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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the state.
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. new at 4:30, a treacherous warning. dry snow forcing drivers to take it very, very slow. odot is in slow force. >> and this is what we're talking about. our south is in -- tomorrow is tracker south in the thick of things and slow going now. >> we have live team coverage all morning long. janessa webb is out east and sarah phinney is in the hottest -- hardest hit area and meg shaw is in garfield heights.
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theodore who has been tracking the system all morning. >> and let's talk about the winter weather advisories. they're getting the hottest hit this morning and this is on tuesday this afternoon. we're talking about areas like akron, canton and parts of carrollton county, ashtabula and portage and geauga county. this is a look at the radar. you can see it in purple, where we're seeing the heaviest snow is come down. we have the mix between rain and snow and just outside of pittsburgh. so that is a lot of mess out there and this is where we see icing and the freezing rain. i want to zoom into one area and we're seeing deeper purples, where we pick up heavier snow. and this is portage where it meets. >> august a. the areas like south newbury seeing the heavier snow and bainbridge. throughout the day, it's not just the heavy snow conditions coming down but the visibility. and we're actually seeing some foggy conditions to add insult to injury. take a look at this. canton right now at a quarter
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is a very critical point. we are talking about the snow timing, how much we're expecting and i am sure there is a good amount of school closings today. back to you. and in canton, making driving conditions tough this morning. odot's district 4 has been out with 100 crews. >> and you can see them in the bottom of the screen. and sarah phinney, you want to go to her and one of the worst hit areas. you have a good look on the roads. how are they looking? >> reporter: i don't think the word treacherous is an driving down here. the whiteout conditions. and you could not see where the lines were on the road and we have some wet, thick snow comes this area. and this is probably one of the better areas we have seen but drivers are taking it slow and
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district 4 has more than 100 drivers out in several counties, including summit and stark and we're told that -- actually, i spoke with dispatch. they tell me there have about know no accidents reported in stark county or in massillon, so there is good news. we did see an accident in summit county when we were driving down here. there was a driver who was there and be careful on the roads. and john, what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: we're on 76 near wadsworth and there are similar conditions we have dealt with all morning. 76 is looking good on the right lane. left lane, not so much and there is i lot of snow covered in the right lane and mostly wet conditions and we're on 76 and heading toward the accident that i mentioned we have reported on 76 and near 57. and we're not seeing traffic tieups yet and we have not reached the location now.
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is expected to last throughout the morning commute and that is coming down at a good rate and with road conditions, travel is an issue. we're in a 65 miles an hour zone and going 43 miles per hour and on to 76, the travel could be an issue this morning. >> and absolutely. thank you so much, john and looking at the maps here, i circled 77 this morning. as people make their way in, you will see a lot of issues because of the conditions. we have storm tracker 5 out. you have seen the crews tell you it's difficult to tell you where the traffic lanes are. a big traffic spot on 2 folks is and 77. -- 276 and 77. the rain-snow mix coming down is going to be throughout the morning and that does not market what area you're in and when you make your way into the city, be mindful. you will want to leave very much so, even an hour before
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need to go, considering the conditions. over to janessa now. >> reporter: in storm tracker 5 here, ica barely see in front of us and we're on route 700. i wanted to show you the backroads, the secondary roads to one lane. they have gone from bad to worse in this area. you can see the snow is going fast and few urious in this area and this is a primary snowbelt. and this is coming down farly quickly and we have not seen a plow in sight the last 15 to 20 minutes and you canny is sideways and barely the road
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of moure moving into the area. >> we're on for 80 south of the split and this is a moderate snow as everyone is mentioning, a wet snow and we do see o dot trucks here all morning long and this is probably the sixth, seventh truck i have seen the last 10 minutes. so, really, they're out here in full force trying to keep the roads safe for you. i want to show you how sloppy this is. -- how wet this snow is. imagine that on the roadways and keep that in mind. along with the fog, especially where we are here. the visibility and we talked about it all morning long and that is a quarter to a half mile here and again, keep them in mind. we want to keep everyone safe and keep you updated. live in garfield heights, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and from the live desk, we're keeping a close eye on
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with school or travel and let's get another check on those closings. they're going up. 13 so far and, again, that will go up and has since last check and download the latest closings and delays. and this is a look at the misery map here. at cleveland-hopkins, we have five cancellations, no delays and two to tell you about at akron-canton. jackie. and our other top stories, at least two people are under arrest after a s.w.a.t. situation in downtown cleveland and police swarmed the warehouse district after shots were fired in the store and this is happening at crush clothing. police say they did find shell casings in a store, but they would not confirm if there was a standoff or a robbery attempt. and dozens of residents heard the shots and they were told to
