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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  February 7, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. ohio state highway sergeant is recovering after being dragged by a suspect's car and continuing to chase him. i will have the latest live from portis county. >> and we have a problem. nobody else wanted to mention the problem. >> donald trump doubles down on his controversial conditions. the full recap of the gop debate and a sitdown with governor john kasich in just moments. first, we take a live look outside. the sunshine this morning in cleveland is creeping out and not lasting long, though, according to janessa. hello and welcome to this morning edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley with janessa webb and looking at the shot in downtown cleveland as you start
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still mild conditions and hanging around. but maybe not for too long, the sun. we'll see the clouds working in the late afternoon. this morning, lookingedded if. a beautiful shot out there. -- looking good, a beautiful shot out there. inland locations from richland county, medin a massillon, good morning. you're into the upper 20s. throughout the day, i am going to be talking about pitcheds in february. can you believe that? let's look -- about 50s in february. can you believe that? let's look at the temperatures toward the west in elyria. you're below the freezing mark into millageburg, coshockton, and canton in summit county. off to a cooler start and that south breeze, 15 to 20 miles an hour and that is going to allow for the warm-up throughout the afternoon and look at the high pressure building and that is why we're seeing a good amount of sunshine this morning as the sun starts to come up. you can see well towards the west, taking a wider view. we have an area of low pressure
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it will bure next clipper system and this will provide us with rain late tonight and then that will transition into equal opportunities for everyone to see a little bit of snow to kick off the workweek. so, let's soak this in before again. by 3:00, greater cleveland and we're at 49 degrees. and with just two days until the first primary in the country, the stakes couldn't be higher for the presidential can't dad -- candidates. significantly reduced republican april it -- april it debates took the poll at saint anselms last night and made for an interesting debate. >> how tough is it -- . >> a lot of times -- . >> property from an elderly woman. >> let me talk. quiet -- . >> out of time. [ booing ] >> what i worry -- . >> awkward moments throughout the debate.
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stayd away from the name calling and bickering, ohio governor john kasich. here's more from manchester. >> reporter: good morning. a strong night for the governor john kasich and what some call his best debate performance since cleveland and had a chance to talk to the governor about it after he got off of the stage. >> when did you feel like you hit your stride tonight? >> i have been doing well in a number of them. the problem with the debates, you get a limited time to come upicate. what i you come to a town hall might meeting, you see john kasich. when you try to pen me in with 30 and 60 seconds, it's hard. i am getting better at it. we needed this and i don't think -- it's another important hurdle to get over and our ground game is fantastic. there are hundreds and hundreds of people knocking on doors and if politics is true, we're
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tuesday and i am thrilled. >> does it move with the feel? >> the independence have been coming our way all along and we have to keep going. the key to it is you have to go, go, goal the way through the tame -- go all the way through the tape, a message to the people in cleveland and ohio. people have been supportive and they're kind of rooting for the hometown kid and i will never forget that. i love you, buckeyes. i'll be back soon. >> and that is -- not too soon, i hope but soon. >> yeah. >> and was there going? >> wait, i will be there at the convention getting nominated in cleveland. yes. >> and he will continue the full-court press in new hampshire with six more townhalls before polls open on tuesday and that is on top of the 100 he held already. john kosich for good morning cleveland. and we're telling breaking
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a state highway sergeant hurt during a traffic stop and the person responsible for injuring that sergeant is on the loose and that happened in ravena in portage county and that is latest. morning? >> reporter: well, nick, right now, several agencies are objectively searching for the suspect who is responsible for injuring that sergeant in the ohio state highway patrol. they tell me that they do have an i.d. on the person responsible as well as a vehicle description. it happened here on state route 225 in ravena. i am told the sergeant stopped the car for a routine traffic stop. sergeant jeff green asked the driver to shut off the car and get out, when the suspect started the car and took off inside. short distance. >> and he's very fortunate when he was able to disengage from the vehicle and that he rolled away by the vehicle.
