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tv   Live on 5  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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interview nancy reagan and her husband, the future president. first, all new at 5:00 -- >> somebody needs to be responsible. this is a human life you're talking about. right now state troopers are on the hunt after a hit-and- run driver left a 44-year-old man for dead in the street. >> that man has serious injuries. bob jones has new information from troopers about the suspect's car. >> reporter: the hit skip happened just before 3:30 sunday morgue here on collier road. the victim was walking when he was hit by a car traveling south. the driver's identity remains a mystery but he or she left behind some important clues. surveillance video captures police officers arriving on the scene of a hit-and-run followed by an ambulance taking away ray hubbard junior. the driver took off but another one called 911. >> i just passed this man. i didn't want to stop or
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bleeding. >> the flesh was cut all the two foot. >> reporter: ray hubbard senior believes his son may have been walking home from a bar and can't understand how a driver could leave him in the road like an animal. >> i feel that somebody needs to be responsible. this is a human life we're talking about. this is my son. the glass particles. >> reporter: the lieutenant showed me the shattered car parts from the headlight and fender. the parts came from a 2011 to 2013 toyota corolla, probably black, like this one. >> most car parts have some type of numbers. you can usually run those through databases. >> reporter: investigators are looking for any leads that could lead them to the hit skip car with fresh damage. >> i just wish this person would come forward, you know, to show that they have some kind of concern. >> reporter: anyone with information on the hit skip is
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asked to call the highway patrol or crime stoppers at 330- 433-cop. in copley township, bob jones, newschannel5. an ohio father is facing charges after police say he helped his daughter buy heroin because she was having withdrawals. according to a police report, 52-year-old jerry roberts drove his 28-year-old daughter, terry brown, from new lebanon to dayton on friday to purchase the drugs. meantime, the nation's heroin and prescription drug epidemic is getting the attention of lawmakers. today senators are casting their first vote on the comprehensive addiction and recovery act. that bill is aimed at finding alternatives to imprisoning drug addicts and giving grants to nonprofit groups for education and prevention. the senate judiciary committee approved the bill late last week. this bill is in the works as our paul kiska has been digging into a new wave of deadly heroin overdoses right here in
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our area. we have that live report at 6:00. a ground breaking surgery performed at that time cleveland clinic. today we're going meet the woman who received the nation's first uterus transplant. new information about this medical milestone. >> reporter: the 26-year-old woman identified only by her first name, lindsay, and her husband joined doctors at the cleveland clinic today as they detailed the surgery. lindsay had functioning ovaries but no uterus and says when she was 16 doctors told her she with never have children. the transplant was completed late last month and will allow her to become pregnant using in vitro fertilization so she can carry her own biological child. >> i prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy, and here we are today at the beginning of that journey. uterus transplant is not just about a surgery and moving a uterus here to there.
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and that goal is still a couple of years away. >> reporter: lindsay has to wait a full year before becoming pregnant and will to have deliver by c section. the uterus transplant is designed to be temporary. after one or two children the organ will be removed. researchers hope to complete 10 transplants as part of the study. other countries have done the procedure before. sweden has recorded five successful births so far. in the newsroom, newschannel5. now let's talk democracy 2016. it is a mad dash to michigan just one day before that state's primary. >> hillary clinton is now reaching out to bernie sanders. chris flanagan is at the live desk. chris, make some sense of this. >> reporter: frank, clinton said if she is the nominee she hopes senator sanders will support her the way she supported barack obama in 2008. the latest polls show clinton
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has a 13% lead over sanders in michigan. both today chris crossing that state and clearly sand hears some ground to make up. but today he said he expects to beat clinton tomorrow, but he needs some help. >> and i believe that tomorrow, if there is a large voter turnout in michigan, we are going to do very well. that means nontraditional voters, working class voters, to vote. for us. if turnout is low, we're probably not going to do well. >> we have differences, but those differences pale in comparison to what we see among the republicans. i'm interested in results. they're interested in insults. and they are becoming quite masterful at delivering them, which i think is bad for the country. >> reporter: as for the republicans, there are 150 gop delegates at stake tuesday in michigan, mississippi, idaho, and hawaii. but the biggest prize in
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for grabs, donald trump currently leads overall 389, frank. chris, it's been a packed day for governor john kasich in michigan where voters are going to head to the polls tomorrow. john companiesic joins us live. michigan. >> reporter: monmouth michigan poll. it was a four-day poll. in the first two days kasich trailed trump by 22%, but in the last two days that number was cut to just 6%. kasich this morning in monroe, michigan, which is really just a half-hour north of toledo. it was the first of three stops for kasich who will take his campaign back into ohio tomorrow. kasich was critical not of his republican rivals but hillary clinton. he said if she is the nominee, she will try to take credit for what the republicans in congress did for the economy in the early 90s. >> hillary clinton in the fall will be bragging about to
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clinton economy. what you know the clinton economy -- you know why it happened? because republicans got in, cut taxes, balanced budgets, and forced bill clinton to go along. you have to understand something about bill clinton. if a riot is coming at him, he will get infront of it and call it a parade, just sown. >> reporter: regardless of what happens tomorrow, it is all about ohio a week from tomorrow. case lick be holding a rally tomorrow at 5:00 in broadview heights and checking election results tomorrow night in columbus. and spring has sprung. look at these temperatures. currently it is still 60 degrees in cleveland, low 60s akron-canton. dover/new philly, 59 degrees. a phenomenal weather day. we have stayed dry. we've seen a little bit of sunshine poking through. we have a weak mid-level disturbance that's going to ride through the region from west to east overnight.
