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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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new at 4:30, more than 8o vehicles stolen the last four weeks. the specific model thieves are targeting. a story you will only see on five. >> and a stipping turn of events in akron. what we learned about a woman killed when she ran across the busy highway. >> and students get sick after eating a classmate's food and what happened to the child who brought that snack. >> and first, let's get a check of the forecast with somara theodore. >> and oftentimes, we see the calm before the storm and here you're looking at some quiet conditions outside and look at the conditions on the radar. and so it's dry as we head
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and we're going to be seeing cloud coverage, though, throughout the day and that is inching closer and closer from the southeast. current temperatures in the 20s, 28 degrees in cleveland; 26, menner and 27 in dasha -- ashtabula and throughout the day, in fact, it will be warmer than yesterday. the highs reaching the low 40s. >> and at least that is good news. the ride from the jennings freeway looks great. ninety, 482, 71 checking in great and 77 and 76 looks fantastic from akron this morning. heading outside 71 and west 25th now. the odot camera showing that there and there are some cars to keep that company. and a calm and comfortable commute so far. guys? >> thank you. and to news breaking the cleveland bomb squad called out to a home on the 73's east side around mid-night on east 133rd street. the police on scene wouldn't say why they were there and we have calls out and we're
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to a warning in cleveland about a string of stolen suvs and we're talking with more than 80 the past month. >> and shopping centers -- that this morning. thieves are targeting one type of car in particular. >> reporter: jackie, jeeps seem to be the most popular target. one victim we talked to walked around the parking lot multiple gone. and newschannel 5 examine -- examined more than 100 reports that the car was stolen. the security is easy to spot but did not is stop someone from taking her 2003 jeep liberty sport inside the weekend. she was and -- she said jeeps are popular with thieves because they're easy to hot wire. and she called this an aggravating situation. >> that is my car.
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hard for it and someone stole my car. that me and my kids transportation. i have to go to work. >> reporter: and the owners tell us they're working closely with police and they regret the loss of property. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. and 4:33. if you're outside, look at the surveillance photos here. they think these two guys have been selling hundreds of -- stealing hundreds of thousands of clothes from across northeast ohio and not hard to miss the unique hairstyles and there is video showing them with a woman coming in with a card and grabbing clothes and then leaving. you see it here and that is believed they hit the burlington and middleburgh heights. call the crimestoppers at 330- 434-cops. crash in akron. we know a woman was in the car with her husband going southbound around 8 when she jumped out of the car and ran
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barrier in the median. she was hit and killed by a truck in the northbound lanes. that happened around 4:00 p.m. and there was a backup that remained three hours later. a number of minor crashes followed and a highway was there for a good portion of rush hour. and the man here is facing a number of charges this morning. he is accused of dragging an akron police officer for nor merely two blocks. the police pulled him over for expired plates. when officers tried to open the car door, he sped away with one officer hanging on the side of the suv. johnson crashed and was arrested. the officer was treated and released from akron general. and a fight between students outside of a high school ends with a teenager gun. east cleveland police say that tone ager was tackled by officers outside of straw high away. when the officers grabbed the teenager and his gun, it accidentally misfired. thankfully, nobody was injured.
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at school, taken to the hospital after eating a has more. how are the children doing this morning? >> reporter: the good news, all this morning. they were released from rainbow babies and children on monday evening after eating some kind of drug-laced candy. and police tell us the boys and girls were transported to the hospital some time after 2:00 and they tell us the students are believed to have eaten some sort of drug-laced candy from another student while on school grounds. the school tells us that the candy was brought from home. >> when it comes to sharing, you know, anything brought from home is something advised against. >> reporter: the school tells us that the student responsible for handing out the food was removed from school grounds as they continue to investigate what happened.
