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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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, brand new information tonight on two breaking stories we've been following all evening. swat teams swarmed downtown cleveland searching for suspects in a reported hostage situation. we have live team coverage. we begin with our chief meteorologist mark johnson with the latest information on our winter storm warning. >> snow has arrived across portions of the news channel 5 viewing area. let's get right to it the power of 5 live doppler network radar first of all i'll show you downtown akron where light snow has begun to fall the roadways are wet now. snow will increase in the akron area over the course of the next three to six hours that's when the snow will be at its heaviest.
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moderate in intensity, canton and dover new philly, i don't think we'll see snow in greater cleveland for another couple of hours and again, i don't think cleveland is the bullseye. the bullseye is youngstown to dover new philly to canton over to carolton, perhaps even into the wooster and millersburg areas look at that moderate band of snow there stretching in northern summit county to canton to tuscarawas and then back here, there's millersburg up into wooster. here is the steady snow with a quick couple inches before midnight. winter storm warning still up for the youngstown area north and south into columbia county winter weather advice r it for canton, dove it new philly, carolton, summit county, akron, geauga, ashtabula as well as wayne and holmes. i still think there's six plus inches of snow in a large part of the route 30 corridor. in the meantime lower middle 30s right now, snow timing
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want to miss that. latest total projections whose going to get the most and we've got school closing i'll have your school closing predictor as well. we sent out in news tracker 5 to find storm tracker 5 to find the snow. have you found it? >> yeah, mark we're looking for the snow right now so we're on our way down south on 77. there wasn't much of snow as soon as we hit akron, those rain drops are falling and now we are south of akron heading toward canton and it's turning that wintry mix is turning more from rain into snow like you were talking about. you can see those flakes falling. traffic is moving along fine but visibility is getting a little bit worse as we're heading closer and closer into canton where you said most of the snowfall will be coming down it's about 33-34 right now so it's still in that range of wintry mix but odot will be out and about and there will be
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four and that includes stark, summit, rumble, ashtabula and portage counties. 80 odot plows out in cuyahoga, lake and geauga county so the roads will be treated but you can see just how bad this visibility is getting as there's this mist and the roads are getting slicker and the snowfall will continue to get heavier. right now we haven't seen any accidents traffic moving along just fine. again south of, we're on south of akron on 77, heading toward canton, and this rain is turning into snow. we'll keep an eye on it and send it back inside for now. well snow like this means likely school closing and we've got you covered. tune into good morning 4:00 a.m. for up to the minute closing and delays and also the latest snow totals from the power of 5 weather team. more breaking news chaos and confusion in downtown cleveland tonight after a frantic 911
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a caller describing a possible hostage situation inside a store. >> police officers and emergency personnel with flashing lights blazing responded within seconds. the call came from crush clothing on west 9th street and we have live team coverage from the scene in the warehouse district tonight. >> we begin with joe what do we know about what happened there? >> reporter: a robbery attempted all started at about 6:30 with calls for shots fired here at cleveland's warehouse district at west 9th and st. clair. dozens of officers responding here after an incident at the crush clothing store. cleveland police quickly cordoned off an entire city block, blocking off major portions of traffic on west 9th and st. clair and mobilizing the swat team over concerns there may be an ongoing hostage situation. >> there's gunshots outside and
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>> marie lives in a unit above the scene. she and dozens of residents were order to stay inside while a large part of the building was evacuated. residents were held in limbo for more than three hours. >> this is actually real. i didn't know it was real until i saw it from our window. >> and it was residents who flagged down police. >> his own car from the second district rolling bay and stopped his own car and his own car set up a perimeter in front. >> police will still not confirm there was an ongoing hostage situation during the aggravated robbery, however swat still went into clear the scene. one suspect at the store was arrested after he gave himself up to police. investigators question at least four other people in connection with the incident. >> there was allegedly suspects that ran out the back door. one male was arrested by the gang impact unit a little ways away from here and swat went in
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>> and fortunately there were no injuries during this three hour ordeal. police aren't still sure who fired those shots. reporting live in the wire house district, 5 on your side investigator thank you, joe and tonights situation was a bit unnerving for people who live in the warehouse district. >> we continue our team coverage tonight and where another incident rattled residents last month. >> reporter: they walk all the time, and at all hours in this neighborhood, and always feel safe. >> i guess if you don't know the downtown area you think of it as downtown, you know? not safe probably but when you live down here it's different. >> a huge police presence along west ninth for the second time in a month. in january, a double murder just a block away at the archer and upscale apartment building. >> i think they are just isolated incidents that doesn't concern me any.
