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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  December 21, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EST

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♪ ♪ >> dave: wow, nice job.
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i screwed this up. i forgot to mention that on the show tonight we would have monkeys and dogs. so now i have amended this watch tonight, monkeys and dogs. i'm going to send that off. ready? there it goes. (applause) our first guest is a grammy award winner returning to broadway on a production of "on a clear day you can see forever" at the st. james theatre. please welcome the lovely harry connick, jr. harry, come on out. (applause) ♪ ♪ >> dave: you are mr. broadway for heaven's sakes. is this your second broadway starring role? >> it is. >> dave: congratulations. the first one, of course, was... >> pajama game.
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>> dave: pajama game. are you in previews or are you up and running? >> we just started, we opened last sunday, we're having a great time. >> dave: a lot of pressure, isn't it? >> this role is more complicated for me because i play a psychiatrist and he's kind of having a hard time in his life, his wife has died and he's really kind of not at a very good point and he ends up kind of having a bit of a psychotic breakdown. it's a nice family show. (laughter) >> dave: well what does... >> it actually is. >> dave: what does this do to your... with your family. because you don't get holidays off when you're on broadway. >> oh, screw 'em. (laughter) >> dave: now, harry! (laughs) will you get christmas off? >> i have christmas eve off and christmas day. for broadway, that's a big deal. >> dave: that is a big deal because this is the time when a lot of folks from out of town they want to see stuff. >> they all come and it's interesting, dave, because as a character... when i'm doing my normal show, people they come
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and they... if it's a good show they'll hopefully respond favorably in different types of ways. they'll clap, yell, get up, they'll say "harry we like...". >> dave: when you're doing the music. >> when i'm doing the music. but here i'm playing a serious academic which is inform of a stretch. that alone is a huge challenge. just talking like an educated guy for two and a half hours is an effort in itself. but i get out there and i'm speaking to the crowd and you really think you've established a rapport with the audience until somebody runs down to the front with, like, a "who dat" shirt and starts waving beads around. i thought i had something going with them. >> dave: a lot of people till... and this has happened forever in the theater. don't kind of understand you're here and we're there and just two and a half hours you can go home and yell at your t.v. but anyway, get back to your family now, it's you and three girls? >> three girls, yes.
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>> dave: and your wife, oh, my. i know we've talked about this a lot but it's always changing. it's a fluid situation because the girls get older, the different interests, the different ages. what is it like now? give us a snapshot. >> it's pretty cool. people always talk about raising teenagers is tough and i think it just depends on what the individual's circumstances are. and in our case jill and i were blessed with three beautiful girls, we have great relationships with them. i asked a different of mine... i can't tell this story as it was told to me on your show but i can modify it a little bit. a friend of mine as three sons and i said gosh, how do you do that having three sons? and he says... how do you say it i can't say it. >> dave: harry, say it. you let me worry about it. i'll take care of it. i'll indemnify you on this. >> i'll say it like this. i said how do you handle having three sons versus my three daughters and he says i have
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three blanks to worry about... (horn blowing) (laughter) >> dave: there we go! >> that's why i come here, dave, it's for the class. >> dave: this is blue-ribbon stuff here. (laughter) he says i've got three of them to worry about, you have hundreds. (laughter) now here's what i hear in terms of teenage girls, i don't know this myself but in terms of teenage girls they say you'll go through a period where they will hate you. have you noticed any of that? >> i don't speak to them so i probably wouldn't know. (laughter) >> dave: that's a good way... >> we don't talk. i have my manager book me on tours for two, sometimes even three years.
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>> dave: but what about like the twitter and the facebook and that kind of thing? does that make you uncomfortable? >> it makes me uncomfortable personally. like, i think everybody has a choice whether they want to sort of subscribe to that type of life-style or whatever you call it. i'm... i just don't think of myself as that important for people to have to know what i'm doing 24 hours a day. i never understood that. like it's just not that... maybe for you, dave. those 17 people really have... (laughter) (applause) but i don't know.... >> dave: harry, when you were a kid when in your opinion high school, when you were your girls' age, do you think this sort of thing would have appealed to you then? >> i was an unpopular kid. >> dave: no, you weren't. >> i was a jazz musician playing... i bet you 90% of the people in your band had the same thing. y'all were into music. were y'all real popular in high
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school? >> no, unpopular. >> dave: really is? is that right? >> we were playing music so we weren't... the thing about being unpopular now is that everybody knows all over the world forever how unpopular you are as opposed to somebody writing your name on the bathroom wall saying "harry's a loser," the people who use that stall will know how unpopular you are. but now days, man, it's for the rest of.... >> dave: i guess therein lies the problem because when you near age you... you know, it's bad enough to see it written on a wall in high school, but now sensing the weight of the world ingesting that opinion it can be crushing. >> i agree. i don't think any of us has the tools to be privy to that much information. it's too much, i think. i just don't do it. i don't believe it. >> dave: but it's like the guy, the biz stone guy who invented twit we are his buddy there and i said what do i care justin bieber bought a slurpee?" (laughter) do we care?
