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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> time to buy that new hat -- prince william's and kate middleton and out there to marry next year. >> we have been talking about marriage for a while, so it was not a massively big surprise. so i took her somewhere nice in kenya and proposed. >> the prince gave her princess diana's engagement ring. he said he did not want his mother to miss out on the excitement. how will she cope with the kinds of pressures princess diana faced 30 years earlier. we will kill a couple can expect. very warm welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs and around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- ireland insists it can sort out its own finances. european leaders say it's a problem able to solve. >> we will take action as all 17
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members of the group in a determined and coordinated manner to save a ireland and the financial stability of the euro. >> 16 former guantanamo detainees secure millions of dollars in compensation from britain's government. >> the royal wedding announcement is a very british occasion, one that is not making headlines around the world. when a passing duchess tells tv cameras is wicked news, you know it's officially glad tidings of great year. the man who is second in line to the british throne, prince william, is finally to marry kate milton, the girlfriend he met at university. it is set -- to marry kate middleton
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. the leading he asked for when his mother died with her engagement ring. he has now given it to his fiancee. there is flash photography. >> of the first side of prince william kate middleton as the couple engaged to be married. a blitz of flashlight frame -- for a man and woman have known each other for years and have now decided to marry. so how does she feel about joining the royal family? >> it is a daunting prospect. [inaudible] good at flattery. >> he has given her as mothers engagement ring. the gesture is a point in reminder both of princess diana and a marriage that failed. >> as you may recognize, it is
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my mother's the engagement ring. it is very special to me. it was my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on today and the excitement on the fact we're both going to spend their lives together. >> later, they talked about the moment william proposed. >> we had a little private time away together in kenya. i decided it was the right time. >> did he produce the ring there and then? >> i did. i had been carrying at around in my rucksack for three weeks before that and i would not let it go. i was keeping hold of it because i knew if it disappeared i would be in a lot of trouble. >> no doubting the prince of wales pleasure today, even though he had been expecting the gauge of long ago. >> let me ask your reaction to
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the wedding. >> we are obviously thrilled. >> it is the most brilliant news. i'm so happy. they are so happy and it's wicked. thank you very much. >> the prime minister came out of number tend to give his reaction. >> i was given the news in a cabinet meeting. was passed a piece of paper and announce the news in the middle of the meeting and a great cheer went up and a great banking of the table. >> the formal royal about but for this engagement is short on detail about the wedding itself. both the date and venue. it does make clear prince william's up a formal permission of her father to marry her and they will start their married life with him continuing his career and r as anaf search and rescue helicopter pilot in wales. finally, her parents were free to speak for the first time. >> i would just like to say carolyn dye are absolutely delighted by today's
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announcement and thrilled at the prospect -- i would guess like to say carol and i are absolutely delighted by today's announcement. faugh william and her have been going on for a number of years. we have gone to the william very well. we all think he is wonderful and we are extremely fond of him. they make a lovely couple. we have had a lot of laughs together. we've list them every happiness for the future. -- we wish them every happy as for the future. >> at one point, their future together was not certain. >> we did split up. we were at university and we were both defining ourselves. >> at the time, i wasn't very happy about it, but it made me a stronger person. you find out things about yourself that maybe had not realized and you can get quite consumed by a relationship with your younger. >> she was asked about falling in princess diana's footsteps.
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was that intimidating? >> i would love to have met her. she is an inspirational than to look up to. it's a wonderful family and very inspirational. >> its about carving your own future. no one is trying to fill my mom's shoes and achieve what she did. it's about making your own destiny and she will make a very good job of that. >> this evening, the focus is on a newly engaged couple. and yet man destined one day to be key in the young woman moving from everyday life to a future as princess catherine.
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with a unique combination of pressure and rewards that brings. >> if prince william and kate middleton complied with every request for an view, they would still be talking next year when they are due to get married. the couple was interviewed on behalf of broadcasters and were asked how the prince proposed. >> it was on holiday in kenya. we had a little private time away together with some friends. i just decided it was the right time. we had been talking about marriage for a while, so it was not a massively big surprise. i took her out somewhere nice in kenya and proposed. >> [unintelligible] >> you knew you were going to do this from day one? >> i had been planning a for a while, but as every guy out there will know, it takes a certain amount of motivation to
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get yourself going. i was planning and it felt right in africa and it was beautiful at time. >> you had been on holiday awhile. did you see this coming? >> not at all. we were out and i really didn't expect it at all. it was a total shock when it came and i was very excited. >> did he produce a the ringgit a there and then? >> i did. i had been carrying it around in my rucksack three weeks before that and i did not let it go. i knew if it disappeared would be in a lot of trouble. it went fine. you hear a lot of horror stories about proposing going horribly wrong. >> is the family ring? >> it was my mother's engagement ring. i thought it was nice because she's not going to be around to share in the excitement.
