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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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turned in an urn full of ashes that she says she found at a fast-food joint. >> all new at 5. what they are hoping to get, is a shame that they were shut out. >> the police department is getting 300 brand new patrol bikes for the rnc and local bike shops are getting shut out of the contract. this is a story newschannel 5 has been following for weeks. and today we have new documents that prove the city is favoring an out-of-state company over local businesses. meggen hickey sifted through this information. >> reporter: i got bid documents and they list parts that are made in seattle. eddy put a year's worth of work in a plan to bid on police patrol bikes for the rnc. but he told me that went to
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city. >> the way the bid was written it shuts it out. >> and showed me how the specifications are tailored to other bikes. one of the specs listed as much have is unique to the company. >> you can only get that from >> yes. you are going to these guys to get it. >> reporter: the volcanic bikes cost $800 for the rnc in tampa in 2012. tracy says his and other shops believe they could provide a comparable bike at a lower cost. >> you understand where people may be outraged. >> it is a very fair criticism of the city. we have local ordinances that preference to local retailers. chair. and says it is out of his hand and advocating for special consideration for local
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convention for who knows how long and we need to get it right. i reached out to the mayor's office but did not receive a response. this is just the latest along a long road to bring the rnc to cleveland. that road will be a lot more clearer tomorrow when voters in a dozen states head to the polls for super tuesday. this as word continues at home to get the city ready. john kosic is in the newsroom, the countdown is on. >> 140 days until the gavel goes down. a game changing convention for cleveland that two years ago this week still seemed like a heck after long shot. the first monday in march of 2014 that brought a snowstorm but did not stop the republican national convention. cleveland, one of five cities making the presentation today and three others looking to bid did not make the presentation.
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as a result cleveland's presentation was last and the one that stayed in the minds of gop leaders. >> always good to bat clean-up. we started by giving them o'malley chocolate beans. >> reporter: on that day gop leaders made it clear their selections would be a business one, that the goal of the convention was to do one thing. >> we have to make sure to put on a convention that gives our nominee a bump. >> cleveland has the rnc and there had been bumps. nominating convention and beyond the control of the planners and their role is focused not on the politics but the process. making sure they live up to their end of the bargain that made cleveland the clear choice. >> we are in it to win it and we have the best city in the nation to host the event. >> the local businesses coming
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to make clear it is not about red or blue but about green. a shooting leaves four students injured and another unhandcuffs. investigators down in butler county say a student opened fire in middletown ohio. middletown is north of cincinnati. about halfway to dayton and this school building has elementary and junior high and high school students. students of all ages in the building when it happened. now fortunately all injured will make full recoveries. it looks like two were shot and two more hurt by shrapnel or while trying to get out of the way. the gunman ran out of the school and dropped the gun out and arrested. one student in the library when he heard gunshots. you are kind of with yourself and praying like oh, god, help me. what is going to happen and you
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will come to the door. well tonight parent are praising the school system and police are keeping them informed of the terrifying situation. the staff has had extensive training in an incident like this. after the shooting students were sent home. the arrested student has not a motive. the shooting is the same week as the anniversary of the school shooting in chardin. it erupted inside a school cafeteria back in 2012. time is receiving three life sentences for killing three students. two other students were injured in that shooting. now to developing story from east cleveland where a missing person alert is over. >> police believe the man may be dead and a medical examiner is looking at a body found in a
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information. >> reporter: the victim's car is behind me at east 155th and that car matched by the license plate and blood on the bumper and learning that the medical examiner has been called. all unfolding after 24 hours after police say the victim was abducted and police are identifying that victim as charles barns, 46 years old and just after midnight, police say that two masked and armed men abducted the men and his mother's east side cleveland home where he lived. we spoke to his mom in just the last hour, she said before her son was taken those men stormed into her home and put a gun to her head and assaulted her and stole items from the house but police were not specific as to what. on their way out of the house that they saw barns. the victim and abducted him. his mom says before the suspect put him in his car, they shot him.
