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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:05am-1:07am EST

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all members of the academy who are eligible are invited to vote their nominations for best picture. in most other categories, the nominations are decided by a vote of the members working in that specific category. then the entire membership chooses from those nominations the recipients of the oscars. and finally, the results of all
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to the independent accounting firm of pricewaterhousecoopers until the sealed envelopes are opened on the air. tt2watu#@m4 bt@qu)d tt2watu#@m4 "a@qe% tt2watu#@m4 bm@qn., tt4watu#@m4 " dztq ]:h tt4watu#@m4 " entq ->( tt4watu#@m4 " gzt& 49p tt4watu#@m4 " hnt& $7< tt4watu#@m4 " iztq n^d tt4watu#@m4 " jntq \.$
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care that never quits. appointments available now. it's after midnight on a february night and we still have temperatures in the 50s right now. as we take a live look at downtown cleveland. >> the wind is still whipping around as we wait for the rain warm temperatures. mark johnson is tracking the weather center. >> happy leap day.
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we do have some rain moving in right now. let's get to it. rain showers white with a couple more waves coming in. here is wave number two and then the actual cold front right here moving through kalamazoo into fort wayne. notice snow on the back end of that. that tells you the air is going to get much colder. in the meantime, we're basking in springtime. look at these temperatures. everywhere you go, 50s and lower 60s. still very windy out there with hour increments field. 410 in akron. cooler temperatures for your morning commute and then the next storm is shaping up to be an interesting one. the march lien may roar on us. i will tell you when and if we're going to see any accumulating snows coming
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pal -- pow pow pow. >> an ohio congregation heard the moment there pastor's life was taken. >> police say the pastor was the intended target. >> reporter: sunday during dayton church became a crime scene. police found the victim and witnesses who explained what happened but they still don't know why. they called on god because moments earlier he called someone home. st. peters missionary baptist church. >> i tried to stop the pastor's wife from going back there but she pushed me out of the way. >> reporter: she found the same thing investigators did: a principal, superintendent and pastor, her husband. >> he has done a lot within the community. he has touched a lot of people's lives and he was an integral part of my rearing. >> reporter: shots echoed out
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ushers directed grief stricken members outside. once they wiped away tears, they found their place of worship wrapped up in tape and covered. >> the officers did exactly what they were trained to do. they knew there was a shooter inside. >> reporter: police say the accused shooter knew the victim. his brother. word quickly spread throughout dayton. tonight, some question the same power they called upon. and police say daniel schooler is in the montgomery county jail. >> i just want to be clear. do we have officers involved in a shooting? >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> a police officer's first day on patrol was also her last. officer ashley guindon was responding to a domestic violence call in virginia when she was shot and killed. two
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the man now charged with murdering officer glendon is an army staff sergeant who worked at the pentagon. he shot and killed his wife before arriving -- police arrived at his home. hundreds are expected to pay their respects to a local firefighter monday calling for tonya johnson begins at 10 am at the christian church. she was hit and killed by a truck in akron last week. she jumped out of the car with an -- after an argument with her husband and ran across the highway. police are investigating. a man accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian saturday night has turned himself into police. tonight, there are new questions about the safety of the intersection. >> reporter: cleveland police tell us that victim crossed lee road at tarkington not in a designated crosswalk area but look there are crosswalk
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street. they signal when a pedestrian can walk safely and on the other side of the street, it's an equally odd situation. >> very dangerous. i don't go out here. >> i tried to do my best to get across. >> reporter: this, the scene of a fatal hit-skip last night. it has residents scared and confused. >> it's like a speedway. people get caught flying down this street. >> i would be scared myself. >> reporter: speed is one issue and these crosswalk areas are another. this part of lee road has a crosswalk painted on the street but only one signal. >> there should be another hand signal right here on the side of the street. >> reporter: that's on top of this. the opposite side of lee road has no crosswalk markings but crosswalk signals on both sides. it's here where a 60-year-old man was killed last night. he is now identified as michael groves.
