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tv   Frontline  PBS  September 19, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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shattered. on monday he had a very expensive surgery inserting rods and pins etc. to feels leg together. >> today michael hatield is his induced coma as family begs for answers. >> i think the states need to do a much better job in order to identify resources to help identify those mentally ill in their community to get them the treatment they need. >> but this morning the v.a. in s any mental illness -- in the shooter. in the tragedy. >> and stabbeding by his story the rebels launched the chemical weapons attacks.
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>> good morning i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us on 11 news today. >> first coming up a time for weather and traffic with tony pann. i love a cool, crips morning. >> and it is again. by this afternoon it's going to warm up fast. in the fall the temperatures today g 30 degrees and will be one of those days. 48 degrees, top of the hour at the airport. a few high, thin clouds. mixture of rain and sunshine. it will be a little warmer this afternoon with highs in the mid to upper 70's. we have a little rain on tap. first let's say good morning to sara. see what's happening out on the roads. hi sarah caldwell. >> hi, on i-70 all westbound lanes are closed just past the
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beltway. so for those of you taking i-70, we're averageling 32 miles an hour all due to this accident blocking all lanes just past the beltaway. still 11 minutes travel time so not much of a delay. depending on how long that area your travel time will increase. a little dust because of the milling project at dulaney valley, but overall nice for the rest of the roadways. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning, police are searching for a driver who hit a teen along a busy road over the weekend. >> michael hat field was walking home when he was struck. jennifer franciotti joins us from outside shock trauma with
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the lathest into the investigation. we understand michael is still being treated at shock trauma? >> he sure is. he had to be airlifted from carroll county and he is being treated. in an induced coma due to a brain injury. he was walking home from the 7-eleven when a car going westbound on liberty struck michael as he was trying to cross the street. patrons from a nearby bar ran out to help and family members say his right leg was broken in four places, his left leg completely shattered and they want the person responsible to come forward. >> when you pulled away and left him, that was something that you did intentionally. you had the opportunity to do the right thing. now that the accident is over
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and you haven't and we are begging you to do the right thing. >> and according to police surveillance video taken from a nearby video shows that car traveling through the intersection, briefly slowing down and then taking off. there's a number of factors that are making this difficult. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a 37-year-old baltimore city man faces attempted first-degree murder charges in the shooting of a 9-year-old boy. kenneth graham was trying to break into a home there when the parents tried stop him, graham opened fire. >> the family is nice. you know? the son, that got shot, he is an artist. he goes to school. they have a good mother. i'm pretty sure she is terrified. >> i'm scared. in lice with monitoring
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the area caught graham quickly. >> 11 news i-team -- in an interview this week police commissioner said higher pay could help maintain the ranks. right now he says many officers are sticking to positions in neighboring jurisdictions to make more money and he says a number of options are on the table including shrinking the size of the force. >> we have to be responsive in looking at the model for the amount of officers we need. and again, to me, everything is on the table. >> the union says it wants to discuss its own reform plan for a smaller department with better pay. >> and tighter gun control in washington, families of gun
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violence including families of those at sandy hook elementary were there. >> we all have the same income. when those children did not deserve to die. >> we need background checks. >> as the f.b.i. continues to investigate the mass shooting at the naval yard in d.c. meanwhile this morning the veterans administration is dismissing reports that the shooter was being treated for mental illness. they say the reports of his hearing voices never made it up the chain. >> what should have been done wasn't done. should have been more done. >> there's no reason to believe that any kind of background check would have stopped this tragedy. >> a review of navy security is
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now under way and expected to be completed in two weeks. they are denying money issues made the yard less safe. >> it's coming up on 5:70. still ahead this morning. hepatitis in oklahoma is being traced to a dentist. >> here's a look at traffic at i-65. volume still relatively light. a closer look at weather and
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>> well, right now crews are on the scene of a plant explosion. flames swept through a plant. everyone is safe and accounted
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for this hour. the company's website states it supplies chemicals to the gas industry. the cause of the fire is under investigation right now. >> covering the nation this morning, lawmakers will question witnesses of last year's attacks in benghazi today, the house oversight and reform committee will review the attack on the u.s. consulate and question the former ambassador tomas pick eing. no militants have been charged in the attack. >> the georgia teen that was you been dubblingted is back home safe. she was kidnapped when two armed men forced their way in. the two men are in custody now and do not match the sketches given to police and the f.b.i. is still looking for those suspects but police say she is in good health and has been
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reunited with their family. >> this morning an oklahoma dentist is being blamed for transmitting hepatitis to his patients after it was discovered he had been using rusty equipment and re-using needles. 9 patients tested positive for hepatitis c, four for h.i.v. nd only one hepatitis b case has a connection proven to be from the dentist's office. >> westbound 70 past the beltway, let's update you on the accident. left lane is now getting by. we had all lanes closed in the westbound direction but still there are heavy delays. southbound 29 to route 40 is your alternate.