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but what about... somebody must be driving in your family now, right? one of the girls? >> georgia, she's 15. she's just about to start driver's ed. but it's cool. i was... i always think about what i'm supposed to do with my kids. i remember when she was six i took her to the park and not only did i let her steer, i actually let her drive. i shouldn't even be saying this. (laughter) but there was nobody there, it was like a sunday morning and i said listen, there's two pedals down there, the one on the right don't push that one, you push the one on the left if you're going to push any pedal at all. as soon as you let your foot off the brake it's going to go. i'm going to standout side the car and jog next to you and tell you what to do. (laughter) she was fine. >> dave: (laughs) oh, man! >> i happened to get real lucky. i had that conversation that every parent will probably have with their spouse, in this case with my wife saying, "have you lost your mind?" and then i never did it with my other two kids.
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>> dave: but i love this. i love this. is there video of you... you get your six-year-old daughter at the wheel of a car inside alone and you're outside oning along... the window's down? >> the window was down. >> dave: oh, well, then it's fine. it's fine. >> it was all good. (applause) >> dave: isn't that one of those things you see on the internet. >> that's exactly.... >> dave: things are about to go very wrong! oh, my god! >> in hind sight i probably shouldn't have done that. (laughter) >> dave: but you... and i've done... i haven't done something quite like that. but you might as well get them accustomed to really what... and worried about them being on the road, too, for god's sakes. >> i'm not trying to come across as some if you had di dud di but i'm telling you, man, that's where that twitter and the texting stuff really gets to be bad news when you start doing it while you drive. >> dave: that's crazy. >> freaks me out. >> dave: it's got to be outlawed everywhere. you see it all the time and of
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all the possible distractions, that seems to be one that just sucks the attention right out of you. >> dave: oh, man, i'm telling you. especially when they're saying bad stuff about you and you're trying to drive. that would be cause for me to run into a tree even if i knew where i was going. >> dave: now when one of the girls is out, do you try and e-mail her or text her or phone hering something >> you mean.... >> dave: to check up on her? >> oh, yeah. my girls are cool about that. they're checking in with us, texting is great for that. i also hired a private investigator so we also text. (laughter) >> dave: he's quite the if you had didud dirunning alongside the car while his six-year-old daughter is driving. what an old stick in
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okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. ♪ ♪ >> dave: yeah, beautiful. paul shaffer, parliament funkadelic. >> paul: classic. >> dave: i got another tweet. this should be pretty good. "driving home, harry connick, jr., running next to car." (laughter and applause) here it goes.
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let's go into rupert g.'s hello deli delicatessen. hi, rupert, how are you doing? >> hi, dave. >> dave: thank you. rupert, you've been a good friend and we've done this beloved annual tradition, how many years have we done this in your delicatessen every christmas? >> oh, gosh, maybe ten years. >> dave: i was thinking closer to 20 years. >> maybe. (laughter) >> dave: how have you been, rupert? >> sorry? >> dave: that's all right. a r the holidays treating you right? where you want to be? >> yes, great. >> dave: doing a lot of business. >> yea. >> dave: when you're on the street, do you find yourself saying bidness or do you use business. >> i say business. >> dave: but when things get hectic, i would say bidness, kind of hip it up a little bit. "how'd bidness? happening, hanging and banging" you know?
