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tv   Today  NBC  March 21, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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you're amazing. this morning on "today's take," greg polar e er poehler gets caught up in a love triangle in "you, me and her." jordan smith blew up season nine of the "voice." and we'll get you ready for spring. all that and more coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a
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2016. i'm al along with tamron and dylan. natalie and willie are off. my morning jam, try everything by shakira. >> "try everything." >> it's from zootopia. >> was it good? stereotyping. >> it was as much for parents as kids. perfect combo in animation. >> watch it on two levels. >> it is so good. given that they had to have this in the pipeline at least three years ago, i will say, one of the villains happens to be a politician using fear to separate people. >> that's the premise of it. you do a great -- al did an impersonation of idris elba, who is one of the characters. >> he plays the police chief, a water buffalo. at one point, he says to jenny
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officer in zootopia, not like a cartoon. we all go dancing and singing and all of our songs and everything ends up nice in the end. it's not like that. >> did you see the idris elba? you had to take yourself back because of all that handsomeness seeping through there. >> i haven't seen it yet, so i'll assume it was spot on. >> i doubt it. but it was great. >> what else is happening? >> twitter's 10th anniversary. this is the actual day. hoda and kathie lee are going to take. >> they're doing it now. the first tweet is so nice from hoda. is someone talking? >> the question is, has someone been drinking? kathie lee, what is going on over there? >> this is really great. down. >> let's see what this is. >> can't hear them and they're ten feet away. i've heard of blind drunk, but deaf drunk? >> they're tweeting on their
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this. >> no filters. >> jack dorsey sent the first tweet in 2006, just sitting up my twitter. most retweeted was ellen degeneres's oscar selfie. >> did he leave the "i" out or -- >> he was afraid of getting to the 140 characters there. >> the most followed celebrity on twitter is katy perry, over 84 million followers. >> 84 million. >> what else do we have? have are the ladies saying now? >> 140 character limit, churning them out. >> read them, they're hot. >> well planned out -- >> they actually get paid for this.
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>> yes, kathie lee, we are blessed. >> kyle is helping with the it problem problems. >> having trouble with the twitter app? >> no, why? >> you said -- because tamron had problems with hers. mine was locking up. >> i thought it was because of the tenth anniversary. >> we don't care about your problems. please, people. >> we're going out of our way to be nice to these two, and they're resistant to it. >> last night, i took the kids, we went to the premiere of "batman versus superman: dawn of justice" at radio city. spectacular. it's worth it. >> out of five. >> it's a six. by the way, all the ben affleck haters out there are going to be shut down. >> because you say, without giving anything away -- >> he is a terrific batman but also an excellent bruce wayne. people forget about that part of the character. >> quickly catch us up on the storyline, without spoiling anything.
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the end of batman -- the superman movie, when metropolis is destroyed by the fight with zogg and superman. batman lost friends and vowed to take superman down. he feels this alien has all this power. >> diane lane, years later, i watched -- >> goes on to play martha kent. >> do you need to see "hollywood land" before this? >> nothing to do with this. >> it was about george reeves. >> movie that was on tv the other day. >> al is a man-boy, and we love that. >> i'm a fan boy. i love this. >> we like our man-boys. >> that's your lane.