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situation, it worked out where he sustained minor injuries. >> reporter: i am told, the state highway patrol tells me that after being dragged by the car, the sergeant got back in the cruiser and pursued the car for six miles going more than 100 miles an hour about backing out. there is an arrest warrant out for them. >> also, a 25-year-old is recovering at metro health hospital after being shot several times in maple heights. this man, the 26-year-old trevon johnson is facing attempted murder charges and shot the victim multiple times yesterday morning. johnson was apprehended in day. the arraignment is set for tomorrow. and thank you so much for starting your sunday here with us. i'm nick foley. coming up, football's greatest
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super bowl. the highlights from the nfl honors are next. >> and a dangerous strain of the dog flu hits cleveland. find out how to protect your pooch and janessa has the local weather. >> we're talking 50s today and in my seven-day, i will show you when the big massive cooldown and upper types return
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good morning, everybody. look at all of the bright sunshine out there already out
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not a cloud in the sky. but look at the left of your screen. we have a few clouds starting to work in and do you have the -- throughout the afternoon, you will see the sunshine fade away and we'll go with increasing clouds. what you can count on today is our daytime highs. wow, and that is 50s in february. well above normal and about a 10 to 15 degrees difference from yesterday and into medina into wayne county and daytime highs into the upper 40s. we'll see the south breeze picking up 15 to 20 miles per hour and winds are going to be different today into parma and pepper pike, beechwood. the sullen area and going to pick that up. that is what is allowing for the gradual warm-up. please soak the next 12 to about 15 hours in before we start to track rain and transitioning into snow for your monday. nick? >> and not going to have the temperatures for long.
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northeast ohio are on high alert and a new strain of the dog flu is spreading across the midwest. the first outbreak happened in chicago last spring and the flu transmission. ohio is on the list of affected states and most are in the cincinnati area. >> and that is on our radar and about. button. most of the guys less than, you ill. >> and just like in humans, puppies and older dogs are at risk more of getting the virus. a new vaccine was revently released -- recently released. >> and good luck, this is a look at the winning lottery numbers.
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. welcome back. 8:14 on your sunday morning. satellite launch or peaceful test. peaceful space program or one step closer to war. whatever north korea launched, it has countries across the world concerned. today, the u.n. security council is gathering to discuss a response. here's more on why this launch is so alarming. >> reporter: august 1998, mission failed. april 2009, a provocative act,
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rocket broke up one minute into flight. and december 2012, attempts by north korea to launching a satellite into space. only this one considered a success outside of the country. and north korean leader clearly delighted, claiming the satellite reached orbit and is working. a space program north korea has pumped billions into over the years but why? >> the weather forecasting, telecommunications broadcasting, science, agriculture mapping -- all of those things and there is legitimate interest; how far, there are military applications. -- however, there are military applications. >> reporter: the technology is the same whether you put a satellite on top or a nuclear warhead, why most of the world is convinced this is simply a ballistic missile test. the launches put militaries on japan's patriot missiles are stationed outside of the defense military.
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from the rocket to test capabilities and possible new sanctions and reminding about the resolutions that bar them from developing missile technologies. showing cnn the new satellite control center last year, scientists say that claims of missile tests are wrong my young scientists are working hard, the director said, to develop a satellite. the u.s. and western forces are -- [ indiscernible ] with the claims. but a satellite launch coming weeks after a forced nuclear test raises already heightened concerns. >> they need two pieces to their nuclear deterrent. they need the weapon itself and then they need the delivery system. they need a way to make feel feel like we can hit with you this. >> reporter: with each satellite launch, north korea is improving its capabilities and clearly that is more
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to international pressure. and more news from asia in taiwan, the death toll continues to rise after the country was rocked by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake this morning. it stands the 26 people killed and can still rise more. about 124 others still missing and rescue efforts continued overnight, trying to free those trapped you were the rubble. they collapsed a 17-story high- rise found at least 29 people still alive inside. in the past three days, the number of syrian refugees leaving their country and heading for the tush irk -- turkish border exploded. an estimated 35,000 reached turkey this weekend alone. the numbers are so high because of a resurgence in fighting near ale, o. as more --alepo. attentions are -- tensions are rising across europe. antiprotestors gathered in germany, the u.k., and france. clashes broke out between the
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france where marchers defied a government ban on protest and in prague, protestors lit a refugee center on fire. here in the u.s., tragedy unfolding in alabama. a three-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his 9-year-old sister. he found a loaded weapon in the nightstand yesterday afternoon and accidentally fired the gun. and the girl was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. and a new york city official said it may take weeks to determine why a huge construction crane came crashing down on the street, killing one person and crushing a row of parked cars. investigators are reviewing surveillance footage from nearby buildings and have recorded the computer that could provide some clues. and this morning, a homeowner on cleveland's east side has major cleanup to do today. and much of their fence and yard was destroyed in a house and damaged when a vehicle ran a stop sign and crashed.
