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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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first we need to talk about the mess on our radar right now. what started as a rainy morning has turned into a snowy evening. >> we september our storm trackers out there in that nasty weather to give you a firsthand look at what kind of shape the roads are in. we want to warn folks out there what you are seeing outside, that is just the beginning. there's an arctic blast coming our way. we're talking about temperatures in the single digits. >> but first let's talk about tonight and why the snowfall is a bit different than we're used to. chief meteorologist mark johnson, walk us through what happened. >> it is not lake-effect snow. that's the thing. we've got it on the west side, the east side, south side, and some of you on the southern portions of our viewing area the fringe there could get a lot more than the rest of us. hear you go with our live look. our downtown sky cam. this is what you are driving through, folks. murky skies, low visibility, and very wet roads with some falling snow, moderate at
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this is an unusual alberta clipper system. why? because normally alberta skippers just ski-daddle on through. that's why you call at clipper. but this one stalling out and that's going to allow little areas of energy to rotate around this stalled out clipper through the evening and the overnight. right now for greater cleveland watch this snow beginning to pull north and east. snowing downtown, snowing interstate 90 up towards madison. into ashtabula could be some rain. we're drying out from lorain county into medina, wooster and akron-canton, so drier air there. here is what we're watching. we're watching for an area of moderate to heavy snow from mansfield to ashland into wooster and millers berg. this is where our commuter suggests two to four inches of snow.
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through ashland and richland dicey. this area from greater cleveland up the shoreline towards ashtabula will still see moderate snows through the evening. temperatures now in the 30s. so here we go. rain check, snow check, there's that band of snow around mansfield and ashland. scattered snow tonight, heaviest south and west of greater cleveland. we're tracking a very cold weather weekend. our friend mr. rudder is out live tracking the weather. >> reporter: hey mark, we're on i-480 westbound south of brooklyn to give you an idea what it looks like outside. not sure if you can see, there right now. not a whole lot. not very big flakes right now, butts kind of reducing our visibility a little bit. can be difficult to see.
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from those cars in front of us. light snow falling right now. you can see the roadways are pretty wet. looking at our temperature gauge we're at 34 degrees, so we're approaching that freezing mark. it could cause these wet roadways to freeze up. we've seen several odot crews treating the roads. exercise caution on these wet roadways in case they are indeed frozen up. that's how it looks out here in storm tracker 5. back inside to the studio. >> all right, be careful out there, buddy. meantime we want to make sure you don't get caught in the snow. all you have to do is download our new snowcast app. you can also dunn load snowcast now from apple's app store. a news alert out of dallas. >> new accusations against johnny manziel by his ex- girlfriend. >> an application for a protection order says he
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her ear dream in a fight. >> danita harris joins us from the live desk. >> colleen crowley filed this application for the order. she recounts the last time the two were together in dallas on the night of january 29th. some disturbing details. this is a four-page affidavit. it states the abuse started after a night of partying. crowellly says the two started arguing in his hotel room over another woman. then she guess on to say when she tried to leave manziel's hotel room he restrained her. he allegedly forced her into his car. at one point he told her to shut up, or, quote, i'll kill us both. at another point she jumps out of his car and he went after her. she wrote in her protective order that he hit her so hard for trying to get away that she can't hear in her left ear. now, manziel signed the protective order against him last week. he must stay away from his ex for two years and pay her legal fees. dallas police met with manziel
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been charged with any criminal wrong doing. lee. now all new at 5:00, we have new information about a website that police say showed naked pictures of girls from twinsburg. our kristin volk is live downtown. kristin, you found out there are as many as 14 victims. >> reporter: all of them, lee, are underage, some of them completely naked in those photos. that's what this search warrant says filed by twinsburg police. i spoke to a cyber crimes attorney here in downtown cleveland who tells me unfortunately this case is not unique. >> girls from twinsburg was the title of the actual site on tumbler. >> reporter: according to this search warrant, the pictures were uploaded to this popular blog site by capturing a screen shot. >> there's faces and some are no faces. >> reporter: sergeant mark tells me some of the pictures
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some were identified by their first name. this warrant explains that the victims are twinsburg high school students. police caught on when a guidance counselor notified the school's resource officer on january 27th. senate's extremely common. it's extremely scary just how much is out there. >> reporter: ian friedman is an attorney who specializes in cyber crimes. friedman tells me the pictures may still be going around. >> it's out there, and people already could have gotten it and they're reposting. >> what was the motivation behind this? can you tell? >> no. we think it's kids being kids. >> reporter: police have made no arrests yet but they do expect to identify the person or people behind the site this week. and as for the previous lens of catching these types of perpetrators? >> very small percentage of people who post improper content on-line that are actually brought to the
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justice. versus sheer volume. >> reporter: there are 61 day. the company september me a statement saying they are fully cooperating and communicating with all parties involved. the twins burg school district did not respond to may request for an interview. volk, newschannel5. in less than a day new hampshire's unpredictable voters will cast their ballot in the second contest of the 2016 presidential race. >> we're talking about pac schedules and sharp attacks. what's going on, chris? >> the candidates are pushing hard to get voters out. it is a nonstop day of rallies to energize supporters and town halls to lure those undecided voters. on the democratic side bernie sanders had a commanding 14- point lead over hillary clinton but she is not ready to concede the state that she won back in 2008.
