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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 7, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> bbc world news is present by kcet los anges. funding f this presentation s madepossible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe,
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vermont,ndonolulu, the newman'own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation a union bank. >> union bank ha put its financial strength to work for a wide range of compans from small busesses to major rporations. what can we do for you? >> ad now, bbc world news. >> italy's supreme courrules that berlusci can face prosecution on bribery and corruption charges a desperate plea to goome. this placed tamils tell bbwhy thoands -- dsplaced mils
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tel bbc why thousands should go home from theamps. >> staying here is killing u >> somal pirates pick a fight with the ship they should have avded at all costs. bbc world news, brought us to our viewers onbs in amica and around t world. onf britain's richest and one of europe's's mostanted. a notorious drug baron is behind bars it does not mean a thing if it ai't got that ring. astronomers make an amazing discovery. hello to you. berlconi is saying bet he will notesign as italy's prime
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mister even though e highest court erturned a law that wod give him immunity from prosecution. he could face three different trials for bribery an corruption. if this does contain se flash photogray. >> it was a fian eve flaoyanterlusconi that came out to face the press. he would not leave offe. en-- we are in the nds of the left a wenow what they want to do with the couny. i will have t leave t public service for a pulp -- few hours and prove that they are all liars. long live ital all live berlusconi. italy's highest court earer led that he wasot above e law. they said thathe prosecution wasnconstitutional and should
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be strucdown. opposition leade sayhat the prime minister should no longer be in office. he is facing a series of cour cases. the preinister's opponent are weak and divided. it is hisllies who are much more important. he has come out to praise the prime minister. thehances of the rug being lled on theiroalition are fadi. they willace trial with this man. he was at theoot of the immunity issue. berlusconi was accus of bribing hi he stood down from the case once the law was in place. this and otherases may reopen for the italian leader hiss uncharted territory to you afrdability.
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th-- even for italy. whatif he is found guilty? what then? it is onef the contents are questions in this dramic legal story develops. the next few days wi be vital for therime minister. there will be a series of meetin by all politica parties to see whe they stand. it is his polital defense th will be critical to his survival. >> the unid nations officials in afghanistan are denyi that confidential information published by "the washingto post" confirm widpread fraud during the afgnistan electi. the say in some provinces an the official ve count far exceeded the number ofoters. he is suesting that th government sared his rep beautician -- reputation
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because they digreed with his opinion abo the sending more troops to afghanistan. he says that he will consider taking a been ministerial job. lksare underway in honduras between the ousted gornment. reonal foreign ministers and officials fromhe organization of american states. in burma the iconic opposition figure has met with the mister from the milary government. we understand the meeting only lasted about half an hour. it is the cond in less thaa week. they wanted toelp negotiaten easing osanctions. the plight of a quartemillion tamils returned by t sri lankan gernment is looking increasingly like a cisis. since the civil war reached its bloody en nearlfive months ago, they ha been prevend from returning home
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the vernment insists that they muay in camps until they ar screened. they told the bb of their ineasing desperation. two new problems loom, desperation and disease. he said this. >> built-in declared john boll, they hava quarter of a miion of war refugees is a city of tents. people not free allowed to leave, even though the war is er. it isstill run by the security forces. diplomatic visitors say tha conditions have impred. there are still queues for water. it is strictly ratned. voluntr monitors say that people fight foit. >> thgovernmenthas resettled abt 10,000 refugee it said that it has been moving quite quily by world standards to let the rugees go bk
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home. uted nations disagree saying that these are happeng far too slowly >> cildren der 10 are allowed to leave in practice, few das their parents and older siblings cannot go. women clamored to tell us of their complaints. >>e are all getti sick sting in these tents. we have a lot of diseases. staying here is telling us. >> we have no vegetabl to eat or water t drink. we are goi to die here. >> the tense lok suspicious wh empty. they can - tents looked specious when empt they hav to accommodate a large number of people. she had take him from hospital to hospital, t he was still ill. the was no roomfor everybody in the tent. government officials told us that the visiting itish
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minister said that people pfer to be in the camps as their homes were sti i ruins. they say that land mines e still a threat to those returning to tir villages. these mus be cleared. >> " were doing at the moment is this. this has this area at e moment. >> peoplere bracing themselves for the monsoon. t government says that thanks to new--new drainage systems, there will not be flooding. some refugees fee that their imsy shelters are at risk. there are just a few ways for people to earn money like this store wre an elderly couple ses soft drinks. with the works, its difficult to pass the time.