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news broke that a body was found in connection with this incident. he came out with a gun. and i don't know what is going on. i just want my son back. barns' mom says there is absolutely no explanation as to why someone would want to hurt her son. we have very little information other than they were two black men. back here on the scene. we have plenty of police personnel and medical examiner on their way and we will keep you updated as we get more information. all right. let's check in with the chief, mark. we got one day left here in february. >> one day left in february. tomorrow the tribe begins spring training, a true sign of spring. here is spring like, 50s in
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46 in ashtabula. the problem is we have a front. a cold front that will drop in. we may see precip filling in. an isolated rain or wet snow shower. during the first half of the overnight. but all in all. we will include a mention of isolated snow flurry or rain shower. look at the temperatures. akron at 41 and canton, you are looking at mid-30s, same for cleveland by ten p.m. winter coats and the front will drop in, stall out and it is going to cause another slop storm. to come our way impacted by a wintery mix. trying to measure snow here coming up. police in stark county are trying to follow the mystery after an urn turned up. it is silver and pewter and had
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a woman spotted it and brought it to the police department. and officers have received a couple of leads but not the owner. the chief says the department will keep trying because of the sentimental value of the item. i think if any of us put ourselves in that position, and it was a loved one of ours that had died and was placed in an urn we would want it back. if you recognize, you are asked to call the lewisville police department. it is about to get easier for pregnant women to participate in the women, children and infants program. the u.s. da announced states to transfer from paper vouchers to electronic cards. roughly half of the nation's infants benefit from wick. it offers grants to states to give food vouchers to low
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children up to the age of 5 that are nutritional risk. the program covers nutritional food. well, the race to the white house is about to hit the race next week. one state after the other taking turns to choose their candidates. now voters in a dozen states getting ready to head to the polls to decide hundreds of delegates in the race. what is at stake on super tuesday next. plus bernie sanders taken to task over his record on gun legislation. we put it to the fact test and let you know how truthful he has been. the highest honor a member of the military can receive. we will break down one ohioan's heroic actions that earned him a medal of honor. have you taken in a coupon for a oil change and been
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will explain the extra fees for the routine job. the clock is ticking. as the candidates crisscross the country for support.
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donald trump and marco rubio, that continues. marcy gonzalez is in texas. the state with the most delegates at stake. >> reporter: the jabs flying. >> in florida, where he comes from, this guy couldn't be elected dogcatcher. >> reporter: in the last push before super tuesday. >> we won't allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> reporter: candidates covering as much ground as they can. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump is us. >> reporter: the biggest day of the primary and voting in 12 states with 1610 delegates at stake. >> i don't think make has stopped being great. we need to make it hole. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to maintain her lead over bernie sanders. >> we can win the democratic nomination. >> reporter: while on the gop
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with the poll showing 49% of republican voters support him. the front-runner brushing off protestors and the comments on cnn about his endorsement by david duke. >> would you say you condemn them and don't want their support? >> well i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you are talking about. >> but this morning donald trump said he did not hear the question and has disavoid david duke. he is polling behind here in texas. the biggest super tuesday state where senator ted cruz hopes his constituents will bring him a much-needed win. >> john kaisch has no plans to leave the republican race soon. he won in new hampshire but has fallen behind donald trump and marco rubio and ted cruz.
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republican leaders have been race. kaisch says that is nonsense. >> no one is pressuring me to get out of the race and we have elections coming up. florida by 17 points. you know what? why aren't they telling him to get out. i have a better chance of winning in ohio than he does in florida. >> the latest quinnipiac poll shows kaisch trailing donald trump in ohio. kaisch says he will lose if he loses ohio. >> governor kaisch not the only one going all into win over our state. donald trump plans to stop in columbus tomorrow and we have confirmed bernie sanders will be in cleveland on saturday. as the primary gets closer, the political team is looking at statements made by the candidates. we are focusing on bernie
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controversial crime bill. investigators sarah buduson shows us that there were people upset. >> at issue a 1994 crime bill known as the violence against women act. according to npr the bill put more officers on the streets and trained police to investigate domestic violence claims and not only impose tougher prison sentences but it prisons. but the bill is also blamed for launching an era of mass incarcerations that affected the african-american population. bernie sanders has been defending his vote and putting out a news release about it. >> earlier the back and forth on the crime bill, you had said you supported the house version of the crime bill because it had assault weapons band but that was not the case. so why did you put out a
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>> whoa, whoa, whoa. that's not my understanding. >> reporter: it was a senate bill but not in a house bill. >> to the best of my knowledge, there was two important provisions and that is a violence against women act that was very important. i worked very hard to prevent domestic violence and my understanding there is a band on assault weapons. so our political editors wanted to know who was right. as with most of these, we found the answer is complicated. the bill went through several changes before the final vote. and bernie sanders did vote for at least one of those versions that did not have the assault weapon band. it is rated as half true. live in the newsroom, i'm investigator sarah buduson, channel 5. this guy gets touchy when we ask about sunshine. >> it is all true. >> all true.