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we see a few here near toledo and down near marion. should not be a huge issue. your hour-by-hour does include a few raindrops. 8:00 through 10:00 p.m., even a little bit after midnight an isolated shower. temperatures are going to stay mild. we will drop you down into the upper 40s to near 50 degrees for the overnight lows. and this warm weather is going to hang around. i'll tell you for how long coming up. the nation is remembering former first lady nancy reagan. she passed over the weekend from congestive heart failure at the age of 94. outside the ronald reagan presidential library in california families are leaving flowers. at the nation's capitol flags have been lowered to half-staff in her honor. mrs. reagan was former president ronald reagan's most trusted advisor. she later became his caretaker during his battle with alzheimer's. president obama praised nancy
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reagan today. >> i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her. i'm sure he would be the first to acknowledge that. so she will be missed. >> nancy reagan will be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. the public will have a chance to pay their respects before a private service. coming up at 5:30 our leon bibb will share his story of meeting nancy reagan more than 30 years ago. the supreme court reversed a ruling that refused to recognize a same-sex adoption. the justices threw out a decision by alabama's highest court to deny a lesbian mother's adoption of her partner's children in georgia. that case represents a new round of legal challenges following the supreme court's decision in june that same-sex couples after constitutional right to marry. and this one has a lot of folks talking. an alabama state law mark wants to permanently and physically
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punish convicted sex offenders. steve hirsch recently introduced a bill that would force some abuser to be castrated before their release from jail. they would also have to pay for that procedure. host is hoping this would make some sex offenders think twice. >> they have marked this child for life, and i feel like the punishment should fit the crime. but if we do something of this nature it would deter something like this happening again in the state of alabama, maybe reduce the numbers. >> the bill will have to pass the judiciary committee before it is heard by the alabama house and senate. setting the record straight. >> president obama wants to make something very clear. still ahead on live on 5, he's sounding off after getting attacked from both sides of the aisle about whether he's done enough to protect us from another financial disaster. a new twist out of flint, michigan. the dramatic action people are taking to make the city pay after they were poisoned by toxic water. and right now it's jury watch in the erin andrews trial. any moment now the jurors could
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announce their decision about whether a hotel is to blame for a stalker taking nude videos of the sportscaster. plus, tracking a taxidermist. find out what happened after a wildlife officer saw our investigation interest a businessman accused of leaving
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developing this evening, emptive nuclear strike on washington after the u.s. kicked off joint military military today. the exercises are routine, held every year and always bring a furious response from the north. it believes the exercises are a rehearsal for an invasion. emergency talks are underway in europe as the refugee crisis there shows no signs of stopping. thousands of desperate refugees are stranded in make-shift camps as countries close their borders. the camp is outside mad doan i can't which only -- macedonia which only allows a few dozen people to pass each day.
