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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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thanks for watching toch jason: it' s 4:30 right now on sunrise. a man crossing a busy local road was hit and killed like a car. we are taking a closer look at the investigation. it was hillary versus bernie again last night as the democrats held their latest debate in michigan. we have the highlights and the and local soccer fans fill the bowl for orlando city' s second season opener, and what a finish to the first game of the year. wesh 2 news sunrise. local, live, latebreaking.
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jason: good morning, i' m jason guy. let' s get you out the door. we are looking nice in downtown orlando, 56. amy sweezey has the first alert forecast for you now and she joins us. amy: we are talking about a pretty big temperature difference this morning. we have some 40' s and some 60' s. as you plan your monday, we are going to start off with a lot of sun like we had yesterday. as we had through the day, we will end up with a few more clouds this afternoon, still mostly sunny. our temperatures will make it into the upper 70' s in most spots, so a little warmer than yesterday but not quite as warm as we will be tomorrow. we are stairstep thing until we get into the 80' s for the second half of this week. right now you can see quite a few 40' s.
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claremont, a little warmer at 53. the same deal across the metro area. a little cooler and a couple of spots. in lake mary we are at 51. winter park is at 50 degrees. 47 in pierson and the land, 49 on palm coast. check out the south near the water, 68 and melbourne beach. it is warmer near the coast we have the breeze coming in off the ocean and later it will be the exact opposite. for today on your monday, we will make it into the mid to upper 70' s. we have lots of sunshine expected early in the day with a few scattered clouds this afternoon, and the wind kicking up when we hit noon. it is 4:32, let' s get a check of the roads. ted: we are looking at the 408 and things are looking nice and
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westbound is on the left side. see these two arrows, they are indicating two construction spots where we have a lane taken out. westbound just after 50 into the 408 area, you lose a lane with i-4 open. jason: in volusia county this morning, a man is dead after he was hit by a car trying to cross a busy roadway. it happened at nova road and brentwood drive in daytona beach. wesh 2' s amanda ober reports the driver who hit him is helping police with their investigation. amanda: a section of nova road here in daytona beach was shut down for almost three hours sunday night after a pedestrian, a man, was struck and killed by a car. police tell us the man, whose identity and age they are not yet releasing, was hit by a car around 7:15 tonight. the car stopped and remained at the scene.
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injuries. several passersby were concerned, wanting to know the identity of the person it might be. >> i was just concerned. >> you thought it might be someone you know? >> i thought it might be someone i know. amanda: police say they do not know whether the driver will face any charges but the driver was cooperating and allowed to leave the scene. people who live in this area tell me there are many pedestrians who cross this road all up and down this commercial strip and they often cross in areas like this where there are no crosswalks. again we don' t know the identity of the man killed here. that information will likely come out after next of kin are identified. amanda ober, wesh, daytona beach. jason: two dozen bikers, on a memorial ride to remember a
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sanford. witnesses say a car turned into the bike' s path on county road 46-a, not far from the 4-17, this afternoon. those who saw the crash say a silver car turned left on green yielding to those bikers. a biker who crashed into the car was critically hurt but is expected to survive. on the same bike was the mother of the man, who was being remembered with the ride. she and a third person went to the hospital. daytona beach police say they' ve arrested the man who robbed this local bank. anthony carpino is charged with saturday morning' s holdup of the wells fargo on seabreeze boulevard. police say a customer followed the suspect out of the bank, then found some cash outside the building. we checked with florida' s department of corrections, where carpino is also known as giovanni salletti. he has a lengthy criminal history, including grand theft and forgery. in commitment 2016, sunday' s news was dominated by democrats, -- democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head to head in
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struggling with a contaminated water crisis. the debate took place as sander picked up 30 delegates by winning the democratic caucus in maine. jennifer johnson has the highlights from last night' s debate. jennifer: hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off in flint, michigan where people have been unknowingly poisoned by too much lead in the water. for the first time -- >> i agree, the governor should be recalled or resign. jennifer: begin of the bailout. >> i voted to sale -- save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- excuse me, i' m talking. jennifer: the candidates also
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whether to give an unity to gun sellers. >> giving immunity to gun makers and sellers was a terrible mistake. >> what you' re really talking about is ending gun manufacturing in america. i do not agree with that. jennifer: the candidates did agree that their exchanges are much more focused on important issues than their gop counterparts. clinton is way ahead of sanders in the current delegate count. this is why the michigan primary is so important to the bernie sanders campaign. jennifer johnson. jason: as for the republicans, florida senator marco rubio will be in town today following his he' ll be holding a rally at 6-45 tonight at orlando sanford international airport. we will have complete coverage tonight on wesh 2 news. a new nbc/marist/wall street journal poll shows rubio still trailing in a key primary state. donald trump is holding a big has 41% compared to ted cruz' s
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they are followed by florida senator rubio at 17% and ohio governor john kasich has 13%. count on wesh 2 news for a complete commitment 2016 coverage. get up-to-the minute updates on as well as the wesh 2 mobile app. big crowds are expected at the ronald reagan library in california today. it is to honor first lady nancy reagan. she died at her home in los angeles from congestive heart failure. the former actress was married to ronald reagan for 52 years until his death in 2004. she' ll be laid to rest next to him. mourners have already started to leave flowers at the library in simi valley. nancy reagan was 94-years-old. florida governor rick scott also paid tribute to mrs. reagan. in a statement he says " throughout her life, nancy' s incredible commitment to her country and her family did not falter, and she will continue to inspire all us to live bravely and selflessly." state funding for a new ucf campus in downtown orlando, now in the hands of governor scott.
