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tv   Worldfocus  PBS  July 6, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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tonit on "worldfocus" --
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prident obama arrives in moscow for the fit russia/u.s. summit ven years. on the agenda, cutting nucle arsenals and repairing frayed rations. in wtern china, more than 150 people areead and hundreds injured after the worst ethnic unrest in deades. toy, there are reports the violence is spreadin >> the politic crisis in hondas rsens. prevent manuel za from retning while riot police tu deadly. and then we beg a new series lled "a view from africa." tonight we start in zimbabwe wi the lure of diamonds have so brought death. what role does the government play? from the worl's leading reportersnd analysts, here's what's happeningrom around the world. this is "wldfocus." made possible, in part, by the folwing funders --
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>> good evening. i'm martinsavidge. only hours after presidt obama arrived moscoearlier in morning for a summit meetin with russi president medvedev announced prelinary agreement a dealto rece their number of nuclear weapon the deal reprents a step forward, a big one in relaons betwee the twocountries,hich ha been set back by the russian invion of georgia last summer. amican/russian relaons and the new arm's al. that's our "le focus." tonitppears with russian predent dmitri ped medvedev at the kremlin, announced cooration betweenhe two governments beeen nuc arm reductions >> he two leading nuclear pows, the united states and russi must lead by example and that's what we're doing here today. >> theurrent start treaty is set to expire in december. theew proposed agreemenwould result in slashing the supply of nucle warheads by up to a
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third as well as w verification asures. this is a very sigficant restart of the u.s./russian arm's reduction process. >> tom lina is theirector of research if the arm's conol assoation in washington, an advocacy group that suppor nuclear arm's control. >>iven at they had to va, greement by the end o this calendar year when the strt treatyexpires,drove them a me consertive negotiating positio and the god news that's likely to be achievable because they're not re-creating thehole >> tether, russia and the u.s. account for 90%f the orld's nuclear arsenal. president obama i hoping russia wi cooperate i efforts to rein inranian and north korean ambitions. >> north korea has abandon said its only commitments and violaed international law and that why i'mleased that ssia jned us in ssing a u.n. security council resolution that calls for strong stepso block north kor's nuclear and
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ballistic missile rograms. iran also poses a serious challee through its ilure to livep to international obligations. this is not jst a problem for theunited states. raises the prospect of a nuclear arm'sace in the middle east. >> russia and the united ates also announced toy that they've filized agements on using russian airspace polite u.s. military mission in afghanistan, a well as new coperation on a range of othe issues. >> earlier in the day, the president and michellebama visited the tomb of the unknown soldier in mosc both leaders were full of smiles d complimts and russian esident dimitri medvev as he put it, cle some of the pages of the pa. >> translator:he talks that we d today were only the first, but a very step in improving full-scale coperation between our twocountries. thers the befits of both states an if both countries win, then everybo wins. >> but friendly words couldt
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conceal the many chalnges of the retionship between thewo former cold war adversariese the u.s. and rusa had been at odds over an antimissi system proposed by he forme administration wch would be based in poland and the czech repu republic the president said tod the matter's sll under review. the two nations havelso clhed over last summer's war in orgia. the president remains in russia until ednesday, when he travels to italy for a g-8 summit meetg. and nowto our"bloatch" tonight, we're beginning to hear from tw russians commenting on the obama/medvedev summit meeting. a russian humorist writes, i think that mmon sense will prevailn obama's visit with the leader of our country will be ccessful. both, our side and the american sideare being represented by young, strong people. they should reach agreement. one otrnonymous blogger had a more pessimistic ta. wrote, i a a pesmistic. more precisy a realist. obama d medvedev will dance
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before one anoth in of the cameras. both are concern about their image but nothing ll come good will come from oba's visit. for more on today' agreement and on e state of american/russians agreement. she is the granddaughter of the former leader crushev. and professor at the new school here at throu york ciy. welcome. >> tnk you. >> what do you make of the announcement today tt this new arm's framewk has been wrked out? >> it'sery posive. is -- it is the agreent that is needed by both couries, by baracobama it was his major forei policy success. a for the russian it is a very necesry agreement because russiaannot really sustain the nuclearrsenal it has acquired over the ars. takentheds a wduction. b it all needs to put god pave want. so they are wking with americans on that. so it gis them -- gives them an opportity to look
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importa. and like partners with e united ates. >> what about the misle fense shield system, which the united states has been bking in is that still a problem hanging out here? >> it is problem hanging out, and that's why as you know, russians were waiting until the last minute today announce that some wding was worked out about the nucle missile agreement. certnly, it is a problem. bu they very much apreciate the fact that barack ama is not chargingon forward with this -- wh this desion and very cautious abt the fact that it will work only if -- if it tests -- it tes well and woulprove signicance and that russians doisten to this nd of diplomatic language and willing toecognize and make concessions. >>ere's a question for you. it's been 20 yrs since the end of the cold war. how would u assifyussia toy? >> russia is a -- is an autritarian systm.
