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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: overnight, gunshots fired into a crowd in downtown orlando. one man hit in both legs. we are live outside a nightclub where investigators sorted through evidence this morning. jason: donald trump picked up more delegates. amy: i will show you temperatures. michelle: a bad motorcycle crash shuts down i' ve for. how it deputies cruiser got banged up in the mass.
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jason: we are going to get to that commitment 2016 coverage. different overnight on the polls had been predicting. look at that cloud cover have been seeing over downtown orlando. 63, a warmer start. amy: we have some clouds. they are not quite as low or as thick as they were yesterday, but they are a layer to keep those temperatures from dropping. it will be warmer this afternoon. we will see sunshine breaking through. look at the temperature change from yesterday. a few spots are cooler. our inland spots are warmer.
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54 in paisley. a couple of spots have dropped into the 50' s. sanford is at 58, winter park at 61 and at celebration it is 65. closer to the coast, depends on whether you are north or south or closer to the water. 71 in melbourne beach. as we had through the day we will climb to the lower 80' s with a few scattered clouds and those winds starting to pick up. let' get over to ted. ted: things in downtown orlando nice and quiet. making that journey into downtown orlando, delay free. john young parkway toulon will drive is looking good. -- john young parkway to
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take u.s. 22 -- 92. jason: the hunt on for a gunman who fired into a crowd in downtown orlando. michelle: the frightening scene happened outside west pine street. that is where alex villareal is live. alex: that is what we are hearing from people who are out here . 30-40 people were out here at the time of the shooting and there was one victim according to police. a 26-year-old man got shot in both legs. we got this video from a woman who was at work in a business nearby. you can see paramedics gathered around the victims on the ground. they were telling people to stay back. the shots rang out around 3:30
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appears to have stand -- stemm ed from a fight. we talked to amend man that was outside of time of the shooting and see -- he said he heard several gunshots. he said there was a big crowd out here. >> when i was by the plaza, i see this guy on the floor. i am just standing when the bullets come in. i see the bullet on the floor. alex: the individuals involved in the confrontation are unknown. we know that other agencies were asked to be on the lookout for a car that the shooter or shooters might have used to get away. the tech is will begin continuing investigations.
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live in orlando, alex villarreal. jason: a couple of accidents shutting down portions of i-4. one involving a sheriff' s deputies cruiser. this happened in debary avenue . at the scene, the cruiser was hit by another car. at least one person was taken to the hospital. this happened 1:00 this morning and crews worked to clear that area. it is still unclear what type of injuries one person taken to the hospital may have suffered. jason: commitment 2016. states went to the polls yesterday. michelle: donald trump compared
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he also one in -- picked up a win in mississippi. jason: bernie sanders with a huge unexpected victory in michigan. ted cruz did pick up a win last night in idaho. >> and -- we believe our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> and unexpected win in michigan. the polls were wrong. even sanders didn' t see it coming. he won with nearly a third of the black vote. >> hillary clinton did not mention her mississippi win or michigan lost. she picked up more delegates than sanders. she beat donald trump by 13 points in november.
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>> we started with a field of 17 and now we are down to four. >> ted cruz closing in on delegates. cruz one idaho tuesday. >> we are closing the gap. >> marco rubio' s best finish on thursday, third. >> i can' t lose any votes. >> john kasich insists he will win ohio. >> it is looking more like a two-man race for the republicans. six of 10 voters think donald trump is hurting the party. michelle: the today show will have coverage of the election, breaking down all the results and where the race goes from here. does donald trump still have momentum?
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jason: a brevard county manatees of beating a man to death on super bowl sunday will ask a judge to get out of jail on bond today. he is charged with second-degree murder. the man made a sexual advance. it happened in mehlman. prosecutors will ask a judge to set bond at a hearing this morning. police in kansas city have caught the suspect accused of shooting and killing four -- five people. police say he murdered four men at his neighbor' s home and then later killed another man. serrano was kicked out of the u.s. back in 2004 but returned it legally. he was pulled over four months ago but was allowed to remain in the country because of the customs.
