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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wschannel 5 at 11 brought to you by first merit bank. >> drama video from air tracker five of a car being fished from the cuyahoga river. there is a desperate search under way for the man behind the wheel. the crash happened almost 48 hours ago in akron. a woman in the car was able to escape and pull to safety. newschannel 5 spoke to the woman that survived the ordeal. >> reporter: you can seat tire tracks and that car narrowly missed this. plunging in the river. >> this is where we went in. >> kayla watkins is lucky to be alive. >> around 3:00 a.m. sunday, the 25-year-old was in a car headed for certain things. >> i thought i was going to die.
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her a ride home from the bar and instead of turning on mare ra man road he cut across the apartment. >> i asked where he was going but kept driving. >> reporter: in the cuyahoga river. as the car sinked watkins did everything she could to get out. >> i just kept kicking hard, hard. and i kept kicking and i finally kicked it like the 4th time it broke and shattered opened and i climbed out. he climbed out too. >> reporter: she swam one way and he swam another. soaking wet, she made to it shore and called 911. >> om two of you in the car? >> just two of us. >> where is the gentleman at, that was with you? >> i don't know where he went. >> reporter: police searched and on sunday they couldn't find anything. today they saw the glimmer
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>> you didn't see him go under. >> i saw him screaming. >> you didn't see him get out. >> no. >> reporter: i talked to her over the phone and she is completely distraught holding a hope he will be a live. anyone with information call police. newschannel 5. police are not saying if it is a recovery mission. >> new information about another shocking crash in akron. we brought you as breaking news on 5. we now know a woman was in a car with her husband going southbound on route 8. she jumped out of the car and ran across traffic and over the barrier in the median and hit and killed by a truck in the northbound lane. that happened at 4:00. this was a backup that remained three hours later. a number of minor crashes followed and the highway was closed for rush hour. >> we are still asking questions about four kids that
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frank wiley is in the newsroom. >> the kids are at home with their families after they were checked out at the hospital. cleveland police say the kids, 13 and 14-year-old girls and boys according to ems are believed to have eaten some prep school. >> when it comes to sharing anything that is brought from home, it is something that is advised against. >> lake erie prep says that teachers and the principal they were sick. the student that gave out the food has been removed from food incident. live in the newsroom, frank wiley. we are still working to uncover what led to a deadly daytime shooting on the west side. cleveland police say a 41-year- old man was shot at west 81st
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before two. he died at metro health. police are investigates. >> shopping centers are hit and jeeps are hit. >> 8 dozen vehicles stolen in the city of cleveland in a month. it is clear that crews hitting the jeeps are getting the job done in seconds. it is real scary. i was only in the store for 20 minutes. what if me and my kid were walking to get in it. >> stephanie is talking about jeep similar. stole an in front of the burlington coat factory. glass smashed and in the parking lot. >> this is a my car and i work hard for my stuff and that is me and my kids' transportation. >> our counsel of reports show
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cleveland in just four weeks. one victim, too scared to go on camera told me by phone that jeeps are commonly stolen even though there is security on patrol he showed the pick of the driver's side window. >> it is crazy and has to be stopped. >> police explained why jeeps are popular with car thieves. and hot wire. it is an easy target basically. >> and ownership at steelyard commons responded issuing a statement saying they work police. they regret the loss of property over the weekend part after larger spree and it did cause damage to the commune.
