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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  October 2, 2009 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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tavis: good evening. fr los angeles, i am tavis smiley. first up tonight, our nversation th emmy-winning sportscaster james brown, popular st of "the nfl today." gb receny conductea much lked about profile, michael ck, for 60 minutes. also, two talented musicians from mexico known as santiago y gabrie.
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they have become popular success. in just a few minutes,heir last project, ":11." thais coming up right now. >> there are so many thgs that wal-mart is looking fward to doing, li helping people ve better. but mtly, we're helping build ronger communities and relationships. with your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insuranc oudly supports "vis smiley." taviand nationwide, working together to prove financial literacy a the economi empowerment thatomes with it. >>♪ nationwide on your side ♪ >> a by contributions to your s station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning me possible by kc public television]
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tavis: james brown is an my- winning sportscastereserves as the st of the popular pregame show on c, "the nfl today," following it 12 goo years at fox. he has a new book called "role of a lifetime." he joins us tonighfrom d.c. j.b., and not have y on this program. >> hello, tavis. thank you so much for havin me on thehow. tavis: know all the people who got ud to seeing you on fox, are you enjoying cbs? >> i am. for those who tk about it, ose were 12 outstandin years with my teammates over at fox. it was a marriage, very meaningful.
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i enjoy a gre relationship with all those guys and still talk, althoh jimmy johnson more ofan ema and text died. i am vy happy with my new family over its cbs and i is ing very well. tavis:his past sundaymichael ick played his first game, was able to play i week. he played in 11 plays, d no too bad. what is your assessmen >> right along with you, strily from aootball perspecte, it was unentful, in the eyes of some, unrwhelming, but i was at significant giv wre he has co from. he uld not be happi to be back in the n. re important, in terms of what he is doing on the road redemption, i am very happy because i, fo o, thinks he
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is sincere and resolute in his attitude and demear. tavi what kind of sponse did you get to the "60 minus" interview? >> let me to take two perspeives. one, i was aittle bit surpred, but i should not have been,ome of the critics who were pnning me prior to even the interview, mang comments like, james brown was probab hand-picked by the mhael vick am to do the inteiew. the could not be anything further from the truth. that because he and i both happen to be afric-american that i would be mo sympathetic or apathetic. tavis, tha was -- sympathetic and that empathetic. tavis, that was strictly an interview to get at the truth. by and large, i think st people salt the sincerity in wh he had to say -- sot i think most people saw the sincerity in what he had to say
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henly metric to judge wher he is now and where he is going is ti and consistencyfor hi to do what he said he was going to do, and thus far has de that magnificently. tavis: you tell me wch one of the four that you find most intriguing. brett favre, his third comeback, undefeated, sanez, the yog quarterback against the old quarterback r the jets. terrell owens seem to haveis first semmeltdown afr the buffalo bills lost. and detroit, they nally win a game. ich one of thoseefined most intruing? >> if i were take the cap of imptialityff, i am a nive shingtonian, rskins fan, alough i am partial on a. the redskinsre very anemic
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offense right now, but i a happy forhe detroit lions because nobody should have to sfer that ignominy. mark sahez, a very talented quarterback. al ofyou in souther california know his talent. he has shown tremendous poe and intelligencend grit. he benefitefrom an eellent team and s coach, rex ryan, that defense istellar. imagine a couple other tavis: brett favre? >> that was his 42nd co back in his stoedareer. he is plaing auably the best football and theational football league anthat is adrian "all day" peterson. he can diver those kind of miracle finishes beuse he has a great running bk wh adrian peterson, outstanding rookies,
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anthe defense is sllar. the last o? tavis: i liked t.o. but i don't want to waste any mo time. and he brings an awful lotf talent,ut there is a lot of drama as well. tavis: you are a profession. you g in and out veryast. the thing about the book, it ally got my attentn when i rst saw it, the subtitle, " reflections onaith, family, anit significant living." i love that phrase signicant living. wh do you mean by that? >> have parents to thank for that. without trygto beat people over t head, t biblical scripture joshua 1:8 talks aut whakey in termsf enjoying good success. i thought success in and of itself was ok, but tt is that
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internal success that makes you a contributing member to society an moremportantly, tt eternal salvatn. that i most important to me becau there ar biblil, foundation principles upon which i am standing now f wch i canhink my mother and fath. -- for which i can thank my ther and father. >> how you do th without proselyting? i do not try to bea people over the head. i tried to eibit by my lifestyle. many people did not know until thbook came out that w a solid mponent of my foundation. some people would say, there wa something different about you, but it is living things the right way. this is what s worked for me. i am not trying to crac people over the head, buif there somethin that they see that they tnk is intesting, that is what its. tavis: how do you put that fith
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into the world of athletics? some people find theotion of being a person of faithand being inhe arena tt you are in abox iraq -- as oxymoro >> i think that tony buee defused thatotion. while he was coacng with the indiapolis colts and even with e tampa b buccaneers, he was the winningestctive coach in thterms of nuer of postseasonppearances, one of the markers of judgina uccessful coach, and having won the super bowl. he did it in a fashion that was a typical. he did not engage in profanit least tirades. he treated themll as human beings and man and he was inspirational and t it done. tony dungywas a success at the highest level there are plenty of other examples,but he isne of te best. joe gibbs was another. tavis: you laid out seven
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ingrients for successful living, gve me the top line? >> guesthe foundation, overcoming adversity is criticallymportant. the word says "into eve life there will be tria and tribulations the key is the foundation principles that you stand on to help you thugh. one of the oths,oo, interpersonal ills, cognizing it is the key approach about how y go about things. i hapn to belie that all truth is parallel, that which is true in th natural is true in e supernatural. timor, loving oths as you let yourself will benefit -- teamwork, lovg others as you love yourself, will nefit. tavis:you are a meek person but not weak. how doeshat not gemistaken for weakss? >>. question. a lot of people say, he is one
