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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. now at 4:30, snow falling all night long. it's not stopping any time soon. >> and we're out in full force trying to get the roads ready for your morning commute. it could be a messy ride into work. and let's start with meteorologist somara theodore. she's tracking all of this lake affect snow, somara. >> and that isery. this is just the beginning. we're starting with the lake affect snow, the monster starting to rev up throughout the overnight hours. let's go to the maps to let you know a few things. for starters, if you live in the northern fringe of ashtabula county or lake county, you're under a lake affect snow advise or until
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all of geauga county and ashtabula under key, you're under a lake affect snow warning. that is persisting until tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and this is the big picture. you can see the snow band making their way on to the lake shore now and all of lake county covered, northern fringes of geauga county. there are a few spots who are heavier than others. when you see the purple, that to moderate. peck's corner, chardon. the bulk of the system is pushing into the northern tips of geauga. we're expecting a lot of a couple and -- accumulation and over to you guys. >> thank you, somara. and we know this is a headache for you as you head out of the door. we have several reporters tracking the snow throughout northeast ohio for you. >> and we have john ritter in snow tracker 5. and tell us where you are first and what conditions look like there? >> reporter: we're in orange,
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i want to talk about the conditions. and may mire -- my hair is going crazy. it's not too strong but strong enough and that is a concern this morning because of the of the blowing, drifting snow and i. to slow you the snow on the ground and that is a light, fluffy snow. kids, these are not good. i have tried and the photographer. and it's not working. i want to show you video from overnight on 271 that we got. we saw a lot of plow trucks out here double-team, trying to combat the snow along the highways. we saw many of them travelling back-to-back. the cars taking it quite snow on the roadways overnight because of the blowing, drifting snow and that is causing the low visibility for the drivers. again, we have seen a lot of plow trucks out here this morning on the way out. the roads are not bad. they're just wet at this point. that concern is the blowing, drifting snow across the roadway.
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in plenty enough time for the morning commute. it might be slower than expected, especially heading from west to east. live in orange, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> all righty, meg, thank you so much. and, of course, you saw the snow on the roads and that is going to be -- meaning the roads are going to be wet and slushy. >> and let's not waist anymore time and check on the traffic conditions. how's the commute look, corrina? >> we're off to a good start. the man roads are just wet and we're dealing with that. the backroads and slushy conditions, as well as snow- covered roadways. again, megwas talking about that blowing and drifting snow and now, let's look at the east siders. you see the weather overlay there? that is indicating that snow is coming down and we could be impacted and we're not seeing an impact on the roadways and this is a look at the drive
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crocker to the inner belt, guys. >> you made it happen. you made it happen. you made it happen. you made it happen. >> and it was not a win but still a victory for governor kasich. >> a huge victory for him. and whole donald trump was the winner, kasich grabbed second place. this could be a game changer for him. >> and it could be, jackie. what it means is that john kasich, as he told newschannel 5s in it to with know it. he invested a lot of time and results show his efforts paid off of the -- paid off. he came in second place in new hampshire with 15% of the vote. the winner, donald trump, pulling in 35%. on the democratic side, bernie sanders with a commanding 60% of the vote and to hillary clinton's 38%. he's the first jewish candidate
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for kasich's camp, it's on to south carolina. >> we were a very good organization with 12 staff people that are now and by tomorrow afternoon, there will be 200 volunteers and additional staff. >> and as for south carolina, kasich's team is getting there as we speak with the bus to follow. the team plans to campaign by 11 this morning. and now, the gop primary is set for number 20th in south carolina. >> thank you. and less than a week away is the primary. if you need to change your political party affiliation, you have a couple more days to do that. new registration forms need to be mailed to your local board of elections by next tuesday. jackie? >> great tip there. 4:35 and let's go to a health alert over the zika virus. there are two confirmed cases in ohio. a 21-year-old man from stark county and a 30-year-old woman from cleveland.
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both people visited haiti and there are now three dozen cases of the zika virus in 13 states and washington, d.c. and it's primarily spread through mosquitoes not usually found in the state. health officials expect to see more cases diagnosed in ohio, which is scary, corrina. >> and we're looking into the risk and what is being done to keep zika from spreading. they're using fish in latin america that feed on mosquito larvae and genetically modified skeetos and a natural pesticide made of a spara gus and tomatoes. and symptoms include headache, fever, rash, pink eye, and joint and muscle pain 80% of people, though, don't have any symptoms. the real risk is to pregnant women.