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to the house and it happened around 8 last night at east 106th and edna road. and wisconsin authorities are going ice fishing for sunken vehicles. and a number of cars fell through cracked ice at the winter fest and snow sculpting competition. no people were inside the cars but it's going to take time to get them out of the lake and also, try to explain that to your insurance agent. >> and right? >> and taking a look closer to home, we're dealing with warmer >> right. >> and in wisconsin as well and >> yeah. >> and another day before. we have been kind of and we were talking about yesterday, in the middle of the oreo where we have seen storm systems on both sides and we're going to start to see some -- see some
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and for the -- your upcoming week, expect that winter mix to return. this morning, doesn't this sunshine just make you feel good inside? okay, smile. we're going to see the temperatures well above normal into the rest of the afternoon. and right now, we're at 34 degrees. and that is our normal daytime high. today, we are talking about 50s&in february and slightly cooler into the east and still, going to be into the upper 40s and across the board notice, we continue to be on the cooler side and into wayne county, stark and summit at 27 and but, at the airport, that is a nice 34 degrees and looking at the wider view, the power of 5 and live 5 radars not picking up moisture but clouds are starting to track in here from the west and due to an area of low pressure low pressure that
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move across chicago and saint louis and should be tracking our way into your overnight hours and this is another storm system well towards our east- southeast into raleigh, durham and jacksonville and this is going to, affect the primaries as we head into tuesday. travel, monday into tuesday afternoon. and what is going to happen here, the low that we're dealing with that is going to bring us snow is going to mix up some of the activity and cause a big time cooldown. the hour-by-hour, you're sitting in all of that sunshine right now. the look by 3:00, as you're stepping out to your super bowl parties and getting prepared. we're not looking at any moisture. mostly cloudy conditions. by game time as you're sitting in front of the tv at 47 degrees, and our temperatures are above normal and this is an area of low pressure and it's associated with a cold front, an alberta clipper moves in here and this is not just lake
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this will be an equal opportunity again for everybody to get a good dusting of snowfall as we head into tomorrow. this is an overnight event and will be affecting your early morning commute. the rain and snow mixture throughout the 10:00 hour. you can see bigger bans moving more towards the east and the southern portion from coshockton, canton and southern counties. the temperatures serve to warm up. elyria into wayne county, massillon and mansfield, 38 and expect a wintery mix and give yourself some extra time for tomorrow morning. the extent throughout the day, you can see by 10:00 and we're dealing with some scattered snowfall. today, clouds start to work in and we're going to go with 47 near 50 for most locations and even our overnight lows are warming up to 37 degrees.
