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tv   Inside Washington  PBS  October 11, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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er from both auditory hallucinations and somnambulism, only seven. that's him. how do you know? i recognize the face. what did the principal say? am i suspended? we'll be lucky if they don't press charges. for what? fighting? he started it. for selling prescription drugs. how long have you been off your medication? i'm not selling them, he stole them. ask dylan. i can't ask dylan. dylan's in the er. the teacher who found him said he was ranting about how you... how i what? doesn't matter. clearly he's out of his mind because he's on your pills. i can't believe i'm going through this again, everything i went through with your dad.
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i thought if i got the right doctors and drugs, i could spare you what he went through. i'm sorry. (cell phone vibrating) i gotta get back to work. i can walk home. it's five blocks. i'm sure i can stay out of trouble. okay. stephen: (telepathically) cara, can you hear me? where are you?
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stephen: (telepathically) john and pearl street, someone's following me. (tires squealing) (tires screeching) whoa. hello, stephen. who are you? you look just like him, you know? your father. what? stephen: no, help! help! help! john, they got him. [ male announcer ] rocky had no idea why dawn was gone for so long... ...but he'd wait for her forever and would always be there with the biggest welcome home. for a love this strong, dawn only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein. help keep rocky's body as strong as a love that never fades.
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what do you got for me, tim? tim: i had the car until grand and essex, but the traffic cams were down south of canal. fine, pull all the sat images you can find of the lower island. tim: already started. they might take a minute to composite. we don't have a minute. there is nothing we can do for him now. we lost him, cara. no, i lost him. we never should have let him leave. but i can get him back. that's not how it works. going after him, it was a bad idea from the start. you know the rules. we don't expose ourselves to ultra, not for anyone.
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he is not just anyone. what is it with him? maybe you spent a little bit too much time in his head. let yourself get a little bit too close. you said it yourself. stephen's the key to finding his father, which means he's our best shot for survival. russell: she's right. i know you dig the whole leader of the rag-tag rebels thing... but living down here, like a bunch of rats, it gets real old, real fast. tim: i found the car. would you like to know where he is? no. yes. yes. if you two wanna march straight into jedikiah's compound, go ahead. but i have spent half my life dodging that sadistic son of a bitch. i am not getting caught by him again. i'm sorry about that. security precautions. aw, speaking of which. you see the walls? don't bother trying to teleport out of here.
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my name's dr. price. you're one of them... ultra. i can on imagine what john has said. that i'm some... boogeyman. systematically rounding up your kind and wiping you out. did he say why i was doing this or is it just because i'm evil? yeah, because you're scared of us. well, i'm an evolutionary biologist. if anything, i'm fascinated. no... what scares me is what the rest of the world will think if they knew a paranormal species was living secretly in their midst. a species that could annihilate them. they don't want to be found. okay? they just want to be left alone. you have no idea what this world would look like if i didn't find people like you and stop people like you. look at this. we just found a 17-year-old who stole $70 million from the federal reserve. you got a 16-year-old who was caught trying to tag the oval office.
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an 18-year-old who was caught tweeting nuclear launch codes. and so many breakouts, stephen. it's all over the world. unpredictable... uncontrollable... i'm not the bad guy here, stephen. not by a long shot. can i help you? (alarm wailing) i'm gonna need to see some... (grunting) freeze! aah! i got him. no one is going to hurt you. actually, this might hurt just a little bit. what is it? well, i could give you a boring lecture about recombinant dna therapy, but the short story is, this will fix you.
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return you to the way you used to be. there's nothing wrong with me! shh. you're so much like your father. so much promise. but you don't want to end up like him, do you? i don't know what myths john has spun about who your father is, but they're not true. yeah? and i'm supposed to believe you? well, you can believe whatever you want. but your father's not coming back to save you or the tomorrow people. because he's dead. what? jedikiah: come on. no! no! (door opening) sir! there's been a breach. well, your friends are coming to rescue you. that's one way to get them out of hiding. no. no. no. no.
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our powers don't work here. neither do theirs. stephen: cara, get out of here. please. i was wondering when you were going to show up. no, you weren't.
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don't worry about me, guys. i'm good. (straining) whoa. this way. wait, how did you... i teleported. that's impossible. john. so you've decided to come home. did you think he was gonna help you find your promised land? is that it?
