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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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or not killer whales should be held in captivity. today se aworld announced that he has a lung infection. animal rights activists are quick to blame this on the fact that he is spent most of his life in captivity. his health has been deteriorating and they are treating him for a bacterial infection in his lungs. the whales caregivers get emotional as they talk about the sick whale. he is estimated to be about 35 years old and has been at the park for 23 years. in 2010 whale trainer dawn
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dragged her into the pool. three years later he became the focus of the documentary blackfish which was critical of wales in captivity. he has also been involved in the deaths of two other people. this video claims that he is being given the best of care. animal rights activists are skeptical about this. a spokesman for the animal rights foundation said whales in captivity have higher mortality rates. if the park were truly committed to the health of workers they
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a pattern of aggressive behavior as well as his illness. i spent most of his life in captivity. they once again issued their call for sea world to release the whales to sanctuaries. jim: we are following latebreaking news from the hotel group. they discovered a data breach that may affect customers dating back two years. the credit card numbers and cardholder names and expiration dates were all exposed in this massive breach. the breach occurred and affects anyone who played with a credit card between september 2014 and february of this year. rosen says malware was found in the hotel system. they have hired a cyber security firm to examine the payment processing system and figure out how this happened. rosen hotels is set up a call center to answer any questions
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meredith: orange county deputies are investigating a shooting that injured a person. the victim was shot in the stomach and then walked no word on his condition or what led to the shooting. right now murder investigation is underway in orlando. a man was shot and killed in an apartment complex. it happened around 830 last night. it is unclear how many times the victim was shot. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. no suspect has been named. jim: the presidential primary in florida is one week away. time is running out for candidates to reach voters. absentee voters are surging past the last time there was an open seat for the white house.
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in the tricounty area more than 100,000 people have already voted. we still have seven days ago. the meltdown of the 2012 presidential election had florida telling the nation we don' t have results yet. numbers were not final until days after mitt romney conceded to barack obama. fast forward to this presidential election. a rewrite of election law has resulted in more hours in one location for early voting which voters hope will make things smooth and easy on march 15. tiffany bailey took no chances. she was turned away from her precinct when she tried to vote for years ago. a record-breaking number have
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absentee voting in our county is 30% higher than the last election of 2008. in seminole it is up 9%. over rubio: i got more than 70% of the vote in all the delegates. the undecided voters could store upsets rubio and for bernie sanders who is running behind hillary clinton in the latest polls. early voting in most local counties ends on saturday. in orange county and ends on sunday. meredith: senator marco rubio is
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the republican presidential candidate made a stop in kissimmee. he went to a local bakery. dozens of people showed up to meet marco rubio. they shared stories with him. rubio is trailing donald trump in the sunshine state. marco rubio and donald trump are in florida tonight. ted cruz has plans in miami tomorrow. no campaign stops for john kasich. bernie sanders is in miami tonight and will be in kissimmee and cap on thursday. hillary clinton will be in tampa on thursday. stay with us for continuing coverage of the primary results.
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detectives served a search warrant at a home on claremont. this is what they found inside. 288 plants. a street value of marijuana of nearly $3000. they were arrested and charged with trafficking and cultivation of marijuana. two men robbed a sunglass hut on sunday. march is the most dangerous month on florida' s roadways. 35 deaths across the state last march. people that buckling their seatbelts, driving fast, and
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taking alcohol out of the equation alone would make a big difference. a bill that tightens up restrictions. senate sponsor kelly stargell says it is up to clinics to provide other services to make a choice. state funding or elective abortion? . the bill came up on the floor of the senate.
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turnpike caused quite a backup during the morning commute. a semi truck was hauling lumber until the driver lost control and overturned. lumber spilled all over the place. two people were sent to the hospital with injuries that are not life-threatening. near orange blossom trail. a raging fire burns through a home in winter park. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this mess. worthington drive. it broke out just after 530 this morning. emergency crews were fighting the fire from inside. told to evacuate the structure. we are hearing the home was vacant. district. on silverstar road. road.
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supporters say that this is a great opportunity with a lot of opportunities. motorcyclists are taking over the roads near daytona beach. while spring breakers are taking over the beach. thousands of college students are in town to soak up the sun. the town no longer promotes spring break and yet the college students keep coming anyway. some people are here because of the crackdown in panama city. some spring breakers are boozing it up if the beer calling is any evidence. it is illegal to drink on the beach. safety officers usually make them pour it out. there has been a handful of arrests. information in the fight against the zika virus. meredith: new information that affects sperm banks. jim: teachers are upset with the
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deals with teacher bonuses. meredith: wrestlemania could use some real good for the city beautiful. tony: that big dome of high pressure.