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any discipline is necessary. live in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and let's get new information this morning, they're considering giving 2, $000,000 to the peacemaker's alliance. the drop works to stop violence in the city. the group is going through a rough time. the former leader is charged with using thousands in donations to pay personal debt. and we asked the councilman about his proposal and he said people should not let the accusations hurt the entire program. and today's democratic candidates will have their first debate. and tim mcginty is up against michael o'malley and that did bait is at noon. and the primary is set for march 15th. and we learned cleveland's police union won't endorse either candidate. the union sent a letter to o'malley explaining the decision and saying the union paid a close severe price in
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the police union several times and. 4:37 on this today morning, still ahead for you, the surprising -- had to leave sunday's game early in oklahoma city. >> and two teens up to no good. the unbelievable damage they
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only at your lincoln dealer. . good morning and welcome back. thanks for waking up with us. and this is what it's looking like outside of the door. and 28 in elyria and cleveland and 27 in akron is any that is a chilly start. we reached the upper 30s and
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40s. and that is the good news as we head throughout the day. and highs will hit 45 degrees. and some sun and more clouds than yesterday. and we're talking about a major storm system affecting us and stay tuned for. that. and this is unbelievable. and watch this vandalism spree, if you will. two teenagers, one more, 15 minutes and a quarter million in damage. the owner of the car lot in east tennessee said the teenagers came in kicking and swinging, hitting windshields, tail plights and body panels. they're under arrest and police have no idea why that i did it. >> and huge news for hoverboards. the consumer product safety commission said that none are certified and safe. retailers across the country are pulling them from the shelves. and the agency said if safety
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>> and every fingerprint is uniquely your own and one credit card company thinks the same thing can be said about silvis. >> and they want to have selfies to fight fraud and to approve online purchases. selfies and fingerprint scans are safer than passwords but it makes you brink to show that you're taking the picture as you shop and that is -- they researching ways to use the heartbeat and eye scams to verify purchases. this is cleaver. 4:41. up next, apple versus the fbi and the fight waging on here and how customers are coming together to support the tech giant. >> and our governor in hot water. what he said about women that is not sitting well with a lot of people.
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. it's approaching 4:44 and breaking from the live desk, new rules for air travel. the u.n. agency that sets the standards now banning lithium ion batteries from cargo on passenger planes. they were the batteries and laptops. the ban takes affect april 1st because they can oversee it and speed. you can still abouting your laptops but no lithium baggage -- batters allowed. and a 16-year-old critically injured in the crash in hawaii died. last inside,by stand every captured the tour helicopter crashing into the waters near pearl harbor and five people were on board. and asking congress $2 billion to help stop the spread of the zika virus in latin america and the u.s. he wants
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over from the fight against ebola in 2014. republicans in the house said it would be the easiest way to give money to fight the disease. >> and the centers for disease control, the cdc, is taking the battle against zika to the front lines. researchers arrived in brazil to start one of the biggest government studies and it's linked to birth defects. we won't get results until the spring. and there will be demonstrations outside of apple stores across the country. supporters are joining the tech company in the fight against the fbi. the government wants apple to unlock the iphone belonging to one of the shooters and that why it meet have clues there but apple said it would compromise the security of millions of people. and the movement is called don't break our phones and rallies are planned all over the city, including chicago, new york, l.a., and
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caucused here today a week before super tuesday and donald trump and ted cruz held big rallies. trump is expected to win the state and lead in polls there -- led in polls there since september. he holds the lead in 10 of the next 14 states in the gop primary schedule. >> and our governor is raising some major eyebrows this morning. >> the governor kasich made comments about women prompting an apology. listen. >> how did i get elected? i didn't have anyone for me. we got an army of people who -- and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go tire dew tire. >> and he said that in virginia the a campaign event and that started a social media fire storm. he was recalling his early days in politics and spoke with wolf blitzer about the incident and apologized j. i am more than
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offended anyone out there but it was not intended to be offensive. if you hear the whole thing, you will understand the context of it. >> and the timing of his comments come as gop insiders and prominent donors are,ing him to quit the race. >> and the governor looking to expand the partnerships to what that i take the community of the course work out of college. three or four years of bachelor degree before transferring. the midterm budget calls for up to 10 bachelor degrees to be offered through community colleges and believes the program will help with student debt. and he gave the construction project a big financial boost here. the state giving the project $3.5 million as it nears the finish line. the total cost of the overhaul, $37 million it's expected to be completed in over three months
