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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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areas, so this looks like a while the fire is close to homes, homes are not technically in danger. we will stay on top of the scene and we will update you as soon as we learn more on wesh 2 news. more breaking news. summer: stewart moore joins us live with the details. reporter: investigators say they are not releasing much of this point. they got a call of shots being fired near 15 street in apopka. a 19-year-old man was suffered -- suffered gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead attitudes: 30 -- 2:30 this afternoon. as soon as we find more on the circumstances and who is responsible, we will bring it to you on wesh 2 news. first at 4:00, three local police officers are relieved of duty and now under investigation.
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s adrian whitsett is live outside the department with what he' s uncovered in this developing story. adrian: we know that these officers are part of the street crime unit in that unit has been suspended for now as this investigation gets underway. this hinges on what he kissimmee detective said in court and a sworn affidavit as opposed to what video evidence shows differently. detective tiffany hall, in the charging affadavit for the case back in november, said she watched a drug deal go down at the tropicana motel on west vine, and that she went to the room by herself, knocked on the door and the suspect gave her a plastic bag filled with marijuana. according to the public defenders office, during a motion to suppress hearing march 14, that story didn' t match security cam footage at the motel. wesh 2 news obtained that video. here the public defenders office says you can see three police officer going up to that door and opening it with a key.
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s office to drop the case after it learned that an investigating officer' s testimony conflicted with that video. the state attorney' s office says they are reviewing all of the cases involving these officers to determine whether prosecution should proceed. in a statement, kissimmee police say they learned from the state attorney' s office that there may have been false testimony, and immediately removed three officers from duty, pending criminal and internal investigations. furthermore, the entire street crimes unit has been suspended, other officers being assigned to other areas in the department. other than detective hall, we are still working to confirm the names of the two other kissimmee officers relieved of duty. the state attorney' s office telling us it is reviewing all of the open cases involving these officers to see whether or not they can proceed with prosecution. live in kissimmee, adrian whitsett, wesh 2 news.
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at a disney nightclub is asking a judge to drop the charges. 27-year-old hector herrera is charged with sexual battery on an incapacitated person. detectives say the woman was intoxicated. here is video from surveillance cameras at house of blues from last july 15 and 16. herrera is seen dancing with the we' re concealing. now in a motion to dismiss, herrera tells a judge the girl danced in a very sexual manner and that he never provided her alcohol. he also says it was her idea to leave the club to engage in sex in the bushes nearby. no word when the judge may rule on the motion. jim: orlando police released a little more information in the shooting death of 15-year-old destiny bargman who died saturday in apopka. officers have charged a 16-year-old she was dating with second degree murder. wesh 2 is not identifying him because the courts haven' t decided whether he' ll be charged as an adult. police say the boy and a group of friends were shooting a gun in the backyard of that home, then playing with it inside the home when destiny was shot. she died later on from her
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summer: daytona beach police are looking for a man who they say tried to lure a 14-year-old girl into his car friday night. with her mothers permission, wesh 2' s claire metz spoke with the victim, who says she initially froze when the suspect pulled up but then did what she had to to scare him off. claire: the teenager, the victim, lives down the street here on berkshire road and had gotten to this intersection at hillcrest drive, walking to a friend's house just before 8:00 eight . she says a man driving a sky blue jaguar pulled up and wouldn' t give up. >> i was terrified. that' s why i screamed. claire: zaporha steward was sure she was about to be kidnapped when a man who looks like this, wearing an orange hat, stopped his jaguar, possibly a 2004, and harassed her. he repeatedly asked steward where she was going. she was so frightened, she stood rooted to the spot, refusing to answer. >> he was like, come here, and i completely ignored him and i shook my head, no. then he was like, come here, and it sounded like he said, you come to me or i will come to you.
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open, then leaned out as if he m scared. what do i do? should i just scream? the smart thing to do is scream, and once i screamed he got scared i guess and speeded off. claire: the victim was actually closer to her boyfriend's house commotion, but didn' t get a look at this man. >> when she went to my house, i heard her scream and i came down the street and the dude sped off. claire: the victim is certain she has seen the blue jaguar multiple times in the neighborhood, but is unsure if it was the same man. she wants him off the streets her own ordeal. >> what is he going to do? am i going to get kidnapped? claire: police are canvassing this neighborhood, looking for that distinct give vehicle, asking anyone with information to come forward. summer: police believe the suspect is between 30 years old and 40 years old. it is hard to judge since he did not get out of the car.
