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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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reporter: it was a very unusual crash. it happened when a motorcyclist try to pick something up from the middle of the interstate. troopers tell us the crash happened around 1:40 this afternoon when a couple on a motorcycle traveling east on i-4 stopped on the side because the man wanted to pick up an item that dropped off a friend' s motorcycle. the girlfriend stayed on the parked bike while the men went into the center lane to get that item and he was hit by a semi truck, hauling cars. the man is in critical condition but the fact that he is wearing his helmet is likely why he is still alive. the accident had a traffic backed up on the eastbound lanes of i-4 for miles.
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>> i never rested my campaign on wednesday, but i will tell you we will win the state of florida. >> if we win florida, believe me, it is over. summer: it is an all out battle to win florida. the candidates know the pressure is on. senator marco rubio devoting a complete week to the state, just after republican front runner made a we can stop in florida. we are live in sanford where rubio will be making a stop later today. reporter: marco rubio is supposed to be here in four hours to give a stump speech to 1000 or 1200 of his supporters at orlando-sanford international. they are still preparing the stage and doing security checks. they expect a lot of supporters here and he is coming off a big win in the puerto rico primary and his central florida
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>> i urge all hispanics and puerto ricans, marco rubio is for you. reporter: a resounding message about why they believe the florida senator deserves their vote. >> we have a big community here in florida with puerto ricans who are potential voters for marco. we feel he will win florida. reporter: rubio faces an uphill battle in his stay, down 20 points in a recent poll. rubio will put a huge emphasis on florida this week, speaking in tampa this evening before he rallies and seminole county tonight. >> we have to win but it is not just about winning, what are you going to do when you win? we cannot run as a party that embraces the principles of conservativism. reporter: he faces backlash from
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he will meet in miami later this week to grab the 99 delegates of florida. his supporters feel he can and will win. >> puerto ricans are behind rubio because marco is behind puerto ricans. >> florida will come out strong and marco will be the winner. he will win florida. reporter: marco rubio' s uphill battle got a little tougher this afternoon, donald trump unveiling another set of attack ads in the state of florida against rubio, so he has both testers and donald trump going after him. -- both ted cruz and donald trump going after him. he will rally in the sarasota and st. johns county tomorrow as she really does put all of his effort in the home state leading up to the primary, march 15. summer: thank you. a new poll of florida republicans shows marco rubio
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him and donald trump. this was conducted over the weekend with registered republicans and they were asked, if the republican primary for president was today, who would you vote for? 38% said donald trump, and 30% marco rubio. in the last round of polls, he had been trailing trumped by 16 points. meredith: florida is very important for those candidates, tomorrow. hawaii holds its republican caucus while ohio holds its primary. stay tuned for all of your 2 news. summer: police in daytona beach are looking for in daytona beach are looking for a net who stole a car with a 12-year-old girl asleep in the back seat. the child was later found a and sound, but the mother stopped at s home on white court this morning to pick up another
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the mother left the keys in the car, and while she was inside, the suspect jumped in and took off in the car. police do not think the suspect realize the child was in the vehicle does he stopped at apartment complex a few blocks away and then ran off. we spoke to a witness. >> the daughter said when she woke up, that is when she realized a stranger was driving and he told her, i am going to take you back to your mom. summer: that little girl is safe. police are searching for the suspect but have not found him. altamonte springs police have named a suspect in the shooting death of a long time or later employee. jose gomez was found one week ago at the lotus landing apartment complex. joshua carter, a person of interest is now a suspect in the case. the 24-year-old made a court appearance on an unrelated charge today. he is scheduled to be
