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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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longer to live. meredith: a part meeting today , the same well that killed a trainer back in 2010. amanda ober has much more on the story. summer: authorities are searching for the driver who smashed a stolen car through an orlando home. the crash happened just before midnight at the house on lakeland avenue. you can see there was a lot of damage done to the home. summer: a woman was taken to the hospital this morning after she returned home to find smoke billowing from her house. and there is significant damage from the smoke throughout the entire home on pratt street near deland. a dresser and mattress outside were burned, so it appears the blaze may have started in the bedroom while the resident was out. four dogs got out of the home safely. the fire marshal has now been called in to investigate the cause.
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to a grow house bust. after a two month investigation, warrant at a home on apshawa road in clermont. this is what they found inside. deputies seized 288 plants and more than 25 pounds of marijuana which has the street value of about $300,000. eric lum and stephen moss were arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana and cultivation of marijuana. developing news out of baltimore. maryland' s highest court has ruled that a city police officer must testify against his colleagues who are on trial for the death of freddie gray. gray died last year while in police custody. he had broken his spine and was not given proper medical treatment. william porter the first of six officers who are charged is awaiting a new trial. a judge ruled porter must testify. his first trial ended in a hung jury in december. gray' s death sparked massive protests and rioting across baltimore. buildings were burned and many were arrested. summer: late breaking, we have new video connected to a shootout in oregon stemming from a standoff at a national wildlife refuge.
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put the bullet through me. summer: an oregon sheriff says fbi agents involved in that january 26 traffic stop are under investigation for not disclosing they fired shots in the confrontation. deputies say neither shot fired hit lavoy finicum. they say finicum was instead hit and killed by rounds fired by oregon state police officers. officials are saying it was a justifiable use of force. in commitment 2016 news, a new york judge has dismissed a claim that senator ted cruz can' t run for president because he was born in canada. the petition was dismissed over a technicality. they say petitioners didn' t manner and that stripped the court of its jurisdiction over it' s one of several similar lawsuits filed around the country. meredith: today marco rubio continued his tour in the central florida area. after a night in sanford, he started his morning in wesh 2'
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there and talked to the senator. reporter: greeting voters in kissimmee, marco rubio did not look or sound like a candidate ready to throw in the towel even as he trailed donald trump in a recent portable. >> i am not worried about polls right now. we were 20 points down in virginia, and we would have beat him if we would have had another day. reporter: advisers want him to drop out of the race before the florida primary, but senator rubio repeated what he said at a rally in sanford last night area >> it is totally false. it is embarrassingly shameful journalism and it is ridiculous. reporter: dozens of people crowded into kissimmee, gathered around the senator, greeting him and taking photos with them and that sharing stories with them as he stopped here for his campaign. >> we are here in support of you. reporter: the event brought out the hispanic community.
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me. they are excited to be here. reporter: some still are undecided. >> it would be disappointing for him not to receive 50%. reporter: the need to win central florida is something rubio knows well. it recent poll shows you trail the most behind in central florida, how important is central florida to your campaign? >> it is not just to my campaign, it is every campaign. you hear this talked about all the time, the i-4 corridor. it is important whether you are running for governor, attorney general or president of the united states. meredith: here' s a look at the upcoming stops the candidates are making. senator marco rubio and donald trump are in florida tonight, cruz has plans in miami tomorrow, but no campaign stops are scheduled for kasich in florida. on the democrat side, bernie sanders is in miami tonight, and will be in kissimmee and tampa
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hillary clinton will be in tampa on thursday. today some states are making their voices heard in primaries and caucuses. hawaii holds its republican caucus, while idaho has its republican primary. and both michigan and mississippi are holding their primaries. we' ll have an update on the voting in the next half hour. a bill that would tighten restrictions on abortion is moving through the florida senate. it would lead abortion clinics to close. the house passed it last week and came up on the senate floor the first time on tuesday. it is up to clinics to provide other services to make a choice, state funding or elected abortion. >> if they are providing a elected abortion, we are not allowing you to have the state contract. that becomes a business decision. summer: the senate adopted an amendment, clarifying some of the provisions so it faces a final vote before heading back to the house.
