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tv   BBC World News  PBS  December 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> freed on bail, julian assange says that he will keep up his whistleblowing work and fight swedish charges of sexual assault. >> i hope to continue my work and continue to protest my innocence in this matter. >> president obama hell's progress in the military campaign in of afghanistan. he went warns that any gains are for agile. a disk -- a disputed election turns violent. more than 20 have been killed. welcome to "bbc world news" broadcast to our viewers in america and around the globe. they have been told that they must amend their abortion laws. they have just lost a case in
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the court of human rights. blake edwards has died at the age of 88. hello to the founder of wikileaks has been freed from prison in london hours after prosecutors lost a second attempt to keep him in custody. he still faces a legal process tech could last months. sweden wants him extradited after months of sexual assault. the u.s. government wants him indicted for leaking classified information. >> he has won this battle, but not yet the war.
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this remains likely that the swedes will in the end to get their way. julian assange had himself a moment of celebration. >> it is great to smell the fresh air of london again. first, some thank you is to all of the people around the world who had faith in me, who have supported my team all i have been away. my lawyers, who have put up a brave and ultimately successful fight. >> nine days in prison has only enhanced his standing amongst his admirers who see him as a human rights champion persecuted for his activities. many, especially in america, when him jailed for treason. here, he hasn't gotten a long
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list of celebrity and supporters. john came to court to show his solidarity. >> he house support all over the world, as well he should. i am going to go in. >> in julian assange is accused of sexually assaulting two women in sweden earlier this year. he was granted bail it two days ago. acting for their swedish counterparts, british prosecutors told the judge that there was a risk that julian assange would abscond if he it was granted bail. he had access to money and contacts throughout the world. his defense team said that there was no substantial risk of him jumping bail. he only wanted to clear his name. >> while he was in cleveland, he cooperated with the swedish authorities. he had been interviewed by them.
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he had been in sweden for more than a month. he was asked for permission to leave sweden and was granted it. this was not the behavior of a fugitive or someone seeking to evade justice. >> this case is quite separate from the accusations he faces st head of wikileaks. he is under attack for leaking diplomatic documents. many there believe he has launched an attack on the united states that endangers american lives. federal prosecutors are reported to building a case against him that could see a very lengthy prison sentence. tonight, after his release, he told the bbc that that was the greater threat. >> i do not have too many fears about being extradited to sweden. there are more fears about being extradited to the united states.
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we are concerned that there has been an indictment made against me in the united states. >> his bail conditions require him to live here in this house. it is the home of his friend and supporter. he will be under curfew and have to report daily to a local police station. julian assange's fight against extradition goes on. his renown is global. this will only strengthen his reputation as an anti- establishment icon. >> president obama launched his strategy for afghanistan, including a surge of about 30,000 troops. he believes that those troops have hall -- halted taliban momentum across the country. this raises questions about the partnership with president karzai's government.
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>> there are no more american troops fighting in afghanistan than ever before. is the fire power making a difference? president obamas's review says yes. >> at a very high price in the lives of our men and women in uniform. many of the gains we have made are still fragile and reversible. we are clearing more areas from taliban control. more afghans are reclaiming their communities. >> extra troops in the south are making a difference in tackling the taliban. many afghans feel less market -- rather than more secure. the president says he is on track for combat troops to leave by the end of 2014.
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that would depend on the readiness of afghan forces to protect the afghan people. >> the review says in terms of quality and quantity, afghan security forces have improved. it says it significant challenges remain. only when afghan troops are ready can american troops go home. >> the president acknowledged that afghanistan's problems do not lie solely within its borders. >> the pakistani government realizes that terror groups within its border regions are a danger to all countries. we will continue to go -- to help strengthen pakistan's capacity to battle terrorists. progress cannot come fast enough.
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we will insist to pakistan ii leaders that terrorist networks within their borders must be dealt with. >> his government is falling far short of american expectations. >> to incompetence and corruption is widespread. more than anything else, when you do not have a sense of direction, when you do not have a clear vision where the people of the country, which is the main strength of a nation, can associate with. that leads to weaknesses. >> from the afghan perspective, progress seems far less certain. there is a growing impatience with the war. like president obama, people here would like to see american forces go home sooner rather than later.
