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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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here on abc. live coverage starting at 7:00 sunday eastern time. >> find the defendant not guilty of felonious assault. >> don't trust the justice system or the police. >> and now at 4:30, paying the price to -- the case of two police. now being felt beyond the city limit. >> and donald trump on a role winning big in nevada. and first, we have to get to corrina pysa who is following breaking news for us. >> and from the live desk, a deadly shooting in cleveland. at this point, all we know is that a man was found in the hallway at the garden valley housing complex on kinsman road. he had a gun shot wound and was
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we'll have more as soon as we get it. >> and overnight, firefighters battling two fires an hour apart at the same duplex on cleveland's east side. in the 3600 block of east 142nd street. the first fire quickly put out in the run stairs unit. 45 minutes later, crews called back and smoke pouring from the upstairs unit. the flames eventually broke through the receive. half of it collapsing. no one was home in either unit at the time, and officials don't believe the fires are related. and here's a live look outside in elyria. rain is moving in for that morning commute. the system is causing damage in other parts of the country. so let's head over to power of five meteorologist somara theodore. what is the latest? >> you're right about that, corrina. we're seeing that cause a lot of damage in the south. they're getting tornado nature. it's just the rain now. you can see a wintery mix into toledo, the colder air is reaching that part of ohio.
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and this is it moving toward the heavier bands into mansfield and start to approach northeast ohio, parts of cleveland and that means we're in for a very, very wet morning, heavy downpours at times. the current temperatures, 35 degrees in cleveland and 38 in wooster; varying between the 30s and 40s there. throughout the day, the rain is stick around and we'll see throughout much of the day and mostly cloudy conditions. highs in the mid-40s. kristen. >> and conditions are not too bad. considering not a lot of cars out there. some closure minders in akron and canton and closed both ways at 271 and that has been going on for a couple of days here. also, canton, cleveland avenue both ways from 34th street to 35th street heading outside. a live look at 71 and 90. you start to see on the odot camera, all of the raindrops pouring down and hydroplaning a concern today. later when the traffic picks up. over to you. and now, we turn to two developing stories.
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suburbs paying for a deadly police-involved shooting that didn't happen in their city. >> and first, the local police department saying their equipment is see out of date that it's letting them down. sarah finny is live with more where they posted a plea for help. sarah? >> reporter: parents are taking to social media to spread their message. an elyria patrolman describes how equipment like cruisers behind me are failing officers and preventing them from stopping crimes and apprehending suspects. the video was posted by an attorney who works for the elyria law department. it's a call for voters to support issues on the march ballot, a temporary five-year, .05 until tax increase. four elyria police cruisers going 70 to 75 miles an hour could not keep up with a 2005 dodge neon during the pursuit. the highway patrol had to step in to help. and they called it embarrassing
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piece of metal fail error error -- fell off of the police car. this is not the first time they spread their message earlier this month, calling this levee an emergency, saying the department is spiraling downward. and the vote is on march 15th. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you. >> and let's turn to nick foley in the newsroom. >> a deadly police chase and shooting sparked protests in cleveland. we're learning the aftermath is felt beyond city limits. how is that possible? >> many departments in the area of cleveland have mutual aid agreements with cpd. they help each other out with maim -- man i on power and equipment and over the course of the weeklong protest, fairview park police were called out on three different occasions to help out with control. and to a tune of more than $8,000 in overtime and nearly
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other areas have huge overtime bills to help out cleveland. bills paid for by taxpayers in the cities. >> the perception of law enforcement is changed by the actions of one department and it puts all of us under the same microscope. >> and here in cleveland, the trial racked up nearly $2 million in police overtime, more than twice the city's budget. nick foley for newschannel 5. and thank you, nick. breaking overnight from the live desk, donald trump pulling another big win, claiming win in never november 's republican caucuses. marco rubio edging you the ted cruz for second place and this marks trump's third straight victory and nabs 36% of the vote. at last check, rubio was ahead of cruz by 1600 votes and ben carson in fourth place, 5% of
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finish for john kasich, bringing just 3.5%. >> and he will be taking time off from the trail to deliver his state-of-the-state address. he will lay out his plans for our state in marrieta on april 7th. the fifth year the governor is -- [ indiscernible ] the state capital and on the road. and we're three weeks until our march primary here. much of the talk has been about the presidential race. >> the democratic race for cuyahoga county prosecutor is heating up and pits tim mcginty against mike o'malley. they're sparring off in the debate over the handling of the tamere rice case and other investigations. >> and let me know here that mr. o'malley is continuing to dodge a repeated questions in the newspapers and everyone else. what would he have done in the text amir rice case? he is not answering that question. >> reporter: don't have all of the facts and information that mr. mcginty has or had at his disposal.
