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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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havertys. michelle: breaking news from daytona beach. a motorcyclist has been injured in a crash. we have the information on how it happened. we are also in miami, where the gop candidates for president held a kinder debate. also, we asked a man about charges he exposed himself in a local publix. announcer: local, live, latebreaking.
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michelle: we will get to your weather forecast in a moment. first, breaking news. i-4 is shut down. ted: the detour right now is having traffic get off that far street and exit to clay street. clay street to fairbanks avenue and fairbanks back to lee road. a few minutes ago, we saw all wreckers were on scene. we hope the traffic should be flowing again. in the meantime, that is your detour. we will have another traffic update in a few minutes. amy: good morning. happy friday. we will see some sunshine. temperatures are going to be similar to yesterday. we are heading into the middle 80' s and most of our inland areas. we will be a few degrees cooler up and down the coast.
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a seven mile in daytona beach. we may see the fog and haze settling in. meanwhile, 50 99 a ocala. 61, sanford. 70 in melbourne. the clouds are streaming in. orlando to the coast. some of us will break up -- will wake up to more. temperatures will climb into the middle 80' s. 85 in longwood. 86, winter garden. along the coast, cooler because of the breeze off the ocean. the wind today will be lighter. we will talk about that in a few minutes. michelle: more breaking news from overnight. a fiery motorcycle crash in daytona beach. police say the bike collided
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and burst into flames about 1:00. the biker, a young man, had to be rescued from under the car, he was airlifted to ormc with burns. the woman who was driving the car was not seriously hurt. we' ll have a live report from the scene, coming up on wesh 2 sunrise at 5:00. turning to commitment 2016. in miami last night, the four republican candidates for president went head to head again, for the final debate before super tuesday, which includes the florida primary. it marked the 12th debate for the candidates. and this one was a lot calmer than their previous confrontations. wesh 2' s brett connolly has the highlights. brett the 12th republican debate : had a much different tone and image than we' ve previously seen. when we' re accustomed to seeing the attacks and insults we did not see much of that here at the university of miami. it was a discussion on policies and issues. one of the main talking points,
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employees that were laid off and replaced by foreign workers. >> 250 disney it workers were laid off and replaced by foreign visa program. senator marco rubio has supported certain programs to bring in foreign workers and was questioned about the plan. senator rubio: it is a violation of the law now to use that program to replace americans and if a company is caught doing that whether its disney or anyone else they should be barred from using it future. >> appearing much calmer on stage republican front runner he believes is his major strength. >> i am different in 1 primary s trade. i feel we have had horrible negotiators, horrible trade deals. >> second in the delegate count senator ted cruz taking a shot at the man in the lead. s rallies recently he' s taken to asking people in the crowd to raise their hand and pledge their support to him. now i got to say to me that' s exactly backwards. this is a job interview, we are
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you. in 4 states inlcuding the home turf for ohio governor john kasich, trying to display s heartland. >> we will destroy isis and mr. putin you better understand your either with us or against us. we' re not rattling the sword. you' re not our enemy but we' re not going to put up with nonsense any longer. michelle: here is a look at the current delegate count with donald trump in the lead. senator ted cruz is in second and also picked up his first senate endorsement today. he' s followed by senator marco rubio of florida and then john kasich. before last night' s debate governor rick scott was the center of the attention, after he refused to say whether or not he believes all muslims hate america. the question on msnbc' s morning joe was in response to donald america.
