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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  March 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: right now, donald trump and hillary clinton are adding to their delegate haul. the new primary results just into our newsroom. michelle: what is next for marco after voters turned their backs on him. jason: this is what $4 million looks like when it goes up in flames. we are live into the investigation into what started this mansion fire. good wednesday morning.
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warm again today. all those clouds hanging out over the buildings. amy sweezey is joining us now. amy: we have that low cloudiness, fogginess like yesterday. once it gets out of here, we will end up with sunshine. we are headed to the upper 80' s, near 90 again today. a few of us will hit 90. sunrise doesn' t happen until 7:34. a lot of this fogginess will left. warmer in some spots that it was yesterday. half-mile in ocala and the villages, melbourne reporting reduced visibility at less than a mile, south along i-95 in sondergaard county. -- southern brevard county.
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69 in orlando, 68 in there is cloud cover on the satellite. we will break apart those clouds later today. claremont. a couple of us will hit 90 degrees today and we will be in the mid-upper 80' s along the coast as well. ted: breaking news on the roadways as florida highway patrol is investigating two separate car crashes. the first is in osceola county at u.s. 192. it is slowing the flow of traffic approaching for winds boulevard. you might want to consider using poinciana boulevard to get around. one that is not blocking is on state road 50 in the christmas area at fort christmas road.
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in the kenansville area, state road 60 is completely blocked off. no great alternate. jason: in commitment 2016, donald trump and hillary clinton picked up two more wins each. it was a tight race on both sides in missouri. michelle: in illinois, clinton won with 51% and donald trump with 39%. >> it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. michelle: it is over for florida senator marco rubio. he needed a win in his home state that this contest was not close. jason: now, the race is down to just three. where does rubio go from here?
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seek to get on the november ballot for his senate seat or does he have other plans? >> if i were rubio' s strategist, i would tell him to hold off in 2018 to run for governor. trying to run for reelection when he has been an absentee senator for the past several years, i don' t think this year. >> who do rubio supporters back now? we talked to voters and campaign workers. >> to support trump would be difficult for me. i am a republican. >> furcal -- for a clown show like donald trump to be the nominee, -- make sure he doesn' t represent our party. >> supporters told us they will wait to hear a rubio endorsement before making a decision.
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future or who you might endorse. -- who he might endorse. >> to win by the margins, and -- especially -- this is my second home, florida. to win by that kind of number is incredible. jason: trump celebrated in palm beach. his delegate count is climbing. michelle: it was almost a clean sweep. here is the scoreboard right now. donald trump is more than halfway to the 1237 that he needs. his lead over ted cruz grew. john kasich has 138 after his victory in ohio. >> hillary clinton is 800 short of her final goal, with nearly double bernie sanders' s total. >> quintin mikell made the win
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-- clinton really made her victory over sanders look easy. >> hillary clinton took to the stage with almost no introduction. she thanked florida, ohio, and north carolina. she said this election may be the most important of our lifetime. she said she needs people to bring new jobs with rising incomes. >> every candidate owes it to you to be clear and direct about what our plans will cost and how we are going to make them work. that is the difference between running for president and being president. >> clinton also says every candidate makes promises during a campaign, but she says it is up to all the candidates to
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those things. she said that is the difference between running for president and being president. in west palm beach, adrian whitsett. michelle: count on wesh 2 for complete coverage online. we have a county by county delegate tracker inside the mobile app. jason: the search is on for a pair of robbers in a stolen car after a violent home invasion. police tell us of a pistol whipped a man and killed his dog. it was after midnight in the conway area. they busted into an apartment off con railroad -- conway road. those crooks got away in the victim' s car, a silver or cedi' s with the tag 479, msd. -- ms e.
