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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 8, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"bbc worldews" is presented by kcet, los angeles. >>unding for this presentation is made possibley the freeman fodation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honulu, the newman's own foundation, and the john d. and cathere t. macarthur fodation. >> what is it le in the midst a sge in aanistan? r news team is embded with british troops and thei bloody war with the taliban. rebuildingthe global economy. leaders ofhe world's richest nations lk for inspiration thetalian citdestroyed by an earthquake. calm do or face the consequences. anyone founguilty murd will be execed.
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a very warm wcome to "bbc world news," oadcast to our viewers, on pbs in erica and elsewhe around the rld. from stem cel to life, british researchers claim a world first, human sper made in a laboratory, and goog goes r microsoft. could the face-ofbetween t two gias spark a computer pre war? hello to briti and american forces in afghanist, in during one of the bloodiest wee since they were deployed eight year ago, and the britis defee secretary warn the country must ppare f many more casualties he sesponding to the death of anoer british soldier, at the venth in seven days.
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seve americans died on monday. in the rir valley, a major asult against the liban is under way. our british correspondentsave been on the fnt line with brith troops. >> this is a brut struggle, where the lin betwe life and dea has become dangerous. chasing an enemy who hahosen to standnd fight. [gunfi] >> get down! where tt is coming from - >> stay there. >> just stay dn, stay low! any casualties, mat >> they slowly inched through
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the fields. hundreds of troops wit almost limiess firepower, throwing everything ey had at the insurgents, and yet, the taliba attack again and again. [gunfir in t last few mutes, british troops havbegun to be unr fire from th taliban, andou can hear the response. that is coming from a helicoptergunship in the s, strafing the area. their progress is slo becae of thehreat from hidden bombs. buried in ads, walls, and ditches. very step mu be made fe. thritish army idependent metal detectors.
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havinglowed them down, the talin opened fire. [gunfire] this area is riddled with insurgent bombs. >> fire in the whohole, fire the hole, fire in the hole. the taliban are laying more d more of the bombs. every day they mustase their demons, catching brief moments of rest, knowinthat tomorrow cod be very different. anjust 18, marn what it is one the young i -- atjust 18. two days later,ne of his friends was kild -- martin is one of the youngest.
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>that was just le, i did not know what t do. i juststood there, in shock. now, ihappens. it does not bother you anymore. >> 're all prepared for it, very well prepared f it. for e time being, heads are highvery determined. the bond is vy very close. >> hundreds have fled the fighting. in five days, we met just two families. peop must be persuaded to return and that the government.
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it is a huge task th no guarantee of success- and back government. toy, the home became a tempory camp. the soldiers occupiethe house. foreign troopsre dangerous ga and the taliban know ere they are. the insurgents have ensured anoer bloody summer, and reinforcementsave alady had to be caed in. [gunfire >> anyo? just anyone with anweapons? >> reinforcemes. >> there are weeks of fighting ahead, and membe must try to achie somhing mosafghans have nev known, peace. bbnews. >> and just a ftnote for you
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there, a commaer of u.s. marines in sthern afghanistan ha warned there is anrgent need for more afgha security rces and civilian perts to back them up again the fensivey the taliban. rinesaunched an operation one week ago. only about 650 afghan forces were with them. more may news froaround the rld and missile strikes on tribal eas in pakistan tensified. they thought they were coming from unmanned drones. pele killed in the last few day at ast 25 on wednesday. therwas a cooy in south waziristanin known stronghold for a taliban ader. police say there was tear-gas fired one city to break up protest. demonstrators were incens by the death of student, they say at the han of police. they hurled stones at police and set one car on fire.
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the saudi aabian court has nded down a dgment and what thought to be the cotry's firstrial of al qaeda milints. onef the 130 on tal was given the death penalty leader of theorld's rhest countriesave gathered in an italiantown. it was destated by an earthquake, griy appropriate. th survey the rubble of the global economy. how to rebuild the global financial systems in the wakof the financial crisis was today's big estion. our correspondent report >> hardly the glitzy, spruced up a venue you usually see at a globalummit. central ital still littered with rubble fm the deadly disaster in april, and ill precarious, there wa a new, smler earthquake ar on friday. the authories in ily insist it is safe, but emergency hecopters are on stand to aiift the g8 leaders out, just in case pre-empt for silvio
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berlusconi, on by one, has taken leaders arnd the city. thiafternoon, it was preside oba's turn. the italian leaders 's reputation is riddlewith sex scandal and other allegation e chinese present s leing before the event even began. thg8 leaders were arriving. the main questionhey haveo solve, h t deal th the world ecomic crisi. round-tae tasthis afternoon have brought progress. they reed to the world economy was still to shaky to put an end to th stilus packages both britainnd the u.s.