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impartially and pursuant to the laws of criminal procedure, presented those cases to a grand jury and i would not have tainted the process by introducing the evidence. >> and as we have been telling you, there is no republican running, see the race comes democratic primary. and new information on school. the chagrin school district got the okay from the state e.p.a. to let people drink the water at the elementary school. but, they're going to keep using bottled water until the next school board meeting in march. and the school and e.p.a. have been testing the water for weeks after warning there could be too much lead and copper in it. >> and new information from lake erie prep. the four students taken to the hospital after eating drug- laced school are -- food are okay and three were back in class yesterday. it's not clear what was in the food but that student is suspended while police investigate this. and 4:37 and wedding season
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if you live in cleveland, it's getting more expensive to tie the knot. we're going to price it out for >> and you're tracking rain? >> yes, we have a good amount of rain moving in with that panhandle we have been talking about all week. i have my power of 5 -- here and we're going to make sure morning ahead. you're watching good morning
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only at your lincoln dealer. good morning. i'm meteorologist somara theodore and this is a look now at what is going on in the radar. as you can see, a good amount of why know is flowing through. we have the heavier bands farther south situated over
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vernon and canton and into sandusky. you're in for a very wet ride this morning and this is how the day is going. the rain is sticking around throughout much of the day and highs in the upper 40s. fiftys farther south and into the lake shore, seeing in the mid-40s and we're going to keep you covered and this is going to cause some traffic issues this morning. terrence. >> and a busy day in the weather center. and forget the houro shoes. scene soon gambleers will go to jack. changing the amount in horseshoe casino to jack cleveland casino starting in may. it comes from the separation from ceasar's entertainment and also, getting a name change. it will be rebranded as jack thistle down casino starting next month. and two iron chiefs, one cleveland hometown hero, bringing bobby flay to the land to help him host the autism speaks benefit. and reporting it's taking place on august 6th.
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two years ago, he raised $250,000 for aughtitism. first is love and then marriage and then the debt and trying to 53 off the wedding. >> and you'll pay a pinch -- and it's the 8th most expensive city to throw a wedding. and said the average couple spends 13,416 and eats up the biggest portion of the budget. and if you were wondering, new york is at the top of the list with more than 16,000 that is as the average cost. >> and that is all right. expensive. >> yeah. 4:42 now. up next, new evident that mosquitoes are not the only way the zika virus can be spread. >> and what do more than a dozen cases in the u.s. have in common and a simple test to detect the virus. >> and a facebook review battle turns violent.
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. they're violent, threatening and i have never met this person in real life. >> a cleveland business owner said an online fight became a real one when a rock came crashing through her window. >> and it started over a bad review on facebook. and let's bring in meg shaw here. what happened? it got pretty nasty. >> and yes, it did. it started with the facebook review. the owner of the business, the black market, left a review on facebook about a month ago. she said she never thought that review would lead to this. her storefront boarded up. and the wife tells us in a review -- after that review, someone left her, her business, a review out of retaliation and
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tuesday morning, she came in to her store, rocked had been thrown through the front windows with multiple threatening messages on her facebook page. >> and i am bummed out it impacted my business negatively, you know, and where i feel like he could have handled that as constructive criticism. >> and we did reach out to the experts for their side of the story. that man has been lead go from the bar for an unrelated issue. white can't do anything about her storefront looking like this because she has no evident to this crime. live in cleveland, megshaw, newschannel 5. and thank you. 4:46 now. hillary clinton opening her today. and the campaign is holding a launching party at 7:30 tonight expected to be there.