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to come up with a solution to this crisis. turkey wants the $3 billion it was promised delivered. today counterterrorism officials in the u.k. say police are preparing for a, quote, enormous and spectacular attack from isis. the senior counterterrorism officer believes isis will make a much broader strike after shifting away from its focus on police and military. though we should mention this was a general threat profile a specific plot. the pentagon says a u.s. air strike killed more than 150 members of the terrorist group responsible for this attack at a ken i don't know college -- kenyan college last year. 150 people were killed here at the college last spring. the pentagon says al-shabaab was preparing for another attack when a drone struck a training camp in somalia. the use of drones has been a
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bit of controversies that's haunted president obama's administration for years now over reports of civilian deaths. now the administration is going to another element of secrecy shrouding the program. it is releasing a report that reveals the number of combatants and civilians that the u.s. believes have been killed in drone strike since president obama took office. that report is expected in the next few weeks. new developments in flint. michigan's contaminated water crisis. >> today seven families filed a class action lawsuit against officials. that's who defendants believe failed to take any measures to eliminate the dangers. it also statutes tens of thousands of residents have suffered physical and economic injuries and damages due to the contamination. some children even suffered brain damage as a result. >> this case is only the small, the tip of -- a small part, the tip of the iceberg.
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there are many, many more children in this community that need attention. >> an awful situation. water problems there in flint after the city switched its water supply from detroit's system in 2014 to save money. here we go, another round of discord among republicans on the hill. today a senate panel delayed action on an annual budget blueprint because the senate gop can't agree on spending levels and trillions of dollars in long-term cuts. the delay in the senate comes with the house also grid locked on its own budget plan. several dozen house conservatives are opposed to a companion measure because of some pending increases. president obama is rejecting criticism from -- the criticism that his administration hasn't done enough to prevent another financial crisis, and he says the changes he brought to this country have worked. at this meeting with financial regulators the president said the dodd-frank law made our financial system more secure
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and brought new protections for consumers. he accused critics of spreading cynicism. >> it is popular in the media, in political discourse, both on the left and the right, to suggest that the crisis happened and nothing changed. that is not true. >> the president did not name names but presidential candidates in both parties have said his administration wasn't tough enough on wall street after the 2008 financial crisis. did you break out the fan today? i didn't even bring a coat. >> my grandmother told me don't be fooled by this weather. don't be fooled by this weather. >> here's the good news. we've got an extended period of warm weather setting in on northern ohio beginning right now. heat wave.
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like 80. >> tops down? >> i said tops down in the car. let's take a look at what's going on. here we go. look at this. wooster is cloudy right now. no snow on the football field at wooster high school, looking less cloudy skies. notice a couple of isolated showers. they will try and drop a few sprinkles or a little bit of light rain on you during the course of the evening. it's a very weak mid level disturbance running through the area right now. notice behind it you are dry. so we just got a few hours worth of a chance for rain, through about midnight, then things should dry owcht here you go. 60 in cleveland currently. unbelievable. 61 ravenna. 62 millersburg, 62 mentor. akron 63. we've got upper 50s west siders. fremont at 60, 59 foreman's field. incredible weather. what's going on? why are we warming up in early march? here's why.
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pressure that's going to sit here and spin and move very little over the next several days. we call this a blocking high pressure. it is stronger than anything else coming its way. so it is going to hold tight and really not move much while all of this here is going to stall out. we've got several system, low pressure, low pressure, low pressure that will slide in right about to here, and then stall out. and bring moisture in from the gulf. so we're looking at some heavy rain and severe thunderstorms from houston through tails, up through st. louis, even into detroit. and i think by thursday into friday, we'll begin to see some of this. the high will begin to shift a little bit by the end of the week and allow some of the rain to move in. but look at the flow coming in out of the south, straight into northern ohio with some warm, moist air. look at these temperatures. warming up all the way,
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northern great lakes, into new england. excellent weather. 60s, some 70s out toward omaha. if you hit 70 by wednesday in a few spots, would not be surprised. not a general 70-degree temperature regime, but a few spots by wednesday afternoon. 50 tonight, cloudy skies. just that isolated shower between now and let's say midnight. tomorrow, complaints? >> no, sir. >> 55. mild, a little breezy. staying dry. here's akron and canton. overnight tonight we'll drop your temperatures down to only 49. mainly clear to partly cloudy by dawn. 65 tomorrow. a cloud/sun mix. mild wednesday, 67. low 60s with showers and storms thursday. friday the coolest day with rain likely, but then back into the 60s for your weather weekend. we'll be right back with more
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all new at 5:00 it is monday. >> today we get to honor another teacher for ohio savings bank teacher of the week. >> reporter: in this week's newschannel5 ohio savings bank teacher of the week we travel to east lake middle school in east lake where special education carly got our honor. >> you were named newschannel5 teacher of the week. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. my students mean everything to me so to have this honor, i very much appreciate it. they are the world, and i do it for them. so thank you so much. >> reporter: ohio savings bank presented her with a gift card. >> congrats. if you would like to nominate a deserving teacher for teacher
