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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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now if you recall, this area has seen a lot of violence. in the past 10 days, we have reported three shootings. so far, investigators have not found any motive. chris hush, wesh 2 news. jim: now to the east side of orange shop -- county . chopper 2 was up over the fire shortly before the flames responded. it was in an intense battle for about an hour. dave, we are hearing crews will stick around. dave: they will be staying on scene to make sure there are no hot thoughts to clear up. we had a red flag warning. a look at this area.
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it started to burn up this hillside. no match for the intense heat. up and down on the way here, two or three sentences. not everybody was hurt. 20 acres was impacted. they have it 90% contained but will be staying overnight to make sure nothing gets impacted. we talked to a couple of homeowners who had a very close view of a fire that was very threatening. >> about 500 meters that way, we could see the flames. you should really take a look at it. the neighbors pull together. within an hour, we have bulldozers here. we were certainly getting ready
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here is the photograph taken by trey marshall. you can see how high the flames were. just outside the full enclosure. reporter: they have still not figured out what started the fire. any kind of a spark could be a problem. that is why they are telling everyone to be extra careful. thankfully, because of quick work because of local firefighters. jim: check out this boat that is burning on dry land. the fire spread to the woods nearby. firefighters arrived about 30 minutes ago. they had to bring their own water in here.
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tonight, three local police officers are relieved of duty. kissimmee police officers are looking into false testimony that was given. adrian whitsett explains what he and cover today. reporter: this is surveillance video about arrest interest to me. s very disturbing. our whole job is based upon believing. one of the authors even appears to open the door. she said she was the only officer to approach the door. the state attorney' s office found out about the discrepancy
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>> the fact that anyone would say something under a that was untrue was very frightening to anyone that believes. reporter: detective hall and two other officers were relieved out of duty. they will see if they can proceed with prosecution. no one is above the law. >> it could be a felony. felony charges. jim: jim: we have an update to a story you saw first on wesh. samuel page. the deltona man was just arrested, accused of injuring a deputy before a chase last friday. chopper 2 was over the scene. deputies say they pulled page over for speeding, but when he acted suspicious, the deputy tried to remove him from his
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they say page peeled out, and a deputy had to break a window so he wouldn' t be dragged. jim: a man charged with rape at a wlt disney world nightclub is asking a judge to drop the charges. 27-year-old hector herrera is charged with sexual battery on an incapacitated person. detectives say the woman was intoxicated. this is video from surveillance cameras at house of blues from last july 15th and 16th. herrera is seen dancing with the alleged victim, whose identity we' re concealing. now in a motion to dismiss, herrera tells a judge the girl danced in a very sexual manner and that he never provided her alcohol. he also says it was her idea to leave the club to engage in sex in the bushes nearby. no word when the judge may rule on the motion. jim: orlando police released a little more information in the shooting death of 15-year-old destiny bargman who died saturday in apopka, a 16-year-old boy she was dating is now charged with second degree murder.
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t decided whether he' ll be charged as an adult. police say the boy and a group of friends were shooting a gun in the backyard then they played with it inside and that' s when destiny was shot. 23-year-old brandon sharpe is being held without bond. the victim told police shoup forced himself on her in the bathroom of a park in early february and she broke up with him. last week, she said shoup started sending vulgar text messages demanding sex or he would post pictures of her online. according to the police report, shoup admitted he raped the victim. merritt police say stephen terry was run down. it happened last night on the courtney parkway. police are looking for a dark colored chevy.
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>> unbelievable. it' s a shame that he was hit and left in there. it' s unbelievable. highway patrol says they might place prison time. jim: the suspect in a deadly shooting outside an orange county strip club was denied bond today. louis cintron is charged with first degree murder and attempted murder. deputies say he was in a group of bikers who got into a brawl outside the diamond club early sunday morning. cintron is accused of opening fire and killing carlos enrique cruz. two others were hurt. the ink -- the deadline to file your income tax is a few weeks away. scams seem to come into conforms.
