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tv   To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbe  PBS  November 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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( theme music playing ) - you leaving? - things to do. - surprised you've got any energy left. - ( laughs ) i'll be back as soon as i can. what do i do for breakfast? you just wait for me to indulge you.
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come on t, how much is this gonna cost me? - just chill, man. - me and sasha have been saving to buy a house. - this is gonna trash my deposit. - adi, relax... - we can sort this, yeah? - i wanna know every detail. how much you stung him for, who else is involved, everything! it's just me. are you sure? yeah. right. - ( knocks ) - come in. - you wanted to see me? - yeah. um...i want you to work out what the ferreiras owe me, - for using my cars as taxis. - will do. to the penny, billy. can i trust you to do that? - i meant what i said. - good. i won't let you down again.
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jake, do you want blinis or tapas? - what? - for tonight. - you're splashing out. - i know how important this is to you. i thought champagne... just for the toast. that should please the birthday girl, right? yeah, hope so. um, tell you what... - i might just pop round and see what she prefers. - right. you're going up in the world. you'll be sweeping the floors next. well, if that's what johnny wants, then that's what i'll do. nice try, but it ain't gonna make you any more important to him. - only there's a pecking order and i'm at the top of it. - dream on. careful, 'cause your orders'll be coming from me soon enough. don't get ahead of yourself, dan, there's a good boy. - that's told you, ain't it? - don't make no difference. 'cause johnny still sees me as his future. - ( snickers ) you're not going anywhere, mate. - yeah, i am. i know it... and more important, johnny knows it.
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- and he's told you that, has he? - he don't need to. right. - i think we've done it... - i've died and gone to heaven. take it round the block one more time to make sure, all right? yeah, yeah, whatever... aargh! you're on me foot! - there we go. - hey. - good news-- mom and derek are going to the pictures tonight. - lucky them. - lucky us, we've got the place to ourselves. - i've an essay to write. - better stop talking and get writing. - are you partying later? oh, no, me and sonia are gonna be busy. let me guess. blankets, slippers on and a home improvement show on the telly. - we're not like that. - kareena: right... s'pose you'll be busy with chrissie and sam. i'm gonna hang out with you lot, if you're not tied up with mickey. well, he might be tied up... with his new friend stacey.
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you should see her, zoe, all over him like a bad rash. she was the same with dennis. it didn't get her nowhere. there you go, made them special. - thanks. - that one's got extra ketchup. i'm not hungry. oh, well, she's still upset. - seems your girlie chat really worked, didn't it? - yeah. i wasn't going to say anything to you about it but, er... hi... what can you tempt me with? oh, i don't know how to answer that. yes, luv? tah-da! d'ya like it? should do-- you paid for it. you really don't have to come tonight, sam. you could say you're ill, i won't mind. after what i paid for that dress? no, i'll be there. you'll need a bit of glamour, to brighten up the place. - oh, you bringing minty, then? - at least i've got someone to take. look at you-- another year older, another day lonelier. - they didn't deliver all the flavors. - i changed the order. some sell better than others. mo, um, i'm gonna have to cut back on your hours.
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really? it's probably just a temporary thing, but we're just really quiet for the time of year. - well, you're the boss. - i'm sorry. - hey. - hi. - happy birthday. - aw, thanks. now, life or death question. blinis or tapas? - that is a tough one. - you could have both. what would johnny say about that? i'm organizing this party. so whatever i say goes. - i tell you what, surprise me. - i might even shock you. you know, i think it's broken. garry: it was that woman's fault. she blinded me with her beauty. you need a bit of action, son. that is why i am well up for tonight, me old son. i'm not. i've got to take sam, ain't i? - you what? - i promised her. - i was relying on you to make me look good. - oh, cheers! - oh, come on, minty. - i can't leave her high and dry now, can i? - you sure you still don't fancy her? - behave. that's me stuck on my own, isn't it? ah well, there's always that blinding beauty that caused this. if you ever see her again!
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- aargh! - sorry, mate! there you go. - haven't seen you here before. - no, it's my first time. make sure you come back. get tired of talking to hairy builder types. i'll try my best. cup of tea, please. - who's that? - dunno... well, best i go find out then. if you type in 7734... it spells "hell" upside down. - thanks, dan, that's a big help. - any time, billy. - here i am. - and there's a free table over there. - i'm danny. - and i'm hungry. so if you don't mind. i think she means get lost, dan. - tina. - billy mitchell. pleased to meet ya.