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president bill clinton, went on the offensive today attacking bernie sanders' record, his healthcare plan, and accusing some of his supporters of being sexist. >> people who have gone on-line to defend hillary and explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling. >> anybody who is supporting me and doing sexist things, we don't want them. i don't want them. >> as for the republican presidential hopefuls, really a race for second. the latest polls show donald trump with a commanding lead. for the rest of the pack, it could be do or day. 30% of voters still undecided. in new hampshire remember independent voters can vote in that primary. >> chris, thanks. continuing with new hampshire primary just a day away there are some concerns about winter weather hampering turnout. look at this right here. we're going to pull it up and show you what's going on in nearby connecticut. right here behind me you see
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there were people hurt when this bus overturned on a snow covered interstate in madison. right now our john kosich is live just a few hours north of that wreck in manchester. john, grab your coat later because there's a winter storm warning in effect. >> reporter: yeah, winter storm warnings in effect until 6:00 tomorrow morning. six to eight inches of snow expected. but remember here in new hampshire communities under 100 can start voting as early as midnight. all this snow, though, did not keep governor kasich away from campaigning one last time across the statement on the shoulders of new hampshire voters governor john kasich put the future of the presidential message he has been pushing. >> i want to take this to the whole country. so if i don't get to do it, it's your fault, so let's leave it right there. >> reporter: so in the snow he went, stop to stop, seeking to reach in the decided voters. political veterans say there are a lot of them.
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are going to vote on tuesday are currently trying to make up their minds. >> reporter: going out in the snow is not something people in new gland like any more than those in northeast ohio. but some believe this could actually benefit kasich. >> in bad weather the more voters are going to be the ones that turn out. what does that do to a candidate that hasn't done the ground game? i think it's going to be hurtful. >> if it were a really big snow, it would make a difference. certainly it would be to our advantage. >> reporter: but, kasich supporter, john sununu says snow or no snow he's expecting a record turnout which also works for them. >> i think a high turnout means a lot of late deciders, people who are tuning in later, and we're going to win those late deciders. they're not going to go for trump. if you're not for trump now, you're never going to be for trump, or jeb bush or ted cruz. >> reporter: yeah, they are the competition.
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there are 260,000 registered republicans but 380,000 registered independents. they can vote in either primary. it seems to be between john kasich and bernie sanders, a lot of how they tend to be going. we're here live. governor kasich is going to be having one last town hall, his 106th. that will be at 6:00 tonight. then we're going to head outside, unfortunately, for an outdoral lee. reporting live in manchester, john kosich, newschannel5. >> by the way, john is the only local reporter on the ground in new hampshire, and he will continue his live coverage leading up to the new hampshire primary tonight at 6:00 and 11:00. he will also keep us updated on the action all day tomorrow when voters head to the polls for the second contest in this presidential primary season. an off-campus crime rocks kent state. >> a student is dead, and a high schooler is in jail. next on 5, what police know about the other two suspects still on the run.