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go to our web site, next on 5, an update on our exclusive investigation into a taxidermist. we'll tell you what happened as a wild life officer got involved. as the nation mourns the death of former first lady fancy reagan, our leon bibb shares his story of meeting the
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back with our top story. tomorrow all voters in michigan and mississippi and republicans in hawaii and idaho get their round in the spotlight. a new poll from monmouth university shows hillary clinton leads on the democratic side by 13 points in michigan. the same poll puts donald trump ahead of his rivals in michigan. >> our governor is trying to
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sway voters in michigan. john kasich held several events. people returning to ohio tomorrow. at one town hall he said he shouldn't have answered a question in last week's debate as to whether he would support donald trump. kasich said that's because he plans on being the nominee. >> and today the nation is remembering that lady right there, former first lady nancy reagan. she died yesterday from congestive heart failure. ms. reagan was former president ronald reagan's most trusted advisor and later cared for him during his battle with alzheimer's. mourners have been leaving flowers outside the reagan library. >> today in her memory, president obama ordered flags flown at federal buildings be lerred to half-staff. the tribute is a mark of respect for nancy reagan what died at the age of 94 yesterday. 36 years ago our own leon bibb
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reagans under what he describes as unusual circumstances. leon had something that both the reagans wanted. >> reporter: was the presidential campaign of 1980, and at cleveland airport i interviewed ronald reagan and his wife nancy reagan. republican reagan was campaigning against president jimmy carter. that day a woman called me saying four years before she had made a campaign spot for carter's democratic presidential bid. the woman was an ohio coal mine owner who wanted to meet reagan and now make a spot for the republican side. i sensed a story. i called reagan headquarters and requested a one-on-one interview with ronald reagan because i had something he would want. the republican headquarters laughed and said, no days. still, there was interest. what do you have ronald reagan would want, asked headquarters? a carter political spot star who wanted to jump into the spot for the reagan camp, said it.
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my interview was on. but bring the former carter supporter, they emphasized, the woman who owned the ohio coal mine. other reporters were kept away. my crew and i ran pulling cable for a live television hook-up. i cautioned nancy reagan to watch her step and not trip over my tv cables. she smiled. on the parked plane at live interview time, i played host and introduced ronald and nancy reagan to the ohio coal mine owner. they answered. time. that 1980 day, nancy reagan did for her husband what she would do in their coming white house years and beyond. she encouraged her support and advice for ronald reagan were obvious to me. three months later, reagan won the white house, and nancy stayed with ronald reagan until his death. on the news fancy reagan had died, i reflected on my long ago interview of the reagans at cleveland airport, and i
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remembered how loving and supportive she was of her husband. now the body of nancy reagan will be buried next to that of her husband, the president. i'm leon bibb. >> here's something that you probably would never think with happen, but police are trying to track down a thief who stole nearly $600 from an ohio girl scout troop, and it happened outside a wal-mart in winchester, a half-hour southeast of columbus. the group was wrapping up cookie sales when someone swiped the cash. girl scout leaders say the money was going to be used to fund a trip to tennessee. the troop has received at least $2,000 in donations following the theft g. for them. checking our weather, what's up, mark? >> we have some warm air in place. it is going to hang around. 60 in cleveland, 61 in medina, upper 50s and lower 60s in those spots. and we're going to stay mild through the evening hours.
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trying to work its way west to east through the area. we'll mention the isolated showers through midnight, but again, should not be a huge issue for you. so what due want to do? go out and about? i don't think you need the winter coat. maybe the spring coat. maybe the umbrella with an isolated shower chance. but look at these temperatures, settling into near 50 degrees by 5:00 a.m., midnight, 2:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., staying mild. i'll tell you how long the mild air will hang around. frank wants it through summertime. i don't think it's going to last that long frank, but we'll tell you coming up. police have the right to remain sail leapt. our exclusive investigation into the waiting period that follows police-involved shootings is now getting action on capitol hill. mysterious parking tickets are being left on cairns one north carolina city. once you see what happens when drivers scan the code, you will see why they're definitely not
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but first, did you play those numbers? that no.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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breaking news on 5. a jury just sided with sportscaster erin andras who was suing the owner and management of the tennessee marriott hotel. she was staying at that hotel when a stark requested the room next-door, then tampered with her door's peephole and recorded a naked video in 2008. andrews was suing for $75 million. the jury awarded her $55 million. that stalker was convicted and sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison. in my world of weather it's to you. look at this beautiful sunrise this morning in mentor from maya. that looks like spring after a wintry weather weekend. this morning much different.