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because it's called "dawn of justice" -- they're setting up the justice league of america, d.c. before the avengers were "justice league of america." >> we're sending out words. >> basically, tweeting a lot about march madness. >> you ladies can tweet march madness because it's taken over our hearts. if you watched twitter traffic over the weekend, you were definitely in the game. first up, highlights, wisconsin and xavier. tied at 63. >> you just said i'm supposed to be a man. i'm wearing pjs under my pants. actually, i am. i have batman pajamas on. superman tops. >> if you were risking it all, you'd show us. >> no, i'm not. you don't want to see where the bat signal is. >> oh. >> gosh. >> what'd he say, now i'm
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>> ladies, if you tweet that, you must put quotes around it, to make sure the audience knows it was al roker. >> i'll let you do it. >> well-made plans. back to sports though. wisconsin and xavier tied at 63. wisconsin with one shot left. here's your moment. >> for the sweet 16. rises up, and it's good! it's good! wisconsin has won it! >> wisconsin won, 66-63. they go on to the sweet 16. when something like that happens, even if it's not your team and you're watching, your reaction is great. another one, notre dame versus steven f. austin. scores the winning basket with 1.5 seconds left. notre dame tries one last shot, and it does not come up. here we go. steven f. austin was the cinderella team and people thought they'd be able to bring
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i watch either e spn or nothing because i haven't done a great job at this. i'm reading the sports hoda and kathie lee style, like this is the first time i'm seeing it. northern iowa versus texas, tied at 72. here's the moment. >> okay. >> time-out in this situation. jefferson, half court. >> yesterday, northern iowa lost to texas a&m. double overtime. there's your march madness moment, hoda and kathie lee before. >> oregon is still in it. i have them going all the way. >> mighty ducks. >> there's a sweet. >> how about some wine. >> did you guys, if you weren't watching basketball or if you ask my husband, he had the tv on basketball and the computer on the eagle cam. cam? i have been obsessed with it. if anyone watched "weekend
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enough with the eagle cam. >> this is live right now. >> live camera. she's sitting on two baby eaglets right now. the first was born on friday, and the second hatched yesterday morning. i missed the hatching, but look at them. >> the eagle has landed. >> now it's like watching a soap oprah. the first eaglet is a day and a half older than the second eaglet. now you want to see if, you know, there's going to be some sibling rivalry, maybe. are they both getting the same amount of fish? the dad flies in live fish every couple hours. the mom gets up and feeds it. >> great for everybody but the fish. >> right. didn't work out for the fish. >> fish aren't doing good in this drama. >> circle of life. >> okay, simba. >> you have to feed your kids, man. >> thank you, nala. >> do they have names? >> not yet. d.c. eagle name or #eagle name. i forget. >> the adults are mr. and mrs. president. >> the first lady and mr.
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sasha maybe. cherry and blossom. >> barbara and jenna. >> okay, we'll see. >> throwback there. >> we have a tweet coming in. i can tell that @tamron hall could care less. she's just phoning it in, as usual. >> brutal. >> this is like being at a bad comedy club. what's wrong with y'all? >> we're observing. it's like we're just viewers. >> this is great. >> you're heckling us. >> people used to think on your out. no, you're nice on your show. >> we're pretending like we're watching tv, which we are. >> have you ever watched the muppets, the two angry guys? >> that's us. >> we are. >> please, continue. go back and bore us. good-bye. >> thanks. i do like your dress, tamron.
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>> actually, i don't. >> no capes. >> that was cruel. >> it was from mr. incredible. anyway, the storm is out, moving away. boston, you'll be done with this by noon. there could be a few travel troubles but no big problems. only snow left over. we're talking eastern maine, we'll see heavier snow. that's what's going on around thee amy: good morning and happy monday, i' m amy sweezey. after clouds and rain and 80' s of the weekend, big changes today. cool and dry air filters in. it will be sunny and breezy
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>> i got a tweet. thank you to one of our viewers. i said xavier, and it's xavier. i said before the show, guys, it's xavier. i'm sorry. >> one of the viewers said they're watching "today's take" in batman pajamas. all right. >> hoda and kathie lee, you're burning up my twitter feed. >> you're welcome. dylan, it's time to confess about the dress. where did you get it? >> rainbow threw up on me. up next, we're kicking offspring with everything to get you ready for the next few months, including floral
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morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. fruit. nuts. silky smooth dark chocolate. revel in the pleasure of new dove fruit and nut. winter is about done, but make no doubt about this, spring is here. celebrating, we want to give you ifrg everything you need. we'll start with katie, our tech expert. >> we have limited time and i'll get you through awesome, new spring gadgets. >> i've been seeing ads for this. >> this is hot in terms of technology. it's ring, a smart doorbell. any time someone approaches your door, it can send an alert to your iphone.