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talking about the upper 40s or 50s and we transition into more snow activity. 36 and mid-week. you will shake your head wednesday into thursday. the temperatures are not pretty here. we're down to the feel like of near zero thursday evening. nick? >> the chill is back. thank you, janessa. and in sports news, the two- game skate is over for the cavaliers and they put in a dominating performance against the pelicans and a special honor for the face. >> reporter: after leaving friday night's game with a quad injury, kevin love did not play as the cavs hosted the pelicans and trying to avoid the third straight loss after losing at the buzzer to the celtics on friday night. the cavs with a lead early on in part because of irving. he had a hot hand early on and gets the 3. cavs up 17-10 and with the game high 29 points on the night. the cleveland state -- almost
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pelicans in this one. the cavs up, 61-62 and with 3 of his own. he had a team high 26 points and the cavs not letting this go and with the steal and cavs hold on for a 99 win and avoid a three-game skid at the coach and with that progression of kyrie irving. among the players on the court was the former cleveland state basketball star who had a great night despite the fact that his team came up short. he was in court yesterday before cleveland state hosted oakland. the vikings retired his jersey. on hand for the ceremony was the teammate and cavs leader lebron james. he was in up to, of course, because of last night. the pelicans played the cavs as i previously mentioned. coal is the third men's basketball player in cleveland state history to receive the honor and he played for cleveland state from 2007-2011
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first round of the nba draft in 2011. and he lead csu to the last nca appearance in 2009. yesterday, he -- this time at cleveland state. >> and i didn't have a lot of time to waste, you know. if you wanted to be good, you had to put extra hours into the gym and i had course work to do and i learned how to multitask pretty good and my time went good and i made sure i got my class work in and all my court and weight room, my physical weight in, to be a chance to be a special player. >> and the super bowl later today, the panthers taking on the broncos. kickoff is at 6:30 and that is it for morning sports. and thank you. before tonight's super bowl, the nfl last night handing out the league honors. no browns in the mix but familiar faces at the ceremony. and they wera hand to present a
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ovation from the crowd. and the honors are held the night before the super bowl to look back on the season. the coach of the year went to watch rivera of the panthers andup surprising, cam newton took home offensive player of the year and mvp and had to accept the honors with a prerecorded speech. he's getting ready for a big game. >> and i would like to thank every person that doubted me because you made me metter. >> yeah, love him or hate him. the honors included the unveiling of the year's hall of fame inductee class this year, kevin green, stanfield, bunyi, table -- stabler, pace, and farve will be heading to the hall in canton. and another nfl quarterback is in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.
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words of wisdom from someone who knows a thing or two of distractions. charlie sheen taking to twitter and telling him to refocus all of the energy on health and football. it's never too late to get a fresh start. and manziel currently being investigated by dallas police. his ex-girlfriend said he hit her several times but she is -- he is denying the claims. and coming up, a state trooper recovering after a traffic stop turns dangerous. and despite several heated exchanges, it's the flood entrance that has everyone talking this morning. we'll show you what happened.
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. time now is 8:30 on your sunday in cleveland. police officers nearly run off of the road by two juveniles during a traffic stop. >> and another ohio officer injured. this time during a high-speed chase and shootout in canton and we'll hear from witnesses of the wild scene. welcome to this sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley and meg shaw is live in ravena where a state trooper is recovering. we'll go to megfor more in a minute. first, a check on the weather with janessa webb. you have to take advantage of the warmer temperatures. huh? >> and quickly today, we're
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if you're just waking up to all of this goodness we're seeing, bright sunshine and that is going to go,way into the mid- afternoon. this is a great shout of our live cam in wayne county. you can see the whimsical clouds out there and we're still seeing green grass for the weekend, the first weekend of february. my super bowl graphic here, you will see the clouds moving in late afternoon but daytime highs nearly 10 to 15 degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. that rain and that snow is starting to come as our next system quickly approaches. right now, across the boardland locations, wayne county, massillon and good morning. canton into the upper 20s, the warm spot and the airport at 34 degrees. a little bit of high pressure is building into the east and the south and you can see from