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this is a live look at i-70 where the beltway meets it. you can see so far volume is not heavy enough to create delay. on southbound 95 at the fort mchenry. once again, the big problem is westbound 70 just past the beltway. the left lane squeezing by. >> thank you, everyone. turned out to be another nice day today. 49 in randallstown. at the top of the hour, 52. again, the kids out at the bus stop. might want a light jacket or sweater. temperatures making it up to the mid to upper 70's. and i do have some rain in the forecast. >> it's 5:12. empower ment academy 262 in is closed due plumbing schedules
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but staff should still report. kids are off. >> one in eight people will never retire. what's driving the trend aside from the economy in this morning's "consumer alert" -- plus -- >> doing damage control. nd grand theft autosets a
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>> welcome back. time is 5:15, 59 degrees downtown as is tipedly case during these times of the morning.
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don't expect any rain today. we have more in your seven-day forecast but should turn out to be another nice day for us. maybe just few more clouds and touch warmer this afternoon. 53 in chestertown over the eastern shore. weather setup for us -- have high pressure moving off the atlantic coast. winds eventsly turn to the southwest. you see temperatures across the front. 70 in louisville and chicago and in the 40's here at home and then cold front will come through this afternoon with showers expected saturday and sunday. eventually some of the cold front will catch up with us but some of the high, thin clouds will start to work their way in especially if the warm front goes through this afternoon. milder this afternoon. than yesterday. yesterday in the upper 60's, low 70's. today, mid to upper 70's.
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should be a dry day tomorrow with a high near 80 then the front comes through on saturday with a few showers and the front may linger or stall so maybe some leftover showers on and sunday monday. if you're keeping score at home, the equinox starts on sunday, that's when autumn begins. >> very busy start for motorists. an accident taking up at least three lanes. left lane is squeezing by. they have to retrieve a vehicle that went down an 'em bankment. it is taking time and causing some delays. we're down to 32 miles an hour westbound 70 just fast beltway and not having major impact on the beltway itself. headed southbound from cold spring lane, this is what it looks like on the harrisburg
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expressway coming toward us, southbound traffic, light traffic from the maryland nine the beltway. we'll keep you posted on the problem from i-70 to the beltway. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> in this morning's "consumer alert" as part of child passenger safety week strks national highway safety administration is issuing reminders about the importance of child restraints. according to reports, 1/3 of children under age of 13 killed in car crashes were not in car seats or wearing seatbelts. vents are being held where they show parents thousand install car seatsal correctly. >> experts predicting holiday
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sales will be slower this year. according to shopper track, retail revenue in november and december should rise 4% but downal slightly from last year partly because there's a shorter shopping window between black friday and christmas this year, but analysts add the economy has not improved enough to sustain higher levels of spending. >> and the economy also being blamed for retirement numbers. according to hsbc it's indicated one in eight workers will never be able to fully retire because they do not have enough income and points out also life expectancies contribute to that. >> from the new york stock exchange jane has your
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bloomberg business report. >> good morning, grand theft autofive speeding to a new record, sales topping $800 million in their first day with customers purchasing 10 million to 12 million copies worldwide. and ay as many as -- disney is withholding the release of new pixar films and putting off "the good dinosaur" by eight months and the finding nemo" sequel is also trying to avoid more money losers like "the lone ranger." and they are announcing massive stimuluses will remain. reports on weekly jobless claims. speaking of home sales, even
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with recent rise in the -- you rates, a new can see whether renting or buying is cheaper with a new app. i'm jane king with your bloomberg business report. >> good morning, everyone. another cool start for us on this thursday but it's actually going to warm up pretty quickly today. we will start out in the low 40's and 50's. the average high is 77. if you're warmer than yesterday and it will get even warmer on friday. we expect 80's and rain over the weekend. i'll show you that forecast. send it over to sarah and see wheaths happening out on the major roadways. >> we still have a problem on i 70 just past the beltway.