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tragedies. a six-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed herself. hosting a free gun safety class kids. the class comes after the death of last week. she found a loaded gun under a sofa and shot herself in the shoulder. her death was one of two cases themselves with guns found in the home. >> protect their children so they don' t have access to them. >> eric williams was supposed to be watching burke when she shot herself. he is accused of child neglect and not keeping that gun away from the six-year-old. today' s gun safety course will be held at the sanford police department.
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>> let' s turn to forecast now. warmer than 24 hours ago and by the afternoon you might say that it is going to feel hot. >> amy sweezey joining us now. amy: a mix of sun and clouds today. going to be even warmer today because we get son early in the day and hour wind will be coming out of the southeast. 80 at the coast, well above our averages for today' s date. we are starting off warmer because we have the cloud cover. these spots don' clouds and temperatures have dropped. 58 daytona beach and sanford but notice all the 60' s here. ocala, orlando, even melbourne.
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a gusty, especially at the coast, so if you are outside the united states in know-how that wind felt, that will be the case. we will talk more about how long this warm stretch will last. ted: i-4, not that bad if you are going to drive into downtown orlando. no delays by john young or colonial. things looking pretty good in orange county seminole into orange. at poinciana boulevard at our own brown -- 192, meets back up with poinciana boulevard so you can use that to get around. travel times at the bottom of the screen. michelle: local veterans will have a new resource in central florida.
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jason: orlando police want to find the shooter who opened fire on a crowd outside a row of downtown bars. one man was hit in both legs. michelle: people at seven orlando hotels need to keep a close eye on their bank accounts. rosen hotels and resorts say it found malware on its websites. anyone who stayed with them in the last 18 months might have had information stolen. jason: donald trump one elections in hawaii, mississippi, and michigan. ted cruz one in idaho but bernie sanders got a surprise win in milley -- in michigan. every clinton had a landslide in mississippi. michelle: how it will get the
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jazmin: the bill was signed by president obama. it transfers the ownership to the state of florida, paying the way for the home to reopen. there are 120 beds in the nursing home. congressman john mica has repeatedly called the v.a. a valuable asset to the areas aging veterans. it was empty during the transition at lake nona. that facility has 300 beds. mica says handing baldwin over to the state is the most efficient method. transferring over the facility to the state this morning, starts at 930 -- 9:30. jason: eight people in custody mount dora. this is the result of a four
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they covered large amounts of marijuana, prescription kills -- prescription pills. north korea has miniaturized warheads to mental missiles. that country has been warning about nuclear strikes since monday. michelle: the vacant supreme court seat will be the focus of a hearing on capitol hill. loretta lynch is set to testify committee. lynch has removed herself from nomination. the vacant seat could be a hot topic. several members have said they won' t vote to nominate a new justice until after november' s presidential election. >> a massachusetts chipotle restaurant is closed after women' s workers -- one of its workers is diagnosed with
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still no reports of any customers becoming ill. several chipotle stores closed late last year when companies were diagnosed with norovirus. the health department says it worked in the most recent incident. michelle: it is probably in the middle of your morning routine. amy, jacket? amy: toss up. a couple of drops in the 50' s s. not bad at the bus stop as you are packing up. some kids, this is your last week before spring break, so enjoy these last couple of days. we are warmer than we were yesterday. sunrise in 20 minutes or so. look at this view over downtown orlando. they have a little bit more of a
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we were clouded over early. with those clouds, our temperatures are warmer this morning compared to 24 hours ago. 64 degrees in orlando. some of them are scattered, some are thinner than others, but we will break those apart here in the next couple of hours. lots of 60' s in much of the area . a couple places in the 50' s, we have more clearing. 58 daytona beach, 58 in sanford. big ridge of high pressure. it is in control, anchored in place. we will stay windy and warm today. if you are out yesterday, you know how breezy it was. wind coming in off the ocean. with more sunshine,
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yesterday. inland spots at 80-81 yesterday. today we climbed to 84. 83 in ocoee and orlando, 83 winter park, 82 longwood and a veto. -- longwood and oviedo. coming to town for spring break, it will be breezy and we still have that high risk of recurrence. be careful. the tight heads out this morning through early afternoon. -- the tide heads out this morning through early afternoon. by friday those winds are going to calm down considerably. the timing not so great with the weekend.
