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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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neighbors rush into action. tonight, they tell us why they believe the man had no chance to escape the deadly fire. adrian: first tonight, a community comes together to remember a 15-year-old, who was shot and killed. friends and family held a vigil in destiny bargman' s apopka neighborhood tonight.
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m adrian whitsett. investigators say a 16-year-old boy is responsible for destiny' s death. he' s charged with murder. wesh 2 had the only news crew in juvenile court as he made his first court appearance today. our amanda ober was at tonight' s vigil and joins us live. a crowd of about 60 to 70 people gathered tonight here in front of the sheeler hills home where 15-year-old destiny bargman was fatally shot by a 16-year-old boy her family says she was secretly dating. friends left balloons to honor the memory of the wekiva high school freshman who was just starting spring break when her life came to a tragic end.
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killed inside her apopka home by a 16-year-old boy. that boy who has not been identified to stood before a judge on a charge of second-degree murder. the consequences may be severe. asked her what led to the shooting adrian: developing >> she was in a secret relationship.
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and many friends. >> she was one of the special t understand why she had to leave so early. accused in bargman' death was ordered held in juvenile detention for 21 days whether he' ll be charges as an live in apopka, amanda ober, wesh two news. adrian: we have video into the two newsroom from the scene. we are told a bicyclist was hit and killed. to
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adrian: developing tonight, the investigation is just beginning orange county. flames ripped through the home on pineway drive, near texas wesh 2' live. matt, you talked with neighbors who tried to save the victim. reporter: that' s right, adrian. a man ran across the street to try and get inside the home. this home unfortunately, the fire was just too much. >> i cannot get in any further. things are coming out of the windows. out. >> who lived inside.
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>> the man said he was in there. several fire crews worked for about five hours and then put out hotspots. house fire. investigators will look into it. smoke. adrian: the victim has not been identified. the state fire marshal has been called in to investigate. adrian: more breaking news involving a shooting that happened outside a strip club. 28-year-old luis cintron is
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attempted murder. the victim is 25-year-old carlos henrique cruz. deputies tell us three groups of bikers were involved in a fight. now, we want to check with first alert weather. you may want to grab a jacket before you leave in the morning. we are talking cool temperatures. just how low it will go in your neighborhood. eric: we are talking about nice, cool weather. 66 in orlando. still, the clouds overhead act as a blanket. the good news is if you like the colder weather, the clouds exit. 64 in ocala. still at 70 degrees over in melbourne.
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really dropped the temperatures off. notice the clear skies. 7:00 a.m. at 50 degrees. what about the suburbs. we will talk about that in a couple of minutes. adrian: president obama is making history. you can see the first lady and the daughters arrive. the president will spend the next 2.5 days there meeting with president raul castro. reporter: president obama' s trip tonight is the first for a sitting president in a long time. he took in some of the rich
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while the classic cars and architecture defined the city for many. right now, there is a new and different ritual. >> it' s an amazing place at here. reporter: the barbary coast jazz ensemble is playing there for the first time. for this band, this meeting is not about politics. the real point is people to people. it does not matter what the government says or thinks or does. that context comes a bit easier now. you will find more americans on
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it is clear that fortunes are changing for the cuban people. >> more things will change them within the last 50 years. one of the most important chapters. president obama' s historic visit this year. -- week. adrian: not everyone is a fan of this trip. donald trump said that obama should have come back to the u.s. after not being greeted by raul castro. >> amateur hour. honestly, obama should have turned the plane around.
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adrian: back in central florida, a suspect is now facing charges in a deadly hit and run crash. troopers say an anonymous tip led them to 23-year-old edward antonio alvarez. he' s been working as a day laborer at a house in seminole county, where he was arrested. troopers say he hit and killed charles mcmurray, who was riding a bicycle, earlier this month at west colonial at lexington avenue in downtown orlando. investigators say alvarez didn' t have a driver' s license at the time of the crash. adrian: covering brevard county, a man is charged with attempted murder, accused of stabbing his girlfriend with a screwdriver. melbourne police say jean lauriston got into a fight with his live-in girlfriend in a tent behind their home on wisteria drive. she was seriously injured after being stabbed in her neck and back. police say they searched for lauriston after arriving at the home but couldn' t find him. he later turned himself in. orange county deputies hope
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them track down the man who robbed a gas station. the suspect is seen here at the circle-k on rouse road tuesday night. deputies say he pushed the cashier, reached over the counter and grabbed cash from the register. he was seen leaving in an older-model four-door sedan. adrian: in volusia county, firefighters say a cigarette sparked a fire that damaged a home in edgewater. when firefighters arrived at the home on kumquat drive last night, they helped rescue a person inside. most of the damage was contained to the garage, however there was smoke damage to other parts of the house. the people who live there are now staying with relatives. damage to the home is estimated at 30-thousand dollars. adrian: in less than an hour, some of the biggest delays yet are set to begin for the i-4 ultimate projects. workers are scheduled to set up rolling road blocks at midnight. it' s to install steel girders for a new northbound bridge over
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beginning at par street, law enforcement will jump in front of traffic and slow it to 20-miles an hour. all 13 westbound i-4 entrances between the par street and kirkman road interchanges will be temporarily blocked as this happens. adrian: one week after losing his prized parrot, wesh 2 is there for a special reunion. >> i cried all afternoon yesterday afternoon and today has been a joy. coming up, the mysterious circumstances that led to the bird' s return. signs of improving health tonight for the killer whale, once believed to be on its death bed at seaworld. we' ll tell you what the company is now saying. plus, a scare in the surf. people rush to clear a local
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shark lurks in the water. adrian: a week after bike week ended in daytona beach, a tampa area man is finally going home after finding his beloved pet parrot this is one of the most-watched videos on our website, mike mularz left spyke on his motorcycle a week ago while he went in to a nearby bar, but when he came back out she was gone. witnesses say they tried to chase after the thief but couldn'
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but yesterday, everything changed. >> i got a call from ellen from the seminole county parrot rescue in geneva and she had me identify the bird and she said a gentleman just dropped off the bird and a phone number and said he wanted to be anonymous.3:18> mike is giving thanks to everyone who played a role in finding spyke. adrian: seaworld says the killer whale, profiled in blackfish, is doing better now. last week, the company announced tilikum' s health was failing because of a lung infection, now, seaworld says he' s showing signs of improvement, taking interest in trainers and other whales. a statement posted overnight says in part, we understand that he is very ill and will have good days and bad, but our team is cautiously optimistic about his response to treatment thus far. adrian: not even old enough to drive, a 13-year-old is accused of leading police on a chase. it ended when the girl crashed into a telephone pole in the city of holiday, north of clearwater. another 13-year-old girl was a passenger in the car and suffered serious injuries.