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ellen wilson went out and found spinach that she had planted last year growing. it had survived our winter thanks to el nio. not bad. and everywhere you go, you've got some crocuses, or is it croci? send me your pictures on twitter, follow me, post. we'll see you on tv tomorrow.
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tonight reaction on capitol hill after a scripts news investigation into a little known police privilege. >> lawmakers are taking a closer look at wait times that often follow police-involved shootings. here's ross jones from washington. >> we certainly need to continue to respect our officers who sacrifice themselves in order to keep us safe, but they also shouldn't be above the law. >> reporter: congressman jefferies of new york responding to a scripts news investigation into a privilege extended to officers who pulled the trigger called waiting periods. they limit how soon police officers who fire their weapon should be questioned. the policies are found in 19 of the nation's 50 largest police forces where most give cops two or three days before facing investigators, at least one department gives ten. jefferies fears they give cops who cross the line the chance to cover their tracks. >> policing in america is hard right now.
5:44 pm
policies which apply to criminal or internal investigations say that officers need time to rest after a traumatic event, and that their memories will actually be better two or three days later. but plenty of american experts say that's not true, and they wonder why the policies only apply to those with a badge. >> i find that suspicious. why wouldn't you want that to be applied to all people? >> reporter: today congressman jefferies is one of 44 cosponsors to the law enforcement trust and integrity act which calls for the department of justice to study waiting periods in departments that use them. if they determine they interfere with an investigation -- >> then we can make a determination as members of congress that perhaps the department of justice should not provide grants to police departments that have these waiting periods. >> reporter: legislation is now in a house subcommittee awaiting further action. it has only support from democrats but sponsors say they're hopeful republicans
5:45 pm
a common sense issue. in washington ross jones. >> if you want to learn more about the cleveland police department's road to reform watch our special on our website. go to this story has me shaking my head. someone is pulling a prank on drivers in north carolina. several motorists received prank tickets with a code that ladies to a music video. >> it was kind of surprising to two to a link for a youtube video, then when i went to it, it was featuring some rock star that i didn't know who it was. >> police say whatever handed out the tickets could be charged with littering.
5:46 pm
do that. >> scamin', jamin', all that. >> that's not cool. >> puts some stress on you there, for a brief minute. let's take a look at what's going on outside. first of all we have some aurora borealis video from ireland. now last night we were actually pretty close to being able to see it. i did see a little orange-red hue in the distant horizon to the north. no reports that it was this bright, but again it was a pretty strong solar flare that hit us about 48 hours ago. tonight i doubt we will see nick like that. >> that sure is pretty. >> very, very pretty when the skylights up indeed. now let's take a look at what's going on in the wooster area. again we've got cloudy skies out there right now. let's click in and see what other stations we've got. right now inmentor at st. gabe's, a little video. temperature currently sick. the high there was 65 degrees. incredible weather day.
5:47 pm
we're going to keep this warm weather going by, keeping it coming through the week and into the weekend. let's show you what's going on out there right now. it's not 28 degrees. my computer, why did you plot 28? how about 62 downtown. just incredible weather. 60 north royal top, and richfield this is just wonderful weather. see, the -- come on, 62, jackson township 61 in canton. these are current temperatures. get outside, walk the dog, maybe do a little run before the sun guess down. we do have some isolated sprinkles that will try and move through. a weak upper level weather disturbance. sandusky, norwalk as well. that mavs through by midnight. skies. it's just an isolated shower chance tonight. but the big weather story
5:48 pm
i love showing this graphic as we watch the greens and the yellows spreading north on a southerly breeze. those are sick, even some lower 70s, all because the high, sitting here and spinning for a few daysl continue to funnel in the warm air, and there will be a lot of moisture along these fronts, but most of the moisture through wednesday is going to stay just to our west. we'll continue to see a nice warm-up coming in. now, your forecast. tonight 50, cloudy skies, isolated showers in one or two spots through midnight. tomorrow let's do 65. mailed. akron and canton, same steer. 50. that isolated shower chance is there through midnight. tomorrow 65. loving it. loving this. 65, a cloud/sun mix. for the next seven days, mild on wednesday. it if there's any showers i
5:49 pm
think they come in after sunset. 67, good golfing day. even tomorrow is good golfing weather. thursday we'll mention a few more showers and storms. friday looks like the worst day for rainfall. 52, rain likely, on and off through the day, could be heavy at times. saturday a brief shower, 63, warming back up as we spring forward. saturday night when you go to bed you turn your clock ahead one hour. the beginning of daylight savings time, 61 degrees. more rain on sun 2k5eu6789. new developments after months of looking into a taxidermist from sheffield, finally some of his customers are getting their animals back. >> newschannel5 broke the story about miller's taxidermy closing suddenly. investigator jonathan walsh spoke with a wild life investigator to help get progress in the case. senate's not a good feeling. >> reporter: tim is a well established big game hunter.