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to re-bury the students whose remains were found at the dozier school for the boys. the florida legislature approved the bill today. the marianna school was shut in 2011 amidst some former students accusing school officials of sexual abuse. those investigating the allegations, discovered dozens of bodies there. if signed by governor rick scott, the bill would provide up to $7500 for funeral and burial expenses for each exhumed body. returning to our top story. the killer whale may not have much longer to live. meredith: they made the announcement about the same well killing the trainer in 2010. amanda ober has more on the bill posey condition. -- on the whale' s condition. amanda: tilikum has become the symbol of the debate over whether or not killer whales should be held in captivity. six years ago, he was involved in the death of a beloved trainer, and now he'
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and is not expected to live much longer. on it' s facebook page seaworld said it was saddened to report. tilikum' s health has been deteriorating and they' re treating him for a bacterial infection in his lungs. >> good boy. amanda: in a video accompanying the post, tilikum' s caregivers get emotional as they talk about the ill whale. >> he has a disease which is chronic and progressive and at some point my causes death. amanda: tilikum is estimated to be about 35-years-old and has been at seaworld for 23 years. in 2010, whale trainer dawn brancheau was killed when tilikum dragged her into the pool. three years later, his story became the focus of the documentary blackfish which was critical of whales in captivity. tilikum has also been involved in the deaths of two other people.
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m here and these amazing veterinarians are here, he will receive the best care. amanda: the seaworld video claims tilikum is being given, and always has been provided the best of care. animal rights activists are skeptical. a spokesman for the animal rights foundation of florida told wesh two news over the phone, whales in captivity have higher mortality rates, and if seaworld was truly committed to the health of orcas, it would not keep them in captivity. >> they know this animal is gonna be dead in the next few weeks, so they' re trying to soften the blow and make it sound like they' re trying to do all they can for this animal. amanda: since blackfish, the documentary about tilicum came out, seaworld' s attendance has lost corporate sponsorships and attendance has declined. meatime, peta put out a strong statement regarding the news of tilicum' s illness. i' ll have that for you coming up
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meredith: we posted the full sea world video about this news enter interview from 2000. look for those videos and continuous coverage on the wesh 2 news out. summer: we are following breaking news. they discovered a data breach that may impact customers dating back two years. reporter: this hotel company may have been affected. findings in the investigation show an unauthorized person installs malware in their credit card company. it was routed through the infected systems. if you have any questions about this, we have a number to call. the call center will be open at 8:00 in the morning monday through friday. right now, they are doing the best to notify all of the customers who have been affected. meredith: thank you.
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mess shut down part of the turnpike this morning. the driver of a semi-truck hauling lumber lost control and overturned by the exit and entrance ramps to and from orange blossom trail and the beachline. the lumber spilled all over the place. two people were sent to ormc with injuries, but are expected to be ok. and all lanes of i-95 are back open in brevard county after a tanker truck accident this morning. just before 2:00 this afternoon, brevard county emergency management opened all lanes of traffic, but they' re still doing barrier repair work. the crash happened at wickham road around 8:45 this morning in viera. summer: teacher bonuses have been added to the budget. meredith: most local educators say they will never see the money. the bonus requirements forcing teachers to dig up the college report cards. summer: a terrifying crash in the middle of the night. a train derailment that the passengers into a murky ditch. meredith: florida is about to
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. meredith: it was one of orlando' s worse cap secrets. a dramatic rescue happening at sea. two men found themselves in the gulf as their boat was sinking overnight. the man saved by the coast guard says all of a sudden his stern was gone on his 37 foot boat. he says it was going down quick. they floated in a life raft in rough seas for two hours, setting off flares and a strobe light so the coast guard could spot them and save them. it was officially announced, citrus bowl next year. made with great fanfare. michelle: one thing is for sure, wrestlemania. >> say good honorable rick scott.