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jim: firefighters doing their best to get the upper hand on a wildfire that is burning in the avalon park neighborhood, about 50% contained. jim: summer: moments ago, we saw homeowners using their own hoses to put the flames out. it is not appear any homes are in danger, however the wind is not cooperating. let' s get you outside to eric burris with the latest on that. how with the wind affect the fire? eric: the higher the wind, the more of a challenge the firefighting efforts will be. over the last few hours, the wind has slowed just a bit. you can see, orlando, the nearest center to the fire, wind up to 10 miles per hour and going up to 20 within the last hour' s time. another aspect is just how dry the atmosphere is, do want at 26.
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look how much higher the wind is over in daytona beach. gusting even higher than 20 miles per hour. melbourne, 14 miles per hour winds. red flag advisory for all of central florida. this is from the national weather service saying between the guest wind and the dry atmosphere, things are right unfortunately for wildfire development. what this means, no burning and be incredibly careful out there. wind goes cal m tonight and it becomes chilly. more on that inside. jim: windy, cool, and dry, much lower humidity than we' re used to. it' s created a high risk for wildfires around central florida. summer: wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel looks at the precautions fire officials hope we are all taking to keep the risk to a minimum. dave: windy and quite a bit cooler, and while that' s pleasant for many people, it also creates a red flag warning situation all around central florida for fire danger. so you need to take some precautions, create some defensible space around your house.
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wooden fences like this one. forestry says a wooden fence right up to the side of your house is not a good idea. if the fence catches fire, it would lead it right to the side of your house and create issues. if you have a charcoal grill and you' ve been cooking out, be extra careful, make sure those coals are cold before you get rid of them. be extra careful when you' re barbecuing. if you have an outdoor fire pit, make sure it' s out before you walk away from it, put it out with water. make sure the ember guard in is ts place. embers can fly hundreds of make sure your eves are not full of pine needles and leaves. if an ember falls into dry material, it could burn right into your attic and create protect yourself, protect your home. reporting in seminole county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. summer: thank you.
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to refrain from recreation on the lake. this is after a sewage leak near apopka vineland road. they don' t know exactly how many gallons of untreated sewage may have entered the lake, so right now they' re testing bacteria levels, and will notify residents when it' s safe. jim: an ormond beach man is accused of raping, stalking and threatening to post images of his ex-girlfriend online. 23-year-old brandon shoup is being held without bond. the victim told police shoup forced himself on her in the bathroom of a park in early february, and she broke up with him. last week, she said shoup started sending vulgar text messages. police say shoup admitted he raped the victim. summer: new information. officials say the prime suspect behind the paris terror attacks was plotting more violence from brussels. this new video footage shows him being arrested in a police raid last week. first police led an older woman out of the way before officers rushed up to the door. immediately, a person tries making a run for it, but is shot at. then a second man is brought out. it'
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salah abdeslam. officials believe more than 30 people may have been involved in orchestrating the paris terror attacks. jim: today, president obama is s president, raul castro, the brother of fidel castro. and tomorrow the president will be addressing the cuban people television. s jay gray is in cuba with more. reporter: president obama' s a first day in cuba began in revelation square as he visited an important monument. following the ceremony, the president walked the three blocks to the memorial to the revolutionary palace where he was officially welcomed by raul castro. during the reception, one of the most stunning sights and sounds of the historic trip. reporter: president obama
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played the national anthem. following a brief review of the troops, leaders spoke behind closed doors with meetings described as productive by president obama. president obama: for more than a half-century, this site would' ve been more than imagined, but this is a new day. between our two countries. reporter: the men discussed a wide range of topics including cuban rights, easing traffic restrictions and trade embargoes. >> the sanctions we have on cuba are stricter than anything we have anywhere in the world. think about it. reporter: amazing or incredible, or is it here quite a bit during