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they are making progress at the scene but look at the delays behind it. speeds on average of 7 miles an hour as you travel westbound i-70 just fast beltway where you have those two lanes taken up. light volume towards the beltway. 95 is in good shape. 56 miles per hour showing 95 is in the green down from the white marsh area from the fort mchenry. no problems to report in howard county either. stan and mindy, back to you. >> thank you. 5:22, 48 degrees. >> still ahead on 11 news today, both sides of syria pointing fingers this morning. syria's parties blame each other for the chemical weapons attack. plus -- >> it's a return to the navy yard. why it may feel anything but
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normal for workers mourning 12 of their colleagues.
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>> syria's president is sticking to his story accusing rebels of using the chemical weapons in the attacks last month. >> andrew spencer has more on assad's reaction. >> they have it and they are supposed to be object i. >> he says he hasn't yet analyzed the reports from u.n. weapons inspectors that was delivered last week but wednesday assad argued with fox news that there's evidence from both sides claiming webles had just as much capability to carry out the weapons attack. >> it's called kitchen gas
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because anyone can make sarne in their house. >> the state department repeatedly disagreed. >> we have seen no credible evidence that the opposition has used chemical weapons in syria, period. >> the obama administration considers what action it could take after the strike has been postponed. they confirm to cnn that the defense department has put a proposal on the table for litary equipment to be trained to opposition forces. >> no decision has been taken that the point. >> the emphasis on moderate is key amid reports militants linked to al qaeda have tried use the conflict to their advantage. andrew spencer reporting.
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>> 48 degrees at the airport. >> still ahead in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> a family is searching for answers after an 18-year-old male is dragged in a hit and run accident. >> and where the winning powerball ticket was sold. >> scene of a crash on westbound 70 but still dealing ith lane closure.
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>> a good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. an overnight fire in west baltimore sends a city
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firefighter to the hospital with minor injuries. the call came before 7:00 a.m. on north brently street. the home was occupied at the time but everyone made it out safely and crews were able to bring it under control safely. >> one person won the powerball. one ticket matched all the numbers in wednesday night's $400 million drawing. there were also $9 million winners and the powerball jackpot is back down to a measly $40 million. >> wow. we want to mention once again empowerment academy is closed today because of a plumbing issue but staff still has to report. >> with $400 million, you can buy a nice jacket for the school weather.
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>> it's chilly but the winds are going to shift to the south. you might want to take it back to a start. 48 at the airport right now. down to 46 in parkton but forecasting a high temperature of 77 which is warmer than yesterday. a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. warmer tomorrow at 80 but a front will stall and there will be a chance for off and on rain showers. certainly a chance for some rain. again, i know it's the weekend but we could really use the rain. not necessarily bad news. >> so you say. >> we started off the hour with a closure on the beltway. we have one lane closed on the right side. still two right lanes blocked. two left lanes getting by. you can see they are trying to get a vehicle up from the embankment. we're down to 13 miles an hour.