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governor, orange county' s mail -- mayor and buddy dyer were introduced like they were wrestling superstars. >> thank you, governor scott. >> what a great day to be in orlando. michelle: today orlando announced a huge moneymaking score. next april, the city beautiful will host wrestlemania 33, guaranteed to pump $100 million into the economy. the wwe says rock our world. will face. michelle: it seems like a perfect fit area the citrus bowl is newly renovated, orlando is home to the wwe performance center where many wrestlers train. but that exist right in our camera.
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bring it on. can you give us some of that toughness right now? >> do you want to arm wrestle? michelle: oh, no i do not want to arm wrestle. >> the only personality you need right here is the superman punch. i am looking to knock a jaws loose. michelle: how will wrestlemania 33 go over in orlando? well, vince mcmahon is predicting a sellout. summer: thank you. i was hoping to see you arm wrestle. this is one for the history books. orlando hosted this event back in 2008 so it is the only city to host the event twice. meredith: the bill that cleared the state house would establish formulas for alimony payments and includes a controversial
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children should spend with their divorced parents. the bill would direct that judges start with a premise that children should spend approximately equal amounts of time with each parent. as for the duration of payments, that would be based on the number of years of marriage, and the amount based on a couple' s gross income. opponents say it' s generally in favor of a man who has built a career over a woman who may have stayed home with children. >> she has not built up retirement or social security. she is expected to start the next chapter of her life. under this bill, at a great disadvantage. meredith: those in favor say the goal of the legislation is to create some uniformity in law. a hole in one let to some serious celebrations on the 19th all. summer: there was a bonus whole the secret -- featured a $1 million payout. it was for an autism charity program. he hit the money shot from 100 and 13 yards and the crowd went
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they lifted him into the air. he was using a bar of the time. meredith: that is when you know you are a pro. you are using our equipment. eric, it is looking a little cloudy. eric: that said, it has been just beautiful. i will take you out to a picture send in just a little bit ago. earlier, it was a crystal blue sky. we have been noticing a few clouds over at the beach, but in our area it has been a mix of clouds and sunshine. there is downtown orlando, just beautiful at 4:00, 77 degrees and made it all the way up into the lower 80 ' s. 79, kissimmee. 75, sanford. comfortably cooler reading in daytona beach, 73.
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they have been hanging out from i-95 back over to the turnpike today. at times, it has looked like a mostly cloudy set up. we will try to keep that around, partly to mostly cloudy skies. 8:00, 67 degrees or it we fall to the middle 60' s by 11:00 when tony is on the air talking about a beautiful setup for wednesday. before we get a head of ourselves, let' s talk about the next temperatures. 57, ocala. 58, clermont this evening. 59, kissimmee. 59, st. cloud. 57, de land. 60' s, the space coast. if you have outdoor plans tonight, such as heading out to epcot for the flower and garden festival, we are looking great area temperatures gradually work on down. by closing time we are in the middle 60'
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tomorrow. remember yesterday as you are watching the broadcast, we were talking about climbing temperatures each day, building a degree or two. that is exactly what we have forecasted tomorrow. 83, orlando. 79, daytona beach. 80, titusville. pressure. put on the streamlines to show the persistence of the wind. that means it rip currents are going to be a concern at the area beaches, but watch what happens is a push ahead to thursday. there is not a lot of difference, the wind still coming in off the ocean. even for friday, onshore wind and rip currents continue. the next weather feature in a louisiana, pushing into mississippi, our next cold front with showers of the head of it. the moisture will move into our area, finally making a bit of a change. out ahead of it, it is dangerous surf avenue area beaches, and
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have bike week and a spring break and a lot of people want to head to the central florida beaches, but as this waste comes in, it has to go back out. it is the off channel water that causes the rip current. it will tire yourself out if you are trying to escape. here is central florida' s most accurate seven-day forecast, 86 degrees. thursday into friday, rain chances for the weekend. we will talk more about this rain chances in the next half hour. meredith: a kidnapping attempt and a 13-year-old who made a narrow escape. summer: how she got away.