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virus threat continues to grow with american olympians being this one out. and a major budget request from the president. and on the heels of the news that barbie got a makeover with new sizes and body shapes, one woman is on a quest to show the iconic toy can go even further to inspire all kinds of girls around the world. a cruise ship nightmare. hear from some of the passengers stuck on this vacation gone terribly wrong after mother nature decided to
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developing tonight in kent, a lot of people stunned after a student was murdered. >> the victim was a freshman who seemed to have a bright future. the suspect, a local high school student. bob jones asked police what led up to the deadly confrontation. >> reporter: kent police tell me they have many unanswered questions but they're determined to figure out why this happened. an 18-year-old kent state student who was liked by so many was shot and killed inside a third floor apartment. >> keep breathing, bro, keep your eyes open. >> a call to 911 from inside
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303, nick, visiting friends, was the victim. >> my apartment just got robbed. my friend got shot. they had guns on us and they said they were going to shoot. >> nick died at the scene. >> he will be definitely missed. >> it was heartbreaking news for nicole who was nick's orientation instructor last semester. >> he was the light in the class. i could always count on him to answer questions or to chime in. >> the lieutenant told me the investigation revealed three people wearing bandannas charged into the apartment, robbery the apparent motive. money was stolen. one of the residents provided a crucial clue. >> my roommate says he knows who it was, he thinks. >> that led police to a 17-year- old suspect what was a student at a high school. he was arrested and charged with aggravated murder. it's not clear if the juvenile had any connection to nick. police are still looking for at least two others. >> we're working very hard to
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we would like to know why an 18- year-old man lost his life. >> a friend has told newschannel5 he wants justice for nick who she described as sweet and genuine. >> it makes me nervous. it makes me uncomfortable. at the same time, it could happen anywhere. just because it happened here doesn't make this a bad place. and now developments about the growing zika virus outbreak. the u.s. olympic committee is now considering whether at whose should go to rio. also, the obama administration asking for $1.8 billion to fight the virus known to spread through mosquitoes. $1.4 billion would be used to protect americans here. $400 million would combat zika around the world. >> what we're hearing is that we aren't ready. there's a lot that has to happen before spring and summer comes and mosquitoes start spreading viruses.
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outbreak, many celebrating carnival seemed undeterred. the u.s. olympic committee is telling sports federations that athletes and staff concerned for their health over the zika virus should consider not going to the olympic games in august. >> my goodness, thinking about these young athletes who spent a lifetime to go to the olympics, and now a mosquito- borne virus derails their plans. >> they'll get a handle on it, just like he bo. what. closer to home, a messy ride. >> we told you last week. remember, thursday and friday i put out this weather alert for monday because it was going to be sloppy and slushy and wet and some bursts of moderate snow. we've got that going on outside right now where you are. let's show you chardon. a live look from storm tracker five. look at the wet highways. there's some accumulation on the grass. highways are wet enough where the snow has basically melted off. but again it is going to be a slow go.
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on the highways and byways. as temperatures fall tonight, it means snow could stick and cause some very slippery spots. let's show you what's going on outside right now across the area. temperatures hovering in the lower and middle 30s across much of the region. the arctic air is going to stay away for the next couple days but it is coming. now let's track the snow. here's our current live doppler network. the main bands of snow rotating towards the north and east still impacting greater cleveland, up into lake and ashtabula counties and back into northern lorain county. akron and canton just a couple of flurries, pretty much dry. more scattered snow showers from mansfield to akron. we're going to zoom into greater cleveland. a slow commute home. wet highways. things are just slippery. just drive with care.
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warnings out. what we're watching carefully, mansfield, ashland, perhaps into wooster and millersberg, between now and midnight are computers are suggesting we get a solid band of snow. we can already see development of snow showers. right now two plus inches of snow are possible where this persist. a couple of our computer models are blowing out a five-inch total, maybe higher. not quite ready to jump on that bandwagon but the point, mansfield, wooster, millersberg, this area here has the best shot of accumulating snows. we will see more scattered snow showers from cleveland east into the snow belt, but all in all it should be quieter for areas in between. akron, medina, revein that should qie -- ravenna should quiet down. 36 currently in ashtabula. your evening temperatures
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showers on and off. not widespread snow. not widespread accumulations. pattern. we've got a stuck alberta clipper that's going to sit just to the north of lake erie. a front is coming in. there will be areas of snow that wrap around it so we'll see that on and off for the next couple of days. by wednesday morning we will likely, as the low pulls away, to have daily with some lake- effect squall activity. 29 tonight, isolated snow. generally a trace to an inch but that band down toward mansfield, maybe enough to shovel. we will watch it for you throughout the evening. 33 tomorrow, scattered snow apartment trace to two inches where the snow bands per sit. cold and breezy. akron and canton, overnight tonight scattered snow, 30 degrees. tomorrow more scattered snow, a high of only 33. there's more live on 5 with
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jason nicholas is here with the teacher of the week. >> our teacher of the week, sixth grade in cleveland. take a look. in this week's newschannel5's teacher of the week we travel to st. jerome school in cleveland where sixth grade teacher theresa morgan got our surprise honor. >> congratulations, mrs. morgan, you have been nominated for channel five's teacher of the week. >> oh, yea! thank you! i'm excited. i was not expecting this, but i am so glad that i have touched the hearts of may children, as i call them my children. i am so happy, but i'm not going to cry. >> reporter: ken eggers
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congratulations teresa morgan. >> she kept it together, did not cry. if you would like to nominate a deserving teacher for our newschannel5 ohio savings bank teacher of the week it's very easy. head over to they thought the violence was over. >> now there's a new case to solve three months after a string of armed robberies in little italy. at crew shaking up people in that neighborhood. the price at the pump has a lot of drivers smiling lately so why is the fuel surcharge on trash bills still so high? we set out to get an explanation.