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westbound 70 just past the beltway. doesn't look like it's impacting the traffic at all. 11-minute travel times from 75 down to 95. to and from the howard county vicinity. so far looking good, building volume but once again the area westbound 70 past the beltway two right lanes closed with an accident. that's the latest from traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning an 18-year-old is in critical condition at shock trauma. >> his family is asking for your help finding the driver involved. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti joins us from shock trauma with their plea. >> good morning, michael hat field was airlifted to shock trauma. he is being kept in an induced coma being treated for a brain injury and they believe someone
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out there knows something and they want that person to speak up. >> on saturday night 18-year-old michael hat field as walking home from the 7-eleven in taylorsville just like he has many times before according to his aunt but -- >> i received a call about 3:30 a.m. from michael's father saying he had been struck by a car and was in critical condition. >> a car going westbound on liberty struck michael as he was trying to cross the street. patrons from a nearby bar heard the commotion and went out to help. >> his right leg is broken in four places. his left leg was totally shattered. on monday he had a very expensive surgery inserting rods and pins. >> according to police surveillance video, it shows the car traveling through the intersection, slowing down slightly after the crash then taking off. the video is in black and white
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so investigators can't make out the type or color of the car. one witness describes it as a compact four-door and another s a four-door blue station wagon-type. >> there were no scarks or debris or signs of any braking. >> betty coulson has spent the day passing out flyers and pleading with anyone with information to come forward. >> and maryland state police say it's not clear if the light was red or green and don't know where michael was when he was crossing the street but point out the car should have significant dooge there's no way this person doesn't know he or she didn't hit something that night. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> well lots of back and forth between martin o'malley and rick perry. ey sat face-to-face on cnn's
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"crossfire" to talk business. >> we have lockheed-martin and other great companies in maryland. >> well, the fact of the matter, and you're welcome to try. >> we are. i'm here and i'm making progress. >> cary making reference to thed a airing in maryland convincing businesses to move to texas. but moderator newt gingrich said it was more about the big picture in the u.s. >> we are in the middle of a national conversation about how we solve our problems and that there are dramatically different options ahead for us. >> it also turned to education at one point. that moment came hours after martin o'malley said maryland schools will receive $5.5 million educational grants. another portion of the grant money will go towards early education innovation programs which could mean more students
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earning college credits in high school. >> in less than an hour, the washington navy yard will re-open and try to get back to normal if that's ever possible following monday's mass shooting. >> the return to a routine, how and why red flags were missed. holly jackson with more on how things will function today. >> stan and mindy, even as employees get back to work, some places will be off-limits. the gym which the f.b.i. is using as a staging area and building 197 where the shooting happened. >> some employees have already started to return. >> their spirits are high. and they are looking back -- forward to getting back to a routine. >> today the navy yard may look back to normal but it may not feel that way. >> there are no words for what took place on monday. >> as workers mourn their 12 colleagues shot and killed monday the mother of the
5:37 am
suspected gunman is speaking publicly for the first time. >> sarich no longer in a place where he can -- is in a place where he can no longer do harm to anyone. >> he was telling doctors he wasn't depressed and did not fear harming himself or others. >> he said -- the navy said police report to base security that he reported feeling vibrations through his body. >> alexis entered the navy yard on a valid pass monday morning and now navy hopes to finish three rapid reviews by october 1. >> he committed murder. i'm not sure any particular question or lack of question on a security clearance probably would have revealed that. >> those newly announced navy evaluations will look at what type of conduct issues should
5:38 am
trigger a review and whether contractors should tell the navy if they reviewed an employee's clearance. >> your time 5:37, 48 degrees at the airport. do you suffer from allergies? you may not want to head to the midwest. >> baltimore ranks in this morning's "medical alert."
