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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 27, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> "bbc world news" is present by kcet, los angeles. funding for this prestation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermon and honolulu. the wman's own foundation. the john d. a catherine t. macartr foundation. and union ban
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>> union bank has put its financial strength work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses toajor corporation whacan we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news >> this is the businessdition "bbc world news." the trial of radovkaradzic goeshead without him. the prosecution described plans for bosan muslims. >> "they will disappear. at people will disappear from the face of the eth." >> u.s. forcesin afghanistan is up for a bomb attack.
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kiled eight american soldiers. president oba unveils a plan to transrm t electricity grid. ao coming up on the program, fines forhe son of a former french president. this is for smuggling weapons into and gold. and is ishe largestreditor who everived? the 0-year-old creatu w found off thcoasof england. prosecution of the war cres tribunal the haguhas opened its case against theformer bosnian serb lear radovan karadzic. called the supreme commander of the campaign oethnic cleansing, radovan karadz not inourt. he is boottingthe trial because he says he needs more tim to prare his dense.
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we have this report fom the hague. >> the cou had a choice to make -- whether to let radon radzic's use all to attend disrupt and frurate the ocess, or to go ahead whout him. the justice said he had been fairly want. >> he has chosen his course, and mu therefore accept e consequenc that will inevitably flow om the choice. >> and so, at last, thease against radon karadzic beg. using fund type evidence -- fod tap evence, the prosecution described what lay in store for bosnian muslims. >> "i have to know there are 20,000 armed serbs around sarajevo. that iinsane. they will dispear. tereo will be of bck cauldron --arajevo will be a black
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cauldron were musms will die. they will disappear. that people will disappear fm theace of the earth at." >> radovan karadzic appeare at the bosni parliament t same month to warn bosnian mlims not to dare declare independence from yugoslav. >> do not think he will leave it bosnia to help. >> by the disaearance of the mlim people, he meant that ey would bephysically annihated. >> the precution said hewas the architect of a plan by which serb forces seized power. he desibed how 70,000 serb forces were recruited andarmed and how they drove hundreds of thousands of noserbs fro
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their homes crea an ethnical-pure territory. the psecution maintains there is airect line of culpability they say they have documentary oof that the men who carried out the ehnicleansing it did o on his personal instruction i sat i the publ gallery, surrounded by bosnian wen who lost husbas and sons in the war. man were weeping. the wot atrocities of e wor has known since the nazis ve been alleged inhis courtom, but demand on the dock s yet to aear. >> biljana plavsic is now back in the seran capital of belgrade aer servin sev it years of an 11-year sentce for crimes against humanity. once known as the iron ly, she is the highest ranking official from the former yuslavia to
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plead uilty. sh was convicted byhe hague in 23. nato forces in afgnistan at y eight american soldiers a anfghan civilian worng with them have been killed inomb attacks in the south ofhe country. his bngs the death tollo 55, making octobethe deadliest mth onion 8 years of war for americ forces. preside obama will meet his top general on friday to finalize t afghanistan stregy. we have this rert. >> they have taken theight to e talin the summer, but it has ce at a terrible cost. today, eight more.s. troops were killed. 55 have died since the srt of october, making it the worst month for ameri sensed this orld- sincehis war began. despite the record debts, merican generals think they can win. this is of a pl to do it.
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with men lke this patrolling the streets and gting to know theocals. they call th counterinsurgcy. having fght at the taliban, theu.s. marines hold the territory. >>his has become the mai part your wor? >> this is at. this is what it i all about, to convince the people the governmentsere, working with them and the international community to build longerm growth. >> is a compx task that requires three things -- i a compx tasthat reques three things time, money,nd troops. this isthe final a largest piece of the puzzle. the afghan ntional army, rearsing for a warhey are not capable of fhting. tens of ousands of ne recruits are being signe upn a rapidly-accelerated progr.