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this'll keep your strength up... tina? - hi, mickey. - hello, stacey. - oh, well, that ain't helping. - helping what? the kareena situation. talking to teenage kids will not win someone's heart over. kareena's the one not helping, taking drugs. - thought you got over that? - i tried and things ain't the same no more. how much? who you trying to impress? that's for me to know. ( coughs ) oh, are you still feeling bad? it's sore to swallow. i'll nip out and buy you some medicine, shall i? - how's my soldier? - ain't great. no? we'll have to stick some ice on that, mate. ease the swelling round your throat. you know what? i've been dreaming about food.
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i was at this banquet and they brought out this suckling pig... - yeah, can we sort darren out first? - you're right. sorry, luv, - he needs the old vip treatment today, don't he? - yeah. - two teas, please. - see your money first. c'mon, ian. she's still shaking from that mugging. she don't need you giving her a hard time an' all. - two teas was it? - yeah, sugar in mine. not too much milk. and a cake...on the house. - not a word. - don't worry, i won't. good... 'cause i ain't joking. - are you all right, lucy? - yeah, fine. - how's it going? - it ain't. anything i can do to help? ask you questions or something? ah, kareena, has mickey caught up with you yet? no, why? was he looking for me? nah... i just thought he might've done by now. - men, eh? - yeah, you said it.
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i tried bar work once. hopeless i was, i could never refuse a free drink. - i always take the money. - i should've done the same, but i was too drunk by then. gorgeous and witty. basic nightmare. let's just hope she's passing through. - few enough men in the square without her grabbing one. - or two. - here, have you met her yet, she's great! - no. - she's really funny. - yeah... - glasses need collecting, mo. - will you stop going on about it, please? - ooh... ooh... - what do you want, a pint? i suppose a pint might ease the pain. hold up, minty. look, there's that bird again. i'm telling you, mate, this is fate. you better get the beers in. my legs have gone weak. a wine please, mo, and get one for yourself. - she's all right, nothing special. - mo: jake, what you having? - bottle of beer, please. - here we go. i'm tina. and you are? busy. it's all ready for tonight. good, looking forward to it. - you taking anyone? - not that i know of. you? - no, but i didn't want anyone cramping my style. - mmm... i know what you mean.
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hello, mrs. miller. all right? oh, um, i need some cough medicine as well. there we go. £6.78, please. - that much? - i know. the price of things, eh? i thought it'd be about a fiver. can i bring the rest back later? i don't think yolande will let anyone do that. oh, um, listen... i'll, um... i'll just nip home and get my purse. won't be a minute. the swelling seems to have gone down a bit. what d'you think? mm... so you live in pat's old flat. very nice. nice is not a word i'd use. between you and me, it's got a whiff of brothel about it... - is that so? - sorry? um, this is pat. used to live in your flat. - aah... nice to put a face to the, uh... - smell? aroma. - johnny...this is tina, just new to the square. - nice to meet you.
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- the pleasure's all mine. - so... - you enjoying yourself? - try to. ( coughs ) ain't you got no medicine? oh, sorry, luv. they'd sold out. well, what about some chicken soup and a comic? all right? hey... - ( coughs ) - there you go, mate. he needs medicine, luv. you didn't stay in, then? oh, you know me... can't resist socializing. all the same. i'd like you back at the flat. go back, have a nice bath, get yourself all dolled up for later, - and i'll see you at the club. - you know how to sweet talk me, don't you? don't knock it. you couldn't have an easier life, could you? i've had a breakthrough. i might get high marks on this one. mmm, i'll be waiting.
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you could try to look happy, just for your dad. it's hard when stacey threatens me each day. c'mon, luv. why protect someone like that? - i don't want dad knowing, right? - he'll deal with stacey. yeah, that'll make it worse. - you all right? - why d'you have to keep asking me that? what have i done now? it's like she hates me. if i tell you something, will you promise not to go off on one? only... - well, lucy told me in confidence. - what's she done now? oh, it's not her. it's stacey. that mugging? she made it up. - she stole the money from patrick and yolande. - what? she's been bribing lucy to keep quiet.
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that girl's had me making her extra cups of tea, - putting sugar in it, free cakes! - i told you in confidence. - lucy! get your coat! - please don't. she'll never forgive me. tracey said it would be all right if i came up. your guests have started arriving at scarlet's. great, thanks. um... - you couldn't just do this up for me, jake, could you? - yeah, sure. - there you go... - thanks. tell johnny i'll be along in a minute. i could, um, i could always walk you over there. doesn't seem right, the birthday girl turning up on her own. yeah, that'd be nice. have a good night, luv. - we meet again. - certainly do. - this your club? - no one else's. - we meet again. - we do? the caff...earlier. oh, sorry... i've got a terrible memory.