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>> everybody knows this building. it hurts the community, it hurts us. i know they wanted to preserve it and it is a shame. michelle: a brevard county landmark is destroyed after a massive fire. jason: alex villareal is live in cocoa beach this morning. the big question is how did it start? alex: that is the big question and we are no closer to learning the answer. the focus is on making sure the home does not catch fire, does not go up in flames again. firefighters are working to put out hotspots. the area is being secured as a crime scene for safety and to
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he told our crew that the state fire marshal will begin a full investigation as soon as the sun comes up. the chief says they got the alarm around 7:30 last night. officials will take time to find out exactly what happened here. the home, known as the pumpkin center, was an icon in cocoa beach. county records show it sold for $4 million and it was built by usa today and florida today founder al newhart. a number of long -- onlookers watched in shock and sadness. we will continue to follow this investigation for you. we will bring updates at live in cocoa beach, alex villareal. jason: five home invasion suspects remain on the run after
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five people broke in wearing pig masks. a third person was kidnapped. critically injured another driver. s cruiser. police think they know why the victims were targeted. >> this particular couple of guys ran a tax business. they were free with their money, they flashed their money, they had. they -- this may have made them a target. >> the suspects got away with guns and cash. >> an apartment complex is looking to fix the chlorine system in its pool. it is just off of the 408. five children were swimming in the pool when they became nauseous and began vomiting. one child was rushed to the
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>> to our wednesday forecast, it is going to be warm. we are used to it. amy: we will -- most of us will be in the upper 80' s. a few of us will hit 90 again. we will get sunshine. a lot of low cloudiness. visibility is down to a half-mile in several spots. ocala down through sumter county, flagler, volusia, reporting half-mile visibility. sanford at six miles with haziness and melbourne has been fluctuating. we had quite a bit of fog and low cloudiness as well along i-95 south into indian river county. temperatures will climb. the wind will be later today. it won' t be as breezy. 82 by noon and top out in the upper 80' s near most of our
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we will talk about some rain on the way for the weekend. ted: six: 11 right now, f hp is investigating two deadly car crashes. this is really affecting the flow on u.s. 192. that is right by lauren brown road a couple miles east of i-4. consider poinciana boulevard or the other alternate roadways to get around that. there are lanes blocked. further east, 50 eastbound, a vehicle went into the woods. they are not blocking any lanes but it still could cause a slowdown for your morning commute. the kenansville area, not too far away from the hot junction,
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junction, eastbound john young to colonial is good. no delays yet. michelle: the search for a supreme court justice. jason: how soon we can expect to hear the decision.
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declaring victory on twitter, saying "we did it." yesterday. social media. michelle: marco rubio, out of this message. a special nation because where you come from does not determine where you get to go." john kasich campaign lives on. jason: the ohio governor beebe
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-- beat trump >> even though donald trump and hillary clinton lead in missouri, the races were too close to call. it was a solid night for both candidates as trump racked up more wins. governor john kasich pulled out a win in his home state of ohio. hillary clinton was also victorious. bernie sanders looks ahead to the next round of contests in arizona. utah will also vote next week. in washington, nikole killion. michelle: we will have continuing coverage all morning in our next half hour. we are going to recap the overnight wins plus the latest delegate counts. jason: president obama could announce his pick for the next supreme court justice as early as today.
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it could be an uphill battle for his pick . some republicans say they will block the president' s nominee no matter who it is. michelle: let' s talk about our weather. we are dealing with low clouds and fogginess here. is this all across central florida? amy: it is in a lot more places since yesterday. this is melbourne, brevard county, half-mile. jason: a lot of people are going to be thinking about a pool, maybe the beach. amy: some of you are trying to push through this week. wherever you are in that spring break calendar, enjoyed. we were hot yesterday, 90 in orlando. between 3:00 and 4:00, we hit 90
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most of us were in the upper 80' s and that will be the case again today, well above our average highs of 78. we won' t break a record in orlando, since it is 94, but certainly warm even though not necessarily record-breaking. temperatures in the upper 60' s, so if your kids are not on spring break, there is that patchy fog. you can see the cloud cover building in, a lot of it low to the ground cloudiness and fogginess. half-mile visibility in palm coast and daytona beach. for miles in leesburg and two miles in melbourne. southern brevard county seeing that fogginess as well. a warm start again. 68 in sanford, range of high pressure to our south.