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s debate, and asked him that question again. >> let' s remember, we were sitting in miami. we had -- beheaded by radical islam. radical islamic' s do not like america. michelle: scott also says he still hasn' t decided who he would endorse in the republican party. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders were also in florida thursday. clinton was in tampa and sanders spoke in kissimmee. here' s what they had to say following last night' s debate. >> when i began a lot has the -- when i began, we were 3% in the polls. a lot has changed. >> i want to take my vision and my views into a general election into whoever the republicans
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michelle: clinton and sanders continue on the campaign trail today with both making stops in north carolina and illinois. and remember to stay with wesh for continuing coverage of commitment 2016, including this morning' s campaign appearance by ted cruz at the faith assembly church in orlando. you can also get the latest updates online at or the wesh 2 mobile app. >> a 15-year-old girl is accusing you of showing her [indiscernible] michelle: only on wesh 2 news are we there as they suspect walks out of jail, charged with exposing himself to a girl seminole county deputies say on wednesday, 21-year-old melick cook flashed a 15-year-old girl at the publix off state road 434 been caught on camera. we asked cook if the charges were true. >> a 15-year-old girl is accusing you of showing her your privates. >> i didn' t do nothing. >> you didn'
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they said that it was caught on video. >> nothing was caught on video. >> so what happened in that publix? >> nothing happened in the publix. excuse me. michelle: the victim' s mother was with her and called 911 when it happened. cook only faces a misdemeanor charge because there was no contact with the victim. at a different publix, this one in orlando, a man was arrested, accused of video voyeurism. scott irwin bonded out of the orange county jail last night. he' s accused of using his cell phone to shoot images up the skirts of young girls in the baldwin park publix on two occasions. this is surveillance video of irwin in the publix on february 24. police say some of the girls were as young as six and seven. we have new information tonight about a woman who claimed to be a victim of an armed robbery, she' s now facing charges herself. >> he had the gun.
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michelle: that was magalys mejia last week telling us that armed robbers had pointed a gun at her and a two-year-old. but volusia county deputies say it was all a lie that she was actually involved with a drug deal with the men she said were she' s now being held on $20,000 bond on charges of using a communications device to commit a felony and child neglect. in brevard county, 15-year-old twin brothers are in stable condition after they were hit by island. it happened on courtney parkway, outside merritt island high school. the teens were in the crosswalk when they were struck. police say the driver hit one of them and then panicked and accidentally hit the accelerator, and hit the other brother. the driver stayed on scene and right now, there' s no word on any charges. in orange county, two men are charged with raping a young woman following a birthday celebration last december. orange county detectives say 23-year-old eric guzman and 23-year-old sean noel posted pictures of themselves sexually assaulting the woman the night they met her. deputies say the woman had gone to knight'
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birthday, and after a night of drinking, she became separated that' s when witnesses say the two men took her to a motel and assaulted her. this morning we have a look at the guy police say tried to abduct a 9-year-old boy near an elementary school in volusia county. this is a sketch of the man that was released by police. the boy says he was riding his bike to school in edgewater, when the man approached him and asked him to come to his house. the boy ran home and told his parents. a police search of the registered sex offenders database found no one who matched the boy' s description of the suspect. police are stepping up patrols around the school. a suspicious new fire flared up and threatened homes in palm bay thursday, just a block or so from a wildfire that damaged four homes a day before. when the flames started torching the dry brush on quentin street, firefighters were quick to stand guard near homes, running hoses into backyards, and bringing in bulldozers to stop it. crews say the new fire, which burned about five acres, is
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a wind blown spark, and therefore its suspicious. we want to get back to breaking news on i-4. the eastbound lanes alive for our shut down between park street and fairbanks avenue. ted noah is monitoring the situation for us. ted: this is right where the crash happened. we are uncertain what is happening here with the semi-you are seeing. you have to get off at park street. you take par street to clay street.
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the dot is saying to take -- lane. but traffic is actually flowing. another trouble spot, the offramp is closed off due to overnight roadwork.
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eastbound lanes at par street and fairbanks avenue. take a look at this video from earlier. eastbound is on the left side of your screen. this is where they are taking traffic off. you will have to take it over to clay street north to fairbanks avenue. take a left, take fairbanks over. meanwhile, another problem spot here on the 417 is completely blocked off. amy: most of us are in the 60' s. through friday, we will make it into the 80' s, well above our averages.
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at the beaches. right now, we are at 57 in ocala. most of us are in the 60' s. with the breeze off the ocean, we are at 70 degrees. the wind wall owl low bit of fog to develop. a couple of spots -- the wind will not be quite as gusty as what we are dealing with. mid 80' s for highs in most of our inland areas. we will stay a little bit cooler. pollen is still a little high. we will talk more about your weekend forecast, coming up. michelle: a polk county school bus driver and attendant are charged with child abuse after deputies say they left a special
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second time in less than a week. it was all caught on camera, that 13-year-old student had to escape through an emergency window deputies say the student was sleeping, when driver gale brown stopped at a lake wales school and everyone else got off the bus. she then drove to another location, parked the bus and left with bus attendant gwendolyn simmons. the child woke up 15 minutes later, climbed out, hitch-hiked 30 miles and walked home. frustration is growing in volusia county for the parents of students now forced to go to a bus stop nearly three miles from their homes. the rivera bella subdivision is expanding in debary, forcing the closure of fort florida road. parents and school leaders say they were unaware of the road closure until the last minute. >> we have no street, no sidewalk. with the construction, we have a lot of dump trucks.