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danny, um, tonight's very important for all my new neighbors, ok? - so don't screw up. - well, i won't. i know you won't. - cor, you took your time. - i couldn't find my purse. is mickey going to chrissie's party? yeah, maybe later. he's indoors at the minute, looking after darren. - that's why i need that medicine... - oh, hold on a minute. it was this one, weren't it? yeah. it's all there. do i look all right? - you look like veronica lake. - who? - well, she was gorgeous. - aah. - danny: hello, stranger. you look good... - don't even think about it.
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- you're not still angry with me, are you? - yeah, till my dying day. - but... - or preferably yours. c'mon, mints. let's enjoy ourselves. i'm glad i caught you. i was wondering if you could take me to chrissie's party. - you sure you're old enough? - i know johnny. he'll let me in. don't you think? yeah, well if i was in charge, i'd let you in. so you gonna take me, then? just let me go and get my jacket. - aah, don't she look lovely? - yeah. s'pose so. cheers. can't believe there's so many people here. that's 'cause i bribed them all. what, every one of them? here, minty. it's that bird again, look. it's the third time i've seen her. this is the hand of fate forcing us together. i'm going in. - jules, where's mickey? - dunno. - i thought he'd be here. - he's not trying very hard. - as usual, i guess it's down to me. - adi: tariq...
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mr. allen's over there. why don't you go over and apologize? i'm not doing it in front of everyone, am i? i really enjoyed the other night. don't even go there. i'm with someone. ha! adi? oh, do me a favor. he don't float your boat and you know it. you don't know what you're talking about. - sam... - don't you get the message? what? it's your fault. you've done my head in dressed like that. good. i hope you're suffering. i didn't mean to hurt you. what i said, it was just a joke. you're the one who said it should be casual between us. - just didn't think. - danny, it was horrible. - you should never make comments like that. - i understand that now. and i'm saying sorry. sorry, it doesn't change anything. - we can't even be friends? - no, we never were friends. look, i really like you, sam. to tell you the truth, i can't stand you slumming it with that hop-along shrek. - ( scoffs ) - 'cause no offence, you're looking way too beautiful to be seen with him. i don't think anyone's even noticed the birthday girl.
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flattery will get you nowhere. well, it's the truth! you really are something else. i'll be upstairs if you wanna chat or something. - what are you doing? - i'm working. - so work. - yeah. - tell him, lucy. - let it go, ian. - look, please, i just want to go home. - tell him. loved his soup. i don't know how you do it, luv, but you never let us down, do ya?
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- i don't believe you! - no, kareena, it's not what you think! - save it. - sorry, mickey, i couldn't help myself. oi! mickey! you ought to know better. - and with my niece. - who, me? - she's just a little girl. - charlie, have you seen "the exorcist"? i want a word with you. you have been bullying my daughter. - no... - ian: you weren't mugged. you nicked that money off patrick and yolande. - i hope you can prove that, ian. - jane: admit it, stacey. - we know what you've done. - don't listen to them. i was mugged. - you believe me, don't you, mickey? - is it true? why would you think any different, mickey? - i'm going to find kareena. - what about me? mickey: what about you? charlie: is it true, luv? - uncle charlie... - stacey, i want to know. i'll defend you against anything, but not if you're lying. which she is. yeah. it's true. i was only having a laugh. oh, look, now's your chance.
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sorry, johnny... um, mr. allen. - how are you? - i'm fine. i just wanted to tell you what happened with your cars. i know what happened with my cars. but look, the thing is, it was me... just me. no one else. adi's proud of the business - and it wouldn't be right if you were to blame him. - you can blame me... 'cause i helped him. nice girlfriend you've got there. catch up with you later. sasha? i've been on my own for so long i've forgotten how to do this. well, at least you're being honest. - you like that in a man, do ya? - yeah, that and charm, intelligence, good manners and an appreciation of opera. - oh. couldn't swap west ham for opera, could i? - nice try, but... can we make a move? - the night's still young. - yeah, the locals are getting restless. maybe they'll grow to like you.