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information from you. the second is by phone. holley says scammers told her she owed the irs money. >> the irs is never going to call you and threaten you over the phone. they are never going to demand payment be wired to you. jim: if you get a call or an e-mail and do not pass the smell test. a palm coast man is being accused of shooting another man. 38-year-old antoine young was arrested in daytona beach in the 600 block of north atlantic avenue witnesses told police young was arguing with the victim, 27-year-old danny campbell of belleview florida, saturday night because campbell was playing music too loud. they say young pulled out a gun and shot the victim. jim: tonight this man is accused of burning the dunes on the beach in palm coast. 34-year-old christopher munson is charged with arson to state
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witnesses called deputies to say they saw munson started fires, then stomping then out. investigators say he burned a 50 by 200 foot area of dune, that are part of protected state property. right now an investigation is underway into a deadly orange county house fire. flames ripped through the home on pineway drive, near texas avenue, late yesterday afternoon. a neighbor and his son tried to save the man inside, but the flames were too much. the victim has not been identified, neighbors believe the man suffered a disability that may have made it difficult for him to escape. jim: orange county officials are asking residents near lake rose to refrain from recreation on the lake, this is after a sewage leak near apopka vineland road. they don' t know exactly how many gallons of untreated sewage may have entered the lake. they' re testing bacteria levels, and will notify residents when it' s safe. jim: tonight we' re hearing from the owner of an orange county scooter store after the shop was burglarized overnight. the smash-and-grab happened at scootermax on south orange
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alfredo hernandez says he got a call from the alarm company just before three this morning. >> you work very hard to have something, provide for your family and then people just want to break in and steal items that they don' t want to work for. hernandez believes the burglars had been in the store before, he says it seems they knew exactly what they were after. the wanted trio made off with a two thousand dollar scooter and two dirt bikes. jim: history is unfolding this evening in havana, president barack obama ending almost 90 years of silence between cuba and the u.s., as he sat down for talks with cuban president raul castro. the men discussed a wide range of topics, including human rights, easing travel restrictions, and the trade embargo that' s been in place for more than 50-years,
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countries. jim: there is a state dinner scheduled for tonight. you can learn more about the president' s trip next on nbc nightly news with lester holt. jim: justice for michelle that' s what the family of a local missing woman want. >> it' s agony and it' s total torture everyday. the judge makes a big decision in the civil case involving dale smith junior the only person of interest named in the case.
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coming jim: the ex-fiance of missing michelle parker will have to testify under oath. that decision coming down from a judge this afternoon. wesh 2' s greg fox is at the courthouse where parker' s family is hoping the civil court can deliver justice for parker. i wouldn' t be doing any of this if i didn' t think it was the right thing to do. that' s the bottom line for yvonne stewart fighting, along with other loved ones, for answers in the mystery behind her daughter' s disappearance. michelle parker vanished in november 2011, the same day she was featured on an episode of the people' s court with ex- fiance dale smith the father of their twin seven-year-olds. to this day, smith remains a suspect, but uncharged. it' s agony and it' s total torture everyday. it gets to the point where you accept that this has happened but you' re hopeful that things will come the right way some day. stewart' s attorney was in court fighting to force smith to give sworn testimony smith' s attorney said that would simply discredit
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>> and so i think it would be unfair and unjust to have that all out there in the public air waves. but stewart' s attorney and the judge agreed, smith has no legal right to avoid testifying. that means smith will have to answer questions or invoke his 5th amendment right not to incriminate himself. in a civil case, you can infer certain things from the exercise of the fifth amendment right. it' s not yet known if the deposition will be video recorded and, if so, if any or all will be sealed. as the negligence case moves forward there is another civil case brought by yvonne stewart against dale smith. that could be right back here at the courthouse for a hearing soon and in that suit, she' s seeking grandparent visitation rights for parker' s kids. jim: daytona beach police need help identifying a man who they
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this is a composite sketch of the suspect believed to be between 30 and 40, wearing an orange hat and driving a light blue jaguar the victim told us she was walking from her house on hillcrest drive to her boyfriends when the suspect stopped, opened the car door and repeatedly asked her where she was going. >> he was like come here, and i completely ignored him and i shook my head no then he was like come here and it sounded like he said you come to me or i will come to you > the victim says the suspect made a move like he was getting out she screamed and he drove off she says she has seen the light blue jaguar in the neighborhood before and police are looking for it, while widely circulating this sketch. jim: the cocoa beach fire department is asking for help as they investigate this fire at a multi million dollar mansion. the fire marshals office wants to see any pictures of the blaze on atlantic avenue in the pumpkin center from before emergency crews made it to the scene. the fire at the al neuharth home in cocoa beach was destroyed last tuesday.