10:16 am
you can see who is at your door. >> what is this? >> this is a tovala smart oven. you order -- this is a sneak peek -- any different an tray entrees made by chefs, no preservatives. they'll send you what you've chosen each week. you can scan the lid on the oven, put the dish inside and it'll cook to the perfect temperature. >> amazing. we'll be getting to the period of time where fresh berries are out there. >> this is one of the gadgets you're like, why didn't i think about it? this is from uncommon goods. $46, handmade in pennsylvania. of course, as you can see, it drains the water right out of the dish. >> i love it, next? >> this is cool. this is actually a flip-it selfie face. 4-in-1. kick stand, selfie case, and remote control. awesome technology on kick starter, as well.
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arrived, the computerized wardrobe. >> this is one of the top apps now on the apple app store. $3.99. organize your closet, categorize it day to day. you can see what you wear and already have. >> thanks so much. time for spring entertainment with the deputy editor at "entertainment weekly." a lot of movies are coming out. al has been talking about "batman versus superman." bat suit which everybody has been dying to see. of course, henry cavill is superman. if batman and superman got in a fight, who would win? >> hopefully, we'll find that out. >> i think so. >> for families, "jungle book" has a reboot. >> it's getting a makeover. it's not going to be the animate
10:18 am
a newcomer is playing ing ing ing ing mogley. it should be charming and fun. bill murray and scarlett johansson. >> in over a month, we have "captain america" coming out. >> he's the most beloved of the avengers. the last movie they did around him, " it was massive, and this is a continuation. >> the lumineers are coming out with their first album in four years. >> it feels like the last came out yesterday, right? i was humming it this morning. they're finally back with a new album called "cleopatra." it has the folk rock sound, and they'll have a tour to support it. >> we're excited. thank you. let's get the low down on spring health from dr. natalie azar. good to see you. let's launch into warmer weather
10:19 am
about zika in the usa. this is an evolving story, which we want to point out, and you've said. >> yeah, look, nobody knows for certain all things regarding zika. on a regular basis, thomas, the head of the cdc, expressed concern. there have been a few times we felt strongly about certain things, like the likelihood of sexual transmission is low, and now we're finding out it is, in fact, plausible that can happen. that's one example. >> let's talk about protection. what should we do, as far as mosquito repellent, is that it? >> it's important. i cannot drill this into you enough. deet has been studied the most. been around for decades. according to the cdc, and because they've done peer reviewed analysis, epa stuff, deet is the one to go to. there's also a compound that are
10:20 am
>> there is low-risk and high-risk arias. >> the high-risks cities will be obvious. the southeast. we're talking about georgia, areas in florida, also texas, southeast. moderate areas also will inch up towards new york city and philadelphia. washington, d.c. the lowest risk areas are places that are high and dry altitudes. denver, albuquerque and places like that. >> we can be concerned but not go into hysteria and keep >> absolutely. >> thank you, dr. natalie azar. appreciate it. for more information on repellents andtips, go to today pont .com. coming up, fun spring cleaning trivia. we associat mmm... i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe... we're on a whale. [whale] i can't believe they talked me into this.
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and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. it's that time of year for spring cleaning. let's play a game called keeping it clean. >> we have a lightning round. multiple choice. which one of these items cannot be cleaned in your dishwasher, hair brushes and combs -- >> remote control. >> very good.