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county, the islands, kelly islands and seeing the clouds working in and that is due to this area of low pressure and that is going to change the whole game as we head into late tonight and early morning as we're tracking rain transitioning into snow to kick off the week. hour-by-hour soaking today up. nick, i was looking at the extended forecast. and this time next weekend, i am going to be talking about overnight lows. >> and this winter's been interesting to see the least up and down the roller coaster. and breaking overnight, a state highway sergeant dragged by a car during a traffic stop. the police are searching for the driver responsible and meg good morning, meg. >> you good morning, nick. and right now, police have an arrest warrant out for the driver. thankfully the sergeant involved sustained minor
8:29 am
by the car and it happened on state route 225 here in vavenna before 7:30 saturday night. they told me he pulled the car over for speeding and asked the driver to get out. moments later, he was dragged with his arm inside the suspect's car. after pulling himself away, he got into the cruiser and pursued the car for six miles, going more than 100 miles an hour. >> and did a very good job, you know. he was able to get back to his vehicle and he sustained minor injuries and, you know, he was able to use good judgement. >> reporter: the ohio state highway patrol said sergeant green backed off of the chase because they do have an i.d. on the driver involved and a vehicle description. and they actively searching for the driver. as for the sergeant, he is okay
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he went to the hospital but was released. live in ravena, meg shaw, newschannel 5. and very fortunate news for the sergeant this morning and thank you so much. nie details about a similar incident in cleveland. police officers nearly run off of the road by two juvenile suspects near east 65th and morgan. officers spotted a suspect driving a stolen buick. when the officers arrived, he tried to pull the vehicle over. the driver took off and turned around and tried to hit one of the officers. during that turn, the car blew to run. they were eventually caught and arrested for felony assault on a police officer. and this morning, the canton police officer is recovering from multiple goneo shot wounds after a domestic disturbance in hardin county. the sheriff said that the officer responded to the call late afternoon with other officers but the suspect steve davis took off in a vehicle stopping to exchange gunfire
8:31 am
the officer was struck. >> stopping owner -- one or two times in the meantime and firing on my deputy -- deputy who returned the fire. >> and he was wearing a bulletproof vest taken by a deputy to a nearby hospital. the suspect spect crashed -- suspect crashed his vehicle and was found dead from a gunshot wound. investigators are trying to determine if it was self- inflicted or from the exchange with police. and in cleveland, investigators are concluding the search for fire victims this morning. the video shows this house up in flames just after noon yesterday. and an elderly wheelchair bound woman was found at the scene and they thought there could be another body in that rubble because the roof collapsed. the woman killed lived in the home for decades. >> and she was a close family friend of my mom.
8:32 am
her since i was a little kid was a little kid. >> and another early morning fire on east 133rd street claimed the life of a 28-year- old man and neighbors tell newschannel 5 that the victim was cooking and apparently fell asheep. and out of akron, a suspected human trafficking victim found thanks to a crime. offense in january tipped police off about a teen working as an escort in the area. the human trafficking unit was able to track her cell phone and found her at a home in akron and found online ads where she was identified. no arrests were made in this investigation yet. and today is the final day to help cleveland police officers in the second district reach their goal of keeping the homeless warm. so far, the community responded with overwhelming support and
8:33 am
dozens of jackets and other winter items were collected. to help, drop off your donations at the second district headquarters. >> and we newschannel 5 is in the community few funding a new cause and funding for an organization that does serious work. record attendance in east lake last night for casino royale, a fund raiser for women's safe and that organization helps thousandsef year throughout the area and provides emergency shelter and support services to survivors of domestic violence. >> and -- a breathe of outreach services in northeastern ohio like councilling, art therapy, education and outreach in the school and it's events like this with keeps them free. >> and our own danita harris was the emcee of the event and organizers were hoping to raise more than $2,300 this year. and next time good morning cleveland, we're fact checking
8:34 am
and find out the facts if kasich or bush can be trusted and there is more to the super air tonight. why previews ads are so hot again this year. >> and from sunshine to snow. when that snow touches down in
8:35 am
. good morning, everybody. i'm power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb.
8:36 am
the sunshine galore out there and in lorain county. doesn't matter where you are at. you're in lake county, geauga and seeing a a few clouds and that is going to pick up as we head into the mid-afternoon. as we're tracking our next storm system, our live 5 radar is on the power of 5 and not picking up any moisture. just a few clouds out there and look at the temperatures on the cooler side out towards inland locations from new philly and into stark to summit county. we're below the freezing mark with the hotspot this morning at the airport currently and at 34 degrees. what you're going to notice is the winds throughout the afternoon. and that is coming in from the south, 15 to 20 miles an hour. yesterday, they were on the light side and pick up here as approach. and that is what is allowing for the warm-up. yesterday, we had official highs into the upper 30s and you are loving that. nick, you're going to love everything about today. look at this.