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this is my way of keeping her close. >> we best have a look at. what kind of ring is it? >> i'm not an expert, but i've been reliably informed that it is a sapphire and diamond. i'm sure everyone will recognize it. >> you are going to be the envy of many. >> i will look after it. it's very special. >> you both look incredibly happy and relaxed. >> we are. we are like to ducks -- very calm on the surface but kicking under water. we have been talking about for a long time, so it's a relief and the last two or three weeks have been difficult keeping it to ourselves. but for reasons, we had to and it's nice to have that out there. >> you have kept a secret. when did you ask -- did you ask her dad and what did he say? what is your parents say when
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you told them? >> i thought about asking her dad first and then the realization that he might say no, after first. i managed to speak to mike soon after it happened. then it happened from there. >> what did your mom say? >> she was absolutely over the moon and had quite an awkward situation because i knew and new william have asked my father but i did know of my mother knew. so i can back from scotland and my mom didn't make it clear to me whether she knew or not. it was amazing to tell her and she's happy for us. >> the happy couple. a whole q of journalists are pro-choice the loitering outside the palace. let's move onto other news --
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the irish government has been forced went again to divest the european union for emergency financial help to ease its debt crisis. the prime minister says the irish economy as well funded until next year, but the finance ministers' meeting in brussels are making preparations for a potential rescue package to bail out ireland that asks for help. >> of the cameras were waiting today for the man who is seen to be at the center of the latest eurozone crisis. the irish finance minister came to brussels for a crucial meeting, knowing some officials and some countries want ireland to accept a bailout. >> the irish state is fully funded into next year. we will be discussing this evening how we address the difficulties. >> brussels is scared that the irish debt crisis risks spreading to the edges -- to other countries like portugal. the president of the european council said today that the very
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survival of the european union was at stake. >> the first year of the lisbon treaty has been clearly marked by the crisis of the eurozone. it was a period of survival. >> you could sense the tension in the irish parliament as the prime minister defended policies that have rocked financial markets. >> dealing with a crisis of such magnitude, i say that's ollie. >> ireland's problems go back the property bubble burst. it has left ireland with ghost towns and left its banks deeply in debt. the government has taking over these debts of a country as a deficit of over 30% of gdp. the problem is the financial markets don't believe austerity alone can solve ireland's debt problems. most people today [no audio]
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>> that is why we joined the european union -- for support in an emergency. we do have an emergency at the moment. >> if it has to happen, it has to happen. maybe a quick, sharp solution might help. >> ireland's problems are pushing up the cost of borrowing elsewhere in the eurozone and some countries still want ireland to accept a limited bailout, perhaps of its banks, to, the market. >> we could be back here again in a couple of weeks. what we see in the eurozone is a series of mushrooming prices followed by an ad hoc solutions. >> for a fragile irish government, any bailout would be a huge humiliation. but what emerged was the potential for a mark of a potential plan for rescue if ireland were to call for help. >> stay with us if you can. still to come, as foreign troops carry the fight to the taliban,
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our afghan forces anywhere near ready to take up the burden? first, after 10 years of wrangling, beatles fans can finally download their music for my tubes. the beatles are one of a handful of bands who rejected digital download. -- download their music from itunes. >> it is the second british invasion. betel mania has finally reached the internet. their songs are steadily climbing the charge on itunes just a few hours after being made available for download. it is a coup for apple founder, steve jobs, limits at a daylong and winding road. entertainment reporters at a london-based company held out for 10 years. >> maybe they would lose the value of the brand and can't
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make quite the money if you waited longer. everyone has come to the realization that fans on-line might want to download some of those songs and it's a way for them to make some extra money. >> one of those players is british record label, emi, which holds the rights to the beatles recordings. adlai in need of cash. another is sunday, the music publisher who manages the rights to over 200 songs. perhaps the biggest beneficiaries will be the group's current and future fans. in new york, the number of john lennon and the beatles is still very much alive. the deal with itunes will make the music even more accessible to a wider audience. it is an audience increasingly more accustomed to getting their music from the internet rather than live performers paying tribute to the fab four.