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>> we have sunshine. not bad. >> i'm sorry. i have to adjust my mike. >> i see you put a nice dimple in your tie. >> look at that. >> a half dimple. >> right there. >> it is a leap day dimple. i have been busy. let's show you the clouds thickening upcoming into downtown cleveland. the birds were chirping and thinking it is springtime. march 1st tomorrow, officially the first day of meteorological spring. for weather folks our weather books are month-to-month. winter is officially december, january and february. spring is march, april and may, summer, june, july and august. you get it. tomorrow we will close the book on winter open a spring book. a little bit of sunshine. you will see it.
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we have five live radar looking for rain and snow and could get a little bit in the course of the overnight. all in all. not a big deal for your traveling. we do have a front right here. clouds are dropping in and they are thickening up and there could be an isolated rain or snow shower during the evening hours as the little front drops in. right now everyone is mild. 40s and lower 50s. fremont 51 and nor walk 50 and akron at 50 and same for millersburg. and cleveland and mentor at 48 degrees. getting blustery kinds. cleveland at 48 miles per hour and elyria as 30 miles per hour. between chicago and milwaukee they will get 6 to 8-inches and the worse of the band is right here.
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here is the front dropping in. because the front will stall out right about here. north of youngstown. north of that, you're cooler and maybe lower 40s but inland areas, canton and new philly 50s. tonight, this evening, we will mention an isolated flurry or light rainshower. here we go. the front dropping and the developing storm and that will bring slop to the region. overnight. temperatures drawing back and we will drop down to 28 degrees for the low and tomorrow look at this. we got rain coming in, change over to snow. we will talk more about that next. your nature experience is about to become more connected.
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a loving pet or a danger to neighbors. newschannel 5 was on the scene when state agents removed a state bear from one man's
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that is next at six. all right. jason time to talk about the teacher of the week. >> every friday we honor a local teacher as the newschannel 5 teacher of the week and this one teaches in lakewood. >> in this week's ohio savings bank teacher of the week we travel to lakewood where allen perez got our honor. >> congratulations you have been nominated as newschannel 5
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>> i have a great class that are working hard every day. and wonderful support. thank you. >> ohio savings bank presented perez with an omaha steak gift card. congratulations. i love that hugga thon. teacher. go to frank and lee. all right. protecting those that protect us. today support is growing after our exclusive investigation revealed a serious deficit that the state firefighters are dealing with in their health care.
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of the best from our nation's military.
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super store. a 14-year-old student was arrested after a shooting inside a school cafeteria in southwest ohio. it happened need madison school north of cincinnati. police say two students were shot and two others injured in the shooting. all are expected to recover. the student is facing a slew of charges including attempted murder. police in east cleveland say a body found this afternoon is connected to the abduction of a man at gunpoint. the men looking for charles barns hit her in the head with a gun in their efforts to find him. police are looking for suspects and have not confirmed the identity of the man found. >> tomorrow voters will head to the polls. donald trump and hillary clinton have strong leads in their respective parties. to new developments about
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we found ohio is one of just 16 states that failed to recognize the link of fighting fires and cancer. because of that a northeast mayor is taking action. several municipalities will voice their support for presumptive cancer legislation. we told you how ohio lawmakers have failed to pass the law. it would give workers' compensation benefits to firefighters, diagnosed with cancer. like mike polumpbo is currently battling an aggressive form of brain cancer. the presumptive law would take care of his medical bills. >> i would retire tomorrow and
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thing to me at this time in my life and they have always been important to me but i would want more time with them because obviously with my cancer it is a time thing. >> reporter: in his letter to lawmakers richard bundy says he knows passing the law would lead to increased insurance premiums but convinced the men and women protecting us need immediate health care assistance. on your side investigator sarah buduson, newschannel 5. this just in. a magistrate judge in new york says the u.s. can't force apple to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. follows an earlier ruling forcing apple to unlock that phone for the f.b.i. apple does not have the technology to crack the