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are looking ahead to the carolina. speeches. sanders said he would release the amount of his own paid wall street speeches if he had ever made one and asked clinton to do the same thing. she would do it as long as the other candidates do it, too and another topic, president obama's plan to shut down guantanamo bay and both agreed it should happen. >> and there is no ran for us to continue to have guantanamo, which is a very serious symbol, i would say, for a lot of the people around the world who would do us harm and try to crew others to do us harm. >> and we look like hypocrites and fools to the entire world. and what way have done is locked up people in a way that repercussions around the world. democrat? >> after the primary this
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supertuesday, march 1st. and this morning, we're learning that castro died, the older brother of fiddle and raul castro. he preferred the farm life and passed away yesterday. the cause of death is still unknown this morning. he was 91. the news coming as president obama plans a trip to cuba next month. and new details about the death of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia. nothing was out of place around the place where he was found dead and we're learning about his health history. a letter from his doctor said that the justice had coronariy artery disease and suffered from obesity and diabetes. those conditions likely contributed to his death. and important new information on the zika virus. officials investigating 14 cases that may have been spread through sexual interaction. and they all involved men who recently visited areas with outbreaks of zika and they infected women and several of
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the virus is spread through mosquito bites but sexual transmission may likely be as well. and another big step this morning, a new test could give you a diagnosis in minutes. it takes a small sample of your blood, urine and amniotic fluid and they can get results immediately and instantly. the test is only available in texas but officials hope to roll it out nationwide before summer. over to you. and breaking overnight from the live desk, severe weather in the south leaves at least three people dead. the national weather service is confirming a tornado hit here in pensacola, florida. and damage is widespread and thousands are without power. we're going to show you video from an rv park in louisiana where two people were killed and another 30 hurt and another person was killed in mississippi after a tornado touched down there and a tornado striking northwest alabama. the governor of alabama
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and really unbelievable devastation there. >> and absolutely unbelievable and this morning, your power of 5 meteorologist team, we have you covered. >> and nearly 16 states affected by the storm system. and tornado warnings into the south from chicago and into the mid west, dealing with winter storm warnings. we're on the warm side of the system and you canny so that it's large and in charge, the ban of moisture affecting the route 30 corridor into 71 south and 77, you're feeling it to that manningsfield area and large bands of moisture, currently coming down and this is starting ahead toward the east into lakeshore communities. what is the timing on this thing? >> and check it out. notice by 9:45 a.m., we have that heavier band of rain moving along the lake shore and out of here and that is sticking around throughout the day.
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down and we'll get it into the leave night hours and that is when things rev up and that is not over yet. the rain we have against the changeover into snow and we're starting off with rain and finish with snow for the thursday morning commute and that is going to be messy. we're talking about the wet, heavy snow we saw, similar last week and this is going to cause hydroplane. take your time on the roads and this is a look at how much rainfall we're expecting before the snow begins and as we push through the next few days in total, we're expecting between one to two inches of rain and on top of that, we'll see a chance of one to four inches of snow and you have to make it through until theant of week on saturday and sunday, and we'll be reaching their 50s and we'll see sun shining out there. we're on a wild roller coaster ride this week and how are the roads starting off? >> i got word of a fatal crash in the akron area.
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elsewhere, we're starting to see the slippery roadways, especially in akron and what i did here on the maps, essentially, we're going to be tracking what the conditions are looking like coming up. and because of the rain, it's going to be extra backups. and this is the loop and shows the red spot on 77 and 71, and 90 eastbound, too. and this is traffic conditions coming up the next four hours and that is forecasted for you, the conditions. elsewhere, the inner belt is looking okay and that is just the blurry vision, visibility is low because of the rain and i will show you what i mean. look at the cameras in akron. this is 76, wow, look at how blurry that is, guys. >> and visibility is an issue there for sure. and still ahead, surveillance video of a plane slamming into cars on a busy street. people rushing to the rescue
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>> and drivers suspected of being drunk behind a wheel. the incidents putting lives in danger. before break, light look at wall street.
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. back. this is a look now at what you the road. going to be heavy downpours and that means visibility issues also, slushy snow tomorrow. event. can take your time. seeing right now.
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for those conditions i was talking about, if you're on 71 near ashland or richland county, you're seeing the conditions. if you live in areas like medina, akron, cleveland, you're next up to see the cleaning conditions on the road and slick road. >> and it's a worry when we have heavy rain like this and who have to report a fatal crash happening in the akron area, west bath road is closed between akron peninsula and hampton road this morning and that is as crews work to clean up the scene. elsewhere, though, the highways again looking slick because of the rain and i have been showing you this morning, 76. and look at how blurry that is. the raindrops keep falling and hydroplaning is a big concern, guys? >> definitely, kristen. and 4:56 now. late night visits to the drive- thru.
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turn into chaos. and euclid police are issuing a warning this morning. they have been called to three separate incidents this year. the most recent, a mcdonald's on mayfield road. the man hit two cars and damaged the outside of the restaurant. the man involved in the mcdonald's case hired an attorney and plans to fight kui -- dui charges in court. and coming up in, more than $10,000 worth of music and auction block this week. the unlikely source for all of it. >> and a new survey showing someone other than the governor on top in ohio. >> and that is ahead at 5 for
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. new at 5, a plea from elyria police. and why they say several of the cars failed during a recent chase.
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who is left footing the bill. officer that led to hours of overtime. rain. the morning. >> and let's start with our theodore. >> and a drop of moisture right now and in many areas of >> and exactly. and we saw a lot of the slushy tomorrow. first, we have to deal with the rain. born canning in northeast ohio. and the heavier bands made their way into the viewing area and parts of mansfield and ashland seeing heavier rains like orange. in medina and wooster, you're on my radar. you're about to get hit with heavier rain and current temperature, 35 to start and thatet in medina; 30, akron and


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