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live in fear and enjoy all that cleveland has to offer. >> he's lived downtown for eight years and his apartment is across from crush. he feels these two incidents in his neighborhood are a bit unnerving. >> it's a little disturbing that its happened twice like this within like what a month of each other, otherwise its been a great place to live. >> that was chris flanagan reporting. we'll have the latest tomorrow on good morning cleveland at 4:00 a.m. looking ahead to tomorrow, madison village council is expected to talk about the mayor's proposal to get rid of the communities police department. the mayor posted a letter about his idea online and thinks the move will save the village $81,000 a year. they would instead have a dedicated officer from madison township and other policing help as needed. also happening tomorrow, another meeting about the nexus pipeline in medina county. the epa is holding a public
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at clover leaf elementary school to talk specifically about the proposed wadsworth gas compression station. the nexus pipe loin has been the center of numerous battles in recent years. new tonight at 11 dozens of angry protesters stood in the cold to push their message, stop killing deer. they say the mayor doesn't consider how violent his method is. news channel 5 anchor stood in the middle of that heated discussion tonight. frank? >> reporter: a lot of finger pointing and shouting at tonights council meeting. many agree the city does not have a deer problem but then we talked to the mayor. a morbid message to city leaders spread on the streets, folks are clinging to the notion their personal connection with the cities deer population can save lives. >> horrific, torture. >> she's talking about deer culling, that stems from the overpopulation of the deer.
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more comforting way to describe it. >> someone whose been paid comes and puts a metal bolt through the brain of a deer. they don't die after one bolt. >> this is our only option to make sure we bring our numbers down to a sustainable number. >> right now mayor patrick ward says there's roughly 20 more deer roaming the streets than his city can handle something he says has been a concern for the last 10 years. >> it keeps them away from eating plants, birth control. >> birth control? certainly could be an option. it's not approved in the state of ohio. >> talk of unstable deer numbers lead to a lack of stability among everyone standing here. >> and many protesters said they will continue to push their message despite the mayors decision to move forward. >> all right thank you, frank and one state lawmaker wants to put the brakes on cities cashing in on drivers with lead feet. that's right. senator tom patton introduced four bills that would stop a
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than 30% of its annual revenue from traffic camera tickets. the restricted number of tickets the city can issue to twice its population and also wants to block communities of using cameras at all. new bug heights has been making headlines for its use of trafficcameras on i77 to ticket speeders but the mayor there says it's about safety. involved. >> this is all about safety. this is not about cash. nobody is the bigger proponent of law enforcement. my father, brother, nephews, my only son were policemen, and so tough job that they have to do but they do it well, get them out on the highways. >> the bills are expected to go to committee in the next few weeks. well the roads to the white
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through ohio, one candidates daughter stopped in cleveland as our governor rallies, mark? and we have heavy snow, we're adjusting total expectations. we'll have that plus school closing your percentage coming
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new tonight at 11 more and more coyote sightings called into police in several north east ohio communities. >> now the animals seem to be getting more aggressive.