10:24 am
>> he was just fast. >> he read it. >> next! >> best to clean windows on, a, a cloudy day -- >> sunny day. >> actually not. >> cloudy day. >> yes. >> really? >> sun will cause the windows to streak. it'll dry. exactly right. you guys are good. three, what can you put on shower doors to prevent buildup? >> b, white vinegar. >> car wax. i don't know. >> lemon oil. >> yes. lemon oil. it will cause it -- tamron isn't far off. you can use rain ex, a car product. >> do i get half a point? >> what percentage of dirt enters your home through the front door? >> 75%. >> 85% is correct. all of the dirt comes through. take shoes off, backpacks off,
10:25 am
>> that's all the time we have. thank you so much. coming up, greg poehler after your local news and weather. with me, what you see is what you get. and i expect the same from my mascara. now, revlon introduces a new collection of mascaras that makes getting the lash look you want easy. so whether you choose ultra volume, super length, volume and length magnified, dramatic definition, or the ultimate all-in-one... the choice is yours. choose love a revolution in mascara. revlon. love is on. this kid makes stains like crazy so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power
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right now, troopers are on the lookout for a driver who hit and killed a bicyclist, then kept going. a 54-year-old man from merritt island was killed. the crash happened last night on courtenay parkway, as the man was getting on his bike. this morning.. the state is deciding whether to charge a 16-year-old as an adult.. after he allegedly killed his 15-year-old girlfriend. mourners gathered outside destiny bargman's home last night. the suspect is held in juvenile detention. there's been a deadly
10:27 am
county. deputies say robert dentmond was walking around the majestic oaks apartment complex and threatened to kill himself. he was shot, as deputies say, he approached an occupied apartment building. a man accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist in orlando, will answer to a judge today. edward antonio alvarez is accused of killing charles mcmurray earlier this month in downtown orlando. he was arrested sunday while working in seminole county. there's a court hearing today for a murder suspect in orange county. louis cintron is accused of outside the diamond club early sunday in the shooting. cintron is facing murder and attempted murder charges. taking a live look outside... next with the forecast. after a cold start with lows in
10:28 am
10:29 am
slowly. there are still some clouds to the south. more sunshine to the north. right now temps are in the 50s with a breezy, cool northwest wind. the winds at 15-25 mph are making it feel so much colder. we will climb only into the upper 60s this afternoon. temps will be back to the 80s starting rain by the
10:30 am
history today in havana with president obama meeting cuban president raul castro. this is the first time a sitting u.s. president visited cuba in almost 90 years. president obama is working toward a new relationship between the former cold war enemies. on the agenda today, lifting the u.s. trade embargo and cuba's human rights record. tuesday, president obama will deliver an address to the cuban people. general mills says it's going to start labeling products that contain genetically modified ingredients.
10:31 am
that takes effect in july. the company says it would be impracticable and expensive to do it just for one state, so it'll be nationwide. you'll see the changes over the next few weeks. all eyes on apple today as the tech giant holds its annual spring product event. apple is expected to unveil a new version of the smallest iphone, the 5s, with a faster chip, better camera and the ability to use apple pay. it may show off an updated ipad and new band for the apple watch. amazon is warning kindle users, if your tablet is gathering dust, time for an update. owners who haven't updated the kindle will lose their internet connection tomorrow. you won't be able to go online and download books anymore. if you use your kindle on a regular basis or have one after 2012, you're okay. as the devices update automatically via wi-fi. disney's "zootopia" is doing well at the box office.
10:32 am
weekend. "allegiant," opened in second place. "miracles from heaven" was third. let's get a check from al with the weather. hey, buddy. >> thanks so much, tamron. looking at the week ahead, snow ends here in the northeast. we have beautiful weather in between. windy conditions out west. looking at rain. it'll continue in the pacific northwest. wintry weather from the u.p. of michigan back through the rockies. rain in northern new england. the latter part of the week, it's going to be a wet mess with severe weather along the eastern seaboard. look for snowy conditions through the plains. amy: good morning and happy monday, i' m amy sweezey. after clouds and rain and 80' s of the weekend, big changes today.