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paggennatas. a full moon tonight. get a glimpse. getting great pictures. here is the developer winter storm already. thunder. a little bit of snow. we will track this in over the a dry tuesday. strong storm moving our way. it will bring a variety of weather including heavy rain and even some wet heavy snow. we will track this hour by hour don't go to bed yet. new at 11, cleveland city council is considering a proposal to give $200,000 to the peacemakers alliance to when help them reduce violence. we ask councilman zack reed
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cloud over the peacemaker's alliance. reggie rucker was charged with yous thousands of dollars donated to the group to pay his personal debt. reed says people shouldn't let those accusations hurt the program. police are looking for a suspected burglar that escaped while he was being booked. our cameras were there as they were searching this afternoon. year-old is. another felon has escaped. the 3rd in a month. >> cody lee got out of the house in cleveland on friday by kicking out his dorm wouldn't and jumping over a fence. almost the same way lavel tucker and tyshon tucker escaped three weeks ago. >> how did it happen? unfortunately many of our
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justice system are impulsive sigh social actions. tucker is back in custody loose. the private agency that runs the arianna house will increase the fence. >> a drug k2 put several inmates in the hospital. now there are more pat-downs prosecutors in michigan are sticking with their theory that the man accused of shooting 8 people, killing 6 of them picked his victims at random. jason dalton says he was the bon. he picked up customers as an uber driver in between shooting and uber got complaints about his driving but the ride share company says there was no
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about him. only on 5, take a good look at these surveillance pictures. investigators think these two guys have been stealing hundreds of dollars worth of clothing from burlington coat factory stores across northeast ohio. you can see in the photos their unique hairstyles. these are the pictures from the store in north allsted and it shows them in macedonia coming in with a cart and grabbing clothes and leaving the store. >> these things can lead to other escalations and confrontations down the road. >> it is believed that they hit middleburg heights. if you can help identify the crook call 330434 cops. many women that left their kitchens to go out and go door
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up for me all the way back ... >> a comment by our governor sparking a political fire storm on social media. john kaisch explains what he meant when he said women left the kitchen to campaign for him. a storm is moving our way. i will tell you what that means. it means a lot of rain and snow to slow you down. the timeline and full forecast coming up. new evidence that women are taking a new approach to staying healthy. >> is the promise of a reward for the threat of a punishment more than incentive to get moving. new research to prompt changes to your wellness program. and we want to hear from you. if you see news happening, you
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wews. . new tonight. democratic candidate bernie sanders is plans to visit northeast this week. expected to rally thursday morning at 10:30 at baldwin wallace university. hillary clinton is expected to
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take place tomorrow and donald trump is expected to win. in polling donald trump has led by double digits since december. the billionaire also holds the lead in ten of the next 14 states in the gop primary. ohio governor john kaisch is raising eyebrows after controversial comments about women prompting an apology one day before the nevada caucus. how did i get elected. >> we got an arm of people and many women that left their kitchens to go out and go door to door. >> reporter: at a campaign event in virginia governor kaisch recalls his early days in politic and that recollection started a fire storm at the event he was holding. >> the comment about the women came out of the kitchen to support you. i will support you but i won't come out of the kitchen. >> speaking to wolf bitzer
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didn't mean to be offensive. >> i am happy to say i am sorry if i offended anyone. >> kaisch did not apologize for his remarks but said they weren't made artfully and his campaign manager lieutenant governor and the supreme court nominee are all women. >> the timing of kaisch's comments come as gop insiders and donors have urged him to quit. if kaisch quits now. marco rubio would have a better chance to beat donald trump and win the republican nomination. kaisch is of course denying those reports. thousands of downtown residents could cash in when the republican national convention comes to town. a number of renters will receive letters from management
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alliance urging them to have their apartments for rent with the dca by the 29th. they could make double their rents in the convention. if you are a starbuckses fan i know you have gotten the email. the coffee giant is changing its reward program. it means if you spend five dollars or less per visit it is going to take you longer to rack up enough stars for freebies. the 12 visits needed could double for those people that get that two dollars coffee. starbucks said that majority of the customers will earn rewards at the same rate or faster than before. more news concerning your wallet. amazon is requiring more money to be spend for free shipping. $49 or more to avoid shipping
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it was $35 and, of course, the change does not impact amazon prime customers. vast second tamies are up and the number of women without cancer getting double mastectomies doubled. it happened while breast cancer rates stay the same. it shows the change towards seeing mastectomies towards a prevention instead of cancer. >> president obama is asking congress for nearly two billion dollars to stop the spread of the zika virus in latin america and the u.s. he wants to use some of the money left over from the fight of ebola in 2014. that idea was from republicans in the house that said it would be the easiest way to get money to fight the mosquito born disease that has been linked to birth defects in baby born to bitten mothers. well, mark. >> yes. >> what do you got for us? >> we got a winter storm