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>> in this morning's "medical -- t" a new >> e readers may be more affected. researchers studied more than 100 dislex i can high school students and found most
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students read faster and comprehended more text when using e readers over traditional books because e readers display short lines with fewer words allowing readers to focus on individual words. makes perfect sense. meanwhile, allergy sufferers should avoid the midwest this year. >> those are the worst according to the allergy center of america. based on number of allergy medications and the number of practicing allergists per patient. kentucky, tennessee, were in there, baltimore came in at number 81. >> all right. let's get you up to date on your morning commute. we'll start with mass trance it. no delays to report in the next few minutes. mark train or metro that the hour. there are still delays on westbound 70 with an accident
5:42 am
clearing just past the beltway. two left lanes are getting by and it's starting to ease up near the accident scene but looks like 40 miles per hour approaching that accident. not having an impact on the west side outer loop. still 11 minutes travel time. a live look at traffic on 295 shows up to speed. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. tony pann? >> turns out to be another sife night. 49 in randallstown, 50 in westminster. school day forecast maybe a light jacket or sweater for the kids at the bus stop. won't need it later today. mixture of sunshine and clouds. we will come back to this in a few minutes and check out the forecast for the upcoming weekend. >> thanks, tony. 5:42. 48 degrees at the airport. >
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>> spoil alert. spoiler aaccelerate what i meant to safe. i was caught up on "america's got talent." about to reveal the winner from the finale. >> only six acts made it through the finals but only one could make it on top. >> congratulations! >> there you go. taking home the $1 million prize and a zell taught dancer who lived in japan until he was 20 years old and as you can see he turned himself into a one-manacor us line performing as multiple characterize. comedian taylorson came until second. but this guy is amazing. >> absolutely amazing. >> now, insta-weather plus forecast and traffic pulse 11
5:46 am
together. >> time to take a look at your morning commute. those traveling on westbound 70, still some closures in effect. two left lanes are squeezing by this accident scene but still a lot going on in that area as they look to clear an vehicle down an embankment. not having an impact on the west side. still looking good on the j.f.x. and as you travel south on 95, southbound traffic through howard county at 32 starting to build in volume in that area. so far, so good in the white marsh area. six-minute travel time from the 85 split to the fort mchenry. that's the latest on traffic traffic. over to you tony. >> another cool start but this is going to be one of those autumn-like days where it starts out chilly but in the afternoon you don't need your jacket or sweater. 45 in frederick. 53 in chestertown.
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over on the eastern shore. high pressure moving off the mid-atlantic coast and you will see the difference in the temperatures across the front. in louisville 48 here. i don't want any precipitation as that front goes by maryland but there's plenty of rain out there. the warm front and the cold ront coming across the upper areas. but we will get the short, high, thin clouds. might get a little bit of cloud cover as well but the biggest difference will be the change in temperatures. so after a chilly start, mixture of sun and clouds in the afternoon then 74-79 for your high. sunrise this morning at 6:52. going into the weekend it's warmer, up to 80 on friday then the system comes in and a
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chance for rain showers over the weekend. i don't want it to be a washout but a chance for showers on saturday and sunday. just a reminder, the equinox is at 4:44 on sundays. that's when autumn begins and temperatures drop into the low 70's. time to say good morning to ava marie. what's going on today? >> good morning, tony. did you notice this shiney thing behind me? all part of a big show happening at the fairgrounds and really the first of its kind in baltimore. the japanese sword and cultural arts show. to talk about that, i'm with the promoter of this event. these towards are gorgeous. >> thank you for joining us. this sword is 500 years old, the kind of thing that people will be able to see if they come to the show. fact louse workman ship with gold and iron and all sorts of
5:49 am
handiwork. >> let's see the inside there. >> this sword is in perfect polish and it's 500 years old. >> they really did make things differently back then. >> yes, and the artist even signed his name to this. >> and people will get to see cool demonstrations. you said if this were being used for battle this would be used much differently. >> we'll demonstrate how a sword is drawn and used. it's not like in the movies at all. entirely different. so i encourage people to see it and see what real swordsmanship is really all about. >> i see some beautiful art work behind me. these are just so old. these are from the 13 00's? i believe? if we want to bring joe in. >> yes. that sword is from 1350. t's the sword from a period.
