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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in two minutes. now at six. an investigation that you don't see every day. >> we wonder how it involves the state. kristen has answers. you uncovered the number of placards has doubled in cuyahoga county. >> in the past 6 years, 40 people in the county have these blue tags that allow them to park in designated spaces. the reason, the bigger question, the answer depends on who you ask.
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>> for lisa it is a constant struggle to find a handicapped spot. >> full about 90% of the time. >> and it is problem she says she did not have to deal with in the past. >> that's very aggravating to her. >> especially aggravating because lisa travels for her job in northeast ohio. >> how easy is it to get a >> now as easy as it seems. >> christy alexander is a doctor and she has to sign off on a handicapped placard. certifying that the patient is end titled to it. among the 7 qualifications, the person can't walk 200 feet without stopping to rest and wheelchair and has cardiac
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we saw the significant number of plague cards. it has doubled. but why? >> we are going to see this trend. the baby boomers in the senior years, they are going to be a bigger part of the population. >> the obesity problem is a reason and so is the expansion of medicaid. more people have access to healthcare and for people that message. >> for people like myself who need it. >> we spoke to another doctor today that says that more people are getting joint replacement surgeries these days that would qualify a person for a placard like this one. they are good for five years before you renew them through the ohio department of motor vehicles. they only cost $3.50 but if you violate the rules, the fine is $250. live in cleveland, i'm kristin byrne.
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the effort to get more rape kits tested is making an impact. the bureau of criminal investigations have tested 12,000 of them. the tests led to more than 3000 dna hits. both the attorney general and cuyahoga account created a special task force to deal with the kits, 441 suspects have been indicted. after our chief investigator ron regan showed that police weren't turning them over to be tested. cleveland police are continuing to investigate a shooting outside of a playground. we have confirmed that a person was shot near a wreck center on east 46th. homa bash is there and will bring you more information as we get it. we also have new information tonight as police investigate a double fatal accident on i-71. this afternoon we received new video showing the moments leading up to the crash as you can see the driver was getting
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wrong way. narrow low missing a car before hitting another one. cleveland police say the car driven by urbannic collided with la kia brown. rta has fired the bus driver that got in a fight with a homeless man. they allegedly got in the fight after the man threw bus schedules on the floor and refused to pick them up. cleveland police are looking into two different assaults that happened overnight. first, a man was shot in the leg on russell road. he was taken to the hospital and is refusing to cooperate with police. then a man had a knife pulled on him after being asked for a cigarette. he refused to give the man one and was slashed on the ear.
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lookout for two inmates on the run. bill tucker and la shan shepherd escaped from the correctional facility in cleveland smashing a pool table through a window. the investigation under way now after a fire destroyed this home. it happened in chippewa township. more than ten departments responded this afternoon. at least one person was taken to the hospital. another person did safely escape. if you see news happening let us know, you can call, tech or email us at or tweet us at w ews. and a check on the weather with chief meteorologist mark johnson. i did not see my shadow. >> you did not so spring is right around the corner. i saw mine. so six more weeks of winter on the east side. right? all right. let's track on the power of five live doppler network radar. we got thunderstorms in toledo up towards detroit move that
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not affecting you or i but these here some small hints of a lightning bolt or two coming up towards mansfield. will ride i-71 towards cleveland in the next two hours and more showers and storms building southwest ohio. dayton and cincinnati and they're moving our way. clouds are thickening up. here is another round of rain to come in. this will produce the heaviest rain and winds above 30 to 40 miles per hour. 48 in cleveland and canton mid- 40s and ashtabula and wooster 46 and temperatures will hover in the middle and upper 40s for the next few hours. after midnight. the temperatures are going up, mid-50s at least by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. notice the rain showers. i think after 8 and 9 clock is your best shop at having some rainfall. notice 40s for the akron, canton area and mild overnight.