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behind the spike. >> i'm not going to get caught again where i lose a dog. >> reporter: myron already lost one dog to coyotes. last month his daughter lost another and now he's doing everything he can to make sure that never happens again. >> i have to make sure i have a gun with me to protect my dogs. it's all i can do to keep them safe. >> coyote sightings are a daily occurrence on his four acres. a few miles down the road that's now the norm here too. >> they've been here before the city was here. >> two attacks injuring or killing dogs in the last two months and now police are pinning the blame on an alpha male getting more and more aggressive. >> they are dangerous in the fact they aren't scared of humans. that's what makes them dangerous because they are coming into peoples backyards. >> the director of wildlife resources at cleveland's natural history museum. the coyotes are not dangerous but you can see just how much they resemble large dogs. february is peak mating season for these guys and guess what?
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it turns out the male and female are true to each other as long as they are alive. >> the story is just beginning. he wants someone local county or state to figure out a plan to curb the growing coyote population. >> i haven't given up and i'm not going to. it's too dear to my heart. >> reporting in summit county, news channel 5. bow hunters are actually encouraged to take out coyotes year. but remember you can't shoot limits. if you want to vote in ohio's primary next month you have one more day to register. the deadline is tomorrow so if you moved, got married or wanted to change your party affiliation you'll need to send a new registration form to your local board of elections. early voting starts wednesday. with our primary less than a month away the presidential campaigns are making their way to the buckeye state. chelsea clinton was in town today campaigning for her mother hillary.
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election is particularly important to her because this is the first time she will vote for a president as a parent. >> we have to find common ground absolutely when we're trying to move forward but we also have to have a president who knows when to stand up to hate speech and stand up to bigotry and discrimination, whenever and wherever it arises. >> she was speaking at the merteshad taylor family center. in 2008 ohio voted for hillary clinton over president obama which at the time breathed new life into her campaign. ohio governor also hitting the campaign trail today, stopping for votes in michigan. he held a rally in utica to night after stops in east lansing and allendale earlier today where he held a town hall and also talked about the passing of supreme court justice scalia. >> he was dedicated to improving the entire united
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care of things one little step at a time. and the scripture says if you can handle little things you can handle big things, so let's start little, let's have some success. let's revive the spirit of our country. >> today was the start of kasich's two day campaign tour in michigan. when one of the republican candidates is nominated at the rnc in cleveland in five months an estimated 50,000 people will be here for it and all of those visitors mean big profits for taxi drivers and ride sharing services. americab one of the largest cab companies in cleveland says they are buying 13 new vehicles for it and while they expect most of their business will be to and from the airport-- >> there will be a lot of demand for services to the outlying areas and that hotels in geneva, akron as far west as sandusky are booked for the convention. >> taxi drivers are hoping their flat rates will help them compete with ride sharing
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surge pricing into effect during big events. both uber and lyft tell us they have no specific plans for the rnc just yet. new video in of a tornado that left tens of thousands of northwest florida in the dark tonight. you can see how fast those clouds are swirling in that video. our numerous reports of damage in else county but no word if there were any injuries. of course snow impacting us in ohio tonight and into tomorrow morning and another live look at the roads from storm tracker 5 on i77, i think south of akron, mark and definitely seeing more precipitation. >> you can see the snowfall on the roads are already wet and in some spots snow covered and that's just going to continue because again i always say for the kids who want a snow day the primetime forked moderate to heavy snow is midnight to about 6:00 a.m. and that's when this storm is going to hit.