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meredith: the man has been arrested. bob kealing joins us live from the seminole county jail on where this all happened and why. bob: according to these arrest papers, the man jailed in seminole county who goes by the nickname scarface allegedly popped five rounds of bullets into a car full of people, forcing young children to duck for their lives. >> a bunch of shooting. bob: residents who asked us not to show us their faces talked about the shots they heard at 10:30 on a sunday morning at the intersection of pearl street in altamonte springs. >> broad daylight, we know he fired 11 rounds of the vehicle, striking at five times. bob: mario hall, nicknamed scarface was standing in the
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opened fire. an 11-year-old girl riding in the back says she ducked to the floor board of the car. a 15-year-old boy says he froze in fear as he saw smoke coming from the gun. >> we do know it does not appear to be a random act and the is an extremely dangerous no one got injured. bob: hall is out on bond in another case where a judge ordered him not to have firearms. the driver says investigators have all the information they need and declined further comment. hall is facing a string of new felony charges. meredith: hall is being held without bond. summer: jurors are delivered 80 aaron andrews -- aaron erin
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court case. jurors are deciding if the hotel owner and managers share blame in the event happening. meredith: daytona beach police say a man accused of robbing a bank this week and was turned in by his own wife. he was arrested yesterday after police say has five saw pictures of the bank robbery suspect on facebook and then call them. he is accused of walking into the wells fargo saturday morning on his seabreeze boulevard and passed a note, demanding cash. some of the stolen cash was found outside of the building. summer: a 52-year-old woman is missing in marion county and authorities need your help finding her. she was last seen around 6:00 friday night. she takes medication and authorities say she does not have anyone with her. she was last seen driving a blue scion.
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a hunter finds a set of human remains in a wooded area in marion county. sheriff' s office. the bones were found on the sure. -- sure. hore. summer: the pentagon says a u.s. drone flight hit a cap. mp. those fighters were preparing a large-scale attack. officials say the strike killed more than 150 fighters and the camp was watch for weeks. meredith: you likely received a amber alert over your phone this weekend, looking for a one-year-old boy and is now safe. police in miami say logan hernandez was found in laredo, texas yesterday. the mother is now in custody and waiting extradition back to miami. charges are pending against her. summer: rick scott is signing the state'
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this states jurors need 10 out of 12 to incriminate the death penalty. the new law also prohibits judges from imposing the death penalty when the jury does not recommend it. meredith: a dock park is closed after concerns of a virus that can be deadly to dogs. the dog park in rockridge ' s" officials look into a virus infection which can be spread through contact and feces. summer: work has prompted the closure of one downtown road. garland avenue is closed between a mark street and will be for more than a year. department of transportation officials say garvin has to be closed while there is construction of a new eastbound entrance ramp for colonial drive.
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use orange avenue or magnolia avenue. construction in titusville, reopening on wednesday at 5:00. if you have to go that way, you will want to use a different route for a couple days. meredith: she is described as an elegant woman and a protector for her husband. summer: tributes are pouring in for nancy reagan. how she is being remembered around the world. meredith: the soccer opener fans are buzzing about today. >> there were other players that were more talented, but there was no one who could out-prepare me. and because of that, i have no regrets. summer: an emotional goodbye for an nfl legend. we' ll share more of peyton manning' s retirement speech a little later. eric. eric: it has been a beautiful day across central florida. a live look at daytona beach showing a clear sky.