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speeds compared to yesterday, won' t be quite as breezy. more sunshine once we make it through this morning fog. our temperatures climb again well above average. mid-upper 80' s lake yesterday. 89 today in clermont. 89 ocoee, it 90 kissimmee. it there will be a few of us like yesterday. upper 80' s along the coast today as well. if you are headed to the beach, it will be warm, we will have sunshine. low risk of rip currents. tomorrow, a slight chance for rain. a front will start busting up our weather pattern. this front will move in and that is going to bring more moisture. showers tomorrow, i don' t expect
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friday, saturday, sunday, we will have scattered showers and clouds. in time for traffic, here is ted. ted: michelle: -- ted: two crashes. that is not too far away from lauren brown road. it is affecting both directions of u.s. 192. use poinciana boulevard as your quickest alternate to get around that one. the other one is on 50 road. the early reports were that the vehicle went into the woods. there is a death involved. farther south, not too far from niha junction alternates getting through that area. your closest is 98 which is
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i-4 eastbound on the right, current travel times on your screen and rotating mix to weather info. michelle: hollywood and golfers join forces today.
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>> fans will phil bay hill to see celebrities in action. michelle: arnold palmer invitational. jazmin walker with a preview. the green as the program gets underway. rory mcilroy is the first to swing at 7:20. justin verlander. last year, offers were signing autographs for fans. they will be here to watch. here is the schedule. round one is tomorrow. look for coverage this weekend on wesh two. if you would rather see it in person, there are certain tickets available at $50.
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overnight results from mega tuesday. jason: from rubio dropping out to trump and clinton strengthening the leads. alex: the massive mansion in cocoa beach known as the pumpkin center went up in flames last night. i will tell you what fire crews are doing this morning to make sure it doesn' t catch fire again. amy: quite a bit of fog again. low cloudiness and reduced visibility.
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>> this is wesh two news sunrise in high definition. jason: looking ahead. >> we have to bring our party together. >> the front runners take up big wins on florida' s primary night. but is it over? one less rival. >> it is not god' s plan that i
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jason: your coverage continues on sunrise. michelle: it is wednesday, march 16. we are giving you a live look at oia this morning. we are starting things off warm once again, in the 60' s in many places. amy: the fog and low cloudiness is reducing visibility in much of the area. sunrise is at 7:34, an hour from now. we will end up with sunshine later today and we are going to climb again to the upper 80' even a few 90 degree temperatures. spots and we will do that again today. palm beach. two miles in melbourne. it is patchy, but in some places
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the tournament is underway this morning. it is 70 degrees. it is pretty high. dew points in the upper 60' s, so very muggy. a lot of do on the grass. -- a lot of dew on the grass. 68 sanford, 67 in daytona beach, and mid-upper 80' s this afternoon. we will climb to 89 in orlando, and 87 today in daytona beach. let' s get a traffic update and get over to ted noah. ted: florida highway patrol is investigating two separate deadly car crashes. the first is right by lauren brown road, not far away from i-4. this is disrupting the flow of -- the flow of traffic in osceola county.
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another one, a vehicle was the woods. it is at fort christmas road. use state road 520 to get around. the trump and clinton campaigns are charging forward. michelle: the two front runners picked up more states after big wins in florida. you can see hillary' s is really starting to fill up. she was declared winner in missouri and illinois. victories in those states. rubio is out of badly on home turf. the campaign? live. how will rubio' s absence impact
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>> it is hard to remember, but just a month and a half ago, many people on the democratic side thought marco rubio presented the greatest risk to hillary clinton winning the presidency. obviously not the case. you have to be depressed by the fact that even if ted cruz were not in the race, and every single ted cruz voter would have voted for him yesterday, he still would have lost by 30,000 votes. his absence won' t be nearly as big as people would have thought. that said, missouri -- donald trump appears to be about 2000 votes ahead of ted cruz. marco rubio got something like 50,000 votes in that state. his absence could make a difference and you can tell, he is not terribly fond of donald trump. jason: let' s talk about trump
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their leads. does it look like this race is over? >> i know the ambiguity is rough before sunrise, but the answer is maybe. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee but donald trump is going to win 60% of the remaining 1000 delegates to have this locked before the convention. he did have as many as 16 other opponents. now he has got two. his totals will go up, but there is almost no way the republican side can be decided before the first week of june when california votes. and it may be july when the convention is in cleveland. michelle: jason: thanks rejoining us. jason: both trump and clinton are seeing a boost in those delegate counts. michelle: the new numbers have
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jazmin: donald trump will take 99 delegates from his win. trump is more than half way to the 1237 he needs. his lead over ted cruz grew. the texas senator has 408 as of tuesday. on the democratic side, hillary clinton won florida, procuring 146 delegates. clinton' s delegate count is nearly double bernie sanders' s total. even though kasich one ohio, -- kasich won ohio, the question is whether republican voters can get behind ted cruz in large enough numbers. jason: is your source for coverage. michelle: we created a county by county breakdown, plus you can track the candidates as they
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that is all inside the wesh two mobile app. they drew a big crowd overnight as brevard county watched the destruction of an iconic mansion. alex villereal is live on the scene. the big question is what started this fire? alex: that is what everyone is waiting to find out. we know investigators will be out here as soon as the sun comes up to begin this investigation. fire crews are still here, they have been here throughout the night. they are working to put out hotspots here. any little areas that might be starting to catch fire again, so they can avoid any large-scale fire again. it is being blocked off with crime scene tape and that is to protect the investigation . and also to keep the area secure.