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-- witho work, it is difficult to pass the time. >>n his first detailed comments in the intnational talks on iraq's nuclear program, aadinejad says th he hopes theyill lead to constructi operation. he said th iran was interested in talkin with anybody in providing thenriched uranium for aesearch reactor. kenyansere killed in election violence. an inveigation has found communities buying weaps illelly ahead of the elecon. kofi annannd finishing a three-day visit with calls r urgent reforms. the opposition clition is calling for th arrest ofhose responsible for firing on democry campaigners. at lst 150 died. itlso insists that will not joinalks to resolve e pitical csis unless the
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milary leaders stepped down. asaritime mystics go, it was quite a big one. five somali pirates have been capted whenhey attacked a french nal vessel. t pirates tried to storm the refueling tanker late at night from sll boats about 0 miles off ofhe somali coast. >> this shows the moments when the pirates wer finally caught after a long chase on the hh seas. if they we no longer armed. it was thought that they dumped their weapons ov board. this was the ship that the pates were ought to have confused with a harmless cargo boat. it would have realized that this i no ordinary commerci vessel. it is the french vy's main supply ship in the indian ocean. n paris, the defeninistry
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described how the pirates approach in two small boats and open fire. >>they reaze that they were not behavinas a commercial ip. she was not tryin toun away. on the conary, but she was headi toward the pires. at thatime, the pires turned away and try to escape. it is not the fst time the rates have target the french military. france played a key role inhe ssion patrolling the waters neasomalia. is shows the navy fighting bac aft a frigate s attack in may. several were captured. more than 20 suspects were handed over to ken. green them trial is a legal mine field. forhese piras, the future is certain. for now, her mission in th
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indian ocean connues as normal. >> t heavy floods in souther india he damaged hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crops. that could mean seve food shortage and these 250 pele have been killed and millions displaced. these re the wot floods in decas. >> living in desperation onthe edge of at ws once their home this community is one of an estimated 2.5 million people who arnow homeless. and rced to find elter just about anywre. drinking wateand food is in short supply. aidgencies he joinedhe government providing relief. it is not reaching eryone. now there is a frenchoncern. the floods of dage millions of dollarsorth of farm land.
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>> 80 hectar of crops are maged. the total losso far about 1250. >> for most of the summer,ndia was hit by drought, the worst in nearly four decades. many are warning that th country could experience major fo shortages. the focuss getting relief as qukly as possible to the victims. eventuay, the gornment will ha toind a way of helpg them rebuild their life. >>he united nations has appealedor $74 million to help about a million people affected by flooding from two major storms inhe philippines. food, satation facilities and health care are desrately needed. a poweul tphoon is heading towards japan.
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the tyoonill hit on thursday authorities have issued several wether warnings. sandbags hav been offered to people tryo protect our homes are against floodi. it is good thave you with us. state if you can. the land with e ter. we report the impact of the middle east's worst drght in decades. and needs appval fromll 27 member states of the european union. of longlast, it seems that might happen. he fully expectsis country to rafy ity the end of this year. the leaders are impatient to ve on. >> if the vote was a big relief for the vters, they were not quite tf the woods yet.
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in prague,laus has refus to sign the lisbon treaty. eu leads sounded confident that it would be completed. >> of course, we respectfully thconstitutional order in the czech republic as we rpect the order and othemember states. we he to wait for the procs toe completed. once this is done, we see no reason why further delay shld happen. >> the prime minier cannot make today's meeting. engine troubles stranded his plane in prague. he told e leaders that he was confident thatatification of the taty would beompleted by the end of eear. th message for the president was clear, oe th
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constitutial court case is resolved, he cano longer justify resing to sign the treaty. >> perhaps some anxiety over the loomg british general election. if they win, they wl hold a referendum onhe treaty. very few people would put money on lisb rviving that intact. >> the late headlines. alawrotecting italy's prime minist from prosecution viotes the constitution thanks to the supreme cour several trials on bribery and corruption carges coulfollow. thislace tamils have been telng the bbc thathey want go home. they s that conditionare intolerabl he was a drug bil -- a drug dealer so wethy that he once appeared on a newspaper list of
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britain's most famous people. hebecame interpol's most wanted man. he is accused of trying to fod an iand with cannabi >> roads closed, every available armored officer deployed o this holiy island, an unprecented security operation t deliver one man to court. curtis rren, once enter poll's most wanted. -- interpol's most wand. he believe that jersey offered new opportunities to increase his wealth. thi was a scheme to make over 120 million poundsy smuggling caine through rotterdam. the authoritiesere one step ahead. he spent 12 years in a dutch jail.
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on the smmer day in007, at two weeks afte his release in prison, he arrived in jersey. this man turned out te one of his co-conspirators. they were alreadbeing watched. alarm bells began to ng. >> elaborate undercover operation was put in place. more new faces joined th group. ey were tacked acros jersey and into eure. in one conversation, a gang member discussed ug prices withis dutch supplier. >> 60 pounds 1 ounce. 1 kilo is 36 ounces. i would just invisible. at 300 lbs for 1 kilo. >> stephen bakerlaimed that they acted outsidef the law.