5:50 pm
he gave miller's taxidermy a huge elk head and a deposit but then heard nothing back. >> it was a good six months of heavy phone calls and such lake that, and hounding him down. >> reporter: numerous customers were running around, trying to find the owner of miller's taxidermy. they wanted their money back. they wanted their animals back. then, out of nowhere, a wild life officer stepped into the picture. he contacted me about the victims i had spoken to. i gave him the information, around. >> i don't know, i couldn't back. >> reporter: robert from lorain dropped off this rack back in november of 2014, then couldn't taxidermy. >> i called him in february, no answer. contacted him on facebook, all this, no answer. >> reporter: robert went off to serve our country and just got back thursday. >> just sitting at home, and i got a notification from you,
5:51 pm
>> reporter: surprised after wildlife officer randy white got a couple of dozen of miller's customers together at the avon police department. tim told me he understands bad things can happen and that the owner of miller's ran into some tough situations, but -- >> at least i got my elk horns back so at another time, i can try to fulfill this dream of having this elk head mounted. here's what's coming up at k-6789. >> new details in fatal plane crash that killed nine people in akron. we're getting an up close look at the scene after the plane crashed into an apartment building. plus, concerns grow over a dangerous one-way street near a high school with a local police department just feet away. but first, when live on 5 returns, ending his career on a high note. the denver quarterback peyton manning announced his
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calling it quits. two super bowls and 1 years later peyton manning is retiring from professional football. >> he will go down in history as one of the most successful players in the nfl. elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: peyton manning makes it official. >> it's something about 18 years. 18 is a good number. >> reporter: after 18 years in the nfl playing for the indianapolis colts and most recently the denver broncos, the football great confirmed he's going out on top, calling this super bowl victory over the carolina panthers his last rodeo. >> it was not easy. was difficult. like i said, i love football. >> reporter: with five mvp trophies and two super bowl wins, manning is considered one of the greatest players who also tack hits off the field with reports of human growth hormone september to his home and his name attached to a lawsuit against the university of tennessee, alleging the school created a hostile sexual
5:56 pm
environment. >> these unanswered questions are not going to go away just because he is retiring. >> i think it is sad that some people don't understand the truth and the facts. >> reporter: defiant, analysts say manning kept soaring on the field, closing out his storied career as the all-time leader in passing yards and tied for the winningest quarterback in nfl history. >> well, i've fought a good fight, i've finished my football race. and after 18 years, it's time. >> reporter: manning went on to explain he prayed a lot andy always believed his decision to retire was all about timing, and this felt like the right time. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> that's our time. chris, what's going on? >> frank, a lot going on. next on newschannel5 at 6:00, increasing concerns over a rapidly growing epidemic. >> the number of people dying
5:57 pm
does the number of lives saved after an overdose. tonight, why everyone needs to be concerned about ten deemic across ohio. ,plus, a brand-new week, a fresh slate for the candidates running for the white house. newschannel5 at 6:00 starts in
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it's a growing epidemic that knows no stereotype. more and more ohioans are finding themselves addicted to heroin and dying from the. >> a new wave has police on alert. paul kiska is live outside of metro health where one person who nearly died is being treated.
6:00 pm
police told you today there is a reason everyone should be concerned. >> reporter: we're going to hear about that in a moment but the heroin epidemic is hitting hard in lorain county where six people have died in the last two weeks. others are hospitalized. in just the last two weeks, 4 people in elyria overdosed on heroin or heroin mixed with a painkiller, fentanyl. police arrested five men suspected of selling to those who oh d'ed on the drugs. the task force also arrested 26- year-old david hollis and manslaughter in connection with one of the heroin deaths. >> to say it's epidemic is almost an understatement. this. >> the detective told me they're seeing more fentanyl being mixed with heroin, a deadly combination. >> the fentanyl is 40 to 50 times more potent than heroin.


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