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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  October 3, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> this is bbc world news america. funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. ♪ at union bank, our managers worko
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hard to understand the industry you operate in. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now, bbc world news america. >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. dramatic scenes outside the u.s. capitol. a car chase ends in gunfire and lawmakers are temporarily placed on lockdown. a deadly shipwreck off the coast of italy. migrantsaring african sinks, killing at least 130 people. leaving his mark on new york and fans can't wait to see where he
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pops up next. it was a chaotic scene here in the u.s. capitol today as a woman driving a black car first ran into a white house barricade before taking police on a high- speed chase to the u.s. capitol. witnesses report that shots were fired and lawmakers were temporarily put on under lockdown. johnny, what is the latest? >> it has been an astonishing afternoon in the u.s. capitol. a car chase and a shootout shut down the city center. >> in the heart of washington, terror.
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car crashes into the barricades near the white house and then heads towards congress. [gunfire] started, i shooting got behind a tree and he got on .he ground here in >> as word spread, the white house was locked down. and those outside the supreme court were ushered inside for the safety. >> we heard a lot of police cars and then shots. towere simply moving back our office. >> one police officer was injured, airlifted to hospital, but the shooting does not appear to be political. a half, ther and incident was over. >> this appears to be an isolated incident with one vehicle involved. there has been coronation with
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all agencies come including the f ei. >> -- the fbi. we don't know the condition of the suspect right now. we don't even know she was armed. but the overwhelming response is a sign of how jittery this city remains. howou are talking about jittery the atmosphere is. this is day three of the government shutdown. with the atmosphere already tense over that, what does the government say about what happened? happy lawmakers are very of the swift response by capitol police. this place was flooded with police. you couldn't really move. what we are waiting to see, of motive is what, if any, there was for the driver of that vehicle crashing into the white house and then speeding off down here towards congress.
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congress, as you can probably see, is pretty much back to normal an hour and a half after the incident. it is a sign of how tense washington remains him it takes the smallest thing to trigger such an overwhelming response. >> u.s. media are reporting that the woman driver has been killed. when do you expect to get enough to eat from the police? >> we think in something like half an hour or an hours time. we will hear officially from the police. at the moment, there is nothing clear. in the first hour or so after this incident, there were all kinds of conflicting reports. we heard reports of shootouts, fire being exchanged, different vehicles, lockdowns, the whole business. there was unsurprisingly a massive confusion of what was going on. the woman being killed cannot be
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confirmed. >> this is shortly after the navy yard shooting. what is the atmosphere like? whenever anything happens thing in fact, when any like this happens in any u.s. city, you see a very, very strong response from police force and sometimes from other security forces. there are those who decry the militarization of american police forces. there are others who take great comfort in it. but it is a sign of the number of guns in the concern about security. when something like this happens, certainly in washington , but also in other cities, you overwhelming and some people say disproportionate response from the police. thet is one of mediterranean's worst boat accidents in recent memory. today, at least 130 people are dead and hundreds more still missing.
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this is after a boat caught fire italian near the island. the coast guard is searching for any survivors. there were 500 passengers on board, mostly migrants from africa heading to europe in search of a better life. gavin hewitt report. waters are one of the main migrant routes into europe. boats and airplanes were scouring the season after a major tragedy. ascribed a 66- foot boat sinking with 500 people on board. some have been rescued here in at over 100 people have drowned. during the day, survivors were brought, some wrapped in foil. those who were rescued told stories of a build capsizing with many people drowning. their bodies were laid out on the seaside.