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summer: flags over washington, d.c. are flying at half-staff to honor the late nancy reagan. today, reaction is pouring in
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she died of congestive heart failure yesterday at her los angeles home. meredith: nancy will be buried next to her husband at his presidential library in california. that' s where nbc' s gina kim is without people are remembering the former first lady. reporter: flowers are being left outside the gates as tributes continue to pour in for nancy reagan. at the white house, flags were lowered to half staff. >> i know how much she meant, not just to president reagan but to us all. reporter: reagan is being remembered for her love and stalwart support for her husband, ronald reagan. as an actress in the 40' s and 50' s, she met reagan in hollywood, married 52 years, and by his side during his career on the civil spring -- silver spring, the white house and throughout his battle with alzheimer' s. by all accounts, she was a
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s image and many say, the chief influence behind his political ascendance. >> she was indispensable to his success, and i do not think there would have been a ronald reagan as we knew him without anti-reagan. reporter: throughout her years her name became synonymous with style, class and grace. she is remembered for her just say no anti-drug campaign during her time as first lady and later as a passionate advocate for embryonic stem cell research and the fight against alzheimer' s. as the nation and world policy to more and the loss of the former first lady, funeral arrangements are being made at the reagan library where she will be laid to rest next to her husband. a reagan library spokesperson says they have been prepared for this day to eventually happen ever since resident reagan died in 2004, so a similar schedule and plan will be followed for mrs. reagan as well. meredith: a lot of you are
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facebook page. marsha wrote, such an elegant woman. an inspiration for first ladies. rest in peace mrs. reagan. chuck said, back again with ronald. bless you both and thank you. and lillian posted, may she rest in peace and in the loving arms of her dear husband ron. for my historical memories, nancy reagan is one of the most amazing beautiful humans of my time on earth. join the conversation on the wesh 2 news facebook page. summer: a new push to make the a downtown ucf campus closer to a reality. over the weekend, legislators agreed to set aside $20 million for the project. the total cost of the finished product is around $75 million, that goal currently ongoing through fundraising efforts by the school. the florida board of governors just last week approved the school' s plans for 68 acres in parramore. the plan now goes to governor rick scott. meredith: the lions are off to a thrilling second season. summer: if you left early, you missed out. the team had an incredible finish, scoring two goals in the final minute. more than 60,000 packed the
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lots of fans left disappointed with what they anticipated to be a loss to start the season. but in the final minute of the game with the lions down two, that changed. brek sheah in the box to cyle larin for the score. so lions down 2-1 with seconds remaining, then this happens. a kick the entire length of field and in it goes. the crowd goes wild, as you can imagine. those that stuck around treated to an unforgettable finish. next up for the lions, the chicago fire at home friday night at 7:00. meredith: eric burris is here , and what a great day for a soccer game. the st. patrick' s day parade was happening, no matter where you were, the weather was phenomenal. eric: this is going to continue. the temperatures are on their way up to and every afternoon this week. outside a beautiful weather picture. our weather watcher, mary snapped this picture today. mary, i think mother nature
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was a gorgeous day both on the shore and of the area attractions. downtown orlando, what a wonderful afternoon, just a few high clouds floating around. 75 degrees the current temperature, dew point i-49. the atmosphere is still relatively dry. it has been a nice steady breeze and it feels very nice. 75, orlando. 79, the villages. 71, daytona. 73, cocoa. through the area. another wave of cloud coverage working near the tape. cape. you can see the rest shade near the gulf of mexico which will be working to central florida over the next few hours, and that is another wave of dry air. it will be looking great for us
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it is a sinking and stable air mass, a nice forecast, typically under high pressure. for us tonight, 76 by 6:00. it is going to be a nice evening. even though it is monday, at least we have great weather for it. temperature starting to come down, but they are not moving all that fast. 11:00, just a couple of clouds starting to come in off the ocean, otherwise it will be a milder evening for us. 55, the villages. 55, clermont. 56, st. cloud. 55, orlando and altamonte springs. 54, de land. 56, new sermon -- new smyrna beach. your tuesday afternoon, a little bit warmer, 80 degrees in orlando, the average high is 87. under a mix of clouds and
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a southeasterly wind which means warming temperatures holding that firm in that area, so with a southeast wind, we let the next storm system bubble up thursday. until the weekend, this high-pressure keeps looking beautiful across central florida. the temperatures are building, 87 degrees, can you believe it? the warmest week this year. it is dangerous surf along the coast. we will talk more about that in the next half hour. tomorrow, thursday, friday, beautiful and partly cloudy skies. with some records. summer: a big day and starts news today. -- sports news today. the zika threat
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>> this is a joyous day and nothing can overtake from this day. i think it is said that some people don' t understand the truth and the facts. meredith: peyton manning formally announced his
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summer: he also took time to talk about controversial allegations involving him in a doctor while he was still at the university of tennessee. he said he did not do what was alleged, a sexual harassment claim by the doctor. he went on to talk about the moment he had with his daughter a week before the super bowl. >> our daughter asked me, daddy, is these last game? yes, it is the last game of the season. i sure do want you to win that trophy. i do too. that is what we are going to try to do. summer: that is what they did. he played 18 seasons and 12 super bowl victories. as wonder closes another opens for smith. she is now going to be introduced as the next football coach at the university of illinois. this will be hi
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he will be making $20 million and eventually up to $5 million. summer: today, the united states olympic committee will gather to address the zika virus. the committee formed an advisory group last week to figure out how to protect athletes from the virus. zika is currently prevalent in brazil, where the summer olympics are set to take place. 48 zika virus cases have been confirmed in florida, with several in central florida counties. all of the cases are travel-related. meredith: new pictures have been released of the royal family enjoying a vacation. kensington place released these pictures of the duke and duchess of cambridge and their children george and charlotte. they spent time in the french alps last week, making their first vacation as a family of four. it was a first for the kids, too. it was their first time playing in the snow. meredith: and tickets are now on that is a cute photo of the family. sale for the invictus games. prince harry will be at the espn wide world of sports complex on may 8 when the games begin.