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and that situation last night is unnerving for people. feet away, there was another last month. in january, a double murder a block away at the archer apartment building and one woman living nearby walks her dog all hours of the day and night. she always feels safe. >> and i guess if you don't know the downtown area, think of it as downtown, you know? and not safe, probably. when you live here, it's different. >> and another neighbor said it'sup nerving, both happened a short time apart from each others say it's isolated and distill a great place to live. and overnight, we're learning a cleveland police recruit was arrested on valentine's day. wells was charged with ovi and having a handgun in the car while intoxicated. wells won't return to the ohio state academy at this time and
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and for all of the fans of michael simon's restaurant lolita, you could be waiting up to a year. they tweeted the timeland and closed after a fire last month. started above a stove and spread to the second floor. and the west side subissue of the park will start this summer. the project will benefit pedestrians with improved traffic signal, street lighting and crosswalks. they don't have major pedestrian safety issues but they're being proactive to prevent issues from happening. >> reporter: and from the live desk here, we talked about school closings earlier and i wanted to mention warrensville heights schools are closed because they have no heat. over the weekend, there was an isolated pipe leakage and this is related to this closure. again, the schools have no heat
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that is on our news night 5 app. and some ohio residents are thawing out from the valentine's day weekend. a heater at a high-rise on west 25th street broke leaving tenants with the shivers since late last week. >> it was cold and two nights ago it's cold. >> and i use my oven most of the time. >> a representative for the property said the heat is on but a boiler issue affecting the supply to the upper floors and they're working around the clock to fix the problem and we requested inspection records from the property and have gotten no response from the housing authority. >> and we avon lake residents are outraged over something dangerous they found in a city park. a number of needles were discovered at weise field and
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some children may pick up the needles themselves. >> and we're attacking it at every angle. >> and police say they patrol all city parks seven days a week and they're increasing patrols to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. and happening today, an akron man expected to be sentenced for a deadly stabbing outside of chapel hill mall. bakersfield was found guilty of murder by a jury earlier this month. and he stabbed rogers senior after an argument inside the mall last year and now faces 15 years to life in prison. and also happening today, a cleveland city council will started discussing the mayor's budget for 2017 and includes a half percent next tax increase and that will be the first since 1981. the mayor said the increase is needed thanks to state cut says. the budget hearings are expected to last about three days. and time check for you, 4:43 on your tuesday. >> and thank you for being with us. i'm terrence lee.
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hello, it's me. big problems for adele at the grammies. >> and -- grammys. and prices plummeting for ohio drivers in one city out west. somara. >> and from areas in pink, tracking wintery weather. we have the snow and rain and we have it all. we're going to break yet down in terms of accumulation and timing coming up in the full power of 5 forecast.
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. welcome back here at 4:46. and breaking overnight from the live desk, south korea's president warning the north to abandon its nuclear program or face collapse. and the leader said that south korea needs to take, quote, stronger and more affective measures to get the message across. the president of south korea defending her decision to shut down a jointly run factory park in the north after the recent nuclear test and rocket launch. terrence. and a life look outside now
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this morning. sarah phinney is live this morning as she told us. you can see here, somara, the roads are a mess this were nothing. >> and absolutely. no wonder. look at the radar and this is why. this system is not impacting northeast ohio but parts of pittsburgh and about think hampton and over much of the northeast coast and they're experiencing what we're seeing here this morning and that is different in certain areas. i want you to notice where we live and carol county on the rain-snow line and that means this is a wet snowfall for a lot of us this morning and a lot of slush on the ground and some freezing rain and icing under layers of snow and that is messy out there and there is one area in particular and this is the heavy snow detector and areas in purple seeing the heavy snow and that is in northeast ohio and zoom in. i want to show you akron and
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areas in purple showing the heavier pockets of snow light take about disability. it's not just snow coming down, but we have some fog issues as well and that means visibility is at a critical point and if you're going to traverse through canton, you need to know that visibility is low there and spots like akron into mansfield. and in terms of accumulation, we're talking about a good chunk of it in the carol county. canton is picking up on the three to six and akron, less and that is going to be a messy morning. the question is when is yesterday going to end. the forecast model is sticking around and lingering into the east side. into the afternoon, we finally see some relief and let's check on the roads. janessa, have a look out there.