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>> and the latest headlines on the "bbc world news." prince william and his girlfriend had announced it will marry next year. the european finance ministers have been meeting to discuss the debt crisis. the prime minister violent insists his country doesn't need a bailout. -- the prime minister of ireland insists his country does need a bailout. britain is to pay compensation to 16 former detainees from guantanamo bay. there'll be an independent inquiry into allegations of british complicity in torture. >> this case harks back to the chaos of war after 9/11. america invaded afghanistan and suspected terrorists [no audio] -- some more british and what happened next became the subject
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of a highly damaging claim for compensation which ministers have settled without admitting liability. >> the government has agreed a mediated settlement of the civil damages claims brought by detainees held at guantanamo bay. the details of the settlement have been made subject to a legally binding confidentiality agreement. >> the most infamous case is that of a man who was flown by americans to morocco where he said he was tortured and asked questions such bymi5, those they said they did not know where he was being held. 15 cases were settled today, all planning british intelligence agencies had responsibility for their mistreatment. what is still in guantanamo bay. the total payment runs into the millions of pounds. ministers say they had to settle or the case would cost tens of millions. >> ordinary, decent people will
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think the world has gone mad when we have people making unsubstantiated, baseless allegations of torture getting more money than victims of terrorism here in london. >> this case has proved a huge distraction for the intelligence agencies, tying up dozens of officers plowing through hundreds of thousands of documents. the scrutiny is not over yet. there will still be an inquiry led by judge into the allegations of collusion and torture. >> a formal timetable for nato to hand over security duties to local forces in afghanistan. it was finalize this week. it is expected to set 2014 as the new target. we have this report. >> elimination rounds. the taliban could be out there.
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the soldiers of the royal irish regiment want to see them coming. there has been a month-long offensive to drive the taliban back. only one week ago, this whole area was under taliban control, but the surge of forces means british soldiers like these are going to places where nato never had a presence before. pushing the taliban out might be the easy part. holding this ground could be far more difficult. for that, made of must rely on these men, the afghan police. in the past, and a terrible reputation for bribery and corruption. that made the local people turned to the taliban. nato hopes this new generation of police is different. their job is certainly dangerous. this is the heavily sandbagged police post. all of these men were injured
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in firefights with the insurgents. just wearing a police uniform here is an act of courage. >> [unintelligible] >> in the area's main bazaar, afghans we spoke to were largely hostile to the international forces. we were better off before the foreign troops arrived, he said. there wasn't shooting all the time. since they came, my beard has turned white. they should go. british soldiers have come under fire about a kilometer away.
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the officer on duty is not keen to get involved, but he persuades them. the british troops set off to look for the insurgents. its stock they have taken shelter in a nearby mosque after carrying out their ambush. it is tense. the troops expect to get fired upon at any moment. as so often, the insurgents have slipped away. nato has the firepower, but victory is difficult to achieve when the enemy is so elusive. >> the health ministry in -- in haiti says a least a thousand people have died in the cholera epidemic sweeping the country. more than 16,000 people have
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been treating in hospitals and this disease has reached almost every province. more now on the royal engagement -- kate middleton comes from a middle-class, not aristocratic background. but her friends insist she has the qualities to survive the highly pressurized world of the royal family. she talked today about what she called a daunting prospect. >> the wedding will take place 30 years after that of his parents and a generation on, it seems this will be a very different well marriage. williams' mother was born as the british erik stock receipt. his fiancee as for myself made middle-class family. a gatemand diana's the announcement seemed to show a diverging approach. >> [unintelligible]
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>> today, the rings were the same, but the mood and body language or more relaxed. >> the timing is right now. we are very, very happy. >> like many modern couples, they met at university and graduated together. they were initially on the same course and have a joint circle of friends. early on, this was a cake at a fashion show, a model student with william in the front row. >> he took a shine to her and spent a lot of time together. they were very good friends for a long time and i think that blossomed into something more. it's not surprising because kate is a fantastic girl. she's very beautiful and has a lovely smile and a lovely manner about her. that friendship turned into something else. >> as second line to the throne,
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william has followed a tradition -- traditional path with a career in the military. but he had more choices than charles. he and kate have lived together and their relationship has been allowed to develop. >> what is so good about this you need is that the young couples have had time to get to know each other in a column and measured way. they know each other very well and have behaved impeccably throughout. you cannot find a single [unintelligible] from our parents or friend which is in any way disparaging to her or the royal family. not a single alarm bell rings in my head about this engagement. >> kate middleton has entered the full force of the opera to. william watch his mother face the same pressure and watched his parents' marriage collapsed. he is aware of the need to protect his new wife. the couple will now move center stage and kate will become one of the most famous and
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photographed women in the world. >> briefly, because big fat weddings and a fancy gems are the order of the day, how about this rare pink diamond that sold for almost $46 million. it is the highest price ever paid for a stone at auction. it nearly doubled the previous record. it is a rectangular diamond that weighs more than 24 karats. it was a star attraction in jewelry sale in geneva. in other news, ireland and sis a consultant on debt crisis, the european leaders say the problem may all have to solve. they say they have a planning case ireland needs a bailout. briefly, 16 former guantanamo detainees secured million dollars in compensation from britain's government. you will get more on line and we
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