8:37 am
bowl parties and stepping out and about for a nice long run today. and rate degrees. i want to show you my bar graph here and this is completely off of the charts. remember this day next weekend because we're going to see that big time fall in our temperatures going into next week. >> definitely going to enjoy. i know what is coming. and happening today in cleveland, the chinese lunar new year celebrations are getting started early. the year of the monkey officially begins tomorrow. the asian town center is hosting the annual party today. starting at noon, there will be a line dance, food, and music. it might be february but people might be thinking spring this weekend. the great big home and garden show underway. the annual event features the latest trends in home remodeling and landscaping. >> and see what other people are doing and check on the sizes of the -- sites of the
8:38 am
you wish you could v. >> this year's highlights include entertainment homes, urban farm houses and she sheds, the female version of man caves. the great big home and garden show runs through february 14th. and if you see news happening, let us know.
8:39 am
. wax. 8:45 on your sunday.
8:40 am
rearview and new hampshire in their sights, democrat and republican presidential hopefuls are in the granite state ready for round two and into november. we are teaming up with politi fact. holding politicians accountable for the things they say on the campaign trail and their tv ads as well. today, jameson yuller fat checks bernie sanders and jeb bush. >> reporter: in iowa, democratic candidate bernie sanders is pushing forward with a new campaign ad showing the side of sanders with working class americans. >> if you're doing everything right and find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. almost all new -- the top 1%. >> reporter: there are three claims there. longer hours and lower wages are the first two to politi fact said is hard to pinpoint without a time frame. >> and it's one big package. and he's leading -- leaving out some of the details and not as
8:41 am
>> reporter: americans are working less hours that know they did in 1980 and earning more. how about that claim that almost all new income goes to the top 1%? >> that was true until 2009. and actually again, the recreation and the recovery is to -- the picture a lot. and a lot of wealth not as much as used to be. >> reporter: politi fact showing his ad as half true. on the republican side, a new ad running in new hampshire funded by a super pack senting jeb bush is going after john kasich on ohio's budget. >> had the one of the rating on spending of any governor in the country. republican or democrat. >> reporter: the ad accurately -- a report by the cato institute. the kasich campaign said a complex change to ohio's budget was inaccurately reflected. >> they're changing the whole calculation and how this report came together. and so if you're john kasich,
8:42 am
accurate, we can see his point and jeb bush's super pack cited the report accurately. >> reporter: politi fact rating this ad half true. if that ad is successful in new hampshire, it puts kasich at the bottom of the polls like in iowa. some experts predict it could end his bid for the white house. we'll see you back here next week for another politifact check. and one of the most talked about moments happened before podiums. carson. carson did not hear his name being announced and instead, stood around awkwardly while him. a stage hand tries toway him out but he doesn't get the hint and eventually the same thing happened to donald trump as well. the awkwardness of the moment was mentioned on saturday night
8:43 am
and that is on saturday night live as well. joining us now. weather, i guess. one more day and we're taking a temperatures. >> and the cold is back. you know, even me. weather-wise, it's going to feel like a nice spring day. the shout out towards ravena area and well towards the right of your screen. you can see that sunshine to the left. look at the clouds there starting to work in and you're going to say, wow, today is a lot warmer than yesterday and that is going to feel like spring. this is a friendly reminder. the first day of spring is march 20th, 42 days away and we're going to track in the cooler temperatures. and this is the weekend where you need to remember a great start in february.