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of the nicest people aroun me interpret that as being weak. i am just as driven a success- oriented competitive for all the right reasons as the next person. i hve been at thia long time and i think the good lord for th blessing, and i ho that my life on balance indicates that. i am by denis preached -- i am by no stretchf the imagination a weak person. we talked about the five crowns light. one them hit. one of them is the iorruptible truth of self mastery. i try to maintains good a composer as i can, b my wi will tell you i am still working on that. tavis: speaking of your wi, family is suchn important par of your li. andot just family, but you are one of those brothers who may n want to admit this, but you
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talk about the role that women have played in yr life, at least about 100 times by my unt in this book, unapologetically referring to yourself as a mam's boy. >> absolutely, i saw other d father, god bless them, who worked three jobs so that mom could stay home toaise five kids. my motherad five kids by the time shewas 25. she want to be an excellent homemaker and she was. i did not apologizeor that. she gave her life. my mother told prior to passing away, evething she had to give, she gavto us to help eate an opportunity for uto do better tan she and my dad did. this book is a tribute to my mother and father and all th gave to was establiing and inculcating us in the proper way. tavis: my time up. he new book from james brown,
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"role of a lifetime, reflections on faith, family, and siificant living." james bown, i love you, and i am glad to have you on. >>hank you very much. tavis: up next, thtalented catarrh duo known that -- the talented guitar duo, santiago gabrla. i wanted to let you see why they haveade a na for thselves. here they are performing their first single. ♪
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tavis: talk about an unlikely path t succe, rodrigo sanez and gabriela quintero left the homes in mexico and wentto dublin, ireland athe time theypokeery littlenglish and had no mey, but their uniqu sound has caug on and their previous cd has sd more than hala million copies and counting. is is thei latest, "11:11." w and why dublin? you arerom mexico city. >> the idea was to travel, pl and trav. we wted to study neworlds. we wted to start idifferent countrs and wwanted to go somewhere that we did not kno anything about. somne suested ireland.
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said, why no e do not know anything about . we went there. and we werelanning to stay ere 15 days and move tother countrie but then we ran out of money a could not go anhere. tavis: why some place where you do not know anything about the ulture, you do not speak the nguage? that is risky. >> yeah, i am still wonding why we didt, but the plan was to learn something new. we did not want to go to spain, which was kind of obvious place to go. it was going to be th se for other big cities. some were small sounded good to us. and i'd known. that w the idea. -- and unknown. that was the idea. tavis: what is the challenge tting peoplto appriate ur music when you cannot communicate itheir language?
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>> starting off, we stard off and a metal band in mexico. then we went on the road and we end up playing dus. weid not care about getting famous, we just wanteto pl and learn morebout music. we didotare too much about mmunication tat way. we just wanted to play and keep traveling esntially, we got a record deal and all that, and tn we discovered that people were attractedo ourusic and other languages, englisheaking english is, -- english-speaking counies, because ty could relate to us. i think it is me challengin trying to sing in sanish and go to the audiences and ied to comm a kid like that. -- it is harder to sing
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anish and try to communicate to audience like that. tav: you obviously have your owsoundow. how would you descre the sound? >> we often get that questn. do not like to lel it. that snds like a common anwer, but it is true. our influences, mixing into the etal fruits and latin, i do t think it s been ne before. our troubles areround europe in that rticular time of life -- a travels around europe in that particular time of r life, it ws a very impornt part of the sound becau we mixeeverything. even the irish sound kind of affected gaiela's right hnd when she plays aroun the wood. that is coming from an irish instrument which is like a drum.
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they play it th a stick. it is a big mixture. i would not dare to call anytng. it is important say and mentioned that we d not py flamenco. peop ink that we place flamenco, but that is serious t flamencoovers. we loved flamenco, but do not confuse us. tavis: in six seasons of hostg the sw, most the end of season7, i think you a te first musica artist we have d on the show who i let perform before i had the conversatio. always do with the other way around. coersation first, then the ndperforms, bu i cannot figure out aay to describe at it is. said, let's do ts fir, then the cversation. you are part of tavis smiley trivia, the firstguest to do th out of order.
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>> that is good. like to go out of der. tavis: can see. the newd, "11:11," 11 tracks insped by 11 artis. >> santana, jimi hendrix. >> pink floyd. we did notnow that we were going to pla world music festivalsr rock festivals. we come fm the rock side. we played some worlmusic festivals ck in the day and we did not feel righ itas weird. essentially, things changed d moved around t where ouroots were. i feel betr. >> it was chlenging, and it
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is, t this is the only way we can do it. we have to it this way. i guess we also enj it a lot. tas:they do it eir way, as you heard, and i am delightedo have them all e program to celebrate the rease of their latest cd, "11:11." thank you botfor coming on. my pleure. catch us on the weekend on public radio intnational. access our podcas on, and i will see you next time on pbs until ne tme, good night from l.a., and as always, keep the faith. >> for more informatn on today's ow, visit tavis smiley on tas: hi, i am tavis smiley. joime next time for conversation wh gospel duo bebe and cece winans. >> there are so manthings that wal-mart is lookinforward to doing,ike helping people live better. bumostly, we're helping build
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strong communities and relationships. because th your help, the best is yet come. >> tionwide insurance proudly supports "tavis iley." vis and nationwide, working togethero improve financial literacy and the ecomic empowerment at comes with it. >> ♪ nationwe is on your de ♪ >> and by contributis to your pbs ation from viewers like yo thank y. [caioning made possible by kcet public tevision] captioned by the national captioning instite --www.ncicap.o--
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i can't go back. hey. ah.


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