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weather to the area. >> sloppy, we got heavy rain coming in first. then we transition it to snow and it is going to be a heavy wet snow. it will get messy. >> thank you, mark. >> here we go. back to you. let's take a look. the full moon and nice shot. the new bridge over the cuyahoga river. there is our full snow moon. it was actually full. technically this afternoon at about 1:00. that's why you were howling. >> i heard you fly over on your broom. >> wow. >> i'm just kidding. >> see, there is the full moon. i was howling at the moon. danita heard me. we are dry outside right now mainly clear. although there are high clouds floating in. can you tell danita and i love each other. 31 degrees. the current temperatures
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we will show you 28 in euclid and 29 bedford and 25 in ridgeville and brunswick and north royalton. 31 orvil and 35 for dover new philly and ravenna at 29. temperatures are freezing in most spots. we got a wind out of the northeast at about the miles per hour. not too bad. notice the high thin clouds. mainly clear to partly cloudy and staying dry. now, let's focus on the developmenting winter storm. here it is. right into texas, it begins to take shape. gather steam and moisture and it curbs up. the track of the low dictates what we get. if the low would go south of the ohio river up here through
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we get more of the heavy snow along the i-71 corridor. the models are trending from near cincinnati right up between akron and cleveland, wednesday and wednesday night. and then off over towards erie pennsylvania with wrap around snow. that means rain to start as early as wednesday morning's rush. this is heavy rain. it is going to slow you down and could cause flooding problems. we see scattered showers through the afternoon. 7:00 a.m. thursday morning. wrap around snow and that snow will continue on and off as we head through thursday evening and thursday overnight. look at the rainfall. i mean one to two inches of rain for some of you and then we change it all to snow and freeze that rain. and that's a mess. looking at one to four inches of snowfall thursday and thursday night. not a huge snowfall. 27 overnight and a few clouds staying cold. let's go to the seven-day forecast. tomorrow dry, 46, heavy rain,
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changing to snow. inches thursday during the day. 36, 27 with flurries friday and 30s through the weekend. multitasking behind the wheel can be more dangerous than you think. researchers put videos in car to see what drivers were doing before a crash. 2/3 of the time the driver was distracted and you guessed it, problem. drivers were three times more likely to crash if they were texting and 12 times more likely if they were dialing a number. even eating behind a wheel doubled the risk of a crash. 80% of companies offer financial incentives to get workers to take part and get healthier. researchers wanted to know how effective the workplace health programs are. they did something interesting. 300 people, a daily 7000 step
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and some were given $1.40 a day and others were entered into a lot terry and the 3rd group got 42 bucks up front and lost a dollar, 40 each time they didn't reach the goal. the group that faced threat of losing money exercised more because our brains are wired to avoid losing things. like your car keys and glasses. how about that. i don't know if that is a good idea. >> pretty interesting. will you lose your salary if you don't lose weight? >> it was a challenge for the fitness goal. >> i got it. i'm listening. >> stay healthy. cavs engaged? >> not engaged. maybe they need an incentive
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it wasn't pretty. 5 on your side sports. brought to you by brunswick auto mark. >> okay senior, everything is great for the cavs, they are jelling tonight not so much. lack luster performance against the pistons. kevin love was hot in the beginning. 6 points out of the gate. 14 in the first quarter and 24 on the night. watch that pretty play. lebron and j r smith to roll it in and finishes it off. cavs did not pick up the pace. reggie jackson. the cavs went on a run. irving with 30 points and lebron james came up with a dunk. he had 12 points on the night and this was a key play late in the game, lebron tried to take
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couldn't get anything going lake and they lose 96-88, detroit has won now in cleveland. they played a back to back and they had more energy than we did. tonight, they came in and they beat us. >> if i could do it all over again i wouldn't work out before the game but i felt i needed to activate my legs. but i definitely fell on the floor coming off of the back to back. the energy we exposed with us playing 8 guys. you live and you learn. we talked about it at six, about lebron james playing less minutes. ty lou thought about resting him and wished he would have done that. and this bucket after being cleared with a clean bill of health. >> it won't be hard. super talented hall of famers.
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screenen a get out of the way, if they find you, you are good and if you are not, you're not open. it is going back to make sure i am doing the little things. bershaw, the while thing in a golden state uniform. in atlanta did not play and seth curry turned around for three and golden state wins 102- 92. the blue jackets beat boston 6- 4. how about the slap shot goal, boone jenner with two goals, win number 24 for columbus. off to spring training. the indians have pitching to make things interesting. especially when you look at this guy. cory clube getting back to that 18 win season of two seasons ago. one of the leaders on the team. >> i think it is up to all of us to be leader in some way or another. i don't think it has to be penned down to just a few guys.
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to the best of their ability and be ready when it comes time to perform.
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call 1-800-elk-ohio. rain coming in tomorrow night. wednesday morning. really gets going. heavy heavy rain and then snow for thursday. stay tuned. can we see the moon out there? >> full moon. >> there you go. do you thing, mark. do it. closed captioning of newschannel 5 at 11 is sponsored by serpentini. if you are thinking about chevy, think serpentini. the power of 5 weather and traffic updates from the akron
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