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babies, terrence. earn employee indicted, accused of swing seven sapphires. the grand jury indicting him on grand theft and embezzlement charges. he smashed a display case and took $81,000 worth of jewels in december and they're still missing now. a former kent state softball player suing her old coach and the university. she claims that ksu baseball player raped her and it was covered up. the baseball player also the softball coach's son. she was raped in 2012, and her coach pressured her to be quiet and criticized her for being too emotional. academic leaders at the university of akron want to change the president's leadership. two dozen of the university's chair and director support a letter tuesday to the board of trustees and they're asking for an idea change in direction and leadership. 26 voted in favor of sending
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and the time for you right now is 4:37. still ahead, dropping out after a disappointing loss. the presidential candidate that could call it quits today. >> and a mansion goes up in flames. the gadget starting a fire that burned a million-dollar home to the ground. somara. >> and plenty of us waking up to the snow falling under different types of advisories and warnings. and we'll talk about accumulation and how that morning commute is looking.
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. good morning, it's 4:40 on your wednesday morning and in cleveland tonight, it's kobe
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>> and 8:00, lakers-cavs and kobe may not be able to play tonight but should be able to -- ready to go against cleveland against the kings? >> against the cavs. this is going to be exciting. lebron respecting him so much as they like to call. >> and i am so confused. >> and the cavs cancelled their early morning shootout. >> and oh, no, i can't understand why. when you look at the radar, we have a good amount of snow moving in and this is the trouble spot this morning. that traditional snowbelt, lake county, northern tips of geauga county and ashtabula county, accumulations between 4 to 14 inches and that is into your tomorrow afternoon. and we're going to get local with it later on in the show and that is going to be a cold day and highs reaching the mid- 20s. over to you. and today is ash wednesday. the first day of lent.
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reserved with prayer, repentance and fasting. most churches are holding wednesday's services, offering ashes and that will be replaced on the forehead and saint john's cathedral adding services at 7:15 and going until 7 tonight. >> up next, shocking new video of a fireworks shop exploding and sending rockets into the air. it's one moment caught on camera that is more bizarre. >> and an amazing rescue caught on camera and deputies pulling time. roads. another check on weather and
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. good morning, 4:44 and we're under a winter weather alert. you're taking a live look in
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snow is expected most of today and into tomorrow -- lake affect snow is expected most of today and into tomorrow. the eastern suburbs, you're getting a foot of snow in some parts. somara theodore is tracking the full forecast for you and that is minutes away. first, we start with corrina pysa. >> and breaking overnight, two children are dead after a school bus crashes in eastern france. at least seven others are hurt. 24 children were on the bus at the time and the driver losing control on a snow-covered road and this is near the swiss border. the bus, though, left the road wife crashing. and conflicting reports of whether another was involved. >> and the presidential race is getting interesting here. >> donald trump and sanders were the wig binkers and governor kasich in second. but he -- big winners and
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>> and one may not be chris christie. the end could be near for his white house run. the new jersey governor is going back to the home state rather than south carolina. he said he will, quote, take a deep breath and take stock of his presidential bid. a decision could come as soon as today. and to new amazing video we have to show you. a missouri state trooper turned hero, caught on camera. the dash cam video shows him pulling a woman from a burning vehicle. do you see that? police say a driver ran a red light causing the crash. when the trooper arrived at the scene, he quickly jumped into action pulling the woman before her car burst into flames. she did suffer serious injuries from that crash and alive, thanks to the trooper. >> and we they are getting video of it happening. this is in china here as the fire burned. er you can hear some of the fireworks went off and, at one point, you see a guy there. i think you saw him.