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from around the world will compete in the event. single session tickets are $18 for adults and $13 for children, seniors, and veteran and active duty military personnel. they' re available through ticketmaster. attention i' ve for drivers. summer: there will be big delays coming up this week. meredith: summa brush fire concerns in central florida. we (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. meredith: an i-4 ultimate update this afternoon. several i-4 drivers have noticed signs popping up warning of some big delays. summer: the date of concern is march 13, and as wesh 2' s gail paschall-brown found out, there could be some significant slow downs for road work through orlando. gail: have you seen this message along i-4 in orange county? the one here at fairbanks says, march 13, expect delays from 12:00 am to 5 am. -- 5:00 a.m. according to the state highway planners, it' s a test run in regards to a series of rolling road blocks for later this month.
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because it allows us to move smoothly and safely. we want everything to run smoothly and safely for traffic and our construction workers. gail: as part of the i-4 ulimate will be installing some steel girders or bridge beams over 1-4 at kirkman road. if all goes as planned, the beams are tenatively scheduled to be set march 14 through 18. >> it opens up a window for over the roadway. troopers will be holding traffic at a slow roll, keeping traffic moving but allowing a window for construction workers. gail: meanwhile, production is back to 100% for the entire corridor of the i-4 ultimate project. work had suspeneded after a deadly crash on february 24. sgl consruction ordered a safety review after 34-year-old marvin franklin was killed. he died in a work area after a dump truck backed up and ran over him. it happened on the eastbound of interstate four between lee road and maitland boulevard. franklin worked for sgl consructors, the lead contractor in the highway'
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dollar makeover. but now a spokesperson tells wesh 2 news work is back 100%. summer: anything can change, so even a test run on march 13 can change. he sure you want on the lookout for any new signage. meredith: as we transition to your first alert weather, a grass fire in volusia county is under control. chopper two was overhead this afternoon in the deland area. it seems each day we' re telling you about a different fire. summer: first alert meteorologist eric burris is in the outdoor weather center to break down the fire threat. eric: we have relatively low humidity values. we have gusty wind and being that we are in the dry season, not a lot of rain so far, and this is when central florida sees those brushfires. the wind is not whipping higher than they are right now. 75 the current temperature in
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thankfully, we are at 75 in orlando, 79 in ocala. the temperatures heading down to the 60' s in the next couple of hours. we are looking at record heat this week. i have you covered neighborhood by neighborhood. meredith: the search is on for the person who opened fire on orange county deputies at a restaurant. last night, while responding to a trespassing call at mr. gyro' s on west colonial drive near pine hills road, deputies immediately heard gunfire. they reported it sounding like it was moving toward the front of the business and in their direction. deputies didn' t return fire. they say an suv took off from the restaurant right after the gunfire. they' re still investigating if that vehicle is involved. summer: deputies are trying to figure out why two men shot into an east orange county home. our crew found at least eight bullet holes yesterday in the garage door of the home on moss park ridge drive. that' s east of the 4-17. detectives say two men approached the home on sunday and asked for someone who lived there.