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insis are necesry, but germany'chancellor merkel are also talk about preparing ex strategy ito avd rnning up too much debt, and innother breakthrgh, forhe first time, they agreed that rich countries should bear the brun for glob greenhouse gas emissions and pledged to lit global warming is not re than two deees celsius. >> this is an agreement of the g8 countries. it is the fir time in as ever happened. ihink is very signicant that en during a diffilt time of recession, people want to loo forward. lo cbon jobs will be a huge part of the future. we will give great deal more certainty tohe world about whate intendto do. >> concret agrments only achied here because president obama, unlike george w.ush, is no longer dragging feet on climate change. the next challenge is to go beyond the g8 and other major
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nations on brd. the g8 summit in central ital bbc news. >> and as she mentned, president jintao left th summit early to return to china, where the government says western province of njiang is under control. >> thousands of paramilitar troops arred. there was nothing subtle about thr deployment. th won the locals tknow they have a ri to and that china is ck in control -- they nted the cals to know that they ve arrived. >> people he do not even dare to ep o of their homes. what we c do now is to be on our guard, and even if i wanto go out and doome exercise, i feel scared. >>china's president hu jintao
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arise back ibeijing. -- arrived in being, saying it was a series that he left th g8 summit. many feel that he had no choice but to return -- saying it was so serious he left the8 summit. there was the uighur part of town. trps are now apply all aroun -- arenow deployed all around the uighur area. local chinese and uighu are ving, and a around this area, the neigorhoods, it has not been qte sealed off,ut it has bee surround >> as he heads into another night under curfew, there e reports that
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gilante groups have taken to thstreets. despite their enormo numbers, the troops sti have not brough peace to the city. bbc news, wesrn china. and polichave detainean australian executive fromthe mining gup río tinto. he is being held along with three other menince sunday, acced of spying and stealing state secrets. the cadian nuclea reactor that provides one-hird of the medical isotopes is going to stay offline unt later this year. it w to be rned bac on lar this month, d hospitals are scrambling to find new sources oisotopes, whi are used to diagnose several condions. he 50th anniversary of this father's deat kim jong il arrived and looked gaunt as he entered the auditori. this is the second major state event he has attended since august. poce in south korea and the unite states are investigatg
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a series of cyber attacks on vernment website. our bbc reporr fr washington. >> all american kno for sure at the ment is that it has een attacked. it is a virtl attack. ithas targeted u.sgovernment websit. hereat the treasurand other government deparents, including state a commerce, the publ websites, thsites we have se on the internet, have come und enormous pressu. someone, somewre caused them to crash. the attacked our website. it is still ongoi, but i am told it is much duced now. >> they say it came from a botnet, offices rldwide, perhaps yours or mine, which ha become infect with a piece o malicious software. someone. botnet -- someone using that
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botnet, effective jamming the side but we do not kw who. some s the north koreans are responsible. the experts say is very hard to identify any perpetrator. the united states faces more and more of these attacks. >> every day, we e waves of cyberhieves trley for sensitivinformation, -- trolling for sensitive formation. industrial spies, dgruntled employee >>hese attacks of all but against public websites. the u.s. government says it' secure computer networks have not been penetrat. it was sa that this was almost like ariot on the internet, wit virtualricks thrown througthe windows, but we do not know what point they are trying to make. bbc news, washington. >> still to come for you on "bbc
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rld news,"ay a high price r the wet stuff. paying a high price. first,nd retire el general talkg about the indonesian econy and tackleorruption. helooks set for aecond term. we have an report n on what is only the second fully democrati elecon in indonesia. >>after tallng the votes 2000 polling stations arnd the country, unofficial results showed that over 50% of indonesians' picked b number two, suggeing that the incumbent has won second term. earliethis morning, innesians' voted peacully. o reports of violenc at th polling sation in e wealthyjakarta neighborhood,
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turnout was sl but steady. the big issues the economand corruption. t just down the road, i a poor pt of town, th priorities aredifferent. -- in a poorer part of town. for them, elecon day is just another day. for many indonesians, life is a daily struggle for survival this as one ofhe highest povert rates in all asia. what these people want from thei new leader is just a small improvement in t quality of theilives. this person has led hereor the last three years. this is hohe makes a living, fishing not for food but for scraps, which hsells. >> if thgovernment cares about us, tey should give us jobs so we can improve ou lives. since i do not have aob, i have t live he. >> r indonesias next
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president, reaing out to be disenfrancsed is a huge challenge -- fo indonesia's next president. reaching outo the disenfranised is a ge challenge. >> bbcorld news, a maj headline. enduring one of the bloodiest weeks sin they were dloyed in afghanistan years ag a human sperm cated fro stem cells. criticizes say they havereated it, an important step they bievedo overcoming male infertility, but notveryone is convinced. we have this rept. >> this a fuzzy veo shows sperm were grown notn man but in a dish. created fm embryonic stem cells frozen in this tank. scntists t them in a chemical soup. they halved their numr of
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chromosomes, kno as miosis, an essentl element in creating sperm. finally, the group hes and tails. it took six wes. they gre heads dails. it was estimated 120 million erm per millilitein the 1920' and is now just 60 million. less than half morehan 50%of couples have problems with sperm qualit >> theris sperm maturation and sperm development. this enles us to understand male infertility and pvide some approaches for treatmt. >> some biologists doubt that human sperm created are functional, but they say such research is crucl. it raises the prospects of new treatments for malenfertility,
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though thawill be a least five yes away. but ist ethical? some argu at destroy an embryo is to create spm is immora and st because something is dinitely possible does not mean toay that it should beallowed. others say that the resech should be welced. >> mill in fertility is a distressing problem date and for the women who want to have chdren with thoseen, so, again, this ll ben the whole beneficial news -- male infertility a distressing problem. they are ting to find a problem. >> three years o, mice were created fromlibor torry srm, but alhad health problems and ied -- mice or created fro libororry -- loratory sperm. using them to cate life. b news.