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and casually walks by like there is nothing going on. and there is a camera in the car and that is who shot the footage there. and no one was hurt. thankfully. and a tennessee family begging -- begging all of you not to make the costly mistake. >> and this is from the national fire department. you can see the destruction. a 16-year-old girl was trapped on the second floor and she had to kick out a window and jump into her father's arms below and officials warn anyone with a hover boardfo leave it alone. it can do what you're seeing on the screen. and back to weather and there is a live look at orange. you can see a significant amount of snow expected and we're seeing it there on the roadways. the power of 5 meteorologist somara theodore is tracking the
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>> it has the lake affect snow and keeps generating throughout the day. this is what we're working up to. you're under a lake affect snow advisory until tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. if you live in geauga county and the remaining portions of ashtabula county, you are under a lake affect snow warning and meaning it's imminent you're going to rich a good amount of snow -- you are going to receive a good amount of snow. the west wind is pushing the snow bands into parts of lake county. as we zoom in and get closer at the colors in purple, that is where you receive the heaviest snow and menner on the lake, painsville, kirtland hills and chagrin harbor and this is going to continue through tomorrow. we have the surface low pressure that is sitting to the north of lake erie and it's generating the energy in the atmosphere to get the lake affect snow going and behind
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air and this morning, i want to focus on the snow. by thursday night, this is a look at accumulation. if you live in cuyahoga county and hudson, you're looking at two to four inches in the lighter blue and this know four to eight inches hugging the periphery there and this is where that bulk of the no is expected. parts of. >> aing you -- geauga county and you can receive a foot of snow by 5:00 p.m. and we're talking about cold weather, the temperatures in the single digits by saturday and that is a look at the power of 5 forecast. and how are the roads looking? >> we're seeing some snow here in lake county. it's picked up across the border from cuyahoga into geauga county. we're on route two near menner in that area where you said the snow is picking up. we're in the center lane and
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starting to build up a little bit in these center lanes. the right lane that is more travelled looks like water and in the left lane, starting to build up the lanes that are not as travelled. and we're at the point now with the wet conditions to the right and in the right lanes use caution. the moisture could refreeze and we're at 25 degrees right now. so, if you're heading the rites -- hitting the roads, take note of that. and that is how things are in lake county. how are things looking throughout the rest of cleveland, corrina. >> and it's wet, but the secondary roads is where we could see issues. we want to watch out for freezing on the bridges and overpasses. checking out the maps here, we're issue and accident free. we're dealing with snow in the greater cleveland area. the bulk of it, as somara was mentioning, affecting you east siders, route 90, 26 as well and you could have issues if you're heading out. it's stillery.
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looks like things came down and that is a smooth ride for you not dealing with snow in the southern areas here and if you're heading 90 eastbound, crocker to the inner belt, the average speeds moving along without any troubles. we'll take you outside and this is a live look from the odot cam, 271 at chagrin boulevard. the odot crews are hard at work and dealing with the wet roads and a little windy out there, too, guys. is any first, it was target. they dropped the boys and girls signs from the toy isle and now -- toy aisle and another store is doing the same thing. >> these are images from the website. they're going gender neutral. they're swapping fairy princesses for more neutral images look trees and arrows and target is make the change after hearing from the customers. then in saudi arabia, the starbucks there adding a gender wall for women to enter the coffee shop. according to local law, women
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travel, or study without male permission. a twitter user posted this photo reading, quote, please no entrance for ladies. so, starbucks, they rebuilt a gender wall that previously collapsed and new men can enter- - one side and women and families on the other. 4:52 on your wednesday morning, you made it halfway through the week, folks, even though you're waking up. i'm jackie ferndandes. >> and i'm terrence lee. the cleveland browns owner under fire. the new indictment on the company. >> and did johnny manziel really have a concussion? >> and cracking the key to weight loss. the one thing you should add to shed the extra pounds and lower your cholesterol. >> and we're tracking the lake affect snow for you all morning long. who is getting hit now and where that snow band is moving.
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. . good morning and welcome back. this morning, we are waking up to lake affect snow advisories and warnings have been issues for parts of northeast ohio and you get the leave all purple. if you're waking up in menner, willoughby, painesville and seeing that light to moderate snowfall coming down, and this means it's moving into ashtabula county and. >> issue and accident free, we
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affect for new burn heights. we have the weather overlay to see the snow's impact on the roads and again, issue and accident free, things moving along just fine. east siders, that is where we're seeing the majority of the snow and the heaviest snowfall is, affecting 90, 20, route 6 as well and farther south, things are looking good. for drive times, not impacted by the snow either. we'll take you outside for a look from the odot camera and state route 2 and mostly dealing with wet roadways on the primaries and secondary roads, could see issues with snow and watch out for blowing snow this morning. and the former top executive doug brown's owners are facing criminal indictments. the former president and vice president indicted and six other former employees. they allegedly cheated truckers out of millions in fuel repates -- rebates. that investigation into the
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in april when the fbi raided the company's headquarters and 10 others have pleaded guilty. and haslan has never been accused of any wrongdoing and there is more controversy surrounding johnny manziel. >> and listen to this. an reporter said multiple players showed him that manziel showed up drunk at practice and the teamlied about him having a concussion. he stands by his report that manziel of drug of at practice and it's possible they did not lie and instead, mistook his drunkenness for a concussion. and later, 4:57 right now, the growing deer population is become incredibly frustrating to homeowners. two people are under arrest for killing the animals. >> and a battle over cleveland's red light cameras. the new choice that could affect a class action lawsuit. ahead for you at 5 on good
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