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there is a state dinner this evening, and tomorrow president obama will address the cuban people during a historic speech broadcast it live on a state-run television here. summer: the search is on for a driver who killed a by solicitous. the family was emotional when speaking with us, however they are remembering their loved one in the latest in finding the driver. jim: back in court, apple and
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squaring off tomor jim: breaking news out of east orange county. it looks like firefighters and homeowners are getting their hands on a 20 acre brush fire that is burning in the avalon park neighborhood. they had a garden hose and were working a hot spot on one side and the firefighters were working on the other, and they kind of converged on the flames and very able to put out this
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summer: fortunately, no homes have been damaged, and it does not look like it is encroaching on any homes right now. wind at 20 miles per hour. we will have much more coming up. it' s tax season and there isn' t much time left to file your taxes. jim: and if you' ve noticed a lot of tax-related spam, you' re not alone. it appears more people are trying to take advantage of you as you file. summer: wesh 2' s michelle meredith looks into the alert and what you need to know so you don' t become a victim. michelle: the irs is reporting a 400% increase in irs scams this tax season, and the scammers are tapping in to potential victims on two different levels. >> thank you for calling the bbb, can i help you? michelle: here at the better business bureau, not only are they getting consumer complaints about irs scams, several staff members personally got calls on their cell phones, including the
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>> they said you are $7,000 behind on your taxes, and if you do not make arrangements to pay now a warrant will be issued for your arrest. michelle: naturally, holly and her staff knew better, sometimes would engage the caller for up to 25 minutes to get the full scope of the scam. >> they certainly want to the money to be wired, so yes, they were willing to get information on how to wire it, where to send it and they wanted it done right away. michelle: another angle involves the internet, emails where the scammers pose as the irs trying to extract personal information like your checking account number, social security number. keep this in mind, always, when the other person initiates the contact either by phone or through an e-mail, that is a huge red flag. he did not know who they are. it could be anyone. in most cases, the irs makes contact through the mail. the irs will not send an email asking for your personal info, and the irs most certainly will not demand that you wire them
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in orange county, michelle meredith, wesh two news. jim: despite the old joke about that are still, the irs does not issue a warrant for arrest if you are tax money. summer: deputies arrested a man they say grabbed a 12-year-old jogger friday night. the girl was running on the seminole wekiva trail outside of altamonte springs when the man approached her. she says cesar reyes asked if she wanted a running partner, and grabbed her arm, causing her to bruise. reyes was arrested but has posted his $45,000 bond. jim: we now know the names of the two men killed late last week in the crash of a small plane near tampa. louis caporicci of tampa and kevin carreno of st. petersburg were the only two on board the cessna when it went down at the peter o. knight airport. they were business partners and air force academy roommates. national transportation safety board investigators say another plane took off at the same time, but it wasn' t clear whether that contributed to the crash. summer: turning to your forced
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conditions and wind. eric: we have seen the fire danger play out. the good news for now, it does not look like any damage has been wrote ordered from that, like red flag advisory has been posted in those conditions continue. when we talk a bit of red flag, that means the at mr. is own dry and you have -- atmosphere is bone dry and you have gusty wind. sustained wind around central florida running anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour. let' s take it a step closer around avalon park. look how there is more wind here, 17 to 22 miles per hour versus closer to the metro, union park and conway, back in your the airport. it is quite a bit quieter there. worrying too much about the wind, just a beautiful out there, 63.
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63, romeo. 63, pine grove. 66, apopka. 57, oak hill. there is the cold front, way down there across the bahamas back over toward cuba. we are getting those generally northerly direction wind. it is beautiful but a little bit gusty. 69 by 6:00. by 8:00, watches as temperatures really drop. once the wind stops, mother pictures after sunset. 51 by 11:00. take a look at these readings. much cooler tonight than what we saw last night. 36, ocala. 39, the villages, webster. 42, mounted north. 43, clermont. 46, winter park.