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and what er the west strate for afghantan, it cannot be compled until they are ready to take on theight. the afgha security rces that offerhe best hope for the future. militacommanders know it will take some years before they' fully trained a ready to take over. til they are, that means more british,ore americans, and more foreign troo coming to afghastan. til these soldrs are ready, amera must decide how to win thisar. politicians have yet toall in line wh the strategy that means extraoney and evenore the loss of life. bb ws, kabul. >> 10minutes, we will have a special report on the ris of giving birth in afghanistan. do stay with us for that
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cctv pictures have bn relead of the massive bomb bla in iraq on sunday. a militant group linke to al- qaeda has claimed responsibily for the two car bombs in baghdad. the blast hit the ministry of justice and provincial goverent office. israel has responded to rocket attacks fromouthern lebanonby firing artille across th border. the roct landed near a border town, csing no casualties. the israelis then fed at the boer village of leban. amney international has accused israel of foidding palestinians fom accessing clean water. israel called e accusations inaccurate. jean-chriophe mitterrandhas
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be can -- east church of scntology has been convted of fraud in france. the leaderof the sentology groupere giv a two-year suspeed sentence. president obama hs announced the release of thousands -- o billions of dolrs to moderze the electcity grid. this is e biggestllocation of mey from his administraon so far. is cos ahead of the copenhagen summi we have ts report. >> a field of chinese solar panels in america is sunshine -- shiny sol pans in america gng sunshine state. president obama anunced he will vamp the creakin electricity gd. >> at this momentomething big is happening iamerica. getting there wi take a few more days and projts li this
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on >> project will get 100 companies and cities government money to create green jobs and greater energefficiency. as the psident spok ce- president jo biden addressed autoworkers at a company that has bought a defunct gm plants. the plan to srt bldingplug and hybrid electric vehicles >>his plants is goi toet -- this plant will get bk more than th. folks, so w we will help t best " the worlreclaim their jobs. --e will helpthe best folks in the world reclaim their jobs. >> will be obam adminisation spending o green energy he an impact? the world's bigst wind turbine maker investe in
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america after president obama's ection. the companyis enthusiastic. >> wh you make annergy rolution, there will be inners andosers, but it i clear that the green energy agenda will create far more winners than loss. at is important to remember. >> but the cost of clean energy is aontentious issue in the u.s. as the country emerges from its deep recession. president obama liks it to greateason of innovation. he will nd plent of rousing talk to convince businesses and legislorsto embraceajor new clime changbill. bbc news, new york. >> and arms smuggling network that nettednearly $800 llion the 1990's was carried out in ite of the un arms embargo.
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sinessmen, government adviser and policians, even the son of a former predent were accud of supplying eapons to the governmentf angola. we havehis report. >> the case d't and -- dubbed angolage, has emrrassed te curent french government. the two leaders to orgize the salecott a jail sentence. pierre falcone was immediately arrested. his busiss partner is believed to be in mcow and did not attend to the trial. >> theourt has condemned pierre falcone , rathr they he given personal face to a dossier. but by transferri responsibility, they are no looking for responsibili on a political level. >> jean-christophe tterrand and a adviser on afcan affai when hisather was president,
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recved a two-years spended sentence. the biggest surprise ncern to the ex-interior minister. the 82-yearold was given a one- year jail stence. it involved tanks, helicopters coming in antpersonnel mines from the former sovt bloc. prosecutors say the french government knew aut the sales, but turned a bld eye. president nicolas sarkozy travel and bullets to try to repair relations last year. thease could have furer ramifications dozens of french companies business in angola. bb news, paris. >> this is the busiss edition of "bbc world news." comg up -- giving birth ina the most dangerous places on
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earth. we have a report from afghanistan. found on the beach -- the job all of a prehistoric moner. search is uderway for up brith couple that ems to have been tan hostage by somali pirates. they released a distress signal while iling toward tanzania last friday. we have this report >> appier days for rhel and paul chandler, a coupleelieved to be held by somali pirates the yat was seized last week in e indian ocean. their route when from turkey through t red sea a gulf of aden and into india. then they reach the seychelles. after six months there, they sailed westward for tanzania, unrtunately taking them ght into an area where six ips have recentl been attackeby pirates. >>they were really sailing to
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the lion's den. we are not recommending any private vesselsake their ats anywhere in the indian ocean currtly. >> this is the yacht. it givess clues as to wher they have been d what they have been doing. not a huge amount. for example -- july 22, mid winter in the seychelles. 21st of tober, farell seychelles. thuday is when they are believed to have been snatcd by the pirates. following day, there is a message posted st. "please rain sah -- ring sarah." >> deliberatelynd dangerous and so on. we're all extremely upset by what happened. >> e somali piras atcked shiing far out to sea. so far this yea they have seized over 30 ips and held
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nearly 6 sailors r ransom. the forgn office is urgently investigating if theouple is the latest hoages. the ransom demand for their release is expect any day now. >> this is the business edition of "bbc world news." the prosecution ofhe war crimes tbunal in the hague has gone foard with the case against the bosnian serb lear radovan karadzic. was found the leader of an ethnic cleansing campaign. of bomb attk killed eight amrican soldiers in afghanistan. we continue in ou sers about maternal help arou the world toay. when it comes to ging birth, northeast m afghanist is the most ngerous place in the world. in 2006, one provce had the
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worstate of womenying during job bth. bu the imtatistics have not changed muc with it more international aid. >> the hustle and bustle of afghantan, such as it is. life he is simple, harsh, conservative. but inot let yurself be ceived. under this is the first maternal octor for the area. there are aeady worried hband's waiting otside -- has en spreading outside. the doctor works at the bt
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place this province has to offer. we join r on morni rounds but she checkesome women in r care. ny have trouble a lo way to get her --any have traveled a long way to get here. >> walking 12ays. >> people wl look for 12 days? >> s, yes. 12 days. > and so many of the mothers look so young. >> your name? >> [unintelligibl] >> how old is she? 25 yrs old. if she really 25? he doesot look 25. 15, maybe. >> women are 12. >> 12? >> they get maied at1 and 12. >> some women cant wait for another moth to leave.