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(laughter) right. right? right? you're not alone in there, are you, rupert? (laughter) are you in danger? >> no. >> dave: is there someone in there trying to hurt you, rupert? >> no. >> well, if you're all right blink with your right eye. (applause) okay, here we go, rupert, whenever you're ready it's the hello deli annual christmas tradition. take it away, my friend. >> five, four, three, two, one! happy holidays! (applause) i gotta go, dave, i've got a fire here. >> dave: we'll be right back
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♪ ♪ >> dave: thank you, thank you so much. i like that, that sounds nice. the foo fighters. okay, our next guest hosted a very popular espn radio program entitled the scott van pelt show and you can listen to it weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome scott van pelt. here he is. scott? (applause)
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♪ ♪ >> dave: welcome to the show. >> thank you so much. >> dave: tell us about yourself. how did you get to have your own radio show on espn. >> i've said many times i'm sort of the power ball winner our business. literally. i was... my mom hates when i describe it this way. i was a bit of a bum in washington, d.c. and i had an internship years ago with a guy that came up here to new york and the cliff's notes is he ended up at the golf channel, i went down to the golf channel to be behind the scenes and do production and they were kind of understaffed, i went to an event, the very first event i covered as a "reporter" i met a guy, tiger woods, we struck up this relationship and he's fond of saying he's responsible for my career and the relationship i had with tiger led to a chance to work at espn. >> how long did you work at the golf channel? >> i was there from '95 until 2000 and now i've been at espn
12:24 am
doing sports center, the radio, for 11 years. >> dave: between you and me, nobody watches the golf channel, am i right about that? (laughter) >> well, listen when i started absolutely. they put me on the air. and they're like what the hell difference does it make. people do now, i believe. honestly i'm proud of what they've become. it's the home of the p.g.a. tour on cable but you're right. nobody watches. >> dave: do you have an athletic background? were you an at lat i can jock when you were a kid? >> unlike harry, i was immensely popular in high school because i was a pretty good... i'm kidding i was i was a pretty good basketball player but i was like 6'4, 170, so my nickname was fungo as in the bat i was a painfully thin kid and i didn't throw hard enough to be a pitcher and i wasn't interested in playing defense so there was very little demand from my services so i was your classic high school athlete. >> dave: did you find these circumstances as a child
12:25 am
disappoint organize just okay, well that didn't work let's go on to something else. a lot of people that's where it stops. >> i thought i was going to be quite the athlete. i was sure i was going to be a professional athlete and you realize this is where it ends. i got incredibly lucky to stumble into my career in t.v. >> dave: let's talk about the tiger woods thing. when he had his trouble with his wife and everybody i said to our friend here, i don't think this man will ever be able to win another tournament because it seemed like a combination of injuries he was working through and what this must have done to his confidence generally as a human might affect him on the course. in fact, a couple weeks ago he won a tournament. >> he did and it was a very small field, only 18 players but they're all ranked in the top 50 in the world so he's playing better. i've known him a long time and he's a guy that fiercely guarded his privacy. i describe it like he had this giant house on the hill that he
12:26 am
kept people out of. and then he ended up with everybody and their mother went trampling through his house and found out all of these things and i think it was very difficult, as it would be for anybody, to process that and it's been a process he's gone through. it's so much more interesting for you and everyone here and for us and our business when he's playing well because he captivates in a way that nobody else in the sport can. >> dave: and while he's rebuilding his life, he has the lives of those he hurt in the process to help as best he can as well. >> i think that's true and that's something he'll live with. the thing about him, he was a virtuoso in the sense of think of a kid who grew up as a pianist or cellist and didn't have what you'd call a normal life. then he became this rock star at the age 2061 and made mistakes along the way and i think he's trying to deal with those as an adult. >> so much to talk about football. jets/giants, what will happen there? >> can i take the temperature of the room?
12:27 am
are there giants fans here? (a few applaud" are there jets fans here? (a few applaud) >> well who would you rather be? the jets, your coach won't shut up and the giants lost 5 of 6 and in sports i wonder how good is your good. and i have no idea why i feel like this. but i feel like that giants good is better than the jets good. so they're both in charge of their own destiny, so to speak w-2 games left and each in the other's way. i don't know why i think giants are going to win, but i do. (applause) >> dave: give me your opinion... it's good for me if the giants win because the... the indianapolis colts, peyton manning, his brother is eli manning, i'm rooting for the colts, peyton manning is out so that means i get to root for his brother. so i'm covered there. >> yeah. >> dave: what about peyton's future? >> i know you're a colt fan, i know you're fond of him. you need to get to the folks and tell them not to mess up and beating the texans and jaguars in the remaining two games.
12:28 am
>> dave: they made a mistake? wining? >> you did, good for you, you won and you've handled that so you don't need deal with the stigma. >> dave: got that stink behind you. >> don't go screwing up the championship. i know people revere peyton manning, as they should. but andrew luck could be the next.... >> dave: could be, could be, could be. the list of could be quarter backs coming out of college is longer than you are tall. >> and i'm pretty tall but, dave you got a chance to see the movie that is the colts without manning under center. yankee fans can't imagine a life without jeter at shortstop but if there was the next great shortstop potentially out there and the yankees could get him, they'd have to. >> dave: but what if andrew luck doesn't develop the way we think he might develop? >> use curtis painer again. >> dave: (laughs) >> you can just trot old curtis or dan orlovsky out there. how's that? >> dave: this season, as sad as it has been for the injury and i think it must be pretty dire,
12:29 am
any injury to your neck, to watch the colts this year has been far more entertaining than in recent years because the monotony of winning game after game after game puts you in the wrong place with regard to reality. >> there will be precious little sympathy from sports fans who for years saw the colts win ten every year. talk to the people in cleveland, they'd love to suffer through one of those years once in their life. >> dave: the scott van pelt radio show. if you have a radio, that's the place to start. espn, scott, nice meeting you. great job. thank you. we'll be right back with [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half.


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