fear for
5:59 pm
>> it freaks me out. jim: tonight wesh 2 news has learned a person of interest is in custody. meredith: cookie money theft. tonight a brother and sister are accused of stealing from a local girl scout. wesh 2 news was there as the duo faced a judge for the first time. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. jim: we start with breaking news, traffic relief about to arrive at this he never major act didn' t in seminole county. -- at the scene of a major accident in seminole county. this car was on its top and blocking it traffic for about an hour. meredith: one person was trapped inside, and they were rescued and taken to central florida we will update you on the condition. the battle for the white house than 24 hours. good evening, i' m meredith mcdonough. jim: i' m jim payne. right now preparations are underway for republican presidential candidate donald s rally at the university of central florida.
6:00 pm
expected to be quite large tomorrow at the cfe arena so ucf pushed back the event until 2:00 in the afternoon. jim: wesh 2' s michelle meredith looks into the impact on you whether or not you are going to the trump rally. michelle: the university of central florida is gearing up for donald trump. for example putting up , barracades . inside the arena the crew in , charge of sound and lighting is setting up. setting up to make sure trump can deliver his message loud and clear to enthusiastic supporters who anxiously await his arrival. >> i am a strong supporter of of him. his passion, his personality to the people to the u.s to make changes. michelle: most the ucf students we talked to today are far more worried about their mid term exams than donald trump. others enjoy the process.


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