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we will have a lot of clouds on saturday and some scattered showers into monday. ted: been talking about this crash in osceola county around poinciana boulevard, and you can see though northbound lane is blocked and causing a backup. take bass road to the west -- to the east or take : boulevard. i-4 current travel conditions have the most congestion in the morning. westbound lake mary-lee and the toll plaza to i-4 all running on time. michelle: a local mayor preparing for an ocean odyssey. jason: why he wants to travel
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michelle: a new
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michelle: the bay area reporter was in the wrong place at the absolute wrong time. alex savage was live on air talking about that train derailment in california when a car came barreling towards him and his cameraman. no one was hurt. caught on camera, a hit and run. jason: police are looking at the person who fled the scene after hitting a child on a skateboard. that dark gray car strikes him. the boy had only minor injuries but police want to find the driver. they believe a woman in her 20' s was behind the wheel. she could be looking at criminal charges. the mayor plans to sail home from cuba in a makeshift raft. michelle: debary mayor clint johnson says he wants to experience the same rift migrants experience on their
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johnson is standing firm. he says he will assemble the raft in cuba next month. in our next half hour, a deadly terror attack in israel. a student killed in the virus. a whale blamed in the death of a trainer. alex: a man is in the hospital after he was shot in downtown orlando coming up. i will tell you what police sailing to the shooting. >> warmer this morning compared to yesterday morning, most of us are in the 60' s with a couple of 50' s. we will talk about when those
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: it' s just before 6:30 and we are following violence in the heart of downtown orlando. we are live on this
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>> sanders shocker. -- what republicans felt coming next. michelle: what you need to know about local hotels and your data breach. thanks for joining us. jason: for several mornings we have been talking about wearing a jacket or sweater. you may not need one. it is gorgeous. the sun is starting to rise. 63 in this spot. let' s get to amy. amy: just in the last couple of hours, clouds have been spilling in. some are sitting in a few places. we will start to break apart those clouds and end up with a mix of sun and clouds. our temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. lower 80'
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winds are going to be breezy as well. when you compare the temperatures this morning, 50' s and 60' s. a warmer start for most of us. melbourne is pretty close. 69 right there and also in cocoa beach. daytona beach and sanford at 58, 54 palm coast, and to the rest of us we are at 64 in orlando. we are going to break those apart soon. i will take you around county by county and show you those 80' s in just a few minutes. it is traffic time. ted: on poinciana boulevard just past the intersection, we had a right northbound lane blocked.
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be aware there is a half-mile delay approaching the accident. current travel times on i-4, current troubled times eastbound i-4, westbound lake mary to lee. jason: orlando police searching for the gunman who opened fire on a downtown crowd in orlando. michelle: alex villareal is life there. do police have any idea who they are looking for? alex: it is unclear at this time. if they do have a clear idea, what they say is the people involved in this confrontation are unknown. there was an alert put out to other agencies to be on the lookout for a car. that does seem to imply they have some idea of the people
6:33 am
the scene is clear out here but it was very active just a short time ago. 26-year-old man who got shot in both legs. this cell phone video we got from a woman who works at the business thereby shows paramedics gathered around the victim and you can hear those emergency responders yelling at people to stay back. the shooting happened 3:30 this morning and appears to have stemmed from a fight. officers found the injured man when they got here and he was taken to ormc in stable condition. a woman who gave us that video said she heard eight gunshots and not of men -- another man said there was a big crowd. >> i don' t know if the bullet was close to me.