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a tragic story of the boat's engine failing some of some of the migrants lighting a fire to attract attention, and by mistake setting fire to the boat as they moved away from the flames, the boat tipped over. the first witnesses say the boat caught fire. because of this, everyone pushed forward and cause the vote to overturn and hundreds of people ended up in the sea. >> there were three children on board and two pregnant women. they had all ordered the boat in libya, but they had begun their journey in different countries. tragic was dramatic and in every way. there were so many children among the victims. horrible to the had new shoes, signs of hope. -- horrible. they had new shoes, signs of hope. >> they still have 200 people still unaccounted for. a kilometerk only
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offshore, but there were no phones on board to call for help. these ill-equipped boats are often run by smugglers. in recent times, that has led to a history of tragedy and a loss of life. ago, another 13 migrants drowned off the eastern coast of italy. some made it to shore in port made it ashore in poor condition. -- some made it ashore in poor condition. in recent weeks, people have been arriving from syria. nearly 9000 migrants have arrived in italy, double the number from last year. migrants lost their lives trying to reach europe. >> you have to think the tragedy that lies behind it, which is that many of these people were fleeing persecution, human rights abuses in their own
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countries. so this is a german discharged he in multiple layers. >> -- so this is a tremendous tragedy in multiple layers. people'sers trade on disparate wished to escape war and persecution. kenya where the recruitment of militants in its own backyard appeared to be downplayed. insiders within the security forces have told the bbc of an uncontrolled shooting spree by soldiers as they entered the westgate mall. from nairobi, karen allen reports. >> is this where the attackers prayed during the waistcoat seized? siege.gate
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>> there was disorganization during the whole thing. there was no command when they entered. they started firing. people were screaming and running here and there. had did not know we plainclothes officers there. >> sources have told me that initial sis mission is that a british attacker involved had not been substantiated. instead, the intelligence report obtained by the bbc reveals al- shabaab recruited kenyans on their own home ground. this is the mosque where al- shabaab clerics preached just a few -- priest. -- al-shabaab clerics preached. >> maybe you don't have one. maybe you are not going to
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school. and you get money. according to islamic -- good financial support from al- shabaab. this neighborhood has been on a watchlist for more than a year. that, following sustained security operations in this area, that some al-shabaab operatives have escaped and gone into hiding. by april, authorities had indications that they had regrouped and were planning a terror attack in nairobi. with allegations of intelligence failure and a power struggle within the security services, whereby the leads missed that could have saved lives here? viable leads missed that could have saved lives here? of theciate director
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rand corporation joins me now. karen is reporting that al- shabaab recruited from kenyans. what do you make of that? >> what we see with al-shabaab is the ability to recruit not just within somalia and bring in individuals from the united states. they have access to individuals from communities like minneapolis. but they also have a recruitment capability from kenya itself. it is a largely christian country, so they have taken advantage of this muslim- christian divide among other things. >> how widespread is their recruitment here in the u.s.? >> there has been a range of arrests by the fbi and u.s. law enforcement of al-shabaab recruiters and fundraisers in cities like minneapolis. there is a decent sized somali- american population in northern cities, like buffalo, new york and minneapolis, some southern cities like san diego, california, individuals who have
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come from somalia. so we see recruitment over the internet and human recruiters coming into the u.s. trying to lure people back. confirmationis no that anybody here was involved in the westgate attack. >> no, we have not seen that there were any americans or british or others. americans blow themselves up. what do you say of the strength of al-shabaab following this attack/ ground inaab has lost somalia, mogadishu, and in cuba disco clubs. but they still have an external operations capability, especially in east africa and especially for soft kinds of targets. >> how much of a threat does that pose to the u.s. interest in east africa? andor u.s. interests
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british interest in east africa, they should be in high alert. we see an interest in targeting the u.s., the british and other westerners because they are still viewed by al-shabaab as infidels. >> how significant is a westgate-style attack in the u.s.? >> it is probably unlikely. the group is primarily focused on targeting in east africa. the kenyans were a primary target because they have been so deeply involved in military operations. interest by al- shabaab to target inside the u.s.. i think the u.s. can provide intelligence information. they can provide the whereabouts of al-shabaab camps can they can provide assistance in improving the security be -- the security capabilities. away fromd stay direct involvement, including withdrawn strikes, for example di.
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>> were you surprised by what happened in nairobi? >> no. remember, the kenyans are enemies of al-shabaab. i see this in part as a revenge attack. >> thank you. in other news, in nigeria, a passenger plane has crashed, killing at least 13 people. the associated airlines plane, which had 20 passengers and seven crew on board, plunged to the ground shortly after takeoff and percent of claims. reports say that it was carrying the family of a former governor of a state. 30.s. grand jury indicted members of the group anonymous. the indictment charges the members with conspiracy to intentionally cause damage to the second computers.