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will show you those and rain and thunder and tell you how long it will last with the spring like weather pattern coming up. now to democracy 2016. all night and morning and this afternoon iowa democratic party confirming hillary clinton won last night's caucus. >> and came by the tiniest of margins, it was a razor in this win pulling over 48.9% of of the votes hillary clinton was ahead and bernie sanders behind with .2 of a point. and in order to get the democratic nomination both clinton and sanders will fight for the 2382 delegates needed for the democratic nomination. martin o'malley is suspended
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how much does iowa matter. not that much. starting with the democratic side of the ten winners in iowa, six went on to be the party's nominee and that is not including 1996 and 2012 elections that went uncontested. of those six only two won the general election, jimmy carter and barack obama. of the republican side only three went on to be the nominee and they don't include three uncontested races for the general election only george w. bush succeeded. and chris starting in a few minutes republican candidates ted cruz and marco rubio will be holding their own rallies after pulling a 3-point win over donald trump last night. cruz took a red eye in new hampshire to hit the ground running and one candidate spending a lot of time in new hampshire is our governor. john kaisch. despite a poor showing of caucus votes last night kaisch is headstrong about his chances in new hampshire and going up
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i thought he was unstoppable i would go back to ohio. she is not unstoppable. a long way to the finish line and we think if we do well here we will emerge. >> new hampshire voters will be voting in their primary a week from today. now in order to place your vote here in ohio, make sure your voters registration information is up-to-date. the deadline to register to vote in the march primary is two weeks away. in order to go eligible up updated form needs to be postmarked by february 16th. if you need a form to update your information get it on the ohio secretary of state web site. your local county board of elections or head to your local library what starts in iowa ends in cleveland when the republican nominee is crowned at the q. >> and apartment dwellers
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derrick waller, we are not just talking apartments but restaurants as well. >> reporter: well you may have heard the rumors. there is greenhouse taverns to be rented out and maybe the first of large businesses to do the same. and there will be food and no it will not be open to the public. greenhouse's management is not commenting but the downtown cleveland alliance tells me with 50,000 people attending the convention including 15,000 journalists, expect other large event venues to get snatched up. >> twitter and other companies want to be at the center of the universe when it comes to politics and the convention. in the finals, where did espn end up, on east 4th street. >> reporter: and over the
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apartments got letters like this one talking about subleasing options and talking about what they are quoting is basically charging two months july. certainly a lot of people looking at the rnc as a way to make extra money. derrick waller, newschannel 5. the residents in sebring gets nervous about the water. bringing samples of the water to be tested for lead. after an elevated amount of lead was discovered. there was another thousand expected to be delivered today. the case of identity theft has landed a ross county inmate back in jail after he reportedly used his cell mate's identity. charlie dollarhide charged as his cell made. he was found later that night at a private home. we have more coming up on newschannel 5 at six. homes in the city of
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going to do to the value of your property. we will break down the numbers of what that means for you, the tax dollar. and apple is no longer the top of the crop when it becomes
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we will tell you who coming up. we have been keeping our eye on this. new numbers about vacant homes in cleveland. >> and maybe a hefty price tag for the city. >> meggen broke down the numbers what are the numbers. >> over 158,000 parcels in the city and says that 10% are vacant. many are unsafe on the cleveland's east side. more than 1600 vacant structures need to be demolished. the city is looking for $200 million in aid to pay for the solution to the vacancy problem. >> i think we can speak creatively about that money not for demolition but frankly mr. chairman and members of council if you get that number you will
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etch what you face out there. >> the st. clare superior and glenville northbound had the highest vacancy numbers. meggen hickey, newschannel 5. a news alert about the stock market. a bad day. the energy industry to blame. chevron had the worse results in ten years. the dow plunged 300 points and the nasdaq gave up one hundred apt s&p lost ground today. and to piggy back on that story. apple fell from the top branch of the money tree. google's new parent company alphabet toppled and shares up eight percent in opening trading and apple came surging public's most publicly traded company. and there is nothing to yahoo about talking about one of the country's leading internet companies.