6:37 am
t see a construction sign, so it does appear that the home was under renovation . it was an icon in cocoa beach. county records show that it sold for $4 million. it was built by usa today founder al newhart. they got the alarm around 7:30 last night. it took several hours to knock out the fire. officials will take time to find out what happened. >> it is very sad. it was a beautiful home. i can' t imagine what started it. jason: everybody knows this building and it hurts the community. i know that everyone wanted to preserve it, and it is a shame. alex: people in the community
6:38 am
the loss of this landmark. we will continue to follow this investigation for you. as soon as we get any details, we will bring them to you. live in cocoa beach. michelle: breaking news this morning out of orlando. two suspects are on the run after pistol whipping a man and killing his dog. two robbers busted into an apartment and -- around midnight on con ray road near michigan street. they robbed a man inside at gunpoint. they got away in the victim' s car. a silver mercedes with the tag 479, mfe. >> two religious leaders are facing charges with a child sex
6:39 am
they are accused of enabling a friar to molest kids over seven years. they knew the friar was a threat but still put him in positions to prey on children. saint patrick catholic community in mount dora -- both still had pastoral duties. they are charged with endangering the welfare of children. michelle: orlando international airport could get a new billion dollar terminal. the authority is set to vote on a contract. if approved, it will take about three years to build. the university of central florida is getting a downtown orlando campus. governor rick scott signed the budget yesterday and it gives $20 million to the project that
6:40 am
the downtown campus is expected to cost upwards of $60 million and it is expected to open in the fall of 28 teen. -- 2018 . one motorcycle enthusiast is still waiting for the return of his pet parent. >> he left his macaw on his motorcycle well he went to listen to a band across the street. witnesses try to chase after the thief but could not catch him. >> she is my life. it is really hard. she is my family. jason: he has put up posters throughout the city describing spike. michelle: a huge voter turnout in one county and the ballot
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michelle: no jackets needed. some spots in the 90' s today. amy: we will hit 90 like we did yesterday. right now, it is a warm and muggy start. mid-upper 60' s, 10 degrees warmer than average. the dew points are high as well. a lot of moisture in the air. we have got some places where we are down to three quarters of a mile. half-mile in palm coast and daytona beach. a little better in melbourne, but southern brevard reporting low cloudiness. once we get through sunrise, we will see our temperatures climb. by late morning, lower 70' s, and then we are going to climb into the upper 80' s. some sunshine once this morning fogginess once works its way out of here. we are going to see a little bit
6:45 am
we will talk more about that when i come back. let' s get a traffic update. ted: we are coming up to 6:45 and we are covering breaking news with two car crashes in central florida. highway patrol are working. and west bound. that is very close to our and brown road. there are some lanes blocks, your backup. another one in christmas on 50 eastbound. was that the vehicle went off the road and into the woods. state road 60 is blocked off . serious crash with injuries.
6:46 am
the screen in seminole county, i-4 is down getting into altamonte springs. mary and lee. overnight. ballot in tuesday' s primary. half of those voted early. that is 46% of the voters, which means the biggest presidential primary since 1976. here are the numbers for our local counties. 52%, 47% of seminole county, now orange county is promising to do better after a ballot shortage at a dozen polling places. jason: bill cowles spoke to wesh these glitches.