10:33 am
it will be sunny and breezy >> that is your latest weather. come on in, tamron. >> good to see you again. thanks for coming by again. sorry. we have a second floor studio. >> you might recognize greg poehler as the man who followed his wife across the world to "welcome to sweden." >> now in "you, me and her," he tries to fix marital problems by seeing an escort. >> show me what you've got. >> um, okay. >> i mean, come on. >> okay, okay. >> that's my move. >> good morning, greg. >> how are you?
10:34 am
>> jack, yeah, he's in a rut. he's in a marriage that is to loving marriage but going through a little bit of a lull. he decides to hire an escort. >> this goes okay? >> it goes okay, and then kind of unlocks a secret door to his wife's past that she has a lesbian past he didn't know about. she also gets involved with the escort. then it turns into an actual three-person relationship. >> wow. this is literally a family show. >> yeah. the trend is getting a lot of did you know that? i did not. >> i didn't know going in. now that i'm in a show like that, everybody is coming up to me that's in one. >> they tell you? it is a thing. about it? >> i think that's obvious. >> it can't just be that. >> i think it's an interesting dynamic. the show is really a romantic comedy that involves three people. i think it starts from the
10:35 am
consenting adults who want to be in a relationship, why can't that happen, really. that's really what the show is about. can it work? there is a three-person dynamic, always a little odd. literally, odd. >> literally. pretty obvious. >> there's one person left out at all times. >> so in this show, there's a lot of intimate scenes. were you -- did you know that going in? >> yeah, i had to sign a nudity contract. >> what were you thinking when you signed? >> i wasn't thinking much. i just put my name on it. apparently, the women on the show itemized and said what they weren't going to do. >> you just said yes? >> i didn't know that was an option. i could be naked in every scene. it's a lot of male nudity. no, actually, there's no nudity at all. but i did have to sign a nudity writer. i knew -- >> there was the possibility.
10:36 am
and get ready? >> in my case, no. i think other people might have done that, yes. i was going for the realistic, dad bod. >> so you're the lead of the show. >> you can say that. >> dad bod is in now, i'm hearing. >> that's what he's banking on. >> only thing worse than shooting nude scenes is shooting them and having them get cut. >> yeah. >> you see the final result and people are like, you know what? nobody needs to see that. we can't even cgi this. nothing -- >> nothing about this works. >> the audience doesn't need to see this, yeah. >> i just saw your face on a billboard in times square. you're kind of all over the place now. are you used to this? do you like this? >> it's easy to get used to a giant version of your face in times square. >> as long as that's all it is. >> oh, boy. >> anyway, good luck with the show. "you, me and her" premieres
10:37 am
>> feel like we know the show well. >> tomorrow on at&t's audience network, available on directv and uverse. ahead, planning an easter brunch? >> that's a transition. >> bring it back to the family show. after this. >> i love that greg is blushing. covering is caring because covering for a bandage that moves with you and stays on all day, cover with a band-aid brand flexible fabric adhesive bandage.
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no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. this morning on today's food, we have brunch dishes. we have the executive chef and owner of spoon and stable in minneapolis. might have seen him in the "new york times" recents ly. he'll show us a shrimp dish, similar to what he'll be making
10:42 am
>> we're supposed to get three inches of snow in minneapolis by wednesday. to get to california will be good. >> pebble beach will be all right. >> yeah. >> so what do we need to make this? >> we'll do something like this at pebble beach food and wine. we'll make it easier here. kimchi is flavorful. >> you can buy it anywhere. >> this is store bought, that's the beauty of it. i'll put kimchi in the bag. little lemon juice and lemon vest. add that there. a little bit of salt and pepper. put some olive oil, pepper in there. do your thing. >> okay. >> let it marinade. >> how long? >> i would do it about an hour. the kimchi is the start there. we can start to grill that slowly. it's about a minute on each side. you want to start to get it pink. minute, minute and a half, maximum. >> do you grill the kimchi, too?