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michelle: the bus stop situation will stay the way it is, unless city and school leaders can find a better solution. construction is expected to continue until the end of the school year. ucf is looking for a new basketball coach, wesh 2' s stewart moore has the latest on his late night firing. we will get to that, coming up. first, a big celebration in daytona beach last night. coming up, we'
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happy homecoming for more than ted: live picture is still closed down. -- i-4 is still close down. michelle: six new cases of the zika virus have been confirmed in florida. two of them are in osceola county. the other cases are in miami dade and broward counties. in four of the six cases people are still showing symptoms. new from overnight, a massive warehouse fire lights up the skies over los angeles, more than 100 firefighters battled the fire that sent a huge plume of smoke into the sky that could be seen for miles, in less than an hour, part of the 70,000 square-foot building collapsed. there are no reports of injuries. the cause is under investigation. in southern california, nancy reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband.
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speak at the ceremony, along with james baker and tom brokaw. 100 30 local guard soldiers are waking up in their beds this morning after spending the past nine months in afghanistan. they are overjoyed and a family and friends were there to greet them when they arrived at the airports. world. could not wait for this day. it has been a long year. michelle: the troops are members of the first 265th air defense artillery unit. their mission in afghanistan was to provide artillery and mortar protection for u.s. troops. a live look outside. this is what it looks like on
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michelle: right now we' re working on new stories for our 5:00 hour. jazmin walker joins us from the newsroom with a preview, good morning. jazmin: at least one person has been injured in a fire at a local home, it happened in longwood last night we' ll have details on the extent of damage to the home, and the injuries to the homeowner. millions of popular frozen meals are being recalled everything from pizzas to lasagnas to diet meals. we' ll tell you which boxes you need to look for in your freezer, and why they should not mean. and daylight saving time may be hazardous to your health, why springing forward this weekend could leave you grumpy, and raise your risk for infections, even cancer. ted: you can see live on the screen, we are investigating a crash.
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this is the scene of when we were still doing to her were putting traffic eastbound on to par street. we saw them move forward . either way, it is still closed just before fairbanks avenue. you can get back on to i-4 there. another problem spot here, 417. you have to use obt. where we were yesterday.
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we have a little cloud cover this morning. that has been similar to the last couple of mornings. coast. to the west, more cloud cover streaming in. today. 63 for daytona beach. like the last few mornings, it is warmer thanks to the breeze off the ocean. it is warmer, especially in brevard county. when the coming out of the south and southeast. the wind will be a little lighter. that will allow the temperatures to climb. both of those things taking into effect that will lead to temperatures close to where we were on thursday afternoon.
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85, longwood and oviedo. up and down the coast, the breeze will come in off the ocean. it will not be as gusty as the last a few days. 82, palm bay. the rip current risk is moderate to near high. the tide heads out late morning through early afternoon. bike week is underway as well as we head into the weekend. there will be a few showers and storms. we will stay warm tomorrow with a late date shower. on sunday, there will be
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thunderstorms as well. late in the day, a little rain will linger into monday. michelle: wesh two news at 5:00 starts right now. we will have the latest on the breaking news. announcer: local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: i-4 shut down mine a orange county. >> a fiery motorcycle accident takes one person to the hospital overnight. jazmin: thanks for joining as. michelle: we want to get you to the breaking news that will affect your morning commute.
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it is just before the fairbanks offramp. two vehicles are invol d in this. let' s go to our maps. i will show you a d.o.t. picture. we have been seeing them move off. before, traffic was detoured and pushed on to par street. they have moved up to fairbanks avenue. we can hope this will open soon. in the meantime, if you are driving on i-4 east, make a left onto clay, take clay to fairbanks and you can get back on to i-4. you will have to take rose that are slower than the interstate. amy: we are talking about a mix of sun and clouds. cloud cover is streaming in this morning. temperatures are heading into


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