6:47 am
she says she was turned away since there were no ballots left. the supervisor of elections asked state officials to consider extending voting hours. >> towels is calling this a great learning lesson. winter park is getting a newer, larger library. this new library will be built in martin luther king jr. park. it will have children' s programs and more books. >> marion county sales tax is going up 1% next year. half of voters approved the bill for safety. coming up, the takeaways from a wild night in the presidential race. a clean sweep for hillary clinton.
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our team breaks it all down and john kasich joins us live. here, she will talk about faith, movie. lin manuel miranda, the man
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>> you are looking at daytona beach in orlando where we have low cloudiness. some reduced visibility in a couple of places. we are back to 90 degrees again today in a couple of spot. we hit 90 in orlando. the last time was back in november. it has been months since we have been this warm and we did do it yesterday. a couple of spots hit 90 and that will be the case again today. near 90 in most of the area and that is well above our average high temperatures. over the next few days, we are going to stay warmer than average even when cloud or rain
6:52 am
we will start to cool down but we won' t get cool air until next week. that is when our temperatures will get down into the lower 70' s and be cooler than our average highs. some of it is high, some is low. some of it is down on the ground in the way of fog. visibility at half-mile in palm coast. less than two miles is how far you can see in leesburg. three miles in kissimmee and fogginess in brevard as well. mid-upper 60' s if you' re just heading out. big ridge of high pressure still in control. our wind will kick up and come out of the west. wind will be lighter, but we are still going to get sunshine this afternoon. in fact, very similar temperatures to yesterday. 88 in eustis.
6:53 am
especially father south across the metro. apopka and longwood, 88 and deland. upper 80' s in brevard county news coast. tomorrow, there is a front nearby starting to slide in closer and stall out here. we will start to see more clouds beginning tomorrow. we are going to showers tomorrow and a slightly better chance of rain on friday. the rain will be scattered. with this front meandering around into the weekend, we are not going to be able to see too much dry air. it will be a lot like last weekend, where we will have a lot of clouds and on and off rain. there will be scattered showers, then cooler, drier air. ted: we are still covering breaking news as two deadly car
6:54 am
one is u.s. 192. this is blocking lanes in both directions. use poinciana boulevard instead as your alternate. orange county in christmas, we have east round -- eastbound state road 50 f for christmas road, -- on for christmas road. the flashing lights by the lee road off ramped, we have a mixed from altar monster lee road. police activity. jason: here are the big stories. michelle: beginning with the crushing defeat here in florida. the latest round of primaries
6:55 am
she was suspended last night after donald trump decided to one florida. illinois and john kasich one ohio. hillary clinton won every state last night. jason: police searching for a pair of robbers involved in a violent home invasion. they broke into an apartment, robbed a man inside, and killed his dog. michelle: investigators are trying to figure out what caused the pumpkin senator manchin to go up in flames. the home was built by founder of usa today and florida stay. firefighters don' t believe the fire is suspicious. -- giles schinelli and anthony criscitelli are all that used of arresting -- michelle: orlando international airport could get
6:56 am
if approved, it will take three years to build. jason: golfers and celebrities are preparing to tee off in the arnold palmer. rory mcilroy will be
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sunrise continues with >> it is foggy to. we are down to a quarter of a mile import coast. about a mile and a half in leesburg. it is going to lift out. upper 60' s right now, we will again climb into the upper a 80' s this afternoon. 87 in daytona beach. we are warm again tomorrow and the rain starts moving in. ted: we are dealing with a couple different situations this morning. deadly crashes, u.s. 192 in osceola, by orange round. -- brown. christmas 50 by for christmas
7:00 am
jason: the today show is next with the latest from the campaign trail. jason: our local moves continue on cw18. >> and expansion at a central florida theme park. good morning. all but one. donald trump wins four of five states, including florida, forcing marco rubio out of the race. >> after tonight, it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> john kasich hangs on with a win in his home state of ohio. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> for the democrats, a clean sweep for hillary clinton. sanders hanging in, but it's


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