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legislators agreed to set aside $20 million for the project. the florida board of governors just last week approved the school' s plans for 68 acres in parramore. this new campus will serve 7700 students, coming from ucf and valencia college. the plan now goes to scott, who' s been opposed to school construction projects in the past. deputies want to know who opened fire on them at an orange county restaurant. responding to a trespassing call at mr. gyro' s on west colonial drive, near pine hills road deputies immediately heard gunfire. they reported it sounding like it was moving toward the front of the business and in their direction. deputies didn' t return fire. a manager says the restaurant was crowded at the time. >> i guess surprise, because usually a lot of people like this place. we are open late and we have a lot of people, night. jason: deputies say an suv took off from the restaurant right after the gunfire. they' re still investigating if that vehicle is involved. in east orange county, deputies are looking for whoever opened fire on a local home.
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bullet holes in the garage door of this house en masse park ridge drive. that is just east of the 417. a relative says someone came to the door overnight, and asked for someone who lived there. person wasn' t home, shots were later fired at the garage. there were no reported injuries. investigators are asking for robbed a local mcdonald' s. over the weekend, authorities released this sketch. take a good look. they say it is the man that rob that restaurant on university boulevard near full sail back on february 15. this is surveillance video of the incident. detectives believe he might be the same man robbed the mcdonald' s on aloma avenue in winter park a week ago. firefighters will be keeping a close watch on some storage units and orange county. it broke out at the public storage on east michigan street, near bumby, earlier tonight. streets were blocked off in the area as firefighters battled the fire. they tell us two storage units
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more than 60,000 people fill the bowl for the the season number for the orlando city lions. just ahead, the lions didn' t win, but you' ll see why fans will be talking about the amazing finish for a long time. back outside, a view of the coast.
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i am amy sweezey. plenty of sunshine across central florida with a few scattered shower -- scattered clouds. our temperatures will climb very close to our average highs for today, so a little bit warmer than yesterday and we will keep creeping up as we had through the next several days, getting into the 80' s the next -- in the middle of the week. a huge temperature difference north and west of i-4, where you may want a heavier jacket, but right along the coast we have an east breeze coming off the ocean and it is a lot warmer. at least in coastal brevard county. sunshine, a few scattered clouds this afternoon. we will make it into the mid-70' s by noon, and keep climbing past our average high of 77, with the 80'
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there is a little bit of rain in our forecast eventually. i will talk about the timing of that coming up in just a few minutes. time to get a traffic update. ted: construction on i-95 southbound around the area of state road 44 and northbound as well, and that is where this d.o.t. camera is. on i-4 through downtown orlando westbound at of ivan hill, we have a left lane taken out. we are keeping and i want a crash on the turnpike near u.s. 20 but no delays right now. jason: thank you, ted. more than 60,000 fans witness a thrilling season opener as the orlando city lions begin their second mls season. >> let' s go lions. jason: from the littlest fans, they were there early getting
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game, a sea of fans in purple surrounded the citrus bowl, eager for the season to get started. >> orlando city is the best thing to happen to orlando since we moved here. >> it' s a great way to get our friends together. our kids love it, we set up the goals, they hang out with their friends. jason: aside from this year' s games, fans will be watching the progress of the lions new stadium, now under construction. and they are also excited about the orlando pride, hitting the field this season in the new women' s league. as for the game itself, it wasn' t decided until the final seconds. pat clarke has all the highlights. pat: if casual soccer fans learned nothing else yesterday, it should be that you never give up on the city lions, even when they are down two goals with one minute left in the game. sadly by some of those fans, they learned by leaving a path citrus bowl to early. a spectacular day for soccer in a nearly packed stadium, 60,000
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rsl' s to mark phillips sent out with the red card. a penalty kick goal by joel a plotter. salt lake would go up 2-0 in the second half. something incredible happened in extra time. scores to make it 2-1, still too late with seconds burning. that is when we learned a valuable lesson -- do not give up on the lions. adrian vetter the equalizer, two goals in 30 seconds for the lions, and like last year' s opener, a late game -- goal tied the game. frowns became instant smiles. >> it is crazy emotion. you feel as though you have got something else, when you are
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gone 90 minutes, you do not feel like you will get anything. to come out with a point, you have got to be pleased. >> it was like a 12th man out there and they kept leaving us. they stayed with us and obviously helped us get those two goals. pat: lions back on the pitch friday night against chicago. i am pat clarke. jason: two big winners of the florida powerball.