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with a varis koi possibilies and opportuties. but asit was in the soviet pes, the power's still structured from th kremn down with now, with no two people in power. and although i think that -- does tkerecedence over medvedev. and it has moved on, hough. i mean i's -- it' not entirely planned. it's n entirely unfree. and whatnot. so it has a opportunty to develop further but russia hast decided yet what actly it wants. i mean, one y it wants toe th west. one y it doesn'tant to be thewest. and i ink as long as ssia's conflicted abo it, it'll be very hard for it to move forward. >> and how do you think russians look at president ama? >> they'll conflicted. russians areery colicted people. th love m. has thisincredible celebrity qualit russians, like everody else, lookat him -- loo at him as the new john ennedy.
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and they realy appreciate the youg face ofmerican leadship and the changend e hope, message, thate represents. but so, russia are very suspicious of yng leads. becaus russian leaders is nev been that young. andeven medvedev who is younger than the prious leaders, ruians are not considered to be fuy in harge. so tere is a little bit of suspiciogoing on. a i think also russia has this kind of idea that sebody who looks as the ther, 's also kind of a questio -- a estionable issue. although, i wouldn'tay that t's very important i the peeption of obam but his blackness certainly cos in ply. >> i was goingto ask you that and i wantedo be very delicat about it. is race a factor any way a fact wor se russians? he it is but not in an american sense. it's n thelavery proem. it's a proble of anybody who is
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the other. somebody who is not like u and i thin that a factor. so it'snot barack obama's blackness it's not that he's n blue-eyed and blond-haired. that's -- because that's the way that amerin presidents are supposed to look. >> endit there. nina crush a ev. it was aleasure. thank y. >> thank you vy much. from china tonight, extraordinary scenes of violence in a far weern region of that country, mo than 150 people had been killed. more th 800 injured in riding of what ban at provinci capitalnd spreaded to the city of kashgar. worst violence in decad. our report comg from abc stephen mcdonald who is in beijing. >> rorter: police struggle to control the streets of t
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regional capital region, rum qu. and thattacks weren't only restried to cars and buildings. han chinese who wer passingy were attacked by e crd. one woman fell to t crowd a was not spared the government blames uighurs abroad for omoting the clash which started yesterday. >> translator: this is typical incidentf beijing smashing and looting overrode by overseas' force. it was emeditated, plan and organized. >>eporter: thousands of protesters had marcd thugh he streets, calng for an investigation inton rlier incident. th'd seen footagen the internet of uighur woers being at to death by han chinese at a toy factoryn central chinese. >> it's natural and spontaneous, the resnse of uighurs ainst -- the bloodin killing of uighurs.
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>> reporter: 2009 is the 6th anniversaryorporation into china. the govement calls it the peaceful liberation of shen jeong but many uighurs don't accept beijing' rule. with night fall the authoties ad declared effective marti law. but evidence of a bitter day of struggle was eo be seen. stephen mcdonald, abc news, beijing. now for more aut all of this, we are joined tonight by drew james nathan. he i a political science professor at columa unversity, who has wtten extensive about china. go to have you back. >> thank you. >> i don'think many americans are aware of who the uighurs are, or how tey fit into china overall. how did they co to view in china? >> well, the uigrs are 1 of 55 national minorities that the chineserecognizes. always lived in thatpart of the world, which is now shinon of china. the live on the cnese side,
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as well as the otr side, kaakhstan of that bordr. they areturket people. they believe in islam. they're not chinesein the way that we think of enic chinese and that's where they've alws lived. >> and what are tir grvances? >> their grievances are essentially that their identity is not recognizedy the cnese ste. althou the state state says that it recognizes ethni minority autony, but actually what they he done isto kind of bury the local people, the uighurs, inhis influx of han inese from rest of chi. and their strategy iso develop the region economically but uighurs are in the backwater of that development. they're ghettowise. they're not gettinghead economical. their religions not rescted. and so they feel that -- that hey are not respected. and is violen the way tha they tnk that they can gain that respect >> well, i thinkthat most of the uighurs are very moderate. their islam is moderatend theirolitics are moderate.