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health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. meredith: officials are saying that a mud slide may be to blame for this terrifying train crash. this commuter train derailed east of san francisco last night. officials say the first car was carrying seven people when it rammed into a tree that had fallen onto the tracks. this caused the train to derail and fall into the water. nine people are injured with four of them seriously hurt. some quick thinking, and a heavy school backpack may have been what saved one florida girl' s
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summer: the 13-year-old was walking home from school when a man attempted to kidnap her. >> the first days after it happened, i didn' t want to go outside, because i was scared. i never liked walking. summer: surveillance video caught the aftermath as she was running away from him in broward county. she says when she tried ignoring him, he parked his van, got out, and put his arms around her. >> he grabbed me around my waist and i was pulling his wrists away from each other and that is when he gave up and i just kept running and he ran back to his car. summer: she is ok and deputies are still looking for this man. the widow of the m.h-370 in-flight supervisor held a small memorial event today to mark two years since the plane disappeared. friends and relatives joined her at a church in malaysia. the group prayed and lit candles
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passengers and crew on the ill-fated malaysia airlines flight. 239 people were on board when the plane vanished. meredith: a woman driving the van that looks like the scooby doo mystery machine, lead police on a wild car chase in california sunday. >> is this our 12 on velma or daphne? >> i think it' s on scooby. meredith: obviously, having a little bit of fun there. the driver turned out to be 51-year-old sharon turman. police say this all started when she decided to make a run for it during a routine probation check. >> the vehicle is still driving very recklessly. we are 35 miles per hour. she' s ran two cars off the road. >> to be specific, it' s supposed to be the mystery machine from scooby doo. meredith: police say she caused multiple crashes before abandoning the mystery machine. she' s still on the run and police are asking anyone who may know where she is to call them. more people are hitting the road
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summer: next at 4:00, we will look at the contributing factors
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meredith: if you' re enjoying spring break, spring training and bike week here in central florida watch out. the fhp says march is the most dangerous month on central florida roadways. summer: in march of last year there were 32,000 crashes across florida, more than 230 injuries and 35 people died. wesh 2' s bob kealing looks at the top three things causing these crashes and what you can to to stay safe on our roadways. bob: here at the intersection last friday, five people were injured in a crash, three of them children but the two people that die, neither one was wearing a seatbelt. on any given day, florida is home of 20 million residents and nearly 2 million visitors. the fhp says march is the most dangerous month of the year on florida roadways because so many of these folks have free time,
4:31 pm
>> we have a lot more vehicles on the road this time of year with local spring break mixed with college spring break and out-of-towners, there is going to be more vehicles on the road. bob: more drivers leads to more injuries and fatalities are you we average one fatal class -- crash per day last year. not wearing seatbelts is a factor, the second-most, driving too fast at aggressively and finally, alcohol, people choosing to drink and drive. >> take out the alcohol and we would reduce the crashes significantly. bob: here' s another deterrent, in march of last year alone, troopers wrote 4500 dui citations across the state of florida. coming up at 5:00, there is enough ticket accidents going on in the i-4 construction zone and we will tell you what the fhp says is causing it and what you
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summer: troopers and cyclists need to be extra aware. meredith: pedestrian deaths increased last year, that' s according to a report from the governors highway safety association. they' re looking at data from the first six months of 2015 and 2014. they found more than 2300 reported pedestrians were killed in 2015, compared to that same time frame in 2014. and of that data, florida, california, texas, and new york combined for 42% of the deaths in the first six months of 2015. they' re blaming cell phone distractions, and lower gas prices for the increase. summer: orange county deputies are investigating an overnight shooting that injured a person. it happened just before midnight at a home on kappa court, that' s just west of eatonville. we' re told the victim was shot in the stomach, then walked to a relative' s house. rescue crews then rushed him to the hospital. there is no word on his condition, or what led to the shooting. meredith: a raging fire took over a home in winter park and
4:33 pm
figure out what sparked it. this was off lakemont avenue, south of aloma on worthington drive. the blaze broke out just after 5:30 this morning. emergency crews were fighting the fire from inside, but were then told to evacuate the structure. we' re hearing the home is vacant. meredith: some money has been set aside for teacher raises . summer: who qualified for it? adrian whitsett takes a look. adrian: one of the more controversial parts of the education allocation in the state budget deals with teacher bonuses. >> it seems to exclude more people than it actually rewards. the $44 million set aside for the best and brightest program goes to teachers who meet two requirements. they had to score in the top 20% in the act or sat whatever year they took it and be evaluated as a highly effective teacher. at their february 9 meeting, the orange county public school board denounced the program. >> i think it'
4:34 pm
legislature has done in the past 30 or 40 years. s an insult to our teachers. i would much rather see that money go into raises across the board. adrian: orange county teachers union administrator dennis kelly believes access for his teachers has been limited by their new evaluations. >> the number of highly effective teachers plummeted from 80% to 2.4%. adrian: kelly believes the evaluations were manipulated to show future growth. ocps says the criteria changed particularly in a section called deliberate practice, supposed to empower teachers to improve classroom instruction and agreed to by the union in 2013. orange county teachers able to get the best and brightest bonus is way down. kelly believes the best way for the state to reward teachers is going back to using national board certification as benchmark.