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>> plans for german troops to begin withdrawing from afghanistan next year are still on track according to determine a's foreign minister. he told parliament that he wants all german troops out by 2014. most of the troops in afghanistan are in the north. british officials in pakistan are trying to clarify reports that two british men were killed in drone strikes near the border. the suggestion was that there were converts to islam. there is a permanent mechanism to be used if decent -- stability of the euro is in danger. at least 20 people are reported killed in ivory coast as soldiers of the two rival
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presidents fought gun battles. the country could be sliding back into civil war. last month the's disputed elections. he has refused to give up the presidency. john reports from there. >> the aim was to take the television station. his supporters accused the incumbent president of staging a constitutional coup. the african union and the un have called him to step aside and accept electoral defeat. instead, he has been sworn in for another five years. as protesters gathered, security forces used tear gas and fired live rounds to dissuade them from taking the television station. when forces loyal to him marched on television headquarters, they were immediately fired upon by
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soldiers and militia. his government is currently under heavy u.n. protection. that is until they gain control of the institutions of the state. both sides have taken losses on the same day. in response to his refusal to accept defeat, the european union is introducing sanctions against 11 of his closest supporters until they are allowed a democratic transition of power. rebel soldiers move south to attack his army, leaving them to fend for themselves after six years of peace. >> the wife of an zimbabwe's president is suing one of the country's and newspapers after publishing that she made tremendous profits from
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zimbabwe's diamond fields. they have some of the country's richest reserves. a court in denmark has ordered police to compensate 250 people arrested during the climate change summit in copenhagen. they said that the protesters suffered a legal deprivation of liberty and inhumane punishment. european court justice has ruled that the netherlands can ban foreigners from the cannabis coffee shops. they want to introduce and a membership system that would keep foreigners out. good to have you with us. stay with us at if you can. there is a new treatment for chronic headaches, but it involves drilling a hole in your head. the world's two most heavily populated countries, china and
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india have agreed on ambitious trade targets by 2015. the prime minister signed a deal on green technology. she reports. >> india rolled out the red carpet. this was ahead of the talks with the indian prime minister on monday. the two sides have never been the best of friends. china says that it is keen to move forward. >> china and india are neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. both countries have a time- honored tradition of friendship. our two countries established a strategic and cooperative corp. -- partnership. >> they have agreed to a considerable bilateral trade. one of several agreements signed between them.
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the trade deficit is down nearly $20 billion. they have lost a great market access, especially in pharmaceuticals. there was little headway with their differences. especially in the disputed quarter. china continues to be uncomfortable over the fact that india hosts its spiritual leader, the dalai lama. india and china still have major differences. they want to use the economic relationship to move forward. these countries that make up nearly a third of the world's population. many believe they hold the key to the global economy. it is not surprising that they are on the same page when it comes to many global issues including climate change. >> let's get you up-to-date on the latest headlines this hour.
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the wikileaks founder has been freed from prison this hour. he will be electronically tagged. under curfew, and he will stay at the home of a friend. president obamas says the coalition forces will focus on defeating al qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan. he says that any gains are from agile. the u.s. court of human rights has delivered a landmark ruling, upholding the right of women in ireland to have an abortion to if their life is in danger. irish law currently bans abortions. >> during 30 years of referendums and political debates, ireland has been bitterly divided over abortion. attempts to liberalize irish laws have failed. some limited change may finally be coming. it follows a case that taken by
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a woman who left ireland to have an abortion in england. she had been suffering from cancer and wanted an abortion because of the threat to her own life. the european court of human rights ruled in her favor. they said that there should be an irish laws that allows a woman whose life is in danger to have an abortion in ireland. it used to be that people on the streets of dublin would be reluctant to show support for abortion. inot anymore. >> i certainly think the law needs to be changed. >> today's european court ruling does put pressure on ireland to take action. >> the irish government has other priorities at the moment. it is trying to cope with a financial crisis and is preparing for a general election
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next year. if ireland is going to introduce new abortion legislation, it is unlikely to be soon. pro-life advocate says that ireland should not change anything, no matter what they european court says. >> ireland is a sovereign nation. the people should be allowed to decide, especially on something as important as abortion. >> the problem is that the irish people are divided, with strong feelings on either side. the irish government knows that no matter what it decides to do, it is likely to face a backlash. >> in iran, worshipers have been marking a religious ceremony. last year, it was marked by anti-government protests. those have died away. >> this is the kind of gathering
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allowed by the iranian government. this morning in tehran, thousands marched for a period of mourning for muslims. these pictures posted online showed the security needed for the event. a year ago, opposition protesters took advantage to protest against the government. now the opposition has largely gone from the streets. he led the opposition green movement in the 2009 presidential election. the government ruled that he lost the vote. now he is not allowed to appear in public. one of his main advisers has escaped into exile. he insists that the green movement is not dead. >> our reaction has changed. we do not need to be on the streets all of the time.