10:43 am
>> put it on there, absolutely. we'll make a vinegar et aigrette here. this is the dressing, yogurt, olive oil, lime juice, lemon juice. cyan pepper. again, this is something you can make the night before and let it sit. >> probably better that way. >> it would be, actually. you can change it up. there are so many different spices that you can use for this. this is not -- the kimchi itself is not spicy and the cyan is definitely not spicy. it won't do too much to you. then we have a lemon vinaigrette here. because we have the lemon leftover, it's simple. lemon juice and olive oil. mix it around like that. minute on each side for the shrimp. you want to get a good grill on it. one of the things we're doing in pebble beach with mentor, the organization, doing two major dinners out there to help celebrate the foundation, which
10:44 am
>> plate this up? >> bib lettuce, little bit of the yogurt, put it as the base. >> nice. >> some of the grilled shrimp. >> shrimp is delicious. >> oh, my gosh, so good. >> probably roll it all up into one big lettuce taco. >> that's the beauty of having the bib lettuce. you want to be able to roll it up. >> not only is he a terrific chef but also a great teacher and mentor. personal note, he mentored my daughter. first full-time job. >> loved having her. >> you were terrific. >> thank you. >> she was heartbroken when you left. but for good reason. to start spoon and stable. >> right. appreciate that. >> good to see you. >> go to and click on the brunch tab for the recipe. up next, he won over the judges and audience with his powerful vocals on the "voice." now jordan smith is out with his first solo album.
10:45 am
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jordan smith won over the judges and the world as the winner of the last "voice" last season. now, we get to hear him again with the release of his debut solo album, "something beautiful." we'll catch up with jordan in a minute. first, a look back at his fantastic rise to stardom. >> reporter: kentucky native jordan smith shocked judges with his performance of "chandelier" during the blind auditions on this past season of the "voice." >> i think you're the most important person that's been on the show. >> reporter: after joining team adam, he was the first artist of the season to hit number one on the itunes pop charts with his rendition of "great is thy faithful faithfulness," dethroning adele's "hello" not once, not twice but three times with his
10:50 am
love" and "mary did you know." did you know >> reporter: jordan became the first artist to simultaneous held the top two spots on billboard's hot christian song lists. jordan took home the title on the season finale, performing alongside usher. >> jordan smith! >> reporter: now debuting his solo album "something beautiful," jordan smith is ready to take the world by storm. >> jordan is here with us. good morning. when i heard you sing "mary did you know," i fell in love with you. it was absolutely magical. a kid from kentucky taking over the world. what has been the biggest change if your life? >> yeah, it's just all been such a whirlwind. with the show and since the show, it's been incredible. i think the amazing people i've
10:51 am
such an honor -- it's been an honor and surprise for me. i consistently am running into amazing people and meeting new people every day by getting to work with an awesome team. it's been a wonderful thing. >> talk about perseverance. coming out for you. i mean, you got rejected the first time on the "voice." you come back a second time and look at you now. >> yeah. >> did you think it would happen the second time? >> it's honestly so crazy to look back and see the progression of the journey for me. i never imagined, after i was rejected the first time, i would go back and be on the show, let alone win it, and be at this point. i just released my first album as winner of the "voice." it's incredible and super surreal. i pinch myself every day. >> tell us about the release of the new album "something beautiful." what has that been like, when you're in stores or itunes. >> yeah. >> this is yours. >> that's one of the craziest parts of the experience. to see the physical copy of the album. i got to be in my hometown for
10:52 am
i met people at walmart, hung out with family and friends and my people in kentucky. it was crazy to see so many of those people with my album, something i worked so hard on in their hands. it's incredible. >> on a personal life front, i hear you were a contestant for our wedding, because you're engaged? >> on january 1st. right after the show was over. >> lucky lady. >> kristin. and she's back home in kentucky. she's a speech therapist. i went to boston and sang at the nhl winter classic in january, and we got engaged in boston that weekend. >> if you want the wedding friday, we're already having one here. you can wrap it up. >> yeah, yeah, we'll get it done. >> how is she taking in all your newfound fame? >> she's been so great. it was wonderful that i had her through this journey. we've experienced all of this together. she's been such a grounding, you know, component of all this for me. she's kept me grounded and been