8:44 am
going to send me e-mails and we'll be back into the single digits. 34 degrees right now out towards the airport and inland locations. wane county into akron and even though kirtland area and into willow wig, you're into the upper 20s and off to a cool start as the high pressure is starting to build and that is what is allowing for a little bit of sunshine. well towards our west from toledo and all the way towards the islands. you can see a cloud coverage show its way in. into the mid-afternoon, that will work across the northeast ohio area. hour-by-hour, you can see how the game kind of changes here. and all of that sunshine for icons from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 but as we head into the rest of the day, we'll turn back into mostly cloudy systems. and what we're tracking here is the next area of low pressure and an alberta clipper is going
8:45 am
into the early morning hours. it's going to start around 3:00 a.m. where we see a bit of rain and as we head into your early morning that is where we transition into that as well. and this is another area of low pressure that is affecting the carolina coast right now. it's still well offshore. as it starts to rev up here, we have the new hampshire primary happening tuesday. and this is really going to disrupt travel here. it's going to mix in with this area of low pressure crossing over northeast ohio and cooler air and that moisture is going to allow for a good dose of snow across the east coast. and now, closer to home, timing is everything. as you're out and about today, the super bowl parties are ending and we're on the dry side. no need to fret for that. and it's an overnight event where the moisture tracks in
8:46 am
it's still widespread for the early morning commute and into 11, 12 and we're not in the clear all day long. we'll see spotty showers throughout your monday. so, today, 47, near 50 for most locations. and this will be the last time i talk about 50s for the next five to seven days. 33 as we head into tonight. and south breeze, 10 to 15 miles an hour and here comes the cooldown. look at this by next thursday, friday, the wind chills will be nearing zero and next saturday is not playing nice at all. the daytime highs into the lower teens. >> and get the extra layers out of the closet. thank you, janessa. if you're not interested in football, odds are you will watch for the commercials. and in our age of information, companies unveiling the ads days and weeks ahead. he's more on what to expect and explains why the stakes are so high.
8:47 am
this year, marilyn monroe. -- [ indiscernible ] >> are you walking for these? >> and icon of tv show, scott baio. >> gone want to see scott baio? >> those are a few celebs appearing in ads during the game, selling everything from candy bars to cars. budweiser enlisted star power. >> hello, i'm helen mirren. >> reporter: with a message for drunk drivers. >> you simply put, are short- sighted, utterly useless oxygen wasting human form of pollution. >> we're moving on back? >> reporter: has jeff goldbloom scaling the high- rise building to bump into more famous folks. >> is that. >> everyone, and weezie? >> reporter: taco bell is using mystery to advertise something new. >> every people in the commercial will know what it is. >> reporter: the ads start a green brick and avocados of
8:48 am
>> and this caused the civil war. >> reporter: gma went behind the scenes for the making and getting the glimpse of the game day pressure ad exec space. >> and you look down and you wait for 10 secs to see what twitter said. oh, gosh, okay, we're good. >> and in super bowl, a minute or so of ads is worth about $9 million of airtime. and that is because the 32nd
8:49 am
. welcome back. janessa, take us home with the final forecast. >> 47 and near 50 for some spots and look at the big time, about 20 degrees temperature drop tomorrow. all the way into next week and by next weekend, single digits for overnight low. >> and a pattern of weekend >> yes. >> and done. >> get ready for the cold temperatures all week long. us. we'll be back at 10:00 and this is next. 10:00.
8:50 am
. >> i'm sarah carns, lifestyle consultant melinda mckenzie is here to show the best-kept valentine's day. doesn't matter if you're in a new relationship or married for 30 years. this miracle product is helping you feel the best on the most romantic day of the year. welcome. >> thank you. >> and tell me, i know it's not just valentine's day, it's every day. but i think especially on valentine's day. we want to look our best. what do you have? >> power swab is taking the country by the storm. a two-part process in five minutes your teeth will be two shades whiter and the entire week, six shades whiter. you take the swabs go pop them open and take the stains off first and take them off of camps, crowns, and it tastes great, no rinsing or spitting and take the whitener and pop
8:51 am
areas you want to focus on. you can get this through television sales. it's exciting. >> and that is amazing. with other whiteners, you have the sensitivity issues? >> yeah. >> and that is the biggest question we get. the reason we don't have the sensitivity issue is because we add the moisture first before putting on the whitener so our seating are -- teeth are not exciting. >> we're going to number eating of chocolate. stains on the teeth. is that getting rid of that? >> everyday life, the teeth will get stained because you're taking the stapes off first before the whitener and it will stay whiter longer, two shades in five minutes and six in seven days. >> and i know you have a special offer? >> if they call and talk about this segment, they will get free shipping and a third kit free and three of the 16-ounce removers, one for every kit they order. >> and this is incredible. five minutes a day to whiter
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