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whole neighborhood. >> reporter: his longtime friend tells me it was four years ago he was hit by a car right in front of his house. he was hospitalized for now, he is being remembered as someone who was always on foot but always had a big heart for the residence here. >> to me and my wife, he was a beautiful person. >> reporter: we reached out to councilman terrel pruett about this intersection but we didn't hear back. as for that suspect, we know that he is a 20-year-old man who turned himself into a police station today. he has yet to be charged back in cleveland, i am kristin volk . >> this man will be in court on monday accused of running a meth lab next to a child's bedroom. police arrested thomas harris after finding meth making materials inside a home on second street southwest. harris is charged with illegal manufacture of drugs. it looks like he is at it again.
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caught on camera but that's not all. tracy carloss is here. >>reporter: his latest club appearance comes just hours after dallas police say they were sending those domestic charges against johnny manziel to a grand jury. it appears the troubled browns quarterback, johnny manziel continues his antics, this time in miami. tmz sports reports this is johnny manziel wearing big hat -- a big hat and sunglasses drinking out of a bottle at a club at the reported incident comes just hours after dallas police released an announcement that the domestic violence case against him is heading to a grand jury. he was caught on camera partying. dallas police asked the dallas county district attorney's office to present a misdemeanor assault case to a grand jury. >> detectives have continued communicating with the
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witnesses and received medical records from the complaint at and received surveillance -- surveillance video. >>reporter: he is accused of threatening to kill his girlfriend last month. she said he accosted her at a hotel in later hit her when they drop back to her fort worth apartment. she detailed in court documents that he had her so hard she temporarily lost hearing in one ear because of a ruptured eardrum. >> that behavior will not be tolerated as we move forward. that's all i want to say about it. i want to leave it at that. our organization is going to take a stand and we are going to move on from those kinds of situations. >> reporter: there is a lot at stake for johnny manziel and not just on the football field. >> his future on our team will be addressed pretty soon. >> reporter: but off the field as well. if convicted, he could be locked up. we reached out to the browns tonight for comment and they
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now, to democracy 2015 -- 2016 and the high-stakes of super tuesday. >> dozens of states host the biggest contest of the season. our governor doesn't think he will win any of them. >> john kasich fedex donald trump will sweep all 12 of the super tuesday votes. this is video of him campaign today massachusetts. john kasich release a strong showing in ohio on primary day, which 15 will provide the buess that -- boost that he needs to capture the gop nomination. keep in mind, he has yet to win estate and placed last in the nevada caucuses. he says he will back the candidate whoever it is and says if he doesn't win here, it's ballgame over. >> i think it's critical for anyone left in the race to be up to win their home state.
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i will win ohio. if i don't win ohio, it's time to call it over but i'm going to win that state and then we're off to the races. >> governor kasich also said mitt romney hasn't asked him to leave the race as reported in the new york times book he says the two men have exchanged emails but no one has asked him to drop out. what i have problem with is being robbed by my utility company. >> a big billing problem for some cleveland water customers to the tune of thousands of dollars. now, some city leaders are calling for changes. ron reagan tells us what they want to see. who said winter was over? not me. we have adjusted our seven day and you are going to need your
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strong reaction after an exclusive investigation revealing that sound cleveland water customers are being billed thousands of dollars for water they didn't use. ron reagan shows us how the water department is now coming under increased scrutiny.>> reporter: water customers told us they are being robbed by their utilities. we also found a complaint process shrouded in secrecy. now, the water department is coming under increased pressure to change how it operates.
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what is the process? >> reporter: mike folin sick is on the committee overseeing cleveland's water department. >> they are our customers. you have to provide customer service. in this case, the city is and providing the customer service it needs to provide and that needs to change.>> reporter: tony bongiorno runs an auto repair shop. one day last year, he got this. >> i said there's no way we is $500 of water especially since the heater wasn't hooked up to the building. >> reporter: and he isn't alone. >> what i do have a problem with is being robbed by my utility company.>> reporter: nina jones is being built more than $6000 for water she didn't use. jackie -- is another customer. >> did you have any idea you were entitled to a water board review? >> absolutely not. >>reporter: her 82-year-old mother is being threatened with having her water shut off.