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t home, one of the men fired shots at the garage. they ran away. fortunately, no one was hurt. meredith: trial is underway for a former marion county deputy connected to a case of civil rights violation. this is the graphic video that triggered the investigation. five deputies were caught on camera back in 2014, beating a suspect they were arresting. when the feds got involved, they determined the suspect, derrick price, was not resisting arrest. four of the deputies quit and have already pleaded guilty in federal court, for civil rights violations. but deputy jesse terell was fired. he pleaded not guilty last month. summer: the person killed in a deadly crash in daytona beach has yet to be identified. police say one man was hit and killed around 7:15 last night near nova road and brentwood drive. we' re told the driver who hit him stayed on scene and cooperated with investigators. the victim' s identity has not been released. no word if any charges will be filed in the case. meredith: it took several hours to get traffic moving in st. pete after an 11 vehicle accident this morning. these are pictures of some of the banged up cars on the howard
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county. troopers say there was one serious injury. the accident happened at 8:30 this morning, and it was still causing backups beyond noon. no word on the cause of the crash. summer: it seems people are still buzzing about a visit to orlando by gop front-runner donald trump. meredith: he made a stop on the ucf campus on saturday. wesh 2' s brett connolly was there and has some of the memorable moments. brett: thousands waited in line for hours at ucf to hear from donald trump. a polarizing figure with dedicated supporters and opponents, trump discussed many of his campaign themes but stressed the importance of winning florida. >> if we win florida, believe me, its over. brett: a week out from the florida primary, and trump igniting supporters. >> we will build a wall. and who's gonna pay? >> mexico. brett: his message resonating
4:36 pm
arena. >> we live in a pc world and people are afraid to speak their mind anymore, so finally we have a voice to stand behind. >> i support a lot of his economic policies. at the end of the day, free market is the way to go. >> no more hate. brett: outside, protesters stood by the entrance. >> every person in the u.s. should be treated with respect and dignity and to fight the demagogy and venom i think is coming outta this campaign. >> his statements, the way he projects his own opinion are quite negative. brett: trump was interrupted more than a dozen times by hecklers inside. but as the crowd' s enthusiasm grew, he had them make a pledge to vote for him. >> will vote for donal trump for president. [applause] brett: republican voters will
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meredith: and remember, we' ll have continuing commitment 2016 news throughout our newscasts. look for an update on upcoming political visits on wesh 2 news at 5:00. summer: a texas pastor is recovering after being shot several times in the church parking lot. police say they found pastor tim remmington with multiple gunshot wounds yesterday. remmington is expected to survive. church members say the shooting happened right after service when remmington was leaving in his car. >> there are a lot of people who are hurting really bad right now over this, but a lot of people who are believing that god has a plan. anytime you have a church member who is shot on a church property, it is a big deal. it is a big deal for us. summer: friends of remington say he and his wife often reach out to help drug addicts. right now, officials are looking for 30-year-old kyle odom, who was seen opening fire and taking off in a car. meredith: jimmy carter doesn' t need further treatment for cancer. the former president shared the good news with those attending one of his regular sunday school
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georgia. carter' s spokeswoman says doctors will continue to perform scans on the 91-year-old former president to ensure cancer has not returned. the bike week task force believes it will see more than half a million bikers in and around daytona beach through next sunday, especially if the first weekend is any indication. summer: wesh 2' s claire metz reports, though some object to daytona beach being a special events town, the mayor says who can complain about the boom in business? claire: whether it' s because this is the 75th anniversary of bike week, whether it' s because of the weather, or something else, everyone is talking about the busiest bike week in years, and at least so far, going on without too many hitches. >> we are thrilled to be here. claire: a host of sponsors at the daytona beach bandshell welcomed bikers to the area, like it or not. the leather and chrome crowd is here, and will leave behind $75 million. city leaders say that' s a huge reason to roll out the welcome back. >> it turns over a lot of money and special events is central to our community and as mayor, i'
4:39 pm
here to welcome bikers. claire: monitoring the event is up to local law enforcement though the sheriff says if bikers refrain from drinking and riding and keep the pipes down. his agency doesn' t make a lot of arrests during the event. >> the majority of the crowd that comes are really great individuals. you know, we had our days in the past when you had your trouble makers and thats been weeded -- that has been weeded out. claire: years ago, daytona beach police created an undercover task force to ward against excessive motorcycle thefts. iron horses cost a bundle and re not getting away with it this year. >> we had two motorcycle thefts this weekend, and out of the two, we actually caught one of there was actually two suspects that were stealing motorcycles we were able to get behind them and stop then. -- stop them. encouraged to be safe, visit all of the venues, with the exception of area hospitals and the county jail. the first weekend of bike week is usually the slower of the two and it was anything but. this crowd will build all week long.