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they listened incross three countries without authority. the jurors were convinced, had masterminded another criminal enterpris >> people engage in serious organized cre. noatter where ey go in the world, they engage in crime. they are aarget for us and we ll deal with th. >> they will be sentenced in cember. syria need help to tackle the effects ofhe worst drought that they haveeen in decades. least 1illion people are feing the impact and syria alone. parts of turkey and jordan are alsoffected. >> for three years, they ha been waiting for the rn to come. for three years, not a drop ha fallen fr the sky.
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thisrovince used to be the bread basket o syria. there once ferle land has n turned tdust. much of her family budget now goes to th. >> where can we go? my neighbors have left. who uld he me with a of my childn and how wh i find a job? >> the -- their dinne has been the samein has be for months. breaand lentils. r chilen have not had any meat or food for at least a year. its because of that that they believe r hair has been lling out. the un saythat malnutrition, poverty and dease have been spreadg. millio of dollars are needed toelp peoe here. drought is the main caus of her suering. there is lack of regional
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cooperation. it wa makin the situation worse. even in the midst of heat and drought,ou can see the pah is here. ty aractually illegal. in order to irrigate tem, people are pumpi water fro wells. these are undergroun resources ch could never be refilled. they are using this to grow crops. rivers, whichhey used for rigation, are now dry. this is the main source of water for the province. it hasow shrunk to 4% of i original size. the governor told me it is not just because of therought but also damnshat tury built across the border. >> ere is a river which comes from turkey. it would rlly help in solving
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our problem. >> is a disaster it is too big for syria to handle on its ow an estimated 300,00 people have already fled the eanding desert. in placeswhere water still flows, roads areined with makeshift camps. ery day brings more water refugees. back inhe vilge they are waitg for aid. all that she can now do is pray. pray for help come up for the childrenome and pray for rain. >> egyphaseclared -- they want stolen ancien artifacts from the uvre. they haveaccused them fr buying agent commemotives tons even some -- even though some
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the curators knew thathere were stole donna nehue says that he will resign over -- john o'donahue says he will resign or expense claims. it h been confirmed that mel bson'sonviction fodrunk driving in 2006 has been exnged from his cord. sheays it took for 20 yrs to decide to write it. a british ahor now probably feels it is worth the wt. it is about the life and times of cromwell. it just won a prize r ftion an$80,000, too. three scieists from t united states a israel have won the nobe chemistry prize for their work on e cells of living organism. ey said that the worked had
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important implicatio to the development of antibiotics still in the world of scienc but further afield, astroners have made discove that going to rraw the map some of these lawyers system. theyound that saturn has another ri. t is 8 million miles aw from the planet. david has the details. >> is the mos spectacular and most mysterious lht and space. the system of rings arou saturn. for spotted four cenries ago. until now, annobody saw the strangt feature of all. of all the anetsrbiting in the solar syem, it is saturn th is the most exotic. that is because of its ranks. this is the view that most of us are familiar with. the giant planetsircle by
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color. ey have detected another, far bigger ring 8 million miles from saturnilted at aifferent angle and so he that the ring is about 3 million miles de. it is invible to the naked eye. it isade up of vast clouds of du. sides the moon, sarn appears just as a tiny dots. it i so big, that it wouldook twice as lar as the moon. announced -- astonishing discovery. how come nobo noticed? t experts are stned. >> this is absolutely vast. you cannot see it unlessou're lookinat a particar wavelength. it is ryiffuse. you cannot see it with theaked eye. if you need secial instruments to see it. >>it was one of sadr's moons that was a dead giveaway. - satu's moons at was a
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dead giveaw. admired for its beauty for 4 years, satn can stillsurprise us. what else do we not know abo it? >> just coming in from reuters, and 8.1 magnitude earquake has struck off of the north coast of -- it is 370 kilometers north, nw. no immeate reports of iuries or damage. no tsunami warng. also is 6.9 maitude earthquake in thphilippines. >> nding was madeossible by the freeman foundation onew york. still vermont and honoluluthe newman'own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, andnion bank.
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>> union bank h put its financial streth to wk for a wide range of comnies from all businesses to major corporatio. what can weo for you? >> i am julia. >> i am kim. >> public broadcasting as my sourceor an intligent news out the world. >> the conversations beyond e sound bites. >> a commitment to journasm. deciding who to vote -- a vote for. >> public broadcastin is my sourceor intelligence connections to myommunity. >> bbc world ne
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