5:50 am
>> these are museum-quality things and some of these are for purchase. >> almost everything in the show is for purchase. some of the things will be on display but you can see such a collection of museum-quality pieces and you can own some of them if you choose. there's almost no pneumonia would have this many pieces on display. >> more information coming up on wbal-tv. ava marie, wbal-tv 11 news. >> very interesting. ava, thank you. it's now been 10 years since hurricane isabel slammed into the mid-atlantic region. bety time it made landfall here winds reduced from 165 minch but it was the storm surge that did most of the damage, especially in fellows point bowleys corners. on wednesday's anniversary residents in those communities reflected on the years of hardship that followed the storm. >> it was pretty traumatic.
5:51 am
it really was. hopefully, praise god, it doesn't happen again. they said that was like a 100-year storm, so let's hope it is. >> residents in bowleys corner said the last trailer removed from that community, just a couple months ago. >> and another win puts the o's within a win of the wild card. that was a great game. highlights coming up in sports. >> and time for another check 06 weather and traffic. >> no delays for m.t.a. users however, other news, southbound 83 just past the maryland line exit, all lanes are closed. we're hearing there's an overturned vehicle on the southbound side of 83 shutting down those lanes. northbound not hearing of any closures. we'll keep you posted. meantime, still tracking this accident on the westbound side of 70. just past the beltway. you can see plenty of activity
5:52 am
backing up traffic as you make your approach to the accident scene. westbound 70 just past the beltway. watch for an accident and cleanup activity. ssh 95. six-minute travel time to the fort mchenry. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> another cool start for us on thursday. right now it's 48. we're going to jump all the way to 77. a mixchur of sunshine and clouds and the winds are going to shift to the southwest today. try in new york, 77. going to be warm in chicago and chance for showers and thunderstorms. tpwhufe los angeles with a high near 80. we'll check our seven-day forecast but first here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. stay with us. ♪ i woke up to a lightbulb
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>> hey, good morning, everybody tonight in boston the orioles go for a sweep of the red sox.
5:56 am
that's another storyline. the other is the orioles one game back of the wild card race. that i beat the sox in 12 innings getting their second straight win at fenway park where they were hoping to clench the division. david ortiz. long into the boston night. 2-0. but the orioles did not flinch. 245eu6 kept battling all night. in the fifth they tie it up. brian roberts, opposite field, rolls all the way to the wall. matt wieters drove one in with a double score. matt wieters again with a lined shot that one-hops into the stands. nick markakis trots in. the lead did not last long. next inning mike napoli, tip your helmet to this. this is a smash, deep home run and it's 3-3. stays that way until the 12th. chris davis, we've seen him mash the ball.
5:57 am
here he bleeds one through. 2-1 single. and rookie kevin, five strikeouts. now they are one game out of the wild card chase because last night in st. peters fwurg rays beat the rangers in the sixth sean rodriguez, 2-run home run and ties the game at two. this game also goes extra innings. in the 11th texas takes the lead. then it's 3-2 texas. and then the rays tie it in the 11th then win it in the 12th. desmond jennings to right philadelphia? . rays win it 4-3. he indians also lose so 11 left to play. it's going to be a fun next couple of weeks. ravens and texans on sunday so no word on if ed reed is playing against his old team.
5:58 am
joe flacco and the rest saying they would rather him not. joe flacco says if he plays, they have to be careful. >> i think it's strange because everybody views him as a raven and it's probably more strange for me, too, just because it's the same as playing against an old teammate. it's really the same thing. the fact of the matter is that i knew ed reid and the baltimore ravens started to play like that so it makes it different. >> joe said i think the baby is coming due. what are the odds you think it's going to happen? well, you know. 2-1? i don't know. [laughter] >> i'll get back to you after the game. back in a moment. stay with us.
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