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news. meredith: there have been several motorcycle accidents since likely begin but no fatalities linked to the event. summer: the florida highway patrol says there will be more click it or ticket patrols on the road for spring break. they say in 2015, 21% of those who were killed in crashes weren' t wearing their seat belts. they want to catch drivers who don' t buckle up. it runs until march 14, during the peak of spring break. they' re also cracking down on drunk drivers with more patrols. cracking down on heroin use. meredith: full strength marijuana for terminally ill patients. summer: another winning powerball ticket has been sold in florida. we will introduce you to the jackpot winner. meredith: a traffic update as you head into the evening hours. this is in osceola county, i-4 westbound near mile marker 63.
4:41 pm
this is all happening on the westbound lanes, traffic acting
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. meredith: the florida senate has approved legalizing full strength marijuana for terminally ill patients. summer: that makes it illegal for the first time in florida, and this means cannabis would be added to the list of experimental drugs available to terminally ill patients. the legislation is common sense,
4:45 pm
>> children who suffer from epileptic seizures and people who are at end-of-life stages, they are not criminals. summer: opponents say the bill is too restrictive about who can ultimately grow the marijuana and profit from it. it is headed toward governor rick scott for his signature. meredith: lawmakers are looking to fix a heroin and prescription drug epidemic sweeping the country. senators are casting their first votes today on an addiction and recovery act. this bill would open up alternatives to putting drug addicts in prison. the senate judiciary committee approved the bill last thursday. summer: the coast guard says it has suspended its search for a cruise ship passenger, who fell overboard off the florida coast. officials say 46-year-old david mossman fell from a deck of royal caribbean' s navigator of the seas on saturday. the ship was near key largo when he fell. the coast guard says it covered more than 1600 square nautical
4:46 pm
they have had no luck finding him. meredith: more than 4500 pounds of chicken nuggets have been recalled because they might have plastic in them, and some of them were distributed here in florida. the u.s. department of agriculture says the applegate naturals chicken nuggets were produced last september, and the recall only impacts eight ounce boxes of the nuggets with a best before date of september 27 of this year. if you have one of these, throw them away or take it back to get a refund. right now, local hospitals are working to get new technology that' s helping families stay connected with their newborn preemies, even when they' re hundreds of miles away. summer: michelle imperato takes a look at how these new cameras are helping families through a very difficult time. michelle: little graham is seven weeks old and just over three pounds, nearly triple the size he was at birth. >> you came early michelle: graham is one of the tiniest preemies at st. vincent women' s nicu in indianapolis. his family lives an hour and a half away. but that distance and time between visits is passing a
4:47 pm
can log on anytime of day and watch a live camera placed right above graham' s bed. >> it' s such a comfort. we pull it up all the time, anywhere we are out and about on our phone. we are constantly like, what' s he doing? how does he look today? michelle: dad' s on the road. >> just being at my hotel and being able to see him at night is awesome, you know? just being able to check in and know that he is ok michelle: there are now 197 cameras in this nicu. in the first two months, the hospital tracked 65,000 log-ins, many by grandparents, aunts and loved ones out of state, even out of the country. >> we know what is really important on how the outcomes of these babies will be, is how well they can bond with their family and extended families. michelle: this type of technology is a game changer for families with preemie babies, and hospitals here in orlando know it. both nemours and winnie palmer tell wesh 2 they' re very interested in the technology and are actively looking into
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michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. meredith: certainly can change your life. it is a beautiful monday outside. this weather is just perfect and we are going to be teaching up a little bit. summer: are we going to be continuing or is it going to stop? eric: we are not going to get to summer levels that we are bringing spring and two central florida 10 days early. let me take you out to the sky camera shot i have over my shoulder. this is a beautiful perspective as we look at our wesh 2 tower over near daytona beach. looking at new the north, ormond in daytona. just as nice as it could be. 71 is the current temperature with a 13 mile-per-hour wind. it is just right. 75, orlando. at 77, the villages. 77, cocoa and melbourne.