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the government says that the movement has been silenced. if that is the case, why do they not allow us to organize peaceful protests it? that is unlikely to happen. the small protest at the university in tehran earlier this month is about as big as anti-government demonstrations can get. protesters now have to go online. they can chat in online spaces. people are still active. the demand is there. >> does it worry ahmadinejad? it is hard to tell. he has the support of the ruling conservative establishment and control of the streets. the opposition has gone quiet, but it has not necessarily gone
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away. >> at this point, any one squeamish about surgery should shut their eyes for the next two and a half minutes. for people plagued by excruciating headaches, this could become a radical technique that could be successful in reducing cluster headaches. it does involve drilling and electrode into the brain. >> it will feel a little bit like a tight half. >> this may look painful, but it is nothing compared to 14 years of crippling headaches suffered by barry wilson. painkillers' do not help him. some sufferers have committed suicide. >> it is like somebody takes a red-hot poker and puts it in your eye and moves it about.
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>> it sounds like you are being tortured. >> yes. >> this will allow doctors to pinpoint an area people in the brain where they want to insert an electrode. the search and starts to drill. he is awake. local anesthetic helps. with steady hands, the surgeon inserts the electrode. there is a 1 millimeter margin of error. how does the brain stimulation bork? the electrode is linked by a cable to a pacemaker under the skin of the chest. the pacemaker cents continuous tiny electrical impulses which passed tiny electrical currents through the brain. this blocks damaging signals at the points where the headaches originated. it is by jamming a frequency. the brain stimulation has been used successfully for other neurological situations.
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some with parkinson's have found that it can control their tremors. it is now being targeted for depression. it does not stop there. correct syndrome -- tourette's syndrome is possible. we are starting to understand what is going wrong more and house surgery can help. >> back at home, barry wilson feels liberated. it has been four months since his operation. he has just had one headache rather than the daily barrage of pain. >> brilliant. absolutely brilliant. the wait has been taken off of my staff -- off of my shoulders. it is amazing. >> he and his wife are able to plan their retirement without the crippling headaches that
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once dominated their lives. >> you can come back now. the veteran american film director blake edwards died in california. he was 88 and suffering from pneumonia. he made more than 30 -- 30 films including the pink panther series and "breakfast at tiffany's." julie andrews described him as the most unique man that she had ever known. >> in the "pink panther" he turned an accident prone french detective into a hugely successful franchise. >> we must find that woman. >> and truman capote's tail of a teenage call girl became one of
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hollywood's most mileage out family friendly, days. >> i never could do that. >> it is easy. >> he knew from the outset that "breakfast at tiffany's" was a chance to make his name. >> i would not have done it. i would have had to climb up the walk of shame. that was a big opportunity for me. >> it was 40 years between -- before he and his wife julie andrews could celebrate him finally winning an honorary oscar. his early films showed that he could do serious. his box office successes were usually more about wit and lightness of touch. blake edwards have learned this from a lifetime in the movies. his father and grandfather had been in the business.
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his skills were demonstrated best with peter sellers. this is what was some of cinema's best slapstick. >> there. >> and blake edwards died at the age of 88. we will look at the spectacular pictures. it might look like a work of art. it is a lighthouse in ohio that has been turned to ice. temperatures are by lower than normal for this time of year with several feet of snow in some areas. the wikileaks founder julian assange has been freed on bail. the high court in london is
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