10:53 am
we're excited. we're so excited. >> how do you pick a wedding singer when you sound like you sound? >> i'm not sure if i'll sing at the wedding. >> you want to enjoy it. >> yeah. >> you're sticking around. do not miss his live performance of "over the rainbow" with kathie lee and hoda in theady for tears, tissues. it'll be amazing. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. beautiful, beautiful
10:54 am
encounters at seaworld. the next, you're having fun at aquatica. for a limited time, you can buy a seaworld annual pass and get a year of aquatica for free. kick your feet up at aquatica's sandy beaches, and plunge down ihu's breakaway falls. then experience the ultimate thrill with mako, orlando's tallest, longest, fastest coaster, surfacing at seaworld this summer. get an annual pass, and play all year at both parks. two great parks, one great deal. good monday morning from havana, cuba on this first full day of president obama's historic trip to the country.
10:55 am
now at havana's palace of the revolution. he will be welcomed with an official ceremony. he will meet with his cuban counterpart raul castro. president obama is the first sitting american president to visit cuba in 88 years. just a short time ago he took part in a wreath laying ceremony at a memorial to cuban hero jose marti. he has chosen to make a short few minute walk. where the official greeting will take place. let's bring in andrea mitchell. >> that is what the white house wanted. they did not want a big event, because most big airport arrivals are military and they look soviet. which is a reflection of the
10:56 am
>> it was always to be the official -- >> it was always to be the official ceremonial arrival. they didn't want a military arrival at the airport. it would have sent the wrong signal. and there's the handshake. this meeting is such a consequential meeting, while the american do in polling support, there is a lot of resistant on all sides politically. >> it's not the first time we have seen them shake hands. first time i believe is 2013 in south africa at the funeral of nelson mandela in which they were seated in the vip area. they have had subsequent meetings in the past. this will be their first substantive conversation. >> they had a meeting in panama. but this is their first state visit, their first bilateral meeting.
10:57 am
communication to set it up, it's their chance to talk one-on-one. it will be through an interpreter. raul castro doesn't speak english. the essence of the meeting will be president obama is time is running out. we want to get more americans here, more tourists, more business contracts. we want to make it so permanent no future president can reverse it it. castro says why cent an't you lift the trade embargo. >> the two men shaking hands there will draw a lot of criticism from a lot of republicans that don't think it
10:58 am
the cubans have not moved quickly enough this may be seen as a reward that's undeserved. >> there are dissidents who will be meeting with him tomorrow. many of them were arrested and detained for as many as eight hours yesterday and last night. that was seen by a signal that it's not backing off from its resistance to do things its own way. dissidents say cuban has gotten tougher on them in the years since normalization. that said, the white house has signaled to raul castro and the government in his speech, an unprecedented speech to the cuban people tomorrow he will make a central part of it his appeal for more human rights in cuba. >> the president has travelled here with a large delegations. members of congress, entrepreneurs, there's a great
10:59 am
secretary of state kerry and some of the delegation, susan rice, the current head of state. jeffrey de laurentiis. head of mission here for the united states. >> we also the commerce secretary and ben rhodes. he was negotiating this in secret with the help of the pope. >> there we see the president and raul castro entering the room. >> we'll hear the national
11:00 am
>> again, that ceremony playing out here at the palace of the revolution, the beginning now theficial activities of the president as he continues the historic journey here in cuba. we'll have a lot more on this coming up tonight for nbc nightly news. i'm lester holt, nbc news, ha it's spring, warm out we're going to be dressing -- >> hopefully.


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