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a navy seal has earned a high award. >> and u.s. senior chief edward biers received a standing ovation at the white house. biers is a member of the navy seal team 6. in 2012 he rescued a hostage held by the taliban. biers used his body to protect the hostage from gunfire. the 5th navy seal to receive the honor and the first living member to receive the award in four decades. >> today's ceremony is unique. a rare opportunity for the american people to get a glimpse of a special breed of warrior that so often serves in the shadows. i was immediately humbled to know that somebody out there, a group of people out
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worthy of this level of award. biers was born in cleveland and grew up in grand rapid is ohio and deployed overseas 11 times with 9 combat tours. the u.s. army is launching a lead delta force operation in iraq. the force will conduct raise and hostages and prisoners. members spent weeks setting up safe houses and coordinating units. this is the same strategy special operation forces have used in previous deployments, the combat zones. leap day and i like tomorrow better than what it represents? umm. >> the beginning of the meteorological ... >> unfortunately mother nature will remind you it is still her mind. right now we are dry. we are good in the evening and
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48, cleveland and 50 akron and 48 canton and upper 40s and lower 50s. not going to last as we bring up the satellite and the radar. a cold front and that will drop in and stall out right across the viewing area over the next 24 hours. it is going to be quite a day tomorrow into wednesday morning. we got a wintery mix and rain coming in and sloppy wet snow coming in. we will talk about that in a few minutes. in the meantime if you are going out and about, look at the temperatures, falling rapidly. upper 20s and low 30s as we begin. isolated snow shower during the evening. that's it. dry in the morning commute and it changes tomorrow afternoon. we will tell you what to expect coming up. well the national park service is planning to boost cellular coverage in five parks. rocky national park has wi-fi access and cell service at
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because of the mountains the park won't be getting more plugged in. and bad. i like to have good cell phone reception and because i like to share things and especially when i click a good photograph i like to share it instantly. >> the national park service's plan adding cell service to park entrances and visitor centers and major traffic corridors. people inside a planned parenthood clinic and called a radio station to make sure the world knows. he has no remorse. the chilly interview all new at five. plus a rookie police officer killed in the line of duty on her first day. the call she was responding to that ended up costing her, her life.
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winning lottery numbers. . all right. in my world of weather today march lion. you talk about march coming in like a lion with semisignificant winter storm for our area? tomorrow it is kind of here. notice all of this. it is rain for greater cleveland for the afternoon rush. a very soggy commute and notice the pink here just to the north of cleveland. this is a freezing rain and sleet. it does go into sandusky, into ottawa and toledo. and this defining line, rain, wintery mix to snow. if this low shifts further south look what happens to the freezing rain. it comes to downtown for the afternoon commute. that is why we are watching this very carefully for now. we will say rain, changing to
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more after this. the man that admitted to opening fire on a planned parenthood clinic is speaking from a jail cell and that telephone interview, robert dear explains what he says drove him to kill. >> do you have any guilt? >> no. i am in a war. >> dear calls the three people
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he talked about his hero, paul hill, that killed an abortion doctor and the doctor's body guard. dear calls himself a christian on a mission to save babies. >> all right. so we were going to hear from him but in the meantime we will move here. dear is on a mission to save babies. robert dear's mental competency is postponed until next month. we are learning more about the rookie police officer shot and killed on her first day on the job. this as a man is accused of pulling the trigger answers to murder charges. elizabeth hurr has more. >> reporter: rob hamilton rained on two murder charges remains in jail without bond. >> i want to be clear, do we have officers involved in a shooting. >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> according to authorities, the three officers shot were responding to a 911 call
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officer ashley guindon did not survived. killed in the line of duty on her first street patrol saturday. >> when people passed, we weren't expecting that. >> a young woman does her job and this kind of thing happens. it is sad. >> reporter: as the community mourns new details emerge about the 28-year-old rookie officer. she spend 6 years as marine corps reservist and her passion for public service dates back to 2011 when she interned with the police department. >> she did share with us when we rehired her that she felt like she wanted to do the job. >> the army staff sergeant has been charged with murdering his wife found dead in the home and the 11-year-old son home but not hurt. >> two other officers are expected to recover.