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s based on, its actually based on your work in the classroom. summer: a fired up teachers union will sign off at a meeting that begins in 15 minutes. they believe this to be a slap in the face for teachers. meredith: checking our first alert weather right now. we are not warming up to that just yet. summer: we have some cool breeze coming by. eric burris is outside with the details. eric: we are not quite to summer of values, but these meetings do feel wonderful. it is a little taste of spring and you can see on the satellite imagery, we certainly had our fair share of clouds. 77 degrees in orlando. plenty of clouds overhead still. it is beautiful and wind is out
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we are finding 74, daytona beach. 79, the villages, leesburg, ocala. in the next couple of hours, the forecast will slowly bring this temperatures down to the middle 60' s by 11:00. beautiful weather right now, but how long does it last? we will talk about the warmest week of whether this year when i see you inside. summer: today, voters are testing their votes in primaries and caucuses. meredith: delegates are at stake for both parties. steve handelsman continues her commitment 2016 coverage. reporter: she campaigned in michigan where hillary clinton has a 21 point lead. as michigan democrats cast their votes today. >> i believe she is the right person to lead this country. >> i believe she is an honest
4:37 pm
reporter: michigan with unions and racial diversity could crush bernie sanders. he is nine points down nationally. >> please see him road to victory. reporter: there is voting today and idaho, mississippi and hawaii but john kasich is focused on iowa -- ohio. >> we are going to win ohio. reporter: marco rubio is struggling. >> please, do not let trump be our nominee. reporter: donald trump will not be, claims ted cruz who is close in the delegate count. >> if you do not want to see hillary clinton as president, the inevitable result of donald trump being the nominee, come join us and let stand together. reporter: donald trump says you may stop asking supporters to raise his hand after critics say the gesture is liking to a nazi salute. >> if it is offensive, i will
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reporter: donald trump leads in michigan and mississippi. a week from today is the showdown, florida and ohio that could answer the question, can donald trump we stopped? summer: tennessee jerry has awarded erin andrews $55 million after nvidia was taken at a hotel. the stalker admitted to manipulating a hotel people and secretly filmed videos of her naked. the jury decided the hotel shares in the blame. erin andrews says she was humiliated and suffers depression. >> she has shown phenomenal courage, standing up for security, safety and privacy. she is a true american hero. this had never happened before and hadn' t happened since. there are all kinds of measures
4:39 pm
was discovered. summer: in total, michael barrett is responsible for $28 million and marriott is ordered to pay about $27 million. attorneys for the hotel group say they' re considering filing an appeal. meredith: at least three sponsors have cut ties with tennis champion maria sharapova after she admitted she failed a drug test at the australian open. she made the announcement during a news conference in los angeles yesterday. she says she tested positive for the drug meldonium, which she says she' s been taking for 10 years for heath issues. the company that makes the drug says a normal course of treatment is four to six weeks. the drug became a banned substance this year. nike, tag heur, and porsche have distanced themselves from sharapova. summer: a business and resource fair in the pine hills community is focused on making the community the best it can be. it' s all part of the pine hills neighborhood improvement district. as gail paschall-brown reports, supporters are about improving the image and marketability of
4:40 pm
gail: from maintaining your balance, to using equipment to avoid falling, this is right here in pine hills. there' s an effort afoot to make sure more businesses come to pine hills. idler bonhomme, a doctor of physical therapy opened fysical, two years ago in the arden hill medical plaza in pine hills to serve children to older adults. >> there is a need in pine hills. gail: he hopes to expand even more in pine hills. >> it' s a small clinic, it' s not small. gail: that' attended this pine hills small resource fair. it' s one stop shopping for businesses to learn some of the best practices. supporters say pine hills is great community with a lot of opportunities, despite reports of crimes. >> the perception is real and i' ve had the experience with it. i' ve felt the affects with patients being referred. >> i was involved in shooting back in january 8 in pine hills. gail: but don mitchell says that hasn' t stopped him in helping