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and talking to the plows out here. they were sitting in green grass. look at the snow levels right now and they're at my shin. this is good shovable snow we're seeing in 700 in hiram and portage county. i am going to go back into geauga county. the snow is coming down fast and furious. and we're on the roadways on 422 to route 700. it's just one lane. the side streets are definitely unpassable. the roads have gone from a bad to worse and people start to wake up and get ready. i think hiram college might have a snow day out here as accumulation continues to pick up. >> and the issue is, too, the snow continues to fall down at this hour, 4:49 and we're starting to see accidents, 90
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accident there and the issue is that odot is out there and they're having a hard time keeping up and some of the state highways we have seen at 21 and 422 an issue and that is the red and yellow on the maps into the city here and that is i trouble spot and four of the o dot cameras, i will stand in the middle here and this is visibility. all four showing issues on 77 this morning and over to you. hot on the westbound, adele originalled to the grammy stage. >> and many asked if she was off of her game and show is usually flawless and sounded flat on tv. listen. >> and give me a memory i can
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use and take me back like lovers do. >> people inside the staples center where the awards were being held said show sounded fine and she tweeted the mics on the pinot -- piano fell on the strings and made it sound out of tune. >> what do i think? >> if adele said the strings of the piano, i am not questioning her. >> and she was like i am letting you know it was not me. fresh off the success of the latest star wars movie, disney is making big steps toward the next one, episode 8 to hit theatres in 2017. and the new class members include laura dern, benicio del toro. the movie started this week but doesn't have an official name yet but rogue 1 opens this year in december. and still ahead on good
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of this winter weather and you're looking at i-76 and drivers are taking it slow this morning.
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. good morning and welcome back. take a live look now outside. we are seeing a good amount of snow coming down in portions of southern, southern portions of our counties like carol county and areas like akron and seeing a good amount of snow this morning. the question is how much longer is it going to last? and we're talking about accumulation depending on where you live and that can be from
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carol county and canton and into the west. what i want you to notice is the temperatures and we are not breaking the low 30s, and meaning we're getting i wet snow and having issues there snow. you will see the time stamp as we push through and that is happening during the critical morning rush hour point and that is into ashtabula. >> and we're on 76 still and trying to find out why the accident is and we took 76 west to route 3 and did not see anything. and there is an a-- odot truck in front of us and crews are
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roadway and that is some heavy snow. the photographer driving storm tracker 5 and the snow is piling up, making it difficult to drive and making it hard to grab the wheel. difficult driving conditions out here. >> and make sure you're safe out there, john and this is our regular interstate traffic map. i want to show you and highlight one of the cameras here and this is 71. we're talking about and everyone this morning and 76 and this is 71. you see, it's better than what 77 looks like and still conditions are not great and move along. and i want to show you the road weather impact and all of the highways are impacted by the snow-rain mix this moring and that is going to be until lunchtime that we see this and we're talking the turnpike, 480 and 71 and doesn't matter what way you are into the city, it's raw and this is at 77 and east archwood and this gives you an idea of what you're dealing with if you're just waking up
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hour as that approaches. you need to give yourself time. and this is why. over to you. and one price war at the pump paid off at some. some drivers were paying, get this, less than 20 cents per gallon to fill up. this happened in toledo over the weekend. one gas station said it was computer malfunction and the other said that you know what? that i dropped their proes to compete and lasted a few hours normal. >> and that is incredible. flying is getting safer. airline accidents have fallen dramatically over the last year. the international air transport association reported four accidentallarily crashes in 2015 and they killed 136 people. that is down dramatically from airline accidents.
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caused deliberately and more than 300 people were killed in those crashes. 4:57 isd time. and how many people the new downtown hotel needs. >> and a hostage situation. the latest details on this scene and also, another check on roads. ahead at 5, right here on news
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. now at 5, a winter weather alert. heavy bands of snow hitting the city south and east of cleveland leaving treacherous conditions for your morning ride. >> who is getting hit the hardest now and how much snow you can expect the rest of the morning. our team is up to give you a firsthand look of what to expect as you head out of the door. sarah finny is in canton, one


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