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and last night though. 44, new smyrna beach. 47, beachside. frost advisory for the nature coast act over to marion county. that is posted from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning dependent on the wind slowing. elsewhere. the afternoon, no concern here. 75, less wind and it will feel great for spring breakers. the reason for less wind, the high sits on top of us, so a very tranquil set up. we will pick up the wind again on wednesday but we will have more moisture so we are not expecting red flag conditions. on thursday, we are watching and approaching frontal boundary, but all the moisture moving to our area so look for range can' t -- rangers is on the increase
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-- rain a chances on the increase friday and saturday. summer: a neighborhood with kids playing is now the site of a homicide investigation. jim: an update on the investigation and we will hear
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jim: one man is dead after a road rage incident turned into a shooting. summer: deputies say the man was shot in fort lauderadale late sunday. one woman tried giving him cpr but it wouldn' t be enough. the man was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. a person nearby says he was outside in his neighborhood when he heard gunshots. >> very scared. very scared of seeing my children outside. somebody shooting. >> you always see that on tv but never think it would happen, like, right down the street. summer: broward sheriff' s deputies say this all started between two men. they also say they' ve been interviewing the shooter. jim: two 11-year-old boys are safe after being pulled from a 30 foot deep hole. they were playing in a maryland neighborhood when investigators say they jumped on a soft spot of ground and it collapsed. one of the boys was able to climb out, but the other ended
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s expected to survive. >> five years ago, a dog fell in. putting mulch over a hole is not covering the hole. my brother could have died. you' re not understanding. my brother could have lost his life. >> the child was rescued by lowering a rope system down into the hole with a rescuer, placing a harness around the child and then lifting the child and the rescuer up out of the hole. jim: officials say it took about 45-minutes to get the boy to safety. summer: apple is going to be in the spotlight for the next couple of days. one reason is because their hearing versus the fbi is tomorrow. more on that a little later, but today is the day they' re introducing the newest additions to the product line -- product line. apple is unveiling i-phone s.e. that has the features of a 6-s, but comes with a cheaper price tag. and instead of another apple-watch, new accessories and bands are coming in. they also announced plans of a slimmer i-pad pro tablet. jim: a local man is killed while riding his bicycle. summer: the person who struck him took off. we' ll hear from some of the victim' s emotional family and
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jim: and a call for help from investigators trying to figure out what sparked this fire at a what they' re looking for, next first at 4:00. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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>> local. live. latebreaking.
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summer: we are following breaking news out of orange county where fire rescue crews are getting a brush fire under control. this is in a 20 acre conservation area near the avalon park area where wind has been making it difficult. jim: you are looking at video from the scene. regular folks did their best to stop the flames, working at times with tandem with the firefighters. we will at the when we learn more on wesh 2 news. a family is grieving after a brevard county man is killed while on a bike ride. summer: the driver who struck the man then took off. the victim was run over in merritt island last night at courtenay parkway, south of a-1-a. wesh 2' s dan billow spoke to some of the victim' s emotional family. dan: the highway patrol investigates, and a family
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s unbelievable. it' s a shame that he was hit, but that someone left and left him there. it' s unbelievable to me. dan: rhonda terry says her brother-in-law, steven terry, was riding his bike to the merritt island homeless camp where he lived last night. >> a driver hit him, and kept going, and now he' s dead. troopers say he was vulnerable along the side of the road because he fell off his bike and that while he tried to get back on his bike, the vehicle came up behind him and ran into him. >> he had been homeless for awhile, and he was willing to help anybody that needed help, because he got help from a lot of people around here. dan: investigators are now looking for a dark-colored chevy s-10 pickup built between 1995 and 2003. if the driver had stopped, it' s possible there would be no charges at all if it were an accident or just traffic charges.