4:41 pm
the all in one community center is a non-profit on pine hills road, offering social services to health and even tax services. >> basically, anyone can come and get their taxes done for free. >> why pine hills? >> because of the fraud. there' s a lot of unethical preparers out there, taking advantage of the community because they' re from third world countries. gail: leaders here say strong business communities lead to strong neighborhoods. >> why not stay here and fix it or at least try to fix it, be part of the solution and not the problem? gail: in orange county, gail paschall-brown wesh two news. meredith: the pine hills neighborhood improvement district also focuses on crime prevention and increasing law enforcement and security presence. it was a close call for a small baseball fan that has gone viral. meredith: we are hearing from his she wrote dad.
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the grading it -- the ingredient
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. summer: a local boy' s first baseball game ever quickly went viral. meredith: it wasn' t because of a catch he made, but thanks to his dad' s fast moves. summer: wesh 2 anchor michelle imperato shows us how dad saved the day. michelle: it' s the picture making people flinch around the world. take a look. a rouge bat flying through the air about to make contact with little landon' s face, when in just the nick of time, dad to the rescue. >> i didn' t have a lot of time to think. once i realized that it was actually heading for my son, i
4:46 pm
block it and deflected it. michelle: and it was the right move. shaun cunningham threw his arm in front of his son' s face, and look at the next frame, the bat sailed right over landon' s shoulder. the now famous father and son were on the today show this morning. shaun, a marion county firefighter says they were at saturday' s pirates-braves spring training game in bradenton celebrating landon' s ninth birthday. pirates outfielder danny ortiz swung and missed and the bat flew into the stands where the s were sitting. landon was looking down at his phone as the bat was heading straight for his face. >> i took a picture of one of the baseball players i was going to send it to my mom. michelle: as for mom, well, seeing that picture is enough to make any mom sick to her stomach. >> she had a hard time with it. she got a little nauseous, but thank god everything turned out and no one was seriously injured. michelle: at the end of the day,
4:47 pm
time of his life. >> my first baseball game was amazing. michelle: michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. summer: good instincts therefrom that father. the makers of go-go squeeze apple sauce are recalling certain pouches due to possible contamination. the company says residue may have made its way into their products. pouches with best buy dates between december fourth 2015 and march 4, 2017 are being recalled. go-go squeeze pouches labeled as organic are not affected. meredith: reported cases of mumps and whooping cough are on the rise which may mean the current vaccine needs to be improved. vaccines for the mumps and whooping cough are already proven to be safe and effective. but now scientists are studying their cultures to see if the vaccines need to be better. summer: cigarettes are not the only thing that may cause lung cancer. carbs may also be to blame. a new study says dietary carbs, like the ones found in bagels and white bread, may increase
4:48 pm
researchers at a cancer center studied 2000 patients with lung cancer. they say eating foods that quickly raise blood glucose levels can play a role in developing cancer. meredith: motorcycle enthusiasts are enjoying this nice weather for bike week. daytona beach will likely have more than half a million visitors through the weekend. there have been several motorcycle accidents since bike week began on friday, but so far no fatalities have been reported. summer: so far so good, and turning to our weather right now, it is sunny and we are in the 80' s. meredith: let' s check in with eric burris. eric: so far so good. back out two daytona beach, it is a mainly clear sky from that vantage point from our wesh 2 studious. look it everyone lined up along the water. man oh man, i will tell you what, the first time in a while i can say this, honestly, i
4:49 pm
it is a wonderful evening around town. 77, orlando. 79, ocala and leesburg. if the bosses watching, i am just kidding, by the way. storm systems developing your texas and louisiana and a watch in arkansas. that is going to go up and around central florida unable miss us. 76 degrees, our 6:00 temperatures. readings will slowly fall, 67 by 8:00. 64, by 11:00. here is a we have for you tonight, temperatures north and west of town, 53. temperatures will be above typically where we find ourselves, milder than what we saw last night. the high continues to dominate our weather pattern.