6:34 am
alex: in terms of suspects, police say the individuals involved are unknown. police tell us detectives will be continuing this investigation and we will bring you updates as soon as we have them. jason: the overnight results are in. michelle: another big night for donald trump and a surprising victory for bernie sanders. trump is still in the lead by almost 100 followed by ted cruz, marco rubio, and john kasich. jason: sanders got a boost with a major upset in michigan but hillary clinton still walked away the leader. >> both sanders and trump were propelled to victory by voters who were tired of the washington
6:35 am
>> i thought i would take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who got into polls that had us 25 points behind a few days ago. >> of the four, they are all done. they did not do so well tonight. >> vermont senator narrowly beat hillary clinton in michigan. also make tory us, donald trump -- also victorious, donald trump. in one week, john kasich comes to prevail in his home state of ohio while marco rubio tries to defend florida in what could be their last stands. we will also -- they will all debate again with democrats going tonight and republicans
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jason: you can dive deeper into those numbers in the mobile app. we are looking at record early voting numbers. 6:30 5, 1 of the largest hotel change was hit by a massive data breach. customers credit card information could be found by malware. cards used at any of its seven properties in central florida between september 22 and february 18 may have been affected. hotels begin receiving unconfirmed reports last month but is just now beginning to notify potential victims. >> i am very surprised by this. i came here and i heard about that. jason: additional enhanced security measures have been implemented to help this from happening again. michelle: a local high school teacher will learn today if he will spend the rest of his life
6:37 am
gregory vaughn was suspended. he persuaded a girl to send images of child photography. -- child pornography. when police responded to keep he is green' s residents, green managed to get away and he has an active warrant in brevard county for a number of charges including armed burglary, battery, and aggravated assault. jason: more about a gruesome attack that left an american grad student dead. a palestinian went on a stabbing rage in israel. is the latest bloodshed in the way of violence. brett: this attack just one of many stabbing and shooting
6:38 am
the victim, taylor forest, was a u.s. army veteran proceeding his mba. -- pursuing his nba -- mba. a total of four palestinian attackers were killed. violence across the region wounded a dozen israelis. the vice president tweeting out "tragic attack taking the life of american. no justification for such acts of terror. oh taylor received his undergrad in 2009 and continued his service for five years. jason: nbc news has learned that a top isis commander known as omar the chechen is believed to have been killed in an airstrike
6:39 am
seized by isis rebels for him. a $5 million bounty on his head. jason: the man known as the fifth beatle has died. sir george peacefully in london at the age of 90. david cameron hailed martin as a giant in music and ringo starr has tweeted "thank you for all your love and kindness. peace and love." public viewings will be held this afternoon and tomorrow for nancy reagan. it will be at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. michelle obama, george w. bush, and laura bush, rosalynn carter, and hillary clinton, are
6:40 am
jason: seaworld is closely watching the killer whale that played shamu for years. this is the same orca trainer in 2010. what is wrong with tilikum? jazmin: tilikum has a bacterial infection in his lungs and his health has become worse over the past few weeks. he has been at seaworld for 23 years. tilikum has been involved in three deaths. don brancheau was killed -- dawn brancheau was killed. >> he has a disease which is chronic and progressive. at some point, might cause his death.
6:41 am
seaworld claims tilikum has been given the best care but animal rights groups are skeptical. whales in captivity have higher death rates. if seaworld was truly committed to the help of orca' s it would not keep them in captivity. seaworld says a cure for his illness has not been found. jason: deputies shoot and kill a suspect near camp overnight. michelle: what they say went down. plus, jason: a convicted sex offender arrested again.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. jason: let' s turn our attention to your forecast. michelle: we are going to warm things up. amy: a little bit of cloud cover in central florida. you can see it on the satellite
6:45 am
a lot more breaks this morning compared to yesterday. it has helped keep our temperatures warmer. winds are starting to kick up as well. the winds are going to be quite breezy. coolest place is palm coast at 54 and sanford and daytona beach it is 58. our temperatures will climb to the mid 70' s by late morning and upper 70' s by noon. we will keep going even pass 80 degrees in a lot of our inland areas. we will have a few clouds mixed in with the sunshine. we will talk more about the weekend forecast when i come back inside in a few minutes. let' s get a traffic update. ted: the chopper still over a crash in osceola county at poinciana boulevard.