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and you'll get four or five, six inches of snow. >> depending on what side of the line you're on. >> and greater cleveland? >> you aren't getting a snow day. >> let's show you akron because akron will be getting accumulating snow 2-4 maybe 3-5 inches for downtown akron. there we go, we have a little time lapse going on for you, watch the starts out as a little bit of rain and now getting light snow moving into central summit county. let's show you the radar. you can see the snow progressing up right here. there is that i71 corridor right there and moving up into akron, kent, just into southern and eastern geauga county and portions of southeast earn ashtabula county. it is light snow. look at this dark blue heavy snow north of pittsburgh butler county up toward i79 and here is our heavy snow detector. last week we showed you all of the bright pinks that bounce
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not seeing that but you can definitely see where the steady into the macelin area into canton stretching down into dover new philly. that is moderate snowfall that will accumulate. by midnight supposed to have between one and two inches of that. at least in the stark and tuscarawas county areas, 33 cleveland and medina, 34 akron, 32 mentor, 33 norwalk, only dropping our temps a few more degrees, 28-30 for overnight lows big storm system that's it right here. north of atlanta let's put the low on the map. it's going to travel up along the ohio river and near pittsburgh, here we go on the cold side of it at least for the next eight hours or so. i think snow ends quickly west to east during the morning hours tomorrow but until then hour by hour, midnight look at the moderate snow right there. still moderate canton, dover new philly, youngstown, heavier
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rain/snow line seems to be staying down here so again it's going to stay all snow for the event some areas near youngstown could receive more than eight inches but right now, we'll go canton, dover new philly, carolton, up into sebring, into the youngstown area just to the north and south and eastern rumble county, four to eight inches, we'll go three to six for the kent ravenna area up into andover, just to the north of canton, toward akron, 3-6 and 2- 4 i think northern summit county and only one to three for greater cleveland. your snowfall, your snow day predictor 80-100% chance. youngstown to canton, dover new philly, akron you've got about a 40-50% chance cleveland, lake county, lorain county and points west, ygs, you've got school. >> [laughter] >> 29 tonight, more snow south
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morning snow clouds for the afternoon let's show you the seven day. here you are wednesday a little clipper snow less than an inch 32 dry thursday how about 40s for your weekend. a little warm up. well one state lawmaker in kentucky wants men to know what it's like to have laws that control what they do with their bodies. >> oh, this is a twist. she proposed a bill for men who need viagra. see a doctor twice, and get written approval from their spouse to get erectile dysfunction drugs and she proposed the bill after the state adopted a law that requires women to see a doctor before they can have an abortion. >> i started thinking how would this body of men, 80 men in the house feel if they were subjected to the same kind of government interference in their medical private decisions. >> the proposed bill would also
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use the drugs for sex with their spouses. quell on that note up next in sports the nba trade rumors continuing today. find out who the cavs are
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the cavs not playing any games until thursday when they host the chicago bulls but it seems as though the front office may be very busy until thursday. the trade deadline is of course february 18 and the cavs front office reportedly seen without one of the latest reports from espn saying the cavs willing to
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include kevin love and the cavs pursued the kings and the cavs a solid team as is and they're looking to win right now teams like golden state and san antonio seems to be better than the cavs so gm david griffin trying to see if there's anyway to stretch the roster but they think the cavs can win the championship with the roster they have. >> i think the roster is a terrific team as is. it's how are you utilizing it are these guys moving the basketball and playing with space, with pace, which is what new coach wants is for them to do that. move the basketball, you don't always have to tic a shot just because you're open, sometimes there's a better shot even when you're open somebody else will be open, so i just think they need to be more cohesive and this roster to me is fine as is. >> the at let ices appears to have a problem with violence against women. recently a former softball
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along with her coach covered up her rape, making national headlines quarterback peyton manning who just won a super bowl being called out for an allege ed assault that stems back about 20 years ago. manning among the athletes mentioned in a lawsuit filed by a group of women that ledge the university of tennessee violated title 9 by creating a hostile sexual environment by athletes. the lawsuit alleges manning inappropriately interacted with a female trainer and manning denied it and the future hall of famer settled a lawsuit with the trainer back in 1997.
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. here is a look now from storm tracker 5, in the richfield area headed north and mark the roads are looking better, there's not much precipitation now and that's really kind of a story of the storm system. >> it's going to be a stark
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snow canton gets versus how much snow cleveland gets. i mean cleveland 1-2 inches but canton 4-6 maybe as much as seven or eight for some spots around stark county, dover new philly and youngstown. there is the snow right now so far not in cleveland. it will take awhile. good morning cleveland in early at 4:00 a.m., so stay close for the latest weather information. >> i'm going to do social media live facebook and twitter right join me there. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> goodnight, everybody.
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