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back with our top stories at 5:00. we just received the protective order johnny manziel's ex-
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she says he tack her phone and threatened to kill her. she says the 23-year-old hit her so hard that she lost hearing in her left ear. so far, though, no criminal charges have been filed. president obama asked congress for $2 billion to fight the zika virus. most people experience mild or no symptoms, but the virus is suspected of causing a devastating birth defect. pregnant women are being warned to avoid travel to affected areas. a blizzard advisory not slowing down the john kasich for president campaign. ohio's governor stumped through the snow in new hampshire today. predictions for voter turnout high but the weather may keep some people away from the polls. governor kasich "our john kosich he is confident. >> we're going to get hit and miss snow showers through thursday and friday. it's kind of a return to winter
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a live look on route 44 north, just going by mentor road there on 44 just out of char don, right next to the ohp, ohio highway patrol station. now we're moving north toward concord township. roadways everywhere you go very, very wet right now. here's why. we've got this complex little suspect that's just setting up these little areas of snow and rain mixing in. it is an alberta clipper, but why? because alberta clippers move very fast and are outta here. this guy, no, stalling out, is going to sit right here for about 1 hours. so we're going to get little pieces of energy in the form of scattered snow showers rotating around this low, all the way into wednesday. i think wednesday we begin to up. right now, greater cleveland under the gun for some light to briefly moderate snow.
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they're about to get into more snow as they move up toward hamden township. watch down around mansfield and ashland another band of snow trying to form there. hour-by-hour hit and miss snow gradually tapering ocht most of us not much more than a dusting, but mans field and ashland you could get upwards of an inch or two of snow by midnight. lower 30s through 9:00 p.m. akron and canton some scattered light snow. lower 30s through 9:00 p.m. john rudder on the west side which also received some snow today thanks to this alberta clipper. you're moving pretty quickly on the roadways right now. >> reporter: yeah, moving pretty good. traffic not really an issue. we're headed back east. last time we talked to you we were headed westbound on 480. we found some snow. we figured since it's moving east we might as well flip around and try to keep up with it.
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moving eastbound, a little southwest of garfield heights. you can see some blue there on the radar that we are dealing with. outside, some very similar conditions to what we were dealing with earlier. snow is falling, fine flakes, visibility is reduced from a little bit from that snow, also from some water and some moisture from the roadways that's getting splashed on our windshield. that's how things are looking out here in storm tracker 5. we will of course keep you updated. for now back inside to you. >> thank you john. guess what, we want to make sure folks at home don't get caught up in that snow. all you have to do is download our new snowcast app, track how much snow is expected to fall in your area. you can download snowcast now from apple's app store. only on 5, another armed robbery in little italy. this time a college student was staring down the barrel of a gun. >> police are searching for four men after that robbery
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our tracy carloss spoke exclusively with a good samaritan what helped cut that robbery short. tracy. >> reporter: business owners tell me they are keeping an extra eye out tonight. what they have seen is an extra police presence, and they like that. this man was driving near edgehill and murray hill in little italy around 10:00 yesterday morning when he knew something was not right. >> i saw two guys around one student. it didn't look right. >> reporter: what he saw, police tell me, was an aggravated robbery unfolding in front of his eyes. >> i stopped. when i stopped, i backed up a little bit, and then i screamed at the guys. >> reporter: that's when they took off. cleveland police tell me four guys in an suv stopped, two got out and pointed a gun at a 21- year-old university student. police explain they snatched the cell phone from his hand