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orange county teachers are giving the school board an earful because they stand to miss out on thousands of dollars in bonus money because the drastic change. adrian: orange county teachers are frustrated by recent report showing a huge drop in highly
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on top of feeling undervalued orange county teachers without the best rating lose out on the $8,000 bonus. legislators just set aside $44 million for the program for teachers who meet the requirement and were in the top 20% of the college testing scores. now most teachers can' t even apply for the best and brightest program. precision. ocs says the criteria changed. especially the scoring of the deliberate practice section of the teachers evaluation. they don' t evaluate and dutch performance pay at this time.
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as the teachers got done speaking in front of the board, the chairman made a comment about the unions that started comments from cap gordon. they got into a chance and heated exchange. no word on what happens with these evaluations going forward. the florida house passed a bill that would revamp the states alimony laws. it would include controversial provision. it relates to how much time children should spend with the divorced parents. the bill would have judges spending =. the senate approved of this last week. it is going to governor rick scott for his signature. jim: the super bowl of wrestling is coming back to orlando. wrestlemania 33 will be at the citrus bowl in april of next year. the event is considered a huge score for central florida.
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the wwe expects the event a sellout. what to the wrestlers think. bring it on. leaders say this was made possible through the renovation of the citrus bowl. this is the second time orlando has posted wrestlemania. first time was in 2008. orlando is the only city to host wrestlemania twice. meredith: the battle to stop the zika virus. the world' s largest sperm and egg bank is located near the university of central florida. the fda has recommended tougher screening of donors. especially those who visited countries that are at high risk for the zika virus.
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many students are traveling this month. the university has more than 4000 international students. more than 1200 or from the high risk regions. we had to dig very deep to find anything wrong in the weather department right now. huge expense in the temperatures. the sun is getting closer to setting. don' t forget that we spring ahead as we move forward. 73 degrees out there right now.
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slow-moving area of low pressure. the system will eventually work its way eastward but it will take several days. it won' t really get here until the weekend. dangerous rip currents will be out there. watch those gusty afternoon winds. any brushfires that start about. low 70' s along the region. the festival tonight. you will be in great shape. down to 66 by 9 p.m. up towards ocala 53.
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no change for tomorrow. the temperatures will be a few degrees warmer. we will be entering the mid-80' s prior village. 83 in kissimmee. a little cooler as you head northward. bike week for tomorrow morning. 59 degrees. miles. light breezes. by early evening another gorgeous sunset. room temperature coming in at 72 degrees. if you are looking for a spring training game. astros taking on the braves.
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will stay there for a couple of days. those dangerous rip currents. signifying more moisture and more humidity. friday should be the warmest day of the week. after that some of that energy will arrive as we head into the weekend. here is your updated seven day forecast. middle 80' s on thursday and friday. meredith: close but no cigar for the magic last night. >> it was a late game. very nearly cap the warriors from establishing and impresses nba record. meredith concealed for the first time as well. a spring tradition here in central florida.
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six-point loss to the golden state warriors. they came very close from keeping the golden state warriors from setting a new standard for a home game wins. in a cold blooded three-point shot late in the game. after the magic had trimmed to their lead to two points. in los angeles against the lakers. his namesake may be slowing down just a bit. the arnold palmer invitational time at bay hill. scott wellington is again pleased with his roster of players. that elite fields may have its hands. and this guy. not every. now the two-time defending champ. it is an elite field. rory mcilroy is back. the watson. jason day. they will all be there. it unfolds on st. patrick' s day,
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a good news bad news thing for the city. antonio notary know from italy will be ready to go with alliance hosts chicago friday night. unfortunately he remains a no go
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a local boys first baseball game. his dad had quick reflexes. >> once i realized that the ball was heading for my son i did whatever i could to block it. >> amerian county firefighter. they were at the pirates braves spring training game.
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bat was headed for his son' s face. dad is the hero. landon said he had the time of his life. results will be coming in from the presidential primaries tonight. the orlando school board meeting. tonight, critical night as more americans cast their votes. we have brand new polls. is donald trump losing momentum, and is this a make-or-break moment for bernie sanders? violent storm, a massive system unleashing flash floods, trapping childrenn their school bus and spotting at least one tornado. 26 million at risk as the threat continues for days. mystery bullet. who fired the shots heard in dramatic new video of an oregon


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