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and a number of renters will receive records and they're urging people to register their apartment for rent with the dca by february 29th. you could make double your rent during the week of the convention. >> and you could. and let's look live at the snow moon. you see it is stow bright, somara. -- so bright, somara. >> snow moon. >> and that has the origins and theinatist american community and initially, back then, they would name the moon after the seasons. february 10th to see the most snow throughout the year and a lot of different states and that is why it's called snow moon or hunger moon. and light talk about the weather here. and anp verted trough and going through west virginia and that is pushing clouds into the area. and we're seeing cloud coverage into tuscaroras county, carol county and parts of summit
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going to increase and we'll see a good amount of cloud coverage among the southern and eastern portions of the viewing area and everyone gets it and here we go. this is the storm heading our way and first, we start to see light rain for your wednesday morning and we could see some minor floodings and on thursday morning, still rain and that air moves in and into sandusky, you will see the temperatures drop first and move from west to east and we will see our chances of snow go up and temperatures in the 20s, highs into the low to mid-40s and this is a look at the storm system on the way and that is riding into northwest ohio and that means snowy weather for us
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>> and how is that that we had the temperatures over the weekend and we're having snow and looking at the maps, the construction on 271 and streetsboro might get in the way if you're travelling from that whyer into the city. the shoreway, the speed limit 35 miles per hour and all major highways just fine and no problems on that shoreway. and heading outside, a live look of 76 and in into that akron area, calm and quiet. over to you. and the cavs have the night off and they will look to get back on track and against detroit and 30 points and it was not enough, though. and the -- they're win over the pistons, 96-98 and they pulled a full game last night. >> and on sunday, he left early
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symptoms and he said there was not the flu and there are bedbugs in the hotel room. >> and i was like are you serious? and i was so tired. >> and your kip ask -- skin is crawling and he stayed at the scurvin hotel and has a history of being haunted and that is base a -- because a maid committed suicide decades ago and other teams reported slamming doors and bathtubs filled with water. there are many hotels in oklahoma city. why do they keep staying there? >> ever, it's haunted. no one believes there. >> and they heard bathtubs filled with water.
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stay there because of the bedbugs. >> and hopefully you sprayed them down and don't bring them here to cleveland. 4:51, i'm terrence lee. >> and i'm jackie fernandez and lis tone this. a starbucks switch. and what the can ump is doing and how they're changing your rewards points. >> and a popular breakfast and closing the doors at the last day. >> and a look at how wall
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. and this is the mentally brace for impact day. and a nice start outside. quiet, dry and let's go ahead and -- i can tell you what is to come. >> and we wake up to cold temperatures, lower 20s, some spots possibly breaching the teens and through the day, the slow increase and you will notice a good amount of clouds are moving in and at least it's not bringing the rain for now and we're seeing mostly cloudy conditions across the entire viewing area by this afternoon and that is a precursor and then moves in the rain and we see the showers with the system and we start to see the snow develop from the east. we're in for a lot of changes and we'll break it counsel for -- break it down from the show. >> and weather is not getting in the way. the good news and the map is looking okay. we zoom out and look at the inner belt typically and this
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and let's go outside to the odot camera at 76th and south arlington and a few cars and at this hour. over to you. 4:55 now, and this morning, the city of strongsville wants you to pay a 3% admissions tax for doing things in the city. the charge would apply to customers at indoor and outdoor theatres, bowling alleys and other entertainment and recreational venues. and it would pay for operations. if passed, the tax proposal would take affect july 1st. >> and happening today, the owner of horseshoe, cleveland, making an announcement about the upcoming changes. the company recently bought out the partner ceasar's entertainment. it's going through bankruptcy now and is expected to take over the day-to-day operations by the middle of the year. and new this morning, a popular cleveland breakfast
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>> and in cleveland, they will close at the end of the month and the landlord and owner can't come to an agreement. and the, operated for years -- the business operated for gee years without a lease and -- that is on boulevard and west 117th. it will shut down february 29th. which is next monday. and 4:57. and ahead at 5, dramatic new video of a car pulled from the cuyahoga river. the search and a way for the driver and the ordeal for the woman who was able to escape. the idea behind the special features inside and that is ahead at 5 on good
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. new on good morning cleveland, a high number of
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>> and four local students hospitalized after eating something given to them by another student. >> and first, breaking desk. the cleveland bomb squad called out to the home on the city's east side. we have video to show you here and this is around midnight and police on scene would not say why they were there and we do have calls out. we're working to get you more information and we'll keep you updated. first, though, let's get a check on weather and traffic together. >> and good morning, everybody. and having technical difficulty with the graphics. we're stuck in the future. right now, on thursday, 4:45 a.m. and that is some good news, though. i want to talk about the future cast. and we have rain moving in and we're expecting that to change over to snow for your thursday morning commute. and we're going to talk about the storm system bringing us -- at the end of the week and we're going to take a look at the temperatures for today and


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