6:46 am
s hp is going to leave the scene shortly. -- fhp is going to leave the scene shortly. i-4 westbound between four and 436, there was a crash on i-4 westbound right before 436. it is starting to slow things down. drivetime delays, trappers heading their way next. -- choppers heading their way next. jason: an accused sex offender is behind bars. michelle: he exposed himself at their apartment complex. brett: these neighbors are irritated and disturbed by what they say is an ongoing problem. they are frustrated after learning the man of arrested is a registered sex offender. julius cooper was charged with
6:47 am
neighbors say they have called many times in the past about this problem. >> i saw him twice last week. >> without pants? >> yeah. we call the cops. brett: deputies showed up and arrested him near a dumpster truck right there, naked. cooper is facing a number of $1600 bond. jason: deputies shot and killed a man in the tampa area -- area. the men was screaming and waving a gun just before 11:00. four deputies opened fire when he ran at them with a gun. dozens of teachers let the orange county school board have it tuesday night. they are upset about a new
6:48 am
the teachers say the rating system isn' t fair in orange county. not enough teachers get that highest rating so they don' t get a chance at any of this state cash. michelle: a shooting in orlando. jason: the today show is following the latest from the campaign trail. here is a preview. >> three more big wins from donald trump, plus how bernie sanders' s major upset in michigan could shake things up on the democrat side. shopping secrets revealed. the mirror in some stores that makes you look thinner. is it tricking you into spending more?
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6:52 am
average. even when rain roles in we are still going to be warm. a little cloud cover in downtown orlando. that cloud cover has brought our temperatures a little warmer. we are at 64 degrees and the winds are light enough that you don' t notice it yet as we get going we are going to kick up those winds in a much bigger way. we do have some clouds. there are some brakes as well. not as thick of a cloud layer as we had yesterday morning. we are at 58 in sanford and daytona beach, 54 in palm coast. 64 kissimmee and 69 in melbourne. high pressure across the
6:53 am
all the rain and storms cannot it dominates our wind pattern. at the coast and the wind coming out of the brings high temperatures up to even warmer than yesterday. 83 in salt springs and eustis and 83 in claremont. 83 kissimmee and saint cloud. 82 in longwood, 83 windemere. a little cooler at the coast. look at the spots at the coast. warmer all over the place compared to yesterday. 80 in cocoa beach. spring breakers are in town. keep in mind the rip current risk is high. rips are the strongest with outgoing tide and the hide -- tied heads out this morning. we stay warm and dry this friday
6:54 am
rain in our forecast. we will see scattered showers and a few isolated storms into the weekend. ted: 6:53. we have a live camera on the screen. just before 36 -- before 436, this crash was blocking a left lane. this early, we are seeing six minutes slower than usual getting out of lake mary going into lee. the backups are starting around 434. poinciana boulevard has cleared, no longer blocking. michelle: here is a recap. jason: gunfire overnight near several local bars. michelle: orlando police are searching for a shooter who opened fire outside a crowd. this happened around 3:30 on
6:55 am
jason: a section of i-4 was shut down after a series of crashes near ivar -- debary. the deputy wasn' t hurt that one person was taken to the hospital. michelle: a brevard county manatees of beating a man to death on super bowl sunday will ask to get out of jail. police say he beat kent wilbanks to death because wilbanks made a sexual advance on him. jason: a former hagerty high schoolteacher will receive his sentence today. gregory vaughn was arrested after her -- a woman discovered her daughter was having sexual conversations with him. michelle: people who stayed at several hotels need to keep a close eye on their bank accounts.
6:56 am
anyone who has stayed with them
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6:59 am
amy: cloud cover across central florida but sunshine breaking through as well. we are at 63 in ocala and the villages, 69 in melbourne, 60 daytona beach and our cool spot is daytona beach and palm coast. the wind will kick up. 83 in orlando, 81 in melbourne. stay warm through friday with a slight chance of rain. ted: trouble on i-4 in seminole county. a right lane blocks by 436. this was blocking a left lane. it is mixing with the drive time, 12 minutes slower than average. jason: the today show is next with a live interview from donald trump. michelle: and brett and jazmin are taking over cw18. brett: we are chatting about it and looking ahead to the season
7:00 am
michelle: stay connected with updates from the wesh two mobile app . jason: we will see you back here tomorrow morning for sunrise. good morning. good night. donald trump stays ahead in the republican contest. >> i wouldn't say anybody didn't do well who didn't do well. only one person did well tonight. donald trump. >> brings props to his victory rally to take on critics of his business empire. >> make the finest wine, as good of wine as you can get anywhere >> we'll join us live. on the democratichillary


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