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described as minor. brother drivers it is going to cause you more to get to workers closely. gas prices are going up. the average price for a gallon of regular has jumped 17 cents over the last two weeks to 2-02. it' s up almost 25 cents per gallon over the past 4 weeks. analysts say the prices are rising because of an increase in demand. in florida the average is at 2-03. that' s up 12 cents from last week. in orlando you' ll pay a little less at 2 dollars. that' s 18 cents from last week. and in daytona beach it will cost you 2-01. adrian: apple fans listen up. tomorrow the tech giant will unveil some new products. ceo tim cook will hold a press conference tomorrow at their california headquarters. he is expected to announce a smaller version of the i-phone, followed by a smaller version of the i-pad pro. the event begins at 1 tomorrow afternoon.
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getting video of a scare at new smyrna beach. beachgoers saw what looked like a shark in the water. you can see what appears to be a fin in the video sent to us by a wesh 2 viewer. people are telling others to get out of the water. according to the person who sent us this video, a $10 to 12 foot manta ray got unusually close to shore around sunset yesterday. you can view more pictures and videos by going to the u-local section of you see that then. you don' t know the shark or not. eric: you are just at the bottom and you see this big thing come out of nowhere. it is likable flag if you' re not expecting it. boom there it is. if you don' t know what it is.
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64. 71 in ocala. it is a nice and quiet set up. a look at what' s going on. a cool front pushing on through town. if you haven' t noticed the chill in the air yet, you will. though it is nothing and nothing like our friends up north. lots of white on the radar. that is snow. we just happen to have live pictures from this area. over there, you can see the chrysler building. and that little white haze. it is now three hours of light snow being reported. we live in central florida right.
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9:00 bright sunshine. 50 is my forecast low in orlando. it is been 22 days and' s have been the school. it is not record scenting. 50 degrees to wake up to. 49 degrees in melbourne. once we get that chill off, that cool weather. we' re talking about
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great weather if you want to head on to spring training. 61 degrees for this first pitch. it really looks great. tuesday is looking great as well. by wednesday, we start to bring in a little bit of cloud cover. it starts to get warm. after that, showers will be making a return. sees will be running for to six feet. wednesday the 80 flower shunned or for the time. adrian: coming up the arnold palmer invitational goes down to the wire. we have a complete breakdown of the highlights and wesh 2 sp w make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in any size iced tea for 99 cents today. america runs on dunkin'. adrian: all week long, jason day had positioned himself as the man to beat at the arnold palmer invitational. the aussie star leading bay hill after each of the first three rounds, taking a two shot advantage into the final round this afternoon. day came into the day in front of the pack at 15 under. but kevin chappel and troy merritt quickly caught up today. we take you to hole 14 merritt
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and sinks it from the bunker. that gave him a share of the lead. then on the 16th,jason day uses a soft touch and knocks down a birdie to bring him to 17-under and a tie with chappel. but on the 18th,chappel misses a long put for par and ends up with a bogey. day was able to put himself in good position on the green and knock down the par put for the win. and here' s a look at the final leaderboard. kevin chappel came in a close second at 16 under followed by troy merritt and henrik stenson. wesh 2' s pat clarke talked to the new champion as he was presented his trophy. >> that up and down can you tell us about that. >> and made it very interest
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patient. to be able to get that birdie, it was very satisfying. you know that every golfer in the world has in touch some way by arnold palmer the how has he is fired you? -- inspired you? >> was the true innovator of game will the guy on the map for us. there may not be the next generation of players. adrian: even with 21 point games from evan fournier and victor t find enough magic to take down the raptors in toronto.
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14 against the raptors, who are now only one game back of the top spot in the eastern conference. fournier drilled a three with just over a minute to go to make it a one point game but a 4-point play by toronto with time running out sealed the deal. magic lose this one 105-100, heading to boston tomorrow to take on the celtics. those expecting the same madness from the first round of the aa tournament may be when it today. did. this was a close one. it came down to the final seconds of lacking a shot. this past workshop would not make it.
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with point trying to the board of the number one. after being the number one seed that no one thought was point make it.
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