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ingot walls governom body -- meanwhile, but football's governing body is considering whether to change the time of year for the game in qatar. new yorkers are the latest to get a glimpse at [indiscernible] but you better act quick. at least five people have died in a new wave of sectarian violence in burma. among the dead are a 94-year-old woman. buddhists and muslims have been involved in sporadic clashes since last year. the latest violence came as
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president visited the affected areas. rage knew the most popular beach resort in myanmar and this is what is left of at least three muslim neighborhoods. the army is here now enforcing curfew. but where were they when buddhist mobs were running wild a few days ago? ofund a thousand people roche to us, recalls this muslim man. the police did nothing to protect us. they did not shoot at the mob. the crowds destroyed everything in their paths, even livestock. hundreds of muslims are still thought to be hiding in the bush. i am too afraid to go home, said this woman. they killed people. i think five or six people. the attacks coincided with a visit i the -- visited by the president in the scene of the
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worst sectarian violence last year. this was the first time he had a chance to meet some of the tens of thousands of muslims displaced by the attacks. he had the two -- he had little to offer them though, except for repeated pleas for restraint. arethese repeated attacks dropping a an increasing number of muslims and nothing is being done to help them go home. totead, they are confined primitive camps, living in squalor, and now are subject to a de facto segregation policy which leaves them abandoned and without hope. >> the u.s. congress was a scene of dramatic action today amid a must -- a government shutdown which one to book treasury department and the international
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monetary fund to issue dire warnings of the potential economic dangers ahead. both institutions are concerned that the current standoff will invent a deal to raise the debt ceiling -- will prevent a deal to raise the debt ceiling. done, the united states will default in its debt. >> the ongoing political uncertainty over the budget, over the debt ceiling does not help. the government shutdown is that enough but failure to raise the debt ceiling would be far worse. and could very sears the damage that only the u.s. economy -- very seriously damage not only the u.s. economy, but the global economy. >> while congress continues to there is onending, country caching in.
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>> republican opposition to obama care is at the heart of the government shutdown. museums, memorials, parks and zoos have been forced to shut their doors. india.ning new doors in the indian generic medicine industry is gearing up for a huge boost of demand in the u.s.. nearly 40% of the drugs used in the u.s. comes from india and it is going to get bigger. >> we see a tectonic change in generic consumption and pharmaceuticals that will happen in the united states. being a big provider of that kind of product to the world, india stands to gain significantly. >> more and more doctors in the u.s. are now prescribing generic drugsw. >> because of obama care, now
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the dollar amount that is being paid for prescription drugs will be something that the government will take responsibility for. there is more awareness for the cost of drugs i the government. -- by the government. >> for the consumer, the savings in these drugs can be substantial. >> a generic medication can be as cheap as four dollars a month and a brand-name prescription drug for cholesterol can be as high as $300 a month. and for out-of-pocket costs, it can be as high as 100 to $200 for even a patient with insurance. >> to ensure holy, the fda has stepped up -- to ensure quality, the fda has stepped up its presence on the ground. experts say this is good news as it will ultimately bolster quality and confidence in indian-made drugs. indian i.t. companies are also seeing a sharp upswing in business. >> a total reengineering of the
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system. all of these things require a o bee lot of systems t deployed. >> while americans find obamacare a bitter pill to swallow, it is a good thing for india. the new health care law may be just what the doctor ordered. >> now to the elusive street artist who is known for his graffiti art as another way to pop up. now he has begun a month-long residency in new york and fans in the city are getting quite the treat. t. hard part is finding it >> it is not that often that new yorkers pay that much attention to a dog relieving itself at a
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fire hydrant. but this is a rare and fleeting chance. he has taken up residency on the streets of new york. every day this month, it seems, a fresh work will be unveiled. but nobody knows where and nobody knows when. >> to be honest, it is a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity. the thing is that they are here and then they are gone. it's not like seeing a leonardo or mona lisa, or you can go to the louvre and go see it. this will be gone in literally three hours. if i could, i would sledgehammer the wall just so i could keep it so we could donate it to a museum of modern not. >> you certainly have to move fast to see them. this is all that is left of his opening work, much to the disappointment of people who travel to see it. the second piece is almost recognizable because it is being tagged by other graffiti artists. but they survived in digital form on his website, along with a commentary that serves as a
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museum-style guide. >> before you, you will see a artist dan sky. the cityscape of manhattan may be his most epic and fitting canvas yet ge. a city thatcity is is always changing. he is a city that is always changing. perfect for new york. is one of the busiest avenues in one of the most heavily policed parts of manhattan in a city that never sleeps. so how does he get away with it? and can he keep doing so? for now, the city is getting a new tourist attraction everyday. and also a lot more graffiti. >> catch the work while you can. that brings today's broadcast to a close but you can continue to
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