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>> i am stuck with a $3716 water bill and a solar bill that is $1700. >> reporter: confined to her bed, she is a stroke victim. last year alone, we found more than 40,000 customers received shutoff notices, yet we found the water review board held only 31 customer reviews last year. 22 were denied. why so few hearings? we went undercover asking customer service what to do when faced with disputing huge bills and shutoff notices. >> i want information from you that i can relate to her. what else can she do? >> reporter: not a word about the water review board, board created by a federal court order to protect customers and review disputed bills. it's instead shrouded in secrecy. plus, we found 130 board
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attorney general in the last three years, >> i am concerned about what's happening with some of the customers of the water system here in the city. one thing i think people should know is that they have a right to appeal. that is built into the law. they have that right. >> reporter: water department refused to answer questions on camera saying only that if a customer doesn't pay their bill, those costs are shifted to other customers. meanwhile, our investigation into unfair billing continues. i'm chief investigator ron reagan. >> -- what has been seen as a lack of diversity in feature films spurred this protest and others before tonight's oscars. reverend al sharpton led this protest right outside the adobe theater where tonight's academy awards took place right in the path of many who attended. local oscar protesters brother demonstration to east
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or than a dozen marched outside the studio sunday. the call for diversity sparked this year because every major acting nominee was white. >> let's switch gears and talk about our weather. >> i just want to say thank you to the academy for wording leeann tomita as -- we and -- lee and denita best oscars. >> thank you. well, we better enjoy today with changes coming up. >> look at this sunset. springlike sunset. the clouds come in and you will notice a few raindrops on the
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there is waivers number one. i told you, don't get used to the 640 type weather. 640 in cleveland because back here knocking on the door, much colder air. there is a little wet snow. chicago down to 360. wave number one, the light rain showers moving through on to the east side, we show you lake county, all the way down to akron. cleveland is currently drive. nextwave is here. notice heavier yellows indicating moderate rain showers. sandusky getting some sprinkles. the actual front comes through 3 am-4 am. by your morning commute with the exception of a few light snowflakes, harpers field out of youngstown into carroll county, the area is dry by 6 am so i don't think your rush-hour is going to be impacted by falling precipitation. good news, look at these mild temps.
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570 in was -- will start -- wurster. it's still gusty and windy as this front comes in. when gusts up to 40 miles per hour in mansfield, 41 in akron, 37 miles per hour in greater cleveland. 640 is our high today. four shy of the record set on the stay in 2012. here is a front coming in. cooling down but the bigger story is going to be tuesday night into wednesday. we are watching this guy. this is going to die south, pick up some moisture from the south and then track toward ohio. that's a lot of snow. warm side, rain. still waiting to see the exact track. there could be some shovel level -- snow to be shoveled. tomorrow, theodore will be here for good morning cleveland.