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will lose their jobs. ceo marissa's event to turn profit margins into gain. losing ground to google and facebook. let's check in with mark here and not bad now but if you umbrella. >> and hold onto it because we got rain and wind. >> he better hold onto your air. >> i got extra aqua net. 35 miles per hour wind. i can handle it. >> like the donald. >> look at the outdoor cam. clouds thickening up after brief sunshine. buckeye chuck to see his shadow and predict 12 more months of winter. just kidding. six more weeks. tomorrow is actually the halfway point of winter. 45 days down and 45 to go. we have made it halfway. right?
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power of 5. but we have rain showers fast approaching. already moving to the viewing area. stuff over lake erie will truck north and east and this cluster a little lightning and thunder. we are looking for lightning bolts and not seeing any. moderate rain showers in medina an hour. let's track it hour by hour. look at this wetness. nine p.m. and most everyone by nine or ten clock will see rain or have seen a little bit. after ten p.m. more waves of rain coming into tomorrow morning sunrise time. 48 cleveland and 48 canton and 45 for ravenna and ashtabula and we got 21 miles per hour winds out of the southeast.
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gusts upward of 28 and cleveland's wind gusts at 29 and 28 in elyria and the winds will continue to increase. youngstown wind gusts 21 and i am thinking 49 wind gusts especially after midnight tonight through tomorrow morning's rush. hold onto the wheel if you are driving tonight and tomorrow morning. 50s the high today. 35 is the average. i think temperatures will go up especially after midnight. we will see this surge of warm air. you can see the warm air here. it is moving our way. charleston at 57 degrees. they had 60s today. i think a lot of you by tomorrow noontime will be at 60 degrees. maybe a degree or two higher. warm front for tonight and a couple of hours for this warm air and the front arrives middle to early afternoon and temperatures fall back. tonight showers and windy and isolated thunder and nothing severe.
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let's do 60s and that will occur around lunchtime or early afternoon. scattered showers rain and thunder early and we will wait for the front and falling temperatures by mid to late day. it will be, you will run the gamut tomorrow. tonight for akron 48, thunder, tomorrow morning rain and thunder. 61 near seven day, thursday a few snowflakes. 34, friday 38. back into the lower 40s and dry for your weekend. dry weekend. not bad. speaking of the weekend, superbowl. the ads can be better than the game. >> i look forward to that. >> and the commercials are showing up on social media. the heinz ad. a group of dogs to mead the condiment. >> and another one meet the ketchup. it played during sunday's game
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>> a lot of ketchup. >> a lot of the of it. speaking of ketchup. senior and junior will be here. you will hear from the proud poppa and we got a little breakingup. sounds like junie manziel and the browns are breaking up. the browns made a statement
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you will hear will hear that next. good riddance. it looks like johnny
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the browns is coming to an end. this on the heels of an incident in texas and says that these incidents undermine the hard work of his teammates and our organization. the browns will wait until march 9th if they will cut him when the new league year starts. >> i think that the only surprise was that it took them this long to respond formally to what took place over the fort worth area. 18 non-work stories have happened and no surprise. >> who is keeping track, 18. cavs are off and in charlotte. the coach is holding guys accountable. last night interesting. had a 16 point lead slip in
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score 30 points in the 3rd and rather than a time-out. the coach threw the guys to the wolves and it ends with a victory. >> we got to continue to play the same way we have been playing and they were looking at me and i knew my position but i wouldn't call a time-out or look at them. of it. >> the superbowl sunday for one local father it will be a trip of a lifetime. ted ginch sr. to play junior play. the coach has watched his son be a standout at ohio state and as a player in the nfl since 2007. the first time he played he was battling yankees and -- cancer.
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now he can see him. >> you can have that god in you to give you the strength and power and you know joy is always necessary for strength and now he has found that. >> and i talked to ted on the radio and i said can you enjoy this as a dad and he said for one minute because i got to enjoy it for everybody else. >> what a thrill to see him. >> the first time he was sick and now he can enjoy it. that's all. >> we will be cheering for the local ted ginn, jr. >> be back here at 11. have a good night. newschannel 5 at six has been brought to you by the ohio lottery cash explosion game,
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