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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  August 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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grandmother involved in a death. where the heroin came from. >> a woman shot in front of her children by her boyfriend. the latest in 30 seconds. we have breaking news. a woman was shot in front of her kids. >> in the news room we have the latest information. >> reporter: the woman's boyfriend kicked in her front
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times. her three young children were home at the time but not hurt. this happened around 7:40 in the 800 block of enman street. the suspect was arrested and taken into custody after a short chase. the woman was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. we will bring you the latest on good morning cleveland. you can't come in our because we're not putting up with it anymore. >> illegal dumping. it is a problem we have been investigating for years. >> the city just spent thousands of dollars to fight it. there are 5,000 dump sites. >> there is a good chance you will be caught on camera.
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>> they are using two dozen surveillance cameras. >> reporter: it is producing resultings. 9 illegal cases in the past several weeks. >> i feel hurt and disgusted. >> reporter: this massive site that popped up filled with a variety of hazardous construction debris and household items. >> something has to be it angers me. >> reporter: the personal information of hundreds was dumped along train avenue. it will lead to an arrest. >> they followed the lead. >> cleveland has added additional surveillance
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setting up in different places. they think they need cameras and they deem they do. we can set them up there. >> 600 illegal investigations. it is key in getting convictions. >> we have them throughout the county. >> we will use them in the future. like i said, if you are on video you can't deny it. >> the person dumping the information on hundreds, see you in court. >> we are tired of it. we want you to go to jail. >> the upgraded penalties, from two to four years in prison and a 10 to 20,000-dollar fine. 5 on your side invest gator joe
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family friend pleaded guilty to manslaughter after a heroin overdose. investigators say andrew's mother, his grandmother and jessica irons were in the hotel room before he died. the heroin he used came from his grandmother. they will be sentenced in tearing up families across the country. today is overdose awareness day. new developments in the case that has many of us asking why. >> charged with murder in the
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it moves forward. he got out of his car and shot her with a rifle. no indication to a motive in thisication, several friends say the marine veteran suffered from ptsd. several antiviolence groups gathered in front of city hall as the investigation moves forward. they want to make sure deb >> we are concerned about the fact that there is an attempt. we are not accusing anyone to spin this situation and tragedy and make him the victim as opposed to her. >> a relative of debra pearl chose not to comment. desh is in jail on bond. it will go to grand jury next.
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bracing themselves for nasty weather. the hurricane is down graded to a tropical storm. maui is under tropical storm warnings. people are preparing for heavy rain and strong winds. hermine rolls her way toward florida. it is hundreds of miles from the gulf coast but the effects are felt in the sunshine state. hurricane watches have been in florida. they are now extending those warnings. you have been keeping an eye on this. >> we have breaking news as of this moment. the tropical storm watches have been upgraded to hurricane warnings. we will show you what is going
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look what happens. that is a category 1 hurricane before landfall. we will see it make landfall just to the east of panama city. 75 to 80 miles per hour. we have hurricane warnings from panama city down to tampa. they are preparing for winds. friday over charleston, south carolina it takes his time. saturday it is still over the outer banks of north carolina. it will be a rough weather weekend for our favorite beaches from georgia into florida. >> donald trump making a much anticipated address in arizona. >> one aimed at clarifying policies hours after meeting
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>> donald trump unveiled a more detailed immigration plan including building a wall and expanding border patrol. he would end catch and release policies. there would be zero tolerance for criminal aliens. if he wins the white house the federal government would have the right to choose which immigrants stay. >> we have to be honest any the fact that not seeks to join our country will be able to successfully assimilate. it is our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants that we think are the likliest to thrive and flourish and love us. [ applause ] >> trump met with the mexican
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acknowledging some disagreement. there was a surprise with border policies. trump said the wall was discussed during their private meeting but they didn't talk about who would pay for it. >> we discussed the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the wall. that will be for a later date. >> the mexican president said trump wasn't telling and he said mexico wouldn't pay for it. a rally planned near cincinnati tomorrow. >> hillary will not be here but joe biden will be meeting with
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taking that opportunity to comment on trump's visit to mexico. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinnations by dropping in on our neighbor a few hour and flying home again. that's not how it works. >> clinton will be in cleveland on labor day. >> if you aren't registered to vote, you could get a they will contact more than a million eligible voters. it is a war being paged here at home and across the world. today we shine light on what this does to families. i will have the story of
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two words, lake effect. i will tell what you that means for the weekend coming up. things that contradict
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startling. two dozen people die from heroin overdoses every week. >> there are places of healing on international overdose day. frank was at one of those gatherings tonight. >> reporter: it is sad these story keep popping up but the drugs aren't going >> my son, eric was 25 when we lost him >> reporter: these shoes on head stones. >> i still struggle with my god. >> reporter: explain is. >> how did my 25-year-old son die?