4:49 pm
going to be working over to the coastline through the evening, so we will keep the clouds in there. 68, 7:00. 64 by 9:00. milder readings though this reading compared to the last line. 55 in lady lake tonight. 54, wildwood. 56, poinciana. 55, orlando. 54, oranges city. 55, ormond beach. along the coast line, could you ask for nicer weather? it is the on short break that feels so comfortable and the readings hovering around 60 degrees. tomorrow, a southeasterly wind up bright sunshine and warm temperatures. average is 77 and we are going to be pushing to 80 in the city. 77, titusville. 81, ocala. the further away from the ocean, the warmer the temperatures. it doesn' t feel like spring has
4:50 pm
the flower festival opened through 9:00 tomorrow evening, looking great. the us surf is not looking great because of an onshore flow. it is a high set up, once again tomorrow, bao oating 4-7. what comes in has to go back out, and that is the rip current. if you feel the current pushing you out to sea, the most of orton thing is not to fight it, to let you carry you and it gradually sling parallel to the shoreline once u.s. -- swing parallel to the shoreline once you get away from the water. southerly warm wind as we look toward your thursday. by friday, we are getting even warmer. it is going to be flirting with records.
4:51 pm
the record set back in 2001, 89. we will be close but i do not think we' re going to set it. 86 for your thursday, 87, friday. the next chance of rain comes this weekend and tony will have more on that at 5:00. summer: a new number one at the box office. meredith: and another powerball win in florida. what one pennsylvania man did after realizing he won big while
4:52 pm
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summer: we are hearing from one of the two brothers celebrating when he powerball tickets. meredith: they bought the tickets while they were on vacation in the florida keys. >> your headline was one lottery tickets sold in florida keys for $291 million. and i thought to myself, i was just in the keys. meredith: he started celebrating. a pennsylvania judge says he realized he matched every number as he was sipping his morning coffee and a must fell out of his chair. he screamed with joy and told his two friends who went on on the ticket with him. >> i did buy the whole restaurant breakfast. i realized i had a couple new
4:55 pm
meredith: his brother also had a winning ticket that was not so lucky. he took him seven dollars. this is the second big powerball win in florida for the last few months. in melbourne beach, a couple one part of the $1.5 billion jackpot earlier this year. summer: hopefully he shared some from his mother. meredith: deadpool fell from the top spot. summer: that is because disney' s zootopia took the top spot earning $73 million. that is the best debut for a disney animated film. in second place was london has fallen with $21 million. deadpool dropped to third place after keeping the top spot for weeks. it earned just over $16 million. meredith: wesh two news at 5:00 a straight ahead. jim: orange county deputies say a death investigation from last week has turned into a murder
4:56 pm
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>> right now 5:00, a man is church with shooting. i' m jim payne. and i meredith mcdonough. two children narrowly avoided being shot. bob: this man is no stranger to law enforcement. just looking at his arrest for crop, -- t report. it was 10:30 sunday morning. this man says he was rattled
5:00 pm
>> i heard two shootings. it was in broad daylight. he struck at least five times. he is identified as mario hall. during a shooting, a little girl says she does on to the floor boards. shares spokeswoman says there is a long-running dispute with the driver. everyone was extremely frightened. it does not appear to be a random act. it is an extremely dangerous situation. reporter: we reached the driver by phone. they declined further comment. another woman says she is afraid


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