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windy. tomorrow, up to 440 with afternoon sun. wednesday, a little morning snow after we start off with rain tuesday night. changing to a mix. winter isn't over. thursday and friday, 300 with scattered snow on saturday. a local high school coach still having a big impact on a player who is now trying to go pro. >> well jones is still training news channel 5 went to visit him. and insight -- an inside look at the relationship between
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ohio state quarterback and nfl prospect cardale jones has been training in san diego. recently, his former high
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i caught up with both of them. >> this is what keeps me alive. if you don't have nothing to live for you don't have a purpose in life, you will die. >> reporter: legendary coach -- senior feeling very much alive in his visit to the san diego where one of his former athletes, cardale jones has been training for the nfl. >> what made you decide to come to san diego? >> just to support him and be the mentor a father figure out try to be all his life. >> he almost never made it to this point in cardell's life. tightness with pancreatic cancer in 2012, he is in remission despite the 20% one year survival rates. >> must people say it's a miracle. i just say it's god's blessing on me because what i do is what
12:37 am
>> rhythm and tempo. >>reporter: in seeing the vision he had for cardell, he is seeing and become a reality. it's not the cornerback he is is becoming. >> just to see him, he's got his own place, driving his car, being on time. >> it's not me driving him. it's him driving me. i'm proud of that. >> you have matured a lot since you met him. >> i have definitely grown up. we don't us many people where i grew up so allowing myself to trust coach and the other mentors i had growing up put me on a path. >> reporter: during the coach's visit, cardell gushed about his one-year-old daughter while preparing diligently for his
12:38 am
the trip proved that coach gynn can beat the odds. >> he has a chance to live and be productive. that probably never would have happened without all the people around our community to open his eyes, see that it's a possibility. >> reporter: we also talked to cardell. for that personal story, had to our website. lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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leo finally did it. >> leonardo dicaprio finally won his best -- first best actor award and of course,
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and now abc'smmel live after the oscars"! >> how do you think it went? what did you think of j-law's dress? which white people did you go after, bro? >> chris, over here, did you jimmy, jimmy kimmel, what are you doing out here? >> jimmy: my mom got me this camera, i figured i'd get a few you have the "after the
12:45 am
>> jimmy: yeah, but -- did you get a gift basket?some of that nourishing lotion? yo, chris. did leta rock it tonight? chris, who are you wearing? out who you're wearing! i need to know who you're wearing!od -- it's " jimmy kimmel live after the oscars" ! tonight - ben affleck, tracy morgan, henry cavill, isenberg, j.k. simmons, will arnett, nathan lane, matthew broderick, mike tyson, ive to the governors ball. presented by samsung. with cleto and the cletones.
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here's jimmy kimmel!eers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. i was not expecting it. thank you. i'm jimmy. thanks for watching. thanks for staying up. for a sunday night but welcome to our 11th annual after the oscars special. the statues have been handed out, the speeches have beennce again i was not invited to any of the after parties so here we are together. [ cheers and applause ] making the best of it. it was a night of night of awareness. it was a night of a lot of uncomfortable famous white people trying to make sure they clapped when the cameras were onw there were no black nominees in the acting categories. tonight's oscar hopefuls were whiter than the line to buy
12:47 am
the only way a black or hispanic or asian octoberer was going to win an oscar was if they letnnounce the winner and that didn't happen. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the show went mostly as expected, there weren't a ton of surprises. was learning there's actually a movie called "the 100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared." it was an interesting show. the sound cut out on one of thet sound design. true. i think the person -- the kid who was short. so that was good. and the woman who won best ressed like this. >> this is the second oscar and tenth nomination for jenny bevin. the first oscar in this category -- she looked like sammy
12:48 am
i guess she doesn't take her work home with her. best picture. brie larson won best actress. [ cheers and applause ] leonardo dicaprio won best actor.ed six types. until tonight he never won but everyone kept saying, this is his year. and it was. but you know, the man has hadifferent victoria's secret model every night of -- every year of his year. from 1991 on has been his year. and whether you're a fan of movies, movie stars, or the ryan seacrest men's wear collection. we still have many great moments in store yorek is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: bad man versus superman." he's batman. yesterday was ben's 4-year-old son'suess what costume his son made him wear to entertain the kids at the party. that's right. we'll find out how that went. it's not all glamorous, this
12:49 am
carpet, next day 15 preschoolers are beating you with pinata sticks. right now the stars are heading to the governors ball, the y across the street. our man guillermo is there standing by live via our big cisco scr] >> jimmy: we'll get go to him now, guillermo, what's it like, are there any big stars around?re's a lot of the big stars around here. beautiful women too. >> jimmy: why don't you have any of them? >> oh. they at the bar right now. >> jimmy: they're at the bar, all right. see who you can us and we'll check back in later. how many drinks have you had? >> about 40 shots of tequila. >> jimmy: okay, great. perfect. so he's ready to ess than he typically has on a sunday night. thank you, guillermo. we'll check back in with you later at the governors ball. one of the most critically acclaimed moviesis year that was not nominated for best picture was "cred," the
12:50 am
the son of one of his nominated for an oscar. it would not be a movie without a sequel. the world premiere trailer for the much-anticipated followup to "creed." >>ave a choice. this is my one shot. i was born to do this. can't nobody stop me! >> you got no business being here. >> the other fighters are fighting for their lives. look at you.ero sandwich. >> it's a hoagie! >> get the hell out of my gym! your first fight with clubber. you got caught with a right uppercut.