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back in court on april 19th and facing 1st degree and capital murder charges. makes him eligible for the death penalty if convicted elizabeth hurr new york. when you go for oil changes and have coupons why is it higher. >> one man went to a cincinnati shop to get an oil change for 14.99 did you didn't read the fine print and after the job he was billed $50. he asked why and the shop employee that explained there was an extra 34.99 for additional services. we are talking about oil disposal. filter disposal. recycling fees. shop supplies and equipment costs. the employee admitted shops don't make any profit doing oil changes for less than 25 bucks. hopefully the 4th time as there is another communication
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three attempts were aborted last week for a variety of issues. the launch will be space x's first this year from the space coast in florida. after a year in space astronaut scott kelly is ready to come home. there were test subjects on the international space station so scientists could study the effects of space shuttle on the human body. nasa wants to make sure they can handle it. and scott is ready to come home next week. can you imagine a year in space? >> maybe you can. longer than that. a slop storm. >> no, thank you. winter hanging on even though we have a beautiful week and we all are longing for a little warmth, right?
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here we go. what is going on? it is a dry evening. notice the clouds are thickening up this is a live look at wooster. no precip anywhere in the viewing area at this time. and if there is any type of light rain or snow, it will come in from the north and be brief. isolated 49 currently north royalty and 50 downtown and 49 in brunswick and avon lake as well. sandusky 49 and same in vermilion. going further south, a 50 for millersburg and 48 for canton. nice and mild. winds are gusty along the lake shore, gusting up to 30 miles per hour. here is the scenario.
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front, it will drop in. we could see some of the rain- snow mix expand. this front will drop in and stall out right about here. tomorrow's temperatures will be quite wild. some of you, 30 degrees. sandusky, your high about 30 degrees. canton, dover, new philly, the highs in the middle 50s. a spread as the front bisects our region and going up to ohio and bring us the precip. tomorrow morning dry, cloudy but dry. the rain, 5:30 p.m. the afternoon rush looks wet and here is the wintery mix. the ice and sleet. this is freezing rain and sleet for sandusky and the islands
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we will watch that and it transitions to snow. tuesday night, lingering into wednesday. snowfall total not that impressive generally up to three inches in most spots by the time it is all said and done, not a major winter storm and the timing is everything. snowing for the morning commute on wednesday and that could slow things down. tonight 29 degrees. isolated early mix of rain and wet snow, shouldn't amount to much. 41 tomorrow. morning clouds, we got afternoon rain transitioning to snow, tomorrow evening. akron and canton should be dry, 30 tomorrow, mid-40s to mid-50s depending on how far south it sags. rain too. frank and lee. thanks, mark. here is what is coming up. the fda is taking action against birth control that is leaving users at risk. thousands of women have complained about the product. we will have more on what the agency's demanding the company do to keep women safe.
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business of running towards danger but need help protecting themselves. we will explain how they plan to do that. we are hearing from the alleged stalker that videotaped erin andrews and what he
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up next. . dancing with the stars host and reporter andrews will testify against marriott hotel and the man convicted of stalking her. >> there was video that went viral. as elizabeth hurr explains, we are already hearing from the stalker. >> did you request a room next to ms. andrews? >> yes, i did. >> a convicted stalker in his own words. >> i went to that floor. >> and i noticed that the maid was cleaning the room next to her room and that person was checking out so i said i
5:56 pm
is open and they are cleaning it up, can i check in? >> the jury heard the prerecorded deposition as his victim andrews sat in court fighting for herself. >> 37-year-old reporter cohost is suing barrett for filming her naked and suing the owners and managers of this marriott arguing that the hotel made it easy for barrett to film her in the nude. >> i heard the door slam closed in this alcove area. looked up and i saw it was her getting a room. at that point i did this. >> barrett posted that video and millions watched it. it has been 8 years and despite her bet efforts to remove the video it is still online and
5:57 pm
>> she is not the girl that we used to know. >> reporter: the hotel maintains barrett is a criminal that tricked them into gaining access to andrews. they are being sued for $75 million. elizabeth hurr. abc news new york. and now for a look ahead at six. we got a lot going on. still ahead on newschannel 5 at six. a pet that happens to be a bear. the family failed to follow state law that would allow them to keep it. the family spoke to us as it was taken away. after thousands of women have complained about one type of birth control, the fda demanding the pharmaceutical company to make changes. that and a lot more coming up
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in two minutes. brought to you by mr. hero. get a meal for only 5.75. newschannel 5 starts now. all new at six. only on five. a scene in stark county as an unusual pet was removed from a township backyard. >> agents received a black bear weighing a half of a ton. the owner says the bear was there for 18 years. >> the man refused to follow the dangerous animal law. bob jones the only reporter there when the big bear was taken away. >> investigators showed up to this backyard in plain township. inside this giant cave, they found a 1000-pound black bear hibernating.


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