4:50 pm
beaches and this means that the warm to pictures continue. the forecast tomorrow, brings us to 82 in orlando. 79, daytona beach. 83, ocala. it is a quick warm-up tomorrow. 79 by lunchtime. we are at that temperature today at 2:00. thursday, not much changes. high-pressure still around in a dangers rip current. friday, the same exact thing. saturday, the same thing and we will start to watch moisture out of the gulf of mexico moving in. this is about 2:00 sunday afternoon. watching this area of low pressure out of the gulf of mexico trying to work on through sunday afternoon into monday morning and we watch the moisture move on through. that is the next chance of rain for central florida. until then, it is beach weather. it is great outside, the only problem, the rip current risk is running high too extreme. it is
4:51 pm
currents very carefully. spring training, everyone goes over to kissimmee tomorrow, the astros welcoming the braves from disney, 81 degrees. not bad, looking ahead to the forecast for orlando city, welcoming the chicago fire in town for a 5:00 kick and 83 degrees. it is getting warm, warm and warmer. 86 on friday and there is the rain as we look ahead to the weekend. tony has her neighborhood by neighborhood forecast tonight coming up at 5:00. summer: facebook meet football. meredith: rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. summer: incredible video out of texas. six kids were on a school bus when it got stuck in about three feet of flood water around seven -- 7:00 this morning. fire crews carried the kids to a nearby boat on a trailer connected to a truck. it and the bus were moved out of the water onto dry land. the students had another bus take them to school. a legendary rock band' s frontman is at risk of going deaf. meredith: that' s what doctors are saying about ac-dc' s brian johnson. the band has therefore postponed part of their tour. johnson says the doctor told him if he didn' t stop touring right
4:55 pm
the band is planning to make up some shows with a guest vocalist, but no word who that may be. johnson has been with the high energy rock and roll band since 1980. summer: you might soon be able to stream nfl games on facebook. an executive with the social media company says they are bidding to live-stream thursday night football. they' re competing with amazon, verizon and other streaming services. it' s not clear how much a company will pay the nfl to do this. the thursday tv package is worth $450 million. meredith: wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. summer: jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. jim: we' re following big news from seaworld. one of its oldest orcas and subject of the documentary "blackfish" has fallen gravely ill. we' ll tell you what they think is wrong. plus, rubio fighting to survive. we' re talking to the presidential candidate one-on-one to hear his strategy to win florida. and wrestlemania is coming back to central florida. why this time it' s a history
4:56 pm
wesh 2 news at 5:00 is next. [captioning performed by the
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banker: we begin with a developing story of five. one of its oldest and most famous and orkut is is deteriorating. meredith: who' s featured prominently in the documentary blackfish. see world says he' s being treated with an infection. amanda: he is the killer whale that has become the symbol of this whole ongoing debate over whether or not these whales should be held in captivity. six years ago he was involved in the depths of a beloved trainer. see world says he has an incurable disease. animal rights activists are quick to blame it on his captivity. the announcement of his illness was made on the facebook page. the park said it was sentenced to report his health was deteriorating.
5:00 pm
his caregivers explain medications they have been administering through his fish diet don' t seem to be working. >> he has a disease that is chronic and progressive. at some points in my causes death. amanda: he' s become the symbol of the battle over killer whales in captivity. the death of the trainer who was dragged into a pool by him as well as the deaths of two others who were drowned by the whale. they blame a life in captivity for his aggressive behavior. in the video the park released today the veterinarian says the whale would already be dead from its illness in the wild. local animal-rights activists are skeptical.


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