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but there has been a separatist movement. that wts an independent count, and although i thi that that will neverhappen, and ere's been a small movement beled as terrorists even by the u.s. sta department. and this particular incident, i think, i not a plaed one. it was an outpourg of otion. >> and we notice that, as a result of this violence, that's taken lace, bee a lot o verage in the offial chinese news agency, and y that's surprisi, because normally thatountry tend to be,we nside think quashed. why dyou think that we're hearing so much abut it? >> i think that the mn pnt tt the chinese media want to ma is thatt's teorism. it' islamic fundamealism. this has been long the of chinese official propaganda. and they wanto stigmatize as sething dangerous and t support by dng so by the broad chinese population an even from the outside wod. >> and whe we see this kind o
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violence, when see this unest, whatoes that tell us about chin today? he china tay, although it looks very stabile fr the outside, is a turbulent place. it's hard for the leadership to keep contl over it. you have th uighur the tibetans, her national minorities, asant groups, worker oups, polital dissidents. all kinds of trouble all of the time. so theegimeas made a decision a long time, since strongrm methods to kee control >> andrew nath, thank you very ch for joining us. >> you're welcome. by t way, remember to tun in tomorr night for our weey online radio show. we wilbe discussing the current uest in western china where the uighurs are riding. you'll find us a >> elsewhere in asia new infortion is being reported tonight about the latest nor korean missiltest firing over the weekend a soh korean newspaper says the north may have tested a new te of scudmissile. that's not only more accurate but travels furtr up to 620
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miles. importt to note because it would make se parts of japan vulnerable. japan's dense chief called the latest missile firings a serious provocation. > we haven't heard mch latel about iran's nuclear progr or what,f anythig, isra plans to do about it but a series of reports the stifies about the options isel has the israeli newspaper says israeli's now urging the obama administration andther major powers to prepare pl "b," calng of what it called paralyzing sctions against an inaseny dialogue against that coury does no produce a results. vice president sd israel will ot standin israel's wayif it decides tattack israel's nuclear faciliti. >> israel can determine for itself as a sovereign nion. >> wther we agree or not.
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>> wther we agre ornot, they're entitle dod. >> >> meanwhile, the times of london's reportinguring secret talks with isrl elier in year, sau arabia agreed l israeli planes fly over its territory duringny attack on iran. saudi arabia has denied report. and today, a top iranian parliamentary oicial warned o di consequences ifheisraelis aa. >> >> translator: su a mistake wouldthreaten peace and stability in the whole regn of the middle st, as well as the world. if such action is taken, iran's reaction ll be real and decisi. >> another sto about in that captur our attention came this weekendrom "the new york times." ituggests that even though the seet protests in ir have di down, it is debate there about theisputed presidential electio is more intense than er. the articl said "an important roup of religiouseaders in iran called thedisputed presidential ection and the new government illegitimat an act dfiance against the country's supreme leader and the mo public sign of a maj split inhat country's crical
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tablishment." onexpert quoted in the artile calledhe disagreementmong that country religious leaders, quote, the most historic crack in the 30 years of the islamic republic. a now to afghanistan, where it's been a dely day f america troops. four u.s. soldiers diedhen theirvehicle struck a bomb. southf the country and a seventh american soldier died after ing wounded in a firefight with militants in the eastern part of afanistan. and now to central america, whre diplomats are still strgling to help hondur out of a political mess that only seems tgrow deer by the day. just yesteay, there was a violent clash atirport in the capital city o tegucalpa, when a plane carrying th posed leader of thcountry, manuel zelaya was turned away.