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>> the lear of the f-right british national party has suggested thatillegal immigran headed it to europe in boats should be sunk. he said thathey could be hrown a life raft so that they could return from where the came. >> stopng immration and rge numbers of sub-saharan africans dying onhe way to get over her the way to do that is tget very tough for them coming over, sinking some of t boats. we need to do sething out it the en doing something about that meas bringing them in. >> two multillion-dollar companies, each wita monopoly, are going head to head. shortly afte microsoft introduced aew search engine, google is to introduce a new operatingystem. from new yk, this report. >> google so dinates internet
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arch that its name has become a verb. to google mns to search the ternet. when itomes to computer soware, andrucial operating systems, microsoft has been a minant ayer for decades, but industry watchers, like jim saying gooe could giv microsoft a run fo its money. >> when you are looking it is trantioning to the internet, wher the internet is now be morefficient operating system. >> it is said th google's massive presence makes it goo for an operang system. the editor of "pc magazine" says that google makes it faster d easier. >> the operating systeman be the main thing thagets out of the way. that would be one benefit. thother benefit wld be secuty. >> microsoft i so widely used
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that its software is mpting for hackers and vuses. a new system could be more sistant. >> microsoft isot standing still. they knowhey have to move their business online. they e very aware of it,so they are going aft google, and they are also moving course software applicatns online, as well. > google operatinsystems will not be avlable until xt year. in the meantime, microsoft is updatinggain. prilosec the standard r a ture operating sysm? bbc news, new york. >> now, would you p good money forirty water? th is what ma palestinians on the west bkare fighting th have to d because th u.n. and sever human-rights grps. 80 of is consumed. we report from one vilge. > he is sick with chronic diarrhea. not the first time.
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he and his family le in village with nrunning water. no sewer system. norospect ofetting better anytime soon. his mother told me she is sperate. >> i am angry that my son is sick. thdoctor says it is becausef the water. wbought it from outside, and i do not know where comes from. i gi it to my childre even though i know it i contaminated. what else can i do >> many west bank villages have little or no running wer. 80% of the water is kepty others. palesnians get the leftors. it inot enough. we have just come across this ter tanker. itis what families in this village d many parts of th west bank used to get usehold water. ey s it is often contaminated but also say they
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have no choice. it is eher thisr no water at al palestinisay privately for this water. it cost themñr dearly. and clean wat makes people si. means prices are hi -- unclean water makes people sick. >> itis veryxpensive, d we nd that moneyfá f other things ectricity, food, clothing, but have no choice. we have to buy water. >> fances, too, have dried up. palestinian villages traditnally depend on farming, and for that, you need wat, but israelays it is not to blame. pastinian pla -- planning is. they said they never plannedo ñijoin the water gd. human rightsroups disagree. >> palestinians receive mh less water than is really is,
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even in settlemes on the west nk. hot watern our entireegion is scarce. what little we have is unequally split up. -- >> wat in our entire region is scarce. >> an israeli armyeep keeps a closeye. water, aong with landnd religion, law at the heart of th conflict. it willave to be part of any solution -- liat the heart of th conflict. >> thanks for being with usn "bbc worldews." >> "bbc world new was presented kcet, los angeles. funding f this presentation was made possible by the frean foundation of w york, stowe, veont, and honolulu, the newman's own foundaon, and the john. and catherine t. macarthur foundation.
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