12:51 am
with an itchy blow hee! hee hee! hee hee! hee hee! hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! >> how do you knowat fight? >> that was my pops. >> junior. >> that's what marty povis told to train me. >> train you to do what? >> what do you think i'm talking about, fool, to fight. >> you don't look like a fighter. >> i been fighting my whole who said i couldn't fight -- >> ha ha ha! >> fighting my demons. >> hey, baby. >> fighting that lady in the wendy's drive-throughouldn't give me extra dipping sauce. >> quheerls my dipping sauce? >> all i asked for was extra honey mustard! >> i'll teach you to fight, kid. let's get some shorts on you because we got work to do. come on.
12:52 am
honeyd. >> come on!w! >> oohh! >> one. >> come on, here! >> boxing isn't just about strength and conditioning. it's about heart. brains. >> and fowls and wings! >> over, under, roundugh. meet mr. bunny pull it through. you're not focusing. you've got to focus.meat like you mean it! harder! harder! you've got to kill him! give it to him!l are you doing? whoa, whoa, whoa! hey, hey, no!
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no!u've got it. you've got it! [ cheers and applause ] >> it'sught would happen. >> this is a fight nobody thought should happen. this is a disgrace to the sport of boxing.o see it. >> this is our last round, you need this one. >> i keep thinking it's gum. >> focus, kid, you need your edge out there! >> hey, get me some. honey mustard, you remembered! >> that's right. now go gets clubber. >> i know, i know. mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah. love you so much. my teeth. go get him!
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fool! >> how am i doing? >> e will be a sequel. [ cheers and applause ]ave to take a break but it will be worth it, stay there. we have many stars and many surprises on the way. it's our biggest show of the year. our 11th annual " after the oscars" special - we'll be right back after this. [ cheers and applause ] why can't i buy this weird, shaved-meat sandwich with my phone? why can't my battery last long enough to navigate me through these scary woods? fine though. [lightning strike] why can't my phone have enough memory to hold all a hundred and forty-five of my movies, like that one with the why can't my phone take high quality low light photos instead of this
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kind of brain? a degree is a degree. you're gonna want someone like me.
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>> jimmy: hello and welcome back to our 11th annual "
12:59 am
batman is on the way. first let's check in with on the wall of america at the governors ball happening across -- look at this, guillermo, you did it! i asked you to get us a big star, you got us a big star,hen, hello! [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, america. >> jimmy: hey, you had a pretty quick costume change there, i guess. what you're talking about that wasn't me. >> jimmy: oh, that's right. i forgot. >> the academy would never let somebody like ali g. come out. i went to the done. >> jimmy: is it true that sacha -- you were supposed to present and instead ali g. wound up filling in as a >> that is true. that is true. i was very displayed because i was getting ready -- nature called. i went into the bathroom.
1:00 am
fool of. >> jimmy: ali g. presented by olivia, did she know ali g. wasad of you -- [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm real sorry. >> i'm not aware.] >> jimmy: sacha, i apologize, there's some idiots in the back. >> yeah, there's a lot of complete pardon myalking around. >> jimmy: yeah, there are people jumping around in the back like -- >> they're just trying to get famous. a lot of people an't win tonight. >> jimmy: you know, this is really a shame that we put so much work people just show and up they ruin it like that. >> bad losers. >> jimmy: well, you know -- sacha, you have a movie "the brothers grimsby" coming out. >>right. march 11th.