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jason: welcome back to sunrise. this morning, the coast guard says it has suspended it' s search for a cruise ship passenger, who fell overboard off the florida coast. officials say 46-year-old david mossman fell from a deck of royal caribbean' s navigator of the seas on saturday. the ship was near key largo when he fell. the coast guard says it covered more than 1600 square nautical miles in the search. in just a few hours, a jury will begin deliberating in sportscaster erin andrews' $75 million dollar lawsuit. andrews claims reservationists at the nashville marriott told the stalker of hers, michael barrett, what room she was in when he illegally recorded her naked in that room eight years ago. the jury must determine if the former owners of the hotel should pay injuries for emotional distress. two brothers but powerball
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both won prizes but one took home a little bigger check. james stocklas who was on vacation in the florida keys won the $291 million jackpot. his brother was lucky but not as much, taking home just seven dollars. the brothers are from pennsylvania. this is the second big powerball win in florida in the last few months. a melbourne beach couple won part of a $1.5 billion jackpot earlier this year. still ahead, your first alert forecast. this is a view of our winter
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orlando, 50 degrees right jason: right now, we' re working on new stories for our 5:00 hour. michelle imperato is here. good morning. michelle: good morning, jason. political experts say the florida primary could be marco rubio' s last stand. we' ll preview tonight' s visit to sanford, and what rubio needs to do to make a move on donald trump and ted cruz. with local roadways about to fill up with
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ll tell you what the fhp is planning to make sure drivers keep their seat else buckled as they head into central florida. and if you are looking to get away from central florida for spring break, we' ll tell you where to find some pretty good bargains. jason: we will see you at 5:00 a.m. amy is looking at our monday. how are we starting out hour workweek? amy: look at the numbers from yesterday. if you were out and about at all you probably noticed the bright blue sky and lots of sunshine, dry air that came in behind a front. yesterday' only in s, close to normal. palm coast was only at 69 with quite a breeze out near the ocean. 70 in daytona beach and 73 in melbourne. this morning it is a lot warmer
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67 cocoa beach, 67 melbourne. 43 in ocala, 51 in daytona beach and 55 in orlando. we have dropped temperatures this morning, except for melbourne so we are a little cooler than average and most spot and we will likely drop a little bit prior to sunrise. as we had through the afternoon, the east wind will kick up a little bit so it will be breezy, not quite as gusty as it was yesterday but still 10 to 15 miles per hour with the breeze. the breeze off the ocean will help develop a few clouds in our inland areas, but still plenty of sunshine if you are headed to the beach. 79 ocala, 78 in the villages, 77 longwood and oviedo.
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74 daytona beach and new smyrna beach. 75 is where we will be today in palm bay. if you are headed to the beach, the rip current wrist -- risk is high. the east wind coming in, water piles up on the coast and has to go somewhere, rushes back out, and that makes it difficult for strong swimmers to stainer the coast. bike week is underway at daytona beach. temperatures near the coast a little cooler because the wind will continue coming in from the east, southeast. we climbed to the 80' s in most of our inland spot but we will remain in the 70' s for our beaches. tomorrow, more sunshine and the 80' s will return and lend. as you look at the seven-day --
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as you look at the seven-day, increase. time for traffic now, here is ted. 4:58, looking at construction on i-4 westbound making your way into downtown orlando, you will lose a left lane just at ivanhoe. right by u.s. 27, about a quarter of a mile that, keeping an eye in case a causes any delays. jason: coming up next on wesh 2 sunrise, another pedestrian has been killed in central florida. what investigators are saying about the man who died, and the driver who was unable to avoid him. smarting -- this morning we want to remind you about the forecast and how you can stay connected. make sure you download the wesh 2 news app.
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itunes, and download it right now. it lets you take a look at the current temperatures and radar to track any shower activity. you are looking live at downtown orlando. wesh 2 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now sunrise, a weekend investigation ends and gunfire aimed at deputies. the latest development as detective search for the gunman. jason: sparks fly as democrats clash in a debate in flint, michigan. your monday morning. i am jason guy. michelle: and i' m michelle it' s monday, march 7th.
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amy sweezey is joining us. amy: we have lots of sunshine to start off again, but the subtle differences, it will be warmer today than yesterday and we will end up developing a few scattered clouds this afternoon. we will still have plenty of sun but it will not be that blue sky and. like we had on sunday -- and. -- full sun like we had on sunday. you can see lots of 40' s north and west. 42 in dunnellon, 44 in such a. the villages and okahumpka at 45. lake mary is at 52 and apopka is at 42. 50 degrees in winter park, 54 in sanford and pine grove. volusia county, upper 40'


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