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alive. >> we won' t know now, because says the driver faces prison time if arrested and convicted. on merritt island, dan billow, wesh 2 news. summer: family members says the merritt island. jim: the cocoa beach fire they investigate this fire at a multi-million dollar mansion. the fire marshals office wants to see any pictures of the blaze on atlantic avenue in the pumpkin center from before emergency crews made it to the scene. the fire at the al neuharth home in cocoa beach was destroyed last tuesday. investigators are looking into renovations going on at the 11 bedroom and 12 bathroom estate, and whether anyone who wasn' t supposed to be there was on the property. summer: the suspect in a deadly shooting outside an orange county strip club was ordered held without bond today. deputies announced the arrest of louis cintron last night. he' s charged with first degree murder and attempted murder. deputies say he was in a group of bikers who got into a brawl
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sunday morning. cintron is accused of opening fire and killing carlos enrique cruz. two others were hurt. the diamond club is no stranger to gunfire. almost exactly two months ago, gabriel garcia nazario told deputies he was shot near the parking lot. he was rushed to the hospital and later died. his killer remains on the loose. and back in july, two gunmen opened fire inside the club. while no one was hit initially, deputies say they continued shooting and grazed a woman in the parking lot. several cars were also shot up. jim: a palm coast man is accused of shooting another man in the leg in a dispute over loud music. 38-year-old antoine young was arrested in daytona beach in the 600 block of north atlantic avenue. witnesses told police young was arguing with the victim, 27-year-old danny campbell of belleview florida, saturday night because campbell was playing music too loud. they say young pulled out a gun and shot the victim. it was a sawed-off shotgun. summer: in orange county, the investigation is underway into a
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on pineway drive, near texas avenue. it happened late sunday afternoon. a neighbor and his son tried to save the man inside, but the flames were too much. the victim has not been identified. neighbors believe the man suffered a disability that may have made it difficult for him to escape. jim: alachua county sheriff' s deputies and gainesville police shot and killed a man not far from the university of florida. officers say robert dentmond was carrying a rifle around and threatened to kill himself at the majestic oaks apartments. this map shows how close that is to campus. deputies and officers warned him, he would be shot if he did not drop the gun. they opened fire when they say, he refused and walked toward an occupied apartment. dentmond died at the hospital. summer: a top russian aviation official said it' s going to be difficult to figure out exactly what caused a deadly plane crash over the weekend. all 62 people on the plane were killed when the fly dubai plane crashed on the runway after trying to land for a second time in strong winds.
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boxes were damaged to the point that experts couldn' t immediately read the data. tomorrow the u.s. justice department and apple will once again face off in court. this is connected to unlocking one of the san bernardino killer' s phones. apple said to do so, they' d need to create new software, but that it could jeopardize the security of any other iphone. the fbi is relying on apple' s help to find if there' s information about the december attack on it. a federal judge will ultimately decide. jim: in commitment 2016 news, hillary clinton and donald trump are speaking at the same event in washington, d.c. today. this comes as three states will take part in what' " western tuesday." there are republican and democratic primaries in arizona, caucuses in utah, as well as democratic caucuses in idaho tomorrow. nbc' s steve handelsman picks up our 2016 coverage. reporter: donald trump went to a private session new the u.s.
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last time you tried was september. since then, he has won the most primaries and delegates. with trump today were his few congressional supporters, former lawmakers, newt gingrich. >>, and get behind donald trump and let' s have a victory this time around. reporter: trump later said the same thing, warning his party' s establishment. >> if people what to be smart, they should embrace this movement. if they do not want to be smart, they should do what they' re doing now and the republicans will lose. reporter: he speaks at the influential pro-israel organization where there is worry about his demeanor. >> get him out. reporter: his call to ban muslims and calling mexicans drug dealers.
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hillary clinton slammed him of this morning. >> yes, we need a steady hands, not a president who says he is neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiable. [applause] reporter: sounding like a preview of the fall campaign. and a big issue, maybe the biggest issue for republicans still concerned about donald trump is the question if he could win a fight against hillary in the fall. summer: we are still following a breaking news out of apopka shot and killed. jim: let' s get the breaking update with chris. reporter: in just the past five minutes, we got a major update from orange county deputies. this is near east 15th street and apopka. in the last five minutes, we
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gathering between a church and a playground when shots rang out. a caller called 911, reported multiple shots that had run out. we are to -- run out. g out we are told there was. one teenage male victim, succumbing to his injuries. we have a large gathering between the church and playground, there is also an apartment complex right behind this area where the crime scene is. we' re told that investigators were trying to speak to the large gathering, the people involved here during the shooting, but we were told that no one is really cooperating and they' re having a hard time to get people to speak with about what exactly happened here, so we did ask, is there a shooter on the loose, on the run? deputies have not been able to give us that information, and thus far, that is what they are working with right now.