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does that mean i'm going to be spending a lot of time here? mmm, my roots are here, yeah. ok, if it means that much to you. it does. let me buy you a drink. so right, we've eventually got this motor started, and guess what he does? he goes and parks it right on my foot. - can you believe that? - mmm? - you're not listening to a word i'm saying, are you? - yes, i am! yes, i am... you said you were mending a car. seriously, johnny was a boxer once. i can't imagine johnny in tight shorts and boots. - well, actually, he had pretty good legs. - oh, really? what i mean is, i've seen the photos. you've seen photos of johnny's legs? how close are you two, exactly? - they're on his wall in his office. - oh, on the wall in the office. i could, um, i could show you if you like? mmm, yeah, i might take you up on that. but you'd better make it worth my while. oh, i will... shall we? i didn't mean to let you down. honest, uncle charlie. it's not only me, it's all of us.
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but i gotta look out for myself. yeah, but you don't, luv, you make things worse for yourself. i mean why did you do that when you've got us now? huh? have i, though? 'cause you could ditch me any time. the fact that i'm sitting here after what you did should give you a pretty big hint i'm not going nowhere. you're part of this family now. does that mean you forgive me? wouldn't go that far. i wanted a bit of excitement. there's other ways to get that, sasha. look at what we're working towards. this is our future. our own place together, me and you. is that not exciting? isn't it? yeah but they're your plans though, ain't they? they're not mine. look, i'm sorry, adi, it's not that i don't love you, - it's just... - what? i just want a bit of fun now and then, that's all. well, we have fun...
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don't we? ian: i can't understand why you'd keep something like this from me! jane: she hates me as it is. i was doing my best. your best was well off the mark, wasn't it? you'll learn when you get used to having kids. here we go... i wondered how long it would take. - ( tv playing ) - aah! finished! and not bad, if i say so myself. come on then, loverboy. martin? - you came, then? - yeah, i want some fresh air. - you sure about that? - positive. i don't mind you lying to me... but lying to yourself? it's never a good idea.
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chrissie: ooh, should've been a model, not a boxer. yeah, i can just see him on the catwalk. i wonder why people put their memories on a wall? - i dunno, he's probably just really forgetful. - ( chuckles ) is that your brother? yeah...afraid so. - by the way. - mm? happy birthday. oh, come on! there's two birds over there gagging for it. - can't, can i? - oh, forget sam! - mates don't do that. - oh, yeah? so where's your special friend now then, eh? - sorry, couldn't get away. - i'll get my coat. i don't believe it... with her! - so out of order! - i knew there was something going on! kareena, i didn't want to say anything, yeah?
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but you deserve so much better than that! you do! you deserve better! mickey! oh, mickey, mate... - look, that was me doing the kissing, not kareena. - in a minute, mate. - what you playing at? - same thing you were. what, you thought you'd take advantage, did ya? - what sort of mate do you think you are? - you're jealous? - you didn't give a monkey's about her before, mickey. - shut it! - come here! - ( glass breaks ) - bear with me, eh? - you'll get punched... hey, hey! that's enough! not in my club. - get out, man! he started it. - johnny: get out! - where's the trouble at? - my office. juley: mate! i don't believe it! - where do you think you're going? - hey, mr. a... - my office too! - all right? what have you been doing? i've been on my own most of the night. huh? well, garry's around. yeah, well i said i'd look after you, didn't i? all right, you can buy me a drink. - maybe you should've come on your own. - why? look, sam, who was there for you when andy made you homeless, eh? even after the way you treated me. i was, weren't i? and tonight i've let garry down for you.
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you haven't spent more than one minute with me! i just got a little bit sidetracked, minty. well, i think i've been sidetracked as well all this time. - you've used me, sam. - minty, i haven't! i'm moving on, all right? me and garry, we're going to get a flat together so, er, from now on you're on your own. about flaming time. ( bottles clink ) mmm...not bad! not too shabby yourself. - what's going on? - i was just showing chrissie your photos. yeah... nice legs, johnny. - turn your pockets out. - no. - that's private. - turn 'em out, or i will.
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if you come anywhere near my club again... it's your funeral. look, that loot has been planted on me, mr. a, yeah? - get out. - aah, come on... - don't. - out. what do i pay you for, danny? i can explain. sam came out, wandered off, i heard a scream, next thing i know she's being mugged. aaah... another mugging, right? - did you take him on? - he ran off. - flew off in his little spaceship? - honest. - she was being attacked! - all you had to do was stand on the door, danny. obviously too much to ask. the only thing that attacked sam was your lips. saw it all on the c.c.t.v. leave, danny.
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look... tomorrow, there'll be a brand-new danny standing outside that door. i promise. out. i still have got a job here, yeah? ( theme music playing )
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