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whether anyone who wasn' t supposed to be there was on the property. jim: a widespread fish-kill, covering miles of territory, is raising alarm on the indian river lagoon. in cocoa beach, it looks almost as if you can walk across the thick carpet of dead fish filling some canals. a fish-kill normally covers a small area; a pinpoint on the map. but right now, fish are going belly up from titusville to the pineda causeway; from kennedy space center to patrick air force base. you can see fish trying to gulp air just before they die. many species are dying, including valuable gamefish such as tarpon. oh, my gosh. this is terrible. this is the worst i' ve ever seen it, and i' ve been here since 1970. ve biologists don' t know why the fish are dying. but they do know the water in the indian river lagoon has turned brown because of a new there' s a no cheering in the
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-- eric: we have to wait for the temperatures to change. we will get in the middle 80' s. if you are in town for spring break all we do have a message for you. you can clearly see those high clouds. tomorrow, they will be gone. it is a beautiful forecast for us. 65 degrees now. elsewhere, it is 59 degrees. as we look at the temperature around that. we are 15-20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we are at 54 degrees by 9:00 and 51 by 11:00.
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36 degrees does it in ocala. united marion county. effect. frost is not a concern. 42 in mount dora. 46 will do it in orlando. 43 in deltona. once beget over to beachside, the interior will be 45 to 46 degrees. we will get a little closer to it tomorrow. 71 in daytona beach. 74 in claremont. high pressure building in. that is going to allow the winds to be more relaxed. no need for red flag warnings.
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within the hour. the high pushes up to the east. that is going to moderate our temperatures a little bit. moisture from south florida will really push into the area. 30% chance of rain. 40% chance of rain friday. let' forecast. if you have plans to head out for church, do that easter at home -- i can' t, we are going to have some rain. a great finish and a popular finish at bay hill. pat: jason bay had a special weekend. how he did it.
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pat: there'
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the press box, so to speak, but it' s hard not to celebrate jason day' s win at the arnold palmer invitational this past weekend. there are many nice guys on the pga tour, but day' s perpetual courtesy and appreciation for the game make him a popular bay hill champion. and his adept skill around the greens this weekend won this thing for him. leading by a shot as he played the final hole yesterday, day had this daunting bunker shot from off the 18th green. and played it to within just a few feet of that wicked sunday pin placement. then made the putt for his 8th pga tour win and 5th in his last 12 starts. and after talking about the tournament host. jim: a man from the tampa area -- he could go on the map for us. without his input, there may not have been the next generation of players. there may not be the next generation.
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arnold palmer and what he has done. pat: i lost a lot of sleep last night. the lingering affects from one of the great collapses in college basketball history. the panthers led by it 12 over texas a&m with less than a minute to go. a major upset in the back. somehow, they found a way to lose in no overtime. s ok with me. yesterday. they play in boston tonight.
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these wildfires. the crew remains overnight.
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-- burglar uses a buick to walk out with the entire register. the entire smashing grab is common camera. see you at 11:00. [captioning performed by the institute,which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] breaking news tonight. history in cuba. the american and cube anne president side by side. an angry raul castro challenged over human rights raising president obama's arm in an awkward embrace. trump's secret meeting with top republicans as hillary clinton and elizabeth warren go on the attackgainst him. airport bust. 60 pounds of cocaine found hidden in carry-ones after a woman ran from screeners. you won't believe who investigators are looking for. hitting back. serena williams leading the charge against a powerful tennis executive who


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