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that's when this man stopped to help. >> my kids are here, my students, my customers. this is my livelihood this is my neighborhood. >> reporter: just down the street from the tea house that he owns -- >> i was shocked that it happened at the time. >> reporter: that's why business owners tell me they are watching, just like this man was, yesterday morning. now, the victim tonight tells me that he is doing okay. he did not want to talk with us on camera today. he tells me he hopes that police catch these guys before it happens to somebody else. carloss, newschannel5. this robbery comes at a time when people are already shaken up in little italy. we told you back in december about a rash of brutal armed robberies including one case where a priest was pistol- whipped in that neighborhood. three suspects in that string of crimes were taken into custody last month. all three facing a slew of charges including kidnapping,
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some cleveland police officers from the second district just wrapped up a three-week clothing drive to help the homeless. >> i love this story. it's being called a big success. check out all this winter gear donated. police are thanking the community for showing such generosity. sergeant mitch started this program last year. >> we set out to help in huge ways every day, in ways that we never even know about. they save lives, they get people out of terrible situations, they help maybe an abused child or an abused female or something like this. this is just another small way we try to help. >> thankful for that. and the dope nature clothes, socks, and boots are now headed for shelters in the second district neighborhoods that help the homeless. the fight to preserve lakewood hospital gets a major boost. the victory secured by the committee and how the city council responded. guess what, a style icon gets a new look and an
5:30 pm
thousands of followers in just a matter of days. we learn about the inspiration behind this new at 5:00.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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in my world of weather i'm very happy to announce i have no puppy monkey baby. but from you via social media, joe says the sap is running in maple country. a beautiful farmhouse and a dirt road. a coating of snow. love seeing that. here is from holmes county. already two inches on the ground. that was around noontime. that was a winter wonderland near holmesville. they have since dried out and some of that snow has melted. but look at this photo.
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some beautiful snowflakes. of course i love the bluebirds. so any time i get a shot of bluebirds on a feeder in janet, terrific. markjweather on twitter, follow
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new developments tonight in the fate against changes at lakewood hospital.
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committee submitted a petition to repeal the ordinance allowing lakewood hospital to close and transition to a new health center. enough signatures were verified to get the issue on a ballot this year. we checked with the lakewood city council today and they confirmed members will meet on february 11th in a special session to consider the petition. the price of diesel fuel is down more than 30% from a year ago. >> but that hasn't stopped some companies from collecting more for their services. and five on your side investigator john than walsh joins us live. many customers say this just is not fair. >> yeah, fuel surcharges became popular by companies when the demand for oil shot through the roof around the world. well, now they're giving a shot to some companies' bottom line, and they say it may have something to do with government red tape. glenn is frustrated as he takes out the trash. gas prices are now well below $2 a gallon, half what they were two years ago. but his trash bill still
5:36 pm
>> gas prices are the lowest they've been in 10 years at least, and here we are still paying a fall surcharge. >> reporter: he says he understood when it gas and diesel prices spiked above $3 a gallon a few years ago. not now. >> they charge awe fuel surcharge when prices are high, then when they go low, they don't take the surcharge off. >> reporter: so why is the surcharge still on there? one company told us this. >> this does help us, as a transportation company, prepare for those extra expenses when they do increase and they fluctuate. >> reporter: she also said when gas prices spike in the summer they need a way to adjust for that without a long regulatory process. >> so we would have to receive permission to adjust. >> reporter: when fuel prices fall, she said so does your bill, and we checked on it. it does. it was 18% of your bill two years ago while now it's just 6% of your bill, a third of what it was at the peak. but homeowners think it should be even less.