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it doesn't exist. and even if it did, you're sure as hell never gonna see it. no! stephen, how are you doing that? stephen: i don't know. get us out. now! ♪
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those were some serious next-level skills you broke out. and here we thought there were just three t's. how'd you do it, man? and, more importantly, what are we calling it? no idea. it just happened. and that is why your training begins now. i mean, what else can you do besides... stop time. (chuckles) uh, just give me one minute. okay? there's something i gotta do. just... john: you were right. he is special. but can he find his father? john, you saw what he did. when none of us could use any of our powers.
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what if stephen could lead us there himself? all right, i get it. he's moses. you're giving me a complex. don't be jealous. i'm not jealous. should i be? thank you. for coming to help us. i didn't mean what i said, i was being a dick. i know. i'd never let you get hurt. i know. (door closing) excuse me, um, whatever your name is. tim: hello, stephen. uh, i was hoping i could ask a favor. you'd like to see the rest of your father's message. yeah. how'd you know? people are predicable. even ones like you. jack: (on monitor) i thought maybe you'd get lucky. take after your mom.
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but if you're watching this, well, things didn't turn out the way that i hoped. and... i know i have no right to offer you advice. not after what i'm about to do. but, if you turned out like me, then your life just got very complicated. and very dangerous. don't believe everything you see. the truth is, there's only one thing you can trust. you. trust your heart, son. i love you, stephen. i love you. what do you think, supercomputer? what do you think? is he alive? tim: i wish i knew the answer to that, stephen.
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john: you want me to stick around? or... stephen: when i come home from being gone all night? trust me, you don't want any part of this. for the record, i haven't forgotten about how you saved my life. you're welcome. the thing is, stephen... one day you might be the one who saves all of us. (pulsing) i'm sorry i didn't call, okay? i know this looks really bad. it doesn't matter. look, we have a visitor. your father has a brother. jedikiah. this is your uncle.
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[ smooch ] [ male announcer ] french the rainbow! taste the rainbow! it's weird, i know, but we did meet once. you were in diapers. uncle jed and your father had a falling out. and as i was saying, it's been really hard tracking the three of you down. it was like you guys just up and... vanished. yeah, well...
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we needed a fresh start. mom, do you think you could give us a minute? just to get to know one another? marla: sure. i'll be upstairs. nice to see you. what the hell are you doing here? reuniting my family. you're not my family. that's your dad and i. only i was born human and he was born likeliou. the whole reason i became a geneticist was to understand him and perhaps one day help him. work for me, stephen. clearly, i underestimated you. we've only just glimpsed what you're capable of. if you let me help you hone your skills... ultra hunts down people like me. why would i want to help them? for them. your family. are you threatening them? no, you're threatening them if you don't help me contain the spread of your species.
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can't you see i'm offering you an opportunity to protect the people you love? yeah, and to be a traitor. to whom? some rebel runaways you met two days ago? or to your mother? your brother. your friend. astrid, is it? therapy records. very illuminating. sooner or later, stephen, you are going to have to pick a side. jedikiah: your new friends want you to believe that your father's a hero. that he's still alive. jedikiah: they lied to you. that's your dad. after he broke into my office and sabotaged my research. you don't want that to happen to you. work with me, stephen. come be an agent at ultra. so, we have an uncle. jedikiah?
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luca: that's a little random. you must be luca. i hear you inherited your father's athletic genes. hope that's all i got. yes. let's hope. why didn't you tell me jedikiah was my uncle? you and john... you played me from the start. technically, you're related, but you are not like him, you are one of us. he asked me to come work for him. he's using you. what's the worst that'll happen if we all turn ourselves in, give up our powers, and live like human beings? you want us to admit that we're mistakes? nature doesn't make mistakes. jedikiah would drive us extinct. just for the sake of the human race. which, i'm sorry, i still consider myself a part of.
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of course you do. but to them, you're not. i know you have a life here. a family. but the people who are like us? the ones we found? the ones we will find? they are my family. i'm not gonna let anything happen to them. and i won't let anything happen to you. now, please, stephen. just come with me. you know, when you first started talking to me... the mysterious voice in my head. even when i thought i was crazy... i trusted you. i have to find out what happened to my dad, okay? whether or not he's a hero, if he's alive, i have to know.
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but there's only one way i can find him without losing everyone else. now, i know you're gonna think i'm crazy for doing this... stephen, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. cara. it's your turn to trust me. my name is stephen jameson. this is where i go to school. these are my friends. what happened? stephen made his decision.
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this is where i work. and this is my new boss. i'm in. welcome aboard, stephen. cara: i hope you know what you're doing. stephen: yeah. me too.


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