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every that is full. this i a hugemprovement over hat was here 17earsgo when the doctors stard. >> [unintellible] >> most ofthese women suffer froheavy bleeding. the real probm is the lots that they live. giving birth so young and so often takes itsoll on women's health. shes in her erly 40 links. -- 's. she is seen five of her children died. she has a weak heart at this mont, her condition i fraud job. >> to heaone woman isying, you what toelp all of afghanistan. it is impossible. i want to helthe woman.
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>> no wonder leading husbds are anxious. in this conservative culture, this is asclose as they get to the delivery ro. the are more happy endings now than there were befre. it is a start. th world would have to change -- the story of womegiving birth. bbc news. >> business news now. oil giant bp has reported third quarter profits well ahead of pectations. it y be nrly 5 blion -- it made it nearly $5 billion of profits. the drop in oil and gas prices are currently at a seven-year low.
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but bp's results we lifted after making cost cuts. >> it was supposed to be a difficult quarter for the world's biggtoil companies. crude is do roughly 40% from this time last yea ga prices have been an issue, too. unlike oil, they are having no covery. most difficult ofall, the refining busess. with no demand, profit marns have bn slim. so it comes as no surprise that bp's profit has fallen. but shot -- what shockethe market was it has fallen ls fat thannticipated. >> 0% of the average -- really that isown to stellar productio. 7%. that is this arter. obviously,hey had a faly benign season thus f.
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evenith that stpped, it has been a robust after. >> the coany's numbers are goo bucost cutting is also operating ahead of scdule. th have taken out $4 billion of cos from the business. e news was taken so well by the market, bp sares to a 16- month high. bp assetthe bar for everyo else. -- sets the bar for eryone else. theyave bown the numbe out of the wate bbc news. >> the german car giant announced profits at have plunged 44% compared ast year. neincome at the end of september was84 million. sales of the mercedes-benz division have improved of the
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last three months. the biggest met producer and haseported a drop in third quarter profits. net income fell $192 million at the end of september. sales fell 1%. u.s. consumer confidence fel sharply an unexpectey in october. fears about fute job prospects increasingly pred on americans. separely, house pric rose by more than expeed in august. and ifou arefemale, it seems nordic countes have taught the survey real starting equal lations betwee men and women. the survey cited how successful
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countries are and boosting equality in areas ch as jobs and physal rights. a 150-milon-year-old fossil as been unearthed in southwest florida. -- southwest england. it is the world's biggest fossil, rivaling recent scoveries made in the arctic and mexico. weave more on the find. >> it might look like pile of old cks, but put these segnts together and you have the fossized skull of a colossal nster. researche still need to chisel away at the rock. the skl is 8 fe long. the estimate the total could have been s much as 50 feet. >> is is like christmas and easter and everything rolled into one. youanctually e, yes, this was an enormous animal.
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thiis pbably the biggest creditor that ever led. >> it has been contained in these rocks for 15miion years. his whole area usedo be cered by a tropical sea. as a result, is considered to be a real ideological tasure trove. >>youcan find it on the beach, wher the sea is washing away on theind. you canee fossils have barely changedn mllions of years. >> a collector can long monda after up storm and fou a big chunk of the funds. did he spd theext fou or five yars coming back every single time after a orm or a brain. as a result, he camep with this incdible fossil. >> experts think the body may stl be in eclipse,uried deep in rock. t could be another 100 ars before the rest of this giant
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makes its appearance. bbc news. >> our top story, once ain -- the prosution at the war rimes tribunal in the hague has opened its case against th former bosnian sb leader radovan karadzi despiteis boycottingf the proceedings. he was branded the leerof an ethnic clesing campaign. was not in court because he sayse needs more time to prepare his defense. yo're watching "bbc world news." >> funding was madeossible by the freeman fndation ofew york, sto, vermont, and honolulu. the newm's own foundation. the john. and catherine. maarthur foundatio an union bank.
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>> union bank has put its financial strength to wk for a wide rge of companies from small businesses to major corporations. what can we for you? >> i'julia stiles. >> i'm kevin bacon. >> i'm kicattrall. >> hi, i'men burns. >> i'm lili taylor. >> i'm henry louis ges, jr., d public broadcasting is my sorce for news about the world >> for intelligent conrsation. >> f election coverage you can count on. >> for convsations beyond the sound bites. >> a commment to journalism. >> for deciding who to vo for. >> i'm kerry washington, and public broadcasting is my source for inlligent connections t my community. >> "bbc world news was presented by kcet, los anges.
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