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been shot and killed in the area of east 15th street in apopka. when we get more details, we update you on wesh 2 news. report. we will continue to have more updates. meanwhile, a man from the tampa area is reunited with his beloved pet parrot stolen during bike week. this is one of the most-watched videos on our website, mike mularz left spyke on his motorcycle a week ago while he went in to a nearby bar, but when he came back out, she was gone. witnesses say they tried to chase after the thief but couldn' t catch him. but saturday, everything changed. >> i got a call from ellen from the seminole county parrot rescue and a sanctuary in geneva, and she had me identify the bird and she said a gentleman just dropped off the bird and a phone number, and said he wanted to be anonymous. summer: mike is giving thanks to everyone who played a role in finding spyke. jim: it' s now a little cheaper to hitch a ride from uber in altamonte springs.
4:40 pm
new partnership earlier this month. the city will pay 20% of all your uber trips that start and end within city limits. you can get 25% off if one of those stops is at the altamonte springs sunrail station. >> anything we can do to help users potentially start choosing to take sunrail is important, and the key is convenience. jim: the deal launching today will last for one year. city officials say of the $500,000 budgeted for this project, most of it is paid for by private businesses. summer: it was another down to the wire finish at the arnold palmer invitational. jim: and when it was all said and done, jason day hung on for his first win at bay hill. day was down a stroke to kevin chapell late sunday, but he birdied 17, and chapell bogied 18. that was enough for day to pull off the win. afterwards, he talked to our pat clarke about the influence of arnold palmer on the game of
4:41 pm
>> well, the king. i said it earlier in the press, in my press on tuesday that he of the game of golf. the map for us. input into the game of golf, it may not have been the next generation of players. jim: this was day' s eighth pga tour victory. chappel finished second followed by troy merritt and henrik stenson. that was a great day for golf yesterday. a whole bunch of people showed up to watch what ended up being an outstanding turner. summer: a whole bunch of people? you were there? jim: i was. summer: a rocket launch from the cape is set for tomorrow. the details you need to know. jim: and a phone ends up on fire midflight. who' s joined the investigation into figuring out what sparked the blaze. summer: plus, kids battling what' s typically an adult illness. what experts say could link high
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jim: those are people whistling to alert others. a scare in the surf of new smyrna beach over the weekend. this wesh 2 viewer video shows what appears to be a fin breaking through the waves. while a shark sighting would not be unusual, that viewer says it was actually a 10 to 12 foot manta ray. how bizarre is that? you can view more pictures and videos by going to the u-local section of might get some spring breakers to stay out of the ocean. new questions about how an i-phone burst into flames mid-flight. summer: apple and the faa are both investigating. just take a look at this burned-out phone. alaska air passenger anna crail
4:46 pm
the phone started smoking. she says for a moment, the fire was so intense, she thought the whole plane was going to go down. alaska air says the crews are trained for this situation and quickly put out the flames. fortunately, no one was hurt. re noticing an alarming trend of children and teens pressure. looks into some of the possible brett: arron farish is young and athletic. >> they want me to be active, actually. brett: but he' s battling what' s typically an adult illness. >> my blood pressure was really high, like stroke-level high. brett: arron was hospitalized for high blood pressure. it' s a growing problem among young kids. >> about 2% to 5% of the pediatric population has hypertension and we know that it can cause what we call end organ damage. negative effects on the heart, kidneys and other things. brett: poor diet is to blame for
4:47 pm
hypertension, although that can sometimes be controlled. >> it can' t change the genetics, but sometimes people can make changes in their diet, exercise, and decreasing their sodium intake, a generally healthy diet, sometimes they can come off of medication. brett: another cause, one pediatricians are continuing to study, hypertension passed down through genetics. which, they say, is possibly what' s causing aaron' s recent spike. he' s back to normal life with medication now, but it' s unclear if this will be a chronic condition or if his can eventually be reversed. health officials say you might not always recognize the vague signs of high blood pressure headache, and fatigue. it' s often dismissed in pediatrician visits because kids are so nervous. summer: you' ve probably noticed the pollen on your car. many people are already experiencing an intense allergy season. doctors say the southern half of the u.s. is seeing extremely high pollen levels.