1:01 am
for what's going on here, very unprofessional. one that should be watching for what's going on. get the guy behind you out of the shot! >> who is -- >> jimmy: thank you very much. >> dim wit. >> jimmy: i'm so away, please. >> jimmy: there's no excuse for that. i apologize again. some people are just gross. but thank you very >> jimmy: sacha baron cohen! [ cheers and applause ] >> stay away. >> jimmy: thank you so much, guillermo. >> stay away next you. keep rounding people up, will you, guillermo? no -- >> hey, jimmy --very much. much. [ cheers and applause ] it just really pisses me off, that's all.movies. this is the reason why we're watching television tonight. is on car night is a night to celebrate great films. if you're at all familiar with the movie "the it is one of the best comedies ever. [ cheers and applause ]
1:02 am
classic, won an oscar for mel brooks, record-breaking 12 tonyel made it into a broadway musical starring nathan lane and matthew broderick. it's been almost 15 years.h a diabolical new scheme to unleash their most spectacular disaster yet. >> they were a pair of political needed a break. >> that's it! we're finished, through, kaput! >> don't say that, max. >> let's face it, bloom, we ha in years. >> max, do you realize under the right circumstances it might beore money from a losing candidate than from a winner? >> what did you say? >> first we find a bad candidate, then we raise money like crazy and promise all the donors italy or sweden or armenia. then when the public figures out what a nut case our guy is he drops out of the race --
1:03 am
bloom! you bloody genius you! >> max, don't. >> but wait, wait. this got to be the worst candidate in history. a real train wreck. schmuck, putt z, gold-plated where would we find a buffoon like that? >> and now a message from the board room. >> people have beenmy desk and the fact that i have so many papers on my desk. it's actually very neat. but if you look around, i mean, there's a lot of stuff.years -- people have a lot going on on their desk. >> hand me the phone! desk is a very important part of me -- >> yes, yes, yes. hello, hello, operator? thing -- >> get me the board room. you know which one.
1:04 am
race for the white house. his name, donald j. trump. can he beat the establishment? who will support him? fiscal conservatives?right? or crazy old semi-racist white people? >> they're sure he can win? >> oh, mrs.d trump is the very definition of a winner. >> just read the pin. >> oh. >> bless you, mrs. comisky,thank you. thank you. yes. i keep the checkie, thank you. thank you, mrs. comisky. mrs. comisky. here we go. that's a girl. oh, oh! beautiful,g right out the door. all right, easy now. easy, we don't have time for that. easy. all right. don't worry, it's bye! >> bye. >> thank god for citizens
1:05 am
>> 22 ambassadors to france so million bucks, bloom. i have to tell you, running trump was smart. but your idea about building a wall across the mexican border? brilliant. >> not as brilliant as your idea about making the mexicans pay for it. >> he won't last the week! >> oh, look, max, this is it. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. we're in the money we're in the money >> announcer: but they pick the wrong fool. >> good news for donald trump. the whole world has gone stark raving mad for him like these two looney birds, these numb skulls, even in whack a doodle. >> you ready for someone who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis' ass? >> he's still in the lead, max.
1:06 am
>> well, i hear he's a proven businessman who knows how to get things done. >> yeah, he'll stand up to the mexicans. >> i can't believe this it's not possible. >> where did we go right? >> i don't know. >> wait a minute. wait a minute -- did he question john mccain's war heroism? >> yes. >> did he say we should kick out 11 million immigrants? >> yes. >> did he propose banning all 1 billion muslims from entering the u.s.? >> si! >> did he say heidi klum was no longer a 10? >> yes, yes! >> nothing is working, max, nothing. >> oh, no! no! >> announcer: just in time for the election, it's a story that starts off funny and then gets really, really depressing. [ cheers and applause ] we needed a chump to put on
1:07 am
a frumpy grumpy named donald j. trump he's building a wall a thousand feet tall don't worry cause the mexicans will pay for it all >> announcer: from the producers of "the producers" comes a movie that will make america great again. nathan lane, matthew broderick, and cloris leachman star in -- you've been trumped >> maybe he won't be such a bad president. >> bing bing bong bong bing bing bong bong. >> whoa, what have we done? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have a lot to come including we have tonight on the show never before seen footage from "batman versus superman." [ cheers and applause ] the "after oscars post show." we'll be right back with ben affleck! [ cheers and applause ]


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