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uts deutscheelle has our story. >> reporter: the plane caring ousted president zelaill be corted to the nduran capital. it was forced to turnaway. the only runway was blocked by military vehicles. earlier thousds of zeya supports stormed the airport to welcomeim home. troops riot gear fied tear s against protesters as they break throu fencing. forneighboring nicaragus, zelayaent a msage to honduras. >> i'm doing everhing possible to support people and i will not stop spporting them forone moment. >> repter: and now in el salvador theousted leader insists hel return again and that he remains the rightful predent. but new government says thers nouestion of him returning to power. >> translator: ilieve thre is time toonsider dalogue to lve this problem. and at the rightime he will take the decision to turn himselin. >> reporter: but zelaya has refused backing fom the preside of argentina,cuador
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an paraguay and the head o the organizion of the american states. and since the coupe, venezuela's hugo chez s been one of zelaya's most vocal supporters >> tt was deutsche welle. another story to bri you up to date about tight is the sprd of the h1n1 f virus. official his feared that the numr ys in the southern em fear was surge at thetart of winter tre, that's exactly what'shappened. chile's now rerting 14 deaths from the disease iargentina says of its citin his dd. schoololidays there had en extended to try to prevent the sease from spreadi even more. toight, we're going to gin a wk-long series this call "a view from africa." it's partof our continuing cerage of that continent. our focus tonht, the sear for diamonds in zimbabwe. such a por countrit
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discovery of the precioustones could mean a fortune for prospectorsut zimbab is often accpanied by violence. adrian arcenex of the canadi broadcting corporation as this in-depth report. >> reporter: inzimbabwe, if you can find your way down broken ads, past neected land and abandoned farms a i you get help looking, you will find riches. in the country's heartld is what was assessed few years ago possibly the deepest, richest diamondeposit in all of afric an alluvial field, meaning the stones just sit on e ground, ready to be scooped. local people knew a about t small, brn pebbles in the ut they didn't think much of them. ty just thought they were useful for killing birds they werso round and so hard they were perfector puttin in ingshots. they d no ideathey were
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diamonds and when word finally spread, thousands of peop desceed on thisplace. doctors, lawyers, teachers, people all impoverishedby bert mugabe's regime thought they found a miracle. so did the regime. when theovernment discovered t extent of t depited at ss from the mining rightfrom a private mpany, this is a mining coerence iner i aif weeks ago to boast of the pontial. the new minister, mugabe apintee. with your permsion we could get in there. >> absolutely any me. >> reporterthat was a hollow invitation. these images taken months ago are some of the only pictures ever shot of panners in the iad's diamond fieldshich haveecome month most contrersial in africa. for aegations of murdernd theft in a government role in both. the military now controls the diamd fields a denied o access but local mp affiliated
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with rgan changeri let us to his convoyhrough the heavily arded villag that surr the fields. there were people h wanted us to mt. ♪ peole needing help for a umbling medical clinic, a lace that tread injured diamond panners. they told of brutal attacks when the army arrived st fall to ize the fields. this man says hisand was mauled by a police og. and thaman, a former telecom worker, turned diamond panner, says he saw worse. were th soting at the diamo paer? >> yes. >> reporter: did ey kill some of them? >> ye >> reporter: d you see them kill diamond panners. >> yes. i ha several examples at i canell you. diamond panners, yes. some of th were kied because of is diamond. >>eporter: to learn more,e nt deer into chias wad of
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what left of the main training cenr. was teing with thousands of panners and buye. just as people staed to relay to themp what happened late last fall when he army was sent to end the trade, nearby soldiers got curious. surrounded a gup and wanted the meeting stopped. theydetained the mp. he was ge for two hours. en he retned it was clr the vit was over, but message was delivered. th people here believe they'd been a government-sponsored killing campaign and inthe chias diamond need te 2008. the ministerays is ridicous. tre's no mask grave, no10, 20,30 bies? >> false ani don't know what to achievby doin this. >> peop who are fr chias awad are here. >> reporter: but allegations of mass graves persist and a
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cemetery work to us they exist and took u to a spot in a overgrown pa of the graveyard you say that tre are 6 ople in here? >> 68 people in there. >> reporter:and you saw that happen? >>eah, i saw it. i saw it. reporter: in anearby offi he showeds the dozens of burial orders spelled w the december. names, unknow searching. searching >> reporter: youaw one shot in th head? >> yeah, exactly. reporter: in the arm? therone. >> reporter: meone else who says he saw those bodies a local mortion with a list of 68 pple prepared for burial. and how did those people die? buried in th field. beangalt the school yard by police. gunshot wound. >> reporr: the zimbabwn government denies all of this, denies something se, oo, th
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the are still illegal pandeing in theields but that this time it is military officials benefitingdirectly. >> we' on top of the suation and not been a single diamd, illegal diamond activity rht now because of the military. >> reporter: not s with just a few hours' notice a formemilitary officer wasble produce these dectively insiificant-looking industrial quality diamonds essfrom the fields. the minister of min told us at there are no illegal dionds on the market right now. >> that' a lie. >> reporter: recor of wh happens on theiamond fields are vague and suspicis rage and all of zimbabans seem to know is that in their lls are great ries that cld solve so many o this nation's problems if only they were shared. adrian arsino, zimbabwe. >> and that's "worldfocus" f
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this mony night. and aeminder you can watch all part of the program all over again whenever you wld like at ou website, that's i'm main savidge in new york. as always, thank ou very much fojoining us. we'llook for you back hre aga tomorrow and anime on the b. until then, he a great night. > "worldfocus" i de possible in part by the follow funders -- > "worldfocus" i de possible in part by the follow -- captions by vitac --
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