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>> reporter: a flicker of hope. >> i don't care what people had to say because i thought i was doing good. >> reporter: it didn't matter how much bad she was doing. >> robbing places, robbing people. i'm i girl. i got things easily. i grew up with parents as addicts. >> reporter: there was a time when she could herself. she picked up a needle when she was 4 months pregnant. her baby never saw this world. >> i lost my baby at 8 and a half months. >> it lifts our soul to a better place. >> reporter: another day drug free, a prayer answered. this was an opportunity for folks who are not alone in this
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>> one local group, 7th through 12th graders driving to school have to take random drug tests. parents can opt for their student to be randomly tested. here is the twist, those who test positive are not pennallized. >> there is something that isn't lost that you can safe right away. >> if school officials suspect a student is using they are tested. if they refuse a test that is a positive result. western alaska had a plane
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helicopter. they got a report of a plane crash then an over due plane and put two and two together. speaking of turn ilance, of turbulance, there was a drop that lasted from houston. everyone had bruises, cuts and minor injuries. mother theresa is the newest saint this weekend. she will be canonized in the vatican. to be a saint officials must
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cured of tumors by mother theresa. cistingsifting through the earthquake rubble, there was a statue of the madonna found. the lake effect. >> you like to do that. >> the s word. >> tomorrow is the >> lake effect rain. let's go to our power of 5 radar. a live look over downtown cleveland. we have the windmill going. the winds out of the north. we will see north winds, cooler winds. breezy conditions for the next
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you notice the clearing line is getting closer. it is about there. all of this here, this nice clearing, that is coming our way tomorrow. we expect sunshine mixing with clouds. notice the rain showers earlier, there are a few sprinkles out of canton. sprinkle. wind out of the north has a small craft advisory thursday through friday morning. some of the impacts with a northerly breeze off the lake could be a few water spouts. waves going 5 to 7 feet and rip currents. if you are a beach goer and you
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73 degrees, cleveland 72. akron 69. ashtabula 67. lots of 69s. fremont, norwalk 68. dew points have really gone down. they were 60s and 70s. now the humidity is dropping with dew points in the 50s and the humidity goes even lower tomorrow. 73 degrees the current temp. north that northerly breeze coming in. cooler air drops in. it lingers through friday with highs in the 70s likely tomorrow. there will be lake effect rain. there could be water spouts. look at the tiny green blobs.
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shower into tomorrow night. 62 overnight. clouds to start drying out. a little clearing toward sunrise. you will be dry. we will go 60s. lower 60s to start. 70s with the clouds mixing. isolated shower tomorrow. clouds mix. lake effect 75 friday. nice. 81 then labor day monday picture perfect 87. >> here is what you never expected to hear. >> your front phone may make you smarter. researchers found in most cases people who use health websites
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and veggies and cut back on smoking. it could be answering a text message or keeping in contact with your doctor, rob. hmm. >> you know what else keeps you healthy? laughter. a trip down memory lane. one indians fan feeling the
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on his way to 3rd. here comes the relay.
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park home run. >> oh, snap, crackle pop. coco crisp is on the indians. he got the name because his siblings thought he looked like the cartoon on the cereal. he is a 15-year veteran. he could play individual. a sweet 16, corey kluber making guys look silly. he went 8 innings, struck out 11. two on, two out. rips it down the left field line. delivers. swinging and santana up. he crushes one to left.
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carlos. top 5. kluber getting help from mike napoli. napoli snares it. this is a party at napoli. a guy with a party needs a glove or a band-aid. check out the fans trying to catch it. he tries to catch bloody. this fan shows how it is done. 1-hanked-handed grab. they beat the twins. twins have lost 13 straight. tribe off tomorrow. marlins friday. high five. starters don't play usually because of the risk of injury.
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final tune up. tomorrow they play the bears. building the browns and following the game post-game show. browns played the buccaneers. they play the redskins week 4. severe weather tomorrow. brown trying to make the final look at weather.
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all right not what you expected to see. >> someone in houston painted over signs where the don't walk signal makes a gesture.
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others found if inappropriate. they take vandalism seriously. >> not nice. >> number 1. >> did you notice the two home runs. >> two! nailed it. >> predicted that.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, aaron eckhart from "so you think you can dance," cat deeley and music from nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats. and now, believe me when i tell you -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. hello. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for coming.


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