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doctors say phoenix and new orleans have it worse. more than 60 million americans have some sort of allergy. the start of spring means the rest of the country also has to get out the tissues. jim: welcome to our world. united launch alliance is targeting a late night launch night. the mission, to resupply the international space station. this is a picture tweeted by ula today of its atlas five rocket carrying a cygnus cargo vessel. this is the last of the missions contracted by vu l.a.. --ula. they were given a temporary contract to fulfill resupply missions to the iss for nasa after an antares rocket explosion in october 2014 at wallops island, virginia. the launch is scheduled for 11:00 tomorrow night. summer: it has been a little windy. eric: it looks like it will be a pretty nice forecast, and 80%
4:49 pm
the only concern is a couple of clouds a sneaking in for the launch window. of course, we will be keeping a close eye and changing the forecast. live look outside, clermont, the citrus tower looking over to lake mineola and it is a whole lot of sunshine, just a beautiful setup up, 64 degrees the current temperature. when debt of the north and northwest at 14 miles per hour. that is sustained. we have seen guest elsewhere a bit higher than that. take a look at the profile, . it looks great. the only thing we are picking up on is smoke from that brush fire we showed you first at 4:00, smoke working out of the sphere -- out of the atmosphere. remember, red flag warning in effect until 7:00 for all of central florida because of the gusty wind and bone dry atmosphere.
4:50 pm
town, 15 to 20 miles per hour, but this is the big factor, bone dry air. these rest shades --rust shades, that is the very dry air. still, we have the bands clouds from about i-4 off to the that will be moving out. the wind is slowing, basically setting this up for prime radiation oh cooling, prime cooling. ocala, low 60' s, but we get into the 50' s pretty darn quick after that. orlando, watching as getting into the 50' s before it is all said and done. 37, bellevue. 40, wildwood. 42, leesburg. 43, harmony, poinciana. downtown orlando, 46.
4:51 pm
43, daytona beach. 44, ponce inlet. futurecast showing tomorrow all the way from about morning to afternoon, we are talking about nothing but sunshine, beautiful weather across central florida. that said, here is a look at the temperature profile. 73, sanford. 75, orlando. look at the seven-day forecast though because if you like the warmer weather, it will be right around the corner, 81 wednesday, 86, thursday with a few showers
4:52 pm
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summer: the first lady is keeping watch on two bald eaglets that hatched at the u.s. national arboretum in the past few days. the proud parents, appropriately named president and first lady, have been seen taking care of the babies by keeping them warm and feeding them day-old fish. today, the first lady left the nest for a while, perhaps going after more food. eagles since the beginning of february when the first of the the first hatched friday, and
4:55 pm
jim: always a showstopper when we see one in the neighborhood. summer: disney' s " zootopia" is continuing its wild streak at the box office. jim: for the third straight week it brought in the most money in theaters. it took in $38 million this weekend, according to studio estimates. the latest film in the divergent series, " allegiant" came in second with $29.1 million. it' s the poorest showing for the movies based on veronica roth' s novels. the faith-based, " miracles from heaven" rounded out the top three with $15 million. coming up, new information on what went down in an apopka shooting. summer: dry, windy conditions have been feeling a brush fire. jim: thousands of dead fish pileup at a local waterway. wyatt is happening. wesh 2 rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand?
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4:59 pm
have led to a brush fire, burning dangerously close to several homes. summer: good evening, i' m summer knowles in for angela taylor. >>i' m jim payne. let' s head out live to wesh 2 dave mcdaniel, who has just arrived on scene. dave, what can you tell us? back to that breaking news in apopka. reporter: here is what is left of a plastic fence. you can see that it is extremely close. this is the only property damage we are able to see. basically as this fire force through, they tried to tackle it. i am told it is a 20 acre fire and it is 90% contained. no one is hurt. we want to show you some chopper
5:00 pm
the fire was burning so close to the home. it is remarkably good work that they were able to put these flames down and get the fire stopped before it cost any more significant damage. all of the fire burned up. it ran out of fuel and they were able to top it. this is a red flag warning today because of the low humidity and high winds that. we do not know what started this fire but it moved quickly and rapidly. the fire service guys got here so rapidly and they got the upper hand very quickly. a small bit of property damage but the fire is 90% contained. dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news.


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