5:37 pm
high, i can understand it. they're not, and they haven't been for awhile. >> reporter: and many other companies from airlines to delivery firms also keep a fall surcharge handy. that way, they can raise the rates on you at a moment's notice when gas prices spike. i'm investigatessor jonathan walsh, newschannel5. now, all new at 5:00, a new star is taking instagram by storm. i'm talking about this hijab wearing barbie. a scientist created the account a few weeks ago. adams says she was inspired to set it up after seeing the barbie-style instagram page for the first time and noticing all of the scantily clad ensembles. adams wanted to see a version of barbie that looked like her, a muslim. adams created the outfits herself. she hopes her version of barbie
5:38 pm
role model for muslim girls. she says reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive. check out this video. you see that lurking panic inside a school in india? a leopard, yes, a leopard runs wild through the hallways. surveillance video captured the big cat chasing after security guards around the school's swimming pool. it's true. it took nearly 10 hours to corner that leopard before it was tranquilized and taken to a wild life park. six people were hurt, but none were students. >> holy mackerel. i guess it's okay when an occasional bird flies into the home depot. >> not such a big deal. >> you're okay. you don't have to worry about a leopard attacking you here. >> no. >> how about some snowflakes, a return to winter, and by your valentines weekend, make sure
5:39 pm
slippers or perhaps a blanket because the coldest air of the season is coming in. >> time to get the snuggy out. >> yes. you know, the blanket with holes. lee will let you borrow one. we told you thursday and friday we were going to issue an alert day for travelers because of not major winter storm but enough to really slow things down. wet highways, low visibility. and that's what we have right now. i've turned on our high resolution radar now out of cleveland. this is all snow for the most part anyway. it is snow as you can see these brighter green colors, that's where we've got the steadiest light to briefly moderate snow. that's rate over downtown cleveland stretching down i-77 through the fleet avenue area into newburg heights.
5:40 pm
we've got lighter flurries around the rest of greater cleveland. akron and canton finally drying out a little bit. 33 in canton, 35 in akron. wooster at 33. there's mansfield at 33. we're going to watch this area here because our computer forecast models are suggesting that this area here could see an appreciable amount of snow between now and let's say midnight, 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m. we're watching for a band of snow to develop. right now it's just widely scattered. mansfield, wooster, millersburg two plus additional inches of snow in a hurry. we'll watch that carefully. notice akron and canton drying out. same for most of lorain. me dana, wooster, youngstown even, just a few isolated flurries and sprinkles there. that's the way it's going to be through the evening. so here's your evening planner. do you see a whole lot of temperature drop here? i don't, either. we've got some hit and miss
5:41 pm
your best chance at accumulating snows this evening and overnight will be lake and ashtabula and eastern cuyahoga county, a trace to an inch there. down towards mansfield, ashland, millersburg where you could see one to two inches, maybe even a little bit more if that band does get going. the rest of the area, just a flurry or two. cloudy skies. notice we're going to hover right around 30, 31 degrees for your morgue commute. here's where the blizzard. boston, cape cod, that's where the heavy snow. for us it's this hodgepodge alberta clipper. this alberta clipper strangely, here's what's going to happen. clippers normally get out of here quickly. here's the low. watch where it is tomorrow afternoon. same place. it's going to hang around. so we'll have wrap-around areas of snow on and off through tuesday afternoon. tonight 29 degrees, isolated snow, a trace to an inch, and colder. your seven-day gets real cold.
5:42 pm
security and the price tag for taxpayers. we're learning more about how much money our highway patrol has budgeted to protect governor kasich while he campaigns. and police say two burglars got into a local store without even breaking into a door or even a window. but first, when live on 5 returns, what was supposed to be a relaxing cruise ends in
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if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only. at developing now on 5, a dream vacation turned into a nightmare for cruise ship passengers who looked out of their window to see this here. >> their royal caribbean ship got caught in weather so severe the ship had to turn around and go back to new jersey. >> reporter: take a look at the damage done and this video showing anything not nailed down sliding off tables.
5:44 pm
images passengers posted on twitter. >> the amount that things were shifting around our room was a little frightening. >> reporter: while aboard royal caribbean's anthem of the seas caught in hurricane-force winds off the carolina coast. some passengers reported the ship listing at 45 degrees. >> you would see waves that looked like the height of our balcony, and we're on the 7th deck. i don't know how much of that was the height of the waves and how much of that was us tipped over. >> reporter: greg is one of 4,000 people ordered to remain in their cabins for hours. he will anna is another also was it thing from the ship. >> we're trapped in our rooms. >> the ship left new jersey on saturday for a seven-day cruise to the bahamas. the original plan was to continue on to florida and dock in port canaveral monday. but based on the forecast
5:45 pm
jersey. according to officials, no one was seriously hurt, but to make up for what they endured, royal caribbean is sending each passenger home with a full refund and a half off certificate for future cruises. york. >> not the adventure they were counting on. on? a lot going on. preparations for a big opportunity gone with a simple e-mail. >> just left me with a frustrating experience to gets this far. >> only on 5, this cycle shop claims the city of cleveland ditched his bid for an out of state offer. we are keeping an eye on the roads as a mix of rain, snow, and cold temperatures are
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